Log for on 25th May 2013:
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00:19:06  <ProZone> *** mfb has left the game (leaving)
00:19:06  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
00:19:20  *** mfb- has quit IRC
04:03:32  *** evildwarf has quit IRC
04:54:45  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
04:54:45  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
04:54:47  <ProZone> *** Sylf joined the game
05:00:42  <ProZone> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
05:00:42  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:17:25  <tycoondemon> !password
07:17:25  <ProZone> tycoondemon: bayous
07:17:38  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:17:38  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
07:17:41  <ProZone> *** tycoondemon joined the game
07:20:46  <ProZone> *** tycoondemon has left the game (leaving)
07:20:46  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
07:25:46  *** evildwarf has joined
07:35:37  *** Maraxus has joined
07:35:59  <Maraxus> !password
07:35:59  <ProZone> Maraxus: titled
07:36:14  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
07:36:15  <ProZone> *** Maraxus joined the game
07:45:35  <ProZone> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
07:45:42  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
08:13:28  *** Progman has joined
08:19:44  *** Jam35 has joined
08:27:49  *** ODM has joined
08:27:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
08:29:12  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
08:29:14  <ProZone> *** Jam35 joined the game
08:29:27  <ProZone> *** Jam35 has left the game (leaving)
08:31:39  *** Ryton_ has joined
08:31:51  <Ryton_> !info
08:31:51  <ProZone> Ryton_: #:1(Orange) Company Name: 'Don't Try This At Home'  Year Founded: 2050  Money: 103576892420  Loan: 0  Value: 103603685645  (T:2006, R:6, P:1, S:0) unprotected
08:52:11  *** Ryton_ has quit IRC
08:57:52  *** evildwarf has quit IRC
09:11:54  *** Ryton_ has joined
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10:26:01  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:26:01  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:26:02  <ProZone> *** Mazur joined the game
10:27:32  <ProZone> <Mazur> This is getting a  tad slow here.
10:27:58  <ProZone> *** Mazur has joined spectators
10:27:58  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:28:06  <ProZone> <Mazur> Ah, better.
10:41:32  <ProZone> *** Mazur has left the game (connection lost)
13:55:31  *** Vinnie_nl has joined
16:11:27  *** Maraxus has joined
17:20:29  <Maraxus> !playercount
17:20:29  <ProZone> Maraxus: Number of players: 0 (0 spectators)
17:23:50  *** evildwarf has joined
17:25:23  *** Ryton has joined
17:25:26  <Ryton> !password
17:25:26  <ProZone> Ryton: nudges
17:25:44  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
17:25:44  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
17:25:45  <ProZone> *** Ryton joined the game
18:16:58  <Maraxus> !password
18:16:58  <ProZone> Maraxus: kinked
18:17:13  <ProZone> <Ryton> yo
18:17:14  <ProZone> *** Maraxus joined the game
18:17:17  <ProZone> <Maraxus> hi
18:20:57  <ProZone> *** Maraxus has joined company #1
18:26:48  <ProZone> <Ryton> pff
18:43:36  <ProZone> <Ryton> im on a roll tonight
18:46:56  <ProZone> <Maraxus> I'm off - cu
18:47:02  <ProZone> <Ryton> cya
18:47:08  <ProZone> *** Maraxus has left the game (leaving)
19:08:51  *** Progman_ has joined
19:11:08  <ProZone> *** Ryton has joined spectators
19:11:08  <ProZone> *** Game paused (number of players)
19:11:12  <ProZone> *** Ryton has left the game (leaving)
19:12:31  *** Progman has quit IRC
19:12:43  *** Progman_ is now known as Progman
19:54:18  *** mfb- has joined
19:54:18  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o mfb-
19:54:23  <mfb-> hi
19:56:08  <V453000> hu
19:56:18  <V453000> !password
19:56:18  <ProZone> V453000: discos
19:56:33  <ProZone> *** Game still paused (number of players)
19:56:33  <ProZone> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
19:56:36  <ProZone> *** V453000 joined the game
19:59:32  <ProZone> *** mfb joined the game
20:03:25  <ProZone> <mfb> slowdown on line 1 again
20:03:36  <ProZone> <mfb> oh, jams on 1-3
20:05:26  <ProZone> <V453000> but where from
20:05:36  <ProZone> <mfb> ML splits are fine
20:05:51  <ProZone> <mfb> and the end of line looks good
20:06:00  <ProZone> <mfb> trains with wrong load%?
