Log for #openttdcoop.nightly on 12th July 2013:
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16:35:49  <planetmaker> !update
16:35:49  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Update starting...
16:36:12  <Nachtigall> Update done: OpenTTD r25586 (run !install)
16:37:14  <planetmaker> !install
16:37:17  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: install done, please run !restart
16:37:24  <planetmaker> !restart
16:37:24  <Nachtigall> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
16:38:02  <Nachtigall> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
16:38:02  <Nachtigall> Thank you for playing r25581.
16:38:05  <Nachtigall> Server has exited
16:38:05  *** Nachtigall has quit IRC
16:38:15  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
16:38:15  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
16:38:15  <Nachtigall> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} - Nightly Server'
16:38:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Nachtigall
16:38:15  *** Webster changes topic to " | r25586 | !content, !update, !install, !restart, !getsave, !rcon <openttd command>"
17:10:40  *** Alberth has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
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17:11:05  *** frosch123 has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
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17:11:16  <Alberth> 25586, apparently
17:32:45  <planetmaker> yeah
17:32:48  <planetmaker> !dl lin64
17:32:48  <Nachtigall> planetmaker:
17:35:41  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:35:43  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth joined the game
17:35:59  <Alberth> !help
17:36:41  <planetmaker> no such command :-)
17:36:50  <planetmaker> and... the map is in preparation
17:40:28  <Alberth> but the bot suggested I try that command :)
17:42:24  <planetmaker> oh :-)
17:42:43  <planetmaker> I also suggest to download last FIRS nightly (r3761) from DevZone's bundle server
17:45:11  <Alberth> hmm, "cp" is not going to work for getting it :p
17:48:00  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth has left the game (leaving)
18:02:41  <planetmaker> I'll upload both, I think
18:24:50  <planetmaker> !rcon los
18:24:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: ERROR: command not found
18:24:52  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 0) .. (Parent directory)
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 1) autosave/ (Directory)
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 2) uploads/ (Directory)
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 3) nightly-120713-start.sav
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 4) restart.sav
18:24:53  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 8 more messages
18:24:59  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
18:25:01  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:25:20  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:25:23  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
18:25:32  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
18:25:38  <planetmaker> !content
18:25:38  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] Connection established
18:25:38  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
18:25:38  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] Nothing to download
18:26:16  <planetmaker> !content
18:26:18  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content Update] Expect timeout triggered!
18:26:18  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] Downloading 1 file(s) (56510 bytes)
18:26:19  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] Completed download of 2755
18:26:19  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] All 1 downloaded
18:26:19  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: [Content] (you need to rescan(ai|game|newgrf) to have the new content loaded)
18:26:28  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
18:26:31  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:26:38  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:26:41  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
18:26:46  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
18:27:14  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
18:27:16  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:28:13  <planetmaker> !restart
18:28:13  <Nachtigall> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
18:29:01  <Nachtigall> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
18:29:02  <Nachtigall> Thank you for playing r25586.
18:29:05  <Nachtigall> Server has exited
18:29:06  *** Nachtigall has quit IRC
18:29:24  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:29:24  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
18:29:24  <Nachtigall> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} - Nightly Server'
18:29:24  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Nachtigall
18:29:24  *** Webster changes topic to " | r25586 | !content, !update, !install, !restart, !getsave, !rcon <openttd command>"
18:29:36  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
18:29:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: players
18:29:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: server_info
18:29:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: clients
18:29:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: echo doneclientcount
18:29:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Current/maximum clients:     0/16
18:29:38  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 4 more messages
18:29:38  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:29:55  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:29:58  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
18:30:08  <planetmaker> hmpf
18:30:24  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
18:30:26  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
18:30:26  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (number of players)
18:30:29  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
18:30:40  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
18:30:41  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 0) .. (Parent directory)
18:30:41  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 1) autosave/ (Directory)
18:30:41  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 2) uploads/ (Directory)
18:30:41  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 3) restart.sav
18:30:41  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 4) nightly-120713-start.sav
18:30:42  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 8 more messages
18:30:46  <planetmaker> !rcon load 4
18:30:48  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:30:50  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:30:52  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
18:30:58  <planetmaker> better :-)
18:31:11  <planetmaker> frosch123, Alberth map acceptable?
18:33:39  <planetmaker> <-- newgrfs
18:34:11  <frosch123> firs with broken version detection?
18:35:12  <planetmaker> hm?
