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08:07:58  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 103:f3efed0b39ee: Fix: Story book API detection failed on eg. 1.3.2-RC2 XZuuX @
08:07:58  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 104:7db9da422bf3: Version 31 XZuuX @
08:07:58  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 105:d6947d0f54db: Fix: SuperLib 30 and 31 was broken for AIs XZuuX @
08:07:58  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 106:25795dc641d0: Version 32 XZuuX @
08:08:01  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 107:a9620a8ce648: Fix: IsCargoSupplied used GS API calls XZuuX @
08:08:04  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 108:b7da5b157a79: Fix: The NoBuild custom RPF had usage of GS API XZuuX @
08:08:08  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 109:fb410282da1a: Version 33 XZuuX @
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08:32:03  <planetmaker> George, Additional buttons like CETS' download button can be added if you go in that project to settings->modules. Activate the module 'URL tabs'. Then you have available a settings->URL tabs where you can add these URL tabs like CETS
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09:04:45  <George> Thank you
09:04:54  <George> Seems it works :)
09:05:38  <George> planetmaker: and who is the CETS coder?
09:06:10  <George> I ve looked at CETS code and was shoked
09:07:21  <George> I feel myself like a dinosaur near PC when compare my code with CETS code :(
09:27:24  <planetmaker> it's mostly eddi's code
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12:15:25  <V453000> rhino power :D
12:17:49  <Alberth> o/
12:18:05  <V453000> hy
12:18:24  <Alberth> unicorn power of course! :)
12:19:18  <V453000>
12:19:19  <Webster> Title: unicorns-are-real.jpg -" target="_blank"> 0.06 - Wir bohren einfach weiter (at" target="_blank">
12:19:24  <V453000> linked my pm originally
12:26:01  <planetmaker> :-)
12:26:04  * Alberth nods
12:26:52  <V453000> therefore in the name of astro science and stuff it must be true
12:27:50  <Alberth> it's at the Internet, therefore it must be true. QED
12:28:51  <V453000> .
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14:00:29  <George> can someone explain this
14:00:30  <George> 0x22..0x2F     reserved for other future GUIs with non-purchased vehicles.
14:01:01  <George> does it mean, that value 0x2* means vehicle is not build yet?
14:03:38  <planetmaker> yes
14:03:56  <Alberth> interesting conclusion :)
14:09:46  <George> Alberth: it is continuening our previous discussion obout the right way to prevent PARENT check
14:10:50  <Alberth> k, thanks for the explanation
14:12:16  <planetmaker> <- quote from that table, Alberth :-)
14:12:30  <George> #define is_not_build_yet() ((extra_callback_info1 & 0x2F) != 0x00)
14:13:15  <planetmaker> that's also true for 0x11
14:13:16  <Alberth> George: that matches with 0x01 too
14:13:36  <planetmaker> ... & 0x20
14:13:50  <planetmaker> not even that
14:13:52  <Alberth>  == 0x20
14:13:58  <George> planetmaker: why 11?
14:14:10  <planetmaker> 1 & F = 1
14:14:19  <Alberth> George: some other random number than 2*
14:14:38  <George> 11     Vehicle is drawn in the vehicle details GUI. (This includes the refit GUI.)
14:14:53  <George> why is it not build?
14:14:57  <planetmaker> :-) it's how masking works, George
14:15:08  <planetmaker> 2F & 0x11 != 0
14:15:34  <planetmaker> 101111
14:15:42  <planetmaker> 010111
14:15:45  <planetmaker> some 1 match
14:15:47  <planetmaker> thus true
14:15:53  <George> planetmaker: are we speaking about wrong values  selected from table or wrong check for thenm?
14:15:54  <planetmaker> the first is 2F
14:16:00  <planetmaker> the 2nd is 17
14:16:41  <George> step by step
14:17:25  <George> we have values 0x20..,0x2F for vehicles that are not built, right?
14:18:41  <planetmaker> yes
14:19:28  <planetmaker> and > 0x30 which must not match either as it's reserved. Could be anything
14:19:43  <planetmaker> thus the check you want is
14:20:00  <planetmaker> (var & 0xF0) == 0x20
14:20:12  <planetmaker> if that check is true, it's in the purchase list
14:20:36  <George> 30 would not mean purchase list?
