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21:17:34  <G19star> Hi, someone some experience with the Grapes and irc plugin?, how do i set wich channel it should join in the config.cfg? it seems missing.
21:22:47  <G19star>
21:22:48  <Webster> Title: debian Pastezone (at
21:24:21  <Taede> i've never used grapes, but i think it might be line 50
21:24:32  <Taede> [IRC\#OpenTTD]
21:25:09  <Taede> change the #openttd to the channel you wish, and the section below that seems to configure that channel
21:33:10  <G19star> I tried that, it's just isen't doing anything, also the /msg nickserv commands are not working, any idea what the irc.cmdchar = ! does ?
21:33:50  <Taede> that would tell grapes whats a command and what isnt
21:33:53  <G19star> ofcourse with a client they work
21:34:10  <Taede> eg, with it set to !, you can do !rcon command
21:34:20  <Taede> with it set to @, you would do @rcon command
21:35:08  <Taede> hm, hold on
21:35:28  <G19star> i see, well the thing is it logins great, but seems it's not able to parse commands
21:35:53  <Taede> is it on this irc network by any chance?
21:35:53  <G19star> so it can't join a channel
21:36:04  <G19star> no my own server
21:37:06  <G19star> using UnrealIRCd on debian with anope
21:38:30  <Taede> so it can connect to irc, but is dead in the water after that? including not responding to private messages?
21:41:28  <G19star> well, not  dead the verbose is telling me, that it is connected great,  however the next step should be /msg nickserv identify
21:42:05  <G19star> and it's not parsing that command to the irc
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21:45:21  <G19star> i will paste a sample config sec
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21:51:47  <G19star>
21:51:48  <Webster> Title: debian Pastezone (at
21:57:23  <Rubidium> G19star: I think dihedral is the one with the most experience with grapes and irc
21:57:52  <Taede> yeah, i think you may need him
21:58:11  <G19star> Alright i just message him, btw thanks so far
22:04:48  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #570-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 14 sec:
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23:19:21  <G19star> got it working, was a server issue on my part, i disabled ident checks, it's now working
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