Log for on 29th March 2010:
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00:00:18  <V453000> I dont say it is required everywhere
00:00:22  <V453000> but on BBH02 it was
00:00:29  <ProZone> <Owen> heh
00:00:56  <ProZone> <Owen> Though southbound iss starting to jam slightly
00:01:01  <ProZone> <Owen> From lack of line capacity primarily
00:12:54  <ProZone> <V453000> lol :D logic: a road vehicle weighs 6 tonnes, can carry 30 tonnes ... and in total loaded it weights 11 tonnes :D
00:13:06  <OwenS> rofl
00:15:31  <V453000> I just somehow started to like RV games ...
00:20:09  <ProZone> <V453000> ok now I am back here :)
00:39:13  *** Progman has quit IRC
00:49:18  <ProZone> <V453000> 30 000 at SHI
00:49:50  <ProZone> <V453000> I will send some trains IOI - SHI
00:54:32  <OwenS> Night
00:54:38  <ProZone> <V453000> cya
00:55:24  *** OwenS has quit IRC
00:55:44  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
00:55:44  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
00:57:21  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
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10:08:59  *** OwenS has joined
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10:52:16  *** OwenS has joined
10:52:57  <OwenS> Wha? Why did X just die ?:S
10:54:44  <V453000> x ?
10:57:53  <OwenS> X11
10:59:28  <OwenS> And why did I post this to the .pro channel? :S
11:21:03  <Ammler> might rather be KDE which died
11:21:27  <Ammler> which never happen to me since I use 4.3.5
11:33:04  <Ammler>  !rcon didn't work
11:33:04  <ProZone> Ammler: ERROR: command not found
11:33:38  <Ammler> better?
11:34:49  <planetmaker> !rcon debug_level
11:34:49  <ProZone> planetmaker: Current debug-level: 'ai=0, driver=0, grf=0, map=0, misc=0, net=0, sprite=0, oldloader=0, npf=0, yapf=0, freetype=0, sl=0, gamelog=0, desync=0, console=0'
11:34:58  <planetmaker> !rcon debug_level desync=3
11:35:09  <planetmaker> !rcon debug_level
11:35:09  <ProZone> planetmaker: Current debug-level: 'ai=0, driver=0, grf=0, map=0, misc=0, net=0, sprite=0, oldloader=0, npf=0, yapf=0, freetype=0, sl=0, gamelog=0, desync=3, console=0'
11:36:10  <planetmaker> !unpause
11:36:10  <ProZone> *** planetmaker has unpaused the server.
11:36:38  <planetmaker> !auto
11:36:38  <ProZone> *** planetmaker has enabled autopause mode.
11:38:48  <Ammler> planetmaker: did it work?
11:39:35  <planetmaker> well. The only thing in the logs is what ap tells. I'd assume some random calls or so *should* get loged but don't get loged.
11:46:21  <Ammler> well, you should see the dump files
11:46:35  <Ammler> in autosave
11:55:41  <planetmaker> yes, I meant the dump file
12:01:54  *** leg3n is now known as leg3nd
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16:23:33  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
16:26:14  <OwenS> !password
16:26:14  <ProZone> OwenS: ocular
16:26:22  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
16:26:25  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
16:26:32  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hey
16:26:35  <ProZone> <Owen> hey
16:26:54  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i should build a island
16:27:10  <ProZone> <Owen> Where? You could always take FAK
16:27:18  <ProZone> <Owen> hmm brb, jerky
16:27:25  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (leaving)
16:27:27  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
16:27:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i see something near BBH2 :P
16:27:41  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
16:27:41  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
16:28:07  <ProZone> <Owen> Aah
16:28:13  <ProZone> <Owen> Close to AOY
16:28:19  <ProZone> <Owen> Well, at least the name BBH will become accurat
16:28:49  <ProZone> <Owen> Hmm, normaliy not restored...
16:28:51  <ProZone> * Owen tries again...
16:28:53  <ProZone> *** Owen has unpaused the server.
