Log for on 20th March 2010:
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00:00:59  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> having fun jaming the ML who ever is working at Matsushima
00:01:47  <ProZone> <Owen> Razaekel: id assume
00:01:57  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Owen: AOY eixt is all wrong
00:02:14  <ProZone> <Owen> ?
00:02:24  <ProZone> <Owen> Oh
00:02:26  <ProZone> <Owen> du
00:02:38  <ProZone> <Owen> I reordered the entrance tracks and forgot exit :p
00:02:45  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> oops
00:03:07  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC
00:04:02  <ProZone> <Owen> OK, un-re-ordered tracks :p
00:11:48  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i hate conidtional orders
00:11:53  <ProZone> <Owen> lol
00:17:07  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> ok first 2 rows of Spikes Sbahn are back in place
00:17:13  <ProZone> <Owen> =)
00:19:37  <ProZone> <Owen> Chris Booth: OK, exit at AOY fixed :p
00:19:41  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> cool cool
00:19:51  <ProZone> <Owen> I've re-swizzled the lines
00:20:51  <ProZone> <Owen> Razaekel: Your ICE trains should be in groups
00:21:05  <ProZone> <Razaekel> havent grouped them yet
00:21:16  <ProZone> <Owen> You probably should have grouped them first :p
00:21:20  <ProZone> <Razaekel> meh
00:21:22  <ProZone> <Razaekel> theyre easy to group
00:21:32  <ProZone> <Owen> Easier to group the first then clone ;-)
00:21:50  <ProZone> <Razaekel> there's only one destination for them
00:22:03  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 3 / 5 of Spikes lines
00:22:07  <ProZone> <Owen> BTW, full load not reccomended
00:22:13  <ProZone> <Razaekel> i know
00:22:29  <ProZone> <Owen> And since it's so far from the station, pointless
00:22:48  <ProZone> <Owen> Also, 25 trains to start with?!
00:23:10  <ProZone> <Owen> Just seems a little excessive perhaps :p
00:28:54  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> KAW is back in full service
00:29:18  <ProZone> <Owen> :-)
00:35:55  <ProZone> <Owen> I notice traffic to AOY is much more balanced in its line use now
00:40:03  *** Progman has quit IRC
00:40:52  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> still need V and Combuster to retrain there netw
00:41:05  <OwenS> combuster hasn't bveen seen for a while
00:41:08  <OwenS> @seen *buster
00:41:08  <Webster> OwenS: *buster could be [com]buster (3 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 0 seconds ago) or Combuster (3 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 57 minutes, and 28 seconds ago)
00:41:34  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> wow
00:41:36  <OwenS> @seen #openttdcoop *buster
00:41:36  <Webster> OwenS: *buster could be [com]buster (2 weeks, 2 days, 5 hours, 8 minutes, and 30 seconds ago), combuster (2 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 24 minutes, and 56 seconds ago), [alt]buster (4 weeks, 1 day, 9 hours, 43 minutes, and 52 seconds ago), [sleep]buster (27 weeks, 0 days, 23 hours, 27 minutes, and 11 seconds ago), [other]buster (34 weeks, 6 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes, and 39 seconds ago), (1 more message)
00:41:47  <OwenS> Slightly less time in the main channel
00:42:17  <OwenS> Hes still around; hes been posting at (Small world, huh?)
00:42:36  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> osdev?
00:42:45  <OwenS> Operating System Development. Or just go there :p
00:43:25  <KenjiE20> aka 'mad people doing low level stuff'
00:43:27  <KenjiE20> :P
00:44:09  <OwenS> KenjiE20: I suppose those of us who frequent hardware development forums are even more mad? :p
00:44:22  <KenjiE20> probably yes
00:44:24  <KenjiE20> :)
00:48:05  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Razaekel: why not just use a simple timers there?
00:48:32  <ProZone> <Razaekel> i am
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01:03:48  <ProZone> * Owen removes KON full load orders cause it's blocking the ML
01:04:07  <ProZone> <Razaekel> oh well
01:04:30  <ProZone> <Owen> Incidentally, Kon has 0 population...
