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08:51:31  <Brot6> CluelessPlus - Revision 38:807bcff6892e: Add: XZuuX @
08:51:31  <Brot6> CluelessPlus - Revision 39:76b3e8ce3c2e: Version 36: Fix conversion to 1.2 API XZuuX @
08:51:31  <Brot6> CluelessPlus - Revision 40:7b8593ec2ad0: Fix: An AITown.GetLastMonthTransported was missed XZuuX @
09:09:09  <planetmaker> more clues :-)
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12:56:35  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 2089:50bec7c0ba44: Fix: Also add offset when skipping fixed rail typ... XAlberthX @
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13:28:42  <Brot6> AI-Trans - Bug #1649 (Closed): Crash: index &#x27;AllowTryStation&#x27; doesn&#x27;t exist XfaniozX @
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13:36:46  <Brot6> The NML fork - Revision 2094:b200ff4afe56: Fix: Town name parts could end up with more than 255 entr... XAlberthX @
13:36:46  <Brot6> The NML fork - Revision 2095:910f7e484db6: Codechange: Improve naming of the nactf variable. XAlberthX @
13:36:46  <Brot6> The NML fork - Revision 2096:50bec7c0ba44: Fix: Also add offset when skipping fixed rail types (Eddi... XAlberthX @
13:36:48  <Brot6> The NML fork - Revision 2097:58dc399c6fa3: merge XJohannesX @
13:43:22  <Brot6> cets: compile of r764 failed -
13:43:47  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Revision 762:5936111ef7ff: relax the conditions for showing half-turned... XEddiX @
13:43:47  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Revision 763:93be240944c4: implement ai special flag (passengers only) XEddiX @
13:43:47  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Revision 764:2c3848c534bb: typo in railtype translation table XEddiX @
13:45:47  <Brot6> Central European Train Set - Feature Request #6200: Make smooth train turn on 90 railway turn XEddiX @
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15:20:28  <George> TTD Locations ( says, that 4E     W     Current reliability, FFFF means 100%
15:20:59  <George> Is it possible to check this value in NML and what is the right value to do it?
15:21:13  <George> Is it possible to check this value in NML and what is the right way to do it?
15:22:41  <George> Also, is it the value for consist or every engine in consist has it's own value?
15:25:39  <planetmaker> wagons don't have reliability
15:26:05  <planetmaker> it's only meaningful for the lead engine
15:26:39  <George> so the second engine does not have it too?
15:26:52  <planetmaker> I'd not assume that
15:27:09  <planetmaker> it would be a pointless update
15:27:21  <planetmaker> thus reducing game performance for no gain at all
15:29:04  <George> And reliability decay of the second engine does not affect reliability of the consist?
15:29:11  <planetmaker> no
15:30:08  <planetmaker> I'm sure in the issue tracker there's one or more requests for "improved" or "realistic" breakdowns. At least in the forums are
15:31:31  <planetmaker> answers your question, though
15:33:37  <planetmaker> @calc 0x4E + 0x80
15:33:37  <Webster> planetmaker: 206
15:33:46  <planetmaker> @base 10 16 206
15:33:46  <Webster> planetmaker: CE
15:34:34  <planetmaker> in short: use it like any other variable
15:40:13  <planetmaker> yeah, only front engine is important there: if (this->IsFrontEngine()) {
15:40:13  <planetmaker> 		CheckVehicleBreakdown(this);
15:40:31  <planetmaker> and decreasing of reliability happens in that check as well
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16:09:02  <George> I see. thank you
16:13:45  <planetmaker> you're welcome
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16:56:19  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Bug #6215 (Closed): Container forklift using wrong sprites Xmart3pX @
16:56:20  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Bug #6215 (Closed): Container forklift using wrong sprites Xmart3pX @
16:56:20  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 228:4795cb26c51d: Fix #6215: Use correct sprites for containe... Xmart3pX @
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17:17:10  <Brot6> cets: compile of r764 failed -
17:17:23  <Brot6> nml: compile of r2089 failed -
17:18:00  <planetmaker> hm
17:18:41  <Brot6> isr: update from r227 to r228 done -
17:21:01  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/openttd-testenv registered in Redmine with url /home/hg/openttd-testenv
17:21:02  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/openttd-testenv created
17:26:36  <Alberth> qeh, nml failed?
17:27:16  <planetmaker> hm Preferred package location '/home/openttd/public_html/nml-dot-wine/releases/Bart/rpms' is not a directory
17:28:02  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/openttd-website registered in Redmine with url /home/hg/openttd-website
17:28:02  <Brot6> repository /home/hg/openttd-website created
17:28:10  <planetmaker> brb... need to reboot. Also activate 64-bit virtualization here :D
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18:11:53  <Brot6> DevZone Help Center - Membership #6218 (New): a new ailibrary name: cEngineLib XkrinnX @
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18:30:13  <frosch123> sorry in advance
18:31:48  <^Spike^> ....