16:28:59  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (leaving)
16:29:10  <ProZone> *** Owen joined the game
16:29:12  <ProZone> <Owen> Much better
16:29:14  <ProZone> *** Owen has enabled autopause mode.
16:29:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> ML is TL3?
16:29:18  <ProZone> <Owen> Yes
16:29:28  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> good
16:29:31  <ProZone> <Owen> It was either that or rebuild everything when we went Transrapid
16:29:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'll start some building at Aojima then :P
16:29:50  <ProZone> <Owen> =)
16:29:53  <ProZone> <Owen> MSH on to BBH02?
16:29:56  <ProZone> <Owen> I'd better expand the ML...
16:30:17  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> on the line to OKM :P
16:30:24  <ProZone> <Owen> Yeah thats what I meant
16:31:05  <V453000> how does SHI look?
16:31:10  <V453000> grew already?
16:31:18  <ProZone> <Owen> Quite a bit
16:31:31  <V453000> kk :)
16:36:04  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> does it need to be able to go to OKM?
16:36:15  <ProZone> <Owen> Probably not, just sign that
16:39:43  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> these signals are too hard to recognise
16:39:49  <ProZone> <Owen> I know
16:39:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hard to spot the direction they're going in
16:39:59  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> especially if stuff is LLxRR
16:40:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> jam
16:40:11  <ProZone> <Owen> Yeah
16:40:12  <ProZone> <Owen> I know
16:40:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh, you're building xD
16:40:32  <ProZone> <Owen> Also, idiot train syndrome...
16:50:58  <ProZone> <Owen> OK, more lines crammed into BB03
16:56:35  *** ODM has joined
16:56:35  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
17:01:25  <ProZone> * Owen is surprised his accidental block with PBS and block entries didn't cause a crash
17:01:46  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :o
17:07:16  <OwenS> V453000: It looks like were gonna have to hack apart BBH02
17:07:26  <V453000> hmmm
17:07:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm
17:07:41  <V453000> I am friendly with hacks
17:07:44  <ProZone> <Owen> I've expanded 03-02 to 3 lanes but theres no real elegant way to upgrade 02
17:07:54  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> Owen: got any idea on where to place the feeders on AOJ?
17:08:00  <ProZone> <Owen> Currently theres a functional but by no means ideal solution
17:08:14  <ProZone> <Owen> No, sorry... just put them where you feel is good :p
17:08:32  <ProZone> <Owen> You mean the tracks or station?
17:08:47  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> station :P
17:08:58  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i think i've got an idea now :P
17:09:04  <ProZone> <Owen> =)
17:09:07  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> make one of the ugliest things ever :P
17:09:12  *** ODM has quit IRC
17:09:46  <ProZone> <Owen> Nah thats BBH02's "!hack todo"
17:10:25  *** ODM has joined
17:10:25  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
17:10:49  *** ODM has quit IRC
17:12:13  <ProZone> <Owen> BTW, be careful with multiple towns in close quaters, they like to magic bulldozer each other
17:12:37  <ProZone> <Owen> I'd also have made Aohara or Furuno the central station, though mainly because theyr'e Citys
17:12:59  <ProZone> <Owen> Then again, look at Takazaki and it's just a large town..
17:15:12  <ProZone> <Owen> Takahara Valleu's timing is just.. so perfect
17:36:27  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> silly towns are starting to build already :o
17:37:20  <ProZone> <Owen> If it moves, nuke it :p
17:56:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> done with AOJ sbahn
17:58:01  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> owen: mind if i pause while giving orders?
17:59:49  <XeryusTC> !pause
17:59:49  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has paused the server.
17:59:50  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
18:06:24  <XeryusTC> !auto
18:06:24  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has enabled autopause mode.
18:06:24  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
18:15:55  <XeryusTC> !pause
18:15:55  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has paused the server.
18:15:57  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
18:21:16  <XeryusTC> !auto
18:21:16  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has enabled autopause mode.
