Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 29th August 2013:
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09:21:21  <Brot6> Membership #6260 (Feedback): Applying for project: HardPack XVaulterX @
09:53:39  <Brot6> Feature #5438: Sound effect quality increase Xkyosuke1989X @
10:13:27  <Brot6> Feature #5438: Sound effect quality increase Xkyosuke1989X @
10:22:28  <Brot6> Membership #6260: Applying for project: HardPack XplanetmakerX @
10:25:10  <Brot6> Membership #6260: Applying for project: HardPack XplanetmakerX @
10:38:13  <juzza1> "230 km/h" on code -> 231 km/h ingame, but if speed is set outside train properties without the "km/h" it is the same ingame as in code
10:38:23  <juzza1> for example, with a speed switch
10:38:47  <juzza1> i was told this is because of rounding, but it still doesn't make sense
11:10:30  <Brot6> Support #6310: Tracking Table XYoshiX @
11:38:09  <planetmaker> hm, my makefile is flawed. It returns 'success' when NMLC is not found ;-)
11:39:28  <Brot6> Bug #6311 (Confirmed): fail on missing nmlc XplanetmakerX @
12:00:02  <Rubidium> @calc 230*1.00584
12:00:02  <Webster> Rubidium: 231.3432
12:00:13  <Rubidium> @calc 230/1.00584
12:00:13  <Webster> Rubidium: 228.664598743
12:00:21  <Rubidium> @calc 229*1.00584
12:00:21  <Webster> Rubidium: 230.33736
12:00:35  <Rubidium> odd..., or maybe not
12:01:13  <Rubidium> should ofcourse do the actual calculations OpenTTD does... though internally OpenTTD uses mph/1.6 (yay backward compatability), which is the source of these issues
12:01:38  <Rubidium> ah well... compiler's done... back to work ;)
12:15:53  <juzza1> must be somewhere here, but i can't make sense of it
12:17:54  <planetmaker> juzza1, the conversions likely are in the newgrf*, not in the display part
12:18:27  <planetmaker> what you link only is the conversion from openttd internal units into what is actually displayed. It will miss the first conversion step
12:19:51  <juzza1> ok, makes sense
13:12:58  <Brot6> Feature #6312 (New): Sm6 250 km/h refit Xkyosuke1989X @
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13:23:03  <planetmaker> juzza1, I'm curious, where do all those sounds come from?
13:25:45  <oskari89> I'm responsible of those :P
13:26:06  <oskari89> But i'll be back later ->
13:26:07  <planetmaker> you create them yourselves?
13:27:08  <oskari89> I'll explain later
13:27:17  <oskari89> Got to go :P
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13:44:38  <juzza1> what he said
14:45:06  <^Spike^> dihedral hope you don't mind i activated the hudson plugin on your redmine projects :D
15:03:45  <Brot6> Feature #5396: NG sprites XVoyager1X @
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15:05:10  <Brot6> Feature #5396: NG sprites XVoyager1X @
15:06:53  <frosch123> hmm doesn't brot usually also tell which project it is talking about?
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16:32:02  <oskari89> Back :P
16:33:05  <oskari89> Planetmaker: I have done around 65% of sounds completely myself
16:33:52  <planetmaker> cool :-)
16:34:02  <oskari89> Rest outsourced, from material i have permission to use :)
16:34:20  <planetmaker> don't you wanna rework all sounds openttd uses by default?
16:34:29  <planetmaker> opensfx surely could use some improvement
16:34:51  <oskari89> :DD
16:34:57  <oskari89> Not in this stage :P
16:35:04  <oskari89> I'll think about it later
16:35:50  <oskari89> Ask about 4-5 years later :)
16:36:42  <planetmaker> that's less sounds than you added so far to this set
16:37:47  <oskari89> Yes, but i'll concentrate on developing Finnish Trainset
16:38:13  <oskari89> And Finnish Rail Infrastructure & Stations Set
17:01:54  <Brot6> eints-test: update from  to 1.2.0 done -
17:02:46  <frosch123> oh noes, releases of eints-test :p
17:09:42  <planetmaker> :D
17:09:46  <planetmaker> hm... eints-test.
17:09:54  <planetmaker> I should mis-use that as test-newgrf :D
17:10:03  <planetmaker> it would serve two purposes in one :-9
17:25:53  <^Spike^> cause...
