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15:43:47  <Thraxian|Work> Ammler: did you ever find out what game was running before the 2cc test?
15:44:16  <Ammler> maybe none
15:49:20  <Thraxian|Work> would anyone be interested in getting one started?
15:51:55  <Ammler> do you have an idea for one?
15:52:43  <KenjiE20> I had an idea, "rescue a company in trouble" type one, I don't have a map though
15:52:50  <Thraxian|Work> not particularly - I was looking over the Game Proposals on the wiki for ideas
15:53:02  <Thraxian|Work> but something with immediate construction would be nice ;)
15:53:11  <Ammler> what about a "serious" IS2 game?
15:53:11  <Thraxian|Work> subtropical is always fun, too
15:53:30  <Thraxian|Work> IS2 = new infrastructure sharing patch?
15:53:35  <Ammler> yes
15:53:41  <KenjiE20> ammler, by serious, you mean?
15:53:52  <Thraxian|Work> sounds like it could be fun.  with members building the IS, and each player getting their own region to connect to it?
15:54:00  <KenjiE20> one company for infra, one for cargo, one for pax?
15:54:02  <Thraxian|Work> in their own company too
15:54:06  <Ammler> well, region or cargo type
15:54:53  <Thraxian|Work> I'm game for either
15:55:01  <Ammler> ?
15:55:18  * KenjiE20 taps mic
15:55:21  <KenjiE20> is this even on?
15:55:30  <Ammler> TS?
15:55:38  <KenjiE20> lol nvm
15:56:29  <Ammler> start around 1930 with NARS or 2cc
15:56:40  <Ammler> (or both)
15:56:53  <KenjiE20> or ALL of them :P
15:57:05  <Thraxian|Work> are there wiki pages detailing the different trainsets?  or should we make a few on our wiki?
15:57:20  <KenjiE20> most 'big' sets have a details page
15:57:25  <Thraxian|Work> I always get confused and don't really understand what's included in each one...
15:57:46  <KenjiE20> ukrs / jset defo do
15:58:00  <Ammler> dbset has also one
15:58:03  <KenjiE20> NARS I think does
15:58:08  <KenjiE20> does 2cc?
15:58:22  <Ammler> not 100%
15:58:42  <KenjiE20> I assume there's probably a tracking table somewhere that could be converted though
15:59:17  <Thraxian|Work>
15:59:35  <KenjiE20> aha
15:59:43  <KenjiE20> hmm
15:59:43  <Thraxian|Work> ooc: what does the cc in 2cc stand for?
15:59:54  <Ammler> company color
15:59:58  <Thraxian|Work> ahhh
16:00:20  <Ammler> it is meant as a "general set" using 2cc
16:00:28  <Ammler> it is THE 2cc set ;-)
16:01:03  <KenjiE20> @jargon 2cc "[repr 2 Company Colour] trainset"
16:01:03  <Webster> KenjiE20: The operation succeeded.
16:01:06  <KenjiE20> @2cc
16:01:06  <Webster> "2 Company Colour" trainset
16:01:12  <KenjiE20> :)
16:01:24  <KenjiE20> @jargon 2cc "[repr 2 Company Colour] trainset, see"
16:01:24  <Webster> KenjiE20: The operation succeeded.
16:01:33  <KenjiE20> there we go
16:01:39  <KenjiE20> @newword 2cc
16:01:39  <Webster> The operation succeeded.
16:01:44  <Thraxian|Work> you'd better get rid of that U in COLOR.....
16:01:50  <Thraxian|Work> geez....
16:01:57  <KenjiE20> no, you damn yank
16:02:09  <KenjiE20> :P
16:02:10  <Ammler> lol
16:02:10  <Thraxian|Work> it's pronounced, culler, not cu-LOOR
16:02:35  <Thraxian|Work> and I ain't no yank - I'm from Texas
16:02:50  <Ammler> hoho
16:02:51  <Thraxian|Work> and we all know that you don't mess with Texas
16:03:00  <KenjiE20> we do?
16:03:04  <Ammler> don't mess with bush
16:04:01  <Thraxian|Work>'t_Mess_with_Texas
16:04:03  <Webster> Title: Don't Mess with Texas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
16:04:21  <Thraxian|Work> love the sub on that logo :)
16:06:26  <KenjiE20> hmmm, michael blunk's site's dead
16:06:33  <KenjiE20> *blunck
16:07:01  <Thraxian|Work> so what do we need to do to get the IS2 game moving?
