Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 30th April 2012:
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00:00:02  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ok
00:00:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Night Dixon
00:00:14  <Stablean> <Dixon:> night
00:00:17  <Stablean> <thgergo> bye
00:00:26  <Stablean> <Dixon:> bye
00:00:27  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> did you want to play thgergo ?
00:00:37  <Stablean> <thgergo> maybe
00:00:47  <Stablean> <thgergo> but im not intend to create a new compani
00:00:49  <Stablean> <thgergo> company
00:00:59  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> if you want to join here , you can
00:01:21  <Stablean> <thgergo> thanks maybe I can improve your net a little
00:01:29  <Stablean> <Dixon:> half half tpe thing
00:01:35  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> lol what?
00:01:42  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i was gonna have 3 lanes in and 3 lanes out
00:01:53  <Stablean> <Dixon:> yea
00:02:21  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> lol you make me confused Dixon ;)
00:02:40  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined company #3
00:02:46  <Stablean> <thgergo> thanks for that:)
00:02:56  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> np
00:03:02  <Stablean> <Dixon:> im on about the primarys
00:03:52  <Stablean> <thgergo> there are some trains with two "void" orders
00:04:02  <Stablean> <thgergo> ill send them to trash
00:04:04  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> could park those
00:04:15  <Stablean> <Dixon:> ah they were wood
00:04:22  <Stablean> <Dixon:> forgot about them
00:07:58  <Stablean> <thgergo> ok i got rid them
00:08:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> =)
00:15:32  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> if you see anything that neets work, feel free to work on it
00:15:42  <Stablean> <thgergo> thanks
00:15:58  <Stablean> <thgergo> I think we need a third lane at the noment
00:16:16  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> thats part of what im working on
00:16:35  <Stablean> <thgergo> then ill start updating it on the other side
00:17:01  <Stablean> <Dixon:> make sure to have a penalty on splits at town drop
00:17:15  <Stablean> <Dixon:> or tains go though station
00:17:41  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> town is fucking stupid
00:24:12  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> be careful when demolishing water tiles
00:24:46  <Stablean> <thgergo> how much it costs it has been multipled?
00:24:52  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> yes
00:24:58  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> i think its 10 million a tile
00:25:05  <Stablean> <thgergo> oh indeed
00:25:13  <Stablean> <Dixon:> 8.9mil
00:25:30  <Stablean> <thgergo> sorry for that
00:25:44  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> np, just watch the costs
00:25:46  <Stablean> <Dixon:> its ok
00:25:56  <Stablean> <Dixon:> meech does it all the time :)
00:26:58  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> aww shit
00:27:25  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> look at sign Evil Shop
00:27:39  <Stablean> <thgergo> eat them treez
00:27:49  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> it cant be removed
00:27:59  <Stablean> <thgergo> even with a good rating?
00:28:07  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> its an industry
00:28:18  <Stablean> <thgergo> :(
00:30:04  <Stablean> <Dixon:> cya later
00:30:08  <Stablean> <thgergo> bye
00:30:10  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (leaving)
00:30:12  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Seeya
00:51:47  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> not sure how to finish off !this
00:52:37  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> not sure what you mean
00:52:43  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ill lety you do it
00:52:45  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> amd watcj
00:53:25  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> aaah gotcha
00:53:44  <Stablean> <thgergo> and do some PBS signals before the bridge
00:54:03  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> can that work with the PBS?
00:54:21  <Stablean> <thgergo> its intersecting :/
00:54:27  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ok
00:55:41  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> good work
01:00:48  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> bb
01:00:54  <Stablean> <thgergo> bye
01:04:25  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ok back
01:04:33  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> Havent I seen you in the PS ?
01:05:03  <Stablean> <thgergo> maybe many years ago
01:05:13  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> oh
01:05:19  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> well I do know you visit frequently
01:05:22  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> =D
01:05:25  <Stablean> <thgergo> :)
01:05:31  <Stablean> <thgergo> well rarely
01:06:13  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> aaah, maybe i have you confused then ;)
01:06:36  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> nbd
01:11:02  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> whoa, yellow jammed
01:11:16  <Stablean> <thgergo> :P
01:11:26  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #1
01:11:46  <Stablean> <thgergo> jam will unfold soon
01:11:52  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> well now it will
01:12:06  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> maybe
01:12:12  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined company #3
01:12:16  <Stablean> <thgergo> there is too low waiting space
01:12:22  <Stablean> <thgergo> for his steel pickup
01:12:24  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> yeah
01:12:39  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> not blue's problem =D
01:13:05  <Stablean> <thgergo> our factory goods pickup lacking any good train cache
01:13:27  <Stablean> <thgergo> i mean food pickup thats im working on
01:13:45  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> some of the primaries died
01:32:28  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> kinwood hates me
01:32:35  <Stablean> <thgergo> plant treez
01:32:41  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ive tried xD
01:32:55  <Stablean> <thgergo> demolish all trees around the town
01:32:58  <Stablean> <thgergo> then rebuild trees
01:33:08  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> lol
01:33:22  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> id kill everyone in the town if i could
02:07:25  <Stablean> *** Steven joined the game
02:07:28  <Stablean> <thgergo> hello
02:07:34  <Stablean> <Steven> hi
02:30:17  <Stablean> *** Steven has left the game (leaving)
02:31:10  <Stablean> <thgergo> are you doing something?
