Log for on 23rd September 2011:
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08:37:00  <V453000> !password
08:37:00  <ProZone> V453000: ruffed
08:37:29  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:37:31  <ProZone> *** V453000 joined the game
08:39:13  *** Progman has joined
08:42:01  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
10:00:03  <XeryusTC> !password
10:00:03  <ProZone> XeryusTC: patios
10:00:08  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:00:11  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
10:10:01  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (leaving)
11:02:41  <V453000> !password
11:02:42  <ProZone> V453000: cruxes
11:03:31  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:03:34  <ProZone> *** V453000 joined the game
11:04:29  <V453000> XeryusTC: care for some sideways?
11:05:04  <XeryusTC> !password
11:05:04  <ProZone> XeryusTC: cruxes
11:05:07  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
11:05:07  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
11:05:10  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC joined the game
11:05:17  <ProZone> <V453000> yeyy
11:05:29  <ProZone> <V453000> we should build many SLHs rather quickly I thikn
11:05:45  <ProZone> <V453000> or we get majority of traffic in the west
11:06:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> we'll need a ML in the south
11:06:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> so that one ML doesnt get all the traffic
11:06:28  <ProZone> <V453000> hmmf
11:06:32  <ProZone> <V453000> not sure
11:06:38  <ProZone> <V453000> possibly, yes
11:06:52  <ProZone> <V453000> like BBHs at Slaninghall ?
11:06:59  <ProZone> <V453000> and the other one at the counter end ofc :)
11:07:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> yeah
11:07:09  <ProZone> <V453000> actually that is a really good idea
11:07:12  <ProZone> <V453000> shortcut for steel
11:07:30  <ProZone> <V453000> while goods go on north ml
11:07:33  <planetmaker> !password
11:07:33  <ProZone> planetmaker: cruxes
11:07:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> indeed
11:07:54  <ProZone> *** planetm4ker joined the game
11:07:56  <ProZone> <V453000> hi pm :)
11:08:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and we will need pile transport like density
11:08:22  <ProZone> <V453000> what that is? :)
11:08:37  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> the busiest MLs were half filled
11:08:40  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000BA31:
11:08:43  <ProZone> <V453000> ah, like that
11:08:45  <ProZone> <V453000> yes, about
11:08:53  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> you want a 2nd set of ML?
11:08:55  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> like max triple of what the centre ML is now
11:09:06  <ProZone> <V453000> we will see
11:09:09  <ProZone> <V453000> pm: yeah
11:09:13  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> or just expand existing?
11:09:23  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> if it gets really bad we might need another ML from SLH3 to oil
11:09:25  <ProZone> <V453000> one BBH at Slaninghall
11:09:31  <ProZone> <V453000> other near factory
11:10:04  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> hm
11:10:18  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> then the middle ML should rather move NW, too ;-)
11:10:24  <ProZone> <V453000> no need
11:10:40  <ProZone> <V453000> the point is you get goods on north, steel on south
11:10:46  <ProZone> <V453000> plus ofc some primaries
11:11:01  <ProZone> <V453000> might not be equally balanced, but it will help
11:12:00  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00018235:
11:12:22  <ProZone> <V453000> lol refineries LOVE oil station
11:12:28  <ProZone> <V453000> 2 new since station built
11:12:34  <ProZone> <V453000> and they already started stealing oil
11:12:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> do we have magic bulldozer?
11:12:49  <ProZone> <V453000> no, but we could later
11:15:20  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00019233:
11:18:40  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000A854:
11:20:27  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC #1 joined the game
11:20:29  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC #1 has left the game (leaving)
11:20:31  <ProZone> <V453000> ooh there is more of them :D
11:20:35  <ProZone> <V453000> :P
11:20:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> had to test the password ;)
11:20:44  <ProZone> <V453000> I realized :p
11:21:03  <ProZone> <V453000> o
11:21:13  <ProZone> <V453000> oh BBH 02 building :D
11:21:42  <ProZone> <V453000> hm not using the bridge concept there? :(
11:22:01  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000A65A:
11:22:45  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> bridge? where?