16:08:09  <Ammler> someone, who creates a scenario for
16:08:15  <Ammler> I would setup the server
16:08:31  <Ammler> and a ruleset
16:08:42  <Thraxian|Work> Kenji: do you have a "rescue the company" scenario prepared that would work with IS2?
16:09:00  <Thraxian|Work> or will those two ideas not mesh?
16:09:02  <Ammler> every trunk save should work with IS2
16:09:04  <KenjiE20> <@KenjiE20> I had an idea, "rescue a company in trouble" type one, I don't have a map though <--
16:09:12  <Thraxian|Work> ah - doh
16:09:22  <Ammler> just not reverse
16:10:03  <Ammler> a IS2 save is only loadable with IS2 specific version
16:10:40  <Thraxian|Work> would we be running r16532M?
16:10:59  <Ammler> yes
16:11:32  <Thraxian|Work> what would be really neat is to have the members run the infrastructure, and have players create multiple companies to service their regions (towns)
16:12:05  <Thraxian|Work> and as those companies grow, we can extend sharing privileges to them
16:12:08  <Ammler> I would prefer a kind of "roleplay"
16:12:22  <Thraxian|Work> and if they abuse them, or their network causes problems to the shared network, then we can shut them back down
16:13:04  <Thraxian|Work> is there a chokepoint in europe that we could mimic?
16:13:08  <Ammler> map size 1024x512
16:13:32  <Ammler> chokepoint?
16:13:34  <Thraxian|Work> question: are locks (for ships) included in the sharing, or are they always public/private to the company?
16:13:51  <Thraxian|Work> is there a place in europe where all traffic eventually has to go through to get from one area to the next?
16:13:55  <Ammler> everything is shareable
16:14:06  <Ammler> and everyhting is individual settable, if needed
16:14:09  <KenjiE20> I did have an idea to have a single locked company to layout a set of track for the landscape in 138
16:14:15  <Thraxian|Work> for instance, the Panama Canal is a chokepoint - any boats going between atlantic and pacific have to go through ti
16:14:22  <Thraxian|Work> *it - or take the long way around south america
16:14:41  <Ammler> hehe, swiss Gotthard ;-)
16:14:41  <Thraxian|Work> I saw on the screenshots that boats have a toggle for dock sharing.  didn't see one for locks
16:14:56  <Thraxian|Work> trains have toggles for tracks, depots, and stations
16:14:57  <KenjiE20> @trainsets
16:14:57  <Webster> Default: | 2cc: | Japanese Set: | NARS2: | UKRS:
16:15:00  <Ammler> well, not really :-)
16:15:04  <Thraxian|Work> boats don't have tracks, they have locks and canals
16:15:31  <Ammler> those are public
16:15:31  <Thraxian|Work> so I was wondering if a company builds canals and locks, can anyone use them, only that company, or is it configurable?
16:15:39  <Thraxian|Work> ok - anyone can use
16:15:49  <Ammler> they are public even for trunk.
16:16:01  <Thraxian|Work> seems like locks would be a VERY realistic thing to control, from an IS standpoint
16:16:05  <Ammler> but that might be an idea. :-)
16:16:05  <Thraxian|Work> and charge different fees per lock
16:16:16  <Thraxian|Work> Suez, Panama, etc.  all do that
16:17:55  <Ammler>
16:19:28  <Thraxian|Work> is that a link to add a chance request for IS?
16:19:30  <Ammler> SmatZ: Mark, interests?
16:19:44  <Ammler> Thraxian|Work: yes :-)
16:20:26  <SmatZ> sorry, studying :-x
16:20:31  <Ammler> hehe
16:26:47  <Thraxian|Work> added
16:27:01  <Thraxian|Work> had another one, but this could be much trickier, and might be better served in another subproject
16:27:17  <Thraxian|Work> the idea of "sphere of control" built in to the game
16:27:41  <Thraxian|Work> as a town or industry is serviced by a company, and a reputation is built, that company develops a sphere of control that prevents others from building in the area.