18:35:39  <frosch123> oh, the name is too long for the content gui
18:36:43  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:36:44  <Nachtigall> <V453000> uni uni
18:36:44  <Nachtigall> *** V453000 joined the game
18:36:55  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> ui ui V45 :-)
18:37:02  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:37:02  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 joined the game
18:37:06  <Nachtigall> <V453000> uhm
18:37:08  <Nachtigall> <V453000> the farms dont produce anything
18:37:18  <Nachtigall> <V453000> or
18:37:33  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> lol
18:38:10  <frosch123> what's wrong with the farms? i see no issue
18:38:27  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> they produce nothing
18:38:46  <frosch123> oh, plantations
18:39:12  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> "Heart of Darkness". How cruel to us
18:39:13  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
18:39:16  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth joined the game
18:40:27  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> :D Sugar refinery makes sugar from manufacturing supplies alone
18:41:15  <frosch123> heh, sugar refinery has only supplies as input?
18:41:24  <frosch123> oh, you just said that :s
18:41:31  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> :-)
18:42:15  <frosch123> welll, looks like we do not need the plantations for the goal
18:42:25  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yeah.. no sugar cane
18:42:39  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> and... where's our java coffee?
18:43:10  <Alberth> oh, story book has goals :)
18:43:18  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> NoCarGoal
18:43:36  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> 7 years for 3 cargos 25k each transported in summary
18:44:04  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> sugar, alcohol and copper ore
18:44:14  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> that'll be a challange
18:48:40  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:48:40  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o andythenorth
18:48:42  <Alberth> it's getting busy around the terminals :p
18:49:27  *** ^Spike^ has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:49:30  <andythenorth> r25586?
18:49:41  <^Spike^> pm... what was it... reboot right? ;)
18:49:41  <planetmaker> yes
18:49:53  <planetmaker> and
18:49:56  <frosch123> andythenorth: can you fix firs within 10 minutes? :)
18:50:08  <andythenorth> what's the broken?
18:50:19  <andythenorth> and where are the nightlies?  I always forget
18:50:20  <frosch123> missing cargo definitons
18:50:23  <frosch123> no "sugar"
18:50:28  <andythenorth> k
18:50:31  <frosch123> but sugar plantation and sugar refinery
18:51:10  *** Rubidium has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:51:10  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Rubidium
18:51:15  <andythenorth> hmm
18:51:20  <andythenorth> sugar in the payment rate window
18:51:26  <planetmaker> o/ Rubidium
18:51:26  <andythenorth> maybe wrong label
18:51:37  <planetmaker> farms and refinery don't use sugar
18:51:44  <planetmaker> no.
18:51:49  <planetmaker> farms don't produce sugar cane
18:51:50  <Alberth> something like this andy
18:52:00  <planetmaker> !dl
18:52:01  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: !dl autostart|autottd|autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
18:52:03  <planetmaker> !dl osx
18:52:03  <Nachtigall> planetmaker:
18:52:16  <Rubidium> oh... not nightly
18:52:21  <planetmaker> not?
18:52:28  <planetmaker> oh, not today, yes
18:52:29  <Rubidium> well, old one at least ;)
18:52:30  <andythenorth> ah
18:52:33  <andythenorth> no sugar cane
18:52:35  <planetmaker> I configured it before
18:52:44  <Rubidium> so the oldly it is
18:52:52  <planetmaker> haha :-)
18:53:17  <Rubidium> no pong then ;)
18:54:03  <planetmaker> I can update, if you wish
18:54:13  <planetmaker> !update
18:54:13  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Update starting...
18:54:15  <Rubidium> and then having to recompile again?
18:54:43  <planetmaker> this triggers compilation ;-)
18:55:11  <Rubidium> then I'll rinse'n'repeat
18:55:38  <planetmaker> I'll still need to !install (when done) and !restart
18:56:59  <andythenorth> I'm compiling FIRS
18:57:00  <Nachtigall> Update done: OpenTTD r25591 (run !install)
18:57:03  <andythenorth> whistle a tune for 3 mins :P
18:57:28  <planetmaker> you want to test it, Rubidium ?
18:57:35  <planetmaker> then I update server rev
18:58:12  <Rubidium> fine by me
18:58:34  <planetmaker> !install
18:58:37  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: install done, please run !restart
18:58:41  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth has left the game (leaving)
18:58:45  <planetmaker> right folks... new rev :D
18:58:48  <planetmaker> !restart
18:58:48  <Nachtigall> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
18:58:58  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 has left the game (leaving)
18:59:01  <Nachtigall> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
18:59:02  <Nachtigall> Thank you for playing r25586.
