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07:29:15  <Brot6> firs: update from r3816 to r3819 done (30 warnings) -
07:29:52  <Brot6> Revision 3817:b5f822a13e6d: Fix: align cranes in Bulk Terminal (#6041) XandythenorthX @
07:29:52  <Brot6> Revision 3818:1883565992c6: Feature: pre-1928 sprites for Arable Farm (DanMacK) XandythenorthX @
07:29:52  <Brot6> Revision 3819:419f90060cda: Feature: pre-1906 graphics for Dredging Site (DanMacK) XandythenorthX @
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09:39:02  <juzza1> which newgrfs use some sort of scripting to automatically create code from data? cets?
09:39:54  <juzza1> manual updating is getting a bit tiresome by now
09:40:34  <Alberth> I tkhink almost all NML projects do that to some degree
09:41:23  <Alberth> most of the stuff is however heavily customized for their purpose and author preferences
09:42:05  <Alberth> so you may think the other way around, pick your favorite scripting stuff, and start playing
09:43:09  <juzza1> thing is, my coding exprience is pretty much trains with NML + some java, so i'm just pondering how many hours i would need to pour into it
09:44:18  <juzza1> probably worth it though
09:46:44  <Alberth> my rule is normally that I spend less or equal time to code than to do it without coding a solution
09:47:06  <Alberth> but if you run the script a few times, time savings are huge very quickly
09:47:51  <juzza1> yep
09:47:59  <Alberth> also, as you get more experienced, you can do these things quicker, thus lowering the threshold :p
09:48:41  <juzza1> true
09:50:15  <Alberth> what do you need done?  simple expansion, or does it need re-shuffling of data in different order?
09:52:08  <juzza1> more or less to create nml code (train newgrf) from google docs
09:53:30  <juzza1> dont know if i answered your question
09:54:06  <juzza1> -> plain text -> nml code
09:54:07  <Webster> Title: Welcome to Google Docs (at
09:55:24  <Alberth> you want to keep that in google docs?
09:55:35  <Alberth> or would a file be ok too?
09:56:29  <Alberth> if you want it in google docs, the first problem is getting it out of there as text in a program
09:57:16  <juzza1> preferably keep it there, so it's visible to anyone
09:57:30  <juzza1> file - download as - plain text gives me something
09:57:30  <Alberth> or as lines of text in a file, eg comma-separated values
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10:01:14  <Alberth> moin
10:02:01  <Alberth> juzza1: ok, looks a bit too complicated for a C macro, so I would switch to a scripting language like Python
10:02:33  <Alberth> java would work too, but it's much more pain to get it running
10:03:49  <juzza1> so, off to read some python tutorials then :D
10:03:56  <V453000> how many trains in the traiin set?
10:04:44  <V453000> what I mean is, if you use e.g. train classes or any similar sort, you can just have switches which output the things like train stats
10:04:53  <V453000> if you need to have them defined in clusters
10:06:13  <juzza1> about 60+ and counting. i would need to automatically generate as much as possible, including strings in lang file
10:06:42  <V453000> well assuming you have realistic stats (which is dumb but k), you only need to copypaste them once
10:06:47  <V453000> and adapting it to a switch is quite easy
10:07:39  <V453000> 60ish vehicles isnt that much
10:08:22  <V453000> I have set stats for each of my ~120 vehicles separately, some even have varying stats in further switches
10:08:32  <V453000> it isnt that much work if you compare it to other things
10:08:49  <V453000> and considering you will never need to change those values again
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10:12:58  <juzza1> what i need&want is to only change stuff in the spreadsheet, and let a script create code automatically for me. ideally i would never need to touch nml code itself. doing what you said still requires manual updating, if stuff is changed in the spreadsheet
10:14:01  <V453000> I wouldnt be so afraid of NML, most of it is supplying values anyway
10:17:56  <Alberth> the main problem of nml is that it is a one way direction; no simple way to extract the numbers from it afterwards
10:29:57  <Alberth> note that files at devzone are equally visible to the world though :)
10:35:39  <frosch123> ^Spike^: is it already tomorrow enough to remind you?
10:35:55  <Alberth> :)
10:37:03  <Alberth> hmm, no way to get the message from the server in lang_sync, when getting a 404
10:37:46  <frosch123> i replaced some exit with a continue to avoid that
10:37:53  <frosch123> but, does it still happen?
10:38:38  <^Spike^> :)\
10:38:46  <frosch123> yesterday i changed it from using modwsgi to bottle's own server
10:38:49  <Alberth> oh I was debugging the non-optional website url problem, and I wanted to see what the server returns as reason for failure
10:38:53  <frosch123> it looked like the 404 were gone then
10:39:07  <^Spike^> btw for eints... i maybe have an idea that it doesn't really need ldap integration... unless it looks up users in the table :)
10:39:13  <^Spike^> but i will test that soon
10:39:25  <frosch123> ^Spike^: it does exactly that, and only that
10:39:28  <^Spike^> hmmm
10:39:37  <^Spike^> oh well it's not there yet so :)
10:39:40  <Alberth> and projects and roles of users
10:39:42  <^Spike^> just test cases etc
10:39:51  <frosch123> it uses redmine only to figure out user roles in projects, and to validate passwords
10:39:51  <^Spike^> well i think it does add stuff in the redmine tables
10:39:56  <^Spike^> just for auth it looks @ ldap
10:40:37  <^Spike^> but as said it's not there yet
10:40:47  <^Spike^> first we want all our internal servers to use it
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11:47:23  <Brot6> Feature #5507 (Assigned): Finnish translation Xkyosuke1989X @
12:02:11  <frosch123> Alberth: have you an idea whether bottle somehow checks whether stderr is redirected?
12:02:42  <frosch123> i have the effect that when i trigger an exception it prints it to console, but when i redirect stderr to a file, the file stays empty
12:03:03  <Alberth> unix itself also does that
12:03:16  <Alberth> or rather, the shell :)
12:03:50  <frosch123> hmm?
12:04:08  <frosch123> well, where does stderr go to, if neither to console nor to file :p
12:04:35  <Alberth> it's cached in a file buffer most likely
12:04:47  <frosch123> oh, indeed
12:04:53  <frosch123> it's written after exiting
12:05:32  <frosch123> where to insert sys.stderr.flush() :p
12:12:46  <^Spike^> 2&1> "file"? :)
12:12:53  <^Spike^> or something like that :)
12:13:12  <frosch123> that's what i had, but it does not flush
12:13:18  <frosch123> trying tee now
12:13:48  <Alberth> frosch123:
12:14:26  <frosch123> with three "r"?