11:22:57  <ProZone> <V453000> the western merger on BBH 02
11:23:25  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> ah, that's vinnie obviously
11:24:00  <ProZone> <V453000> I just thought it might be nice to keep the hub uniform, but meh, we will probably edit it a lot later anyway
11:24:49  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> we shouldn't use bridges
11:24:59  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> and no, I won't build the bridge concept
11:25:09  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> as we see it jams
11:25:15  <ProZone> <V453000> yes because a prio was broken
11:25:21  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00009C58:
11:25:31  <ProZone> <V453000> but why dont you just make an another BBH and let him finish that
11:27:09  <ProZone> *** Spike joined the game
11:27:22  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> vinnie can update the joiners when he wants to
11:27:27  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i think that for now it is ok
11:27:36  <ProZone> <V453000> sure sure
11:28:08  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> also !CL
11:28:22  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> V453000: he explicitly said "you may continue if you want"
11:28:32  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> and a temp bbh under load definitely needs fixing
11:28:38  <ProZone> <V453000> yes which imo implies continue in the same spirit, but meh
11:28:41  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00002822:
11:28:52  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> it doesn't according to my book
11:29:06  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> it means just "finish bbh"
11:29:17  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> especially as a bbh has 4 joins
11:29:28  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i have to agree with PM on that one
11:29:38  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> also, i'm going to take a shower
11:29:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and then i'll start on one of the BBHs
11:32:01  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000AA8B:
11:35:22  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000165EC:
11:38:42  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001983F:
11:42:02  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00000443:
11:45:22  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00030B75:
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11:48:42  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00030D71:
11:52:02  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001AC52:
11:55:23  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001BC46:
11:58:43  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002F37B:
12:02:03  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001AE4C:
12:02:58  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> V has started on Slaninghall?
12:04:20  <ProZone> <V453000> ye
12:05:23  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002D238:
12:08:44  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001D644:
12:11:36  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> V!
12:11:38  <ProZone> <V453000> wat
12:11:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> you have trains going east in your bbh :P
12:11:50  <ProZone> <V453000> o
12:11:52  <ProZone> <V453000> bastards
12:11:58  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
12:12:00  <ProZone> <V453000> their problem :)
12:12:04  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003097B:
12:12:14  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> :-D
12:12:20  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> now it is yours :P
12:15:24  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002F75F:
12:15:53  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> this must be one of my most structured bbhs ever :P
12:16:05  <ProZone> <V453000> no shit :d
12:16:19  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> thank you f or the confidence
12:16:31  <ProZone> <V453000> hm? :)
12:18:44  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A043:
12:18:48  <ProZone> <V453000> in czech we would say "I just shat in my shoes"
12:22:04  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002ED6A:
12:25:25  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002E762:
12:25:35  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> bbh 5 done
12:25:37  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> hm, finally all tunnels doubled
12:25:45  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> BBH2, too
12:25:57  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> why is it BBH5?
12:25:57  <ProZone> <V453000> 04 as well
12:26:11  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> V made 4
12:26:21  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> imo we should call V's 3 and mine 4 and then the one in the centre 5 :P
12:26:28  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> hm... to goods drop. ok. I'd have classified it MSH, I guess ;-)
12:26:38  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> agreed
12:26:40  <ProZone> <V453000> XeryusTC: so be it
12:26:42  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> well, we can put SLHs on it :P
12:27:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> fuuuuu, i also had trains in my bbh :P
12:27:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> thanks to flattening some mountains for acceleration purposes :P
12:27:53  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and V also has trains in his :P
12:28:03  <ProZone> <V453000> again? :(
12:28:45  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002DAA8:
12:31:56  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> \o/ steel trains :D \o/
12:32:00  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
12:32:05  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002CCE3:
12:33:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i wonder how my joiners are going to behave
12:33:24  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> badly, as you made part of the ML in rail tracks :-P
12:33:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and how CB is going to react to them
12:33:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> considering the big discussion he started yesterday
12:33:59  <ProZone> <V453000> which was an absolute nonsense
12:34:06  <ProZone> <planetm4ker> which joiner in particular do you mean?
