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06:30:29  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 210:7225200345fe: Codechange: Reduce code duplication for fro... Xmart3pX @
07:03:17  <George> planetmaker: why do access to current speed accessed happen in the default graphics? the purchase graphics is defined, so default graphics branch should not happen
07:03:54  <George> also, why should affect CBs?
07:04:20  <George> they should be the independent branch too
07:07:20  <George> From my POV the branch with unavaiable props check should not happen in purchase window
07:07:46  <George> not affect any purchase window props
07:09:09  <planetmaker> George, graphics are nothing different than a callback really
07:09:22  <George> This may be some error in NML to NFO translating
07:09:29  <planetmaker> it's not
07:09:54  <planetmaker> not exactly
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07:10:38  <planetmaker> if you wrote it directly, you'd write the action2 differently which decides which callback is being called and you'd avoid the problem. maybe
07:11:07  <George> explain me please, 1) why the graphics branch happen if purchase graphics id defined
07:11:27  <George> 2) why error in graphics affect CBs?
07:13:07  <planetmaker> graphics is a callback. It's exact same thing
07:13:12  <planetmaker>
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07:14:01  <planetmaker> see sprite 30 in the nfo, George
07:14:12  <Alberth> hi hi
07:14:30  <planetmaker> everything not defined is forwarded to the default callback. which returns graphics. or value 0.
07:15:24  <planetmaker> and the default callback accesses current_speed which is invalid in purchase list
07:15:29  <planetmaker> in sprite 25
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07:15:33  <planetmaker> hallo Alberth
07:15:55  <Alberth> o/ andy
07:16:25  <andythenorth> o-
07:16:35  <planetmaker> o\
07:17:05  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #6023 (Closed): Check that location restrictions accurate fo... XandythenorthX @
07:17:05  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #6023 (Reopened): Check that location restrictions accurate ... XandythenorthX @
07:17:05  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3723:fb550cd60fd4: Change: set correct location checks for ... XandythenorthX @
07:17:39  <planetmaker> George, the related nml is
07:20:01  <George> planetmaker: Still can't understand why the error in one switch branch causes error in the other
07:20:08  <Brot6> firs: update from r3722 to r3723 done (30 warnings) -
07:20:14  <planetmaker> it's not one or the other, George
07:21:09  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #6023 (Closed): Check that location restrictions accurate fo... XandythenorthX @
07:21:45  <George> planetmaker: AFAIR NFO, I can have as much errors in unaccessible branches, as possible, they do not happen
07:22:13  <George> That always caused a lot of work to sets branches with low probability
07:22:14  <planetmaker> you say it: *unaccessible*
07:22:22  <planetmaker> but they aren't
07:23:41  <George> And why do default graphics happen in purchase menu if purchase graphics is defined&
07:23:58  <planetmaker> default *graphics* don't happen there
07:24:13  <planetmaker> there's different callbacks:
07:24:19  <planetmaker> purchase graphics -> correct
07:24:30  <planetmaker> extra callback text -> correct
07:24:43  <planetmaker> default
07:25:01  <planetmaker> and default is the graphics callback for map view. Which is wrong for all callbacks in purchase list.
07:25:26  <planetmaker> George, purchase sprites does not mean that you defined purchase list callback properties
07:25:48  <planetmaker> thus they're forwarded to default
07:25:57  <planetmaker> which fails
07:26:08  <George> every CB branch test all the CBs? What for?
07:26:55  <planetmaker> there's not several CB branches. There is one. Did you look at the nfo?
07:29:58  <planetmaker> anyway, for now I can't offer you anything else than: fail the callbacks explicitly
07:30:06  <George> sorry, have to go, will return later
07:30:10  <planetmaker> Even though, I agree, this does not look intuitive
07:30:19  <planetmaker> But nothing I can do about that now.