02:31:18  <Stablean> <thgergo> im going to leave soon
03:00:10  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> sorry, i had to eat and watch news
03:00:21  <Stablean> <thgergo> ok
03:00:31  <Stablean> <thgergo> il go soon
03:00:33  <Stablean> <thgergo> ill
03:00:35  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ok if you have to go, i will probabjy just spectate
03:00:37  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ok
03:00:40  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> np
03:00:42  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined spectators
03:00:51  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> ty for your help
03:00:54  <Stablean> <thgergo> :)
03:00:56  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has joined spectators
03:00:56  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
03:01:00  <Stablean> <thgergo> this was a good game
03:02:16  <Stablean> *** thgergo has left the game (leaving)
03:02:23  <Stablean> <Big_Meech> seeya
03:07:42  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has left the game (general timeout)
03:07:42  <Stablean> *** Big_Meech has left the game (connection lost)
03:16:37  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
03:52:13  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
03:53:17  <Stablean> *** Phillip has started a new company (#6)
03:53:19  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
03:55:42  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hey
03:55:58  <Stablean> <Phillip> hi
03:56:02  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you could play blue or yellow if yo uwant
03:56:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yellow is open IIRC
03:57:10  <Stablean> <Big Meech> or you can start your own comp any if you want =D
03:57:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> balloons are free
03:57:35  <Stablean> <Phillip> Yeah lol! I started with those!
03:57:45  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hehe
03:58:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> berkel had some balloons earlier, then he got rid of his airports and they all crashed
03:58:32  <Stablean> <Big Meech> made me laugh
03:58:47  <Stablean> <Phillip> Good times for you.
03:59:17  <Stablean> <Phillip> Look at loan. 2,300,000 dollars!
04:00:24  <Stablean> <Phillip> If only that newgrf creator  made balloons refittable.
04:00:58  <Stablean> <Phillip> Look at traffic at Great Cheninstone.
04:07:38  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yes, I noticed
04:07:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> the baloons go in circles
04:08:18  <Stablean> <Phillip> Now I built my oil rig passenger transporters there.
04:08:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ooooh
04:13:31  <Stablean> <Phillip> 14 balloons so far.
04:25:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> how are you phillip ?
04:25:24  <Stablean> <Phillip> Good.
04:25:48  <Stablean> <Phillip> In game, not so good. Income low.
04:26:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> need $ ?
04:26:21  <Stablean> <Phillip> Yeah.
04:26:32  <Stablean> <Phillip> See my income rate.
04:26:34  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #3
04:26:38  <Stablean> <Big Meech> how mcuh ?
04:27:04  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
04:27:06  <Stablean> <Phillip> Accepted 5,000,000 sir.
04:27:12  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yep
04:34:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol, yellows baloons are making like 400 a year
04:34:59  <Stablean> <Phillip> lol man!
04:35:53  <Stablean> <Phillip> I have a 0per year  balloon.
04:37:00  <Stablean> <Phillip> A 0+ per year balloon for me!
04:40:42  <Stablean> <Phillip> Yellow's first balloon was here since the introduction of balloons.
04:40:48  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
04:40:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ftw
04:41:56  <Stablean> <Phillip> That's dumb for his airports. There is a runway but it's not using it.
04:42:14  <Stablean> <Phillip> See you later Big Meech.
04:42:16  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
04:42:16  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
04:42:20  <Stablean> <Big Meech> later
06:40:13  <Stablean> *** DnZ-Ali joined the game
06:41:28  <Stablean> *** DnZ-Ali has left the game (leaving)
06:43:49  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
06:47:47  <Stablean> *** Khaos_Raider joined the game
06:47:55  <Stablean> <Khaos_Raider> just joined the welcome server
06:48:13  <Stablean> <Khaos_Raider> uhh, its paused......?
06:49:24  <Stablean> <Khaos_Raider> well then, are there any games currently running?