01:05:25  *** jondisti has joined
01:05:43  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> thats a bit of a con then isnt it
01:05:50  <ProZone> <Razaekel> what?
01:05:53  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> being sent somewhere with 0 population
01:06:12  <ProZone> <Razaekel> i just havent grown it
01:06:14  <ProZone> <Razaekel> yet
01:06:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> it was a joke Razaekel
01:06:27  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> a play on words
01:06:33  <ProZone> <Razaekel> and theyre going to Arita
01:06:51  <ProZone> <Razaekel> no
01:07:05  <ProZone> <Razaekel> the pax arrive at the station and are shoved into a black hole after being fleeced of all their money
01:07:07  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> no what? :S
01:07:21  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> lol
01:08:45  <ProZone> <Owen> Razaekel: You should give your junction an MSH number ;-)
01:08:47  *** tneo has quit IRC
01:08:57  *** tneo has joined
01:09:07  <ProZone> <Razaekel> there's no MSH01
01:09:17  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Owen:  since Combuster hasnt been arround for such along time
01:09:25  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> do you think you could replace his sbahn?
01:09:35  <ProZone> <Owen> I shall try
01:09:45  <ProZone> <Owen> The trainspotter toolbox will help :-)
01:09:59  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> it will
01:10:13  <ProZone> <Owen> Any idea what EMU he was using?
01:10:23  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> lots
01:10:44  <ProZone> <Owen> Oh, lots of different?
01:10:46  <ProZone> <Owen> Heh
01:10:49  <ProZone> <Owen> I'll never match then :p
01:11:11  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> looks like the E233 is a good starting place
01:12:07  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i would say it was the E233 or E231
01:12:14  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> E233 is faster
01:27:50  <ProZone> <Owen> All built according to signs
01:30:13  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> I am grouping trains
01:30:16  <ProZone> <Owen> :)
01:32:07  <ProZone> *** Razaekel has left the game (leaving)
01:32:56  <ProZone> <Owen> lol, woops, escaped train XD
01:33:20  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> oops
01:37:03  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> all trains now have groups
01:37:07  <ProZone> <Owen> =)
01:37:13  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> not all groups have trains
01:37:35  <ProZone> <Owen> nnnnaaaaarrrggg
01:37:42  <ProZone> <Owen> I didnt't even intend to build a bloody PBS signal
01:39:47  <ProZone> <Owen> Lots of trains leaving TAZ are going the long way around your area :p
01:41:57  <ProZone> <Owen> OK, 2-way prio on one of the lines out of MSH03 :p
01:42:12  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> out of trains :'(
01:42:24  <OwenS> V453000?
01:45:17  <V453000> I know :(
01:45:20  <V453000> or?
01:45:23  <V453000> more limit?
01:45:25  <OwenS> trains :p
01:45:46  <Chris_Booth> and you could rebuild your trains then :)
01:45:51  <V453000> !info
01:45:51  <ProZone> V453000: #:1(Orange) Company Name: 'Parker & Co.'  Year Founded: 2010  Money: 15539698515  Loan: 0  Value: 15592483410  (T:750, R:318, P:0, S:0) unprotected
01:46:04  <V453000> !rcon set max_trains 1500
01:46:15  <V453000> I cant connect even to PS
01:46:19  <V453000> fucking wifi
01:46:47  <OwenS> :-(
01:46:49  <OwenS> TY anyway
01:47:05  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> thanks V
01:47:11  <V453000> np
01:47:18  <V453000> but lets give it a try ;)
01:47:20  <V453000> !password
01:47:20  <ProZone> V453000: barges
01:48:07  <V453000> :/ probably not
01:48:11  <V453000> this conncetion is a curse
01:48:30  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
01:48:36  <V453000> no
01:48:39  <ProZone> <Owen> =(
01:48:40  <V453000> I cant even download the map
01:48:51  <V453000> feel free to fill my sbahns I think :/
01:49:13  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> we are just training combuster ATM
01:49:42  <V453000> oh
01:49:42  <V453000> combuster is somewhere ... away
01:49:46  <V453000> now I know how you mean :D
01:49:48  <V453000> sorry
01:49:51  <V453000> ?