12:14:47  <Alberth> if you like
12:18:20  <frosch123> nope, does not help :/
12:20:14  <V453000> frosch123: is there any way to make a double headed steam locomotive with the steam visual effect, but only have the front part make steam?
12:20:33  <V453000> --- can the flag be somehow defined by a switch?
12:20:50  <frosch123> yes, there is a callback for visual effect
12:21:34  <Alberth> frosch123: please try the same trick for stdout
12:21:34  <frosch123> visual_effect_and_powered
12:21:57  <V453000> I have this in properties  visual_effect_and_powered:    visual_effect_and_powered(VISUAL_EFFECT_STEAM, 2, DISABLE_WAGON_POWER);
12:22:03  <frosch123> Alberth: it's python exceptions that are printed btw
12:22:03  <Alberth> normally stderr doesn't cache, so perhaps its using stdout
12:22:04  <V453000> how that works idk :D
12:22:26  <frosch123> V453000: don't confuse properties can callbacks
12:22:39  <frosch123> the visual_effect_and_powered  i mean goes into the graphics section
12:22:44  <V453000> o
12:22:54  <V453000> callback = graphics, right
12:23:10  <Alberth> it's newgrf :p
12:23:51  <frosch123> V453000: try returning CB_FAILED for normal effect and VISUAL_EFFECT_DISABLE  for no effect
12:24:01  <V453000> aye doing that
12:24:10  <V453000> Alberth: I have no idea what callback means :D
12:24:30  <frosch123> it means to call back for support on using it in this channel
12:24:55  <V453000> exactly
12:25:05  <V453000> with large glowing HALP signs
12:26:37  <frosch123> damn, this makes no sense
12:26:51  <frosch123> something inside python/eints/bottle is fighting against me
12:35:24  <V453000> hm, and how about articulated vehicles? In a consist of 1 normal and 1 articulated, any option to make the articulated part not steam?
12:35:37  <frosch123> same as above
12:36:00  <V453000> but I cant use position in consist anymore :d
12:36:06  <V453000> or is that with parent or something?
12:36:19  <V453000> no that wouldnt make sense
12:36:32  <frosch123> you can use position in number of consecutive vehicles with same id
12:36:43  <V453000> o_O
12:37:03  <frosch123> position_in_vehid_chain
12:37:23  <frosch123> basically: position_in_vehid_chain % "number of articulated parts"
12:37:37  <V453000> ooooh
12:37:46  <V453000> thats fucking genious :D
12:38:30  <frosch123> it will fail once you have more than 256 parts in a row though :p
12:38:40  <Alberth> line 772 seems to be catching stuff
12:38:45  <V453000> XD
12:38:58  <frosch123> Alberth: it's something with environ['wsgi.erros']
12:38:59  <Alberth> don't we have a 128 wagon limit?
12:39:09  <V453000> easily reachable with 1/8 vehicles Alberth
12:39:12  <frosch123> Alberth: yes, wagons, but not articulated parts
12:39:16  <V453000> luckily I have only 4/8 so it should work :)
12:39:30  <Alberth> frosch123:  lol
12:39:38  <frosch123> you can attach 128 wagons of 128 articulated parts each
12:39:45  <V453000> what :D
12:39:50  <V453000> oh right
12:40:12  <frosch123> (actual numbers might vary)
12:40:41  <Alberth> add   environ['wsgi.errors'].flush() ?
12:42:07  <Alberth> hmm, lots of try ... except Exception further down the file
12:42:17  <V453000> LOL I FORGOT THE ,2, is the offset of the special effect
12:42:18  <V453000> XD
12:42:24  <V453000> I was always wondering wtf is that
12:42:30  <V453000> well always, since I forgot :D
12:42:39  <Alberth> :)
12:43:33  <frosch123> Alberth: \o/
12:47:03  <V453000> haha, steamy things work
12:47:04  <V453000> thanks :>
12:47:13  <V453000> I probably shouldnt mention what is the thing steaming
12:47:41  <Alberth> I fear we will find out eventually :p
12:47:48  <V453000> for sure :P
12:47:50  <^Spike^> just ignore all his coming commits ;)
12:48:17  <V453000> :>
12:48:25  <V453000> there probably wont be any anytime soon until it is done ^Spike^  :P
12:48:56  <V453000> I usually commit after I complete a version
12:49:55  <frosch123> V453000: i do not approve smoking
12:50:13  <V453000> pfft
12:50:16  <V453000> vehicles can
12:50:18  <frosch123> there is no fashion about that
12:53:44  <V453000> well these things wont be too fashionable either
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13:19:22  <frosch123> <- Alberth: those are the current local changes btw
13:19:34  <frosch123> no idea whether they are useful/correct in general
13:20:23  <frosch123> i am activating the cron jobs now
13:21:13  <frosch123> after adjusting config.xml to store more string history, and not using mod_wsgi anymore it seems to work for me
13:21:33  <Alberth> did you pull the non-optional project url fix?
13:22:00  <frosch123> no, but it is never empty in my usecase .p
13:22:16  <frosch123> projects are created automatically with lang_sync using the devzone project url
13:22:17  <Alberth> ok, it is not urgent
13:22:33  <frosch123> but if there is something new, i will pull ofc :)
13:23:02  <Alberth>   <min-num-changes>   <-- that value needs to become at least 2 then
13:23:16  <^Spike^> frosch123 you create any logfiles aswell? or is it just apache logs?
13:23:37  <Alberth> let me first do some fixes that are more useful :)
13:23:53  <frosch123> Alberth: current config
13:24:40  <frosch123> ^Spike^: yes, /var/log/eints, see also ~eints/readme if you want to know what's going on in general
13:24:55  <^Spike^> just asking cause of future logging stuff :)
13:25:34  <^Spike^> as you know i'm sort of security wise thinking... so if something does logging there is a 99% chance i will try to get it to a central logging server :D
13:25:42  <^Spike^> be happy i don't recompile bash to do the same ;D
13:26:12  <frosch123> .bash_history
13:26:22  <^Spike^> no... that is editable... :)
13:26:24  <^Spike^> and avoiable :D
13:26:29  <^Spike^> bash -> syslog isn't :)
13:26:36  <^Spike^> aka everything you type is logged then :)
13:26:45  <^Spike^> even if you disable the history :)
13:27:16  <frosch123> so i need to use python to run stuff
13:27:21  <^Spike^> ;)
13:27:29  <frosch123> maybe you should recompile sshd :p
13:27:29  <Alberth> compile another bash :p
13:27:35  <^Spike^> :)
13:27:50  <^Spike^> customers don't have root access so @ work well... that won't work too good :)
13:27:59  <^Spike^> and the servers they have access to doesn't include gcc :)
13:33:02  <frosch123> at what time of day does the nightly compile farm run?