06:50:18  <Stablean> *** Khaos_Raider has left the game (leaving)
06:59:41  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (leaving)
07:26:40  *** Big_Meech has quit IRC
07:48:35  *** TWerkhoven[l] has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:00:08  *** Big_Meech has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:00:43  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Sylf
08:00:43  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v planetmaker
08:01:44  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
09:25:58  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
09:26:00  <Stablean> *** Berkel joined the game
09:27:20  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
09:27:26  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi meech
09:27:48  <Stablean> <Berkel> just have successfully installed my water pump in my garden :D
09:28:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> was badly necessary, poor plants in this hot weather :D
09:28:46  <Stablean> <Big Meech> now install a water pump on your car =P
09:35:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you're in Deutchland?
09:35:35  <Stablean> <Big Meech> its like not even summer yet xD
09:35:37  <Stablean> <Berkel> yep, northern bavaria, also known as Franconia
09:35:43  <Stablean> <Big Meech> cool
09:35:46  <Stablean> <Berkel> 27 degrees celsius here :D
09:35:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> near Denmark then?
09:35:57  <Stablean> <Berkel> no, south germany
09:36:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> near nuremberg
09:36:05  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh, my bad
09:36:15  <Stablean> <Big Meech> weird weather none the less
09:36:22  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hope you get some rain
09:36:28  <Stablean> <Berkel> too hot for this session, yes :D
09:36:34  <Stablean> <Berkel> no, NO RAIN pls :D
09:36:40  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh ok =P
09:36:40  <Stablean> *** Dixon: joined the game
09:36:45  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hey cutiepie
09:36:51  <Stablean> <Berkel> like this "summer weather", lol
09:36:58  <Stablean> <Dixon:> morning
09:37:01  <Stablean> <Big Meech> and again, its not even summer yet
09:37:05  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi dixon
09:37:24  <Stablean> <Dixon:> :)
09:37:26  <Stablean> <Berkel> doesnt matter if its spring or summer, just like the "summer time" :D
09:37:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i dont think 27 c is too bad
09:37:54  <Stablean> <Berkel> its just alright :D
09:38:01  <Stablean> <Berkel> for swimming in lakes, etc
09:38:32  <Stablean> <Big Meech> it was 27c here in march
09:38:38  <Stablean> <Big Meech> what a trip that was
09:38:42  <Stablean> <Berkel> or the "open air baths", dont know the English expression for "Freibad", lol
09:38:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> like for a whole week
09:39:04  <Stablean> <Big Meech> supposed to get back up there this week but its gonna be raining
09:39:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I prefer 15c to about 24c
09:39:40  <Stablean> <Berkel> fahrenheit or celsius, lol? :D
09:39:42  <Stablean> <Big Meech> anything below that is too cold for me
09:39:53  <Stablean> <Big Meech> im doing ceclius for you =D
09:40:03  <Stablean> <Big Meech> over 27 is almost too hot
09:40:05  <Stablean> <Berkel> ok ;)
09:40:07  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i dont like sweating
09:40:13  <Stablean> <Berkel> Fahrenheit 15 degrees would be DAMN cold :D
09:40:19  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh, totally
09:40:21  <Stablean> <Dixon:> back in half an hour
09:40:27  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hb Dixon
09:40:29  <Stablean> <Berkel> bye for now :P
09:40:31  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (leaving)
09:41:07  <Stablean> <Berkel> btw, nice "loops" you built in northern and southern company :)
09:41:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
09:41:31  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I wos only in 1 company
09:41:33  <Stablean> <Big Meech> xD
09:41:47  <Stablean> <Berkel> ok, then i mixed you up with chris / dixon, ... :D
09:42:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> the loop was dixons idea and iknow he stole it from northern island xD
09:42:21  <Stablean> <Berkel> hrhr
09:43:01  <V453000> !getsave
09:43:03  <Stablean> V453000: OK :-)
09:43:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> btw, WHY are here industries from different climates mixed together? fruit / rubber in temperate? oO
09:43:19  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
09:43:23  <Stablean> <V453000> lo
09:43:25  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi V
09:43:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I think that the settings maz copied were like that
09:43:32  <Stablean> <Big Meech> o/
09:43:54  <Stablean> <V453000> no that is just opengfx+ industries
09:43:54  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hows that new map coming?
09:44:22  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
09:44:26  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
09:44:33  <Stablean> <Big Meech> man of few words ;)
09:44:39  <Stablean> <Berkel> :D
09:44:55  <Stablean> <Berkel> of few words? of NO words :D
09:45:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> he said a few things
09:45:15  <Stablean> <Big Meech> mostly jibberish xD
09:45:17  <Stablean> <Berkel> oh i forgot, he said "hello" :D
09:45:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> indeed
09:45:39  <Stablean> <Big Meech> im gonna glue him down once day
09:45:41  <Stablean> <Berkel> how could I forgot that oO
09:46:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> pin him to his chair, lol
09:46:05  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I would need V906000 glue
09:46:11  <Stablean> <Berkel> :D
09:46:59  <V453000> !restart
09:46:59  <Stablean> Restart scheduled, will be initiated in next minute!