18:21:18  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
18:39:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> should've used TL4 with this sbahn :o
18:39:38  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
18:39:38  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
18:44:01  * OwenS is back
19:01:13  <XeryusTC> oh :P
19:01:24  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
19:01:24  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
19:03:38  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm, my sbahn doesnt work as expected :s
19:03:52  <ProZone> <Owen> Just waiting for the city to grow now?
19:04:06  <ProZone> <Owen> Also, wouldn't TL4 S-Bahn plus TL3 ML be a bit silly? :P
19:04:25  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> not really imo
19:17:42  <XeryusTC> !rcon patch town_growth_rate
19:17:42  <ProZone> XeryusTC: Current value for 'town_growth_rate' is: '4' (min: 0, max: 4)
19:19:20  <ProZone> <Owen> road veh colission?
19:19:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> damnit
19:19:38  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'm building some RVs to grown the towns :P
19:24:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> damnit :s
19:24:06  <ProZone> <Owen> What are you doing? :P
19:24:20  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> building aditional platforms this time :P
19:27:04  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm, those Furui trams are all needed?
19:27:26  <ProZone> <Owen> Dunno
19:27:28  <ProZone> <Owen> Making money though
19:27:36  <ProZone> <Owen> oh.. ungrouped?
19:27:58  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> there are loads of ungrouped RVs, these are actually grouped it seems
19:28:18  <ProZone> <Owen> I dunno; ask CB (I think?)
19:28:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> there are too many of them anyway
19:28:46  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'll save us some CPU cycles :P
19:31:32  <ProZone> * Owen likes his new Furukami Queue-Buster (TM)
19:31:56  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :o
19:32:11  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> that's a not gate?
19:32:15  <ProZone> <Owen> yes
19:32:23  <ProZone> <Owen> V-style
19:33:09  <ProZone> <Owen> hmm, perhaps a little buggy...
19:33:12  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh, it disables prio with 2 or more trains waiting :o
19:33:44  <ProZone> <Owen> Considering both lines have heavy traffic, I gave nominal prio to the ML
19:39:01  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> not again xD
19:39:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and i timed it right :o
19:39:52  <ProZone> <Owen> Meh. One night on here I caused... 6? crashes
19:40:02  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> nice going :P
19:40:03  *** De_Ghosty has quit IRC
19:40:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> sucks that it takes 6 mins for them to disapear :o
19:40:19  <ProZone> <Owen> All of them ML-ML
19:40:37  <ProZone> <Owen> Many of them in TAZ station entrance (the old pre-maglev one)
19:43:58  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but the AOJ sbahn shouldnt jam there anymore :)
19:44:08  *** De_Ghosty has joined
19:52:08  <OwenS> V453000: Come join us :P
19:52:19  <V453000> gimme 10 minutes
19:52:21  <OwenS> :-)
19:52:33  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> NOAW!
19:53:45  <V453000> :D
19:53:49  <V453000> noaw :D
19:53:50  <V453000> cool
19:53:55  <V453000> ok then
19:53:59  <V453000> !dl win 32
19:53:59  <ProZone> V453000: unknown option "win"
19:54:05  <V453000> go die
19:54:05  <OwenS> V453000: Same binary as always
19:54:09  <V453000> !dl win32
19:54:09  <ProZone> V453000:
19:54:13  <V453000> not rly
19:54:18  <V453000> I updated :D
19:54:44  <ProZone> * Owen really must stop singing...
19:55:13  <ProZone> <Owen> Just... too... singable...
19:55:30  <V453000> I am listening to Hybrid all the since you told me about them so you be silent about music :D
19:55:39  <OwenS> lol
19:55:42  <OwenS> BTW, new album is out
19:55:45  <OwenS> Which reminds me...
19:56:18  <OwenS> But I still feel compelled to...