14:20:50  <planetmaker> it can mean anything
14:20:57  <planetmaker> could mean purchase list, could not
14:21:16  <planetmaker> so could 51
14:21:19  <planetmaker> or F3
14:21:40  <George> ((extra_callback_info1 & 0x30) != 0x20)?
14:21:43  <planetmaker> you could also just check for (var > 0x20)
14:21:55  <planetmaker> >=
14:22:01  <planetmaker> then you catch the reserved cases, too
14:23:16  <planetmaker> George, you want to check whether the first nibble matches "2". And nothing else
14:23:28  <planetmaker> (then it's definitely purchase list)
14:23:35  <planetmaker> if it matches 3 ... F it's undefined
14:23:36  <George> So you suggest to interpretate values above 0x30 as purchase list too and prevent PARENT check for them?
14:23:43  <planetmaker> yes
14:24:01  <George> Ok
14:44:55  <George> Should I return purchase graphics or empty graphics when extra_callback_info1 >= 0x20?
14:49:59  <planetmaker> George, obviously you want to return the appropriate sprites for 0x20 and 0x21
14:51:02  <George> but I retun graphics for purchse, do I need to treturn it in default branch too?
14:51:33  <George> graphics
14:51:33  <George>   { default: ntv_get_spriteset;
14:51:33  <George>     purchase: ntv_get_purchase_spriteset;  }
14:52:17  <George> switch (FEAT_TRAINS, SELF, ntv_get_spriteset,
14:52:17  <George>   is_not_build_yet() )
14:52:17  <George> {  1: ntv_get_purchase_spriteset;
14:52:17  <George>      ntv_get_spriteset1;}
14:52:34  <George> Isn't it a duplication?
14:53:11  <planetmaker> purchase is purchase list. Not generally 'not built'
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14:53:44  <planetmaker> in purchase list you don't need the check, afaik. As the vehicle never is built there
14:54:51  <George> do you mean I need to return empty sprite instead?
14:55:41  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Bug #6209 (New): Absolute unix file system paths causes livelock in nml path ... XAlberthX @
14:56:52  <planetmaker> no
14:57:35  <planetmaker>  Vehicle is drawn in the exclusive preview GUI or in the advertisement news.  <-- otherwise you return empty sprites here. Which you likely don't want
14:57:48  <planetmaker> Or unless I'm wrong and purchase callback works for that, too. I don't know
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15:02:59  <George> I do not know too
15:03:07  <George> Who knows???
15:04:52  <planetmaker> George, it simply doesn't hurt your purpose to add that check...
15:05:47  <planetmaker> and... no-one who was around the last 6 months knows unless that person reads nml source
15:06:47  <George> BTW, are there station sets coded with NML?
15:07:33  <planetmaker> no
15:07:40  <planetmaker> nml does not yet support stations :-(
15:19:00  <Alberth> first puzzle: how to express a station in nml :)
15:19:58  <planetmaker> The specs on how it should look on the "surface" is probably not that difficult
15:26:36  <Alberth> solving the puzzle of getting dinner has a much closer deadline ;)
15:33:27  <planetmaker> :-) MUCH
15:40:40  <planetmaker>
16:17:57  <George> Is it possible to somehow get information about average mape size that players play on the multiplayer game servers?
16:18:36  <George> average map is 512x512, 1024x1024 or even larger?
16:29:15  <Brot6> xussrset: compile of r1062 failed -
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16:53:34  <planetmaker> George, other than browsing server list ingame and looking at that info, I guess not
16:53:45  <planetmaker> quak
16:54:01  <frosch123> moin
17:17:53  <Brot6> xussrset: compile of r1062 failed -
17:19:41  <Brot6> fish: update from r1156 to r1159 done (3 warnings) -
17:59:09  <George> planetmaker: May be there is some user here who plays often and knows, what do servers usually suggest?
17:59:38  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1061 to r1063 done (4 warnings) -
17:59:41  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1061 to r1063 done (4 warnings) -
18:21:18  <planetmaker> George, that really depends. Some people like large maps, some like small(er) maps
18:21:59  <planetmaker> I can tell you what I prefer. Which is also what we use on the coop servers, that's maps with less than 1 million tiles, thus < 1024^2, usually 512^2 or equivalent size
18:22:07  <planetmaker> But others prefer more sparse maps, but bigger
18:22:18  <planetmaker> I think smaller is better as I can build more, but...