12:34:08  <ProZone> <V453000> psg 202 is full of them and _all_ of them work
12:34:08  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> yeah
12:34:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> also, wtf is up with all the sudden traffic :O
12:35:25  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003C019:
12:36:26  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it seems like we have a few too many steel trains :P
12:36:43  <ProZone> <V453000> lol :D
12:36:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> sending like 10 to depot
12:36:53  <ProZone> <V453000> k
12:36:53  <ProZone> *** Spike has left the game (leaving)
12:37:41  <ProZone> *** planetm4ker has left the game (connection lost)
12:37:53  <planetmaker> g2g. see you later
12:37:56  <ProZone> <V453000> cya
12:38:04  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> slh 3 had a missing connection
12:38:10  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> also sya
12:38:12  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> cya even
12:38:45  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003DD86:
12:39:34  <ProZone> <V453000> k
12:39:37  <ProZone> <V453000> moar SLH time
12:39:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm
12:40:07  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i think that for this game we shouldn't see prios as prios but more as train density regulators :P
12:40:23  <ProZone> <V453000> certainly :)
12:40:57  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> seeing as how 17 tile prios still stop like 4 ML trains when a train cuts in
12:41:08  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> well, not stop them in a row, but 4 trains feel the effects of 1 ML train slowing down
12:41:14  <ProZone> <V453000> I know
12:41:26  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> so it is more a case of letting trains not follow each other too closely
12:42:06  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002CCAB:
12:45:26  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002D6A7:
12:48:46  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002C6A9:
12:52:06  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002D0BC:
12:54:10  <ProZone> <V453000> fuck oil rigs swarming
12:54:24  <ProZone> <V453000> guess we might want to ignore some :)
12:54:30  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> indeed
12:55:27  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000294A4:
12:58:47  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003B91A:
12:59:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm
12:59:27  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> my 18 ton coal mine has dropped to 12 :(
12:59:33  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
12:59:41  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and i'm removing the MM :P
12:59:52  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> unless you want it to survive to the end
13:00:50  <ProZone> <V453000> no care :)
13:02:07  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003F6B6:
13:02:46  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> see !hmm
13:02:56  <ProZone> <V453000> was a prio :P
13:03:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> suspected so :o
13:04:07  *** TWerkhoven has joined
13:04:58  <ProZone> <V453000> o
13:05:04  <ProZone> <V453000> 230t forest
13:05:11  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> nice :)
13:05:17  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'm making an acceleration prio :D
13:05:27  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000F6E1:
13:05:41  <ProZone> <V453000> you need logic for that to make it 100% reliable
13:06:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i recon that it mainly needs loads of fiddling with where the prio comes
13:06:25  <ProZone> <V453000> that too
13:06:39  <ProZone> <V453000> but you also need to make sure the train is actually stopped where you expect it
13:06:46  <ProZone> <V453000> which is where the logic comes in
13:06:57  <ProZone> <V453000> just a "bouncing" logic engine is 99% fine
13:07:08  <ProZone> <V453000> seen in #184 iirc
13:07:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm, ideally that would need a not gate
13:07:20  <ProZone> <V453000> maybe somewhere else, not sure
13:07:38  <ProZone> <V453000> I dont think not gate is enough
13:07:48  <ProZone> <V453000> not gate plus one train
13:07:50  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> however, i think that an acceleration prio would work best if it also allowed trains which are already at full speed to join
13:08:16  <ProZone> <V453000> that wouldnt be too simple to make I think
13:08:36  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh, what i'm thinking off only allows trains to join when a train has been through the prio xD
13:08:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> which is not ideal :P
13:08:47  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003C736:
13:09:07  <ProZone> <V453000> I still love how Lev4 looks
13:10:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> current design also stops trains if there is already one accelerating
13:10:12  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> or stopped before the secondary prio
13:12:08  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000F0E5:
13:13:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and i dont feel like constructing the rest of the slh :P
13:13:21  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
13:13:54  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but i knew that would happen before hand
13:14:11  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> because i only felt like making an acceleration prio in the first place
13:15:03  <ProZone> <V453000> moar farms btw
13:15:15  <ProZone> <V453000> your station is hungry
13:15:23  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i know :P
13:15:28  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000100D4:
13:15:51  <ProZone> <V453000> OR you bitch just try to overload my station so I have to expand first :P :D
13:16:07  <ProZone> <V453000> busted
13:16:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> nah, i just wanted to point out the flaws in your exits via demonstration :P
13:16:45  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
13:16:49  <ProZone> <V453000> yes those are rather random
13:17:20  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> shall i make a joiner in the direction of town drop?
