Log for #openttdcoop.nightly on 17th September 2012:
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14:51:10  *** Zuu has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
16:45:16  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
16:45:45  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
17:42:46  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:07:18  <andythenorth> !version
18:07:20  <andythenorth> ?
18:07:30  <andythenorth> hmm
18:07:30  <andythenorth> nvm
18:46:21  <planetmaker> hm, you want the server running?
18:46:25  <planetmaker> andythenorth, ?
18:47:06  <andythenorth> please :)
18:47:25  <andythenorth> SV needs r24513 or newer though :)
18:47:27  <andythenorth> planetmaker: ^
18:49:46  <planetmaker> I'll see what I can do :-)
18:56:41  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:56:41  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
18:56:41  <Nachtigall> Starting new game: 'Nachtigall'
18:56:41  <Nachtigall> Landscape: temperate
18:56:41  <Nachtigall> Dimensions: 256x256
18:56:41  <Nachtigall> Starting year: 1950
18:56:58  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:57:03  <planetmaker> !revision
18:57:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Game version is r24530
18:57:10  <planetmaker> ^ andythenorth
18:57:15  <andythenorth> awesome thanks
18:57:22  <andythenorth> now I just have to d/l the nightly :P
18:57:29  <andythenorth> my crappy network is crappy
18:58:04  <planetmaker> well. I had to wget some binary. Could then have taken the current nightly. So I did ;-)
18:58:42  <andythenorth> thanks :)
19:00:01  <planetmaker> what's planned with this server? I just returned home
19:00:25  <andythenorth> SV game
19:00:31  <andythenorth> assuming I can get it started
19:00:34  <planetmaker> who's on?
19:00:38  <planetmaker> !rcon content
19:00:39  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you are not allowed to use !rcon
19:00:42  <planetmaker> @op
19:00:46  <andythenorth> me, rb
19:00:48  <planetmaker> meh
19:00:49  <andythenorth> dunno who else
19:00:57  *** planetmaker has left #openttdcoop.nightly
19:01:09  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:01:17  <planetmaker> I see :-)
19:01:24  <andythenorth> I think my connection is going to be too slow to play :(
19:01:29  <andythenorth> stupid students
19:01:31  <planetmaker> !content
19:01:31  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you must be channel op to use !content
19:01:37  <planetmaker> @services op
19:01:42  <planetmaker> @whoami
19:01:42  <Webster> planetmaker: I don't recognize you.
19:02:10  <planetmaker> @services op
19:02:14  <planetmaker> @op
19:02:19  <planetmaker> bloody webster
19:02:49  <planetmaker> op webster
19:04:50  <planetmaker> damn... I don't get ops here :D
19:05:44  <andythenorth> I can't get the last 0.6MB to d/l :(
19:08:52  *** tjfontaine has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:09:20  *** tjfontaine sets mode: +o planetmaker
19:09:28  <planetmaker> thank you, tjfontaine :-)
19:09:32  *** Ammler has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:09:38  <tjfontaine> planetmaker: you're welcome
19:09:39  *** andythenorth is now known as Guest7355
19:09:40  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:09:47  <planetmaker> !rcon content
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: - Query, select and download content. Usage: 'content update|upgrade|select [all|id]|unselect [all|id]|state|download'
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: -   update: get a new list of downloadable content; must be run first
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: -   upgrade: select all items that are upgrades
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: -   select: select a specific item given by its id or 'all' to select all
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: -   unselect: unselect a specific item given by its id or 'all' to unselect all
19:09:47  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 2 more messages
19:09:54  <planetmaker> !content
19:09:54  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Connection established
19:09:56  *** tjfontaine has left #openttdcoop.nightly
19:09:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Expect timeout triggered!
19:09:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: (you need to !restart to have the new content loaded)
19:10:28  <planetmaker> !restart
19:10:28  <Nachtigall> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
19:10:41  <planetmaker> @op andythenorth
19:10:46  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:10:48  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:10:52  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:10:55  <andythenorth> ok
19:11:01  *** Nachtigall has quit IRC
19:11:02  <andythenorth> now I just need to make a save game :)
19:11:17  <Ammler> do you use the new debian server here already?
19:11:28  <planetmaker> uhm, no?
