Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 10th December 2011:
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00:01:03  <Stablean> <blackii7> it's so nice being rich
00:03:22  <Stablean> <blackii7> speedy
00:03:52  <Stablean> <blackii7> you know anything about signals?
00:04:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> could you arange it so there are two trains?
00:04:41  <Stablean> <blackii7> nice
00:24:13  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
00:24:25  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (connection lost)
00:25:21  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
00:25:55  <Stablean> <Speedy> re
00:25:58  <Stablean> <blackii7> i don't know
00:26:00  <Stablean> <Mazur> Wb.
00:26:20  <Stablean> <blackii7> why?
00:27:14  <Stablean> <blackii7> btw nice job man
00:32:16  <Stablean> <blackii7> speedy
00:32:29  <Stablean> <Speedy> yes?
00:32:49  <Stablean> <blackii7> nice job with the train route
00:33:20  <Stablean> <Speedy> tnx, I build strange but usually works.
00:34:04  <Stablean> <blackii7> i'm going to be afk for a while so build anything that you think will be profitable as long as it doesn't bankrupt the company
00:34:22  <Stablean> <Speedy> sure thing
00:34:28  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has joined spectators
00:35:09  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
00:35:30  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has started a new company (#13)
00:35:32  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer joined the game
00:37:33  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> You cant reserve towns pink.
00:37:50  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> wheres pink
00:38:06  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> blackii and speedy
00:38:06  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has left the game (leaving)
00:39:56  <Stablean> <Speedy> not towns, but station square
00:40:08  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
00:40:25  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> No you reserved towns
00:40:49  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
00:41:05  <Stablean> <Speedy> not town(s), but station square
00:41:12  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> You reserved towns
00:41:26  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> "please do not use for mail/pass" = TOWN reservation.
00:43:08  <Stablean> *** Speedy has joined company #6
00:43:24  <Stablean> <Speedy> I don't quite follow you now what
00:43:39  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> You cannot reserve towns
00:43:57  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Either serve a town or leave it.
00:43:59  <Stablean> <Mazur> You cannot claim a town for future use.
00:44:44  <Stablean> <Mazur> You can build a station to service it, then it's "yours", or it's "up for grabs".
00:44:44  <Stablean> <Speedy> where?
00:44:58  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Where you put your signs.
01:01:43  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
01:01:47  <Stablean> <blackii7> hi
01:01:56  <Stablean> <Mazur> Wb.
01:01:58  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
01:02:26  <Stablean> <Speedy> re
01:06:48  <Stablean> <blackii7> i have a question
01:07:02  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ..?
01:07:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> you think i could make money from a boat?
01:07:43  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Not if the running costs are huge like they usually are here...
01:08:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> is there a way to know how much the boat will make?
01:09:02  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Erm well depends on what its carrying
01:09:17  <Stablean> <blackii7> passangers
01:10:00  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Well thats usually a constant flow so it shouldnt have to wait too long, but it wont be able to make a profit from the running costs
01:10:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> i see
01:11:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> well one day i will have a boat
01:11:16  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> PAX by ship is probably a few K each drop PAX ship runnings costs start at 86mil a year, your company is waaaay to small to handle that
01:11:36  <Stablean> <blackii7> dude
01:11:39  <Stablean> <blackii7> are you crazy?
01:12:01  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> No im realistic :)
01:12:12  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Your company is tiny
01:12:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> oh lol fail i thought it was in thousands my bad
01:12:34  <Stablean> <blackii7> misread
01:12:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
01:12:55  <Stablean> <blackii7> missed some os
01:51:46  <Stablean> <blackii7> it has great stats
01:54:00  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Meh ill expand tomorrow
01:54:03  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Laterz
01:54:15  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
02:09:59  <Stablean> *** Lil_Meechiest has joined company #2
02:09:59  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey meech
02:10:05  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> heya
02:10:29  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> ha, thanks 8)
02:10:49  <Stablean> <blackii7> dude look what speedy the guy who joined my company made
02:10:55  <Stablean> <Mazur> Just a little intrest on it.
02:11:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> i made a sign where it is
02:12:39  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> someone took down all my neat signs ?
02:12:47  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> is sign making a nono here ?
02:14:10  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
02:14:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey sylf
02:14:28  <Stablean> <Mazur> Sylf.
02:15:27  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech silf check your train routes while you were gone some of the stuff closed so make sure all your trains are still working
02:15:57  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> im fine :)
02:16:34  <Stablean> <Sylf> allo
02:16:38  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> bb
02:17:49  <Stablean> <blackii7> speedy
02:17:53  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #1
02:19:55  <Stablean> <blackii7> SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
02:20:04  <Sylf> >
02:20:07  <Sylf> >_>
02:20:25  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech
02:20:27  <Stablean> <Sylf> What do you need, blackii
02:20:51  <Stablean> <blackii7> see those coal mines i marked as this and that?
02:21:17  <Stablean> <Sylf> I see "that"
02:21:33  <Stablean> <blackii7> nm this this is being used
02:21:49  <Stablean> <Sylf> ?_?
02:22:32  <Stablean> <blackii7> i need to go to bed cause it's 4:00 am here so i wanted to ask him to connect that to the giant coal line i made
02:22:57  <Stablean> <Sylf> yeah, come back rested.
02:23:15  <Stablean> <Sylf> except that those mines probably will be gone by then.
02:23:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> mazur any chance you could do it?
02:23:27  <Stablean> <Speedy> I don't read when I build
02:23:33  <Stablean> <Sylf> Forget about the game, and go get your sleep.
02:23:37  <Stablean> <blackii7> oh sorry
02:24:18  <Stablean> <blackii7> well speedy
02:24:30  <Stablean> <blackii7> see that giant coal line i just made
02:24:57  <Stablean> <Sylf> "I don't read when I build"  AMEN!  :D
02:25:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> can someone do it?
02:25:56  <Stablean> <blackii7> could you connect that to the coal line please cause i need to sleep
02:26:20  <Stablean> <Speedy> to my track system?
02:26:24  <Stablean> <blackii7> no
02:26:34  <Stablean> <blackii7> to my huge coal line
02:27:30  <Stablean> <Speedy> I'll see if I got the time, it's only 19 tons a month
02:27:50  <Stablean> <Speedy> I was getting some lumber first
02:27:52  <Stablean> <blackii7> np
02:28:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> that is why im asking and not telling you
02:28:40  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has started a new company (#13)
02:28:42  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer joined the game
02:29:04  <Stablean> <blackii7> anyway goodnight for i need to wake up later to eat pankackes
02:29:14  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has joined spectators
02:29:27  <Stablean> <Sylf> save some pancakes for me
02:29:29  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has left the game (leaving)
02:29:31  <Stablean> <Speedy> good night
02:29:31  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
02:36:16  <Stablean> *** Moleman joined the game
02:37:04  <Stablean> <Moleman> night
02:37:16  <Stablean> <Mazur> left
02:37:28  <Stablean> *** Moleman has left the game (leaving)
02:42:21  <Stablean> <Sylf> how's this game been so far?
02:43:54  <Stablean> <Sylf> I see.  Quiet.
02:44:04  <Stablean> <Mazur> Concentrated.
02:44:10  <Stablean> <Speedy> Brb
02:45:37  <Stablean> <Mazur> And difficult, in parts.
02:46:08  <Stablean> <Sylf> I see LOTS of new player style building
02:46:10  <Stablean> <Mazur> Radingstone Power Station is a case in point.
02:46:49  <Stablean> <Mazur> Yeah, started out simply with separated networks, now trying to moe all to a ML and then clean up the ML and hubs.
02:47:04  <Stablean> <Sylf> meh, that looks more like a poor choice of the destination
02:47:21  <Stablean> <Mazur> Was the only one at the time in the area.
02:48:31  <Stablean> <Sylf> When building another power station costing only 5% of your on-hand cash, I still don't see that as a valid excuse :)
02:49:31  <Stablean> <Mazur> Not an option that springs to mind with me, and at the time not an option at all.
02:52:19  <Stablean> *** Mazur has joined spectators
02:52:27  <Stablean> <Mazur> Maybe bl.
02:56:20  <Stablean> <Sylf> *sigh*  stealing is still rampant
03:01:08  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #1
03:01:43  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #1
03:08:52  <Stablean> *** Sylf #1 joined the game
03:09:00  <Stablean> *** Sylf #1 has joined company #1
03:09:23  <Stablean> *** Sleeeper joined the game
03:13:53  <Stablean> *** Sleeeper has left the game (leaving)
03:24:49  <Stablean> <Sylf #1> hi
03:26:14  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
03:26:23  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> hi
03:26:39  <Stablean> <Sylf #1> :P  too late
03:26:53  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> hi to you sylf ;)
03:27:17  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> question for you
03:27:33  <Stablean> <Sylf #1> yarr
03:27:35  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> is sign making sorta a no-no here ?
03:27:50  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> cuz i made some signs highliting my secenic pax route and theyre all gone
03:27:53  <Stablean> <Sylf #1> sign making is good, especially among team members
03:28:35  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> well someone took my signs down then :S
03:44:00  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
03:51:01  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
03:56:06  <Stablean> <Lil_Meechiest> sylf, were you building near marston? Do you need me to remove roads ?