20:06:10  <ProZone> <V453000> most likely I guess :s
20:06:16  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
20:06:26  <ProZone> <V453000> how about making a conditional order for them
20:06:36  <ProZone> <V453000> after drop entry
20:06:40  <ProZone> <V453000> and just split them elsewhere
20:06:43  <ProZone> <V453000> like to a SL
20:06:49  <ProZone> <V453000> or even catch them
20:06:59  <ProZone> <mfb> catch them at end of line
20:07:02  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
20:07:06  <ProZone> <mfb> or before the drop
20:07:08  <ProZone> <V453000> no
20:07:10  <ProZone> <V453000> before the drop
20:07:12  <ProZone> <mfb> so we can see where they come from
20:07:24  <ProZone> <V453000> the problem is that if they go through drop, then they fuck up the merge back
20:07:34  <ProZone> <V453000> if we catch them before they enter drop, it should be fine
20:07:40  <ProZone> <V453000> also after drop all trains are 0% :)
20:07:46  <ProZone> <mfb> like !that
20:07:49  <ProZone> <mfb> with some waypoint
20:08:40  <ProZone> <V453000> why that
20:08:46  <ProZone> <V453000> we can even make order to make them go to depot
20:08:48  <ProZone> <V453000> or anything
20:10:01  <mfb-> exactly
20:10:04  <mfb-> ah
20:10:12  <mfb-> just goto nearest depot after the entry
20:10:13  <mfb-> okay
20:10:32  <ProZone> <V453000> just to waypoint
20:10:42  <ProZone> <V453000> that lets us do anything with them
20:10:48  <ProZone> <mfb> but they should stay in the depot
20:10:48  <ProZone> <V453000> stop them, reinject, etc
20:10:52  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm okay
20:10:55  <ProZone> <V453000> well that can be done by signals
20:11:29  <ProZone> <mfb> done
20:11:39  <ProZone> <V453000> wa
20:11:41  <ProZone> <V453000> :D oh
20:11:49  <ProZone> <mfb> just need more waypoints now
20:12:11  <ProZone> <V453000> your waypoint ran away
20:12:17  <ProZone> <mfb> nooooooo
20:15:27  <ProZone> <mfb> you expect many trains there? :p
20:15:33  <ProZone> <V453000> YES :)
20:15:44  <ProZone> <V453000> safety first
20:16:26  <ProZone> <mfb> well that should be a one-time fix (per station)
20:16:44  <ProZone> <V453000> hopefully
20:17:04  <ProZone> <mfb> ehm
20:17:07  <ProZone> <V453000> FUCK?
20:17:09  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
20:17:15  <ProZone> <mfb> they are not full
20:17:17  <ProZone> <mfb> it is fine
20:17:31  <ProZone> <mfb> lesdale south
20:17:33  <ProZone> <mfb> Ryton!
20:17:48  <ProZone> <V453000> I disconnected that station yesterday
20:18:02  <ProZone> <V453000> srsly
20:18:04  <ProZone> <mfb> all those trains are from lesdale south
20:18:22  <ProZone> <V453000> nice
20:18:28  <ProZone> <V453000> loading trains load before dummy I think
20:19:02  <ProZone> <V453000> ye
20:19:48  <ProZone> <mfb> disconnected it again
20:20:45  <ProZone> <V453000> see irc :)
20:23:56  <ProZone> <V453000> selling caught trains
20:26:17  *** ODM has quit IRC
20:28:05  <ProZone> <V453000> ha
20:28:07  <ProZone> <V453000> Aberdingport Beeches Heights
20:28:19  <ProZone> <V453000> damn :P
20:31:04  <V453000> Ryton: around?