18:59:04  <Nachtigall> Server has exited
18:59:04  *** Nachtigall has quit IRC
18:59:05  <andythenorth> I should buy a faster computer
18:59:09  <andythenorth> for compiling FIRS
18:59:13  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
18:59:13  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
18:59:13  <Nachtigall> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} - Nightly Server'
18:59:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Nachtigall
18:59:13  *** Webster changes topic to " | r25591 | !content, !update, !install, !restart, !getsave, !rcon <openttd command>"
19:00:06  <planetmaker> !dl lin64
19:00:06  <Nachtigall> planetmaker:
19:00:26  <Rubidium> !dl source
19:00:26  <Nachtigall> Rubidium: unknown option "source"
19:00:32  <andythenorth> FIRS committed
19:00:33  <Rubidium> tss...
19:00:51  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:00:53  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 joined the game
19:01:16  <andythenorth> no OS X build of that rev?
19:01:57  <Rubidium> there is one
19:02:15  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:02:15  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
19:02:20  <andythenorth> maybe I guessed the path wrong
19:02:26  <planetmaker> !dl osx
19:02:26  <Nachtigall> planetmaker:
19:02:28  <planetmaker> easy :-)
19:02:41  <frosch123> planetmaker: update firs?
19:02:43  <Rubidium> should I read that first joiner as firs000?
19:02:58  <frosch123> interesting interpretation
19:03:15  <frosch123> but the grfid is F125
19:03:41  <Rubidium> and nightly-ish landscape and firs?
19:04:01  <frosch123> [20:53] <planetmaker> and
19:04:05  <Rubidium> and this search external website sucks... it can't find the missing content
19:04:23  <planetmaker> silly devs. Useless feature
19:04:34  <andythenorth> fixed FIRS just got built
19:05:10  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:05:11  <Nachtigall> *** Strontium joined the game
19:05:16  <planetmaker> pushed, andythenorth ?
19:05:38  <andythenorth> yup
19:06:50  <planetmaker> I'll quickly create an updated map
19:06:56  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
19:09:56  <planetmaker> that's fixed for sugarcane
19:10:50  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 0) .. (Parent directory)
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 1) autosave/ (Directory)
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 2) uploads/ (Directory)
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 3) nightly-120713-start.sav
19:10:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 4) restart.sav
19:10:51  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 8 more messages
19:11:18  <planetmaker> !rcon load 4
19:11:20  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:11:22  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:11:25  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 joined the game
19:11:25  <Nachtigall> *** Strontium joined the game
19:11:43  <frosch123> forgot rescan?
19:11:48  <planetmaker> yes
19:11:55  <planetmaker> !rescan newgrf
19:12:45  <planetmaker> meh...
19:12:59  <planetmaker> how do I tell the server to rescan
19:13:12  <Rubidium> !rcon rescan_newgrf
19:13:12  <frosch123> !rcon rescannewgrf
19:13:15  <Rubidium> ?
19:13:15  <Nachtigall> Rubidium: dbg: [misc] The file 'content_download/newgrf/CHIPS_Station_Set-1.2.0.tar' isn't a valid tar-file
19:13:15  <Nachtigall> Rubidium: dbg: [misc] The file 'content_download/newgrf/xUSSR_Railway_Set-1.0.913Alpha.tar' isn't a valid tar-file
19:13:15  <Nachtigall> Rubidium: say "<Rubidium> ?"
19:13:40  <planetmaker> !rcon load 4
19:13:42  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:13:46  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:13:46  <Nachtigall> *** Strontium joined the game
19:13:48  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 joined the game
19:13:51  <frosch123> still fail
19:13:55  <planetmaker> !restart
19:13:55  <Nachtigall> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
19:13:59  <frosch123> i should not be able to join :p
19:14:02  <Nachtigall> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
19:14:02  <Nachtigall> Thank you for playing r25591.
19:14:05  <frosch123> where's the download?
19:14:06  <Nachtigall> Server has exited
19:14:06  *** Nachtigall has quit IRC
19:14:14  *** Nachtigall has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:14:14  <Nachtigall> Autopilot engaged
19:14:14  <Nachtigall> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} - Nightly Server'
19:14:14  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Nachtigall
19:14:14  *** Webster changes topic to " | r25591 | !content, !update, !install, !restart, !getsave, !rcon <openttd command>"
19:14:15  <frosch123> devzone bundles?
