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14:38:04  <planetmaker> hm, time to tag nml 0.3.0?
14:48:18  <Alberth> ge orge already had a 0.3.0 yesterday :p
14:48:44  <planetmaker> :) like OpenTTD already is also 1.4.0 ;)
14:49:13  <Alberth> it is?  mine always has a weird hexadecimal number :p
14:49:28  <planetmaker> 1.4.0-rXXXX reported to newgrfs
14:49:38  <Alberth> :)
14:50:44  <Alberth> I found one of the secrets of nfo yesterday, the action 2 chains have temp storage, and a "store" action. That explains how nml implements those assignments :)
14:51:16  <planetmaker> yup :)
14:51:30  <planetmaker> NML also has LOAD_TMP and SAVE_TMP
14:51:37  <planetmaker> to make explicit use of that
14:52:25  <Alberth> so I realized that nml is mostly an expression rewriter
14:52:35  <Alberth> not sure how accurate that is, though :)
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14:52:46  <planetmaker> in a way, it is, yes
14:53:05  <planetmaker> but in that way every compiler is :)
14:54:10  <Alberth> hmm, I mean a rewriter of + & and - operations and such
14:54:35  <Alberth> other compilers also mess with statements like while and functions
14:55:05  <planetmaker> nml does not yet implement the while loop (properly?)
14:56:55  <Alberth> is a while loop a good idea in a game that needs to continue running at a certain frame rate?
14:57:43  <Alberth> although, in all those years, there were probably people thinking a turing-complete newgrf language would be a good idea :p
14:58:21  <Alberth> otherwise you'd never be able to implement openttd in it :p
14:58:50  <planetmaker> iirc grfspecs have a hard-coded limitation of N loop runs where they terminate
14:59:08  <Alberth> sounds like a sane precaution
14:59:30  <planetmaker> there even was once a commit iirc where it was lowered due to some (industry?) grf using too many
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15:01:45  <Alberth> my discovery makes me want to write an experimental expression translator to see whether I am right :)
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15:02:03  <Alberth> but too much work
15:02:30  <Alberth> hi skyem123, you're welcome to stay a little longer
15:02:42  <skyem123> ?
15:03:02  <Alberth> you're spamming the channel with leave and enter messages
15:03:13  <skyem123> oops, sorry
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15:04:35  <planetmaker> hm :S
15:05:29  <planetmaker> so would speak against me tagging current NML as-is as 0.3.0?
15:08:50  <Alberth> no, why would you think that?
15:09:15  <planetmaker> I wouldn't think that really. Just want some moral support :P
15:09:27  <Alberth> oh, ok :D
15:09:45  <Alberth> yes planetmaker, that sounds like a splendid idea
15:09:48  <Alberth> (really)
15:10:10  <Alberth> it's not that we have stuff that can be added or changed
15:10:20  <Alberth> in any short term, at least
15:12:08  <Alberth> lol, you install qt-doc  and get a dedicated browser installed as well :)
15:12:57  <planetmaker> he :)
15:13:24  <planetmaker> hm... my ssh key in ~/.ssh is not recognized when using kde as opposed to gnome... wtf?
15:14:28  <Alberth> file access properties?
15:14:42  <Alberth> or directory access properties?
15:14:55  <planetmaker> but same user etc. Just chose to use different window manager on login
15:15:08  <Alberth> very weird
15:15:38  <Alberth> you use some gui ssh client?
15:16:57  <planetmaker> no
15:17:06  <Alberth> right, the package is called qt-assistant, so of course the actual browser is called assistant-qt :p
15:17:34  <planetmaker> he :)
15:18:39  <planetmaker> seems I'm not the only one to have seen this behaviour when switching from gnome to kde... just need to find correct answer :)
15:27:10  <Alberth> oh great, they added widgets that have no data of their own, but instead query everything from your data store
15:27:27  <planetmaker> sounds ... nice
15:27:36  <planetmaker> what do you use qt for anyway? :)
15:27:48  <Alberth> thus elimnating the problem of keeping two copies of data in sync
15:27:54  <planetmaker> (just curious)
15:28:28  <Alberth> My father has a digital camera, and no clue whatsoever how to use a computer
15:28:55  <Alberth> so I am making an application with pyqt to simplify the process to a few button clicks
15:29:22  <Alberth> without having to find the buttons in a sea of menus and toolbars etc
15:29:24  <planetmaker> :)
15:29:49  <planetmaker> what is that application supposed to do, so that the existing ones don't do the job?