07:30:59  <planetmaker> I can't programme NML to guess your intentions under all possible conditions
07:31:07  <planetmaker> and those of everyone else as well
07:31:56  <planetmaker> Yet, I'm sure the situation can be improved, but... don't hold your breath for that
07:32:08  <andythenorth> ^^^ orly? :)
07:32:28  <andythenorth> surely if we just get a project manager and a spec, you could manage that? o_O
07:32:38  * andythenorth had better go and see about children and wee
07:32:41  <andythenorth> bbl
07:33:20  <planetmaker> :-)
07:33:47  <planetmaker> andythenorth, "community-managed" would do the trick. I'm sure
07:37:56  <planetmaker> George, generally there's two ways to implement callbacks: purchase ? purchase-branch : default-branch
07:38:57  <planetmaker> George, or alternatively: switch (callback) { propertyX: purchase-defined ? purchase-value : default-value; ... }
07:39:01  <planetmaker> NML does the latter
07:39:25  <planetmaker> both have their pros and cons. And you assume the 1st implementation to be done
07:42:30  * Alberth ponders about RM properties you want to configure in eints
07:43:21  <planetmaker> not sure you want to work that way around...
07:43:33  <planetmaker> but I only have limited insight there :-)
07:47:02  <Alberth> both worlds don't nicely fit together, and changing RM is more complicated :)
07:47:36  <Alberth> the basic problem is that a role in RM and a role in Eints are not the same thing
07:48:33  <Alberth> Eints has an 'owner' concept, but in RM there are several roles you could attach to being an owner.
07:49:14  <planetmaker> developers and managers can commit to a project
07:49:41  <Alberth> afaik RM can attach only one role to a person in a project
07:49:55  <planetmaker> you can check more than one for a person
07:50:06  <Alberth> ?
07:51:02  <planetmaker> go on devzone eints project -> settings -> members
07:51:22  <planetmaker> you can attach to yurself basically every role there. not that all combinations make sense
07:52:13  <planetmaker> and in the administration panel of redmine you can globally define the permissions of the single roles
07:53:11  <planetmaker> you might have access afaik
07:53:55  <planetmaker> thus we might define a "translator" role there specifically tailored for the task
07:54:16  <Alberth> that gives 406 :)    but I found what you mean. That makes life much easier
07:55:09  <Alberth> so it basically means that you need a 1-to-1 mapping of eints roles <-> RM roles
07:55:59  <planetmaker> hm, didn't I make you administrator once?
07:56:18  <planetmaker> or at least claimed so?
07:56:25  <Alberth> you did :)
07:57:34  <planetmaker> that must have failed somehow...
07:58:39  <Alberth> no, I distinctly remember you claimed to do so :p
07:59:23  <planetmaker> yes... strange
08:00:12  <Alberth> I do have access to the area project, it seems
08:01:07  <Alberth> or is that normal?
08:01:22  <planetmaker> yes... there's an 'admin' group and an 'admin' role. I guess I only assigned the first
08:01:49  <planetmaker> and actually wanted to assigne the latter. And... don't find how :D
08:02:10  <planetmaker> I should not need your password to assign the role to you ;-)
08:02:56  <Alberth> :)
08:03:09  <planetmaker> you cannot check the 'administrator' box there, no?
08:03:38  <Alberth> 403: You are not authorized to access this page.   <-- what box?  ;)
08:03:46  <planetmaker> he :-)
08:03:47  <planetmaker> damn
08:04:32  <Alberth> ok, so a 1-to-1 mapping suffices. Nice.
08:04:56  <Alberth> one role for each language? (ie 50-something roles thus in the general case)
08:05:14  <planetmaker> hm
08:05:33  <planetmaker> technically that might make sense
08:05:41  <Alberth> or a fallback to "translator for any language" role?
08:06:05  <planetmaker> hm
08:07:11  <Alberth> maybe something more flexible than a 1-to-1 mapping thus ;)
08:07:34  <planetmaker> in redmine it bois down to "commit access" or not. It would not easily be possible to teach it to not allow touching one file or another. That'd need doing in eints
08:07:50  <planetmaker> all you likely could do is check the role name
08:08:01  <Alberth> yep, that works
08:08:34  <planetmaker> personally I'd start with just one translator role. If we could change that later one to individual languages
08:08:38  <planetmaker> hm...