19:56:21  * OwenS is listening to No World For Tomorrow by Coheed and Cambria on Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume II: No World For Tomorrow [Amarok2]
19:56:34  <OwenS> (Completely different genre though :P)
19:56:49  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> Heidevolk released their new album today too :D
19:56:56  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and im going to the release party on friday :P
19:56:59  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> will I be pissed xD
19:57:28  <V453000> !password
19:57:28  <ProZone> V453000: lagoon
19:57:36  <V453000> IT IS OUT?
19:57:38  <V453000> omg
19:57:41  <V453000> my brain dead
19:57:42  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> yes
19:57:47  <V453000> oh ffff
19:57:59  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :P
19:58:17  <V453000> when I listen to them I wonder "why do people need to use drugs"
19:58:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> they aren't that odd
19:58:35  <ProZone> <Owen> And the web has not failed me on the Hybrid front :-)
19:58:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it's Dutch pagan folk :P
19:58:40  <ProZone> *** V453000 joined the game
19:59:23  <ProZone> <V453000> no I dont mean they are odd
19:59:31  <ProZone> <V453000> but the music fucks brain inside out
19:59:37  <ProZone> <V453000> which is coo lD:
19:59:41  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :D
19:59:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> their new album is quite good :D
19:59:57  <ProZone> <V453000> w
19:59:59  <ProZone> <V453000> whats the name?
20:00:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> Uit Oude Grond
20:00:07  <ProZone> <V453000> I choose Noise is awsom
20:00:13  <ProZone> <V453000> wtf name :D on drugs?
20:00:27  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> From Old Soil ;)
20:00:43  <ProZone> <Owen> 100kb/s right off the bat... =)
20:00:57  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> on mp3?
20:01:31  <ProZone> <Owen> On the tubes :p
20:02:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh xD
20:02:20  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> slow :P
20:02:34  <ProZone> <Owen> Currently at 550kb/s
20:02:37  <ProZone> <Owen> ANd 1/3rd done
20:02:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> that's more like it :P
20:02:49  <ProZone> <Owen> 600kb/s
20:03:05  <ProZone> <Owen> 650kb/s :p
20:03:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'm used to the speeds, just fullspeed all the time :D
20:03:07  <ProZone> <Owen> Nice gradient :p
20:03:31  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :P
20:03:44  <ProZone> <Owen> Topping at 680kb/s
20:03:50  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> filepost = love, if they keep their servers running that is xD
20:04:05  <ProZone> <Owen> Under 1 min...
20:04:19  <ProZone> * Owen prepares to listen
20:05:22  <ProZone> <Owen> Off the rTorrent and straight into the Amarok!
20:06:46  <ProZone> <Owen> Ooh, good initial impressions
20:08:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hehe, see AOJ :D
20:08:48  <ProZone> <Owen> Ooh, very good feel
20:08:48  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it has a mystery house :D
20:08:57  <ProZone> <Owen> haha
20:09:04  <ProZone> <Owen> Empire is a very good opening
20:09:52  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
20:10:10  <V453000> wa
20:15:54  <XeryusTC> reconnect  :P
20:19:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> whatsup with Harano Halt?
20:20:09  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh, i get it :P
20:20:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> silly pf fooling :P
20:23:41  <ProZone> <Owen> Shame Disappear Here hasn't continued Morning Sci-Fi and I Choose Noise' one long track style =(
20:25:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :o
20:25:30  <ProZone> <Owen> ?
20:25:43  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> reading back to your previous line :P
20:33:42  *** Progman has quit IRC
20:40:07  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> AOJ is finally generating some pax :D
20:41:43  *** jondisti has quit IRC
20:42:52  <ProZone> <Owen> =D
21:18:55  *** Chris_Booth has joined
21:34:07  * OwenS thinks hes found his phones (corrupted) music player cache :-)
21:38:50  <OwenS> Things would be easier if Symbian didn't name said thing Private/Application32-bitHexCode/
21:42:00  <Chris_Booth> OwenS: things would be easier if you didnt have a symbian phone
21:42:13  <OwenS> Chris_Booth: Please suggest an alternative :p
21:42:47  <Chris_Booth> android, iphone, windows CE(the worse phone os)
21:43:01  <OwenS> Android... involves surrendering soul to Google... iPhone... likewise to Apple... Windows CE... lets not go there
21:43:21  <OwenS> Also, all except perhaps CE are in a higher price bracket. If I had the money, I'd get an N900 Maemo phone
21:43:25  <Chris_Booth> Android is nice though so is iPhone
21:43:40  <Chris_Booth> ce sucks
21:43:42  <OwenS> Android is designed for you to use Google and only Google.