03:56:20  <Stablean> <Speedy> *sluprs*
04:08:30  <Stablean> *** Sylf #1 has left the game (leaving)
04:43:52  <Stablean> *** Lil_Meechiest has left the game (connection lost)
04:46:23  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech joined the game
04:46:32  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #2
04:47:15  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> sylf, you got a jam bud
04:47:26  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> at dundinghall woods
04:50:25  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> sylf, your profits are plummeting :S
04:52:20  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
04:57:21  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> bbl
05:04:41  <Stablean> *** Speedy has joined spectators
05:04:47  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (leaving)
05:09:27  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
05:25:46  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#13)
05:25:50  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
05:26:47  <Stablean> <Player> changename
05:26:56  <Mazur> !rules
05:26:56  <Stablean> Mazur: Rules are at
05:27:39  <Stablean> <Player> adminplease
05:28:00  <Mazur> Have you read that page?
05:28:29  <Stablean> <Player> page/
05:28:35  <Mazur> Have you read the "Welcome" messages when you joined the game?
05:28:35  <Stablean> <Player> ?
05:28:45  <Stablean> <Player> yes
05:28:46  <Mazur>
05:29:05  <Stablean> <Player> no
05:29:23  <Stablean> <Mazur> Oh, then you read the sign mentioning !name
05:31:02  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
05:35:28  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
06:47:39  <planetmaker> mazur: admins can move clients to or from companies. And once in a company a player can change passwords
06:47:53  <planetmaker> rcon move client# company#
06:48:01  <Mazur> Yes, ODM told me.
06:48:01  <Mazur> Thanks.
06:48:08  <planetmaker> ok :-)
06:48:12  <Mazur> Btw.
06:48:36  <Mazur> Is there a log of players and their companies and what IP they came from?
06:49:03  <Mazur> There was a "George moore" or so, who bought massive land arouind three stations of another player.
06:49:12  <Mazur> I reset the company.
06:49:20  <Mazur> zBut he was not there anymore.
06:51:14  <planetmaker> !playercount
06:51:14  <Stablean> planetmaker: Number of players: 3 (1 spectators)
06:51:26  <planetmaker> ! hm... we used to have logs
06:53:44  <planetmaker> ! mazur:
06:55:21  <planetmaker> !rcon ban
06:55:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client not online, address added to banlist
06:58:50  <Mazur> kthxbai
06:59:22  <planetmaker> can you open the link to the logs?
07:00:33  <Mazur> Yes.
07:01:22  <Mazur> And read the logs.
07:01:40  <planetmaker> ok, you can there search for whatever string. Like 'George'
07:01:51  <planetmaker> some of the lines quote his IP address
07:03:38  *** DayDreamer has joined #openttdcoop.stable
07:04:26  <Mazur> Same origin as Moleman.
07:05:10  <Mazur> Who, I believe, was leading a fairly blameless life.
07:06:53  <planetmaker> you mean same IP?
07:07:10  <Mazur> Yes.
07:08:01  <planetmaker> hm
07:08:15  <Mazur> It's somewhere within British Telecom.
07:08:30  <planetmaker> well. Should I unban, you give him a pretty decent run-in and ban again, if needed?
07:08:39  <Mazur> Of course.
07:08:44  <planetmaker> !rcon unban
07:08:44  <Stablean> planetmaker: IP unbanned.
07:09:03  <planetmaker> feel free to not exercise much patience. Just use your discretion
07:09:09  <Mazur> I will.
07:09:34  <Mazur> I already suspended "nice" to a bloke who had not read the Welcome board.
07:10:37  <planetmaker> :-D
07:40:46  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
07:40:48  <Stablean> <blackii7> hi
07:41:22  <Stablean> <Mazur> Welcome back.
07:43:22  <Stablean> <blackii7> sec afk i must eat my pankackes
07:50:09  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (connection lost)
07:54:37  <Stablean> <blackii7> yay i have money
07:54:45  <Stablean> <blackii7> btw back
07:58:45  * Mazur is not back.
07:58:55  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey server
07:59:41  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
07:59:46  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey mazur
07:59:52  <Stablean> <Mazur> Lo.
08:00:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> mazur could you help me with something
08:00:48  <Stablean> <Mazur> Possibly.
08:01:02  <Stablean> <blackii7> remember my huge coal line?
08:01:12  <Stablean> <Mazur> No.
08:01:38  <Stablean> <blackii7> nm i'm turning that into a pass line
08:03:44  <Stablean> <Mazur> Anyway, what's hte problem?
08:04:06  <Stablean> <blackii7> i want to connect it to ginding town
08:04:52  <Stablean> <Mazur> Yes>
08:04:57  <Stablean> <blackii7> so i want help with that
08:07:43  <Stablean> <Mazur> I can't join unless I know your password.
08:08:06  <Stablean> *** Mazur has joined company #6
08:08:46  <Stablean> <Mazur> Wjhat are you going to run on this, pax trains?
08:09:25  <Stablean> <blackii7> not pax trains only pass
08:09:51  <Stablean> <Mazur> Pax is short for passengers.
08:10:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> isn't pax passangers and mail?
08:12:12  <Stablean> <Mazur> Far from ideal.
08:13:38  <Stablean> <Mazur> Well, it is a way to get there, but there are places where the speed gets reduced.
08:14:02  <Stablean> <blackii7> like?
08:15:07  <Stablean> <Mazur> Three bends within a single trainlength.
08:15:40  <planetmaker> actually... the "bad" thing is two bends in the same direction within a trainlength
08:15:42  <Stablean> <blackii7> use eletro rail
08:15:58  <planetmaker> and that is independent of railtype :-)
08:16:18  <Stablean> <Mazur> Yes.
08:17:43  <Stablean> <blackii7> two things  A how did you change it to electro rail? B how do you sell only part of a block?
08:18:25  <Stablean> <Mazur> WHen you type 'a', you get the build rail tool, right?
08:18:59  <Stablean> <Mazur> Check the last icon, on the right.
08:19:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> oh
08:24:03  <Stablean> <blackii7> thanks
08:24:05  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:24:05  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vinnie_nl
08:24:59  <Stablean> <Mazur> Well, it's a bit shabby, but it gets you there.
08:28:16  <Stablean> <Mazur> Anyway, I'm off.
08:28:20  <Stablean> <blackii7> bye
08:28:37  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
08:36:36  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
08:38:28  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:38:28  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
08:43:56  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
08:44:00  <Stablean> *** Player has joined company #11
08:58:46  <Stablean> *** variksoo21 joined the game
08:59:40  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
09:02:13  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
09:02:15  <Stablean> <V453000> morning
09:04:11  <Stablean> *** V453000 has started a new company (#13)
09:04:43  <Stablean> *** V453000 has joined spectators
09:08:03  <Stablean> <V453000> :d
09:08:12  <Stablean> <V453000> shame mazur isnt here
09:08:21  <Stablean> <V453000> he has a nice overflow flaw at sawmill pickup
09:10:45  <Stablean> <V453000> Sylf: around?
09:10:48  <Stablean> <V453000> you have some jammytime there :)
09:15:16  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
09:15:36  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey variskoo
09:15:46  <Stablean> <variksoo21> variskoo?
09:16:01  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Well hi plaki
09:16:10  <Stablean> <blackii7> wut
09:16:31  <Stablean> <variksoo21> You spelled my name wrong
09:16:41  <Stablean> <blackii7> sorry
09:16:48  <Stablean> <variksoo21> So i spelled yourse wrong
09:16:58  <Stablean> <V453000> press the letter with which the name starts and then press tab when writing it
09:17:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> variksoo21: lol
09:17:19  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey nice
09:17:21  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
09:17:27  <Stablean> <blackii7> V453000:
09:17:37  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Stablean:
09:17:49  <Stablean> <V453000> you better not piss Stablean off, he can be scary sometimes
09:17:57  <Stablean> <blackii7> V
09:18:01  <Stablean> <blackii7> V453000:
09:18:56  <Stablean> <blackii7> V453000:
09:19:06  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
09:19:08  <Stablean> <blackii7> do you have a company
09:19:15  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Me?
09:19:30  <Stablean> <blackii7> no i asked V
09:19:52  <Stablean> <blackii7> you have moove my logs right?
09:19:56  <Stablean> <variksoo21> yeah
09:20:27  <Stablean> <blackii7> i'm richer than you ;)
09:20:46  <Stablean> <variksoo21> I ve been playing this game for just a week
09:20:46  <planetmaker> blackii7: but is your company performance also better? ;-)
09:20:55  <Stablean> <variksoo21> and in 12 years old
09:20:56  <planetmaker> i.e. do you score more points?
09:21:19  <Stablean> <blackii7> what points
09:21:26  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Yes he does
09:21:48  <Stablean> <blackii7> and variksoo i'm 15 and started playing this week
09:21:49  <V453000> the performance does not show much either :) I do not think there is a way to say which network is better just by some values
09:21:58  <Stablean> <variksoo21> I have 190 he has354
09:23:02  <Stablean> <blackii7> yay the money i get is trippled
09:23:17  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Sylf has a bit of a traffic jam
09:23:31  <Stablean> <variksoo21> There are like 20 trains jammed
09:23:40  <Stablean> <blackii7> where?