01:49:55  <V453000> :D
01:50:39  <ProZone> *** jond1sti has left the game (connection lost)
01:50:46  <jondisti> !password
01:50:47  <ProZone> jondisti: fonder
01:50:54  <ProZone> *** jond1sti joined the game
01:51:50  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> WB jond1sti
01:52:13  <ProZone> <jond1sti> ty
01:52:19  <ProZone> <jond1sti> i see progress here
01:52:37  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i have built the NAG area
01:53:09  <ProZone> <jond1sti> and Raz built MSH :P
01:56:44  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> how did we miss out MSH 01 number?
01:57:03  <ProZone> <Owen> It got removed or renamed
02:02:15  <ProZone> <Owen> Hehe
02:02:27  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> what?
02:02:29  <ProZone> <Owen> I built a 2 way prio which keeps the control train at full speed :p
02:03:47  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> you also made a nice jam
02:04:21  <ProZone> <Owen> where?
02:04:31  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> while you were building at TAZ exit
02:04:37  <ProZone> <Owen> oh yes I did
02:04:47  <ProZone> <Owen> While I was working out the train logic :p
02:05:33  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Owen: are you going to group your new trains?
02:15:07  <ProZone> * Owen wishes we had the logic train :p
02:15:33  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> then people would use within there sbahns
02:15:43  <ProZone> <Owen> We'd ban that :p
02:15:47  <ProZone> <Owen> Logic train for logic only :p
02:18:08  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i am not sure which one of my sbahns i like more
02:18:23  <ProZone> <Owen> =S
02:18:33  <ProZone> <Owen> Nagahashi is now jumping across my signs
02:18:33  <ProZone> <Owen> Oh...
02:18:35  <ProZone> <Owen> Label :p
02:18:50  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> lol
02:21:05  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> still alot of Nagahashi hidden arround the place
02:21:08  <ProZone> *** jond1sti has left the game (leaving)
02:21:13  <ProZone> <Owen> Not that much now though =)
02:21:19  *** jondisti has quit IRC
02:21:25  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 106 buildings left
02:21:29  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 105
02:21:35  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 104
02:21:56  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 102
02:21:58  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 101
02:22:06  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> going down
02:22:37  <ProZone> <Owen> It should be collapsing. It's not =(
02:24:08  <V453000> CB? I need some clearing up at PS
02:24:10  <V453000> ;)
02:24:31  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> you want to to bomb stuff?
02:24:36  <V453000> no
02:24:43  <V453000> see the questin from Baeda
02:25:12  <Chris_Booth> i am there
02:25:18  <Chris_Booth> owen i left you some fun signs
02:26:39  <ProZone> <Owen> roflsigns
02:28:30  <Ammler> Hey!
02:28:50  <OwenS> ?
02:30:32  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 31 building lef tnow
02:30:38  <ProZone> <Owen> Yeah
02:30:48  <ProZone> <Owen> I'm hoping it will implode of it's own accord :p
02:31:25  <ProZone> <Owen> ?