19:11:29  <planetmaker> which?
19:11:37  <planetmaker> I logged in to our games server
19:11:40  <Ammler> ok
19:12:01  <planetmaker> I know of no such server, unless changed to it
19:12:20  <planetmaker> but it still had gcc 4.5.1
19:12:45  <Ammler> that is why I wondered, I setup a new server but didn't migrate it
19:15:16  <planetmaker> so, added all people currently in chan as chanop. Except our guest ;-)
19:15:20  *** Guest7355 has quit IRC
19:16:11  <Ammler> you should add the masters group so the "op" issue doesn't happen again
19:16:37  <planetmaker> yes... I'm currently looking at how to add that again :-)
19:16:40  <planetmaker> do you know by heart?
19:16:57  <planetmaker> btw, the channel wasn't registered; so... it wouldn't have helped ;-)
19:18:41  <planetmaker> !getsave,%2004-01-2009.sav
19:19:24  <Ammler> /msg chanserv access add @openttdcoop.masters master
19:19:28  <Ammler> not sure
19:20:04  <Ammler> add @openttdcoop.devzone chanop
19:21:26  <planetmaker> please try. that fails for me
19:22:45  <Ammler> oh, you need to add the channel
19:22:56  <Ammler> /msg chanserv #openttdcoop.nightly access add @openttdcoop.masters master
19:23:12  <planetmaker> nope
19:23:23  <Ammler> [21:23] [Notice] -ChanServ- @openttdcoop.masters added to #openttdcoop.nightly access list as MASTER.
19:23:33  <Ammler> how were I am able to?
19:23:45  <Ammler> I thought, you were the only master :-)
19:23:47  <planetmaker> hm, strange. I typed exactly that... or maybe it worked w/o response
19:23:57  <planetmaker> I made you master before I said you should try ;-)
19:24:09  <Ammler> ah, you could have just replaced the nick with groupname
19:24:23  <Ammler> I had wrong order of the arguments
19:24:49  <planetmaker> ach... I know why I failed. I had a space too much. silly me
19:25:08  <planetmaker> ty :-)
19:25:44  *** planetmaker has left #openttdcoop.nightly
19:25:52  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:25:57  <Ammler> there is no autop
19:26:05  <planetmaker> hm, I really need focus for mouse-over again
19:26:10  <Ammler> /msg nickserv set autop true
19:27:20  <Ammler> [21:27] [Notice] -ChanServ- AUTOOP has been set to ON on channel #openttdcoop.nightly.
19:28:39  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:28:39  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
19:28:39  <Nachtigall> Starting new game: 'Nachtigall'
19:28:39  <Nachtigall> Landscape: temperate
19:28:39  <Nachtigall> Dimensions: 256x256
19:28:39  <Nachtigall> Starting year: 1950
19:28:41  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:28:50  <planetmaker> @op
19:29:09  <Ammler> webster has no power here
19:29:18  <planetmaker> seems so :-)
19:29:21  <planetmaker> @services op
19:29:25  <planetmaker> I wonder why
19:29:34  <Ammler> you need to set capability
19:29:44  <Ammler> @capabilites
19:29:59  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:30:03  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:30:03  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:30:53  *** Ammler has left #openttdcoop.nightly
19:30:54  *** Ammler has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:30:54  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Ammler
19:31:02  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:31:02  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
19:31:17  <andythenorth> found the server at last
19:31:46  *** Ammler sets mode: +o planetmaker
19:32:16  <KenjiE20> @makeop Ammler
19:32:16  <Webster> KenjiE20: The operation succeeded.
19:32:26  <KenjiE20> @makeop planetmaker
19:32:26  <Webster> KenjiE20: The operation succeeded.
19:32:30  *** KenjiE20 sets mode: +o Webster
19:32:47  <Ammler> thanks
19:32:56  <Ammler> @makeop andythenorth
19:33:08  <KenjiE20> needs bot registeration 'member
19:33:19  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
19:33:21  <Ammler> yeah, chanop knows him
19:33:23  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:33:36  <Ammler> chanserv*
19:33:39  <andythenorth> !getsave,%2004-01-2009.sav
19:33:39  <Nachtigall> andythenorth: you must be channel op to use !getsave
19:33:40  <KenjiE20> that's.... not what webster does
19:33:53  *** Ammler sets mode: +o andythenorth
19:33:58  <andythenorth> !getsave,%2004-01-2009.sav
19:33:58  <Nachtigall> andythenorth: OK :-)
19:34:12  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:34:14  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
19:34:16  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:34:16  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:34:18  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:34:19  <andythenorth> hmm
19:34:34  <Ammler> now you need !rcon load...