09:47:02  <Stablean> Scheduled quit for automated maintenance... will be back shortely
09:47:02  <Stablean> Thank you for playing 1.2.0.
09:47:10  <Stablean> Server has exited
09:47:11  *** Stablean has quit IRC
09:47:46  *** Stablean has joined #openttdcoop.stable
09:47:46  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop Welcome to OpenTTD Server | 1.2.0 | Admin channel (ask for op) | IF you prepare map, read | run !setdef after loading a new game"
09:47:47  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Stablean
09:48:13  <Stablean> V450000000000, now you can execute !-commands ;-)
09:48:21  <V453000> !rcon cd 3
09:48:23  <V453000> !rcon load 2
09:48:25  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
09:48:47  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
09:48:52  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oo
09:49:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ty for the map =D
09:51:44  <Stablean> *** {TWerkhoven[l]} joined the game
09:52:03  <Stablean> *** Berkel joined the game
09:52:06  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi hi
09:52:09  <Stablean> <Berkel> huch, new map :D
09:54:17  <Stablean> *** Berkel has started a new company (#2)
10:00:14  <Stablean> *** Berkel has joined spectators
10:00:14  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
10:00:49  <V453000> !auto
10:00:49  <Stablean> *** V453000 has enabled autopause mode.
10:00:50  <Stablean> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:01:03  <Stablean> *** Berkel has joined company #2
10:01:03  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:09:23  <Stablean> *** TWerkhoven[l] has left the game (leaving)
10:09:51  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
10:09:53  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi hi
10:10:00  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has started a new company (#1)
10:10:16  <Stablean> <Mazur> lo
10:11:10  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
10:13:33  <Stablean> *** Mks joined the game
10:13:56  <Mazur> !setdef
10:13:56  <Stablean> *** Mazur has disabled wait_for_pbs_path, wait_twoway_signal, wait_oneway_signal, ai_in_multiplayer; enabled no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns, extra_dynamite, mod_road_rebuild, forbid_90_deg, rail_firstred_twoway_eol and set path_backoff_interval to 1, train_acceleration_model to 1
10:16:17  <Stablean> *** Mks has started a new company (#3)
10:30:22  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
10:30:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi cutie
10:30:33  <Stablean> <V453000> hi.
10:30:49  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ;)
10:30:55  <Stablean> <V453000> Berkel do you know you can reverse the rear train?
10:31:00  <Stablean> *** Dixon: joined the game
10:31:03  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lo Dixon
10:31:09  <Stablean> <Berkel> nope
10:31:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> team blue needs you
10:31:15  <Stablean> <V453000> ctrl click it in the depot
10:31:41  <Stablean> <Mks> V any way to use same train for diffrent stations and only allow them to go there if the station is empty?
10:31:55  <Stablean> <Berkel> ahh, thx 4 the hint V :D
10:31:57  <Stablean> <V453000> sure, SRNW
10:32:00  <Stablean> <Berkel> looks nicer :D
10:32:10  <Stablean> <Mks> thats a network without orders?
10:32:12  <Stablean> <Dixon:> hi
10:32:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hai
10:32:25  <Stablean> <V453000> pretty much
10:35:15  <Stablean> <Mks> don't know how to build an SRNW  tho :)
10:36:17  <Stablean> <V453000> it isnt too hard but requires the network to be made for it
10:37:25  <Stablean> *** V453000 has started a new company (#4)
10:38:13  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has joined company #1
10:39:37  <Stablean> <Dixon:> caps
10:41:25  *** tycoondemon has quit IRC
10:42:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> OMG
10:42:09  <Stablean> <Berkel> CRASH so early -.-
10:42:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> get the murder out of the way early in game
10:42:28  *** tycoondemon has joined #openttdcoop.stable
10:46:41  <Stablean> <Berkel> V?
10:46:44  <Stablean> <V453000> no?
10:47:04  <Stablean> <Berkel> could you spare the oil wells near you? :D
10:47:10  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
10:47:12  <Stablean> <Berkel> thx
10:49:22  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
10:49:26  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
10:49:29  <Stablean> <Niko> hi
10:49:37  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi niko
10:51:46  *** TWerkhoven2[l] has joined #openttdcoop.stable
10:52:50  *** TWerkhoven has joined #openttdcoop.stable
10:58:39  *** TWerkhoven[l] has quit IRC
11:00:03  *** TWerkhoven2[l] has quit IRC
11:09:56  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (leaving)
11:14:05  <Stablean> <Big Meech> next cash is yours
11:15:19  <Stablean> <Dixon:> its ok you do it
11:15:46  <Stablean> <Dixon:> im on summet else now
11:26:13  <Stablean> <Dixon:> berkel is slowley pening us all in
11:26:23  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
11:26:30  <Stablean> <Berkel> thats not my intension :P
11:26:37  <Stablean> <Berkel> just collecting the oil wells :P
11:26:52  <Stablean> <Berkel> the circle is just a side-affect :P
11:26:54  <Stablean> <Big Meech> that Berkel will destroy us all =O
11:27:09  <Stablean> <Dixon:> is the map big enough for you?
