Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 5th August 2014:
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10:12:11  <FooBar> is anyone getting a 502 error on the devzone website, or is it just me?
10:36:22  <Taede> me too
10:36:30  <Taede> works though
10:37:53  <FooBar> bundles and hg work too, but to neither I can post an issue :P
10:38:37  <FooBar> but it's good to know it's not just me, otherwise I wouldn't know where to begin to look
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16:50:53  <frosch123> ^Spike^: pm is on vacation, can you restart the web stuff on the devzone, most things are 502
16:54:57  <Alberth> hi
16:55:16  <frosch123> hola
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17:32:14  <^Spike^> eh.. sure
17:32:27  <^Spike^> he didn't even leave a note for me... :)
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17:46:02  <frosch123> ^Spike^: <- if you need a test case :)
17:46:11  * ^Spike^ knows...
17:46:17  <^Spike^> i just tried killing all processes
17:46:25  <^Spike^> and reminded me i still need to setup a proper container for it
17:46:33  <^Spike^> hopefully have time for it soon...
17:46:38  <^Spike^> need to redo several things... :)
17:47:41  <frosch123> :)
17:48:17  <^Spike^> work taking up alot of time... :)
17:48:25  <^Spike^> and working in hosting == taking up alot of time...
17:48:29  <^Spike^> fun though... but yeah :)
17:55:36  <^Spike^> i get a feeling server needs a harder kick....
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18:58:31  <^Spike^> as stuff is booting i'm gonna test something else...
18:58:39  <^Spike^> highlight me if stuff is failing... (stuff still starting atm)
18:58:45  <frosch123> thanks :)
19:12:05  <^Spike^> devzone takes a damn long time to start.....
19:22:36  <frosch123> it's about in the same spot as before the reboot :)
19:22:44  <frosch123> same stuff works, same stuff fails
19:23:14  <^Spike^> devzone should go better soon (tm) ;)
19:24:38  <^Spike^> works!
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19:25:18  <frosch123> blog. seems to miss the css or something
19:25:26  <^Spike^> you sure...
19:25:29  <^Spike^> try ctrl+f5
19:25:34  <^Spike^> (browser cache is a bitch)
19:25:40  <^Spike^> works for me here...
19:25:54  <FooBar> works for me too, as well as the devzone
19:25:56  <FooBar> thanks!
19:26:06  <^Spike^> also in chrome (i never use it so no caching for ottdc pages :))
19:26:06  <frosch123> hmm, it only fails on https
19:26:09  <^Spike^> oh
19:26:11  <^Spike^> firefox?
19:26:13  <frosch123> but maybe that was also the case before
19:26:22  <frosch123> yeah, iceweasel
19:26:37  <^Spike^> next to the back/forward button is a shield
19:26:47  <FooBar> frosch123: yeah, with https here too
19:26:50  <^Spike^> does that cause we call non https content on http page
19:26:57  <^Spike^> ehm
19:26:58  <^Spike^> on https page
19:27:00  <^Spike^> we need to fix it
19:27:05  <FooBar> I never used that, so it cannot be the cache
19:27:07  <^Spike^> (aka read need new site/blog/wiki/stuff)
19:27:21  <^Spike^> which is work in progress (tm) :)
19:27:25  <^Spike^> KenjiE20!!!! :)
19:27:51  <^Spike^> so https is known issue....
19:28:00  <^Spike^> but yeah... i don't dare to kick this template atm....
19:28:24  <^Spike^> i have a webserver available already i could just kick a site on it and it would run (and prob faster as this one cause php 5.5 + opcache)
19:28:37  <FooBar> is there perhaps a relative/absolute url setting? Seems all urls are absolute...
19:28:47  <^Spike^> i blame wp template
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19:32:42  <frosch123> hmm, is there an easy way to do an instance suppression with cron or with python?
19:33:05  <^Spike^> i just get the server up and running... and break it... and fix it... and get it up and running again... :)
19:33:06  <frosch123> like, only run if previous run finished
19:33:21  <andythenorth> supervisord?
19:33:29  <andythenorth>
19:33:30  <Webster> Title: Supervisor: A Process Control System Supervisor 3.1.0 documentation (at
19:39:43  <frosch123> something on the translator broke
19:39:58  <frosch123> it claims to just have pulled 300 revisions of pota-ghat
19:46:33  <^Spike^> ....
19:46:42  <^Spike^> easily fixable?
19:50:31  <frosch123> i killed it and restarted
19:50:49  <frosch123> i guess it got confused by multiple hg instances trying to pull to the same working copy
19:51:10  <frosch123> looks fine now
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