18:31:58  <^Spike^> hope it's not commits to the testenv repo... :)
18:32:07  <frosch123> no, the other one
18:32:19  <frosch123> anyway, blame brot :)
18:32:36  <^Spike^> :)
18:32:55  <^Spike^> just checking as i want to be sure about some stuff first.. already talking to pm about that :)
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18:45:05  <andythenorth> ok, so I've broken FISH on bundles
18:45:17  <andythenorth> and the error information is...sparse
18:45:18  <andythenorth> :)
18:46:00  <Rubidium> hi andythenorth
18:46:06  <Rubidium> are your shoes?
18:46:06  <andythenorth> lo
18:46:12  <andythenorth> hmm
18:46:15  <andythenorth> not yet
18:46:21  <andythenorth> maybe when winter comes...
18:47:47  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 219:d1615cd84f5c: Remove: Obsolete file. XAlberthX @
18:47:47  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 220:b2085901495d: Fix: Move project deployment files out of the way for the... XAlberthX @
18:47:47  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 221:de6e369be00d: Fix: Make sure to initialize the page access table before... XAlberthX @
18:49:03  <frosch123> hmm, brot did not announce any bananas commits
18:49:07  <Alberth> hi andy, what do you think about the path changes in static/css/style.css in
18:50:00  <Alberth> frosch suggested them
18:52:06  <planetmaker> frosch123, it might need telling brot to watch that repo
18:52:37  <frosch123> well, does not matter, noone would have read 107 commits here anyway :p
18:52:57  <frosch123> but the bananas project is public, nothing speical there
18:53:05  <Alberth> you only get 10 or so :)
18:53:14  <Alberth> Brot keeps the rest to itself
18:54:23  <andythenorth> these are my current shoes :P
18:54:25  * andythenorth digresses
18:55:27  <frosch123> <- btw. i added everone who knows some python, just so that noone has an excuse :p
18:55:39  <frosch123> sadly tb is not on the devzone :p
18:55:50  <andythenorth> Alberth: wrt changing rooted paths to relative - I guess it depends on the framework, but convention in all the ones I use is for static content to be rooted
18:55:52  <^Spike^> i hope print "Hello World!" doesn't count... :)
18:55:58  <andythenorth> relative can have unexpected consequences
18:56:16  <andythenorth> although it's in css, so that's unlikely
18:56:27  <andythenorth> I think it's a non-issue either way tbh
18:56:34  <Alberth> andythenorth: fine by me either way, I just thought I'd ask
18:56:51  <andythenorth> changing it in templates would be controversial
18:57:00  <andythenorth> changing it in css ... 'meh'
18:57:28  <Alberth> you don't want dynamically binding templates?? :D
18:57:43  <Alberth> hours of debugging fun :)
18:57:47  <andythenorth> it's a known failure pattern :P
18:59:03  <Alberth> there was a programming language using it, I don't remember, but it was not much of a success :)
18:59:58  <Alberth> you had access to the variables from the caller scope :)
19:00:06  <Alberth> by variable name :p
19:04:17  <andythenorth> planetmaker: so can bundles give me any more error info for FISH? o_
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19:08:40  <planetmaker> I think NML failed to build. For whatever reason
19:08:48  <planetmaker> Preferred package location '/home/openttd/public_html/nml/nightlies/r2088/rpms' is not a directory
19:09:06  <Alberth> there does not seem to be a  "bundle:" target in the fish makefile
19:16:03  <andythenorth> hmm
19:16:34  <Alberth> make bundle_src  <-- builds something
19:17:02  <andythenorth> probably not, but is wrong python version in use?
19:18:04  <Alberth> does "make bundle" do anything with you?
19:19:39  <andythenorth> it's a valid target
19:19:48  <andythenorth> but it finds nothing to build, even after make clean
19:20:22  <planetmaker> bundle_tar
19:21:21  <andythenorth> bundle_tar builds
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21:22:52  <planetmaker> this sucks. Redmine throws an internal error on me and tells me to contact my sysadmin, if the problem persists :D
21:25:27  <^Spike^> ....
21:25:49  <^Spike^> i am available from 0:00:00 till 0:00:01 ;)
21:26:35  <planetmaker> well. My idea to create user ottddev and move the repo there... gives me this error in RM
21:26:42  <planetmaker> when I enter the repo path there
21:26:48  <planetmaker> dunno why really yet
21:33:13  <frosch123> night
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