11:27:17  <Stablean> <Berkel> ph34r t3h b3rKel ^^
11:27:19  <Stablean> <Berkel> lol
11:27:33  <Stablean> <Berkel> sure its big enough
11:27:35  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
11:27:37  <Stablean> <Berkel> i stick to oil
11:27:40  <Stablean> <Berkel> the rest is yours
11:29:42  <Stablean> <Big Meech> so does dreningpool and chuston nearby
11:39:37  <Stablean> <Dixon:> me too#
11:39:59  <Stablean> <Dixon:> thanks
11:43:12  <Stablean> *** thgergo joined the game
11:43:20  <Stablean> <thgergo> hello
11:43:23  <Stablean> <Dixon:> hi
11:43:25  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi
11:43:36  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
11:45:08  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#5)
11:45:17  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
11:45:29  <Mazur> !rcon move 50 255
11:45:29  <Mazur> "Player", when you play in a company, use a proper nick, you can set one with !name yourname in the textbox
11:45:31  <Stablean> <Big Meech> better change your name player
11:45:31  <Stablean> Mazur: ERROR: You cannot move someone to where he/she already is!
11:45:48  <Stablean> <Big Meech> try that again
11:46:07  <Stablean> *** Player has joined company #5
11:46:23  <Stablean> <Big Meech> retry !name
11:46:27  <Mazur> !rcon move 50 255
11:46:28  <Mazur> "Player", when you play in a company, use a proper nick, you can set one with !name yourname in the textbox
11:46:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> youre going to be auto moved again
11:46:31  <Stablean> Mazur: client_name 50 Baek
11:46:31  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Player has changed his/her name to Baek
11:46:33  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Baek has joined spectators
11:46:37  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok now  you can rejoin your company
11:46:39  <Stablean> *** Baek has started a new company (#5)
11:46:54  <Stablean> <Baek> ok thanks
11:47:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> np
11:48:17  <Stablean> *** thgergo has started a new company (#6)
11:49:22  <Stablean> <Berkel> pfff, 8 tile bridges :D
11:49:24  <Stablean> <Berkel> damn it :D
11:50:20  <Stablean> <Baek> wow
11:50:35  <Stablean> <Berkel> restart, Baek ;)
11:50:41  <Stablean> <Berkel> and dont bomb water :D
11:50:48  <Stablean> <Big Meech> no ships or air either
11:51:06  <Stablean> <Baek> i'm just  making flat land
11:51:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> dont do that
11:51:25  <Stablean> <Baek> ok
11:51:50  <Stablean> <Berkel> just found a new comp
11:51:50  <Stablean> *** Baek has joined spectators
11:51:52  <Stablean> <Big Meech> we dont like it when players level lots of land here
11:51:58  <Stablean> *** Baek has started a new company (#7)
11:53:20  <Stablean> <Dixon:> afk
11:53:26  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has joined spectators
11:57:42  <Stablean> <Baek> universal engine+wagon?
11:58:36  <Stablean> <thgergo> should I join someone like yesterday?
11:59:10  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you probably dont want to run the universal engine
11:59:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> would you like to join here ?
11:59:31  <Stablean> <thgergo> maybe:)
12:01:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok well just let me know if yo uwant to join
12:01:57  <Stablean> <thgergo> I would be happy for that:)
12:02:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol so yo uwould like to join ?
12:02:24  <Stablean> <thgergo> definetly
12:02:40  <Stablean> <thgergo> I dont wand to do a new system from scratch
12:02:43  <Stablean> <thgergo> ty
12:02:53  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined company #1
12:02:57  <Stablean> <Big Meech> me either
12:02:59  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined company #6
12:03:35  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined company #1
12:04:15  <Stablean> <thgergo> ok, just say what should I do
12:05:56  <Stablean> <thgergo> /team
12:06:11  <Stablean> <thgergo> team
12:06:17  <Stablean> <thgergo> team:
12:09:13  <Stablean> <thgergo> ok
12:15:45  <Stablean> <thgergo> that T22 station still on mediocre rating
12:16:05  <Stablean> <Berkel> then put in more trains :D
12:16:15  <Stablean> <thgergo> :D
12:16:57  <Stablean> <thgergo> all trains are identical doesnt it?