09:23:50  <Stablean> <variksoo21> At Duninghall Woods
09:24:05  <Stablean> <variksoo21> At Dunighall
09:24:13  <Stablean> <variksoo21> A forest shut down
09:24:31  <Stablean> <blackii7> lol
09:24:46  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Thats like a huge traffic jam
09:25:13  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Im taking a screenshot of this
09:25:55  <Stablean> <blackii7> omg i counted 47 trains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09:26:05  <Stablean> <variksoo21> You counted them?
09:26:11  <Stablean> <blackii7> yes
09:27:38  <Stablean> <blackii7> why is there a 10 car limit?
09:27:55  <Stablean> <variksoo21> This server is Really Train centeered
09:28:01  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Centered*
09:28:44  <Stablean> <blackii7> holy shit
09:29:38  <Stablean> <variksoo21> 7 Of my forest have disappeared :(
09:29:49  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Thats why im so low on profit
09:30:16  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has left the game (connection lost)
09:30:40  <Stablean> <blackii7> speedy's train system got fucked up first a city built houses on the train track then the sawmill he was using disappeared
09:31:07  <Stablean> <variksoo21> If lost my main sawmill i would be insta broke
09:31:22  <Stablean> <variksoo21> I had like 20 forest hooked into one sawmill.
09:31:36  <Stablean> <variksoo21> But i recently lost 7 of them
09:31:44  <Stablean> <blackii7> yea wood is an awesome income source
09:32:46  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Wood is a good balance between the steadyness of PAX and the income of oil transport.
09:54:35  <Stablean> <blackii7> sylf
09:54:48  <Stablean> <blackii7> are you there?
09:55:10  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
09:59:38  <Stablean> *** variksoo21 has left the game (leaving)
10:22:14  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure joined the game
10:25:22  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #4
10:25:38  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
10:26:02  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> Sylf?
10:26:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> jam...
10:26:15  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #4
10:30:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> @@(clcalc erail 4)
10:30:30  <Webster> Stablean: A rail Curve Length of 4 (7 half tiles) gives a speed of 196km/h or 122mph
10:37:38  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (connection lost)
10:37:57  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure joined the game
10:39:28  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech joined the game
10:40:49  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #2
10:42:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> why use the Pendolino?
10:42:35  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> I've got a passengers route
10:42:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes, but why the pendolino
10:42:53  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> sure its 230 kph
10:43:25  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> doesnt carry as much as 2x380+paxcoaches
10:43:42  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> which goes 201 kphh
10:44:20  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> well, i sorta goofed earlier, I didnt know that that train actually had cars that went with it and never remade passenger trains
10:45:44  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ive never seen this set before either, so still learning :)
10:55:24  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (leaving)
11:01:32  <ODM> !playercount
11:01:32  <Stablean> ODM: Number of players: 2 (0 spectators)
11:24:05  <Stablean> *** variksoo21 joined the game
11:24:09  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> hi
11:24:13  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Hey
11:24:56  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Youre always succesful, and im noy
11:24:59  <Stablean> <variksoo21> not*
11:25:10  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> youll get better, dont worry
11:25:20  <Stablean> <variksoo21> Well, GTG
11:25:26  <Stablean> *** variksoo21 has left the game (leaving)
11:25:28  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> haha bye :)
12:12:56  <V453000> !date
12:12:56  <Stablean> V453000: 19 Sep 2049
12:13:10  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
12:13:10  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
12:13:15  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> morning
12:13:27  <Stablean> <V453000> hm map full again :)
12:13:38  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> its getting there
12:14:41  <Stablean> <V453000> want a new one?
12:14:55  <Stablean> <V453000> I have one prepared right away :)
12:15:21  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Well, im going to say no since I have to leave in an hour or so
12:15:28  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> but others will say yes ;)
12:17:26  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> you should include firs to blow some noob's minds ;)
12:17:28  <Stablean> <V453000> well you could start your bussiness in the hour and let it make money :)
12:17:32  <Stablean> <V453000> no, no firs
12:17:46  <Stablean> <Big_Meech>  I could but I have a lt of prepping to do before I go
12:17:46  <Stablean> <V453000> that would be evil :)
12:17:54  <Stablean> <V453000> ok :)
12:17:56  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> nahhhh firs isnt too evil ^_^
12:18:07  <Stablean> <V453000> it is if you let industries to die
12:18:17  <Stablean> <V453000> then usually only a few companies remain
12:18:17  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> id bet thered be lots of stealing of engeneering supplies though
12:18:19  <Stablean> <V453000> which sucks
12:20:13  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> youd consider doing firs if there were more people here then ?
12:20:59  <Stablean> <V453000> maybe with industry dying off
12:21:07  <Stablean> <V453000> but I still prefer the original industries
12:21:49  <Stablean> <V453000> probably just because the current release of firs has the supplies quite boring - it is enough just if you deliver -something- which is easy
12:22:15  <Stablean> <V453000> the nightlies have some new way how it works :)
12:22:51  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> I've only played what the admins have done up, havent experimented on my own
12:24:02  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> bbiab
12:24:09  <Stablean> <V453000> ?
12:24:23  <Stablean> <V453000> what does that mean?
12:25:07  <planetmaker> be back in a bit
12:25:14  <Stablean> <V453000> oh :) thanks
12:33:41  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> oh lol, sorry for my abbrev. ;)
12:34:01  <Stablean> <V453000> no problems :)
12:36:34  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
12:36:41  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey
12:36:58  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> yo
12:37:36  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has left the game (connection lost)
12:37:40  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech you missed sylf's mega jame
12:39:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> sylf
12:39:58  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech joined the game
12:40:00  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech
12:40:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech
12:41:30  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #2
12:41:34  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ?
12:41:52  <Stablean> <blackii7> you missed sylf's mega train jam
12:41:59  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> no, I didnt
12:42:09  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> it was jammed nearly 8 hours ago
12:42:18  <Stablean> *** Mike joined the game
12:42:21  <Stablean> <blackii7> hi
12:42:32  <Stablean> <Mike> hi
12:42:38  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> hi
12:43:32  <Stablean> <blackii7> you know whats funny?
12:44:10  <Stablean> <Mike> what?
12:44:21  <planetmaker> !rcon clients
12:44:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client #1  name: 'Stablean'  company: 255  IP: server
12:44:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client #2192  name: 'V453000'  company: 255  IP:
12:44:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client #2032  name: 'Sylf'  company: 1  IP:
12:44:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client #2204  name: 'Big_Meech'  company: 2  IP:
12:44:21  <Stablean> planetmaker: Client #2201  name: 'blackii7'  company: 6  IP:
12:44:23  <Stablean> planetmaker: you have one more message
12:44:24  <Stablean> <blackii7> that this is the future
12:44:34  <Stablean> <Mike> lol
12:45:09  <Stablean> <blackii7> see this is happening in feburary of 2052
12:46:20  <Stablean> <V453000> ok ... is anyone against moving the time back to year 1900? :)
12:46:34  <Stablean> <blackii7> me
12:46:50  <Stablean> <blackii7> i'm using trains invented in 2005
12:46:52  <Stablean> <V453000> dont want a new map?
12:47:03  <Stablean> <blackii7> oh new map you mean
12:47:42  <Stablean> <blackii7> i have conflicting fealings cause now i'm rich and i kinda got lucky here
12:47:52  <Stablean> <V453000> :d
12:48:11  <Stablean> <V453000> well isnt the fun getting rich, not being rich? :)
12:48:42  <Stablean> <blackii7> but it could be fun to reset if it would actually be a coop server like it's labeled
12:48:53  <Stablean> <V453000> ?
12:49:00  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
12:49:16  <Stablean> <V453000> hm not long discussion
12:49:22  <Stablean> <V453000> I will restart the game then
12:49:32  <Stablean> *** Mike has left the game (leaving)
12:49:49  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
12:49:55  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
12:49:59  <V453000> !restart
12:49:59  <Stablean> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
12:50:01  <Stablean> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
12:50:01  <Stablean> Thank you for playing 1.1.4.
12:50:05  <Stablean> Server has exited
12:50:05  *** Stablean has quit IRC
12:51:00  *** Stablean has joined #openttdcoop.stable
12:51:00  <Stablean> Autopilot engaged
12:51:00  <Stablean> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} Welcome Server ('
12:51:00  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop Welcome to OpenTTD Server | 1.1.4 | Admin channel (ask for op) | IF you prepare map, read | run !setdef after loading a new game"
12:51:00  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Stablean
12:51:14  <Stablean> V450000000000, now you can execute !-commands ;-)
12:51:19  <V453000> !rcon reset_company 1
12:51:19  <Stablean> V453000: players
12:51:19  <Stablean> V453000: server_info
12:51:19  <Stablean> V453000: clients
12:51:19  <Stablean> V453000: echo doneclientcount
12:51:19  <Stablean> V453000: #:1(Grey) Company Name: 'Unnamed'  Year Founded: 1900  Money: 100000  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
12:51:20  <Stablean> V453000: you have 7 more messages
12:51:20  <V453000> !auto
12:51:20  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
12:51:22  <Stablean> *** V453000 has enabled autopause mode.