13:17:30  <ProZone> <V453000> .. ? :D
13:17:32  <ProZone> <V453000> what would that be for
13:17:43  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> only completeness
13:17:51  <ProZone> <V453000> no
13:18:11  <ProZone> <V453000> we could also fill the whole map with rails just for the complete coverage :p
13:18:35  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> sounds like a nice challenge :P
13:18:48  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00010EEF:
13:19:00  <ProZone> <V453000> that would actually be freaking funny
13:19:08  <ProZone> <V453000> to have rails _everywhere_
13:19:13  <ProZone> <V453000> not useful, but everywhere
13:19:31  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> make one giant pbs grid out of it
13:19:34  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> see our CPUs cry :P
13:19:36  <ProZone> <V453000> nah
13:19:38  <ProZone> <V453000> just make the normal network
13:19:41  <ProZone> <V453000> and fill the rest with useless rails
13:22:08  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000F109:
13:23:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> this station is going to break so horribly :P
13:23:58  <ProZone> <V453000> oo :D
13:25:00  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> maybe you have played this game too much when you can recognise an industry from the brown tiles that are left when it gets removed xD
13:25:18  <ProZone> <V453000> :)))
13:25:28  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000378FD:
13:25:31  <ProZone> <V453000> LOL
13:25:34  <ProZone> <V453000> oil station
13:25:44  <planetmaker> XeryusTC: that is not that difficult a task
13:25:50  <planetmaker> shape is quite distinct
13:25:53  <ProZone> <V453000> the refineries come closer and closer and every closer one is taking over the oil
13:25:55  <ProZone> <V453000> wtf
13:26:00  <planetmaker> but yes, I've played it too much, too ;-)
13:26:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> pm: i know, but still :P
13:26:09  <ProZone> <V453000> juse closer and closer to station sign, but ..
13:26:19  <ProZone> <V453000> I say I haveny played openttd enough!.
13:27:52  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> we should turn off gradual loading :P
13:28:29  <planetmaker> nah, please not. That's a good thing
13:28:42  <planetmaker> !rcon list acceleration
13:28:42  <ProZone> planetmaker: ERROR: command not found
13:28:47  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i recon that it is slower with than without ;)
13:28:49  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00023644:
13:28:57  <planetmaker> !rcon list
13:28:57  <ProZone> planetmaker: ERROR: command not found
13:29:04  <planetmaker> !rcon listsettings
13:29:04  <ProZone> planetmaker: All settings with their current value:
13:29:04  <ProZone> planetmaker: difficulty.max_no_competitors = 0
13:29:04  <ProZone> planetmaker: difficulty.number_towns = 0
13:29:04  <ProZone> planetmaker: difficulty.industry_density = 4
13:29:04  <ProZone> planetmaker: difficulty.max_loan = 500000
13:29:05  <ProZone> planetmaker: you have 287 more messages
13:29:11  <planetmaker> !rcon listsettings accel
13:29:11  <ProZone> planetmaker: All settings with their current value:
13:29:11  <ProZone> planetmaker: vehicle.train_acceleration_model = 1
13:29:11  <ProZone> planetmaker: vehicle.roadveh_acceleration_model = 0
13:29:11  <ProZone> planetmaker: Use 'setting' command to change a value
13:29:37  <ProZone> <V453000> yes it is slower but it isnt as nice
13:29:48  <ProZone> <V453000> and well, both are eternally long so the difference isnt that key
13:30:02  <ProZone> <V453000> and the long loading time makes the combo signal arrays less vulnerable
13:31:08  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> combo signal array?
13:31:14  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> at wood drop you mean?