13:33:09  <frosch123> i.e. when should the eints push run?
13:33:38  <^Spike^> 18:18 UTC atm
13:33:49  <^Spike^> but maybe... if i cna convince PM for it.. it will just be 18:xx :)
13:34:08  <frosch123> so 17:45 UTC for eints?
13:34:09  <^Spike^> and i read the idea of getting rid of nightlies aswell
13:34:17  <^Spike^> to just build on push
13:34:21  <^Spike^> but i don't know how that will go
13:34:28  <^Spike^> would be safe for now yes
13:34:32  <^Spike^> it's an easy cron?
13:34:37  <frosch123> well, build on push is tedious for users
13:34:43  <frosch123> too many versions to download
13:35:04  <^Spike^> don't look at me.. :)
13:35:07  <frosch123> (with "users" i mean "players")
13:35:10  <^Spike^> i just say: Server prob can handle it :D
13:35:16  <frosch123> customer's customers :p
13:39:02  <^Spike^> back to testing ldap.. :D
13:39:13  <frosch123> hmm, actually i have no idea whether crontab -e used UTC times
13:39:23  <^Spike^> depends on timezone set of container
13:39:30  <^Spike^> if container is set to UTC it uses that time
13:42:16  <frosch123> oh, wait, i forgot something
13:42:19  <frosch123> push access!
13:42:29  <V453000> == toilet?
13:42:52  <^Spike^> frosch123 btw there is a chance... i come in... fuck up the container and force ldap access :D
13:42:53  <frosch123> ^Spike^: how can i push to repos from eints vm? :) we said ssh last week
13:43:01  <^Spike^> ssh? :)
13:43:19  <frosch123> well, eints user needs ssh access to the repo vm
13:43:37  <^Spike^> it needs an ssh key for that if i understand correctly... :)
13:44:02  <frosch123> yeah, someone has to run ssh-keygen :p
13:44:41  <frosch123> would it use ssh:// or some internal ip?
13:45:29  * ^Spike^ is happy
13:45:32  <^Spike^> sorry what? :)
13:51:55  <frosch123> ^Spike^: key is in /home/eints/.ssh/
14:35:48  <^Spike^> let me check how that is done @ hg :)
14:36:04  * ^Spike^ was mostly looking @ ldap and it working on a test client :D
14:38:03  <^Spike^> frosch123 should work
14:38:06  <^Spike^> technically :D
14:38:34  <Alberth> any idea how to construct the crash with the related strings?
14:40:26  <^Spike^> .....
14:42:34  <Alberth>    this crash in eints, in case you were wondering
14:43:05  <^Spike^> i blame DevZone!
14:44:39  <^Spike^> @voice DevZone
14:44:48  *** ^Spike^ sets mode: +v DevZone
14:45:14  <Alberth> speaking of which, I added a fix to the eints project several hours ago
14:45:31  <Alberth>   number 251
14:45:52  <frosch123> Alberth: /string/eints-test/de_DE/STR_STATION_FISHMARKET triggeed it
14:46:10  <Alberth> but it's not at the activity page
14:46:47  <frosch123> Alberth: did you push?
14:46:53  <frosch123> i fo not et those changes on pull
14:47:11  <frosch123> well, 252 is missing
14:47:30  <frosch123> oh, nevermind
14:47:36  <Alberth> hg push
14:47:36  <Alberth> pushing to ssh://
14:47:36  <Alberth> searching for changes
14:47:36  <Alberth> remote: adding changesets
14:47:36  <Alberth> remote: adding manifests
14:47:38  <Alberth> remote: adding file changes
14:47:38  <Alberth> remote: added 1 changesets with 5 changes to 5 files   <-- that's 252
14:47:38  <frosch123> i just need to read correctly :)
14:48:38  <Alberth> note the change in the example configuration file in 252
14:49:14  <frosch123> it's 5 here :)
14:49:26  <Alberth> ok, should be enough :)
14:50:01  <frosch123> can you reproduce the related string issue now=?
14:50:27  <Alberth> busy trying that
14:53:13  <Alberth> that worked :p
14:54:34  <Brot6> Bug #6284 (Closed): website url in new project page is not optional XAlberthX @
14:54:34  <Brot6> Bug #6314 (Closed): Add flag to never delete the latest uploaded text XAlberthX @
14:54:34  <Brot6> Revision 251:88e2081d075d: Fix: Also accept an empty URL as reference. Fixes #6284 XAlberthX @
14:54:34  <Brot6> Revision 252:cd0008f0fe3c: Fix: Last uploaded change of each string is flagged as "last_upload" t... XAlberthX @
14:54:38  <Brot6> Bug #6284 (Closed): website url in new project page is not optional XAlberthX @
14:54:41  <Brot6> Bug #6314 (Closed): Add flag to never delete the latest uploaded text XAlberthX @
14:54:48  * Alberth hugs Brot6
14:58:35  <^Spike^> ....
14:59:28  <Alberth> those are the missing commits :)
14:59:59  <^Spike^> ah
15:02:50  <Alberth> ok, since I cannot reproduce the related strings error, this is all for today, I guess
15:04:46  <frosch123> Alberth: i am using the workaround in for now
15:08:31  <frosch123> Alberth: ^Spike^: looks like "activity" is updated when you go to the "repository" tab
15:09:52  <frosch123> anyway, push worked
15:10:09  <frosch123> i made another change to the translation, let's see when the cron job will push it
15:10:17  <frosch123> i.e. what timezone it runs it
15:10:22  <frosch123> maybe CDT again or so :p
15:10:50  <frosch123> it's configured to push at 17:47
15:10:51  <V453000> why did I read CTCD
15:12:40  <frosch123> V453000: i can add you as czech translator to eints-test :p
15:13:49  <V453000> no thanks :)
15:14:25  <V453000> unless you want czech translation to be strongly inappropriate
15:15:03  <frosch123> test our word filter then :p
15:15:17  <V453000> XD
15:15:27  <V453000> I think czech is actually very hard to filter
15:15:54  <frosch123> it's easy. it replaces every word enter by users with more numbers and letters with "beep"
15:16:06  <frosch123> s/and/than/
15:16:06  <Brot6> frosch123 meant: "it's easy. it replaces every word enter by users with more numbers than letters with "beep""
15:16:07  <V453000> :D
15:16:10  <V453000> I understood
15:16:33  <^Spike^> seems need to figure out which cron triggers that part then
15:16:46  * ^Spike^ is playing with apache directory studio so... :)
15:17:05  <Brot6> eints-test: update from r3784 to r3786 done (277 warnings) -
15:18:16  <^Spike^> i think.... i found it... :)
15:18:26  <frosch123> planetmaker: have you used hg's eol extension? i wonder whether i should enable in .hgrc, in case projects wants to use it
15:18:55  <^Spike^> let's run it manually see what it does now...