21:44:03  <OwenS> iPhone... is designed to give Apple control over what you install :p
21:44:17  <Chris_Booth> any apple is the same though
21:44:35  <Chris_Booth> steve jobs idea of a computer is people will only use what i tell them they can use
21:44:44  <Chris_Booth> on the hardware i say they can use
21:44:46  <OwenS> And besides, I've had few problems with Symbian
21:44:50  <Chris_Booth> and everything will be fine
21:44:58  <Chris_Booth> i hate symbian
21:45:23  <OwenS> Meh, a little clunky in some ways, but it does the job well. And I can afford it.
21:45:58  <OwenS> As said, If I had the money, I'd go Maemo, but until I come upon a surprise supply, I'll have to stick with S60 5th Edition/Symian^1
21:48:05  <ProZone> <Owen> AOJ has really quite a small quantity of trains
21:49:57  <ProZone> <Owen> Hmm, XeryusTC, I think we may have a bug somewhere
21:51:07  <ProZone> <Owen> Trains AOY-AOJ are going completely the wrong way
21:53:43  <ProZone> <Owen> OMG! You had a couple of track pieces missing >_<
21:54:44  <ProZone> <Owen> We should see them exchanging trains properly and directly now :)
21:55:08  <OwenS> And Chris_Booth, get on and get your region population up to 500k :p
21:55:27  <Chris_Booth> what?
21:55:32  <Chris_Booth> isnt it 500k already?
21:55:41  <ProZone> <Owen> I wasn't under that impression
21:55:58  <ProZone> <Owen> Besides, it  has a big hole :p
21:56:06  <Chris_Booth> no that is my park
21:56:09  <Chris_Booth> or bens area
21:56:18  <Chris_Booth> !password
21:56:18  <ProZone> Chris_Booth: babble
21:56:26  <ProZone> <Owen> As ben has disappeared, I delegate it to you :p
21:56:43  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (leaving)
21:56:44  <Chris_Booth> then its my park
21:57:58  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
21:57:58  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth joined the game
21:59:06  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> what should i do in bens area then?
21:59:20  <ProZone> <Owen> I dunno... populate it? :P
21:59:42  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> what are you doing to that hill?
21:59:53  <ProZone> <Owen> Making it look less sheer :p
22:02:24  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> i dont get bens plan ther
22:02:34  <ProZone> <Owen> Neither do I really
22:02:56  <ProZone> <Owen> Another lost trains order system?
22:03:19  <ProZone> <Chris Booth> not sure
22:03:28  <ProZone> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
22:03:30  <ProZone> *** Game paused (not enough players)
22:03:38  <OwenS> Whoa
22:03:40  <OwenS> Lag bomb
22:04:02  * OwenS waits patiently for OpenTTD
22:05:08  <ProZone> * Chris Booth twidles thumbs
22:06:55  * OwenS gets system back after committing process murder
22:08:55  *** OwenS has quit IRC
22:09:40  <ProZone> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
22:11:18  *** OwenS`Phone has joined
22:18:01  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
22:56:59  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
22:57:15  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh wow, AOJ has grown quite alot :D
22:58:51  *** OwenS`Phone has quit IRC
23:01:08  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC
23:12:17  *** De_Ghosty has quit IRC
23:13:41  *** De_Ghosty has joined
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23:22:51  *** KenjiE20 has joined
23:22:51  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
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23:42:33  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o V453000
23:44:32  *** Ammler has joined
23:44:32  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Ammler

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