13:31:17  <ProZone> <V453000> no
13:31:19  <ProZone> <V453000> at coal drop
13:31:33  <ProZone> <V453000> wood drop is just a PSB, that doesnt do anything really
13:31:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i dont think that the signals at the exit are influenced much by the loading time
13:31:57  <ProZone> <V453000> hm but yes there are comboes too
13:32:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> trains arrive and leave the same no matter loading speed
13:32:09  <ProZone> <V453000> yes they do
13:32:17  <ProZone> <V453000> but with higher loading speed they are more dense
13:32:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> also, wtf hacked in pickup :P
13:32:35  <ProZone> <V453000> hm? :)
13:32:45  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> the only change is that trains take less time to load/unload
13:32:53  <ProZone> <V453000> yes
13:32:57  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it doesnt influence density as that is determined by how they arrive
13:33:00  <ProZone> <V453000> and thus eventually need more/less platforms
13:33:10  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> loading speed only changes the interval between arriving and leaving ;)
13:33:17  <ProZone> <V453000> not only
13:33:43  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it does influence it a bit like that indeed
13:34:05  <ProZone> <V453000> yes but ... wont be significant here I think
13:34:07  <ProZone> <V453000> or not too much
13:34:22  <ProZone> <V453000> the spaces between trains are probably going to be too large for that
13:34:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but in the end that still mainly gets determined by entry density
13:35:17  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'm going to grab some food
13:35:23  <ProZone> <V453000> me too
13:41:24  <ProZone> *** V453000 has joined spectators
13:41:24  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
13:42:07  <XeryusTC> noes!
13:43:21  <ProZone> *** V453000 has joined company #1
13:43:22  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
13:43:26  <ProZone> <V453000> yays
13:45:14  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> \o/
13:45:29  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00036D58:
13:48:49  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00004B9C:
13:52:09  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00002131:
13:52:25  <ProZone> <V453000> when you listen to an artist called "Serious Porn Collector", you notice that something is wrong
13:55:29  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00015DA6:
13:57:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> xD
13:57:09  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> why do you listen to that kind of stuff?
13:57:16  <ProZone> <V453000> radio :-D
13:57:22  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> xD
13:57:28  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i'm just watching Ben-Hur :P
13:57:36  <ProZone> <V453000> kinda dont know what to listen to anymore, so I just turned on
13:57:43  <ProZone> <V453000> good stuff if you dont mind electronic mindfuck
13:57:57  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> we still need a wood pickup
13:58:14  <ProZone> <V453000> hmf
13:58:18  <ProZone> <V453000> not urgent imo
13:58:20  <ProZone> <V453000> can wait for pm :)
13:58:23  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> true
13:58:50  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000361F3:
14:02:10  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00019E70:
14:02:33  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
14:02:39  <ProZone> <V453000> the bridges work brilliantly it seems like
14:05:30  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A070:
14:05:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> east needs some SLHs :o
14:05:44  <ProZone> <V453000> yeh
14:08:50  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00036D92:
14:12:11  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00026446:
14:13:21  <ProZone> <V453000> oh :d
14:13:36  <ProZone> <V453000> 4way when there is another SLH just next to it  ?D:
14:13:36  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm?