12:17:03  <Stablean> <thgergo> They got one shared order
12:17:41  <Stablean> <thgergo> you can simply ctrl click it then its cloned with shared orders
12:18:03  <Stablean> <thgergo> just clone witch is entering the station
12:18:29  <Stablean> <thgergo> you can list the trains
12:18:51  <Stablean> <thgergo> which has orders which belonging to that station
12:19:29  <Stablean> <thgergo> currently 18 trains have slondtown woods in its order list
12:20:55  <Stablean> <thgergo> ill expand the station cache
12:21:10  <Stablean> <Big Meech> station cache doesnt need to be bigger
12:21:16  <Stablean> <Big Meech> its cacheing both forests
12:21:25  *** Firestar has joined #openttdcoop.stable
12:21:39  <Stablean> <thgergo> not the cachment range, more lanes to have train buffer
12:22:05  <Stablean> <thgergo> if the production goes down
12:22:10  <Stablean> *** Firestar joined the game
12:22:11  <Stablean> <thgergo> hi
12:22:14  <Stablean> <Firestar> hi
12:24:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> fine I guess Firestar
12:25:09  *** Firestar has left #openttdcoop.stable
12:25:15  <Stablean> <Big Meech> probably
12:25:28  *** Firestar has joined #openttdcoop.stable
12:26:22  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has joined company #1
12:26:38  <Stablean> <Firestar> hi dixon
12:26:41  <Stablean> <thgergo> hello
12:26:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> firestar , you can tell me how much my network sucks in public too =D
12:27:06  <Stablean> <Berkel> ;D
12:27:12  <Stablean> <Firestar> your network sucks only here but not in public
12:27:28  <Stablean> <Big Meech> that is public xD
12:27:44  <Mazur> Beach: Your networks sucks straws through a nanosieve.
12:27:51  <Stablean> <Firestar> oh thought you meant public server
12:28:02  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
12:28:16  <Stablean> <Big Meech> my networks are the laughing stock of ottd
12:28:52  <Stablean> *** Mks has left the game (general timeout)
12:28:52  <Stablean> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
12:29:24  <Stablean> <Big Meech> aaah, didnt know the general was here
12:30:24  <Stablean> *** DnZ-Ali joined the game
12:30:28  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi Ali
12:30:34  <Stablean> <Berkel> hi
12:30:36  <Stablean> <DnZ-Ali> hi
12:30:55  <Stablean> <Firestar> hi
12:33:49  <Stablean> *** DnZ-Ali has left the game (leaving)
12:36:37  <Stablean> *** Firestar has left the game (leaving)
12:36:40  *** Firestar has quit IRC
12:37:09  <Stablean> <Dixon:> bye firestar
12:38:15  <Stablean> <Dixon:> oh he didnt even wave
12:38:19  <Stablean> <Dixon:> :)
12:39:52  <Stablean> *** Mks joined the game
12:42:03  <Stablean> *** Mks has left the game (general timeout)
12:42:03  <Stablean> *** Mks has left the game (connection lost)
12:43:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> V, is this the old version of nuts?
12:44:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> if not, goods flatbets are still gliched when empty
12:47:49  <Stablean> *** Baek has left the game (leaving)
12:48:35  <Stablean> <thgergo> well sorry Ill go afk
12:49:01  <Stablean> <Dixon:> bye
12:49:12  <Stablean> <Berkel> bye
12:49:23  <Stablean> <thgergo> im going to watch films
12:49:29  <Stablean> <thgergo> thanks for the invitation
12:49:39  <Stablean> *** thgergo has left the game (leaving)
12:55:06  <Stablean> <Big Meech> theres logs and paper there on the industry
12:55:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> so why is it lying to me
12:55:27  <Stablean> <Big Meech> xD
12:55:41  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I fale  at ottd
12:56:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> rpintworks closer
12:57:31  <Stablean> <Big Meech> make sure you get the right 1
12:57:37  <Stablean> <Dixon:> wont do it
12:57:57  <Stablean> <Berkel> you prefere the "wood - paper - goods" chain, dont you? :)
12:58:15  <Stablean> <Big Meech> no
12:58:22  <Stablean> <Big Meech> more like wood - paper - paper route
12:58:29  <Stablean> <Dixon:> i prefer to be on a small island undesturbed :)
12:58:35  <Stablean> <Berkel> :D
12:58:42  <Stablean> <Big Meech> south island
12:58:58  <Stablean> <Dixon:> any island
12:59:00  <Stablean> <Berkel> thats why i dont connect those two central oil wells :P
12:59:06  <Stablean> <Berkel> its your area ^^
12:59:12  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you should do it
12:59:19  <Stablean> <Big Meech> we could bitch how you are in the way
12:59:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I mean
12:59:38  <Stablean> <Big Meech> its not a game without berkel in the way =D
12:59:50  <Stablean> <Dixon:> lol
13:00:01  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ;)
13:00:15  <Stablean> <Berkel> havent taken a look on the overview map yet :D
13:00:21  <Stablean> <Berkel> omg :D
13:00:31  <Stablean> <Berkel> nearly circled you in :D
13:00:38  <Stablean> <Dixon:> yup
13:00:40  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ha
13:00:51  <Stablean> <Dixon:> off for food
13:00:54  <Stablean> <Berkel> and the goods-line isnt even built yet :D
13:01:24  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has joined spectators
13:01:40  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (leaving)
13:05:20  <Stablean> <Big Meech> bbl
13:05:26  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
13:09:43  <Stablean> *** Dixon: joined the game
13:09:58  <Stablean> <Big Meech> wb
13:10:13  <Stablean> <Dixon:> :)
13:10:30  <Stablean> <Dixon:> found a massive bag of crisps
13:10:48  <Stablean> <Big Meech> woo
13:20:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> got any prawn coctails, dixon?