08:08:48  <planetmaker> But I'll need to think about that a bit, I guess
08:09:53  <Alberth> and we're back at "***Alberth ponders about RM properties you want to configure in eints"  :)
08:10:06  <planetmaker> lol :-)
08:10:23  <planetmaker> I need to go shopping and will use that time to ponder about that :-)
08:10:33  <planetmaker> I'll be back in an hour or so
08:10:54  <Alberth> I'll make something configurable, so you can change your mind as often as you like :)
08:11:26  <Alberth> but for the actual instance, we do need a concrete configuration, so your thinking is most appreciated
08:12:10  <planetmaker> well. Then make it like in OpenTTD... one role per language
08:12:15  <planetmaker> best match up there
08:12:59  <planetmaker> so... yes.... or we might regret it otherwise :-)
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08:50:37  <planetmaker> so... also pondering while shopping confirmed that: let's keep it at one role per language, Alberth
08:51:14  <Alberth> sounds like a plan :)
08:51:49  <planetmaker> I know that I'll initially hate it. For the slight overhead in administrative work. But it will pay off, I'm sure :-)
08:52:41  <Alberth> nobody said you cannot re-use the same translator role name for different languages :)
08:53:16  <planetmaker> :-)
08:53:37  <planetmaker> role: translator-all
08:53:40  <planetmaker> :D
08:55:47  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 211:b7de79be8854: Feature: Add recolour sprites for bauxite a... Xmart3pX @
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09:03:13  <Alberth> hi hi
09:03:59  <Alberth> or "universal-translator"  :)
09:04:28  <planetmaker> yeah :-)
09:08:35  <andythenorth> one role per language
09:08:53  <andythenorth> translator-all is not a real language, it's just the union of having all the roles checked
09:08:57  <andythenorth> just make it a UI thing
09:09:20  <andythenorth> groups, roles and permissions are the most complicated things I have to deal with in web apps
09:09:27  <andythenorth> well, apart from engineers :P
09:09:42  <andythenorth> "keep it simple" will pay off significantly
09:10:01  <andythenorth> fine-grained permissions are over-rated compared to an audit log and revert facility
09:17:43  <andythenorth> bbl
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10:58:00  <George> planetmaker: Yes, the branch based way (way 1) is the way I coded in NFO and because of that I assumed nmlc does the same. Any way I found a fix, but for the future cases - what is the right way to check if it is a purchase window or not
10:58:12  <George> currently I do the check
10:59:29  <George> #define is_drawn_in_viewport() ((extra_callback_info1 & 0xFF) == 0)
11:00:03  <George> But is it the right/correct way?
11:02:04  <planetmaker> I'd try adding a switch like
11:02:41  <planetmaker> extra_callback_info & 0xFF) { 0: switch_viewport_sprites; CB_FAILED; }
11:02:48  <planetmaker> i.e. to return failed callback by default
11:03:20  <planetmaker> but I'm not sure that extra_callback_info1 is the right way to check
11:03:43  <planetmaker> IIRC it can contain different info for non-graphics callbacks. So it might fail the way both of us just wrote
11:06:18  <planetmaker> it will fail for articulated_part and refit_cost at least
11:06:25  <planetmaker> as for those callbacks it has different meanings
11:07:45  <planetmaker> and sound_effect afaik
11:13:18  <planetmaker> George, checking for extra_callback_info1 fails. For all property callbacks it contains the property to check
11:13:39  <planetmaker> though... hm... doesn't matter. there's no property 0x00
11:14:02  <planetmaker> so you can simply return CB_FAILED if extra_callback_info1 & 0xFF is not 0
11:14:52  <planetmaker> personally I'd go the simpler and more obvious way: adding explicit CB_FAILED to the individual callbacks in the vehicles graphics block
11:15:21  <planetmaker> and not hide it deep in another template
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12:33:22  <George> Created a task to self to review the code
12:34:37  <Alberth> many people make tasks for themselves, computers are so much better at remembering things :)
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14:02:15  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 213:a662918e5729: Change: Update to a few river sprites XplanetmakerX @
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14:35:30  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 214:44333bb49eb8: Fix-ish: Make function names of get and post project sett... XAlberthX @
14:35:30  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 215:2c2c5d35f185: Codechange: Move development version user management to i... XAlberthX @
14:35:30  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 216:cd4b12bd1567: Add: Optional Redmine configuration data, and reading. XAlberthX @
14:35:32  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 217:2be45d91af51: Add: Extend user management with Redmine support. XAlberthX @
14:35:42  <Alberth> woep!