19:34:38  * andythenorth has no idea what to do :)
19:34:40  <Ammler> !rcon ls
19:34:40  <Nachtigall> Ammler: 0) .. (Parent directory)
19:34:40  <Nachtigall> Ammler: 1) autosave/ (Directory)
19:34:40  <Nachtigall> Ammler: 2) uploads/ (Directory)
19:34:40  <Nachtigall> Ammler: 3) nocargoal2.sav
19:34:40  <Nachtigall> Ammler: 4) nocargoal.sav
19:34:56  <planetmaker> !rcon cd uploads
19:34:58  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
19:34:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 0) .. (Parent directory)
19:34:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 1) Unnamed, 04-01-2009.sav
19:34:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 2) silicon20120910.sav
19:34:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 3) ncg20120909.sav
19:34:58  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 4) silicon20120908.sav
19:34:59  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 5 more messages
19:35:03  <planetmaker> !more
19:35:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 5) silicon20120903.sav
19:35:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 6) ncg20120831.sav
19:35:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 7) ncg20120827.sav
19:35:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 8) ncg20120826_2.sav
19:35:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 9) ncg20120826.sav
19:35:09  <andythenorth> 1)
19:35:18  <Ammler>  !rcon load 1
19:35:20  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:35:25  <Ammler> oh
19:35:31  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:35:35  <andythenorth> amazing :) :o
19:35:35  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:35:35  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:35:39  <Ammler> !auto
19:35:39  <Nachtigall> *** Ammler has enabled autopause mode.
19:35:58  <andythenorth>  planetmaker you joining in?
19:36:12  <andythenorth> I made a very long thin map which will favour trains
19:36:21  <andythenorth> although....I also made max train/station length 20
19:36:24  <planetmaker> yes, I will
19:36:29  <planetmaker> let me compile the game
19:36:32  <andythenorth> I favour long trains, you may not :P
19:36:54  <planetmaker> I'm flexible in that respect ;-)
19:37:13  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has joined company #1
19:37:13  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
19:37:21  <andythenorth> !pause
19:37:21  <Nachtigall> *** andythenorth has paused the server.
19:37:23  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
19:37:26  <planetmaker> !dl lin64
19:37:26  <Nachtigall> planetmaker:
19:39:07  <planetmaker> uh... that's a bad game, andythenorth
19:39:14  <andythenorth> oh
19:39:16  <planetmaker> we will miss vehicles to transport FIRS stuff
19:39:37  <andythenorth> opengfx trains?
19:39:47  <planetmaker> and it has a funny FIRS version. which is it? I can't download it
19:40:00  <andythenorth>
19:40:01  <planetmaker> and it read FIRS r
19:40:05  <planetmaker> thus without version
19:40:17  <planetmaker> which might be my thing to fix, though
19:40:32  <planetmaker> the server knows that FIRS version, too?
19:42:43  <andythenorth> seems to
19:42:47  <andythenorth> we've been playing games with it
19:43:25  <planetmaker> funny. now the newgrfs look also different. yes. Looks good
19:43:48  <planetmaker> then it was only showing the missing ones and I didn't see the others. That's it
19:43:55  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:44:16  <andythenorth> only 2 of us right now :P
19:45:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: Manufacturing Supplies...
19:45:34  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> need a PAX moneymaker to start
19:46:53  <planetmaker> o_O that's again a nice challenge? Someone else joining? Ammler ? Terkhen ? Zuu ?
19:47:23  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> dunno
19:47:29  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'm game if you are though :P
19:47:36  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> pax 1 - pax 2 to start I think
19:48:26  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> and maybe some ships
19:48:56  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: let's start, or we go to bed too late :P
19:49:04  <andythenorth> !unpause
19:49:04  <Nachtigall> *** andythenorth has unpaused the server. (Use !auto to set it back.)