15:18:57  <^Spike^> it might spam :)
15:19:04  <^Spike^> but usually it checks once an hour for changes
15:19:07  <^Spike^> and fetches those
15:19:15  <^Spike^> i disabled that cron
15:19:23  <^Spike^> cause i enabled the option for when you visit the repo page :D
15:19:31  <Brot6> Revision 1209:84bf4b02176a: Change: swap Little Cumbrae Freighter graphics for smaller version XandythenorthX @
15:19:32  <Brot6> Revision 1210:61e94c9901bb: Change: provide temporary graphics for Marstein Freighter XandythenorthX @
15:19:32  <Brot6> Revision 268:f83e502de25c: Change: stop mentioning other newgrf sets in set description, it cause... XandythenorthX @
15:19:37  <^Spike^> tada! :)
15:20:34  <frosch123> it did not announce eints-test commits yet, though it compiled it
15:20:35  <^Spike^> and fixed the original script aswell now
15:20:46  <^Spike^> then more broke... :)
15:21:38  <^Spike^> we are looking at replacing brot so maybe we can figure out something else at some point aswell...
15:21:48  <^Spike^> doing the best i can... but i still can't perform magic :D
15:24:04  * ^Spike^ is happy! :)
15:24:21  <Brot6> Revision 253:b86c2bcca8e7: Fix: Related strings may not exist in the translation. XAlberthX @
15:24:30  <^Spike^> better Alberth? :)
15:24:55  <Alberth> frosch123: ^ should fix your webtranslate/ change
15:25:02  <Alberth> ^Spike^: perfect!
15:31:14  <frosch123> Alberth: updated, let's see what people will be able to trigger
15:31:35  <Alberth> ok, thanks
15:31:40  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
15:32:26  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #21: SUCCESS in 2 min 38 sec:
15:32:26  <DevZone> * eints: Update: Translations
15:32:27  <DevZone> * eints: Update: Translations
15:32:38  <^Spike^> hmmm
15:32:47  <^Spike^> that's more info then i hope for :)
15:32:59  <frosch123> the duplicate line is correct
15:33:03  <^Spike^> i know...
15:33:11  <^Spike^> but i was expecting it to only say: Done! :)
15:33:33  <^Spike^> ah... got itz :)
15:43:00  <DevZone> Project firs build #25: SUCCESS in 1 min 56 sec:
15:44:29  <Brot6> Revision 3820:edf00206a575: Codechange: No need to set the same colour twice. XAlberthX @
15:49:23  <frosch123> so, at least it does not use cets
15:49:36  <frosch123> let's see again in two hours :p
15:50:20  <Alberth> ^Spike^:  brot used to also mention the project name, like "(06:18:49 PM) Brot6: FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Revision 3787:481b6d54a614: Update: German language (lugo) XAlberthX @"
15:50:41  <^Spike^> probably something was patched in redmine then to do that...
15:51:06  <^Spike^> i still even wonder how Brot6 gets that info
15:51:09  <^Spike^> other then calling a script
15:52:05  <Brot6> a
15:52:08  <Brot6> ....
15:52:25  <Brot6> ble
15:52:46  <Alberth> someone is pushing weird buttons :p
15:52:50  <^Spike^> :)
15:53:21  <^Spike^> you're the one complaining... so i start searching ;)
15:53:29  <^Spike^> ending up with Brot6 saying strange stuff ;)
15:53:54  <Alberth> :D
15:54:36  <frosch123> Alberth: username "a", password  "...."
15:54:49  <frosch123> comment about spoiling them
15:54:57  <Brot6> firs: update from r3819 to r3820 done (30 warnings) -
15:55:36  <Brot6> Look i've just found AlbertH password! ;)
15:56:09  <Alberth> oh, that's ok  :p
16:39:09  <planetmaker> frosch123, I haven't used the EOL extension. But I usually recommend windows users to use it when working on projects with unix-style EOL
16:39:16  <oskari89> Stupid question, how hard it is to do list with dots on tt-forums? I'm trying, but preview does not want to show them
16:39:21  <planetmaker> and for all feedback I got, that works nicely
16:39:31  <oskari89> for a post
16:39:54  <frosch123> oskari89: [list][*]bla[*]ble[/list]
16:40:00  <oskari89> Thanks :)
16:42:08  <frosch123> planetmaker: ok, activated it on translator then :)
16:42:28  <frosch123> only issue left besides from testing: enforce https to translators
16:43:03  *** Jam35 has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
16:45:04  <Brot6> Bug #5201: Page layout of project page XfroschX @
16:49:17  <planetmaker> hm, you changed the style for DevZone, ^Spike^ :-)
16:49:22  <planetmaker> Looking great!
16:49:41  <frosch123> oi, pm was offline :p
16:49:49  <planetmaker> yeah :-)
16:51:27  <oskari89> Was the max resolution of embeddable images on tt-forums 800x600 px?
16:52:07  <planetmaker> ye
16:52:26  <planetmaker> simply set your openttd to that size in the game options and use screenshots
16:52:29  <planetmaker> easy-peasy
16:52:55  <oskari89> Or maybe i'll just crop to that size :)
16:53:12  <planetmaker> that's additional work :-)
16:56:17  <oskari89> Was there max filesize for images?
16:56:27  <oskari89> png does not consume much though
17:06:28  <Alberth> oskari89: it's in the forum rules
17:16:23  <oskari89> Ok
17:19:30  <DevZone> Project NewGRF Meta Language build #26: STILL FAILING in 24 sec:
17:19:53  <Alberth> great new theme in RM
17:22:58  <Brot6> finnishtrainset: update from r257 to r263 done -
17:23:07  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #27: STILL FAILING in 21 sec:
17:23:15  <^Spike^> Alberth you just saw that now?
17:23:36  <^Spike^> :)
17:23:41  <^Spike^> should clear cache more often ;)
17:23:48  <Alberth> yes, Fr0sch edited a issue, and I wanted to read it
17:24:03  <^Spike^> hehehe
17:24:11  <^Spike^> changed it 3-4 days ago i think :)
17:24:14  <Alberth> what, and damage my copy of the internet? :O
17:24:16  <^Spike^> just missing one more extension... :)
17:24:52  <DevZone> Yippie, build fixed!