02:31:40  <ProZone> <Owen> Gah
02:31:47  <ProZone> <Owen> I'm reading IRC >_<
02:31:49  <ProZone> <Owen> Wrong channel :p
02:33:28  <XeryusTC> !url
02:33:28  <ProZone> XeryusTC:
02:37:03  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i am going to rebuild MSH 04 soon i think
02:37:14  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> its to ugly compared to the rest of my junctions
02:37:32  <ProZone> <Owen> heh
02:37:51  <ProZone> <Owen> Why are your junctions so much smaller than mine? :P
02:38:05  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> as i am king compactor
02:38:23  <ProZone> <Owen> Hmm, did you remove my deprios from msh07? :-(
02:38:25  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> also not all of them are look at MSH 03
02:38:40  <ProZone> <Owen> Chris Booth: 03 is a 3x3x3 junction :p
02:38:54  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i removed my backwards PBS
02:39:02  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> so took away the signs
02:39:02  <ProZone> <Owen> I added them :p
02:39:22  <ProZone> <Owen> At the time all the southbound traffic was on one line
02:39:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> ooh i see
02:39:38  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i thought you wanted them removed
02:39:44  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i was kinda like WTF
02:39:51  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> ok i will remove them
02:40:09  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> there you go
02:40:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> sorry about that
02:40:26  <ProZone> <Owen> Also, were having less line merge conflicts now =)
02:41:10  <ProZone> <Owen> BTW, a while back you said our 3 line expansion turned out unnecessary? I disagree :P
02:42:44  <XeryusTC> !revision
02:42:44  <ProZone> XeryusTC: Game version is r19443
02:43:22  <XeryusTC> hmm
02:43:32  <XeryusTC> finger is not giving correct information :s
02:43:34  <OwenS> Same as PSG is using :p
02:44:20  <XeryusTC> yes
02:44:27  <XeryusTC> but finger is giving wrong information :s
02:44:36  <XeryusTC> it is from 19 february xD
02:44:40  <OwenS> And isn't revision a bit superflous to the topic? :P
02:45:36  <XeryusTC> script needs a online finger ;)
02:46:18  <ProZone> <Owen> GO BOTH WAYS IDIOT TRAINS!
02:46:45  <ProZone> <Owen> ah fixed
02:48:42  <XeryusTC> !password
02:48:42  <ProZone> XeryusTC: piddle
02:48:52  <XeryusTC> ffs
02:48:53  <XeryusTC> !password
02:48:53  <ProZone> XeryusTC: piddle
02:49:20  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> its :s being in 2 games at once
02:49:38  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
02:49:47  <XeryusTC> !password
02:49:47  <ProZone> XeryusTC: bonded
02:49:55  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
02:49:59  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh, still this game
02:50:30  <ProZone> <Owen> Yeah
02:50:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> now, where is that two way prio thing then?
02:50:56  <ProZone> <Owen> MSH03::NG
02:52:04  <ProZone> <Owen> I'm still working out how to make it not stop when a change happens at the wrong time, but I don't think it's possible ;-)
02:52:14  <ProZone> <Owen> Also, the outer loops would be superflous with a logic train
02:52:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> dont think thats possible indeed
02:52:26  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> due to the nature of trains and signals :P
02:52:58  <ProZone> <Owen> "Race conditions" springs to mind :p
02:53:19  <ProZone> <Owen> I should probably implement something similar at some points on BBH03
02:59:21  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> BBH 03 isnt that bad
02:59:56  <ProZone> <Owen> A couple of the merge points pinch
03:00:30  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> you do ask alot from PBS in BBH 03
03:00:46  <ProZone> <Owen> It's not the PBS bit's I'm complaining about :p
03:01:00  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> what bit then?