17:26:06  <Brot6> nml: update from r2094 to r2095 done -
17:26:59  <^Spike^> no we are not doing strange stuff with other build services frosch123 it only looks like that.. and don't look in our database to see what we are doing ;)
17:27:37  <Brot6> ailib-string: update from  to r29 done -
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17:45:53  <frosch123> hmm, i guess i need albert now
17:48:50  * planetmaker summons alberth
17:49:16  <^Spike^> i see only 2 ppl starting with an a here... of which one doesn't respond.. and the other isn't AlbertH.... :)
17:49:57  <oskari89> ^Spike^: How is DevZone? :)
17:50:02  <^Spike^> it runs right
17:50:35  <oskari89> Okay :)
17:50:56  <planetmaker> it does that for 21 hours already ;-)
17:51:07  <oskari89> Can you push?
17:51:15  <planetmaker> I can. can you? :D
17:51:18  <oskari89> :D
17:51:39  <oskari89> I can't, but can juzza1? :)
17:52:15  <planetmaker> time that you learn to add the sounds yourself :D
17:52:46  <oskari89> Less cookers, better soup i think :P
17:52:53  <oskari89> :)
17:53:05  <planetmaker> hardly if you work at different parts. like sound and other code
17:54:20  <oskari89> :)
17:55:09  <oskari89> Hopefully someone could fix that tab-plugin on DevZone :/
17:56:56  <oskari89> Was the Redmine or something broken when it was updated?
17:57:23  <^Spike^> it wasn't broken.. it was just a step we had to take for security reasons
17:57:36  <oskari89> Okay
17:57:37  <^Spike^> i would not allow it to run much longer the way it was running
17:57:45  <^Spike^> and yes some plugins broke cause of that change...
17:57:52  <^Spike^> or we had to say goodbye to some plugins we liked...
17:57:58  <^Spike^> but we are working on getting back what we can
17:58:15  <oskari89> Ok, i understand :)
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18:01:37  <^Spike^> theme is fixed
18:01:43  <^Spike^> and frosch123! quick poke him!
18:01:44  <frosch123> albert is fixed :)
18:01:56  <^Spike^> before he runs!
18:02:16  <Alberth> good, I couldn't live with a broken theme :p
18:02:28  <oskari89> Spike: Have a cookie :)
18:02:46  <oskari89> Alberth: You took my word :)
18:02:47  <Alberth> thanks :)
18:02:50  <frosch123> Alberth: <- i ran a upload-translations for firs
18:03:01  * Alberth gives all words back to oskari89
18:03:06  <frosch123> i guess it needs to defining somewhere that the xml shall be utf-8 or something
18:03:06  <oskari89> :D
18:05:48  <Brot6> firs: update from r3809 to r3810 done (26 warnings) -
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18:14:38  <Brot6> Support #6313 (New): Temporary support issue for missing tabs Xkyosuke1989X @
18:16:27  <Brot6> Support #6313: Temporary support issue for missing tabs Xjuzza1X @
18:18:51  <Alberth> frosch123:  I just pushed a fix that adds an encoding to all open calls. The xml loading seems to be done by the xml library itself, not sure whether that will work.
18:20:14  <Brot6> Support #6313 (New): Temporary support issue for missing tabs Xkyosuke1989X @
18:22:50  <Alberth>  since UTF-8 is the default encoding of XML  <-- that looks like it will work
18:25:51  <frosch123> except that my console is stalled somehow again, it seems to have worked :)
18:25:56  <frosch123> 700kiB project file :)
18:30:19  <Alberth> yeah, throwing everything into one file may be not optimal
18:30:55  <Alberth> it did simplify things while designing the application, which is why I continued it this way
18:31:28  <Alberth> for something like openttd it basically merges all *.lng files, so you'll have 2GB files or so :p
18:31:46  <Alberth> not really nice :p
18:32:58  <juzza1> can't seem to be able to push, is it to be expected?
18:33:14  <planetmaker> no
18:35:18  <planetmaker> pushing to sandbox works for me
18:35:33  <juzza1> i'll try once more and check the error message
18:35:50  <Alberth> eints push also worked, although Brot didn't tell it here
18:35:52  <planetmaker> <-- you could try to commit and push random crap there
18:36:29  <planetmaker> (preferentially though not big random crap :D )
18:37:12  <juzza1> ok, i'll try in a bit
18:37:22  <planetmaker> what project for you?