17:24:52  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #28: FIXED in 33 sec:
17:25:30  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industrial Replacement Set build #26: SUCCESS in 2 min 8 sec:
17:33:25  <Brot6> firs: update from r3811 to r3820 done (30 warnings) -
17:43:05  <Brot6> eints-test: update from r3784 to r3786 done (277 warnings) -
17:46:59  <Brot6> Revision 264:51eff6d8d418: Fix: Some wagons separated Xjuzza1X @
17:47:18  <Brot6> fish: update from r1205 to r1210 done (3 warnings) -
17:47:42  <frosch123> hmm, apparently the nightly build do not run 18:18 utc
17:47:53  <^Spike^> hmmm
17:48:01  <planetmaker> hm :-) possibly
17:48:06  <^Spike^> gimme moment... :)
17:48:07  <frosch123> more like 17:30
17:48:23  <^Spike^> 17 17 * * * su - hg /home/hg/misc/compiler/
17:48:26  <^Spike^> seems like it...
17:48:31  <^Spike^> jenkins confused me :D
17:48:32  <Brot6> chips: update from r267 to r268 done -
17:48:42  <^Spike^> or i want jenkins very quickly :D
17:49:05  * ^Spike^ so wants to disable that cron :D
17:49:22  <planetmaker> gimme a few more days. :-)
17:49:23  <^Spike^> only off by 1 hour frosch123 ;)
17:49:27  <frosch123> and translator crontab does neither run on cets nor on utc
17:49:38  <planetmaker> EST?
17:49:39  <frosch123> so i guess it will run cdt or something silly
17:49:41  <^Spike^> :D
17:49:48  <^Spike^> planetmaker knows already :)
17:49:48  <frosch123> where to adjust that?
17:49:52  <^Spike^> frosch123 ever run date? :"D
17:49:56  <^Spike^> rm /etc/timezone
17:50:07  <^Spike^> ln -s /usr/share/timeinfo/UTC /etc/timezone
17:50:08  <frosch123> we fixed
17:50:10  <frosch123> date
17:50:12  <^Spike^> check the first path :D
17:50:35  <George> frosch123: Some time ago we have discussed the recolour CB. The question was how to apply it after a train leaves a station. You said you have to think. Have you got any ideas?
17:50:36  <frosch123> or should i just restart cron?
17:51:10  *** gelignite has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
17:51:15  <V453000> why do you want to recolour a train after leaving a station George? XD
17:51:39  <George> back to that discussion - I want to switch on lights
17:52:00  <V453000> LOL
17:52:01  <George> Now I have many similar sprites that differ at 3-4 pixels
17:52:16  <George> (lights on/of)
17:52:20  <^Spike^> checking frosch123
17:52:28  <^Spike^> restart of cron should not be needed
17:52:36  <^Spike^> cron detects changes in the /var/spool/cron/tabs
17:52:37  <George> It would be nice to save the number of sprites with recolour
17:52:44  <V453000> I guess
17:52:49  <planetmaker> why is that nice, George ?
17:53:05  <^Spike^> frosch123 may i reboot translator?
17:53:11  <George> Smaller GRF, less sprites, less memory usage
17:53:26  <frosch123> ^Spike^: sure, then we can check whether eints properly restarts :)
17:53:27  <planetmaker> it enhances calculation and drawing complexity, more CPU usage, slower game
17:53:28  <V453000> I think he means why do light switching at all
17:53:35  <^Spike^> :)
17:53:52  <V453000> also I believe you lose company colours with custom recolours
17:53:54  <planetmaker> that outweighs, as already explained a month ago, the smaller grf by many lengths. Memory is cheap
17:53:56  <George> V453000: It's railway rules
17:54:07  <juzza1> are you currently using spritegroups for the lights?
17:54:07  <planetmaker> cpu is expensive and comes at a premium
17:54:17  <^Spike^> time looks alot better now frosch123
17:54:23  <^Spike^> i just checked /var/log/syslog
17:54:31  <^Spike^> there is a chance i will force UTC timezone at some point
17:54:34  <V453000> I dont think railway rules are relevant to a game add-on
17:54:37  <^Spike^> cause of logging as said..
17:54:47  <^Spike^> now the time is @ CEST so
17:55:02  <planetmaker> ^Spike^, UTC everywhere would be very welcome. Or CE(S)T everywhere. But all the same :-)
17:55:05  <George>
17:55:09  <planetmaker> it's confusing the hell out of me always :-)
17:55:13  <George> it's a sample
17:55:14  <^Spike^> which one :F
17:55:16  <^Spike^> :D
17:55:26  <^Spike^> CEST or UTC? :)
17:55:34  <planetmaker> ^Spike^, I don't care. But when comparing times, one or the other... :-)
17:55:41  <^Spike^> hmmmm :)
17:55:51  <^Spike^> i'll just go UTC than as we used that the most already :)
17:56:04  <^Spike^> eints seems to run frosch123 :)
17:56:06  <George> planetmaker: currently I use many sprites
17:56:13  <planetmaker> then use many more :-)
17:56:17  <planetmaker> it's cheap
17:56:34  <V453000> I use over 100 000 sprites George :)
17:57:00  <George> but frosch123 already coded CB to apply when train comes to station
17:57:17  <V453000> doesnt mean it is a better solution :o
17:58:03  <^Spike^> last reboot frosch123 :)
17:58:07  <^Spike^> then it's UTC
17:58:13  <^Spike^> as most of our servers...
17:58:40  <^Spike^> frosch123 is like: But... me root.... my server... ;)
17:59:03  <frosch123> nope, i wrote all down in a readme and on the wiki
17:59:05  <George> V453000: well, frosch said he would think. I just asked what conclusion did he come to. May be he need more time to think about it
17:59:16  <frosch123> there is no execuse that you or pm couldn't do the work
17:59:28  <^Spike^> :)
17:59:30  <frosch123> George: it surely possible, but i did not think about it
17:59:54  <^Spike^> frosch123 it's just that certain parts need to be centrally managed.. :)
18:00:09  <George> Should I remind two weeks later?
18:00:16  <^Spike^> as said... at some point i'll come in... break the whole server to make it ldap compatible and renumber/reown all files of eints :)
18:01:53  <frosch123> so, what time to set for eints push now?
