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08:45:11  <planetmaker> @op
08:45:20  <planetmaker> @whoami
08:45:20  <Webster> planetmaker: I don't recognize you.
08:51:10  <V453000> HIM
08:51:32  <V453000>  /me slaps Webster on the dump
08:51:54  <V453000> btw yeti devzone == becoming a wiki XD
09:00:11  <planetmaker> that's ok :)
09:00:38  <planetmaker> though if it's general thing like how to compile that's imho better placed in the help centre wiki
09:10:40  <V453000> general wiki can haz a link :)
09:15:54  <planetmaker> :(
09:17:38  <^Spike^> copy.... pasta....
09:17:43  <^Spike^> delete from old...
09:17:44  <^Spike^> fixed! :)
09:17:47  <^Spike^> it's a wiki
09:18:09  <planetmaker> I know
09:18:49  <planetmaker> but no point if everyone starts a wiki about the same thing in different places instead of improving the one in the help centre
09:27:23  <^Spike^> true :)
10:10:24  <V453000> sure but the centre can be the central hub linking elsewhere, too :)
10:11:26  <planetmaker> V453000, that doesn't make sense for a wiki. A wiki needs maintenance. And that can only be done by editors which are explicitly allowed
10:11:44  <planetmaker> a wiki is meant to be amended. A scattered user base does not allow for that
10:21:57  <V453000> hm ... the help center isnt really about creating the newgrf
10:22:04  <V453000> just about the devzone environment
10:22:24  <planetmaker> and about how to setup projects, how to compile a NewGRF
10:22:57  <planetmaker> just about everything which is not directly the programming of the project. But actually about what you need to know in order to make your project work
10:23:45  <V453000> feel free to move our compiling page there I would say, but Sylf wrote it not me: )
10:23:54  <planetmaker> e.g. see the complete guide which foobar wrote some time ago
10:24:13  <planetmaker> it covers basically everything. How it worked some time ago. thus not exactly accurate anymore
10:24:51  <planetmaker> and that's the point: I don't want nor can support it everywhere and maintain and copy it from there and here and yonder
10:24:58  <planetmaker> if people don't do it, it's useless
10:25:18  <planetmaker> if everyone does it in another place, it's useless, too
10:25:29  <planetmaker> there's no place to direct people then to in order to get comprehensive help
10:27:05  <V453000> well yeah
10:27:06  <V453000> as I said
10:27:11  <V453000> feel free to move the page Sylf wrote
10:27:48  <V453000> as for the graphics related YETI documentation, I actually just today considered to move/link it to a greater project because I am starting a new landscape and that  will get documentation just as well
10:27:50  <planetmaker> or you do it
10:27:58  <V453000> perhaps the Pixel bullshit I started some years ago is fine :D
10:28:20  <planetmaker> you're admin just as well in both projects :P
10:28:24  <V453000> could start actually using that as a hub for graphics would be useful
10:28:37  <planetmaker> as is sylf
10:28:53  <V453000> I will leave that to him at least for now, kind of busy today :)
10:29:04  <planetmaker> could also go there. Or possibly at the newgrf wiki. Or OpenTTD wike graphics development section
10:29:24  <V453000> the newgrf wiki is great and precise, but hell to read at start
10:29:28  <V453000> personal experience
10:29:43  <planetmaker> yes. It's more a technical documentation. It's not an introductory course
10:29:48  <planetmaker> it's not meant as that either
10:30:01  <V453000> I know, and it fulfills its purpose greatly
10:30:13  <planetmaker> might be the place for tutorials. Maybe
10:30:13  <V453000> which is why I think I should create my guide at a different place
10:30:46  <planetmaker> yeah. But consider OpenTTD wiki or tt-wiki
10:31:04  <planetmaker> they have sections and could well cater for that. And are natural places to look for this kind of info
10:33:10  <V453000> the way I take it is: "this is my way, there are many ways how to achieve something similar. While a lot of it is not software-specific, a lot of it is. And I dont feel like creating a rule; which is one of the reasons why I dont quite want to go to either of those wikis ... not to mention that I simply like devzone environment; except that it requires to update links once you change one file due to file IDs
10:33:40  <planetmaker> of course. With art - and sprites are art - it's always that way
10:34:00  <V453000> exactly
10:34:05  <planetmaker> it's a guide. It's a guide how you do things. It can teach people. But no one is requirred to follow it every step
10:34:41  <V453000> yar
10:36:15  <planetmaker> but the tt-wiki with the tutorials is then actually the very place for that
10:36:23  <planetmaker> all the guides there are in that very manner
10:37:37  <V453000> well lets see how specific I write things and move them eventually
10:37:39  <planetmaker> Call it "V's artistic musings" and it's clear that it's the way *you* do it
10:38:08  <V453000> many of the things are not "very" software spefic, but IMO the main tt-wiki should be in blender
10:38:28  <V453000> likelihood that anybody will have my software (3ds max, V-ray and Adobe Creative Cloud) is kind of low in this environment
10:38:48  <planetmaker> oh, not sure. Those programmes do exist with a few people
10:38:57  <planetmaker> I don't have them, but what the heck, doesn't matter
10:39:29  <V453000> that is why talking about the less specific things :)
10:39:45  <V453000> showing sprite template with x4 placement, offsets, and shapes, is helpful regardless how you got there
10:40:04  <V453000> -> lets see how much of it is this way
10:40:08  <planetmaker> yes. Though the way there is also interesting
10:40:19  <V453000> surely
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