18:37:33  <planetmaker> and how does your .hg/hgrc look like?
18:37:54  <juzza1> finnish trainset
18:37:59  <planetmaker> the lines in the [path] section are interesting. Mind to not expose your PW :D
18:39:06  <juzza1> hmm, it doesn't have any
18:39:07  <juzza1> [paths]
18:39:08  <juzza1> default =
18:40:30  <planetmaker> https://juzza1:XXX@push.o.o/finnishtrainset with XXX as PW, yes?
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18:43:07  <juzza1> no it doesn't have that, dunno why it's changed
18:43:09  <frosch123> hmm, accessing eints gives random 404
18:43:14  <juzza1> so adding that should help?
18:43:34  <frosch123> could that be some dos protection?
18:44:23  <planetmaker> hm
18:44:43  <planetmaker> juzza1, without authentication you likely can't push :-)
18:44:50  <Brot6> Bug #6314 (New): Add flag to never delete the latest uploaded text XAlberthX @
18:45:28  <Alberth> adding ^ issue also took a long time at devzone
18:45:32  <Brot6> eints-test: update from r3782 to r3783 done (30 warnings) -
18:46:04  <planetmaker> hm
18:46:15  <frosch123> <- anyone has a guess what thos random 404 could be caused by?
18:46:28  <frosch123> pressing f5 alternates between success and 404
18:48:05  <planetmaker> he, indeed
18:58:13  <planetmaker> juzza1, did it help?
19:02:24  <frosch123> my paste contains spam :p
19:02:32  <planetmaker> :-)
19:02:39  <planetmaker> had that toda,y too :-)
19:03:35  <frosch123> <- eints produces that diff on firs when uploading and redownloading
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19:03:51  <frosch123> some string reodering
19:03:59  <frosch123> and for swedish win->unix eol conversion :p
19:04:13  <frosch123> is there some suitable hg extension to ignore eol changes?
19:04:23  <frosch123> or should we enforce unix eol on everyone? :p
19:04:39  <planetmaker> :-) I think that diff is quite acceptable
19:04:52  <frosch123> he, it is incomplete
19:05:12  <frosch123> it's way longer 1417 lines
19:06:50  <frosch123> <- apparently too big for paste :p
19:07:49  <frosch123> <- without eol changes
19:14:32  <Alberth> it takes the master text file as template, and copies strings in it
19:15:06  <frosch123> i guess the _w is fine
19:15:22  <frosch123> i just wonder about the whitespaces
19:15:51  <planetmaker> the new lines?
19:16:04  <planetmaker> or the whitespace in the strings?
19:16:31  <frosch123> no, win eol -> unix eol
19:16:37  <frosch123> cr lf -> lf
19:16:56  <planetmaker> I think that's ok, too. It's a one-time thing. And using a common standard is ok. IMHO
19:19:35  <frosch123> hmm, i think i'll try the bottle server tomorrow instead of mod_wsgi
19:19:41  <frosch123> just to check whether it makes a difference
19:20:24  <Alberth> frosch123: currently, translations are copied directly from the translators, so you get all the various messes that they create
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19:23:37  <frosch123> hmm, something is definitely fishy with how eints is running
19:23:48  <frosch123> i added debut output to print the thread id
19:23:58  <frosch123> which always prints the same
19:24:15  <frosch123> but data keeps on disappearing and reapperaring in eints
19:24:44  <Alberth> sets are not stable perhaps?
19:25:10  <frosch123> i added a translation for a strign and changed another string
19:25:17  <frosch123> first download gave me the new one
19:25:25  <frosch123> second removed it again but added the changes :p
19:25:38  <Alberth> lol
19:26:19  <frosch123> as if there were multiple instances of it running, and they have different data
19:26:49  <frosch123> does eints cache anything? or does it always read from disk?
19:27:14  <Alberth> it does have a cache, you configured it :)
19:27:29  <frosch123> nah, i kept the defaults
19:27:53  <Alberth> default is 1 project in cache, I think
19:28:16  <andythenorth> are any form vars held in the session for too long?
19:28:36  <Alberth> without having sessions?