03:01:02  <ProZone> <Owen> But yes, with a bit of ingenuity, PBS can do awesome things :p
03:01:09  <ProZone> <Owen> Two of the final southbound mergers
03:01:29  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> ooh i made those
03:01:39  <ProZone> <Owen> So you did :P
03:01:54  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> when i put MSH 03 into it
03:02:12  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> but that south line will have to made LLL_RRR soon
03:02:19  <ProZone> <Owen> mmh
03:02:23  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> when raz and Vs areas are properly built
03:02:30  <ProZone> <Owen> Down to AOY
03:02:36  <ProZone> <Owen> I'd say
03:02:51  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> no down to MSH 01 i would say
03:03:03  <ProZone> <Owen> Heh
03:03:34  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> raz's area could be as big as mine or yours
03:03:44  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> so could need a good LLL_RRR connection
03:03:44  <ProZone> <Owen> True
03:04:03  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> my are had and LLL_RRR and an LL_RR connection
03:04:15  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> so does yours
03:04:26  <ProZone> <Owen> Your area is stupidly big :p
03:04:41  <ProZone> <Owen> TAZ and AOY are about the size of your bottom half :p
03:04:43  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> it doesnt its job
03:05:44  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> NAG is the best station
03:07:07  <ProZone> <Owen> 15644+38524+145715+3248+54852+18509+20451+29124+6917=187289 (Takazaki prefecture pop. census)
03:07:27  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> thats tiny
03:07:37  <ProZone> <Owen> Hang on... must have lost something somewhere
03:07:48  <ProZone> <Owen> ... like Takazaki in my sum :p
03:08:22  <ProZone> <Owen> 332984 :P
03:10:15  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i service 441,882 peopl
03:10:38  <ProZone> <Owen> So 300k elsewhere :p
03:10:40  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> in my 5 stations
03:10:50  <ProZone> <Owen> I have better station pax density :p
03:11:19  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> my stations are alot smaller
03:11:35  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> KWK is my biggest at 12 platforms
03:12:24  <ProZone> <Owen> Taz clocks in at 26 :p
03:12:35  <ProZone> <Owen> AOY at 15
03:12:53  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> 2 beasty stations
03:13:49  <OwenS> 0313? OMG
03:14:27  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> yeah 3:13 am
03:14:49  <ProZone> <Owen> No wonder I'm bloody yawning
03:15:21  <V453000> here it is 0413 :P
03:15:23  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> lol i have only been up 16 hours
03:15:25  <V453000> OMG+1
03:15:31  <V453000> lol :D
03:15:42  <V453000> I am up for 19
03:15:50  <V453000> well not that big difference
03:15:54  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> wow
03:15:55  <V453000> cya ;รบ
03:16:00  <V453000> ;)
03:16:02  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> cao
03:16:04  <OwenS> I've also been up almost 20 :p
03:16:15  <OwenS> So night :P
03:16:17  <V453000> I had to wake up in the morning -.- applied for job
03:16:19  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (leaving)
03:16:22  <V453000> bye
03:16:33  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
03:16:33  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
03:16:42  <OwenS> I wasn't yawning. Then I looked at the clock :p
03:16:59  <Chris_Booth> i need to get my area upto over 500K people
03:17:09  <Chris_Booth> then i will stop building
03:17:11  <OwenS> lol
03:17:20  <Chris_Booth> only 60K to go
03:17:24  * OwenS out
03:17:36  *** OwenS has quit IRC
03:31:10  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
06:47:11  *** ODM has joined
06:47:11  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
07:20:12  *** ODM has quit IRC
07:23:12  *** ODM has joined
07:23:12  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
07:33:41  *** ^Spike^ has joined
07:33:41  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ^Spike^
09:47:56  *** Progman has joined
09:56:17  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
11:27:59  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
11:28:28  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (leaving)
11:46:36  *** jondisti has joined
12:04:18  *** KenjiE20 has joined
12:04:18  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
12:34:13  *** Chris_Booth has joined
12:53:12  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
13:20:51  *** ODM has quit IRC
13:25:22  *** OwenS has joined
15:22:59  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
15:23:47  <OwenS> You were in the game? O_o
15:24:30  <OwenS> !password
15:24:30  <ProZone> OwenS: delude
15:24:39  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
16:44:27  *** ODM has joined
16:44:27  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
17:16:43  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (leaving)
17:22:07  <Chris_Booth> any one want to paly here?
17:35:41  <OwenS> !password
17:35:41  <ProZone> OwenS: impede
17:35:53  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
17:35:59  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
17:35:59  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth joined the game
17:36:04  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has enabled autopause mode.
17:39:11  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i will get 500K people today
17:39:53  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Owen:  we could turn AOI into logic heaven if you want
17:40:47  <ProZone> <Owen> Hehe, we would want the logic train first :p
17:41:11  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> that is an easy fix
17:41:29  <ProZone> <Owen> True
17:41:35  <ProZone> <Owen> Just need someoneto modify the save :p
17:46:30  <ProZone> <Owen> Nagoka and Takazaki are really growing quite fast now :p
17:52:24  <Razaekal> !password
17:52:24  <ProZone> Razaekal: jotted
17:52:37  <ProZone> *** Razaekel joined the game
17:52:51  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> afternoon Raz
17:59:07  *** ODM has quit IRC
18:05:29  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Razaekel: can i make some cool conditional orders for your sbahn?