12:51:22  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
12:51:30  <Stablean> *** V453000 has started a new company (#1)
12:51:30  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
12:54:16  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech joined the game
12:54:58  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> whoa, tiny trains
12:55:28  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
12:55:28  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> * watches V build
12:55:28  <Stablean> *** blackii7 joined the game
12:55:40  <Stablean> <blackii7> hey v can i join your company?
12:55:50  <Stablean> <V453000> no, sorry
12:55:56  <Stablean> <blackii7> ok
12:56:00  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> V is a man on a mission
12:56:26  <Stablean> <blackii7> a mission to?
12:56:45  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has started a new company (#2)
12:57:38  <Stablean> <blackii7> i started with wood i will end with wood
12:57:56  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> babes love the wood
12:58:10  <Stablean> <blackii7> who doesn't love wood
12:58:21  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> people in jail
12:58:40  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech wana start a company with me
12:58:46  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> not really
12:58:56  <Stablean> <blackii7> ok :(
12:59:12  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> turn that frown upside down
12:59:30  <Stablean> <blackii7> :()
13:00:08  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech don't you agree wood is the best thing a man can get?
13:00:16  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> lol
13:00:46  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> I wouldnt know
13:01:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> meech are you a woman?
13:01:43  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> are you ?
13:01:49  <Stablean> <blackii7> no
13:01:54  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> good
13:04:12  <Stablean> <blackii7> lolwut
13:04:42  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Actually, I'm an alien who's using this game to find out which of earth's precious resources we can extract by enslaving the human race.
13:04:51  <Stablean> *** Danny joined the game
13:04:59  <Stablean> <blackii7> in the train parts there are two parts that are exactly the same but one costs more
13:05:01  <Stablean> <blackii7> hi
13:05:14  <Stablean> <blackii7> danny you good with trains?
13:05:16  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Coal, wood, iron and oil seem to be good choices. I'm going to contact the mother ship.
13:05:34  <Stablean> <blackii7> don't you dare touch my wood
13:06:02  <Stablean> <Danny> just going to watch :P
13:06:22  <Stablean> <Big_Meech>  I will do what the Plutonians command me to do.
13:07:48  <Stablean> <blackii7> if you touch my wood you will die bitch
13:07:58  <Stablean> <Danny> lol
13:07:58  <Vinnie_nl> sounds nice
13:08:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> haha
13:08:22  <Stablean> <blackii7> guys i have have a place called hardwood lol
13:08:36  <Stablean> <V453000> please stop
13:08:44  <Stablean> <blackii7> it's just a forest filled with all kinds of wood
13:11:53  <Stablean> <blackii7> wth?
13:12:32  <Stablean> <Danny> :?
13:12:34  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has started a new company (#3)
13:12:39  <Sylf> dad
13:12:43  <Sylf> o_o
13:12:46  <Sylf> tiny trains?
13:13:01  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
13:13:13  <Stablean> <Sylf> ah, ukrs2
13:13:23  <Stablean> <blackii7> both that and rich people have nothing to do with tha moneyz caise of no boats or planes
13:15:47  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> station spread ?
13:16:03  <Stablean> <V453000> look?
13:16:05  <Stablean> <Danny> 7
13:16:15  <Stablean> <Sylf> say /set station_spread
13:16:15  <Stablean> <blackii7> we are in 1990
13:16:17  <Stablean> <blackii7> lol
13:16:29  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> /set station_spread
13:16:33  <Stablean> <Sylf> oh
13:16:47  <Stablean> <Sylf> Maybe in the little black window thingy
13:16:59  <Stablean> <V453000> surely works in console
13:17:04  <planetmaker> !rcon set station_spread
13:17:04  <Stablean> planetmaker: ‎[All] V453000: without /
13:17:04  <Stablean> planetmaker: Current value for 'station_spread' is: '7' (min: 4, max: 64)
13:17:11  <Stablean> <blackii7> wth
13:17:17  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#4)
13:17:21  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
13:17:21  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> said command not found
13:17:29  <Stablean> <Sylf> yeah, without "/"
13:17:37  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i did that too
13:17:41  <Stablean> <V453000> works for me
13:17:51  <planetmaker> set station_spread
13:18:01  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> got it
13:18:03  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> thanks
13:18:03  <Stablean> <blackii7> i can't make my criage go to the damn truck statione
13:18:11  <Stablean> <blackii7> what does that do?
13:18:23  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
13:18:23  <planetmaker> articulated vehicles can only use drive-through stops
13:18:30  <Stablean> *** Sylf has started a new company (#5)
13:19:50  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ty for the tip
13:20:00  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> is there a list of those documented somewhere ?
13:20:12  <Stablean> <V453000> you can also look for that setting through the gui
13:20:16  <Stablean> <V453000> yes, openttd.cfg in data
13:20:20  <Stablean> <blackii7> what is the station spread?
13:20:38  <Stablean> <Sylf> station spread is how big you can make each stations
13:31:17  <Stablean> <blackii7> wait guys if this is 1990 those that mean we need to live through both the world wars?
13:31:27  <Stablean> <V453000> no
13:31:29  <Stablean> <V453000> you will die in the first one
13:31:44  <Stablean> <blackii7> we are screwed
13:34:03  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i like this train set
13:34:40  <Stablean> <V453000> it is nice only in the early ages
13:34:48  <Stablean> <V453000> and brilliantly drawn
13:35:06  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> later trains suck ?
13:35:10  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
13:35:16  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> great LD
13:35:19  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> :D
13:37:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i like how some of these coal cars show up different colors / designs from different engines
13:37:38  <Stablean> <Danny> thats pretty cool
13:42:12  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
13:45:30  <Stablean> <Danny> 1km/h lol
13:45:45  <Stablean> <V453000> have to be a bit more careful about hills :)
13:46:28  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> >_<
13:46:57  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
13:47:20  <Stablean> <Danny> years and years later..
13:47:22  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> it was fine before the backup
13:47:29  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
13:47:41  <Stablean> <V453000> once they slow down in the hill, they get problems with climbing it
13:48:09  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> so I've noticed
13:50:13  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i dont know what to do xD
13:50:27  <Stablean> <V453000> the hill is too steep
13:50:30  <Stablean> <V453000> go around
13:50:40  <Stablean> <V453000> easy to do there
13:50:42  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i would but i sold all my track to fix that area
13:50:54  <Stablean> <Danny> sell a train
13:50:56  <Stablean> <V453000> on the coast
13:51:14  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i have negative 5000, i would do that but I cant atm xD
13:51:20  <Stablean> <V453000> :d
13:51:30  <Stablean> <V453000> oh
13:51:32  <Stablean> <V453000> bad idea to sell tracks
13:51:38  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> lol
13:51:40  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> obviously
13:52:20  <Stablean> <Danny> 2m to get up that ramp..
13:52:45  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> LOLz
13:53:29  <Stablean> <Danny> maybe you should build the station at the bottom of that ramp..
13:53:47  <Stablean> <V453000> just go by the coast
13:54:00  <Stablean> <V453000> even that hill can be evaded :)
13:54:35  <Stablean> <V453000> I can kill the farmlands for you
13:56:48  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> haha
13:57:49  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> 8)
13:57:54  <Stablean> <Danny> *claps*
13:58:04  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> that was epic
13:58:21  <Stablean> <Danny> Yep xD
14:10:01  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> you should take out more loan blackii
14:10:31  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
14:10:55  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #3
14:10:59  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
14:16:27  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has joined spectators
14:20:51  <Stablean> *** blackii7 has left the game (leaving)
14:21:33  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx joined the game
14:22:21  <Stablean> <Timmaexx> Hi
14:22:27  <Stablean> <V453000> hello
14:23:58  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG joined the game
14:24:02  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
14:24:06  <Stablean> <Timmaexx> Hi
14:24:08  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
14:24:18  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> New map :D
14:24:28  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh is the web IRC broken?
14:24:43  <Stablean> <V453000> why would it
14:24:50  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx has started a new company (#2)
14:24:54  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> It wont load for me...
14:28:10  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
14:28:16  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG has started a new company (#4)
14:32:40  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #3
14:32:52  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
14:42:38  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx has left the game (leaving)
14:51:12  <Stablean> *** Danny has left the game (connection lost)
15:05:25  *** Vinnie_nl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:05:25  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Vinnie_nl
15:08:10  *** Vinnie_nl has quit IRC
15:18:35  <Stablean> *** markey58 has started a new company (#6)
15:18:35  <Stablean> *** Advancedtom joined the game
15:18:37  <Stablean> *** markey58 joined the game
15:18:57  <Stablean> *** Advancedtom has left the game (leaving)
15:19:02  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #3
15:19:10  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
15:19:10  <Stablean> *** Advancedtom has started a new company (#7)
15:19:12  <Stablean> *** Advancedtom joined the game
15:36:10  <Stablean> *** markey58 has left the game (leaving)
15:36:12  <Stablean> *** Advancedtom has left the game (leaving)
15:45:32  *** DayDreamer has left #openttdcoop.stable
15:52:34  <Stablean> <V453000> well having an edwardian per TL2 isnt cheap :x
15:52:41  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
15:52:51  <Stablean> <V453000> still cute tho \o/
16:12:27  <Stablean> *** Sleeeper joined the game
16:15:14  <Stablean> *** Mazur has started a new company (#6)
16:15:17  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
16:15:22  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
16:15:25  <Stablean> <Mazur> Already?