14:13:42  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i know
14:13:45  <ProZone> <V453000> no matter
14:13:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but i think we can do with another SLH there
14:13:53  <ProZone> <V453000> just build whatever :)
14:14:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> otherwise i have to build it between bbh5 and 4
14:14:39  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i prefer loads of SLHs with small SLs over few SLHs which service way too many stations
14:14:45  <ProZone> <V453000> yes
14:15:12  *** MrD2DG has joined
14:15:31  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00011238:
14:17:41  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> lol
14:18:22  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> trains could enter the prio on bbh4 :s
14:18:28  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> leading to a massive jam xD
14:18:34  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
14:18:48  <planetmaker> feel free to build a goods pickup at sawmill
14:18:51  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002682C:
14:20:15  <MrD2DG> !password
14:20:15  <ProZone> MrD2DG: sweaty
14:20:31  <ProZone> <V453000> hi
14:20:32  <ProZone> *** MrD2DG joined the game
14:20:33  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Hi
14:20:33  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hey MrD2DG :)
14:22:11  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00011245:
14:25:32  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00011A48:
14:28:52  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00013435:
14:32:12  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00010633:
14:35:32  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00011233:
14:38:48  <ProZone> *** V453000 has joined spectators
14:38:52  <ProZone> <V453000> coming later
14:38:53  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001384F:
14:38:54  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> K
14:39:08  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> ok
14:39:26  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> MrD2DG: we need SLHs btw
14:39:32  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> mainly in the east atm
14:39:38  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Ok
14:42:13  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00020843:
14:45:33  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00022E4A:
14:46:19  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> seems like slh 9 is done :D
14:46:26  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
14:48:53  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001F43B:
14:52:13  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00017070:
14:55:34  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00021647:
14:58:54  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00018498:
15:02:14  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00021648:
15:05:34  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00021046:
15:07:51  *** Vinnie_nl has joined
15:08:02  <Vinnie_nl> !password
15:08:02  <ProZone> Vinnie_nl: bredes
15:08:37  <Vinnie_nl> !password
15:08:37  <ProZone> Vinnie_nl: rasher
15:08:51  <ProZone> *** Vinnie joined the game
15:08:55  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00022245:
15:08:57  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hey
15:09:01  <ProZone> <Vinnie> hey
15:09:19  <ProZone> <Vinnie> wow my idea isnt deleted yet
15:09:26  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
15:12:15  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00021245:
15:12:19  <ProZone> *** Vinnie has joined company #1
15:15:35  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00019066:
15:18:55  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002C665:
15:21:50  <ProZone> <Vinnie> plan changed :)
15:22:15  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002C46E:
15:22:45  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Oh the east ML?
15:22:51  <ProZone> <Vinnie> two West to East ML
15:22:59  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Yeah forgot about that :P
15:23:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh yeah, we added that to spread traffic
15:25:35  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002D276:
15:27:44  <ProZone> <V453000> its chaos, there newer was a plan :P
15:27:46  <ProZone> <V453000> and hi
15:27:48  <ProZone> *** V453000 has joined company #1
15:27:48  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
15:27:50  <ProZone> <Vinnie> hey
15:28:56  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002BC7B:
15:29:06  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
15:29:14  <ProZone> <V453000> might be wise to build goods pickup sawmill already
15:30:46  <planetmaker> please do. I'm busy installing some systems in virtual machines ;-)
15:30:51  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
15:30:56  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
15:31:13  <ProZone> <V453000> pm: I was rather asking who is going to do it :D
15:31:22  <planetmaker> :-)
15:32:16  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002C67A:
15:32:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> V453000: you
15:32:22  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> or Vinnie
15:32:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> or MrD2DG :P
15:32:34  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Im building an SLH atm :D
15:34:53  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> MrD2DG: SLHs should also be drive on right ;)
15:35:00  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> you forgot that on slh 12
15:35:09  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Oops
15:35:21  <ProZone> <V453000> is good
15:35:36  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00023277:
15:38:56  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000DDB8:
15:39:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> ML near steel is at almost at capacity it seems
15:39:27  <ProZone> <V453000> yeah
15:42:17  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002D085:
15:45:00  <ProZone> *** Vinnie has joined spectators
15:45:37  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0000E3D8:
15:45:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> ML to oil also seems to be near cap
15:48:57  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002FC88:
15:49:55  <ProZone> <V453000> lets say that is lumber picku
15:49:57  <ProZone> <V453000> p
15:50:24  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
15:51:00  <ProZone> <V453000> oh which fucker keeps adding ungrouped trains
15:51:09  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> I havent added any trains this game :)
15:52:17  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000306A8:
15:53:43  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> V453000: that is me :P
15:53:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i take a while between grouping them :P
15:53:58  <ProZone> <V453000> just clone other trains?
15:54:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> nah :P
15:54:45  <ProZone> <V453000> oh
15:54:50  <ProZone> <V453000> MrD2DG: issue at BBH 05
15:54:59  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> ...?
15:55:02  <ProZone> <V453000> see
15:55:08  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> No its not
15:55:10  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Look around :P
15:55:16  <ProZone> <V453000> oh there
15:55:18  <ProZone> <V453000> OMG :D
15:55:26  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
15:55:37  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001E2DB:
15:56:54  <ProZone> *** Vinnie has joined company #1
15:57:36  <ProZone> <Vinnie> the middle of the map is ugly
15:57:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> bbh5 you mean?