19:49:06  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
19:49:10  <andythenorth> !auto
19:49:10  <Nachtigall> *** andythenorth has enabled autopause mode.
19:49:12  <planetmaker> I think there's better route to start
19:49:27  <planetmaker> !pause
19:49:27  <Nachtigall> *** planetmaker has paused the server.
19:49:29  <planetmaker> :D
19:49:29  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
19:49:42  <Zuu> I've been ironing out some bugs in CluelessPlus. And by now I think I soon should get to bed.
19:49:53  <planetmaker> from Serrafosca to Sant Feliu de Camialt
19:49:56  <planetmaker> what do you think?
19:50:14  <planetmaker> !auto
19:50:14  <Nachtigall> *** planetmaker has enabled autopause mode.
19:50:14  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> place signs?
19:50:14  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
19:50:32  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> pax 3 and pax 4
19:50:54  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ok fine
19:50:57  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> do you want to build?
19:51:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I dislike train building :)
19:51:11  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we hav a loan
19:53:09  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> do we cheat with station spread or not?
19:53:15  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> yes cheat
19:53:22  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> completely ok with me
19:53:32  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> go look at my 2 docks :P
19:55:29  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ha
19:55:29  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> h
19:55:34  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> these ships pay back fast
19:58:52  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we have enought passengers :D
20:00:30  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> these trains, too ;-)
20:00:49  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we have money now? :)
20:00:59  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes. Lots of
20:02:01  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ok so I was thinking spine route for freight
20:02:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> monorail
20:02:09  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> design for very large trains
20:02:15  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> use lots of feeders
20:02:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> want to do the spine?
20:02:27  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'll do the feeders?
20:02:33  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> long bridges :P
20:02:48  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> it will congest though, so ships might be useful
20:02:55  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes. I'll slightly extend our PAX service to smoother. but yes
20:03:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we'll need lots of metal
20:03:34  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'll look at that
20:04:06  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> done.
20:04:12  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> hmm
20:04:19  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> wonder if we have good recyclables output
20:04:25  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> that can make MNSP
20:04:39  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> where's our town?
20:04:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> Vilanova i la Geltrú:
20:04:55  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> ah, there
20:05:05  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> put a sign there
20:05:31  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> a
20:05:33  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ta
20:06:15  <Nachtigall> * planetm4ker looks at production chain
20:06:33  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> sand is easy
20:06:35  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> but we don't have much
20:06:41  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> paper mill, plastics plan, glass manufactury, recycling plant and ... forgot-the-english-translation
20:07:55  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I'll start with wood and papermill
20:07:58  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> great
20:10:08  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> industries are cheap. Good
20:10:15  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> impossible otherwise
20:10:25  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes, agreed
20:11:08  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I built wood+clay drop
20:11:10  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> k
20:11:48  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> now connecting woods
20:23:08  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> shit!
20:23:15  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> :o
20:23:21  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> no, use feeder!
20:23:38  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> transfer to the station there
20:23:44  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> not directly to factory
20:23:44  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'm doing ore ;)
20:24:18  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> bad place for a junction. very bad
20:24:36  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> might jam due to the station I built
20:25:22  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'm building a dedicated line
20:25:29  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> it's like old-style ttd :P
20:25:29  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> don't
20:25:43  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> done now
20:25:45  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> it's not old-style. It's spaghetty which makes it unmanagable
20:28:04  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> can we drop metal to the wood and clay drop too?
20:28:10  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> or separate drop?
20:28:20  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> if it's TL5, yes
20:28:42  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> though it might be better to go separated
20:29:00  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm... we have space enough. Let's drop it there
20:29:06  <V453000> !revision
20:29:06  <Nachtigall> V453000: Game version is r24530
20:29:14  <V453000> !dl win64
20:29:14  <Nachtigall> V453000:
20:30:33  <V453000> !url
20:30:33  <Nachtigall> V453000:
20:30:56  <V453000> hm, the server gives me one <unknown> newgrf
20:31:04  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> FIRS
20:31:06  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes. Special FIRS version
20:31:21  <planetmaker> <andythenorth>
20:31:23  <V453000> oh :)
20:31:25  <V453000> ty
20:33:11  <Nachtigall> <V453000> evening :)
20:33:13  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> hi v
20:33:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> build build build
20:34:03  <Nachtigall> <V453000> supplying mechanism changes?
