Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 22nd October 2013:
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14:19:43  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Trees build #4-push: FAILURE in 4.6 sec:
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14:32:30  * Froix slaps Froix around a bit with a large fishbot
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15:02:20  <planetmaker> that was... interesting :D
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16:50:36  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #68-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 16 sec:
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16:53:06  <DevZone> Project FISH is ships build #84-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 29 sec:
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17:02:02  <Alberth> hi  hi
17:06:48  <planetmaker> hey ho
17:12:48  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Landscape build #28-push: SUCCESS in 25 min:
17:19:37  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #94-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 0 sec:
17:34:57  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #95-push: FAILURE in 11 sec:
17:36:19  <Alberth> euhm?
17:38:10  <planetmaker> uh... indeed
17:38:24  <Alberth> the listed revision is wrong
17:38:41  <Alberth> I added a fix for a few TAB characters
17:40:06  <planetmaker> I see. Hm, something I fail to do not only seldom :S
17:40:51  <Alberth>  I wonder how you managed to switch indent style while adding code :)
17:41:10  <planetmaker> I didn't switch. My default is tabs
17:41:30  <Alberth> but the first 'if' is ok
17:41:58  <planetmaker> I think I did that manually
17:42:25  <planetmaker> I think I also need a solution for that :-) A more intelligent editor.
17:42:40  <planetmaker> and / or a more decent commit hook :-)
17:44:10  <planetmaker> I wondered about the warning I was getting - and then was quite surprised to find that language not yet supported :-)
17:44:30  <planetmaker> thanks for fixing my stupid beginners mistake :-)
17:44:36  <Alberth> vim!
17:45:05  <planetmaker> uhm :-) I use it, yes... but not for big(ger) edits :D
17:45:32  <Alberth> it can even change style in the same language, but in different projects :)
17:46:23  <Alberth> but actually I was looking for the rules of the strings, and just bumped into this problem
17:46:40  <planetmaker> :-)
17:47:04  <planetmaker> I saw that you added one (or two?) very similar issues to the one I reported to eints
17:48:04  <Alberth> indeed, although I know of only one that eints believes it's ok
17:48:29  <Alberth> the other one is unknown currently, but nml complained about it
17:48:57  <Alberth> I also found 2 errors in the firs language files with broken ##plural lines
17:49:19  <planetmaker> broken as in wrong ##plural definition?
17:49:42  <Alberth> yeah  ##plural 0 for croation instead of 6    for example
17:50:05  <planetmaker> the bane of manually adding those :-)
17:50:30  <planetmaker> I guess I know exactly how it came into existance there :D
17:50:39  <Alberth> yeah, so I am wondering whether a warning should be added somewhere
17:50:56  <planetmaker> makes sense, yes
17:51:15  <planetmaker> NML should actually complain there, I think. It's invalid after all
17:52:16  <Alberth> that would be a logical place
17:52:28  <Alberth> but NML doesn't have that table yet
17:52:47  <Alberth> but that's fixable :p
17:54:15  <planetmaker> :D
18:10:15  <DevZone> Yippee, build fixed!
18:10:16  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #96-push: FIXED in 1 min 21 sec:
18:10:33  <Alberth> right the documentation of nml is lying thus
18:11:32  <planetmaker> what is lying?
18:13:49  <Alberth>   claims that the string codes are the same as OpenTTD
18:13:49  <Alberth> that page links to "format of langfiles" in the box at the top, which links to
18:13:49  <Alberth> that page has STR_SENTENCE : I have {NUM} lamp{P "" s}  as example, which is not accepted by nml
18:15:20  <Alberth> the problem now what is wrong :)
18:15:32  <planetmaker> :-) The example is, I think
18:15:56  <planetmaker> The string codes are not 100% the same, iirc
18:17:10  <planetmaker> Will need to verify, but IIRC the reason was that NewGRFs need to differ size of numbers while OpenTTD strings need not
18:17:11  <Alberth> duh, or eints would also complain  :)
18:17:49  <Alberth> thanks, it would be great if you find out the real rule
18:19:11  <Alberth> alternatively, I can make eints always put the index in the P and G commands
18:23:08  <Alberth> the nml error looks like it treats P and G in the same way
18:24:07  <planetmaker> the available string commands in NML are in nml/ and following. {NUM} is not one of them
18:25:24  <planetmaker> we have {COMMA}, {[UN]SIGNED_WORD}, {HEX}, {VOLUME[_SHORT]}, {WEIGHT[_SHORT]}, {VELOCITY}, {POWER}
18:26:06  <planetmaker> and some more. OpenTTD does know {NUM} but not {COMMA} and {[UN]SIGNED_WORD}
18:26:40  <planetmaker> uh... and there's deprecated string codes...
