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10:30:48  <DevZone> Project ISR Industrial Station Renewal build #182-push: SUCCESS in 41 sec:
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12:09:04  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #861-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 52 sec:
12:19:53  <DevZone> Project ISR Industrial Station Renewal build #183-push: SUCCESS in 27 sec:
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13:25:59  <Alberth> planetmaker:  close #7327?
13:32:49  <planetmaker> oh, yeah. That's fixed, I think :)
13:33:01  <planetmaker> or is it?
13:36:45  <Alberth>
13:36:50  <Alberth> looks like it
13:37:34  <Alberth> will close it
13:39:48  <Alberth> do you have ideas about (script name changes with each commit)? You want release tags, but not nightly tags?
13:43:17  <planetmaker> ah, I didn't see that yet... let's see
13:45:41  <Alberth> it adds the REPO_TAG to the name, which makes each script unique, as OpenTTD does string comparison to check for the same script
13:46:07  <planetmaker> ah
13:46:12  <planetmaker> bad idea then
13:46:18  <planetmaker> works for NewGRFs just fine ,though
13:46:25  <planetmaker> that's where I erred obviously :)
13:47:44  <Alberth> I haven't found a place where you can get the version string in-game
13:48:01  <Alberth> there is a version number, but it's a day number :)
13:48:30  <planetmaker> yeah, that's the Makefile magic. So, no version string then in the name
13:48:41  <planetmaker> would that hurt to just remove that from the name? What will get lost?
13:48:50  <planetmaker> People wouldn't know (easily) anymore which is newer
13:48:56  <planetmaker> but we could keep that with the filename
13:49:15  <planetmaker> as they keep using the numerically monotonically increasing "day version since 2000"
13:50:07  <Alberth> no release strings anymore either
13:50:19  <planetmaker> <- like that?
13:50:25  <frosch> alternatively you could also fix ottd :p
13:50:40  <planetmaker> you want releases (or last release) indicated in the name, Alberth ?
13:50:47  <frosch> there is specifically a 4-character identifier for scripts, but ottd fails since 0.7 to use it :p
13:50:49  <planetmaker> I would have the proper hg/makefile foo for that easily
13:51:20  <planetmaker> hg log -r"latesttag(.)" ;)
13:51:29  <planetmaker> kinda
13:51:44  <planetmaker> rather hg log -r. --template="latesttag()"
13:52:11  <planetmaker> then subsequent releases are incompatible. But everything up to the next one will be compatible
13:52:33  <planetmaker> With a bit of foo I can make it so that it works up to the next release instead of back to the last
13:52:38  <planetmaker> but... worth it?
13:52:40  <Alberth> it gets messy in the script selection window, all versions have the same name, so openttd needs to be changed in some way perhaps
13:53:02  <planetmaker> doesn't OpenTTD display versions?
13:53:13  <Alberth> it does, the number
13:53:23  <Alberth> but not the revision tag
13:53:37  <Alberth> unless you make it part of the name :p
13:55:29  <Alberth> ie, it doesn't print the filename in a gui either
14:07:42  <planetmaker> then, Alberth there's nothing which we can do on the script side without OpenTTD modification, I guess :)
14:09:12  <Alberth> we can only decide what a GS should supply :)   then we need to see what is possible at the openttd side
14:09:39  <Alberth> I don't like the current script loading much, it feels a bit too cramped
14:19:17  <planetmaker> Alberth, I would prefer personally, if the unique identifier would work the same way as for NewGRFs :)
14:19:33  <planetmaker> thus that it decides for identity. Then the name can be spoilt with version info
14:20:34  <Alberth> there is a "unique identifier" ?
14:22:32  <Alberth> doesn't really look like it
14:24:07  <planetmaker> GetShortName()
14:24:16  <planetmaker> 4-letter thing, like the NewGRFID
14:24:29  <planetmaker> Gets a 4 ASCII character short name of the GS to uniquely identify it from other GSs.
14:27:50  <frosch> yup, GetShortName is intended for the savegame to find compatible scripts, but ottd makes no use of it at all :/
14:28:02  <frosch> day-one-bug :)
14:28:14  <frosch> and annoying to fix :)
14:28:47  <Alberth> 4 ascii characters is going to work?
14:28:59  <planetmaker> Alberth, works for NewGRFs. Sort-of
14:30:06  <frosch> actualy, bananas uses it, so it is not completely unused
14:30:29  <frosch> so, at least we can assume that they are all unique
14:30:44  <Alberth> for newgrf it makes sense to have 32 bits, for scripts it makes much less sense imho
14:31:14  <frosch> why does newgrf/script make a difference?
14:31:25  <frosch> all bananas content has a 4byte id
14:32:25  <frosch> all savegame dependencies have 4byte id and md5 checksum
14:32:32  <frosch> making scripts different would only be annoying :p
14:32:50  <Alberth> ok, fair enough :)
16:52:41  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #862-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 8 sec:
16:53:10  <DevZone> Project Fake Subways build #48-push: SUCCESS in 29 sec:
16:55:12  <DevZone> Project FISH is ships build #385-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 0 sec:
16:55:41  <DevZone> Project road-hog build #644-push: SUCCESS in 29 sec:
16:55:49  <DevZone> Project 2cc Bus Set build #8-push: STILL FAILING in 7.8 sec:
17:00:29  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #383-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 39 sec:
18:31:37  <DevZone> Project yeti build #153-push: SUCCESS in 1 hr 43 min:
18:37:40  <DevZone> Project make-nml build #70-push: SUCCESS in 35 sec:
20:42:00  <DevZone> Project Busy Bee GameScript build #13-push: SUCCESS in 6 sec:
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