20:34:06  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> yes
20:34:25  <Nachtigall> <V453000> nice
20:35:47  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> production supply delivery started. With a VERY long train service ;-)
20:36:01  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> monorail!
20:36:07  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> there's a song about that :P
20:36:11  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> for 5 tile service? ;-)
20:37:02  <Nachtigall> *** V453000 has joined company #1
20:37:16  <Nachtigall> <V453000> oh nice reduced costs of industry funding :)
20:38:06  <Nachtigall> <V453000> the 30t = 2x means 30t in total or 30t each month?
20:38:12  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> andy, if you build tracks, please build signals!
20:38:15  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> see !signals!
20:38:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> 30t every 3 months
20:38:24  <Nachtigall> <V453000> oh
20:38:26  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ach, I forgot signals :P
20:38:28  <Nachtigall> <V453000> :d
20:38:28  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> building fast :P
20:38:38  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oops
20:38:40  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> making trains wait for days there
20:38:40  <Nachtigall> <V453000> I thought like 30t in 3 month succession -> boost
20:38:47  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> 30t every 3 months
20:38:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> 120t for 4x
20:39:04  <Nachtigall> <V453000> hm
20:39:42  <Nachtigall> <V453000> is that static or does it change with higher industry production?
20:39:48  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> andy, sadly I don't like monorail. Thus I build trains ;-)
20:39:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> doesn't change
20:40:09  <Nachtigall> <V453000> hm
20:41:16  <Nachtigall> <V453000> I think the 120 is dangerously easy to reach
20:41:22  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> yes
20:41:32  <Nachtigall> <V453000> not to mention when it grows a bit
20:42:06  <Nachtigall> <V453000> I would probably keep the montly basis, but it is a step in the right direction I think
20:46:05  <Nachtigall> <V453000> have fun :)
20:46:07  <Nachtigall> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
20:48:10  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: forest production is increasing now aroun Riunegre de Francolí
20:57:49  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> do we produce chemicals somewhere?
20:57:52  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> yes
20:57:54  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> refinery
20:57:57  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> very far south
20:58:00  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> fly them :P
20:58:04  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> or monorail
20:58:06  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> :-O
21:04:02  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: where to pickup goods from the paper mill?  I want an airport for it...
21:04:56  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> andy! Watch your signals please
21:05:06  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> where?
21:05:10  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> you interrupted the whole delivery of every single wood
21:05:57  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> as
21:06:00  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oh :o
21:06:10  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> did I place a signal at the entrance?
21:06:13  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> about 10 trains were queuing already
21:06:16  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> no
21:06:24  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oh they're not PBS :o
21:06:35  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> no. I never build pbs unless needed
21:06:38  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ah
21:06:45  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> it saves cpu and is faster for path finding
21:08:07  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'm going to build metal industry
21:08:10  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> near glass works ok?
21:17:38  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> woah
21:17:44  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> loads of wood waiting :)
21:25:06  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: I need a metal plant
21:25:12  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> where do you want to put it ?
21:25:19  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> don't want to screw the network :P
21:34:29  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm, shouldn't we rather build a plastics plant? better use of chemicals
21:34:35  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> Or is it also 2/8?
21:34:38  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> can't remember :)
21:34:44  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> probably more than that
21:34:58  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> feel free to build one :)
21:35:05  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> meh. Too late, now we have this other industry there
21:35:12  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> chemicals are going to the paper mill
21:35:22  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I know. But also only at 2/8
21:35:28  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they combine with the wood though...
21:35:30  *** Zuu has quit IRC
21:35:58  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> ah... "two or more". Yes. Then they're very efficient :-)
21:36:14  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> still loads of wood at Riunegre de Francolí :)
21:37:12  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> so, bought 4 more trains ;-)
21:37:26  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> good call
21:37:28  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> the station might be too small, though
21:38:18  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I guess it still manages. Just though
21:39:42  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we're still only over 500 for one industry, likely the paper mill
21:40:04  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> the recycling is well transported
21:40:07  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> :o
21:40:13  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> glass works nothing
21:40:33  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> do you bring something there?
