Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 2nd August 2013:
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04:02:44  <Brot6> xussrset: compile of r1074 failed -
04:07:17  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1073 to r1075 done (4 warnings) -
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07:43:21  <Brot6> Engine Class Library - Revision 2:147ee64ef401: - New functions : GetNumberOfLocomotive, GetNumberOf... XkrinnX @
07:52:33  <Brot6> DictatorAI - Revision 276:c8703d2adde7: - Fix missing to set railtype when pathfinder was building r... XkrinnX @
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10:57:07  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 231:0b66800be0df: Add: Compute related string data on demand. XAlberthX @
10:57:07  <Brot6> Webtranslator - Revision 232:bdcb9728eeb4: Feature: Display related strings when editing a string. XAlberthX @
10:59:42  <dihedral> Alberth, nice to see you taking care of WT :-)
11:00:24  <Alberth> that's future :)
11:00:36  <Alberth> this is just newgrf projects translations :)
11:01:23  <Alberth> unfortunately, devzone is moving very slowly, if at all
11:01:42  <planetmaker> you mean with implementing eints?
11:02:05  <Alberth> deploying actually, but yes
11:02:11  <Alberth>  picture!
11:02:21  <planetmaker> yeah, deploying is the word
11:02:36  <planetmaker> cool!
11:02:57  <planetmaker> we should sit together and try to deploy it... I'm not experienced in that
11:02:59  <Alberth> andy still has to fix the table
11:03:09  <planetmaker> if you say that it's ready to deploy now, we should do that
11:03:26  <planetmaker> wait... it's stuck on your ssh not working?
11:03:41  <Alberth> stuck on db access
11:04:32  <Alberth> but if the experiments by frosch are valid at devzone, it should be a matter of filling in the values in the config, mostly
11:04:36  <planetmaker> uhm... permission error or sth else?
11:04:53  <planetmaker> yes-ish. DevZone still uses mysql. While frosch's use psql
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11:05:11  <Alberth> lack of valid username/password to get any data from the RM tables? :)
11:05:31  <planetmaker> so we need a user eints, that was the plan, right?
11:05:46  <Alberth> there was a plan?
11:05:52  <planetmaker> dunno :-)
11:05:53  <planetmaker> was there?
11:06:56  <Alberth> there are some more connection thingies that may need work, I don't know exactly
11:07:58  <Alberth> I think I solved all issues that we identified some weeks ago
11:16:37  <Alberth> bummer, it's not even a feature request! :p
11:18:22  <planetmaker> :-) I'll be away from home most of the time till 12 August. So I'm not sure I can do really anything before that. But bugger ^spike^ about that :-)
11:18:30  <planetmaker> If you like
11:19:38  <planetmaker> and stomp occasionally on my feet, please. Till it's done :-P
11:19:50  <planetmaker> s/done/working
11:26:46  <planetmaker> I'm sure that might help ^ ;-)
11:29:15  <planetmaker> Alberth, shall I create a user called 'translator' at the DevZone which then can be given access to the projects eints should care about?
11:29:45  <planetmaker> or what was the actual idea how that is supposed to work?
11:30:44  <planetmaker> (I'm reluctant to call that person also 'eints' to avoid duplicate naming project + person; it might give rise to confusion)
11:31:29  <planetmaker> or should it be newgrf-translator (due to the different structures - and to make it easier to distinguish it)?
11:31:47  <planetmaker> once there's capability for AIs, GS and maybe OpenTTD, too?
11:32:58  <Alberth> I don't see fundamental problems with these extensions
11:33:13  <Alberth> the latter may require more careful handling of language loading though
11:34:22  <Alberth> I don't remember how the language changes of the project end up in eints
11:35:15  <Alberth> commit hook?
11:35:15  <planetmaker> maybe polling. or commit hook
11:35:49  <Alberth> ok, then eints runs by itself, allowing adding translations, authenticating against RM
11:36:28  <Alberth> and I wrote a script that copies language files from eints back into files
11:36:39  <Alberth> assuming it has a checkout of the repo
11:37:40  <planetmaker> you can checkout the repository 'misc' which has the commit hook used currently
11:37:52  <Alberth> that script is quite stupid, so downloading must be publically accessible, but that not much of a problem
11:38:05  <Alberth> +is
11:38:28  <planetmaker> hm, what was the other option (and did you favour that)?
11:39:57  <Alberth> ugh, commit hook must be python too? :(
11:40:21  <planetmaker> I guess the only question we really need is, whether eints gets a checkout of the repo, or simply uses the existing repo (which it could actually. Just copying the file over and committing there)
11:40:27  <planetmaker> might be more space efficient
11:40:52  <Alberth> tbh I don't care a lot; eints talks over http, what you do at the other end of that connection is not the problem of eints
11:41:08  <planetmaker> how does it push files over http to a repo?
11:41:23  <Alberth> it doesn't
11:41:32  <planetmaker> so I have to import all that manually into repos?