18:02:05  <frosch123> apparently 17:47 is too late
18:02:12  <frosch123> some projects started 17:30
18:02:33  <frosch123> i see no relation to the 18:17, unless the farm needs ten minutes to start or something
18:02:51  <^Spike^> 17:17 is utc on dev
18:02:53  <planetmaker> frosch123, worry about the time maybe not too much? And yes... it might have done other stuff before. Dunno
18:03:02  <^Spike^> so 16:45 would be eints then
18:03:10  <planetmaker> 17:17h is the time in cron
18:03:28  <planetmaker> I thought for NML only, though. and 18:17 for the rest
18:03:32  <^Spike^> and if you want... we can easily just kick off a compile again :)
18:03:33  <planetmaker> might have changed with new dev :-)
18:03:39  <^Spike^> nope...
18:03:41  <^Spike^> i copied it...
18:03:45  <^Spike^> it does all projects in 1 go
18:04:29  <planetmaker> NML was always 1 hour earlier
18:04:37  <planetmaker> as the NewGRF projects depend on it
18:05:21  <planetmaker> and having race conditions there might be bad
18:06:01  <^Spike^> i'm already checking it.. but as far as i can tell from the crons it does it 1 after another everything
18:06:04  <frosch123> planetmaker: i think proper eints pushes and nightly buildtimes are important
18:06:12  <frosch123> translators want to playtest their changes
18:06:24  <^Spike^> there is no special cron for nml
18:06:43  <planetmaker> frosch123, yes. But indeed I think to have default "build on push". Usually there's not so many commits. And developers want their stuff built and tested
18:06:48  <frosch123> and nightlies are the easiest method for players
18:06:51  <planetmaker> thus a push by eints will also trigger a built
18:07:06  <planetmaker> anyhow, with jenkins, every project can in principle define that how they like
18:07:13  <planetmaker> one, the other or both
18:07:14  <frosch123> build on push is nice to check whether stuff is broken, but it has no advantages for players
18:07:17  <frosch123> rather confusing
18:07:25  <planetmaker> how is that confusing?
18:07:46  <frosch123> you can't just say we are playing with todays nightly
18:07:53  <frosch123> you always have to look up the right version
18:08:03  <planetmaker> that's true
18:08:32  <frosch123> same for ottd
18:08:40  <frosch123> usually you play with nightlies
18:08:44  <frosch123> not with some random revision
18:09:26  <planetmaker> ok, not an issue to have both
18:09:32  <frosch123> so, set eints to 16:47 translator time zone
18:09:50  <planetmaker> k
18:10:13  * ^Spike^ votes for anything but not current compiling... as it's annoying to debug
18:10:35  <frosch123> planetmaker: anyway, eints is ready
18:10:49  <frosch123> i don't know what more to test
18:11:10  <^Spike^> security? :D
18:11:12  <frosch123> also the issues in the eints project do not look "critical"
18:11:35  <^Spike^> i don't know what to test can only lead to 1 answer: Security testing ;)
18:11:37  <frosch123> ^Spike^: yeah, redirect to https
18:11:49  <^Spike^> redirect to https doesn't stop injections/xss :D
18:12:02  <^Spike^> redirect to https is an easy fix :)
18:12:16  <^Spike^> but it will be ssl offloading though.. so internal it still is http
18:13:45  <planetmaker> I need to find out how to check a changegroup for containing a tag now :-)
18:14:22  <^Spike^> fix frosch123
18:14:23  <^Spike^> :D
18:14:43  <^Spike^> do i need to close a ticket now? ;)
18:15:07  <frosch123> i won't bother you again :)
18:15:16  <frosch123> (with this issue)
18:15:19  <^Spike^> :D
18:15:21  <frosch123> (as long as it keeps working)
18:15:25  <V453000> :DDD
18:15:26  <planetmaker> :D
18:15:43  <frosch123> so, any beta testers?
18:16:00  <^Spike^> you got 1 week..... then you need to wait depending on what time.. till 19:00 till i'm home/done... :)
18:16:10  <frosch123> anyone considers himself a customer and wants to check whether it is what was ordered?
18:16:10  <^Spike^> oh and might even be 2 weeks cause i know my planning when i get back to work already :D
18:16:26  <^Spike^> well i would like to see what runs on our server :D
18:16:28  <frosch123> (though usually customers check whether it's what they wanted, not what they ordered)
18:16:43  <^Spike^> and i think planetmaker is thinking the same :D
18:17:15  <^Spike^> i already was being the devils advocate earlier today checking what all was committed and if i didn't see a file i didn't want in the repo etc :)
18:17:30  <frosch123> [20:16] <^Spike^> well i would like to see what runs on our server :D <- on a wireshark level?
18:17:41  <^Spike^> i tried that once....
18:17:44  <^Spike^> 1gb pcaps in an hour
18:17:45  <^Spike^> atleast
18:17:47  <^Spike^> so no thanks :D
18:17:51  <^Spike^> functionally :)
18:18:12  <^Spike^> atleast not as much as at work... all network traffic 10GB pcaps in 1 minute
18:20:00  <planetmaker> hm, with ldap we can also grant ssh commit access to everyone who likes :-)
18:20:28  <^Spike^> ...................\
18:20:48  <^Spike^> i'll start with internal user stuff first ok? :)
18:20:54  <planetmaker> :D
18:20:57  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industrial Replacement Set build #27: SUCCESS in 1 min 51 sec:
18:20:58  <frosch123> planetmaker: really? that would mean owners for the repository files?
18:21:29  <frosch123> or everyone can commit to everything
18:21:46  <planetmaker> that's how it works currently with ssh. And that's why it's a no-go
18:21:57  <^Spike^> well that is where i want to think... perhaps there is a nice way to do it... user permissions wise...
18:22:11  <^Spike^> owner of folder == username (/rmname)
18:22:26  <^Spike^> group something/one else (global)
18:22:29  <frosch123> you would need a group for each project or so
18:22:30  <^Spike^> but with read permissions only
18:22:49  <frosch123> so everyone with commit access to a project would be in that group
18:23:06  <^Spike^> hmmm
18:23:13  <^Spike^> that is going to be harder i guess
18:23:27  <^Spike^> cause the ldap tree doesn't understand rm groups/permissions :)
18:23:35  <frosch123> repo directories would be chmod g+ws
18:23:44  <planetmaker> I was just thinking aloud :D
18:24:29  <^Spike^> all for later :D
18:25:32  <planetmaker> isn't this the channel for verbal diarhoa?
18:26:39  <frosch123> what's #tycoon then?
18:27:41  <V453000> anybody knows cargo label for FIRS coffee?
18:27:46  <V453000> COFF?