19:28:40  <andythenorth> oh :P
19:28:47  <Alberth> it's all stateless :)
19:28:52  <andythenorth> hmm
19:29:10  <andythenorth> so the form vars don't persist in the request object unintentionally?
19:29:16  * andythenorth is clutching at straws tbh
19:29:19  <Alberth> what is the timeout value for new translations?
19:31:40  <frosch123> <change-stable-age>600</change-stable-age> <- that one?
19:31:45  <planetmaker> I'm not sure whether it can relate to any of our proxy or iptable things...
19:31:50  <Brot6> eints-test: update from  to r3784 done (30 warnings) -
19:31:50  <Alberth> yes
19:31:58  <frosch123> what does it mean?
19:32:42  <Alberth> stuff older than 600 seconds is considered old enough to be deleted if there are too many entries for a string
19:32:57  <frosch123> the script first uploads everything, then downloads everything, assuming eints will merge it correctly
19:33:04  <frosch123> so, do i need to set it to 48 hours?
19:33:16  <frosch123> @calc 3600*48
19:33:16  <Webster> frosch123: 172800
19:33:29  <Brot6> test: update from r134 to r135 done -
19:33:38  <Alberth>  <-- this one may be causing trouble perhaps
19:34:27  <Alberth> at least as long as the time between 2 synchronisations
19:34:46  <Alberth> double that time won't hurt
19:38:31  <juzza1> how can i cancel outgoing changesets in mercurial? without changing any files on my local repo
19:39:05  <frosch123> hg qimport
19:39:34  <Alberth> hg rollback, if you did commit  as last action
19:39:36  <frosch123> though no idea what you actually want to do
19:40:04  <planetmaker> hg phase -s XXX
19:40:14  <planetmaker> to make them secret and not being pushed :-)
19:40:30  <planetmaker> hg phase -s -f XXX probably
19:40:44  <planetmaker> but you might have older mercurial :-)
19:49:15  <Alberth> if all else fails, clone a new one, and delete the old one :p
19:53:37  <juzza1> yeah i have to do that
19:57:14  <Alberth> be sure to copy patches you want to keep :)
19:58:31  <juzza1> yeah, did a backup of the whole thing :D
19:58:41  <juzza1> btw, repo address not visible at
19:59:06  <oskari89> O_o
19:59:37  <oskari89> Hopefully that has not taken damage
20:00:26  <frosch123> it's just another plugin that does not work with the newer redmine
20:00:30  <frosch123> nothing to worry about :)
20:00:31  <planetmaker> repo address is not visible, yes. That's another old plugin
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20:11:16  <oskari89> andythenorth: Is there a "nordic" economy in planning for FIRS? :)
20:11:27  <andythenorth> only Arctic Basic currently
20:11:36  <andythenorth> I wouldn't rule one out, but it has been covered a bit already
20:11:47  <andythenorth> I am open to (well thought out) suggestions :)
20:12:41  <oskari89> I think nordic economy could have Peat (Peat Fields with tractors and piles of Peat) on side of Coal mines
20:12:49  <oskari89> And Coal chain
20:13:25  <oskari89> It could have other uses too than burning
20:14:41  <oskari89> Maybe processing via pyrolysis/other process to Petrol
20:15:36  <oskari89> As far as i know, it's been done, and the same processing plant could accept wood as well :P
20:16:18  <oskari89> It could produce refined products as well
20:18:19  <Brot6> Revision 250:6c0d5700efcb: Fix: Also define expected encoding when accessing a file. XAlberthX @
20:19:13  <oskari89> Fischer-Tropsch process is the process AFAIK
20:20:52  <juzza1> i cloned the repo to a new place, still getting this error when pushin HTTP Error: 500 (abandoned transaction found - run hg recover)
20:21:04  <juzza1> ill try the test repo planetmaker mentioned earlier
20:24:28  <planetmaker> that is something else. why didn't you quote the error you get in the first place?!
20:24:38  <planetmaker> instead of "doesn't work"?