13:22:45  <Stablean> <Dixon:> cheese and onion
13:22:57  <Stablean> <Dixon:> sorry m8 came to door
13:22:59  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ;)
13:23:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> no biggie
13:24:48  <Stablean> <Berkel> hmm
13:25:02  <Stablean> <Berkel> which engine for goods? medium, fast or strong?
13:25:33  <Stablean> <Dixon:> strong or double medium would be my choice
13:25:50  <Stablean> <Dixon:> for every thing
13:26:05  <Stablean> <Berkel> ok, double is a duty for 5 tile trains :D
13:26:11  <Stablean> <Berkel> so double strong
13:27:01  <Stablean> <Berkel> LOOOOOOOL :D
13:27:07  <Stablean> <Berkel> livestock is a liquid? oO
13:27:15  <Stablean> <Berkel> for the tank vagons, lol
13:27:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> it is when its pureed cows
13:27:25  <Stablean> <Berkel> :D
13:27:31  <Stablean> <Big Meech> pink slime
13:27:34  <Stablean> <Berkel> hehe
13:29:00  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has joined company #1
13:29:28  <Stablean> <Berkel> hmm, why are the container tiles in "secondary sector" greyed out?
13:30:06  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
13:30:27  <Stablean> <Big Meech> not sure what oyumean bekel
13:30:31  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
13:31:35  <Stablean> <Berkel> you cant build the containers from "ISR: secondary stations", they aren´t available, but why?
13:31:54  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
13:32:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> might not be invented yet
13:32:56  <Stablean> <Big Meech> or incomptable with all the grf's
13:32:56  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ?
13:33:02  <Stablean> <Berkel> hmm
13:33:10  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
13:33:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> or landscape possibly
13:33:20  <Stablean> <Berkel> didnt know that stations are to be invented too oO
13:37:10  <Stablean> *** Mks joined the game
13:37:36  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi MKS
13:37:56  <Stablean> <Mks> hello
13:38:23  <Stablean> <Mks> what company is yours?
13:38:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> me?
13:38:36  <Stablean> <Mks> yes
13:38:47  <Stablean> <Big Meech> All of them. I am big Boss
13:38:57  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
13:39:03  <Stablean> <Big Meech> actually blue
13:39:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> but im tired
13:39:45  <Stablean> <Mks> hehe
13:40:03  <Stablean> <Berkel> such high skyscrapers in 1936? oO
13:40:05  <Stablean> <Berkel> lol
13:40:41  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok bbl, bedtime
13:40:45  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i guess
13:40:49  <Stablean> <Berkel> gn8 :P
13:40:55  <Stablean> <Dixon:> nn
13:40:57  <Stablean> <Berkel> at 4:00 pm? oO
13:40:57  <Stablean> <Berkel> lol
13:41:16  <Stablean> <Berkel> or are you american? :D
13:41:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> dude, i dont live in germany xD
13:41:24  <Stablean> <Berkel> ok :D
13:41:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> its 9:40 am here, even worse for bedtime
13:41:40  <Stablean> <Berkel> then you may sleep, lol
13:42:00  <Stablean> <Berkel> allowance granted, go to bed, lol
13:42:06  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok thanks Dad
13:42:08  <Stablean> <Berkel> hrhr
13:42:43  <Stablean> <Dixon:> whos ya daddy
13:42:53  <Stablean> <Dixon:> berkel is
13:42:56  <Stablean> <Big Meech> Biggest Meech
13:52:03  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
13:52:43  <Stablean> *** Berkel has left the game (general timeout)
13:52:43  <Stablean> *** Berkel has left the game (connection lost)
13:54:52  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
14:00:31  <Stablean> *** Berkel joined the game
14:26:07  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (general timeout)
14:26:09  <Stablean> *** Dixon: has left the game (connection lost)
15:01:54  <Stablean> *** Berkel has joined spectators
15:04:30  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
15:07:54  *** Firestar has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:09:03  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
15:10:51  <Stablean> *** Berkel has left the game (leaving)
15:13:59  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
15:16:39  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (leaving)
15:25:15  <Stablean> *** Skom joined the game
15:25:26  <Stablean> <Skom> hi
15:25:29  <Stablean> *** Skom has started a new company (#5)
15:27:15  <Stablean> *** Skom has left the game (leaving)
15:53:25  <Stablean> *** Berkel joined the game
16:13:54  <Stablean> *** power600 joined the game
16:17:26  <Stablean> *** power600 has left the game (leaving)
16:24:25  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
16:25:40  <Stablean> *** Cameron has started a new company (#5)
17:15:03  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
18:19:01  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
18:20:32  <Stablean> *** SuperRaiderX joined the game
18:24:00  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
18:24:29  <Stablean> *** SuperRaiderX has left the game (leaving)
18:31:31  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