11:41:52  <Alberth> I wrote a (stupid) script to pull them
11:42:37  <Alberth> you can add authentication to it, and you could check what languages have actually change, but that's not fundamental
11:43:33  <planetmaker> well. tbh, how the things get back into the repo probably is secondary. And can be solved anytime as long as project authors can access the current state of language files
11:43:55  <planetmaker> thus this is a problem^Wchallenge which can be addressed anytime
11:49:54  <planetmaker> haha... most of the commit hook seems to be written by you in 2010 :D
11:52:46  <Alberth> yeah, and I had a lot of trouble of not having the file itself at the file system
11:53:35  <Alberth> Ammler had some things he wanted to change, and I tried to change/fix that hook, but failed badly
11:54:13  <planetmaker> you mean the hook file itself on the file system?
11:54:33  <planetmaker> From what I see it's part of the repo(s), thus they're all on one file system. but I likely mis-understand
11:54:36  <Alberth> no, the hook uses a file in the repo, which is not at the file system
11:54:55  <Alberth> or at least, it wasn't at the time I wrote that hook
11:55:22  <planetmaker> you mean the ini one?
11:55:22  <Alberth> yep
11:56:07  <planetmaker> Well, the path that's hard-coded there is the path to the repository itself. Thus the repo needs to be checked-out on the server
11:56:14  <planetmaker> otherwise it won't be available
11:56:35  <Alberth> updates from RM to eints was about overwriting changes  which already worked correctly
11:58:30  <planetmaker> as a feature request... does eints keep knowledge of which RM users modified a translation?
11:58:38  <Alberth> euhm, why are 6074 and 6080 the same?
11:59:09  <planetmaker> :-O
11:59:25  <planetmaker> that sounds... fishy
11:59:31  <planetmaker> looks fishy
12:01:12  <planetmaker> and why don't they show in webtranslator's issue list?
12:01:24  <Alberth>  <-- user storage
12:01:30  <Alberth> issues are closed
12:01:33  <planetmaker> oh, closed
12:02:21  <planetmaker> I was looking at %done :-)
12:02:54  <Alberth> that has no meaning at all :)
12:03:48  <planetmaker> :-) yeah. I ususally for my issues set it 100% if it's solved, though. That's why
12:03:53  <Alberth> I totally fail to understand the work flow of issues there, there is no QA manager in eints :)
12:04:11  <planetmaker> you need one? :-)
12:05:26  <Alberth> apparently we do, when I fix or close an issue it's either 100% and not closed, or closed but not 100%. No idea how or why, and tbh I don't want to know either
12:05:29  <planetmaker> I guess the workflow is as with OpenTTD: anyone opens it. A developer closes it
12:06:00  <planetmaker> hm :-)
12:06:14  <planetmaker> You mean Fix #XXX: bla bla doesn't set status to 100%?
12:06:32  <planetmaker> Feature #XXX: bla bla should do nothing to an issue
12:06:45  <planetmaker> While Fix should close it and set to 100%
12:09:04  <Alberth> maybe that works, but setting it closed manually doesn't or so
12:09:29  <planetmaker> fixes,closes,fix,close,bug,fixed followed by #XXX should all close and set status to 100%
12:09:42  <planetmaker> when in the commit message
12:09:56  <planetmaker> no, if you edit an issue manually, you need to set every item separately
12:10:14  <planetmaker> closing doesn't mean resolving. Could also be "I don't care and don't want to see it" :-P
12:10:38  <planetmaker> though imho that accounts to "rejected"
12:11:09  <Alberth> just remove the %, it's not used anyway :)
12:13:39  <planetmaker> I actually sometimes do use it.
12:13:39  <planetmaker> seldom. But not never :-)
12:13:39  <planetmaker> but yes... I'll think about it :-)
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15:57:17  <Alberth> hi hi
16:00:08  <frosch123> moin
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16:44:37  <planetmaker> quak
16:44:42  <dihedral> hihi
16:55:14  <frosch123> hoho
17:06:44  <TWerkhoven> *boing*
17:19:23  <Brot6> xussrset: update from r1073 to r1075 done (4 warnings) -
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19:36:48  <Brot6> feed aidev had 12 updates, showing the latest 10
19:36:48  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 141:59803e2a612e: Fix: (hopefully) aircraft sent to depot to be sold don't always ... XWormnestX @
19:36:48  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 142:0358322c5be7: Aircraft: add service if needed orders when breakdowns are on. XWormnestX @
19:36:48  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 143:0ad9ed08b9c5: Manage routes: ignore vehicle not in depot errors. XWormnestX @
19:36:52  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 144:6c13e71e779a: Fix: ERR_VEHICLE_NOT_IN_DEPOT is defined in AIVehicle not in AIE... XWormnestX @
19:36:56  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 145:193900fd5302: Fix: at map borders an incorrect rectangle was used for searchin... XWormnestX @
19:37:00  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 146:0161034ca754: Vehicle management: send old vehicles to depot and sell once a m... XWormnestX @
19:37:04  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 147:224bbd3dba2e: Fix: forgot to remove a } XWormnestX @
19:37:07  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 148:0a9ae4be7e6c: Info: Update changelog and readme in preparation for release of ... XWormnestX @
19:37:11  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 149:0a5798733ba1: Release v2 and update version to 3. XWormnestX @
19:37:14  <Brot6> WormAI - Revision 150:9ecc551eb212: Added tag v2 for changeset 0a9ae4be7e6c XWormnestX @
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