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16:56:30  <DevZone> Project World Airliner Set build #1870: SUCCESS in 8 min 8 sec:
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18:16:38  <DevZone> Project Building sprite test project build #509: SUCCESS in 36 sec:
18:27:39  <frosch123> planetmaker: i have been unable to get hold of spike, do you know which vm to restart to make https get routed again to eints?
18:27:53  <frosch123> (if a reboot would fix it)
18:28:20  <frosch123> <- that url is 404 for 2 weeks
18:28:29  <planetmaker> :-O
18:28:41  <frosch123> i already restarted eints, and it is happy. the repository<->eints connection also works happily
18:28:47  <planetmaker> ui... I don't know better to get hold of him than here, too
18:28:47  <frosch123> you just cannot reach eints from the outside
18:29:05  <planetmaker> hm... probably something in the proxy VM
18:31:15  <planetmaker> I'll try to have a look
18:31:37  <frosch123> thanks :)
18:39:08  <planetmaker> hm... that's not going quick. I'll need ^Spike^ , too
18:39:18  <planetmaker> or access to the server via rcon
18:42:37  <frosch123> well, no translator missed it yet :p
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18:56:26  <planetmaker> hm, also not too good :)
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20:01:19  <planetmaker> frosch123, do you have root@cimarosa ?
20:01:35  <frosch123> yes
20:01:42  <planetmaker> hm, does it work for you?
20:01:50  <planetmaker> It seems to have forgotten my key for whatever reason
20:02:04  <frosch123> i am logged in
20:02:10  <planetmaker> hm
20:02:28  <planetmaker> you're logged-in via key, not via password, right?
20:02:35  <frosch123> yes, via key
20:02:40  <frosch123> never knew a password
20:02:46  <frosch123> there is a
20:03:03  <planetmaker> yeah... I wonder... might have become unusable due to too old cipher
20:03:28  <planetmaker> in case spike should have updated something. I had something similar with a workplace computer recently :D
20:03:34  <frosch123> so, i should also update mine then :p
20:03:56  <planetmaker> no, update at cimarosa possibly
20:04:05  <planetmaker> stopping it to accept *my* key
20:04:37  <frosch123> i mean, i already created a new ssh key since the other was getting old
20:04:43  <frosch123> i just did not distribute it to all sites
20:21:47  <planetmaker> <-- that was inaccessible?
20:22:07  <planetmaker> or really eints.o.o?
20:22:17  <frosch123> did someone rename it?
20:22:28  <planetmaker> it always was translator.o.o, was it?
20:22:40  <frosch123> yeah, my bookmark goes to translator.o.o
20:22:52  <frosch123> did it talk nonsense all the time? :p
20:22:56  <frosch123> *i
20:23:17  <planetmaker> eints.o.o at *some stage* used to work - but end up at the project page, I think
20:23:31  <planetmaker> but we disabled those automatic wildcard re-directs
20:23:51  <frosch123> sorry then :)
20:23:57  <planetmaker> no worries :)
20:24:27  <planetmaker> it made sure I have again a working key... :D
20:24:37  <planetmaker> so *definitely* good idea ;)
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