16:15:27  <Stablean> <Mazur> Hi.
16:16:54  <Stablean> <V453000> why do you group trains by separate stations MrD2DG? :D
16:17:12  <Stablean> <V453000> sequential replacing by stations?
16:18:08  <Stablean> *** Sleeeper has started a new company (#8)
16:18:28  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh was afk and yes
16:18:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Make it a lot easier IMO
16:19:28  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah, but what is the purpose of it in compare to "just" cargo groups
16:20:27  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Makes cloning trains easier as i can find actual stations and allows me to part upgrade stuff
16:20:54  <Stablean> <V453000> well each station has a list of trains which go there on its own
16:21:00  <Stablean> <V453000> the partial replace I understand :)
16:21:22  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Yeah I know but i never use that window :P
16:21:22  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> it doesn't have replace option
16:21:49  <Stablean> <V453000> yes it doesnt, but you usually replace globally anyway
16:21:53  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Not really a fan of general cargo groups
16:24:09  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh and it also allows me to use different loco's and wagons for industries of the same type but thats purely visual and rare to achive with most sets
16:24:26  <Stablean> <V453000> hehe
16:25:39  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx joined the game
16:25:53  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx has joined company #2
16:31:36  <Stablean> <V453000> looks like my 12/30 farm is going to live :D
16:31:42  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
16:38:05  <Stablean> <Mazur> Looks like I'm going to live.
16:38:25  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
16:41:35  <Stablean> <Mazur> With a little luck, that is.
16:41:42  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol what
16:41:49  <Stablean> <Timmaexx> Ya Income`?
16:41:59  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
16:42:03  <Stablean> <Mazur> There it was, the luck.
16:43:03  <Stablean> <Mazur> Now I just gottas remember to leave a little buffer when I buy another engine.
16:43:05  <Stablean> <Mazur> :-)
16:43:14  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
16:47:14  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ugh hills :/
16:47:16  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
16:47:22  <Stablean> <Mazur> Yes.
16:47:57  <Stablean> <V453000> well these trains are very weak :)
16:48:03  <Stablean> <V453000> also hill steepness is at 5%
16:48:23  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Whats the usual setting?
16:48:29  <Stablean> <V453000> 3 or 4 I think
16:48:35  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :S
16:53:19  <Stablean> <V453000> I just got reminded that join before split is not the best thing to keep
16:53:25  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> true
16:53:25  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
16:54:09  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> so much track types, will be a pain to upgrade
16:55:06  <Stablean> <V453000> why would it
16:55:12  <Stablean> <V453000> you just convert it, done
16:55:28  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> trains on track don't prevent that?
16:57:51  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> No not when they're compatible
16:57:56  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> oh ok
16:58:07  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> So as long as it isnt maglev or monorail its fine
16:58:21  <Stablean> <V453000> which isnt here :)
17:03:08  <Stablean> *** BigB`` has started a new company (#7)
17:03:10  <Stablean> *** BigB`` joined the game
17:03:20  <Stablean> <BigB``> heya
17:03:24  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> hi
17:03:24  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
17:03:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:03:57  <Stablean> <BigB``> so how did i join the coop thing again
17:04:27  <Stablean> <V453000> what thing
17:04:57  <Stablean> <BigB``> nvm, gonna check the website
17:05:03  <Stablean> <BigB``> see if my account still wors
17:05:03  <Stablean> <V453000> that would be best :)
17:05:08  <Stablean> <BigB``> *works
17:05:11  <Stablean> <V453000> there are no accounts
17:05:29  <Stablean> <BigB``> you have to join the IRC rigth
17:05:32  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
17:05:51  <Stablean> <BigB``> and get the specific openttd version
17:05:55  <Stablean> <BigB``> with all the mods
17:06:07  <Stablean> <BigB``> damn that was long ago
17:08:55  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :/ Web irc still not working for me
17:09:16  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure joined the game
17:09:17  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hi
17:09:21  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hey troy
17:09:23  <Stablean> <V453000> hello
17:13:31  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> v check !here
17:13:41  <Stablean> <V453000> yes I know :)
17:18:09  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #5
17:18:41  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
17:19:28  <Stablean> *** BigB`` has left the game (leaving)
17:19:44  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> MrD2DG, arent  your trains heavily underpowered?
17:20:03  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Clearly, but thats the best available atm...
17:20:07  <Stablean> <V453000> they make it up the hill :)
17:20:38  <Stablean> *** Rieksts joined the game
17:20:42  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hi
17:20:45  <Stablean> <Rieksts> hey
17:20:54  <Stablean> <V453000> hi there :)
17:20:55  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> hi
17:20:55  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:20:59  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> hmm i guess i need 4th engine...
17:21:02  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #5
17:21:10  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> what a slow guys
17:21:23  <Stablean> <V453000> or construct your tracks better :)
17:21:26  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ^
17:21:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lots of big inclines
17:21:38  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> not so much money yet for crazy terraforming
17:21:44  <Stablean> <V453000> nobody said terraform
17:23:10  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> -_-
17:23:12  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> thx
17:23:31  <Stablean> <Timmaexx> You seem to build up a nice Start-Up
17:25:02  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Ooh can finlly upgrade my locos
17:25:49  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
17:31:21  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> why
17:31:43  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ?
17:32:03  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> h thx
17:32:05  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> k*
17:35:24  <Stablean> *** Rieksts has started a new company (#7)
17:36:33  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> EE! so expensive :'(
17:36:35  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> *EE1
17:36:47  <Stablean> <V453000> sure is :)
17:36:49  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> EE?
17:36:57  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> A loco
17:36:57  <Stablean> <Rieksts> what are you building?
17:37:05  <Stablean> <Rieksts> im a bout to take those coal mined
17:37:18  <Stablean> *** Timmaexx has left the game (leaving)
17:37:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Who?
17:38:43  <Stablean> *** Liuk /Sk/ joined the game
17:38:46  <Stablean> <Liuk /Sk/> hi
17:38:48  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
17:38:50  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
17:38:52  <Stablean> <Rieksts> hey
17:38:52  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> hi
17:43:34  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Sleeper can you go in another direction please, im gonna need space to expand that paper mill...
17:43:56  <Stablean> <V453000> lol sleeper going through the whole map again
17:43:58  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> it's temporary line
17:44:00  <Stablean> <V453000> how nice .. :(
17:44:02  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Its annoying
17:44:16  <Stablean> <Mazur> So am I.
17:44:38  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Mhhhm... :)
17:44:44  <Stablean> <Mazur> :-)
17:45:20  *** TWerkhoven has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:00:29  <Stablean> *** Tandurin joined the game
18:00:39  <Stablean> <Tandurin> server restarted again?
18:01:01  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Yep
18:01:10  <Stablean> <Tandurin> k
18:01:56  <Stablean> <Tandurin> wow somebody built one hell of a massive network already :O
18:03:54  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh TRS too :)
18:04:21  <Stablean> <V453000> would suck to have only UKRS2
18:04:35  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Yeah
18:12:06  <Stablean> <Tandurin> anybody wants another member for their company?
18:12:38  <Stablean> <Mazur> Not I.
18:13:19  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Nah, I dont know your building style
18:16:10  <Stablean> *** Tandurin has started a new company (#2)
18:16:38  <Sylf> oh, you coud have moy company
18:16:55  <Sylf> athough that company probably have no money :P
18:16:58  <Stablean> *** Liuk /Sk/ has left the game (leaving)
18:17:16  <Stablean> <V453000> pretty much :d
18:18:30  <Stablean> <Tandurin> I just started my own
18:19:20  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
18:19:25  <Stablean> *** Sjaakwortel has started a new company (#9)
18:19:28  <Stablean> *** Sjaakwortel joined the game
18:21:16  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
18:21:41  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #5
18:22:30  <Stablean> *** Dixon: joined the game
18:23:00  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
18:23:55  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
18:23:58  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #5
18:24:05  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
18:25:31  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (leaving)
18:26:54  *** TWerkhoven has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:33:49  <Stablean> <V453000> having new wagons might be awesome, but my trains suddenly cant climb hills :DD
18:33:54  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
18:34:00  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> lol
18:34:02  <Stablean> <Tandurin> haha had the same problem :P
18:34:10  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Thats why im scared to use tropic boxcars
18:34:13  <Stablean> <Tandurin> replacing the engines now :P
18:34:17  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> my train is going uphull with 1km/u xD
18:34:23  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> lol
18:34:29  <Stablean> <V453000> I am upgrading to Pacifics which seems to fix it
18:34:36  <Stablean> <Mazur> Better than 0 m/h, I think.