18:05:51  <ProZone> <Razaekel> they wouldnt work anyway
18:05:57  <ProZone> <Razaekel> it's not made for that
18:06:00  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> they would
18:06:15  <ProZone> <Razaekel> give it a shot
18:07:26  <ProZone> <Razaekel> start them at order #7
18:07:42  <ProZone> <Razaekel> so you dont interfere with the current operation until the orders are done
18:07:57  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i have a dummy train
18:09:00  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> check train 796
18:09:05  <ProZone> <Razaekel> i see it
18:09:25  <ProZone> <Razaekel> there isnt much difference
18:09:39  <ProZone> <Razaekel> other than that it forces trains into the dpot, instead of sending them through yamano
18:25:48  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> brb gunna start cooking my dinner
18:25:51  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has joined spectators
18:47:07  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
18:47:07  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
18:47:50  <ProZone> *** Razaekel has left the game (leaving)
19:25:20  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has joined company #1
19:25:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> back
19:34:29  <OwenS> !password
19:34:29  <ProZone> OwenS: perish
19:34:41  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
19:34:44  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
19:54:27  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> Owen: you building?
20:00:17  <OwenS> Chris_Booth: Currently coding
20:00:27  <Chris_Booth> ok
20:04:07  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
20:04:07  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
20:04:32  <OwenS> Chris_Booth: You want me to rejoin, or were you doing nothing?
20:04:44  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i was building but not much
20:04:51  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has unpaused the server.
20:04:53  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
20:05:05  <OwenS> !password
20:05:05  <ProZone> OwenS: poises
20:05:22  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
20:08:10  <ProZone> *** Owen has enabled autopause mode.
20:08:28  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> what you coding Owen?
20:08:38  <OwenS> New NAND signal patch :p
20:09:20  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> where would you use a nand signal?
20:10:29  <OwenS> Chris_Booth: To make logic. A nand following a combo is a not. A pair of NANDs is an AND, etc..
20:11:08  <Ammler> OwenS: we don't need that anymore, we have NOT :-P
20:11:18  <OwenS> Ammler: Your NOT requires a train :p
20:11:52  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> all current not gate require a train
20:12:05  <Ammler> OwenS: I remember that awesoem pax game, you invented your first nand patch :-)
20:12:26  <Ammler> a town on a mountain
20:12:58  <Ammler> do you have any idea, which # that was?
20:13:07  <OwenS> Ammler: 9 IIRC
20:13:10  <OwenS> First page anyway
20:13:13  <Ammler> no
20:13:35  <Ammler> 9 was the 1200 cargo game
20:13:51  <OwenS> 10 :P
20:13:56  <Ammler> with my first hubs
20:13:58  <OwenS> You can see by the picture :p
20:14:13  <Ammler> !archive
20:14:16  <Ammler> @archive
20:14:16  <Webster> | |
20:14:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> when was my first appearance?
20:14:29  <OwenS>
20:14:32  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> arround #70 wasnt it?
20:14:42  <OwenS> Ammler: It's an awkward one where you need to manually set the GRFs
20:15:48  <Ammler>
20:17:26  <Ammler> we could make that easy with presets
20:24:15  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
20:24:15  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
20:24:27  <OwenS> Damn compiulers :p
20:27:03  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> dont worry Owen
20:32:44  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has unpaused the server.
20:32:46  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
20:52:34  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has enabled autopause mode.
20:52:36  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
20:56:47  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
21:02:19  <jondisti> !password
21:02:19  <ProZone> jondisti: codded
21:02:29  <ProZone> *** jond1sti joined the game
21:04:31  <ProZone> *** jond1sti has left the game (leaving)
22:15:01  *** jondisti has quit IRC
23:50:53  *** ODM has joined
23:50:53  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
23:59:18  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC

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