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01:36:01  <Brot6> Revision 2124:272e0b262c01: Change: Rename palettes DOS->DEFAULT and WIN->LEGACY XplanetmakerX @
01:36:01  <Brot6> Revision 2125:2eecb8be6bcd: Fix (272e0b262c01): Change palette names also for real sprite processing XplanetmakerX @
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07:57:31  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #71-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 40 sec:
08:05:19  <Brot6> Revision 3888:399d070cc24c: Change: bump min. compatible version to 3885 as recent changes will b... XandythenorthX @
08:05:19  <Brot6> Revision 3889:72820141f816: merge XandythenorthX @
08:42:29  <V453000> Taede: any progress on the desyncs?
08:46:47  <Taede> just that another one happened yesterday
08:47:33  <V453000> hm :) any clue where from?
08:51:14  <Taede> didnt find anything in coopserver's gamelogs last time, lemme check this time
08:51:51  <Taede> desync-debuglevel just creates lots of cmd-saves, which im unsure how to use
08:52:24  <V453000> hm :)
08:58:41  <Taede> <-- last desync
08:59:03  <Taede> previous one i looked at the gamelogs for, was someone building a bridge several minutes before ppl desynced
09:03:20  <V453000> hm :
09:03:22  <V453000> :
09:03:26  <V453000> asdf
09:03:27  <V453000> :|
11:12:39  <planetmaker> I guess now that another is recorded, it could be unset for the time being
11:12:46  <planetmaker> !rcon debug_level desync=0 net=6
11:12:51  <planetmaker> !rcon debug_level
11:13:25  <Taede> mornin pm
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16:09:17  <George> planetmaker: are you here?
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16:19:32  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #183-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 7 sec:
16:34:17  <Alberth> George: he needs your *public* ssh key, you can post it in a pastebin here, or in a PM
16:35:43  <Alberth> or by email, not sure if admins at the devzone have such an address
16:36:35  <George> The last time to get acces to devzone planetmaker requested my public key
16:36:54  <George> I mean to grand me access
16:36:55  <Alberth> he already has it?
16:37:05  <George> Do not know
16:37:18  <George> I can post himthe same link as you
16:37:29  <Alberth> that should work
16:38:26  <Alberth> then it's waiting until he is back and he has time to add the key
16:38:39  <George> unfortunately I do not see him nor Spike online
16:39:28  <Alberth> I would expect he'll close the issue when he is done. You could subscribe to the issue perhaps, so you get an email from it
16:40:06  <Alberth> he does seem to be online for me; should I forward your line?
16:41:34  <Alberth> unfortunately, "online" and "available" are two different things :(
16:49:49  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #129-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 30 sec:
17:07:01  <DevZone> Project finnishtrams build #69-nightlies: SUCCESS in 36 sec:
17:22:41  <DevZone> Project Japanese Buildings build #55-nightlies: SUCCESS in 15 sec:
17:32:24  <Brot6> Revision 1235:26db816854f8: Update: Translations XeintsX @
17:34:28  <DevZone> Project Finnish Rail Infrastructure - Rails build #169-nightlies: SUCCESS in 8 min 3 sec:
17:48:40  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #529-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 15 sec:
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18:14:11  <planetmaker> George, that guy can now push (hopefully)
18:14:47  <Brot6> Support #6664 (Feedback): ssh access XplanetmakerX @
18:14:47  <Brot6> Support #6664 (Feedback): ssh access XplanetmakerX @
18:15:04  <planetmaker> George, is that *your* key?!
18:15:20  <George> I send you 2 keys
18:15:26  <George> my and his
18:15:40  <planetmaker> is it a new one for you?
18:15:48  <George> no, the old one
18:16:09  <George> Alberth said you need to know both keys
18:16:33  <George> And I was not sure that you've stored it
18:16:34  <planetmaker> if push to your repo(s) works for you, that needs no change for that key :)
18:16:45  <George> It works
18:16:58  <planetmaker> good. Your friends key should now work, too
18:17:17  <planetmaker> <-- would be nice, if he could confirm there
18:18:07  <Brot6> Support #6664: ssh access XGeorgeX @
18:19:25  <frosch123> Taede: V453000: if the desync is caused by nuts, it is most likely due to newgrf caches
18:19:33  <planetmaker> also sorry for the delay. We got two days ago a deadline for 24th... so there was quite a bit to do till today :)
18:19:39  <frosch123> as such the command log is not that useful
18:20:06  <frosch123> with the right savegame and the right vehicles it should be triggerable in singleplayer with the cache-debugging enabled
18:20:27  <planetmaker> frosch123, but... I still somehow believe we should not allow NewGRFs to cause desyncs, whatever they do :S
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18:21:34  <frosch123> if you want to "make no desyncs happen", then you have to reduce the vehicle limiot to 5 trains
18:21:48  <planetmaker> would solve many problems :P
18:21:49  <frosch123> no desyncs means no caches
18:22:11  <frosch123> i would rather improve the cache checking, so it already throws "crappy newgrf" messages in singleplayer
18:22:40  <planetmaker> shouldn't we then simply disable that NewGRF?
18:22:47  <planetmaker> or fail those callbacks?
18:23:43  <frosch123> that makes no sense
18:24:05  <frosch123> a desync is when one client is different from the server
18:24:17  <frosch123> should that one client then fail the callback, or disable the newgrf?
18:24:22  <frosch123> that's a desync just as well
18:32:53  <Brot6> Revision 28:a8057f669690: Update: Translations XeintsX @
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18:42:52  <Alberth> ha, a new language :)
18:44:28  <frosch123> two days ago :p
18:44:57  <planetmaker> :)
18:47:48  <Alberth> bot is setting new records :p
18:50:27  <planetmaker> :)
18:50:34  <frosch123> it only updates when someone accesses the redmine repo page
18:50:50  <frosch123> it's more of an access log currently :p
18:51:08  <planetmaker> :)
18:51:24  <frosch123> anyway, i don't know about .hg commit hooks, but i guess it would be enough if the post commit hook would just wget that page :p
18:51:31  <planetmaker> saves me to look at the "overall activity" tab :P
18:51:39  <frosch123> or post push hook rather
18:51:59  <planetmaker> post push probably would do the trick, yes. Though it needs IRC access then in the hook :)
18:52:20  <planetmaker> likely webster could be taught that trick... maybe it exists?
18:52:49  <frosch123> no, i mean do a "wget<projectid>/repository" in the post push hook
18:52:59  <frosch123> that will trigger updating redmine and brot
18:53:11  <planetmaker> might do the trick for webster, though ;)
18:53:12  <Webster> Title: Svedrin / supybot-mercurial-plugin / source / Bitbucket (at
18:53:46  <frosch123> yeah, but that will still not update redmine
18:53:51  <planetmaker> true
18:53:55  <frosch123> so the eints user page remains useless
18:54:14  <planetmaker> let's test the post commit hook with wget
18:54:37  <frosch123> "wget -O - > /dev/null" likely though :p
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19:06:08  <planetmaker> hook like that should be installed now, frosch123
19:06:10  <planetmaker> Let's see :)
19:11:05  <planetmaker> frosch123, just FYI: the hooks are in hg's ~/.hgrc and the hook file is not yet committed to the devzone misc tools repo, but only present there locally
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21:50:08  <Brot6> Revision 15:ac2583528749: Feature: Files shuffled around a bit, further development of tal template Xjuzza1X @
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22:44:46  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #130-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 33 sec:
22:57:15  <Brot6> Revision 1236:ad43c7a34bfe: Feature #6662: ЭР9П XGeorgeX @

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