18:34:41  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> but pacific has longer ass
18:34:47  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> so less cars
18:34:50  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Ooh we got pacifics
18:34:54  <Stablean> <V453000> not for me
18:35:00  <Stablean> <V453000> 4 cars for both pacific and edwardian
18:35:02  <Stablean> <Tandurin> true, but I prefer faster deliveries over 1 year cargo duration :P
18:37:40  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
18:39:32  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (leaving)
18:46:32  <Stablean> <Tandurin> these GRFs trains are kinda anoying imo
18:46:38  <Stablean> <V453000> are they
18:46:43  <Stablean> <Rieksts> like them so far
18:46:46  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> How so?
18:46:58  <Stablean> <Tandurin> they slow down too much uphill :')
18:47:07  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Thats because your overload your trains...
18:47:19  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> 4 Tile greed
18:47:31  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> use 2 engines
18:47:45  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> or more :)
18:57:38  *** dlr365 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:00:46  <Stablean> *** Graham has started a new company (#10)
19:00:48  <Stablean> *** Graham joined the game
19:01:24  <Stablean> *** Graham has left the game (leaving)
19:01:38  <Stablean> *** Tandurin has left the game (leaving)
19:02:47  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has started a new company (#11)
19:02:49  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer joined the game
19:02:53  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> harro
19:03:12  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
19:03:38  <Stablean> <V453000> hello
19:03:57  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> some1 wanna coop :P
19:04:03  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> just came here to watch teh trains before i go play some SC2
19:04:11  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has joined company #9
19:04:13  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> sur
19:04:15  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Nah im good
19:04:15  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> :3
19:04:25  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> :D
19:04:35  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> im just transporting some coal
19:04:41  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> wow
19:04:45  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> big time dept
19:05:30  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> u haven't done signals have u
19:05:43  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> and yes terraforming costs about 12 000 pounds per 1 point
19:06:59  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> not good to put all trains goin different ways on one track :/
19:07:16  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> first u gotta repay that loan
19:07:30  <Stablean> <V453000> just keep the loan and build
19:07:43  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> its only like 10k/year intrest
19:07:49  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> - 10 000 pounds.....
19:08:00  <Stablean> <V453000> by using the 500k to invest, you get far more than 10k
19:08:02  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> thats not very much
19:08:14  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> brb
19:08:14  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> (not the way i invested it)
19:08:44  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> back
19:10:00  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> u dont need the roads do u?
19:10:18  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> of
19:10:26  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> its costs to remove :P
19:10:44  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Im sure it wont bankrupt you xD
19:11:06  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> only making 120k/year xD
19:11:32  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> is maglev the cheapest track so far?
19:11:40  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> nope
19:11:44  <Stablean> <V453000> :D 20k per tile
19:11:46  <Stablean> <V453000> cheap
19:11:56  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> no trains available
19:11:58  <Stablean> <Rieksts> adequate for 1927
19:12:04  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> but whe have a depot now
19:12:08  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> So cheap im suprised you managed to lay rails...
19:13:17  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> see how if u slowly repay that loan ull start making more money
19:13:25  <Stablean> <V453000> lol
19:13:25  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> so try to repay atleast 20 000 pounds a year
19:13:29  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Jesus
19:13:31  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> thats wut i do
19:13:37  <planetmaker> hm, I'm looking forward to this server in two weeks :-)
19:13:37  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> just leave the loan xD
19:13:45  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> why?
19:13:51  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> We finally get 1.2?
19:13:55  <Stablean> <V453000> some christmas wtf I guess :)
19:13:59  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
19:14:22  <planetmaker> you won't get 1.2 ;-)
19:14:32  <Stablean> <V453000> something worse
19:14:42  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P I miss the rivers
19:15:01  <planetmaker> I miss a lot
19:15:06  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
19:15:17  *** dlr365 has quit IRC
19:15:45  <planetmaker> rivers, readme viewer, infrastructure maintenance, NewGRF support
19:15:49  <Stablean> <Rieksts> why are ships forbidden in such a watery map
19:15:51  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> reserved more land
19:16:00  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> why reserve land ?
19:16:04  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> money makers lazu
19:16:05  <planetmaker> Wingflyer: please don't reserve land
19:16:11  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> ..
19:16:17  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> ok then ill build on that land XD
19:16:27  <Stablean> <V453000> where
19:16:42  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hah there was some real estate guy in the last game buying all the land around competitors stations and making them pay for it :/
19:16:48  <Stablean> *** Cameron has started a new company (#10)
19:16:56  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> trololo
19:17:06  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> ???
19:17:14  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> buying land
19:17:14  <Stablean> <V453000> should have been banned straight away then MrD2DG
19:17:27  <Stablean> *** planetm4ker joined the game
19:17:29  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> I think Mazur deleted his company
19:17:42  <planetmaker> yes
19:17:46  <planetmaker> quite correctly
19:17:52  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> :D
19:17:56  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> deadmau5 :3
19:18:14  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh why build here pink :/
19:18:25  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> station for money
19:18:39  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Theres tons of free land near you...
19:18:49  <Stablean> <V453000> look for the south of map, there is whole continent free :)
19:19:01  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> not whole :(
19:19:05  <planetmaker> right. I also start to miss extra zoom ;-)
19:19:13  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
19:19:28  <Stablean> <V453000> why? I use it only when getting offsets right, but not in normal game
19:19:32  <Stablean> <V453000> seems disturbing to zoom too much
19:20:58  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> need about 60 k for 2 pieces of terraforming for new station
19:21:10  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> don't terraform ;-)
19:21:14  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> build smart
19:21:16  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Dotn build here
19:21:18  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> only way
19:21:20  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> :P
19:21:30  <Stablean> <V453000> doubt that :)
19:21:32  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> closest stations
19:21:35  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Ugh gonna be covered in 45 degree turns before the 1950's
19:21:41  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> lol
19:22:27  <Stablean> <V453000> still broke after 30 years of playing ..
19:22:32  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
19:22:51  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
19:22:52  <Stablean> <Wingflyer> ima go play some counter strike source
19:23:10  <Stablean> *** Wingflyer has left the game (leaving)
19:23:24  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> thank him for spending my money on terraforming :P
19:23:30  <Stablean> <V453000> :d
19:23:46  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> IF that means you cant afford to build here then good :)
19:24:12  <Stablean> *** planetm4ker has started a new company (#11)
19:24:26  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
19:24:29  <planetmaker> !rcon set max_roadveh
19:24:29  <Stablean> planetmaker: Current value for 'max_roadveh' is: '100' (min: 0, max: 5000)
19:27:44  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Ugh
19:28:03  <Stablean> <V453000> just use 2 and dont freak out MrD2DG :P
19:28:09  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
19:28:25  <Stablean> <Rieksts> lol
19:28:31  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
19:28:46  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> holy shit. 4km/h?!
19:28:54  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
19:28:56  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> lol
19:28:56  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> who invented that insanity!
19:28:56  <Stablean> <Rieksts> k im screwed, no way i can make that many bridges here
19:28:58  <Stablean> <V453000> :D
19:29:08  <Stablean> <V453000> horses might be a better idea pm :D
19:29:14  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> a bloody horse carriage is 3x as fast
19:29:26  <Stablean> <V453000> even walking is faster
19:29:32  <Stablean> <V453000> :D
19:30:33  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> afk
19:41:03  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> why are my profits so low :P
19:41:10  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> short distance
19:41:12  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> can some1 tell me wat im doing wrong ?
19:41:32  <Stablean> <Cameron> watch your spending :D
19:41:34  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> you say, longer distances
19:44:58  <Stablean> *** Dixon: joined the game
19:46:44  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> back
19:48:47  <Stablean> <V453000> ok 50t per train is really not much :d
19:50:20  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
19:50:21  <Stablean> <Cameron> wb
19:50:34  <Stablean> <Sylf> ty
19:50:38  <Stablean> <V453000> hi :)
19:50:46  <Stablean> <Mazur> Lo.
19:50:48  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #5
20:04:32  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
20:08:39  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> nice trai :D
20:10:48  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> ouch
20:10:48  <Stablean> <Mazur> Brilliant.
20:11:03  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ?
20:17:35  <Stablean> <Rieksts> pink? can you move your move your bridge !here??
20:17:43  <Stablean> <Rieksts> can i give him money?
20:17:57  <Stablean> <V453000> why not
20:17:59  <Stablean> <Rieksts> how
20:18:07  <Stablean> <V453000> you know where client list is?
20:18:11  <Stablean> <Rieksts> yes
20:18:13  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> And while your at it can you extend your crossings to at least allow me to quad-track my lines...
20:18:17  <Stablean> <V453000> thrught there :)
20:18:23  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ok
20:18:28  <Stablean> <Mazur> Look at the client list, check the options whenyou click, but not release, that company.
20:18:31  <Stablean> <V453000> through* :)
20:18:46  <Stablean> *** Whimplash joined the game
20:19:02  <Stablean> <V453000> hi :)
20:19:06  <Stablean> <Whimplash> yo
20:19:20  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> so the coop public server is about done
20:19:20  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Hi
20:19:23  <Stablean> <Rieksts> 250 000
20:19:25  <Stablean> <Rieksts> i mean
20:20:14  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> wat ?