18:59:05  <Stablean> *** thgergo joined the game
18:59:10  <Stablean> <thgergo> welcome back
19:00:10  <Stablean> *** thgergo has joined company #1
19:13:53  <Stablean> *** BennyCZ joined the game
19:14:13  <Stablean> <BennyCZ> HI
19:19:16  <Stablean> *** BennyCZ has left the game (leaving)
19:22:34  <Stablean> *** thgergo has left the game (general timeout)
19:22:34  <Stablean> *** thgergo has left the game (connection lost)
19:32:29  *** Joosta has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:43:37  *** Joosta has quit IRC
19:55:21  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:58:35  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth joined the game
19:59:04  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> jo
20:02:50  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
20:07:55  <Stablean> *** Berkel has joined spectators
20:08:19  <Stablean> *** Berkel has left the game (leaving)
20:22:26  <Stablean> *** Skom joined the game
20:23:46  <Stablean> *** Skom has left the game (leaving)
20:54:38  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
20:59:52  <Stablean> *** SpaghettiOs joined the game
21:01:52  <Stablean> *** SpaghettiOs has left the game (leaving)
21:08:02  <Stablean> *** Skom joined the game
21:08:10  <Stablean> *** Skom has left the game (leaving)
21:13:33  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
21:21:00  <Stablean> *** Skom joined the game
21:21:31  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:23:13  <Stablean> *** Skom has started a new company (#6)
21:24:37  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (downloading map took too long)
21:24:37  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
21:31:58  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
21:36:11  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
21:39:18  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
21:44:58  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
21:45:14  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:45:14  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
21:55:22  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
21:55:37  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:55:37  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
21:56:49  <Stablean> *** Speedy has started a new company (#8)
21:56:52  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
21:57:07  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:57:08  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
21:58:46  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
21:59:02  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:59:02  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
21:59:28  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
21:59:44  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
21:59:44  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
22:00:46  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
22:01:02  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:01:02  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
22:02:47  <Stablean> *** Vuyt22 has started a new company (#8)
22:02:50  <Stablean> *** Vuyt22 joined the game
22:03:32  <Stablean> *** Speedy joined the game
22:03:47  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:03:47  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
22:18:38  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (general timeout)
22:18:38  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
22:28:50  <Stablean> *** Blay joined the game
22:35:54  <Stablean> *** Blay has started a new company (#9)
22:39:03  <Stablean> *** Mks has left the game (leaving)
22:52:47  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
22:53:07  <Stablean> *** Player has changed his/her name to Hyord
22:54:13  <Stablean> *** Hyord has joined company #7
22:55:02  <Stablean> *** Vuyt22 has left the game (leaving)
22:55:04  <Stablean> *** Hyord has left the game (leaving)
23:10:46  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (processing map took too long)
23:10:46  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:11:26  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (processing map took too long)
23:11:26  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:12:33  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
23:12:53  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (general timeout)
23:12:53  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:13:19  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
23:14:07  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (general timeout)
23:14:07  <Stablean> *** Cameron has left the game (connection lost)
23:14:55  <Stablean> *** Cameron joined the game
23:15:15  <Stablean> *** Cameron has joined company #5
23:20:43  <Stablean> *** Cameron has joined spectators
23:24:51  <Stablean> *** Cameron has joined company #5
23:29:54  <Stablean> *** R3D24 joined the game
23:30:38  <Stablean> *** R3D24 has started a new company (#10)
23:31:14  <Stablean> *** R3D24 has left the game (leaving)
23:39:06  <Stablean> *** Skom has left the game (general timeout)
23:39:06  <Stablean> *** Skom has left the game (connection lost)
23:42:11  <Stablean> *** Skom joined the game

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