Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 14th April 2015:
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04:45:37  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Airports build #61-push: SUCCESS in 53 sec:
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16:48:22  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Industries build #115-push: SUCCESS in 41 sec:
16:49:10  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Airports build #62-push: SUCCESS in 47 sec:
16:51:06  <DevZone> Project 2ccts build #440-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 55 sec:
16:53:39  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX build #174-push: SUCCESS in 5 min 45 sec:
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17:13:58  <DevZone> Project World Airliner Set build #993-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 20 sec:
17:22:23  <DevZone> Project zBase - the 32bpp base set build #16: STILL FAILING in 8 min 44 sec:
17:23:10  <frosch123> aw, i thought just rerunning would fix it :p
17:25:35  <planetmaker> :)
17:25:44  <planetmaker> I hope(d) so, too.
17:29:21  <planetmaker> I'll try to run it manually on build machine and see where it fails
17:54:05  <DevZone> Project zBase - the 32bpp base set build #17: STILL FAILING in 4 min 7 sec:
18:07:23  <V453000> slap it a few times
18:10:09  <planetmaker> doing already for quite a few minutes :P
18:10:53  <Alberth> we have too many sprites, we need to remove some :)
18:11:09  <DevZone> Project zBase - the 32bpp base set build #18: STILL FAILING in 4 min 6 sec:
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19:59:24  <frosch123> i ran the update in the workspace, which succeeded
19:59:35  <frosch123> now i configured jenkins to not clear the workspace, but just run purge
19:59:50  <frosch123> now it happily runs gimp :p
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20:34:26  <frosch123> oh, hmm, is there some restriction that jenkins does not allow executables via symbolic links?
20:36:00  <frosch123> so i have to revert the linking and duplicate the files again :)
20:40:53  <DevZone> Project zBase - the 32bpp base set build #19-push: STILL FAILING in 43 min:
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20:52:50  <frosch123> next try
20:53:42  <planetmaker> frosch123, no, there's no such restriction afaik
20:53:57  <planetmaker> funky that the update worked for you in the workspace. it failed for me
20:54:12  <frosch123> ok, so it is luck based :)
20:54:21  <planetmaker> #mercurial suggested that it has to do with bad VM file system. But I don't want to believe that
20:55:00  <planetmaker> I made sure that it's not broken repos, verify returns clean on all. Thus no aborted commits which might have caused it
20:55:00  <frosch123> well, in the past it was the http thingie dropping connections after one minute or so
20:55:10  <planetmaker> it *does* look similar ^
20:55:25  <frosch123> 20:33:03 abort: path 'scripts/' traverses symbolic link 'scripts'  <- about the symlink
20:55:34  <frosch123> removed them now, let's see whether that works
20:55:34  <planetmaker> oh?
20:55:40  <planetmaker> I didn't see that anywhere anywhen
20:56:54  <frosch123> oh, it's a hg message
20:57:33  <frosch123> ok, creating a changelog with dirs in diffferent repos fails :)
20:58:28  <frosch123> so, it's just something about how the make_changelog script works
20:58:45  <frosch123> hmm, i should have excluded the nml cache from the purge :p
21:01:24  <frosch123> haha, eints couldn't handle the symlink->dir change :p
21:04:44  <planetmaker> make_changelog could probably be safely skipped
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21:05:09  <frosch123> yeah, some of the scripts do not work with subrepos
21:05:23  <frosch123> like the fake source bundle :p
21:09:01  <planetmaker> :)
21:09:20  <planetmaker> but I wonder why or how it then worked before. Or whether it didn't work at all :P
21:09:39  <frosch123> well, i replaced it with hg archive
21:09:44  <frosch123> it may have been a custom tar before
21:10:32  <frosch123> but already the source bundles from 2013 are only a few kb :p
21:11:09  <frosch123> older builds have no source bundle at all
21:11:15  <frosch123> so, i think there never has been one
21:16:49  <planetmaker> they're gigantic
21:17:38  <frosch123> did you create one?
21:18:03  <planetmaker> well... the size of the checkout is huge :)
21:19:43  <frosch123> 870 mib
21:22:42  <Rubidium> pedantic me thinks that's tiny ;)
21:23:37  <Rubidium> but yeah, that's pretty big to keep around for many version and/or a long time
21:26:29  <frosch123> pff, xz compression so slow :p
21:26:59  <frosch123> 400 mib as xz
21:27:23  <frosch123> compare that to the 270 mib zip of the binary
21:28:15  <frosch123> and way smaller than yeti
21:29:34  <frosch123> i guess i replace the hg archive with a custom tar command then :)
21:29:54  <Rubidium> probably has to do with the extra stuff that's generated automatically but not (always) used in the final binary
21:30:21  <Rubidium> and ofcourse the fact that all the source and all the intermediate files are in the "source" tarball
21:30:43  <frosch123> well, yes, the .blend files are more
21:31:14  <Rubidium> I still wonder how this would work with Debian packaging; will they have to drop the intermediate files and run blender for all the blends. Yay multi-day build on a fast platform
21:34:15  <frosch123> there is certainly no makefile for the blender stuff
21:34:31  <frosch123> so, i would need quite some effort to even set that up
21:34:35  <frosch123> s/i/it/
21:34:47  <Rubidium> that's definitely true
21:35:40  <Rubidium> there are .bat files though ;)
21:36:04  <frosch123> oi, didn't even notice them
21:36:26  <frosch123> well, you need to put zbase on the M: drive though :p
21:36:47  <planetmaker> :D
21:37:33  <Rubidium> in any case, good night guys
21:38:58  <DevZone> Yippee, build fixed!
21:38:58  <DevZone> Project zBase - the 32bpp base set build #20-push: FIXED in 47 min:
21:40:30  <frosch123> planetmaker: what creates the LATEST link?
21:40:33  <frosch123> it's not updated
21:48:08  <planetmaker> frosch123, the (post-)build script
21:52:40  <planetmaker> and that seems in need of changing directly in jenkins interface
21:54:11  <planetmaker> I'll try fix that tomorrow. I'm too tired to do so now
21:54:28  <frosch123> night :)
21:55:22  <planetmaker> good night :)
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