20:38:45  <ProZone> <mfb> stanham north dummy station
20:38:51  <ProZone> <V453000> was just about to say
20:38:58  <ProZone> <mfb> produced two half-filled trains
20:39:09  <ProZone> <V453000> the empty one could be from there too
20:39:19  <ProZone> <mfb> we have two empty trains now
20:40:23  <ProZone> <mfb> wtf
20:40:28  <ProZone> <mfb> ah right
20:40:34  <ProZone> <mfb> they come from pickup, but oil is from dummy
20:40:45  <ProZone> <V453000> ye
20:40:55  <ProZone> <V453000> its simple
20:40:57  <ProZone> <mfb> most trains have 100%
20:41:11  <ProZone> <V453000> dummies load at the same time as loading trains
20:41:17  <ProZone> <V453000> sometimes apparently
20:41:21  *** Ryton has quit IRC
20:41:23  <ProZone> <V453000> but there is no check against that
20:41:29  <ProZone> <mfb> but they should load at dummy station
20:41:35  <ProZone> <mfb> (only)
20:41:35  <ProZone> <V453000> oh true
20:42:17  <ProZone> <mfb> I don't see what could go wrong
20:42:24  <ProZone> <V453000> neither (yet)
20:42:26  <ProZone> <mfb> some pbs issue maybe
20:42:48  <ProZone> <mfb> there we had one
20:42:59  <ProZone> <mfb> 1963
20:44:57  <ProZone> <mfb> ah
20:45:30  <ProZone> <V453000> I cant see the issue still
20:45:56  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm no
20:46:55  <ProZone> <mfb> ah
20:47:33  <ProZone> <mfb> maybe the loading train gets the path sometimes
20:47:48  <ProZone> <mfb> so we need a depot-solution
20:47:51  <ProZone> <mfb> or similar
20:47:57  <ProZone> <V453000> I dont think that can be the case
20:48:05  <ProZone> <mfb> why?
20:48:07  <ProZone> <V453000> actually yes
20:48:09  <ProZone> <V453000> for some of them
20:48:19  <ProZone> <V453000> for !X type of platforms
20:48:29  <ProZone> <V453000> depot would indeed solve it
20:48:35  <ProZone> <mfb> right
20:48:37  <ProZone> <V453000> but that wont fit everywhere
20:48:39  <ProZone> <V453000> space
20:48:41  <ProZone> <mfb> the others should work fine
20:48:45  <ProZone> <mfb> oh well
20:48:47  <ProZone> <mfb> we can fix that
20:49:13  <ProZone> <mfb> 1
20:49:44  <ProZone> <mfb> 2
20:50:22  <ProZone> <mfb> 4
20:51:16  <ProZone> <mfb> fixed
20:51:19  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
20:51:33  <ProZone> <V453000> penalties on the exit
20:51:40  <ProZone> <V453000> or depot isnt enough
20:52:10  <ProZone> <mfb> like that?
20:52:24  <ProZone> <mfb> ah I see
20:52:26  <ProZone> <V453000> ye
20:53:04  <ProZone> <V453000> removed more signals before depots
20:53:07  <ProZone> <V453000> or more like after platforms
20:53:25  <ProZone> <mfb> did I miss one?
20:53:28  <ProZone> <V453000> cleared catcher depot
20:53:35  <ProZone> <mfb> same
20:53:37  <ProZone> <V453000> two :)
20:54:12  <ProZone> <V453000> WTF
20:54:15  <ProZone> <mfb> that depot is broken
20:54:33  <ProZone> <V453000> why did the train go there :d
20:55:08  <ProZone> <V453000> strange
20:55:23  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
20:55:36  <ProZone> <mfb> the station can stack oil, right?
20:55:42  <ProZone> <V453000> why not really
20:55:48  <ProZone> <V453000> doesnt matter
20:55:58  <ProZone> <V453000> 100% loaded trains are the only aim
20:56:00  <ProZone> <mfb> the dummies can complete their cycle without SRNW trains
20:56:20  <ProZone> <mfb> something went wrong
20:56:22  <ProZone> <V453000> yes, that is just fine
20:56:24  <ProZone> <mfb> see station entry
20:56:34  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
20:56:36  <ProZone> <V453000> penalties
20:56:36  <ProZone> <mfb> they don't like the penalty
20:56:38  <ProZone> <V453000> simple
20:56:40  <ProZone> <V453000> dumb PBS :)
20:56:44  <ProZone> <V453000> just use 2way block
20:56:46  <ProZone> <V453000> yeah
20:56:56  <ProZone> <mfb> they really hate it
20:57:10  <ProZone> <V453000> the value is at 50k
20:57:13  <ProZone> <mfb> ok...
20:57:28  <ProZone> <V453000> its to make the shifters work properly
20:58:07  <ProZone> <mfb> why did you connect lesdale south again?