14:36:52  <planetmaker> \o/
14:37:57  <Alberth> I didn't actually ran this code :p
14:41:47  <planetmaker> banana-code: ripes during shipping :-)
14:42:22  <Alberth> bugs die too? :)
14:42:44  <planetmaker> possibly :-)
14:44:00  <Alberth> let's hope so then :)
14:45:44  <planetmaker> any way I could test it?
14:46:44  <Alberth> sure, install red mine, install python 3, configure red mine, configure eints, create test project, users, roles, run
14:47:04  <Alberth> oh, I missed install eints
14:47:18  <Alberth> could be useful for testing :p
14:56:36  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Feature #6056 (New): Ein/Eip/Eipt sprites ready to be coded, Eit sprite naming up... Xkyosuke1989X @
14:58:59  <planetmaker> that's... lengthy, Alberth :-)
14:59:09  <Alberth> yeah :(
14:59:30  <Alberth> technically you can do it with just the DB, but that's still a lot of work
15:00:18  <Alberth> installing RM might be quicker, as then you don't have to fill the DB manually :)
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15:01:50  <Alberth> alternatively, you could ask frosch123
15:02:01  * Alberth -> shopping and so
15:02:54  <frosch123> planetmaker: i can start my vm, and you can connect to it via ssh or http
15:03:15  <frosch123> or i can start uploading it somewhere which will likely not finish before tomorrow or so :p
15:08:38  <planetmaker> hm :-)
15:08:43  <planetmaker> how big is it?
15:08:54  <frosch123> 9.5 gb uncompressed
15:08:58  <planetmaker> :-O
15:09:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 214:7171e138f018: Change: [Makefile] Make clear that the configuration... XplanetmakerX @
15:09:00  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 215:0d5de9dd4ee3: Feature: Rocky tiles as landscape object XplanetmakerX @
15:09:25  <frosch123> it has a full gui installation, no console only
15:09:57  <frosch123> maybe that was wrong :p
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15:10:09  <planetmaker> :-) well... may or may not be
15:10:19  <frosch123> but i don't felt like using sshfs to connect to my own vm for editing files
15:10:35  <planetmaker> you want to upload it?
15:10:52  <frosch123> definitely when it is finished, i.e. after instaling bananans
15:11:03  <planetmaker> ok :-)
15:11:08  <frosch123> but in the current state only if someone wants to use it without relying on me running it
15:11:10  <planetmaker> I'm sure we have place for it on devzone
15:11:36  <frosch123> well, i would upload it to secure first, from there it is easy to move anywhere
15:11:44  <planetmaker> :-)
15:11:49  <frosch123> once it has passed my upstream :)
15:12:22  <frosch123> if i finish it till the party, i can also buy some usb sticks and give them to every party visitor :p
15:12:55  <planetmaker> why would you need an usb stick, if you have a laptop? :-)
15:13:03  <frosch123> or we can use the lot who gets one and then has to code bananas 2 :p
15:14:41  <frosch123> but if you want to, you can also connect with ssh to mine, and contniue with eints installation or bananas :)
15:15:56  <planetmaker> hm... I would not want to promise anything there... I feel like I have enough on my hands currently
15:20:23  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 216:fecb1ba20674: Update: German translation XplanetmakerX @
16:20:14  <frosch123> planetmaker: 2.7 gb as xz compression btw
16:20:37  <frosch123> *2.9
16:20:49  <planetmaker> that's not too bad, given the scope of it
16:21:26  <planetmaker> I recently checked my routers logs... monthly between 60 and 70GB... so won't impact it too much :-P
16:21:44  <frosch123> @calc 2972104824 * 8 / 637 / 60 / 60
16:21:44  <Webster> frosch123: 10368.4103401
16:21:54  <frosch123> @calc 2972104824 * 8 / 637 / 1024 / 60 / 60
16:21:54  <Webster> frosch123: 10.1254007228
16:21:59  <frosch123> 10 hours to upload
16:22:01  <frosch123> :s
16:22:20  <planetmaker> he. Bring it here on the meeting. I might then upload from university
16:22:21  <frosch123> yeah, better only do that once :p
16:23:24  <frosch123> it would be way cheaper to specify the debian package list, a diff to /etc and a hg repo for /var/www :p
16:23:56  <frosch123> but it does not fulfill the purpose to just get stated with stuff
16:24:15  <planetmaker> hm. But would be helpful nontheless, maybe
