Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 23rd May 2015:
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11:46:33  <Alberth> frosch123: I hope you didn't update eints yet with my last changes
11:47:10  <frosch123> nope
11:48:27  <Alberth> just 1 line had wrong indenting, and you get empty xml files
11:49:07  <frosch123> it did not get an update in 2015
11:49:20  <frosch123> it's on the "Add latin" revision
11:49:34  <Alberth> at least it looks like it came from the last commits that I pushed
11:50:51  <Alberth> and I suspect nobody has tried to force update a base language yet :p
11:51:10  <frosch123> what does that mean?
11:51:27  <frosch123> base languages are updated every day
11:51:32  <frosch123> do youi mean switching base language?
11:51:33  <Alberth> hmm, perhaps even any language
11:52:16  <Alberth> no, it means that your version always win, even if there are newer strings
11:52:30  <Alberth> *wins
11:53:09  <frosch123> i don't think that is the case
11:53:16  <frosch123> we upload all languages on every push
11:53:21  <frosch123> but download them only once
11:53:24  <frosch123> a day
11:53:44  <frosch123> translators would have complained if all translations were lost if a push happened at the end of the day
11:54:21  <frosch123> iirc eints detects that the uploaded ones are older verstions
11:54:26  <frosch123> and keeps its own nwer ones
11:54:27  <Alberth> clearly, as the override part contains code that cannot work :)
11:55:03  <Alberth> yes it does, but there is an override flag you can set, at the web interface
11:55:28  <Alberth> and in the programmatic upload too I guess
11:56:37  <Alberth> but it's not a thing you'd use daily, or you could indeed drop submitted translations
16:02:55  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #663-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 31 sec:
16:48:13  <DevZone> Project 2cc Bus Set build #45-push: STILL FAILING in 9.7 sec:
16:49:52  <DevZone> Project Dutch Road Furniture build #43-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 26 sec:
16:52:20  <DevZone> Project 2ccts build #477-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 27 sec:
16:52:43  <DevZone> Project World Airliner Set build #1032-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 25 sec:
17:08:52  <Alberth> bug was in an unpublished patch
17:42:15  <DevZone> Project eints build #24-push: SUCCESS in 20 sec:
19:37:14  <DevZone> Project opengfx-mars build #228-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 4 sec:
19:37:24  <DevZone> Project Townnames - German build #141-push: SUCCESS in 9.4 sec:
19:37:25  <DevZone> Project NML - NewGRF Meta Language build #409-push: SUCCESS in 4 min 41 sec:
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20:22:15  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #664-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 20 sec:
20:28:09  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #665-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 12 sec:
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