19:14:23  <planetmaker> yes
19:14:37  <frosch123> ah. devzone posted a link
19:14:40  <Rubidium> I can still load it
19:14:52  <andythenorth> ach, it thinks I don't have FIRS :P
19:15:04  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 0) .. (Parent directory)
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 1) autosave/ (Directory)
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 2) uploads/ (Directory)
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 3) restart.sav
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: 4) nightly-120713-start.sav
19:15:04  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: you have 8 more messages
19:15:07  <planetmaker> !rcon load 4
19:15:09  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:15:31  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:15:33  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker joined the game
19:15:37  <planetmaker> better
19:15:43  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:15:46  <Nachtigall> *** Strontium joined the game
19:16:08  <planetmaker> but I can swear that "rescan newgrfs" doesn't do a too thorough job
19:16:41  <Rubidium> planetmaker: if you load the "wrong" save, things will go "wrong"
19:16:44  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:16:47  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 joined the game
19:16:58  <planetmaker> nah, I mean when I added the new firs locally. I had to restart, too, to find it
19:17:01  <Rubidium> as first you loaded "restart.sav" and only just recently you loaded "nightly-120713-start.sav"
19:17:41  <planetmaker> and... sugar refinery still doesn't accept sugarcane
19:18:05  <frosch123> oh yeah, interesting industry chain :)
19:18:12  <planetmaker> doesn't matter, though
19:18:16  <frosch123> anyway, let's play food, fish, coffee
19:18:18  <planetmaker> fish, coffee, food
19:18:24  <planetmaker> :-)
19:18:26  <andythenorth> too many FIRS installed here :P
19:18:31  <andythenorth> ok I'm in
19:18:36  <Nachtigall> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
19:18:39  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth joined the game
19:19:02  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has joined company #1
19:19:18  <Rubidium> does that mean fish -> fishing harbour -> general store to get 2 of the 3?
19:19:21  <andythenorth> ooh
19:19:27  <andythenorth> goals flag and storyboook
19:19:30  <frosch123> arismendi <-> cochabamba?
19:19:48  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I guess so, yes, Rubi
19:19:59  <andythenorth> I hope we have boats :P
19:20:13  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we do have FISH + sailing boats
19:20:31  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 has joined company #1
19:21:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> so...boring PAX strategy to get money?
19:21:25  <planetmaker> V453000, you going to help us win?
19:21:35  <planetmaker> I'd guess so, yes
19:21:54  <Nachtigall> <f123000> whoa, trading post <-> coffee estate, two way transport
19:22:13  <Nachtigall> <f123000> what? why is coffee accepted by the brewery?
19:22:25  <Nachtigall> <f123000> are you distilling coffee into espresso?
19:22:28  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth joined the game
19:22:46  <planetmaker> it's not accepted by brewery
19:22:53  <planetmaker> fruit... hm... :-)
19:23:03  <Nachtigall> <f123000> oh :s
19:23:09  <Nachtigall> <f123000> fruit from coffee estate?
19:23:24  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> yes :)
19:23:30  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they grow a bit of fruit too
19:23:32  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> and it amused me
19:23:39  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> Fuerte Olimpio has lots of coffee
19:23:45  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> and trading posts
19:23:59  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> fish -> food
19:24:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> easy right?
19:24:06  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> go ;)
19:24:10  <planetmaker> so... let's go rock?
19:24:13  <planetmaker> !rcon unpause
19:24:13  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (manual)
19:24:18  <Nachtigall> * andythen0rth has to eat
19:24:20  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> build some pax
19:26:02  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> walk the stations ;P
19:29:13  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> are we rich yet?
19:29:38  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm, did the passenger graphics change? Or is that NUTS?
19:30:00  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> folks, mind that cargodist is enabled. Just saying
19:30:07  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> :o
19:30:13  <Nachtigall> * andythen0rth is newbie
19:30:31  <Nachtigall> <f123000> doesn't matter as long as there is no network, does it?
19:30:49  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> doesn't
19:30:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> cargodist + NoCarGoal :o
19:30:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> :)
19:31:11  <Nachtigall> <f123000> makes supplies easier
19:31:25  <Nachtigall> <f123000> so, likely yay :)
19:31:38  <Alberth> santa elena trading post for coffee?