15:57:59  <ProZone> <Vinnie> no i mean the trees
15:58:05  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> :D
15:58:08  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> >_>
15:58:58  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002E07F:
16:02:17  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh
16:02:19  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> slh2 jams
16:03:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> the prios dont work properly with such slowly accelerating trains
16:04:48  <ProZone> <V453000> hm that isnt too good indeed
16:05:39  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00014776:
16:07:01  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i wonder if this game will become somewhat like that toyland chaos game
16:07:12  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> wrt hub size in the end
16:07:18  <ProZone> <V453000> :d
16:07:25  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> That sounds fun :D
16:07:28  <ProZone> <V453000> depends on amount of effort :p
16:07:30  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> probably not because that was mainly 4 way
16:07:40  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> or god forbid, 4 or 5 way :P
16:07:40  <ProZone> <V453000> oh you mean 195
16:07:44  <ProZone> <Vinnie> wanst that a roundabout hub?
16:08:10  <ProZone> <V453000> I thought you mean 181 at first
16:08:18  <XeryusTC> !archive
16:08:39  <ProZone> <V453000> anyway, later
16:08:41  <XeryusTC> i meant 181
16:08:43  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
16:08:45  <ProZone> <Vinnie> cya
16:08:45  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> BB
16:08:48  <V453000> yeah I thought so :)
16:08:59  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002F2C7:
16:09:40  <XeryusTC> i havent build in 195
16:09:44  <XeryusTC> but 181 was a lot of fun
16:12:00  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> bbh5 is also starting to reach capacity
16:12:19  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002DCC3:
16:12:25  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Yep think that whole ML needs expanding
16:13:50  <ProZone> *** Vinnie has joined spectators
16:15:43  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002E07F:
16:19:00  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0002B47F:
16:22:20  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00015DA6:
16:22:57  <TWerkhoven> !password
16:22:57  <ProZone> TWerkhoven: cavort
16:23:06  <ProZone> *** TWerkhoven joined the game
16:23:13  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Hi
16:23:39  <ProZone> <TWerkhoven> ello
16:24:03  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hey TW
16:24:45  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> TW sounds a lot better than Twerk ill use that from now on :D
16:25:22  <ProZone> <TWerkhoven> fin
16:25:28  <ProZone> <TWerkhoven> finally :p
16:25:32  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> :P
16:25:40  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A0B3:
16:29:00  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001BEAC:
16:29:53  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> brb dinner
16:32:21  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001D8AF:
16:35:41  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000196BD:
16:37:13  <ProZone> <Vinnie> cya later today
16:37:16  <ProZone> *** Vinnie has left the game (leaving)
16:37:18  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> BB
16:39:01  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000194C2:
16:42:21  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A0C5:
16:45:57  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> @@ (gap 3)
16:46:07  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> @@(gap 3)
16:46:09  <Webster> ProZone: For Trainlength of 3: <= 9 needs 2, 10 - 14 needs 3, 15 - 19 needs 4.
16:52:21  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000194BD:
16:52:35  <V453000> !password
16:52:35  <ProZone> V453000: starry
16:52:47  <ProZone> <V453000> hy
16:52:50  <ProZone> *** V453000 joined the game
16:52:54  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> Hi, I was just going :P
16:53:08  <ProZone> <V453000> duh
16:53:17  <ProZone> <MrD2DG> BB
16:53:21  <ProZone> <V453000> cya
16:53:25  <ProZone> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
16:53:33  *** MrD2DG has quit IRC
16:54:02  <ProZone> <V453000> shall we start on PS?
16:55:41  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000196BE:
16:55:43  <ProZone> <V453000> hm nobody there yet :)
16:59:02  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00006CE8:
17:00:13  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> back
17:00:18  <ProZone> <V453000> adding platforms to goods drop
17:00:28  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> nice
17:00:37  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> except that a train is stuck in there now :P
17:00:45  <ProZone> <V453000> I know
17:02:22  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000028E8:
17:03:06  <ProZone> <V453000> the exit should be probably completely rebuilt later :|
17:03:14  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> or now!
17:03:16  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> do it now!