18:30:53  <Alberth> I have come to think it depends on what you're used to, ie deserty environments like australie or america with lots of nothing versus european style, cramped together
18:31:49  <Alberth> s/lie/lia/
18:31:49  <Brot6> Alberth meant: "I have come to think it depends on what you're used to, ie deserty environments like australia or america with lots of nothing versus european style, cramped together"
18:32:20  <Alberth> s/rot6/ig brother/
18:32:20  <Brot6> Alberth: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"
18:42:22  <frosch123> s/you/me/
18:42:22  <Brot6> frosch123: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"
18:42:25  <frosch123> s/you/me/
18:42:25  <Brot6> frosch123: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"
18:42:46  <frosch123> hmm, i expected a different reation
18:44:32  <Alberth> :)
18:45:26  <Alberth> it would have been fun if your last line of a few days ago happened to have "you" in it :)
18:49:02  <frosch123> Be yourself -- except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.
18:49:06  <frosch123> s/you/me
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18:49:12  <frosch123> damn :/
18:49:17  <frosch123> screwed it up
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19:28:49  <George> s/you/me/
19:28:49  <Brot6> George: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"
19:28:58  <George> :))))
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20:19:57  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1160:35e13040ad1b: Docs: improved code-reference page XandythenorthX @
20:20:15  <Brot6> fish: update from r1159 to r1160 done (3 warnings) -
20:49:30  <Brot6> fish: update from r1160 to r1162 done (3 warnings) -
20:49:42  <Brot6> FISH - Bug #6206 (Closed): r1159 breaks bundles XplanetmakerX @
20:49:42  <Brot6> FISH - Bug #6206 (Closed): r1159 breaks bundles XandythenorthX @
20:49:42  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1161:84e2211bd2e3: Docs: WIP on code reference page XandythenorthX @
20:49:42  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1162:6568829f418e: Fix: remove broken build introduced in r1159 (planetmaker) (close... XandythenorthX @
21:00:51  <Brot6> NUTS Unrealistic Train Set - EngineTable056.png XV453000X @
21:03:00  <Brot6> NUTS Unrealistic Train Set - EngineTable056small.png XV453000X @
21:18:37  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1163:72d849d2c5b1: Docs: improved rendering of code reference XandythenorthX @
21:18:52  <Brot6> fish: update from r1162 to r1163 done (3 warnings) -
21:19:37  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1164:b5ccde3c16d0: Fix-ish: [Makefile] Re-direct doc generation to a FISH-specific t... XplanetmakerX @
21:20:10  <Brot6> fish: update from r1163 to r1166 done (3 warnings) -
21:20:26  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1165:137e40c7e71d: Fix-ish: [Makefile] Re-direct doc generation to a FISH-specific t... XplanetmakerX @
21:20:26  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1166:4cd54bac6d14: Merge XplanetmakerX @
21:29:33  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1167:55c950010e2e: Codechange: improved code reference XandythenorthX @
21:29:50  <Brot6> fish: update from r1166 to r1167 done (3 warnings) -
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21:51:19  <Brot6> fish: update from r1167 to r1168 done (3 warnings) -
21:51:21  <Brot6> FISH - Revision 1168:9cd8a3862340: Docs: code reference doesn't need default cargo XandythenorthX @
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22:28:25  <Brot6> Makefile for NML-based NewGRFs - Revision 52:7cc0989557f6: Fix (r51): Makesure that target 'all' als... XplanetmakerX @
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22:42:05  <Brot6> Makefile for NML-based NewGRFs - Revision 53:033de751e708: Added tag 0.3.0 for changeset 7cc0989557f... XplanetmakerX @
22:42:12  <Brot6> make-nml: update from 0.2.0 to 0.3.0 done -
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22:50:40  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3764:f3e56ce55b37: Update: [Makefile] to make-nml 0.3.0 XplanetmakerX @
22:50:40  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3765:c68b0bebda11: Cleanup: [Makefile] Remove obsolete make... XplanetmakerX @
22:50:40  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3766:cc599fd4103e: Cleanup: [Makefile] More obsolete parts XplanetmakerX @
22:51:33  <Brot6> firs: compile of r3766 failed -
23:03:22  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3767:975b094a2a47: Fix (r3764): FIRS might be served with F... XplanetmakerX @
23:06:44  <Brot6> firs: update from r3763 to r3767 done (30 warnings) -

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