20:25:55  <planetmaker> lesson learnt: you could have saved the whole evening of investigation had you quoted the message to me straight away
20:25:56  <juzza1> i had the 37mb commit that took almost half an hour to upload, so i forgot :D
20:26:14  <juzza1> my bad
20:26:21  <planetmaker> I ran recover. You should be able to fix now
20:26:26  <planetmaker> s/fix/commit
20:27:26  <planetmaker> it was not something you could fix, an interrupted push left the repo in an somewhat broken state server-side
20:27:33  <planetmaker> so your local repo likely was totally ok
20:27:59  <juzza1> ok, working fine now, thanks for helping
20:28:06  <planetmaker> yw
20:28:16  <juzza1> i'll be more precise in the future, instead of the good 'ol "doesnt work!!!" :D
20:28:42  <planetmaker> well, it was your time wasted, not mine :-)
20:29:09  <juzza1> hehe
20:31:16  <frosch123> <- Alberth: does that tell you anything?
20:31:26  <andythenorth> so is bundles all worky-worky
20:31:26  <andythenorth> ?
20:31:45  <planetmaker> it should work, andythenorth. Something not like you expect?
20:31:51  <andythenorth> just checking
20:32:52  <planetmaker> it should all work. But we moved it to a new, separate VM so... :-)
20:33:35  <Alberth> for chg in chgs  <-- line 105 in   chgs is apparently None, instead of a list
20:33:47  <frosch123> andythenorth: it's a untranslated string
20:33:59  <frosch123> i clicked "start fixing"
20:35:16  <andythenorth> how quickly will bundles pick up a push at the moment? o_O
20:35:31  <planetmaker> depends when devzone compiles it :-)
20:35:36  <andythenorth> :p
20:35:55  <planetmaker> but... *should* work like before
20:36:04  <planetmaker> I still toy with the build systems
20:36:08  <andythenorth> I'll jus wait :)
20:36:21  <frosch123> hmm, why does coop bamboo not have an rss feed like ottd has?
20:36:24  <Alberth> rel_chgs = data.get_all_newest_changes(lng.changes.get(rel_sname),  <-- 299  adds the related strings to the page,it seems
20:36:28  <planetmaker> FIRS takes about 10 minutes to build, andythenorth
20:36:50  <frosch123> <- says 14 minutes
20:37:06  <planetmaker> @ andythenorth
20:37:21  <andythenorth> this was for FISH ;)
20:37:22  <planetmaker> hm... no times there
20:37:24  <planetmaker> ah :-)
20:37:28  <frosch123> hmm, my url does not contain "firs"
20:37:33  <andythenorth> fish not on bamboo :)
20:37:58  <planetmaker> that link was jenkins :-P
20:38:11  <Alberth> frosch123: it seems likely that the translation did not have a related string translated
20:38:11  <planetmaker> comparing those two
20:38:49  <frosch123> planetmaker: he, trying multiple farms parallel?
20:39:29  <planetmaker> yeah
20:39:30  <frosch123> is jenkins related to hudson?
20:39:37  <frosch123> it looks similar
20:39:39  <planetmaker> yes.
20:39:48  <planetmaker> it's the same. like libreoffice to openoffice
20:39:50  <planetmaker> same reasons
20:39:57  <frosch123> ah
20:40:26  <planetmaker> and same commit ratio: 10:1 ;-)
20:41:20  <planetmaker> in redmine it's supposed to work with the hudson plug-in... but not yet satisfactorily somehow :S
20:44:56  <andythenorth> no builds in the jenkins queue
20:44:58  <andythenorth> hmm
20:45:23  <andythenorth> well the commit is there
20:45:30  <andythenorth> :)
20:45:33  <Brot6> Revision 1205:a2458a28677b: Change: add graphics for Shark Island Livestock Ship (DanMacK) XandythenorthX @
20:45:53  <andythenorth> oh hai Brot6 :)
20:51:23  <planetmaker> hm
20:51:26  <frosch123> Alberth: i increased the lifetime of the strings, and it seem to have improved stuff
20:51:47  <frosch123> but i can still f5 a page without changes and it will give me different translations as the current one
20:52:14  <Alberth> hmm, that's not good
20:52:52  <planetmaker> hm... can that be the proxy or will that be eints? What you quote now sounds not that much like proxy
20:52:54  <Alberth> they are supposed to have time stamps on which they are ordered
20:54:14  <planetmaker> andythenorth, might be that the build on push was not started on the server
20:56:05  <andythenorth> nvm :)
20:56:29  <planetmaker> well. I do :D
20:57:40  <Brot6> Revision 243:5ff8b219aadb: Fix: Steam engine name renewal Xjuzza1X @
20:57:40  <Brot6> Revision 244:94804c2996fc: Fix: Ceit flippable, EFs speed increased Xjuzza1X @
20:57:40  <Brot6> Revision 245:19ff27671342: Feature: Sound code for Dv11, Dv15, Dm8, Dm9 Xjuzza1X @
20:57:40  <Brot6> Revision 246:30d4e2630188: Feature: Vok open wagon Xjuzza1X @
20:57:43  <frosch123> Alberth: actually, the "newer" string is not stored on disk in the newest file, only in one of the backups
20:57:52  <frosch123> f5 still shows it sometimes
20:58:43  <Alberth> web browser cache?