19:31:39  <Nachtigall> <f123000> we should have played with ogfx+trains to get autorefit :p
19:31:50  <Nachtigall> <f123000> yup, Santa Elena
19:32:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> maxed the loan
19:32:51  <Nachtigall> <f123000> imho two-way tram service with refits at each end for coffee
19:33:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> HEQS doesn't autorefit iirc?
19:33:15  <Nachtigall> <f123000> yeah, with depot
19:33:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> maybe I'm wrong
19:33:21  <planetmaker> should be fine
19:33:23  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ah ok
19:35:43  <V453000> !dl win64
19:35:43  <Nachtigall> V453000:
19:35:59  <V453000> no pm I wont play :)
19:36:43  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> you also need to enjoy the newly shaped rivers :-P
19:36:51  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they are much better
19:38:33  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> no small airport
19:38:40  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> no more, I guess. 1970
19:38:54  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> one airport
19:39:22  <V453000> is the evul firs somewhere?
19:40:44  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> is anyone distributing FS from Oruro Plantation?
19:41:13  <Alberth> FS?
19:41:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> farm supplies
19:41:27  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I am dropping some off there
19:41:32  <Alberth> not me
19:41:35  <V453000> where can I get the latest first?
19:41:35  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> but I can't see any distribution
19:41:42  <V453000> or, the one on the server
19:41:53  <Alberth>
19:42:13  <V453000> o_O I thought I just got 61 out of that :D thanks though
19:42:49  <Alberth> you did probably, this one is still very warm :)
19:43:00  <Nachtigall> *** V453000 joined the game
19:43:02  <V453000> I know
19:43:06  <Nachtigall> <V453000> mu
19:44:45  <Nachtigall> <V453000> whats coffee considered, piece cargo?
19:45:13  <andythenorth> piece
19:45:32  <frosch123> sadly not liquid :p
19:45:38  <Nachtigall> <V453000> shall be bulk naow
19:46:00  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> money is running out...
19:46:16  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> or rather... we're fast in spending it
19:47:31  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> can we backload the coffee trains with farm supplies?
19:47:49  <Alberth> no idea
19:47:49  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> yes. I do that. Use universal wagon and depot refit
19:47:53  <Nachtigall> <f123000> i am configuring the trams for that
19:48:03  <Nachtigall> <f123000> refit trams on both ends :)
19:49:58  <planetmaker> I do that with the trains on Campo Grande Valley Station
19:51:12  <Nachtigall> <V453000> well duh
19:51:16  <Nachtigall> <V453000> need a new colour for hoppers
19:51:22  <Nachtigall> <V453000> first uses all of them already :D
19:51:22  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> :)
19:51:32  <Nachtigall> <V453000> -t
19:52:00  <Nachtigall> <V453000> I guess whitey hoppers could be nice enough
19:53:22  <Nachtigall> <V453000> gute nacht for now though
19:53:25  <Nachtigall> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
19:53:31  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> g'night, V
19:53:45  <V453000> bai :)
19:54:16  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> moar coffee
19:55:58  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> plane speed factor is making for very slow helicopters :)
19:57:53  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> the air route is overloaded
19:58:07  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I am going to build a train
19:58:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oh wrong air route sorry
20:00:27  <Nachtigall> <f123000> is there any supply servicing at oruro?
20:01:11  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I don't think so
20:01:21  <Nachtigall> <f123000> i am fixing the trams there
20:01:27  <Nachtigall> <f123000> someone needs to fix the train
20:01:27  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth>  am delivering
20:01:37  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I'll do it
20:01:42  <Alberth> just add supplies trams?
20:01:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they'll block the station
20:02:11  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> coffee's going to be difficult. But I made industries dirt cheap
20:02:45  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> no autorefit in NUTS?
20:06:03  <planetmaker> no
20:06:13  <planetmaker> or?