20:20:28  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> sure np
20:20:32  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ok
20:20:50  <Stablean> <Rieksts> thank you
20:23:32  <Stablean> *** Whimplash has left the game (leaving)
20:31:16  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> way overcomplicated networks :p
20:31:30  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> I see none
20:31:34  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> ME too
20:31:44  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> xD
20:32:13  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> You never been on the public server?
20:32:18  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> i have
20:32:35  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> but that Coop style :P
20:32:39  <Stablean> <Rieksts> this is above avarage server
20:32:52  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> this coop ;-)
20:32:53  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Not always...
20:33:01  <Stablean> <Rieksts> rarely you see good players in any other public servers
20:33:01  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Last game was complete shit.
20:35:28  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> i like this difficulty bt
20:35:30  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> btw
20:42:54  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> the bridge length limit sucks
20:43:01  <Stablean> <Rieksts> aha
20:43:05  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> What is it?
20:43:11  <Stablean> <Rieksts> i am saving up 20mil just to make a small island
20:43:17  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> try to build a bridge longer than 12 tiles
20:43:21  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh 10 :/
20:43:24  <Stablean> <Rieksts> so i can bridge up 2 places
20:43:39  *** TWerkhoven2 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:45:20  <planetmaker> hehe :-)
20:45:33  <planetmaker> I guess with 1.2 we can be slightly more relaxed with ships
20:45:42  <Stablean> <Rieksts> why?
20:45:57  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Riverssssssss
20:46:10  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> ship path finder got faster
20:46:16  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :o
20:46:18  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> less cpu usage?
20:46:30  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Sounds like more to me
20:46:32  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> yes. About 15 ... 20%
20:46:32  <Sylf> OK, ships allowed, but no ocean  :P
20:46:36  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh
20:46:39  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
20:46:39  <Sylf> Build your own canal :D
20:46:55  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> with maintenance costs enabled :-)
20:47:06  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> I tried that. Gets pretty expensive fast ;-)
20:47:14  <Sylf> I bet.
20:48:01  <Stablean> <V453000> well their construction is still just a slight tiny bit less dumb than aircraft
20:48:07  <Stablean> <V453000> and people WONT use buoys
20:48:13  <Stablean> <V453000> like ever :(
20:48:16  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
20:48:49  <Sylf> I just like the word "buoy"
20:48:50  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
20:48:54  <Sylf> funny sounding word.
20:49:14  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :P
20:49:15  <Sylf> booie.
20:49:28  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> what about quay?
20:49:38  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> could write as well key ;-)
20:50:02  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> g2g
20:50:02  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> at least where I learnt that word the pronounciation is the same ;-)
20:50:08  <Stablean> <Sjaakwortel> time to get drunk
20:50:12  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Yeah it is
20:50:14  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> BB
20:50:23  <Stablean> *** Sjaakwortel has left the game (leaving)
20:50:31  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> (To the word key i mean, not me getting drunk) :P
20:50:37  <Stablean> <V453000> hm wise words
20:51:05  <Stablean> <V453000> 1 beer in fridge :( not much drunk today
20:51:22  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
20:52:28  <Stablean> <V453000> actually I have discovered that with some music you can get into a very similar state as with alcohol
20:52:34  <Stablean> <V453000> just very temporarily though
20:52:38  <Stablean> <Cameron> i can't get drunk yet :(
20:52:43  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
20:52:49  <Stablean> <Cameron> im only 16
20:52:55  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> You can get drunk at 16
20:52:57  <Stablean> <Rieksts> in Denmark you can :)
20:52:59  <Stablean> <Cameron> min age is 21
20:53:03  <Stablean> <Mazur> Hell, yeah, drunk, why not.
20:53:05  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> i stopped getting drunk
20:53:07  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> What 16 year old doesnt get drunk :s
20:53:13  <Sylf> You can get drunk.
20:53:13  <Stablean> <Cameron> or is it 18 idk
20:53:20  <Stablean> *** peter joined the game
20:53:25  <Sylf> No medical minimum age in the world.
20:53:55  <Sylf> there are only some supecficial legal age limits.
20:54:05  <Stablean> <Cameron> next game firs w/ nars &/or 2cc
20:54:07  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Pretty sure no governments gonna send a raid team after a 16 year old drinking in his/her bedroom
20:54:28  <Sylf> what's up with people's obsession with firs?
20:54:48  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> FIRS + single track lines = Banckruptcy cameron.
20:54:50  <Stablean> <Cameron> i did good a couple of games ago w/ it
20:54:52  <Stablean> <V453000> probably that every game with dying industries ends up with 2 or 3 companies
20:55:07  <Stablean> <V453000> so they can laugh at others having dead industires :)
20:55:17  <Stablean> <Rieksts> Firs?
20:55:25  <Stablean> *** Mazur has joined spectators
20:55:34  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Industry replacement set
20:55:38  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ou
20:55:42  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Has a lot more dependant industries
20:55:44  <Stablean> <Cameron> my ML went Left side bottom right side of the map
20:55:50  <Stablean> <Cameron> RL
20:55:52  <Sylf> firs should be left on dedicated firs server for a while
20:55:54  <Stablean> <Rieksts> i cant say i like it, but i like the challange it gives
20:56:36  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> why should it, sylf?
20:57:02  <Sylf> firs is pretty darn complex for first time players
20:57:07  <Sylf> almost implossibly complex
20:57:14  <Stablean> <V453000> I dont think so
20:57:17  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> ehm... it's just more industries
20:57:21  <Stablean> <Rieksts> well if you use your brain
20:57:23  <Stablean> <V453000> well first time players, sure
20:57:34  <Stablean> <V453000> but if you use your brain and just read what goes where, it is not that hard
20:57:38  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> and different cargos
20:57:48  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> so nothing really new
20:57:59  <Sylf> And when half of the map is taken up by the first timers right now, I don't thirk we're ready for firs
20:58:06  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> and you grow your industries if you give them supplies
20:58:18  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> sylf: I disagree.
20:58:20  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> FIRS is always bad on this server
20:58:23  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> a first timer can well play it
20:58:32  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> just use bigger map?
20:58:34  <Stablean> <Rieksts> did Yogscast reall make a difference?
20:58:34  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> MrD2DG: the games I saw here with FIRS were very good
20:58:37  <Sylf> I just remember it took me a month of trying and learning of firs before I got comfortable
20:58:40  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> Sleeeper: nope
20:58:48  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> I usually see direct 1 track lines...
20:59:11  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> why? 1024x1024 aren't that big
20:59:17  <Stablean> <V453000> lol
20:59:17  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> it's huge
20:59:27  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> 512**2 is enough
20:59:30  <Sylf> Wait until you get 1024^2 map, FILLED with trains
20:59:35  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> maybe 512*1024
20:59:37  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> at most
20:59:42  <Stablean> <Cameron> not to mention laggy at later times
20:59:46  <Sylf> Especially when we have multiple companies
21:00:12  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> one can have loads of fun on maps of this size
21:00:25  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> imho more than on huge maps
21:00:31  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> much more
21:00:31  <Stablean> <Rieksts> any way to make trains refit in multiple depos?
21:00:38  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> yes
21:00:42  <Stablean> <Rieksts> so they choose one that is not full
21:01:04  <Stablean> <Rieksts> conditional order jumps?
21:01:12  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> no
21:01:15  <Sylf> make trains go through a waypoint, then go to a nearest depot
21:01:16  <Stablean> <V453000> various ways really
21:01:22  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> don't give a particular depot
21:01:28  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> just service
21:01:30  <Stablean> <V453000> ah that
21:01:52  <Stablean> *** peter has left the game (leaving)
21:02:06  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> goto nearest depot
21:02:08  <Sylf> go search on coop's wiki for an archive of "refit game"
21:02:14  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ok
21:02:24  <Sylf> You should be able to find some examples in those save games
21:02:32  <Stablean> <V453000> there is even an article of psg 186, there are even written orders
21:02:32  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> Sylf: that'll soon become obsolete with refits in stations ;-)
21:02:34  <Stablean> <V453000> in png
21:02:58  <Sylf> I haven't played around with the auto refit yet
21:03:00  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oooh station refits
21:03:18  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> only for NewGRFs which support it, though
21:03:36  <Sylf> I saw some commits for Japan set regarding that feature
21:03:56  <Sylf> So maybe there'll be more than just OGFX+ trains with that feature
21:04:06  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> of course there'll be
21:04:10  <Stablean> <V453000> nuts too ofc
21:04:12  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> every trainset will want to support it
21:04:26  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> imho it's a must
21:04:41  <Stablean> <V453000> why would it? we played without it up to now just fine :)
21:04:54  <Stablean> <Rieksts> im just trying to have no empty trains on mainline
21:04:58  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> yes. we're also using computers and living in houses....