16:28:10  <Thraxian|Work> higher reputation = larger sphere, lower reputation = smaller sphere.  too low, and the sphere is destroyed, allowing anyone to build
16:28:38  <Thraxian|Work> sphere could overlap, allowing both companies to build, but once a company has a strong foothold in an area, another company would not be able to enter
16:29:06  <Thraxian|Work> with IS, these spheres could allow companies to control a region to the point where other companies would have to use shared track to get by the region
16:30:05  <Thraxian|Work> for instance, if a player provides outstanding service to two nearby towns, the area between the towns would fall within the company's sphere of control.  Other companies wanting to get by would need to go around the towns, or pay a fee to use shared track to go between the towns.
16:30:50  <Thraxian|Work> eventually, a company could build a control wall across the map that prevents other companies from going around, so they would have to go through, paying the fee to use the shared tracks.
16:30:55  <Thraxian|Work> thoughts?
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16:41:13  <Ammler> :-)
16:42:10  <Ammler> how would you control the sphere size?
16:42:29  <Thraxian|Work> as a builder, you provide the best service  you can to maximize sphere size
16:42:49  <Ammler> it would need coding?
16:42:55  <Thraxian|Work> as a programmer, the sphere size radiates out from the town/industry, and gets larger as company rating improves
16:43:20  <Thraxian|Work> it would behave something like the way towns can prevent companies from buildings
16:43:38  <Thraxian|Work> except, you'd have to bribe the company, not the town, if you wanted to build in their sphere
16:44:01  <Ammler> you should be able to take over a spere
16:44:22  <Thraxian|Work> only if you can get close enough to begin providing service, and then provide better service than the original company does
16:46:42  <Ammler> the idea is nice, something for Yexo ;-)
16:47:02  <Thraxian|Work> does it fall under IS, you think?
16:47:22  <Ammler> it is a competive match, isn't?
16:47:33  <Ammler> deadmatch
16:49:32  <Ammler> but back to .pro
16:49:39  <Ammler> shall I setup a is2 server here?
16:50:34  <Thraxian|Work> if we can come up with a nice map for it - should we just randomize a few until we find something workable?
16:51:45  <Thraxian|Work> worst case, we could "borrow" the WWOTTDGD2 map
16:52:05  <Thraxian|Work>
16:52:53  <Thraxian|Work> or we could do italy, and the IS could be on the entire peninsula
16:53:04  <Thraxian|Work>
16:53:59  <Thraxian|Work> members will control the entire boot - and we'll put the factory, sawmill, and everything under our control :)
16:54:22  <Thraxian|Work> other players will bring in the resources from africa and central europe, and take the goods back to their own territory
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16:54:47  <Thraxian|Work> doh - wrong button :)
16:54:57  <SmatZ> :)
16:54:59  <Thraxian|Work> and africa's not on that italy map, so it will just be from central europe
16:55:19  <Thraxian|Work> only problem is that the scenario is 2048x2048, which may be too large
16:56:20  <Thraxian|Work> Fjordia looks like it might be nice too - if the shared stuff was around that fjord...
16:56:39  <SmatZ> haha @ Fjorida, nice name :)
17:04:51  <Ammler> Thraxian|Work: s/may be/is/
17:05:09  <Ammler> no way to got over > 1024^2
17:06:05  <Ammler> well, you are the only one with interests to a pro grame (beside me)
17:06:31  <Ammler> so I fear, not worth to bring effort in... :-(
17:07:09  <Ammler> or we just start a is2 game for ourself (not coop) :-)
17:07:35  <Ammler>
17:08:43  <Ammler> or cargodist
17:10:30  <Thraxian|Work> <- 2.5 Boot Island - we control the island....
17:10:45  <Thraxian|Work> 1024x512
17:12:56  <Ammler> Thraxian|Work: :-D
17:13:07  <Ammler> there is noone else then "we"
17:13:31  <Thraxian|Work>  oh - didn't know SmatZ and Kenji left
17:14:56  <Ammler> map is nice, though
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19:25:38  <De_Ghosty> i made an manhatten map
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22:31:04  <KenjiE20> <@KenjiE20> I did have an idea to have a single locked company to layout a set of track for the landscape in 138 <-- made a start on this, using the canal-pseduo-tunnel trick to make some interesting bottlenecks
22:31:40  <KenjiE20> actually, that's ALL I've done, heh
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