20:07:20  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> woah
20:07:26  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> craploads of coffee in the north
20:07:32  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> near Campo Grande
20:07:47  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> that's going to get transported. Just somewhat in waves
20:07:53  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> didn't yet setup time table
20:07:56  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> nor full load
20:08:18  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> needs more trams
20:08:28  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> not really. Maybe trams
20:08:32  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I didn't tend trams
20:08:39  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> doing it
20:09:14  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> hmm
20:09:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> orders are confusing for tram 20
20:09:35  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oic
20:09:49  <Nachtigall> <f123000> they are the same for all trams
20:09:52  <Nachtigall> <f123000> on both sides of the lake
20:10:02  <Nachtigall> <f123000> coffee in one direction, farm supplies in the other
20:10:08  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they got built refitted to fmsp
20:10:15  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> that's orders with depot refit
20:10:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> but then got stuck trying to full load coffee :)
20:10:31  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> he :-)
20:10:45  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> initial condition didn't match. otherwise fine
20:10:51  <Nachtigall> <f123000> hmm, i miscloned
20:11:10  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> first order possibly should be depot visit and proper refit
20:11:25  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> it's such fun clicking 'skip'
20:11:40  <Nachtigall> <f123000> select last order and ctrl+click skip
20:12:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> nice
20:12:30  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> fish are intelligent. They're only there where there are no oil rigs
20:12:58  <Nachtigall> <f123000> someone broke the trains
20:13:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> whic?
20:13:05  <Nachtigall> <f123000> by removing the refit depot
20:13:08  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> frick sorry
20:13:10  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> all
20:13:20  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> oh... sorry
20:13:26  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> my context was wrong
20:14:09  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> roro station?
20:14:15  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> hm... coffee estates... are expensive :S
20:14:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> only 1.2?
20:14:31  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> only? Even! :P
20:16:58  <Nachtigall> <f123000> roro makes no sense with refit
20:17:08  <Nachtigall> <f123000> or only half
20:17:11  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> aa
20:17:25  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> 50% faster no?
20:17:31  <Nachtigall> <f123000> just add more platforms
20:17:37  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> blocks 50% of the time :)D
20:17:40  <Nachtigall> <f123000> put depots on one side of them
20:17:48  <Nachtigall> <f123000> they are goto nearest depot anyway now
20:17:58  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oh neat
20:18:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> let's change it then
20:20:43  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> food?
20:20:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ho
20:20:59  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> what are these rocks in the lake at Iquitos?
20:24:49  <Nachtigall> <f123000> they are called "rocky land"
20:24:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> new stuff :P
20:24:58  <Nachtigall> <f123000> though it's not quite rocky
20:25:05  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> where's the old, non-feature ottd I am used to :(
20:25:23  <planetmaker> I made that into opengfx+landscape when i was bored
20:25:26  <Nachtigall> <f123000> err, not quite landy, i meant
20:25:41  <planetmaker> simple NewObject
20:26:46  <planetmaker> but requires nightly to work properly :-P
20:27:01  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we won Bronze!
20:27:03  <Nachtigall> <f123000> what nightly feature does it need?
20:27:17  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> shore_sprite_offset
20:27:23  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> or however that is called
20:28:29  <Nachtigall> <f123000> i think the goals on the second story book page should line wrap
20:28:37  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> agreed
20:28:52  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I think it should show we got a medal :P
20:29:19  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> story book overlaps with flag page a bit imho
20:29:33  <Nachtigall> <f123000> that's up to the script
20:29:47  <Nachtigall> <f123000> zuu added it mostly for testing afaik :)
20:29:53  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> k
20:29:55  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> lovely... 27 557 tons of food to transport ;)
20:30:14  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> those 'murican are going to like that ;)
20:30:24  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> how do you see the amount on the map?
20:30:39  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> nah, it's the goal amount
20:30:51  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> ok
20:30:53  <Alberth> trams are quite stuck
20:30:59  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> in imperial short tons
20:30:59  <Nachtigall> <f123000> weird units? :)
20:31:01  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> don't need them anyway
20:31:03  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> instead of metric tonnes
20:32:10  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> sending more ships to load cargo to go to a dock the cargo doesn't want to go to doesn't help
20:32:24  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> cargodist is tricky :P
20:32:46  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> who keeps building those hovercrafts?
20:32:53  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> there are like a million waiting there already
20:32:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> there are enough by now surely?
20:33:19  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> oh, good idea... lets build even more
20:33:29  <Nachtigall> <f123000> who built a canal? and where?
20:33:31  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> they do bring back mnsp
20:34:14  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> andythen0rth: lovely they bring that back, but not when they're full loading at the fish market
20:34:21  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> agreed
20:34:39  <Nachtigall> <f123000> hmm, oh i guess the statistics shows water depots
20:34:49  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> will we win?
20:34:55  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I guess I made our goal too easy :-(
20:35:05  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> nah, we're too good ;)
20:35:05  <Nachtigall> <f123000> yeah, i wonder
20:35:15  <Nachtigall> <f123000> did cargodist make supplies so easy
20:35:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> totally depends on the number of players with NoCarGoal
20:35:19  <Nachtigall> <f123000> or is the economy so easy?