20:58:13  <ProZone> <V453000> fixing it now
20:58:28  <ProZone> <mfb> okay
20:58:38  <ProZone> <mfb> we have more trains in the wtf-depot
20:58:53  <ProZone> <V453000> yeah it is still borkd
21:00:37  <ProZone> <V453000> should be operational now
21:00:47  <ProZone> <V453000> selling idiots
21:03:06  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
21:03:09  <ProZone> <V453000> 72
21:03:16  <ProZone> <mfb> 72?
21:03:23  <ProZone> <V453000> train
21:03:46  <ProZone> <mfb> missing exit? :D
21:03:50  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
21:05:36  <ProZone> <V453000> ML not breaking :)
21:05:39  <ProZone> <V453000> would be quite an achievement now
21:05:41  <ProZone> <mfb> nice
21:19:52  <ProZone> <V453000> more and bigger is always the answer
21:19:55  <ProZone> <V453000> tm
21:19:57  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
21:20:33  <ProZone> <mfb> now I need a powerful connection to 4
21:24:59  <ProZone> <V453000> is it just me or is no train in disassembling depot and the ML not breaking? :)
21:25:17  <mfb-> :)
21:26:01  <ProZone> <V453000> btw look at the most !awesome dummy train filling
21:26:23  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
21:33:10  <ProZone> <V453000> I think I will ravage the spot Maraxus started at
21:33:13  <ProZone> <V453000> and make there some wtf
21:33:27  <ProZone> <mfb> wtf is good
21:33:49  <ProZone> <mfb> oh crap
21:33:51  <ProZone> <mfb> timing is wrong
21:33:58  <ProZone> <V453000> wa
21:34:04  <ProZone> <mfb> my new station
21:34:22  <ProZone> <V453000> the double one?
21:34:44  <ProZone> <mfb> y
21:35:22  <ProZone> <mfb> oh crap
21:35:50  <ProZone> <mfb> dummy signals were wrong
21:35:53  <ProZone> <V453000> :D
22:08:10  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
22:09:29  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:09:39  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
22:09:42  <ProZone> <V453000> long live the pharaoh
22:09:48  <ProZone> <mfb> you can use one more layer!
22:09:54  <ProZone> <mfb> (and 2 down)
22:10:12  <ProZone> <V453000> dont think I will need it :)
22:10:18  <ProZone> <mfb> :(
22:10:38  <ProZone> <mfb> is the approximate width final?
22:10:46  <ProZone> <V453000> no
22:10:52  <ProZone> <V453000> thats just one set
22:14:50  <ProZone> <V453000> nice wtf
22:14:57  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
22:15:04  <ProZone> <V453000> it should fit :)
22:16:12  <ProZone> <mfb> how does it work
22:16:12  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
22:16:18  <ProZone> <V453000> the dummies are separated
22:16:24  <ProZone> <V453000> path reserving should work still
22:16:42  <ProZone> <V453000> exiting loaded trains
22:16:48  <ProZone> <mfb> oh
22:16:59  <ProZone> <mfb> those tunnels are path reserving things only?
22:17:02  <ProZone> <V453000> ye
22:17:10  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:17:41  <ProZone> <mfb> so a train unloads at the station and goes through the tunnel
22:17:48  <ProZone> <mfb> ML train loads in the meantime?
22:17:50  <ProZone> <V453000> no
22:17:56  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
22:17:58  <ProZone> <V453000> it never travels through tunnel
22:18:05  <ProZone> <V453000> it is walked also behind tunnel
22:18:11  <ProZone> <mfb> okay
22:18:18  <ProZone> <V453000> track reserving will still block both platforms
22:18:24  <ProZone> <V453000> (i fucking hope) :D
22:18:28  <ProZone> <mfb> but then the tunnel exits will need some work
22:18:38  <ProZone> <V453000> ofc, they cant stay like this
22:18:48  <ProZone> <mfb> and station spread is an issue
22:19:03  <ProZone> <V453000> not exactly
22:19:05  <ProZone> <V453000> can be fucked around :)
22:19:24  <ProZone> <mfb> more tunnels!
22:19:26  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:19:33  <ProZone> <V453000> some form of wtf-maze yes
22:19:36  <ProZone> <mfb> (in the opposite direction)
22:24:53  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
22:25:19  <ProZone> <V453000> okay
22:25:21  <ProZone> <V453000> lets make brutal mess
22:25:49  <ProZone> <V453000> this is a really, really, really very bad idea
22:27:47  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:27:58  <ProZone> <V453000> this will be pantshitting material
22:30:09  <ProZone> <V453000> well ass
22:31:05  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
22:31:27  <ProZone> <V453000> I dont think I can get those logic lines out though
22:31:41  <ProZone> <mfb> where?
