Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 18th November 2014:
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06:35:55  <DevZone> Project yeti build #117-push: ABORTED in 1 min 57 sec:
06:36:04  <DevZone> Project yeti build #118-releases: ABORTED in 8.2 sec:
10:40:14  <DevZone> Project yeti build #119-releases: SUCCESS in 4 hr 4 min:
11:30:47  <V453000> =D
11:32:09  <planetmaker> yeah, releases always will take longer than normal push
11:34:23  <planetmaker> you could enable them using the cache, too. By copying the .devzone/build/push/cache file to .devzone/build/releases/cache
11:34:29  <planetmaker> But I would not recommend to do so :)
11:35:44  <V453000> time isnt important (:
11:35:56  <V453000> just happy it gets done :D
11:37:39  <V453000> hmmm planetmaker is the link from jenkins to download gone?
11:37:50  <V453000> so do I just have to go to bundles now
11:37:50  <V453000> ?
11:47:03  <planetmaker> yes
11:47:28  <V453000> k :)
11:47:35  <planetmaker> I removed all permanent storage from jenkins
11:47:39  <V453000> was just wondering if I am doing sometrhing wrong
11:47:40  <planetmaker> No point to store everything twice
11:47:40  <V453000> ok ok :)
11:47:44  <V453000> sure
11:47:55  <V453000> maybe it could link to bundles though? :P
11:48:07  <planetmaker> it was starting to eat disk space there, too. And thus starting to fail the CF due to out-of-disk space ;)
11:48:25  <V453000> xd
11:48:34  <planetmaker> maybe. But I know no quick way how to do so
11:48:46  <V453000> oh :)
11:49:17  <planetmaker> generally (or releases/latest)
11:49:22  <planetmaker> just bookmark that and done :P
11:50:09  <planetmaker> but I agree, it would be very useful to have a link also on jenkins. It's been bothering me, too
11:51:17  <V453000> no big problem (:
11:59:43  <planetmaker> hm, V453000 like ?
11:59:59  <planetmaker> Give me two good icons for release and development build and I can add them so that it looks nicer
12:00:07  <V453000> sure why not that (:
12:00:13  <V453000> icons hmm :)
12:00:18  <planetmaker> yes, please, that's a request for two icons! :)
12:00:18  <V453000> probably wont have for them today, but can try
12:00:52  <planetmaker> seems that plug-in is rather new, but seems to work :)
12:04:03  <planetmaker> also... what about the title bar?
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12:09:49  <V453000> which one ? :D
12:13:50  <planetmaker> for our pages? Wasn't it for dev/wiki/blog/main ?
12:14:21  <planetmaker> you know... the one which we talked about a lot two month ago ;)
12:14:30  <planetmaker> which you would do 'next week' :P
12:14:32  <V453000> oh that thing
12:14:33  <V453000> xd
12:14:37  <planetmaker> with the knot or so ;)
12:14:37  <V453000> yeah
12:14:49  <V453000> will do (ťm)
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16:26:25  <frosch123> planetmaker: it's tomorrow :)
16:27:28  <planetmaker> :)
16:27:44  <planetmaker>
16:28:12  <frosch123> oh, only 230M, i thought you said G
16:30:31  <planetmaker> no :)
16:30:38  <planetmaker> 500M. And compressed it's half the size
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16:33:50  <planetmaker> also sorry for the private spam :D
16:36:13  <planetmaker> as for upload of a new wine dir, I'd recommend to wget an archive from within the VM and then unpack it there locally
16:38:22  <Alberth> o/
16:38:28  <planetmaker> \o
16:38:41  <planetmaker> TMI, frosch123 ? ;)
16:39:50  <frosch123> i am busy looking at tomatoes on flatbed wagons
16:40:32  <planetmaker> tomatoes?
16:41:49  <frosch123> it's funny. pikka renders the sprites in correct scale, to suggest ottd getting fixed
16:42:16  <frosch123> while V scales them to make ottd look ridiculous wrt. how wrong the perspectives are :p
16:43:36  <planetmaker> hehe, yeah :)
16:43:54  <frosch123> V453000: does row 21 show wood or cookies?
16:50:08  <DevZone> Project 2ccts build #356-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 57 sec:
16:50:55  <V453000> frosch123: probably sweets :)
16:51:37  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #555-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 6 sec:
16:53:08  <planetmaker> hm, Pikka still provides double zoom sprites in purchase list
16:57:37  <Alberth> he's selling them as big boys :p
18:40:41  <DevZone> Project road-hog build #480-nightlies: SUCCESS in 40 sec:
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21:55:20  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #556-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 11 sec:
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