18:26:50  <planetmaker> :S
18:27:42  <DevZone> Project Finnish Rail Infrastructure - Rails build #121-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 5 sec:
18:30:36  <Alberth> oh that. indeed, I changed it to {SIGNED_WORD} and still doesn't work
18:31:52  <DevZone> Project Nutracks build #48-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 16 sec:
18:39:28  <planetmaker> hmpf, a cookie for more explanatory code comments ;-)
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18:41:41  <Alberth> that would be too easy!  :p
18:42:32  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Industries build #54-nightlies: SUCCESS in 55 sec:
18:44:35  <planetmaker> seems so. quite so.
18:45:28  <frosch123> yes, newgrf can distinguish size of numbers
18:45:35  <frosch123> but i think nml no longer allows doing so
18:47:09  <Alberth> you know the rule used by nml?
18:49:13  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #329-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 37 sec:
18:49:16  <frosch123> they are in
18:49:58  <frosch123> hmm, but yeah, they are not the same as in ottd
18:50:14  <frosch123> there is no NUM, but instead SIGNED_WORD and UNSIGNED_WORD
18:50:47  <Alberth> I thought I had those, but    raise generic.ScriptError("A plural or gender choice list {P} or {G} has to be followed by another string code or provide an offset", self.pos)      still fires
18:50:55  <frosch123> actually, there is only COMMA, no NUM
18:51:18  <frosch123> anyway, not sure what you are looking for
18:51:33  <frosch123> the nml codes are defined in "commands"
18:51:52  <Alberth> what is violated to make that error trigger is what I am looking for
18:52:00  <frosch123> if you want a comparison with ottd strings, they are in newgrf_text.cpp RemapNewGRFStringControlCode()
18:52:14  <Alberth> I have the {XYZ}  things in a table
18:52:40  <frosch123> that error message looks wrong for {P}
18:52:51  <Alberth> no, I want the rule of {P} and {G}, since it's not the same as OpenTTD
18:52:56  <frosch123> {P} should refer to the previous number
18:53:02  <frosch123> {G} to the next string
18:53:44  <Alberth> I have at least two different directions, don't know which one in which direction any more
18:54:19  <Alberth> but   {SIGNED_WORD} ... {P ...} triggers that error in nml, but not in eints
18:54:37  <Alberth> (ie eints thinks all is fine)
18:55:00  <Alberth>
19:01:02  <frosch123> it looks like nml does the same for P and G
19:01:04  <planetmaker> what NML wants is in (parse_string)
19:01:10  <frosch123> so, it always picks the next one
19:01:14  <frosch123> which is confusing for P
19:01:21  <planetmaker> treats g and P the same, yes
19:01:26  <frosch123> yeah, i also ended up t line 375
19:02:42  <planetmaker> ah.... yes... indeed it expects the {...} after it. Which is for {P...} strange thing to have
19:02:50  <planetmaker> for most languages at least
19:05:57  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #75-nightlies: SUCCESS in 7 min 20 sec:
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19:35:55  <planetmaker> btw, V453000 ... repo working?
19:36:04  <V453000> no trying yet
19:36:07  <V453000> extremely busy lately
19:36:09  <V453000> 18 hours at work today
19:36:10  <V453000> <3
19:36:12  <V453000> :0
19:36:17  <planetmaker> ui
19:36:47  <V453000> I have 3/13 trains drawn, that will mean 0.6.1 and then I will try to do the repo things again
19:36:53  <V453000> eta idk, 1 month
19:37:11  <V453000> it all complicates on top of other things with a certain woman and world is upside down suddenly
19:37:29  <V453000> I still do actively work on the things but it just goes much slower now that I cant spend whole weekends with it :)
19:40:01  <Alberth> emigrate to australia to get it upright again :p
19:40:30  <Alberth> I do wish you all the luck with you storm, though
19:41:20  <V453000> LOL I love your suggestion XD
19:41:42  <V453000> thanks :)
19:42:01  <V453000> I am actually quite successfull on both fronts, but where the heeeell did the time go :|
19:42:21  <V453000> holy shit I wrote 2 l in successful
19:42:25  * V453000 goes drink beer
19:42:30  <V453000> no other way
19:45:19  <andythenorth> V453000: you have some kind of romance?
19:45:23  <planetmaker> lol, V453000 ;-) I can only support Alberth 's wish :-)
19:45:44  <V453000> this seems kind of more serious andy, no time for romances anymore :P
19:46:19  <andythenorth> V453000: you're not trying hard enough :)
19:46:28  <V453000> I wouldnt say that
19:46:29  <V453000> XD
19:46:42  * andythenorth 1 house, 1 wife, 2 kids, 3 businesses, 7 newgrfs :P
19:46:58  <V453000> my one newgrf is more awesome!
19:47:03  * V453000 runs away before the war
19:47:05  <V453000> :D :P
19:47:15  <V453000> also only 1 wife = oldschool! too christianic
19:47:24  <andythenorth> so has anyone tested OpenTTD on OS X 10.9?
19:47:39  <V453000> WHAT :D
19:47:45  <V453000> no war :(
19:47:52  <andythenorth> moar no war
19:49:09  <V453000> moar pixel licking
19:52:29  <Alberth> planetmaker:      nmlc warning: Language with language id 0x38 has plural form 3 while the language uses plural form 6.    <-- how does that look?