21:40:39  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> no
21:40:45  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> ah, glass... I only have one sand so far
21:40:59  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> now two :P
21:41:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> funding is valid
21:41:15  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hehe :-)
21:41:31  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> side effect of low construction costs :P
21:42:25  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> three :D
21:42:35  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> becomes too easy :)
21:42:41  <Nachtigall> *** Bad_Brett has left the game (leaving)
21:42:43  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> still have to transport it all though :P
21:43:03  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> no issue. It's a station design easily extended
21:44:21  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm, drop station starts to become slowly at at its limits sometimes
21:44:43  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> room to fix it ?
21:45:06  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes. That's why I built everywhere the funky tracks. Space reservation and town overbuild protection
21:45:25  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> without actually buying all land ;-)
21:47:12  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm... why are recyclables delivered to Corbera de Riba fosca de Baix East?
21:47:58  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> there are some going there to make scrap metal
21:48:00  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> pikka's sounds are funky
21:48:06  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they could be rerouted
21:48:17  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> nah, we might need the metal, I guess
21:48:27  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> not high production either way anyway, it seems
21:53:51  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> outch
21:54:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ho
21:54:15  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> wrong use of ctrl
21:54:17  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (general timeout)
21:54:17  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (connection lost)
21:54:39  <andythenorth> got kicked, too slow :P
21:54:53  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:54:53  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (connection lost)
21:55:20  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I should ban myself for such punishable offence against the map and game
21:55:34  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> so it wasn't my land clearance ;P
21:55:45  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I don't think
21:55:51  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> rather mine
21:56:01  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> at !ugly
21:56:39  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> luckily we got good MM
21:57:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> hmm
21:57:09  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we are close to the end :o
21:57:15  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> few months left
21:57:33  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we won't make it
22:05:02  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> aahh
22:05:08  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> not going to win :(
22:05:38  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I think it shows that we're only two. As opposed to four builders last time
22:06:00  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I think we get silver soon
22:06:20  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> fuck
22:06:22  <planetmaker> !rcon pause
22:06:22  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (manual)
22:06:24  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> all the trains are stuck
22:06:26  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (manual)
22:06:36  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> presignal disaster :P
22:06:50  <planetmaker> hm, andythenorth, I will not continue playing another hour. I'll go to bed now
22:07:01  <andythenorth> I should too
22:07:02  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 3
22:07:03  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
22:07:07  <planetmaker> !auto
22:07:07  <Nachtigall> *** planetmaker has enabled autopause mode.
22:07:09  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
22:07:13  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 3
22:07:13  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: unpause
22:07:13  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Game is already unpaused.
22:07:13  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
22:07:16  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 4
22:07:16  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: unpause
22:07:16  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Game cannot be unpaused manually; disable pause_on_join/min_active_clients.
22:07:19  <andythenorth> planetmaker: do you want to continue tomorrow?
22:07:30  <andythenorth> I think it's silver medal within 6 months :P
22:07:32  <andythenorth> I found all the stuck trains
22:07:44  <andythenorth> or are you done with it?
22:07:45  <planetmaker> Might. Depends on how many people will sign-in for sports
22:07:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I am out tomorrow actually
22:08:04  <planetmaker> so I might be home or not. Dunno :-)
22:08:14  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> mind if I just finish this?
22:08:41  <planetmaker> of course not. Please go ahead. I actually don't think we'll make it in 6 months. But well, maybe :-)
22:08:46  <andythenorth> !unpause
22:08:46  <Nachtigall> *** andythenorth has unpaused the server. (Use !auto to set it back.)
22:08:47  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
22:11:03  <planetmaker> ok, good night then from here :-)
22:11:06  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> bye :)
22:11:17  <planetmaker> I'll keep my thumbs crossed :-)
22:24:13  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
22:24:22  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.nightly
22:27:36  <planetmaker> !rcon pause
22:27:36  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (manual)
22:27:40  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (manual)
22:27:57  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 3
22:27:58  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
22:28:12  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
22:28:16  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
22:28:26  <planetmaker> !rcon save goal_continue
22:28:26  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Saving map...
22:28:26  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Map successfully saved to goal_continue.sav
22:32:21  <V453000> gnight :)
22:56:19  <Ammler> there is !(un)pause and !auto for a reason :-)

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