17:03:20  <ProZone> <V453000> im not doing it now
17:03:23  <ProZone> <V453000> feel free to though
17:03:37  <ProZone> <V453000> hm ok I will :P
17:03:42  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> the is crappy balancing everywhere in this game :s
17:03:54  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and i feel a huge jam coming
17:04:17  <ProZone> <V453000> come build it with me
17:04:31  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> set
17:04:31  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> sec
17:04:33  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> eating desert :P
17:04:51  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> dessert even
17:04:58  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> desert is kind of sandy
17:05:03  <ProZone> <V453000> candy?
17:05:07  <ProZone> <V453000> :P
17:05:10  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> custard
17:05:42  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000058D6:
17:05:45  <Vinnie_nl> V i am there
17:05:51  <Vinnie_nl> so are 3 others now
17:06:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> we are kind of busy in here
17:06:09  <ProZone> <V453000> ^
17:06:10  <Vinnie_nl> ok
17:07:17  <ProZone> <V453000> hows that :D
17:07:27  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm
17:07:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> seems messy :P
17:07:31  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but compact
17:07:31  <ProZone> <V453000> indeed
17:08:18  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i will do signalling
17:08:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> you can build
17:08:26  <ProZone> <V453000> k
17:09:02  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000032DE:
17:09:27  <ProZone> <V453000> that was good
17:09:35  <ProZone> <V453000> ah yes
17:11:41  <ProZone> <V453000> hmf
17:11:47  <ProZone> <V453000> why not move it closer
17:11:53  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> hmm
17:11:56  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> better indeed :P
17:12:23  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 000038DD:
17:12:37  <ProZone> <V453000> k :D
17:12:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> mo mo mo monsterjam!
17:13:44  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> thje forcing at the end kind of destroys the balancing at the beginning xD
17:13:58  <ProZone> <V453000> I dont think
17:14:04  <ProZone> <V453000> they should still choose
17:14:10  <ProZone> <V453000> just too many trains now
17:14:14  <ProZone> <V453000> lets see in a while
17:14:20  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> yes, it is very busy indeed
17:14:34  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> but usually it is better to join at the station and choose at the end than the other way around
17:14:52  <ProZone> <V453000> hmm, likely so
17:15:06  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> at the station you have traffic of 2 lines balanced over 9
17:15:16  <ProZone> <V453000> dunno I always feel like when I do it this way then it fits nicer
17:15:24  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> and at the end you have the same 2 lines balanced over 6 ish
17:15:43  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00004EDF:
17:15:45  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> it is more space effecient
17:15:47  <ProZone> <V453000> these exits are still awesome to build :)
17:15:50  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> choosing takes way too much space
17:16:24  <ProZone> <V453000> should work fine I think
17:17:17  <ProZone> <V453000> lets start the PS?
17:18:23  <ProZone> *** V453000 has joined spectators
17:18:23  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
17:19:03  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A8C6:
17:23:52  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
17:34:56  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has unpaused the server.
17:34:58  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
17:35:36  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> oh V, you silly bastard
17:35:43  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0003A76E:
17:39:03  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00015DA6:
17:42:02  <V453000> ? :D
17:42:21  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> that full combo entry of coal drop
17:42:23  <V453000> the comboes broke under stress?
17:42:24  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001A353:
17:42:26  <V453000> hehe
17:42:29  <ProZone> <XeryusTC> i didnt even notice it until it started jaming
17:45:44  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001795A:
17:49:04  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00013991:
17:52:24  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001C975:
17:55:44  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001C979:
17:59:05  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001CB6E:
18:02:25  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001397D:
18:05:45  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 0001237E:
18:09:05  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00014177:
18:12:25  <ProZone> ***  made screenshot at 00013B81:
18:29:01  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has enabled autopause mode.
18:29:03  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
19:07:57  <ProZone> *** XeryusTC has left the game (leaving)
20:29:41  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
21:40:36  *** Chris_Booth has joined
21:53:01  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
22:03:23  <ProZone> *** TWerkhoven has left the game (leaving)
22:07:27  *** ODM has quit IRC
22:28:54  *** Progman has quit IRC
23:14:15  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC

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