22:31:45  <ProZone> <V453000> all of them
22:31:49  <ProZone> <mfb> from to?
22:31:59  <ProZone> <V453000> to anywhere
22:32:01  <ProZone> <V453000> from the end
22:32:16  <ProZone> <V453000> no
22:32:22  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
22:32:40  <ProZone> <V453000> tunnels
22:32:46  <ProZone> <V453000> exits
22:32:49  <ProZone> <V453000> pattern is too tight :)
22:32:59  <ProZone> <mfb> (and oil rigs?)
22:33:01  <ProZone> <V453000> even if I do this
22:33:05  <ProZone> <V453000> ignore that
22:33:12  <ProZone> <mfb> who needs oil rigs?
22:33:14  <ProZone> <V453000> I just need to get the output anywhere
22:33:24  <ProZone> <mfb> anywhere?
22:33:30  <ProZone> <V453000> anywhere
22:33:36  <ProZone> <mfb> :p
22:33:39  <ProZone> <V453000> it doesnt matter where the dummy station is
22:33:42  <ProZone> <V453000> no
22:33:46  <ProZone> <V453000> each is separate
22:33:52  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
22:33:58  <ProZone> <V453000> and there is another tunnel
22:34:00  <ProZone> <mfb> let the outgoing lines go away
22:34:08  <ProZone> <V453000> or
22:34:10  <ProZone> <V453000> actually
22:34:16  <ProZone> <V453000> hm yeah that would help too
22:34:32  <ProZone> <V453000> the tunnel density isnt as high eitehr
22:34:38  <ProZone> <V453000> either
22:34:40  <ProZone> <V453000> will work
22:34:54  <ProZone> <V453000>  /panic off
22:37:06  <ProZone> <mfb> damn, that oil rig step does not work
22:37:14  <ProZone> <V453000> what step
22:37:26  <ProZone> <mfb> a hole in the pattern :(
22:37:40  <ProZone> <V453000> you jsut misclicked
22:37:42  <ProZone> <mfb> ah wait
22:38:00  <ProZone> <mfb> that is the right order
22:39:47  <ProZone> <mfb> SBahn-like oil :D
22:40:05  <ProZone> <V453000> wut
22:40:15  <ProZone> <V453000> hm :)
22:42:04  <ProZone> <V453000> what the actual fuckdid I just do
22:42:26  <ProZone> <mfb> I'm not sure
22:42:28  <ProZone> <V453000> SOMEHOW I got height differential
22:42:38  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
22:42:48  <ProZone> <V453000> some mistake in pattern
22:42:54  <ProZone> <mfb> ah
22:46:40  <ProZone> <mfb> seems to work
22:46:50  <ProZone> <V453000> should work, too
22:47:16  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm if those lines are just exits
22:47:23  <ProZone> <mfb> why do you cross them?
22:47:25  <ProZone> <V453000> space
22:47:39  <ProZone> <mfb> ah
22:47:42  <ProZone> <V453000> no other way to use those tiles otherwise
22:48:00  <ProZone> <V453000> though for the price of CL1
22:48:02  <ProZone> <mfb> the signal, I see
22:48:13  <ProZone> <V453000> but for 8 platforms I dont think CL1 should hurt terribly much
22:49:20  <ProZone> <V453000> each double takes 8 tiles
22:49:27  <ProZone> <V453000> so there can be 7 of them
22:49:50  <ProZone> <V453000> hm probably 6 not sure
22:49:52  <ProZone> <mfb> to stay within 64?
22:49:54  <ProZone> <V453000> yes
22:50:01  <ProZone> <V453000> leaving some space for the dummies on the edge
22:50:12  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
22:52:38  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
22:54:09  <ProZone> <V453000> I think I will declare it to be operational and just clone the next 5 sets
22:54:12  <ProZone> <V453000> and make the rest
22:54:14  <ProZone> <V453000> later
22:54:14  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:55:18  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
22:55:24  <ProZone> <V453000> that should be fairly easy actually
22:55:42  <ProZone> <V453000> amount of lines is "only" this
22:56:06  <ProZone> <mfb> and how do you get them out?
22:56:08  <ProZone> <V453000> but with 6 times that amount, the ML joiner looks dangerously close
22:56:18  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
22:56:28  <ProZone> <mfb> shift everything 20 tiles!