18:27:50  <frosch123> JAVA
18:27:53  <frosch123> see wiki
18:28:38  <V453000> wiki doesnt have :(
18:28:43  <V453000>
18:28:51  <V453000> or do the docs andy made have it
18:29:10  <frosch123> it's listed on just that page
18:29:18  <frosch123> use ctrl+f coffee
18:29:22  <V453000> aye
18:29:25  <V453000> LOL it really is java
18:29:27  <V453000> ..
18:29:47  <planetmaker> no kidding, yes. Result of a lengthy discussion ;-)
18:29:55  <planetmaker> in this channel. or was it #openttd?
18:30:10  <frosch123> the latter
18:30:16  <frosch123> and i don't think it was lengthy
18:30:29  <planetmaker> 'lengthy'
18:30:44  <frosch123> ah :)
18:30:54  <planetmaker> :-)
18:30:56  <frosch123> i wondered already whether i was lucky enough to have missed it :p
18:31:42  <planetmaker> voice modulations carry so badly on written IRC, I fear
18:38:57  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #22: SUCCESS in 2 min 22 sec:
18:45:56  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #23: SUCCESS in 2 min 41 sec:
20:00:21  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #24: FAILURE in 6.3 sec:
20:00:36  <planetmaker> hm
20:00:55  <planetmaker> lol
20:04:11  <DevZone> Yippie, build fixed!
20:04:11  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #25: FIXED in 2 min 47 sec:
20:05:21  <^Spike^> planetmaker breaking builds... me breaking etherpads... :)
20:05:29  <^Spike^> we're doing a great job planetmaker :D
20:06:26  <planetmaker> :-)
20:06:51  <frosch123> are you heading for bamboo or jenkins now? or both? :p
20:06:59  <^Spike^> we want them all!
20:07:01  <planetmaker> jenkins
20:07:08  <^Spike^> compile all projects several times...! :D
20:07:15  <^Spike^> oh...
20:07:17  <^Spike^> it's jenkins
20:07:17  <^Spike^> :D
20:07:57  <planetmaker> jenkins seems to do the job well. And it integrates well with redmine. Which is from an UI point of view the thing which tips the balance
20:08:50  <planetmaker> I won't throw away bamboo though :-)
20:09:44  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #26: SUCCESS in 2 min 56 sec:
20:09:52  <^Spike^> vzctl destory 13
20:09:53  <^Spike^> what?
20:09:54  <planetmaker> also with bamboo it would be a bit gray area if we build projects with non-OSI-approved licenses
20:09:57  <^Spike^> we don't? :)
20:10:22  <Alberth> you're building the same thing over and over again?
20:10:30  <planetmaker> hm? No?
20:11:07  <Alberth> firs source label seems to be the same every time
20:11:19  <planetmaker> oh, yes. But not the build rules :-)
20:11:41  <Alberth> :)
20:11:45  <Alberth> good night
20:11:51  <planetmaker> like testing whether I messed up stuff. Trying configs in its project config
20:11:53  <planetmaker> good night Alberth
20:12:02  *** Alberth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
20:14:00  <oskari89> What is the purpose of that project eints-test, just curious? :)
20:14:18  <planetmaker> tests?
20:14:39  <oskari89> Tests, what kind? :)
20:14:50  <planetmaker> all kinds really
20:14:58  <planetmaker> web translator. compile farm
20:15:20  <planetmaker> configurations for all those services
20:15:27  <oskari89> Okay, i see :)
20:15:57  <^Spike^> configuration of services that needs replacements! :)
20:15:59  <planetmaker> the devzone downtime you experienced the other day was only a small part of the work ;-)
20:16:32  <oskari89> :)
20:16:40  <oskari89> It looks kind of nice
20:16:46  <oskari89> The layout
20:16:53  <oskari89> User-friendliness :)
20:17:09  <^Spike^> and now you do realize the tabs were not part of the theme? :)
20:17:15  <^Spike^> as the theme only is 1 css file :)
20:17:22  <planetmaker> :)
20:18:19  <oskari89> Weather forecast....
20:18:21  <oskari89> :D
20:18:52  <planetmaker> :-)
20:18:55  <^Spike^> basicly we have alot of plans... we just noticed....
20:18:59  <planetmaker> rather weather postcast
20:19:06  <^Spike^> and well... need time to execute them :)
20:19:13  <frosch123> planetmaker: it also works are forecast
20:19:39  <frosch123> if 60% of jobs have been failing for 6 weeks since the admin changed something, you can be sure the next ones will also fail
20:19:40  <planetmaker> :-)
20:21:03  <planetmaker> arg... stupid me
20:21:31  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #27: SUCCESS in 3 min 5 sec:
20:23:24  <planetmaker> oskari89, basically we want to install a new compiler. And a web translator for NewGRFs
20:23:57  <oskari89> Finds sources from the DevZone repo?
20:24:04  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #28: SUCCESS in 2 min 32 sec:
20:24:35  <planetmaker> oskari89, current thing is self-written with link to OpenSUSE build services API
20:24:52  <planetmaker> but ... well... hard to maintain somewhat
20:25:18  <planetmaker> ah, there we go... different version of eints-test built :-)
20:25:27  <oskari89> So you get rid of two flies with one strike? :)
20:25:45  <oskari89> Or more perhaps? :P
20:26:03  <planetmaker> depends on what you define as "one strike". I think we rather get rid of one fly with ... many more strikes
20:27:08  <^Spike^> too many strikes.. but hopefully after it's setup it's easier to maintain :)
20:27:09  <planetmaker> basically what we do is setup a completely new server. And migrate all projects
20:27:26  <planetmaker> without you guys really noticing it or any interruption
20:27:29  <planetmaker> ;-)
20:27:38  <^Spike^> pm better said: we are currently making clones of everything redoing every server and make the new server production getting rid of the old :D
20:27:46  <^Spike^> annoying as hell but it works :D
20:27:59  <planetmaker> though you will notice... web translator for NewGRFS *is* cool. And having better control when and how your project is built might be cool, too
20:28:24  <oskari89> Okay, cool :)
20:28:34  <^Spike^> we do need to think who/what/where/how gets access but well :)
20:28:51  <^Spike^> planetmaker realizing the list is pretty big of what we got to do... :D
20:28:52  <oskari89> So we will maybe got automatic builds for certain projects?
20:28:55  <^Spike^> is a nice wake up call :)
20:29:23  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #29: SUCCESS in 2 min 39 sec:
20:29:24  <planetmaker> like for each project
20:29:55  <planetmaker> hm... this is cool. Re-built of every version on demand :-)
20:30:00  <oskari89> cannot accsess?
20:30:01  <planetmaker> though... would need NML
20:30:43  <planetmaker> can't access what?