15:30:10  <Alberth> have minimal functionality, mostly :)
15:30:26  <planetmaker> download and display?
15:30:59  <Alberth> 1. copy pictures into the computer; 2. delete pictures from the camera; 3. burn pictures on dvd; 4. quit
15:31:34  <planetmaker> hm :) Ok, in 2 easy steps that doesn't exist pre-fab
15:31:52  <Alberth> display seems like a likely extension at some point, which is why I opted for a graphical program now
15:31:57  <planetmaker> though I'll usually recommend currently digikam. But... possibly I'd not recommend it to my dad either :)
15:32:30  <planetmaker> though digikam offers me to import images from camera when I plug it
15:32:53  <planetmaker> and has buttons for multiple types of exports
15:32:56  <Alberth> he's used to a custom DOS program on a dedicated computer
15:33:09  <Alberth> ie one key press is enough
15:34:04  <planetmaker> hm, one of Alberth's earlier programmes, eh? :)
15:34:28  <Alberth> no, it was something he used at his work, no doubt very expensive
15:36:00  <planetmaker> oh :)
15:36:01  <Alberth> it may even have been a PLC controlled program :p
15:39:13  <planetmaker> hm :)
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16:01:54  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #195-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 16 sec:
16:01:59  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #196-releases: FAILURE in 4.2 sec:
16:03:37  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #197-nightlies: STILL FAILING in 3.5 sec:
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16:08:24  <planetmaker> so different keyrings were the issue...
16:09:11  <Alberth> makes a lot of sense :)
16:09:44  <Alberth> although you'd hope they would integrate the underlying services, as nobody sees them anyway :)
16:10:06  <Alberth> but not likely to happen probably
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16:15:18  <DevZone> Yippee, build fixed!
16:15:19  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #198-releases: FIXED in 55 sec:
16:17:36  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #199-push: SUCCESS in 58 sec:
16:18:44  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #200-releases: SUCCESS in 1 min 7 sec:
16:19:41  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #201-nightlies: SUCCESS in 56 sec:
16:20:47  <planetmaker> two releases in a day :)
16:25:24  <Alberth> \o/
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16:39:40  <planetmaker> wb :)
16:47:55  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Industries build #73-push: SUCCESS in 28 sec:
16:54:27  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #202-nightlies: FAILURE in 45 sec:
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17:06:37  <DevZone> Yippee, build fixed!
17:06:38  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #203-nightlies: FIXED in 43 sec:
17:07:14  <DevZone> Project finnishtrams build #81-nightlies: SUCCESS in 37 sec:
17:10:34  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Landscape build #45-push: SUCCESS in 23 min:
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17:22:42  <DevZone> Project Japanese Buildings build #67-nightlies: SUCCESS in 17 sec:
17:34:27  <DevZone> Project Finnish Rail Infrastructure - Rails build #181-nightlies: SUCCESS in 8 min 2 sec:
17:48:03  <Alberth> planetmaker: dates of 0.3.0 and 0.2.5 in the changelog are still (tbd)
17:48:29  <planetmaker> I just noticed, yes... :S
17:48:41  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #555-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 16 sec:
17:50:26  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #204-push: SUCCESS in 42 sec:
17:51:47  <Alberth> fixes #5429  <-- planetmaker others are "issue #..."
17:52:41  <planetmaker> meh :) script failure
17:53:07  <planetmaker> (and overlooked)
17:53:21  <Alberth> and "." is inconsistent :)
17:54:45  <Alberth> docuemnt  typo
17:56:24  <Alberth> quite a long list
17:56:42  <Alberth> always amazing how many small fixes you do :)
17:57:36  <planetmaker> well, that's the fixes accumulated over a year or so
17:57:41  <planetmaker> for 0.3.0 that is
17:58:32  <planetmaker> so ... with or without trailing "." in the changelog? :D
17:59:11  <Alberth> there are also sentences of the form. (issue #1234).   :p
17:59:35  <Alberth> perhaps remove all dots is the easiest
18:02:27  <planetmaker> yeah :)
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18:04:16  <Alberth> do you have openttdcoop wiki powers?   has some "Other servers" which are not online with weird addresses at
18:04:44  <Alberth> not sure how up to date that is
18:08:20  <planetmaker> :) I think it still exists, but indeed that's weired and quite old addresses
18:11:53  <planetmaker> doesn't hurt to remove them or at least those images which will never work (again)
18:13:16  <Alberth> did you get any sign of ammler since his disappearance?
18:14:59  <planetmaker> nope :(
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