20:35:23  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> 1 fewer, this would be hard
20:35:25  <Nachtigall> <f123000> we have no supply chains
20:35:32  <Nachtigall> <f123000> only like 4 industry types
20:35:34  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> I think we were a bit lucky with what we got
20:35:44  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> it's pretty much export only this economy
20:35:46  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> coffee -> food -> win
20:35:56  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> anything -> ports -> win
20:36:16  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> congratulations :-)
20:36:22  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> it would be a hard economy for SV or a town growth script
20:36:24  <Nachtigall> <f123000> he, 81 ships even
20:36:48  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> so that was fun
20:36:54  <Nachtigall> <planetm4ker> we're rather a shipping company than a rail one :-)
20:37:00  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> dunno how many more times I can play NoCarGoal though :)
20:37:03  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> wearing it out
20:37:45  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> so we're a Transport Tycoon instead of a Train Tycoon?
20:37:48  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> oh we repaid our loan :)
20:38:04  <Alberth> yeah, it seemed not needed any more :)
20:38:11  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> I sold our only helicopter :(
20:38:17  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we had all other types I think
20:38:27  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> helicopter was obsenely slow
20:39:19  <andythenorth> so a FIRS bug was found and fixed,thanks
20:39:32  <Alberth> thanks for fixing :)
20:40:21  <planetmaker> thanks for fixing that quickly indeed. Fun game :-)
20:40:23  <Nachtigall> <Strontium> a ship depot counts as 4 water tiles... hope the costs of water tiles aren't very high then
20:40:29  <planetmaker> And I still think an interesting economy
20:40:43  <planetmaker> has its own distinct flair. Not hard. But nice
20:40:45  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> we didn't really explore it all
20:40:55  <planetmaker> yes. We might now :-P
20:40:55  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> need some kind of alternate cargo goal
20:41:02  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> more cargos or such
20:41:05  <planetmaker> we have time ;-)
20:41:35  <Nachtigall> *** Strontium has left the game (leaving)
20:41:37  <Nachtigall> <andythen0rth> improved rivers are improved
20:42:04  <Nachtigall> *** andythen0rth has left the game (leaving)
20:42:29  <planetmaker> today I browsed through wesnoth graphics... maybe I can borrow some there.... trees and terrain
20:42:59  <planetmaker> they look tasty and usable in parts
20:44:18  <andythenorth> I need to do the graphics for the different ports
20:44:23  <andythenorth> everything is same-same right now
20:44:46  <planetmaker> yes... but doing so with a bit detail might already do the trick
20:45:02  <planetmaker> maybe a fishing boat there. An overseas trader in the other
20:45:14  <Nachtigall> *** alb3rth has left the game (leaving)
20:45:14  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:45:46  <Nachtigall> *** f123000 has left the game (leaving)
20:45:50  <planetmaker> !rcon save firs_end
20:45:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Saving map...
20:45:50  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Map successfully saved to firs_end.sav
20:45:56  <planetmaker> !rcon unpause
20:45:56  <Nachtigall> planetmaker: Game cannot be unpaused manually; disable pause_on_join/min_active_clients.
20:46:04  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 1
20:46:06  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:46:43  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 4
20:46:43  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:46:59  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 1
20:46:59  <Nachtigall> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:47:36  <planetmaker> !rcon set min_active_clients 4
20:47:36  <Nachtigall> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:47:59  <andythenorth> frosch123: did you update stats page? o_O
20:48:09  <planetmaker> I'm doing so
20:48:42  <frosch123> planetmaker: thanks :)
20:53:57  <planetmaker> there now
20:54:29  <planetmaker> he, we played on smaller map. And first time that ships were important
20:54:57  <frosch123> i think ships were also important for the other "fish" game
20:55:51  <planetmaker> I wonder... sensible to attach savegame?
20:56:14  <frosch123> i have various
20:56:37  <Nachtigall> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
20:56:39  <frosch123> game from 2013-02-01 has 112 ships, 97 rv, 32 trains, 7 aircraft
20:57:10  <planetmaker> :-) thus similar distribution of vehicle types
20:57:23  <andythenorth> fishing tycoon
20:57:29  <planetmaker> :D
20:57:49  <frosch123> (it's the one with 81k fish)
20:58:59  * andythenorth ponders GS ideas
20:59:13  <andythenorth> 'transport cargo' is fine
20:59:28  <andythenorth> but maybe with some variation
21:00:23  <frosch123> i still like the idea to make a gs which favoures feeders most
21:00:33  <andythenorth> that would be neat
21:00:33  <frosch123> something that punishes long tracks
21:00:40  <andythenorth> I like that
21:00:41  <frosch123> i am just not sure how it should work :p
21:00:47  <andythenorth> hmm
21:00:49  <planetmaker> he...