20:59:11  <frosch123> the timestamp in the backup file is indeed newer than the one in the latest file
21:00:17  <Alberth> disk suggests it was overwritten, I need to fix that issue first I think
21:00:21  <frosch123>
21:00:30  <Brot6> Revision 247:3727914be381: Feature: Dm8 & 9 sound files Xjuzza1X @
21:00:42  <Alberth> ie
21:01:29  <Alberth> frosch123: wow!  :)
21:01:40  <Alberth> good night
21:01:44  <andythenorth> :)
21:01:50  <andythenorth> bye
21:01:59  *** Alberth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
21:03:31  <frosch123> woah, projects page looks very different
21:05:28  <planetmaker> yeah. better? worse?
21:05:42  <frosch123> equally confusing as before :)
21:05:56  <frosch123> there is no use in it, other than ctrl+f :p
21:05:58  <planetmaker> :D
21:06:47  <oskari89> Issues page is intresting, fortunately can be brought back to previous by group results by = (empty)
21:06:54  <frosch123> hmm, i guess eints configuration for project maanger would go into devzone helpcenter wiki, right?
21:07:41  <frosch123> what's different with the issues page?
21:08:26  <planetmaker> yes, that would probably the place. Though, it could be put next to the eints project
21:08:35  <planetmaker> and then only linked from devzone helpcenter
21:08:42  <planetmaker> dunno what's better :-)
21:09:01  <planetmaker> probably helpcenter
21:09:03  <oskari89> frosch123: Group results by: Priority
21:09:09  <oskari89> By default
21:09:43  <andythenorth> bye
21:09:43  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
21:10:50  <frosch123> planetmaker: it's more devzone specific than eints specific
21:11:00  <frosch123> e.g. my sync script is not part of eints
21:11:04  <frosch123> but does magic .devzone stuff
21:11:12  <frosch123> same for the redmine roles
21:11:21  <frosch123> eints does not care about them, it takes what it is configured for
21:11:52  <planetmaker> :-) then devzone helpcenter
21:11:58  <frosch123> <- maybe that page would be the right place
21:12:13  <frosch123> but it is already completely unreadable
21:12:27  <frosch123> the formatting of the headlines is weird
21:12:38  <planetmaker> omg... weired page
21:12:45  <planetmaker> make a new one. just for translators
21:12:58  <planetmaker>
21:12:59  <frosch123> <- so, more like that one?
21:13:23  <planetmaker> there. Or maybe the page I linked
21:13:31  <frosch123> yeah, a new page
21:13:54  <planetmaker> Bah... that all could need a rewrite :S
21:14:10  <planetmaker> well :-) Might also be needed when we're done here :D
21:16:30  <Brot6> fish: compile of r1205 failed -
21:31:20  *** gelignite has quit IRC
21:42:32  <Brot6> finnishtrainset: update from r242 to r248 done -
21:52:27  <Brot6> eints-test: update from r3783 to r3784 done (30 warnings) -
21:56:16  <Brot6> fish: update from r1204 to r1205 done (3 warnings) -
22:02:18  <frosch123> <- description so far
22:03:28  <frosch123> (if someone tries it, it won't work, the cronjobs are not active yet)
22:04:14  <planetmaker> nice work, frosch123
22:04:57  <frosch123> now it only needs to work :p
22:08:35  *** oskari89 has quit IRC
22:08:49  <Brot6> Feature #5438: Sound effect quality increase Xkyosuke1989X @
22:16:34  <frosch123> night
22:16:39  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:53:12  <Brot6> ogfx-trains: compile of r704 failed -

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