20:30:54  <^Spike^> hudson part.. we're admin remeber :)
20:30:55  <planetmaker> ^Spike^, you mean our list is still long? :-)
20:30:56  <^Spike^> remember :)
20:31:09  <planetmaker> hm :-)
20:31:13  <^Spike^> planetmaker it means the list needs to be broken up into even smaller chunks :D
20:31:21  <planetmaker> :D
20:31:32  <oskari89> :D
20:31:46  <planetmaker> my chunk is jenkins :D
20:31:52  <planetmaker> for now :-P
20:31:59  <planetmaker> the devil is in the details
20:32:02  <oskari89> Maybe needs access at some point for GRF admins? :)
20:32:21  <planetmaker> <-- that?
20:32:33  <^Spike^> i think we also need to cleanup some projects/descriptions looking @ the projects list :)
20:32:41  <planetmaker> quite, ^Spike^
20:32:50  <planetmaker> but... that's nothing new. That was ugly as hell also before
20:33:06  <^Spike^> well the new plugin does make it nicer...
20:33:16  <^Spike^> it's just too many things have extended descriptions...
20:33:20  <^Spike^> or stuff in there that's not needed
20:33:21  <planetmaker> ^^
20:33:39  <frosch123> esp. the town names :p
20:34:08  <^Spike^> frosch123 also sees all projects? :)
20:34:14  <planetmaker> I guess
20:34:17  <frosch123> yes
20:34:25  <^Spike^> did you see the hosting bit? :D
20:34:26  <frosch123> i also see the new tab in eints-test
20:34:51  <frosch123> i saw that ctrl+f for eints returns in something i have no clue of
20:34:59  <frosch123> while the right thing is to search for "translator"
20:35:00  <frosch123> :)
20:35:07  <planetmaker> :D
20:35:10  <^Spike^> you mean the ctid 112 thingie? :0
20:35:11  <^Spike^> :)
20:35:16  <^Spike^> that was also the part i was talking about....
20:35:25  <^Spike^> those descriptions are... ehm.. well ... . :)
20:41:25  <planetmaker> hm...
20:41:52  <^Spike^> where does it link that
20:42:39  <planetmaker>
20:42:41  <Webster> Title: Building a software project - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki (at
20:42:55  <^Spike^> planetmaker
20:42:59  <^Spike^> remove /jenkins/
20:43:31  <planetmaker> hm, ah
20:43:40  <^Spike^> we use a subdomain and not a folder /jenkins :D
20:44:03  <planetmaker> :-)
20:44:35  <planetmaker> ah, but I need JSON....
20:45:07  <planetmaker> and maybe token
20:45:21  <^Spike^> :)\
20:45:23  <planetmaker> but not yet as not yet configured :-)
20:45:55  <^Spike^> i'll just delve into ldap again if you don't mind :D
20:46:03  <planetmaker> please do
21:09:34  <planetmaker> right... obviously triggering build via curl works :-)
21:09:42  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
21:11:10  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #30: SUCCESS in 2 min 25 sec:
21:18:08  <planetmaker> lol. Made Jenkins throw a stacktrace :D
21:18:14  <^Spike^> ....
21:18:26  <^Spike^> what did you do.....
21:18:30  <planetmaker> throwing malformed JSON at it
21:18:34  <^Spike^> ah
21:18:40  <^Spike^> sounds like a normal response then :)
21:19:11  <planetmaker> well... should rather catch the exception?
21:22:45  <^Spike^> if it didn't kill jenkins
21:22:55  <^Spike^> you prob stacktraced 1 part of the program that usually respawns anyway
21:23:05  <planetmaker> might
21:23:09  <planetmaker> still runs
21:23:45  <^Spike^> it might just be the json handler that you killed... and the class above it might've caught that exception and handled it properly/ignored it
21:24:19  <planetmaker> likely
21:25:02  <planetmaker> though it says...
21:25:04  <planetmaker> 50px"> Oops!</span></h1><p>A problem occurred while processing the request.
21:25:04  <planetmaker>         Please check <a href="">our bug tracker</a> to see if a similar problem has already been reported.
21:25:21  <^Spike^>
21:25:22  <Webster> Title: Redmine Plugin - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki (at
21:25:24  <planetmaker> etc bla bla
21:25:26  <^Spike^> read the changelog pm
21:26:04  <planetmaker> ...
21:26:13  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #31: SUCCESS in 2 min 25 sec:
21:26:25  <planetmaker> but well. better now. then later
21:26:42  <planetmaker> *than
21:26:47  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:26:50  <^Spike^> true :)
21:26:53  <^Spike^> was just saying :D
21:31:17  <planetmaker> let's get over with that now :-)
21:31:36  <^Spike^> whie... ssh works for ldap...
21:31:37  <^Spike^> :)
21:31:45  *** DevZone has quit IRC
21:31:47  <planetmaker> :-)
21:32:04  <planetmaker> hm... 502 on
21:32:24  <^Spike^> works here
21:32:24  <planetmaker> not when I press reload
21:32:31  <^Spike^> you sure it didn't restart already? :D
21:32:39  *** DevZone has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:32:41  <^Spike^> ^^^^^
21:32:42  <^Spike^> hint
21:32:46  <^Spike^> :)
21:32:55  <planetmaker> no, it's what appeared automatically
21:33:05  <^Spike^> it seems like jenkins restart :)
21:33:05  <planetmaker> and only worked when I manually reloaded
21:33:14  <^Spike^> devzone quit and joined
21:33:25  <planetmaker> yes, I asked it to restart :D
21:33:38  <^Spike^> so that's what it did :)
21:33:40  <planetmaker> probably jenkins sets refresh time too short
21:33:59  <^Spike^> you got a 502 cause nginx was like: No backend! PANIC! 502! 502! Code 5-0-2!
21:34:00  <^Spike^> :)
21:36:12  *** DevZone has quit IRC
21:36:49  *** DevZone has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:36:56  <planetmaker> hm
21:37:14  <^Spike^> now ssh works now for a deb install....
21:37:43  <^Spike^> i could've solved ssh on centos an hour ago... if i realized the user i entered was wrong :D
21:38:19  <planetmaker> :D
21:38:34  <^Spike^> i still like that directory studio :)
21:38:53  <DevZone> Project eints-test build #32: SUCCESS in 2 min 23 sec:
21:47:36  <Brot6> Feature #5597: Readme and NewGRF info Xkyosuke1989X @
21:48:29  *** oskari89 has quit IRC
22:44:17  <planetmaker> good night
23:01:40  *** frosch123 has quit IRC

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