16:25:03  <frosch123> yeah, except that the database configuration is done via the database interface, and not via /etc
16:25:14  <planetmaker> :-)
16:25:17  <frosch123> so, there are always manual steps
16:25:34  <frosch123> oh, and i also setup test redmine projects
16:25:52  <frosch123> so, even more database content
16:26:02  <frosch123> yeah, the package list misses the point
16:28:41  <planetmaker> hm, ok :-)
16:29:28  <frosch123> so, while uploading might be slow, downloading and setting up will be way faster
16:29:44  <frosch123> i can do that some night :)
16:30:56  <frosch123> secure has only 8.3g available though :p
16:31:28  <frosch123> well, enough
17:21:55  <Brot6> firs: update from r3715 to r3723 done (30 warnings) -
17:39:18  <Brot6> Finnish Trainset - Bug #6059 (New): Dm8 and Dm9 services mixed XallukeX @
17:51:29  <Brot6> ogfx-landscape: update from r212 to r216 done -
17:51:59  <Brot6> isr: update from r209 to r211 done -
17:52:12  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 218:f6ab5eb6d6af: Change: Rename config.xml to config_example.xml, so users... XAlberthX @
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18:28:37  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 55:46583d095488: Fix: Don't crash on calling XRail class. It's there but not rea... XfaniozX @
18:28:37  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 57:4e339b961e81: Codechange : Uses AILibrary : Common V.2 & List V.3 XfaniozX @
18:28:37  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 56:fee484b00ffc: Backed out changeset: 950892fa9bcd XfaniozX @
18:28:38  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 58:4892f554c465: Codechange: Split between Const & Enum XfaniozX @
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18:54:44  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 59:ce1145cac06f: Update changelog XfaniozX @
18:54:44  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Revision 60:b12b904673e9: Added tag Bananas for changeset ce1145cac06f XfaniozX @
18:54:50  <Brot6> ai-trans: update from  to Bananas done -
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19:02:23  <andythenorth> o/
19:03:58  <Alberth> \o
19:04:16  <Alberth> o/
19:04:19  <Alberth> \o/
19:11:54  <andythenorth> now what? :)
19:12:00  <planetmaker> \o
19:12:02  <planetmaker> o/
19:12:04  <planetmaker> \o/
19:12:07  <planetmaker> ^ that ;-)
19:15:52  <andythenorth> $someone could configure the graphics for the Fibre Crop Farm I've added
19:16:14  <andythenorth> it's just remove the livestock pens, adjust the layouts to suit
19:16:37  * andythenorth needs to make graphics for Trading Post
19:18:14  <andythenorth> no takers? :P
19:23:35  <Alberth> not now, sorry
19:27:53  <andythenorth> np
19:28:05  <andythenorth> any eints updates?
19:31:24  * Alberth added 5 commits
19:31:43  <Alberth> redmine support, mostly
19:37:47  <Brot6> AI-Lib List - Release V.3 XfaniozX @
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21:04:49  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 217:37fdf230137a: Doc: Add comments and license information to sprite ... XplanetmakerX @
21:04:49  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 218:4c1dfafa7520: Change: Improve sea shore detection to not confuse i... XplanetmakerX @
21:04:49  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 219:fe1025a0a4f3: Change: [Makefile] Ignore python generated files XplanetmakerX @
21:04:53  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 220:aa73c6401ed1: Feature: Allow to build rocks also on water and draw... XplanetmakerX @
21:09:18  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 221:16fe4f634008: Fix (220:aa73c6401ed1): Draw swell on all sea water,... XplanetmakerX @
21:22:40  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 222:bb6b08f21db7: Fix-ish: [company_land] tree is hidden for all views... XplanetmakerX @
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21:46:26  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1000 to r1001 done (4 warnings) -
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22:55:14  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1001 to r1002 done (38 warnings) -
22:59:07  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1002 to r1003 done (38 warnings) -
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