Log for #openttdcoop.nightly on 18th April 2019:
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14:41:23  <Happpy> Hi planetmark
14:44:51  <Happpy> Hi planetmark whont was the problem whive the #openttdcoop webserver
14:54:51  <Happpy> !date
14:54:51  <coopserver> Not connected!!
14:55:56  <Happpy> Hi planetmark   ar we good to port back on the opentrdcop welcome server and #openttdcoop public server?
15:32:43  *** Happpy has quit IRC
16:13:49  <planetmaker> ah, hm
17:33:27  *** Happpy has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
17:34:11  <Happpy> Hi planetmark #openttdcoop public server is up
17:34:30  <Happpy> I do the #openttdcoop welcome server after diner.
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18:49:40  *** Happpy has joined #openttdcoop.nightly
19:20:49  <Happpy> Hi planetmark  the opentrdcop welcome server  is been a pan
19:21:09  <Happpy> The !start don't work
19:23:04  <planetmaker> aye
19:23:09  <planetmaker> I shall see what I can do
19:23:33  <Happpy> I have try  !apconnect a bout 7 times
19:28:43  <Happpy> It's like the sever is ded
19:29:37  <Happpy> Abs we can not updated the #openttdcoop welcome server to the new opentrd  becours v say some thin like the scrpits and the commend need update
19:32:03  <planetmaker> yep, indeed. That needs solving
19:34:19  <Happpy> So what's the plan
19:35:21  <planetmaker> the plan is to show V45 how to do that stuff on the server, too
19:35:51  <Happpy> Ok
19:36:58  <Happpy> Mite need to reset the coopper thin on the irc channel or what
19:37:24  <planetmaker> dunno yet
19:37:25  <Happpy> Becoues the #openttdcoop welcome server is not having it
19:38:30  <Happpy> I try a gen on the opentrdcop welcome server  later after a game ov war
19:38:41  <planetmaker> ok :)
19:38:58  <planetmaker> I hope it'll work by then
19:39:20  <Happpy> Yeah me to
19:39:47  <Happpy> Or by the way what was the problem whive the website
19:40:54  <planetmaker> the complete server needed a hard reset
19:41:11  <Happpy> Ar oj
19:41:12  <Happpy> Ok
20:13:48  <Happpy> No luck yet
20:40:12  *** coopserver is now known as Guest582
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21:42:41  <Happpy> What a bout the #openttdcoop public server
21:46:05  <Happpy> Aney way gn

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