19:52:58  <planetmaker> that looks good. I actually wonder whether it should be s/warning/error/
19:54:24  <Alberth> either is fine by me :)
19:56:31  <planetmaker> I wonder how broken such newgrf would be. I don't exactly know
19:57:35  <Alberth> let's make it an error :)
20:01:42  <planetmaker> :-)
20:01:54  <V453000> everything is an error if you think about it
20:02:06  <V453000> need any other good hints? :D
20:02:23  <V453000> I am full of constructive ideas today
20:04:50  <Alberth> indeed, I am thinking about why nml fails to change it from warning to error :p
20:08:59  <V453000> because it is evil
20:09:04  <V453000> see, I know everything tonight
20:09:26  * Alberth worships V
20:09:31  <V453000> ha!
20:09:33  <planetmaker> :-)
20:09:39  <V453000> just for tonight, okay? :P
20:09:55  <planetmaker> halleluja!
20:09:59  <V453000> unfortunately ... related to which I just finished my good-night-beer
20:10:00  <V453000> sooooo
20:10:06  <V453000> wont enjoy much of that :P
20:10:08  <V453000> bai
20:11:04  <Alberth> good night V
20:11:14  <andythenorth> I'll upgrade my wife's mac to 10.9 and test ottd
20:11:23  <andythenorth> gonna have a sad toddler if it doesn't work ;)
20:11:27  <V453000> XD
20:11:33  <planetmaker> good night V453000 :-)
20:11:40  <V453000> gn :)
20:11:53  <V453000> stable seems satisfied enough for now :)
20:17:07  <frosch123> upgrading your partner's computer to osx 10.9.... reason for divorce?
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20:23:48  <Alberth> hmm, you cannot throw an error in the language file parser
20:24:04  <planetmaker> :-O that is... strange
20:24:18  <planetmaker> well. Then keep it a warning
20:24:30  <planetmaker> that seems like a totally different task then
20:25:18  <Alberth>
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20:31:33  <planetmaker> looks nice to me, Alberth
20:31:45  <Alberth> k, thanks for the check
20:31:47  <planetmaker> I like to see the lang info all in one place :-)
20:31:52  <planetmaker> (as you do)
20:32:25  <planetmaker> I didn't yet check every single plural
20:33:16  <planetmaker> should I run some tests with it, or do we test it on the life systems?
20:34:15  <planetmaker> (I'm happy with the latter)
20:34:22  <Alberth> that data is being used in eints already :p
20:34:28  <planetmaker> :D
20:35:49  <Alberth> ie webtranslate/newgrf/  has all data of all languages
20:36:18  <Alberth> nicely python-accessible ;)
20:36:24  <Alberth> pushed
20:36:48  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #97-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 28 sec:
20:37:15  <Alberth> weird DevZone, why don't you throw an error again?
20:37:24  <planetmaker> should it?
20:37:36  <Alberth> it did with my previous push
20:37:48  <planetmaker> yes, I saw that. And actually I don't exactly got why
20:38:14  <planetmaker> I've never seen that kind of error with locking in .hg before
20:38:15  <Alberth> the listed revision text was wrong
20:38:35  <planetmaker> could be possibly a race condition...
20:38:52  <planetmaker> but I checked time stamps of the two subsequent compiles. They're different enough
20:39:03  <planetmaker> and one project can only compile one at a time...
20:39:42  <planetmaker> and... why could the revision text be wrong?
20:40:05  <Alberth> it selected the wrong revision
20:40:31  <planetmaker> 17:34:56 abort: No such file or directory: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/nml/workspace/.hg/wlock ?
20:41:25  <planetmaker> but indeed it did. tip was wrong
20:41:30  <Alberth> 17:34:55 changeset:   2033:cdfb8d29e790  <-- should have been a16b604eb86a
20:41:42  <planetmaker> yes
20:43:02  <planetmaker> The question is: "why?" :-)
20:43:54  <planetmaker> must be some odditiy or race condition probably in my commit hook
20:44:05  <Alberth> could be
20:44:26  <Alberth> anyway, the conclusion is currently that nml is wrong about {P} ?
20:45:30  <planetmaker> it makes sense to handle {P} like OpenTTD and assume that it refers the preceeding use of a numeric parameter like {COMMA}
20:45:35  <planetmaker> so... yes
20:46:57  <Alberth> good, eints is getting stable, and finds errors in other programs  :)
20:47:03  <Alberth> good night
20:47:10  <planetmaker> good night, Alberth
20:47:22  <planetmaker> nice dreams :-)
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21:33:50  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #330-push: FAILURE in 1 min 26 sec:
21:37:18  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #331-push: STILL FAILING in 13 sec:
21:42:20  <DevZone> Yippee, build fixed!
21:42:21  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #332-push: FIXED in 1 min 6 sec:
22:03:47  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #333-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 15 sec:
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