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18:21:22  <Guest4793> Can someone help with passenger_capacity and mail_capacity?
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18:23:21  <planetmaker> hi George
18:23:21  <George>
18:23:25  <George> hi
18:23:45  <George> I cant make cargo plane to have correct capacity for default cargo
18:24:19  <George> In my test game (arctic, default industries and cargoes) default cargo is GOLD
18:24:24  <planetmaker> do you consider cargo size in your calculation?
18:24:49  <George> it has 30 bags capacity for the first livery and 118 for the others
18:25:32  <George> as you can see in the code above, I specify it regardles livery
18:26:10  <George> But the first livery of the first cargo is default capacity divided by 4
18:26:29  <George> But it should be a CB result instead
18:28:17  <planetmaker> sounds like an issue with misc flag 5:
18:28:31  <planetmaker> and as to what is default cargo (which is passengers?)
18:29:44  <George> what passengers if it is a cargo plane?
18:30:30  <planetmaker> not sure such thing can exist
18:31:52  <George> And what should I do?
18:32:14  <George> Do you mean I need to set AIRCRAFT_FLAG_AUTOREFIT  flag? But why?
18:34:59  <planetmaker> I don't know yet what is going on and why
18:36:07  <planetmaker> I've hardly ever looked at how aircraft work
18:36:17  <George> As a test I've added PASS as default cargo while mail capacity is set to 0
18:36:28  <George> and a bug remains
18:37:28  <George> (default cargo is still gold)
18:38:09  <planetmaker> not passengers?
18:39:44  <George> yes
18:39:51  <George> not passengers
18:40:06  <George> GOLD is the first cargo in the translation table
18:40:33  <George> and i suppose because of that is taken as default
18:40:52  <planetmaker> might be the case
18:40:59  <George> and default_cargo_type is not specified for planes
18:41:13  <George> BTW why not?
18:42:22  <George> Should I create a ticket in the bug tracker?
18:46:31  <planetmaker> re-arrange the CTT?
18:46:41  <planetmaker> does it work with PASS as default?
18:46:52  <planetmaker> I think passengers is assumed to be the first cargo there
18:48:46  <George> FS#5960
18:49:07  <George> <planetmaker> re-arrange the CTT? - looks like a dirty hack :(
18:49:37  <planetmaker> <-- that tells you that default capacity is pax
18:52:53  <George> changing CTT (PASS first) fixes the issue
18:53:17  <George> but this  only means we have a bug :D
19:14:33  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #128-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 24 sec:
19:24:05  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #129-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 24 sec:
19:33:47  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #130-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 25 sec:
19:39:14  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #131-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 26 sec:
19:44:43  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #132-releases: SUCCESS in 5 min 29 sec:
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