21:05:06  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
21:05:08  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> ... but people lived in caves for thousands of years
21:06:04  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> it just feels right to allow loading of wine barrels and fruit boxes and goods into the same wagon :-)
21:06:10  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> wagon type
21:06:13  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> without "refitting"
21:06:27  <Stablean> <V453000> I see
21:06:45  <Stablean> <Rieksts> white
21:07:14  <Stablean> <V453000> so if I make a wagon which allows -anything- to be refit, it will still work? :) though not make sense, but meh :)
21:07:48  <Stablean> <V453000> I do not think a set with slugs on rails and nyan cats flying around can get any more criticism :D
21:08:51  <Stablean> <Rieksts> white can you help me expand that crossing   !!here
21:08:57  <planetmaker> V453000: yes, that would basically work
21:09:09  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
21:09:11  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Help expand?
21:09:15  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Oh
21:09:56  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> np
21:10:26  <Stablean> <Rieksts> bought that gut
21:10:28  <Stablean> <Rieksts> guy
21:11:19  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> V453000: the really interesting thing IMHO is the autorefit, thus the wagon picks up whatever you find on the station - provided it can station-refit to that cargo
21:11:27  <Stablean> *** Saan joined the game
21:11:48  <Stablean> <planetm4ker> of course you can also explicitly say to only refit to XY
21:12:27  <V453000> yes I read about tha already :)
21:12:48  <Stablean> <Cameron> 1.1.5?
21:12:54  <Stablean> <V453000> 1.2
21:13:19  <Stablean> <Cameron> i guess
21:13:27  <Stablean> <Cameron> better get to work :D
21:15:14  <Stablean> *** Saan has left the game (leaving)
21:17:02  <Stablean> *** Mazur has joined company #6
21:17:13  <Stablean> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
21:18:02  <planetmaker> Cameron: 1.x.y and 1.x.(y+1) usually differ only in bug fixes
21:18:10  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
21:18:28  <planetmaker> while 1.x.y and 1.(x+1).0 differ by features
21:18:44  <planetmaker> (and bug fixes, too, of course)
21:18:47  <Stablean> <Cameron>  i...ok then.
21:24:51  <Stablean> <Rieksts> cant find any refit games in pro zone archive
21:25:01  <Stablean> <Rieksts> il keep looking tho
21:25:26  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ou found 1
21:25:26  <Stablean> <Rieksts> :D
21:26:58  <Stablean> <Rieksts> ou there is an order to go to nearest depo.. didnt know that
21:27:35  <Stablean> <Rieksts>  /facepalm how did i not see this earlier
21:28:08  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Lol
21:39:57  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> Ugh town wont accept goods anymore
21:40:12  <Stablean> <Rieksts> best feeling ever
21:40:23  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> :'(
21:41:16  <Stablean> <Rieksts> uhoo new train
21:52:46  <Stablean> *** Rieksts has left the game (connection lost)
21:53:18  <Stablean> *** Rieksts joined the game
21:55:28  <Stablean> *** Rieksts has left the game (connection lost)
22:00:44  <Stablean> *** Rieksts joined the game
22:00:58  <Stablean> <Cameron> i had an idea; make three biomes temperate + tropic + artic combined into one replaces the toyland as a grf?
22:01:40  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> brb
22:01:48  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
22:02:25  <Stablean> <Rieksts> I just love how you can limit train speed with rails
22:02:35  <Stablean> <Cameron> its good
22:02:57  <Stablean> <Cameron> no need to have different train speeds together.
22:03:07  <Stablean> <Rieksts> this trainset would be annoying without thee rails
22:03:17  <Stablean> <Cameron> :)
22:03:29  <Stablean> <Rieksts> well mostly about maximim speed acceleration
22:05:56  <Stablean> *** andrew has started a new company (#2)
22:05:58  <Stablean> *** andrew joined the game
22:07:37  <Stablean> *** andrew has left the game (leaving)
22:19:57  <Stablean> *** Sylf joined the game
22:20:40  <Stablean> <Sylf> ello folks
22:20:44  <Stablean> <Rieksts> hi
22:20:44  <Stablean> <Sleeeper> hi
22:20:51  <Stablean> <Sylf> damn, tsill no food plant on my island
22:21:01  <Stablean> <Rieksts> fund
22:21:11  <Stablean> <Sylf> I'm too poor
22:21:25  <Stablean> <Sylf> I have an extremely modest company
22:21:37  <Stablean> <Rieksts> i can afford to help you out, just pay me back later
22:21:51  <Stablean> <Sylf> nah, don't worry
22:22:58  <Stablean> *** Sylf has joined company #5
22:30:01  <Stablean> *** md joined the game
22:31:59  <Stablean> <Sylf> something wrong?
22:32:21  <Stablean> <Rieksts> me?
22:32:25  <Stablean> <Sylf> yeah
22:32:47  <Stablean> <Rieksts> no i just made a pretty heavy accidental TF and want to check if im not getting banned
22:32:47  <Stablean> *** md has started a new company (#2)
22:33:11  <Stablean> <Sylf> We don't keep that strict of a tab on each players like that
22:33:43  <Stablean> <Sylf> Excessive terraforming, like flattening 200x200 area, would probably get a stern notice
22:34:52  <Stablean> <Rieksts> agh time to find a new city
22:34:58  <Stablean> <Rieksts> stopped accepting goods
22:47:22  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (connection lost)
22:55:34  <Stablean> *** md has left the game (leaving)
22:58:04  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
23:02:05  <Stablean> *** peter has started a new company (#12)
23:02:07  <Stablean> *** peter joined the game
23:09:37  <Stablean> <Sylf> o_o
23:09:39  <Stablean> <Rieksts> yo killing flonfingford?
23:11:54  <Stablean> <Sylf> why the town destruction?
23:14:44  <Stablean> <Sylf> yes
23:14:46  <Stablean> *** Mazur has joined spectators
23:14:50  <Stablean> <Rieksts> peter is needlesly demolishing towns
23:15:00  <Stablean> <Sylf> WTF
23:15:23  <Stablean> <peter> huh?
23:15:25  <Stablean> <Rieksts> Look at Peninghall
23:16:05  <Stablean> <Rieksts> Look at Nonthill
23:16:11  <Stablean> <peter> wasnt me
23:16:29  <Stablean> <Sylf> Why else would the town think ANYTHING of you?
23:16:51  <Stablean> <peter> im unlucky
23:16:53  <Stablean> <Rieksts> k
23:17:00  <Stablean> <peter> what about sjaakwortel
23:17:29  <Stablean> <Sylf> what about him?
23:17:39  <Stablean> <peter> could have been him?
23:17:45  <Stablean> <Sylf> No.
23:17:47  <Stablean> <Rieksts> he is not even here
23:17:47  <Stablean> <Sylf> He's not around.
23:18:00  <Stablean> <Sylf> You're actually in the city that's serviced by him.
23:18:24  <Stablean> <Sylf> You actually destroyed Grundinghall too.
23:18:28  <Stablean> <Sylf> THat's a sabotage
23:18:42  <Stablean> <peter> il leave then
23:18:46  <Stablean> <Rieksts> and look at caningville
23:18:48  <Stablean> <peter> i see when im not wanted
23:18:48  <Stablean> <Sylf> Please.
23:19:06  <Stablean> *** peter has left the game (leaving)
23:19:10  <Sylf> jeebus.
23:19:19  <Sylf> !companies
23:19:21  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 1 (Brown): Slug Islands
23:19:21  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 2 (Grey): md Transport
23:19:21  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 3 (Green): Lil Meech Transport
23:19:22  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 4 (White): D2DG Stuff Co.
23:19:22  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 5 (Red): Sylf Transport
23:19:22  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 6 (Orange): Mazur Transport
23:19:22  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 7 (Purple): Rieksts Transport
23:19:24  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 8 (Blue): Angry Worms
23:19:24  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 9 (Pink): Sjaakwortel Transport
23:19:26  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 10 (Dark Blue): Cameron Transport
23:19:26  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 11 (Pale Green): Remote Island Transport
23:19:28  <Stablean> Sylf: Company 12 (Yellow): peter Transport
23:19:29  <Sylf> !rcon reset_company 12
23:19:30  <Stablean> Sylf: Company deleted.
23:20:05  <Stablean> <Rieksts> fuked up my timetibles
23:20:50  <Stablean> *** Sylf has left the game (leaving)
23:23:35  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG joined the game
23:23:48  <Stablean> <MrD2DG> back
23:30:07  *** ODM has quit IRC
23:34:14  <Stablean> *** Sleeeper has left the game (leaving)
23:38:04  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (connection lost)
23:38:06  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:41:29  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
23:41:44  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:42:02  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
23:45:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> hi
23:45:14  <Stablean> <Rieksts> hi
23:45:16  <Stablean> <Cameron> hey meechy
23:46:17  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> meechy sounds cute xD
23:46:19  <Stablean> *** MrD2DG has left the game (leaving)
23:46:21  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #3
23:47:12  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> I'm not even going to ask what peter did
23:47:38  <Stablean> <Rieksts> minor town grief
23:47:48  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ha, so it seems
23:49:08  <Stablean> *** Cameron has joined company #10
23:55:30  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Was peter's real name Godzilla ?

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