22:56:32  <ProZone> <mfb> :(
22:56:34  <ProZone> <V453000> well considering 30 tiles
22:56:37  <ProZone> <V453000> I mean
22:56:39  <ProZone> <V453000> 3 times
22:56:49  <ProZone> <V453000> as each 3 sets can go to 1 side
22:58:15  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
22:58:45  <ProZone> <V453000> 15*3
22:58:49  <ProZone> <V453000> 45 tunnels
22:59:00  <ProZone> <V453000> that is the actual distance of the joiner
22:59:03  <ProZone> <V453000> means no go
22:59:26  <ProZone> <V453000> fuck
22:59:38  <ProZone> <mfb> you can make it smaller by some tiles
22:59:48  <ProZone> <V453000> sure
22:59:59  <ProZone> <V453000> but you wont be able to make every tile have a line exiting
23:00:01  <ProZone> <mfb> (the joiner)
23:00:43  <ProZone> <V453000> actually
23:01:49  <ProZone> <V453000> I think it is possible actually
23:02:03  <ProZone> <mfb> of course it is
23:02:05  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
23:04:11  <ProZone> <V453000> that is actually very easy :d
23:04:31  <ProZone> <V453000> buuut
23:04:53  <ProZone> <V453000> 45 exits mean 60 tiles if I am correct
23:05:01  <ProZone> <V453000> hm
23:05:03  <ProZone> <mfb> ?
23:05:05  <ProZone> <V453000> close but should fit :D
23:05:53  <ProZone> <V453000> kill me
23:06:04  <ProZone> <mfb> like that?
23:06:14  <ProZone> <V453000> mh
23:07:41  <ProZone> <V453000> somehow it will work
23:10:15  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
23:13:13  <ProZone> <mfb> eol is nearly empty
23:13:43  <ProZone> <V453000> well we kind of sold a few trains :P
23:13:50  <ProZone> <V453000> but mainly the production increase ofc :)
23:13:57  <ProZone> <mfb> I'll inject some
23:13:59  <ProZone> <V453000> probably didnt sell that many to make it significant
23:14:22  <ProZone> <mfb> ~200
23:14:40  <ProZone> <V453000> o_o
23:15:03  <ProZone> <mfb> back to 1900 now
23:15:05  <ProZone> <mfb> was ~1800
23:16:49  <ProZone> <V453000> hmf
23:16:59  <ProZone> <mfb> saw a bunch of 10 parallel trains :D
23:17:05  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
23:17:35  <ProZone> <V453000> it looks like a battle formation when they are 11 and nobody near
23:17:41  <ProZone> <mfb> :D
23:18:27  <ProZone> <V453000> either way, counting platforms, with 6 sets  I will get 6*15
23:18:34  <ProZone> <V453000> which is 90 platforms
23:18:44  <ProZone> <mfb> ^^
23:18:54  <ProZone> <V453000> well I guess that is a good result
23:19:02  <ProZone> <mfb> 11 trains!
23:19:17  <ProZone> <V453000> :)
23:19:40  <ProZone> <mfb> quite frequent now, but just every 4th bunch
23:19:51  <ProZone> <mfb> => those "inject every second bunch only" are bad
23:20:22  <ProZone> <V453000> lets see what it does later
23:21:02  <ProZone> <V453000> I am fairly confident that the "wave detection" should work just fine
23:27:54  <ProZone> <V453000> I am actually quite surprised we can still play online
23:27:58  <ProZone> <V453000> :))
23:28:34  <ProZone> <V453000> all trains making the pathing decision at teh same time (the shifters) was a total bitch when pzg13 was played
23:29:28  <ProZone> <mfb> hmm
23:29:54  <ProZone> <mfb> well we have a tiny delay between the lines
23:30:31  <ProZone> <V453000> sure but they shift at the same time
23:30:45  <ProZone> <mfb> within one line, right
23:30:56  <ProZone> <V453000> ah that way you mean
23:30:59  <ProZone> <V453000> yeah a little bit :)
23:34:51  <ProZone> <V453000> if this station fails due to CL1, I am going to make trains not slow down on universal rail
23:38:51  <ProZone> <V453000> I will be going
23:38:53  <ProZone> <V453000> gnight
23:39:59  <ProZone> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
23:40:24  <mfb-> ^^
23:40:26  <mfb-> gn8

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