21:00:53  <andythenorth> who cares, pick a name first :)
21:00:56  <andythenorth> names are most important
21:00:59  <andythenorth> Consolidation?
21:01:01  <frosch123> i wondered about checking how often vehicles load and unload
21:01:05  <andythenorth> Feeding Frenzy?
21:01:11  <andythenorth> Distribute?
21:01:15  <frosch123> and add penalties if vehicles are loaded for longer than 10 days or so
21:01:28  <planetmaker> That tells nothing about distances
21:01:34  <andythenorth> can we enforce a number of hops?
21:01:54  <frosch123> we could also try some order analysis :p
21:02:21  <andythenorth> what do you want to enforce for win condition?
21:02:28  <andythenorth> number of transfers?
21:02:38  <andythenorth> or must use all vehicle types?
21:02:53  <andythenorth> or that all cargo must be transferred at least once?
21:02:53  <planetmaker> we simply would have done that, andythenorth
21:02:54  <frosch123> cargo amount * vehicles / distance
21:03:07  <frosch123> or something like that
21:03:22  <frosch123> though it should not favour zig-zag transport :p
21:03:40  <frosch123> quite complicated :)
21:03:51  <planetmaker> hehe... :-)
21:05:10  <planetmaker> sounds realistic. It's cheaper to transport Northsea craps to Marocco for peeling(?) and then ship them back
21:05:37  <Alberth> cargo dist likes short tracks too
21:06:08  <Alberth> good night
21:06:21  <frosch123> maybe just a vehicle order analysis
21:06:26  <frosch123> only allow non-stop orders
21:06:27  <planetmaker> good night, Alberth
21:07:01  *** Alberth has left #openttdcoop.nightly
21:07:13  <frosch123> only two stations per vehicle
21:07:26  <frosch123> amount of cargo / longest order distance
21:07:30  <planetmaker> what about the orders we had today?
21:07:31  <frosch123> = score
21:07:35  <planetmaker> with refit etc?
21:07:42  <planetmaker> it's 4 stations and 2 depots there
21:07:49  <planetmaker> though 2 identical
21:07:52  <frosch123> ok, i mean two station ids, they may appear multiple times
21:08:17  <frosch123> i am not sure about A->D->B->D->C->D->A stuff
21:08:25  <frosch123> to collect from multiple sources to a single target
21:08:30  <frosch123> but i build them rarely
21:08:42  <frosch123> A->B->C->D is definitely forbidden
21:08:51  <frosch123> else you just put stations on your maniline
21:09:06  <frosch123> oh, better idea
21:09:19  <frosch123> the cargo has to switch vehicle types on every transfer
21:09:20  <planetmaker> hm?
21:09:33  <planetmaker> vehicle types as in train/rv/ship/plane?
21:09:37  <frosch123> yes
21:10:15  <planetmaker> I think we have done that 100% today
21:10:21  <frosch123> one vehicle type may only either deliver or take a cargo type from a station
21:10:36  <planetmaker> passengers? deliver+pickup?
21:10:49  <frosch123> if a vehicle type delivers one cargo type and takes a different, that gives bonus points
21:11:10  <planetmaker> yes, I like that
21:12:23  <frosch123> i guess the same vehicle may take the same cargotype back
21:12:32  <frosch123> but then you can only have one route in that station
21:12:42  <frosch123> i.e. no pax from rv route a to rv route b
21:12:55  <frosch123> they may only be picked up again by rv with the same shared orders
21:13:55  <frosch123> we might use the story book to list invalid vehicle orders
21:14:17  <planetmaker> yeah, otherwise you have same-vehicle transfers. especially with cargodist
21:14:17  <frosch123> cargo transported invalidly is counted negative or so
21:15:01  <frosch123> so, "no loading" orders might be important
21:15:31  <planetmaker> yeah, they're rarely useful
21:15:40  <planetmaker> more so the unload orders
21:20:02  <planetmaker> right, thanks again for the nice game... Bed time now :-) Have a good night
21:20:40  <frosch123> also night
21:20:43  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
21:22:06  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.nightly

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