Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 7th May 2014:
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00:36:35  <coopserver> *** Niko has left the game (Leaving)
01:24:56  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
01:25:03  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has joined
01:25:04  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
01:25:17  <coopserver> <Yugi_D> hi happy
01:26:02  <coopserver> *** Yugi_D has left the game (Leaving)
01:58:48  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
01:58:48  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
01:59:11  *** happy has left #openttdcoop.stable
02:00:34  *** AlphaSC has quit IRC
02:01:02  *** AlphaSC has joined #openttdcoop.stable
02:05:38  *** Ammler has quit IRC
03:02:59  *** Anson has quit IRC
03:03:16  *** Anson has joined #openttdcoop.stable
04:38:33  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
04:38:38  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has joined
04:38:38  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
04:40:54  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has left the game (Leaving)
04:41:15  *** AlphaSC has quit IRC
05:49:05  *** Djanxy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:13:58  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:21:19  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
08:21:42  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
08:29:45  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
10:07:53  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
10:07:57  <coopserver> *** Niko has joined
10:07:57  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
10:07:57  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:34:30  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
10:34:42  <coopserver> *** Finger has joined
10:34:42  <coopserver> *** Finger has started a new company #6
10:34:42  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
10:42:14  <coopserver> *** Finger has left the game (Leaving)
10:42:55  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
10:43:04  <coopserver> *** Finger has joined
10:43:05  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
10:43:28  <coopserver> *** Finger has joined spectators
10:43:33  <coopserver> *** Finger has started a new company #7
10:48:39  <coopserver> *** Finger has joined spectators
10:49:12  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
10:49:15  <coopserver> *** nik has joined
10:49:15  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
10:49:33  <coopserver> *** Finger has started a new company #6
10:51:15  <coopserver> *** Finger has left the game (Leaving)
10:58:48  *** happy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
10:59:33  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
11:00:06  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
11:00:12  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined
11:00:12  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
11:00:26  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
11:02:32  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
11:16:22  <coopserver> *** Niko has left the game (Leaving)
11:23:50  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
11:24:13  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
11:29:29  *** Djanxy has quit IRC
11:32:15  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
11:37:33  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
11:37:39  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined
11:37:39  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
11:38:06  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
11:38:14  <coopserver> <nik> hello:)
11:38:16  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi
11:45:35  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> if  u  doo petor   to your   machine  shop  u can   doo   farm  and   emgimeering  supplies
11:45:38  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nik:
11:47:55  <coopserver> <nik> thanks
11:48:06  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
11:57:06  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
11:57:29  <coopserver> *** RTM has joined
11:57:34  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi RTM
11:57:43  <coopserver> <nik> hi
11:57:45  <coopserver> *** RTM has left the game (Leaving)
11:57:45  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
12:15:23  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nik:      train  15
12:15:41  <coopserver> <nik> whoops
12:32:35  <coopserver> *** nik has changed his/her name to nik[AFK]
12:52:49  <Anson> hallo
12:53:04  <happy> hi
12:53:21  <Anson> does anybody use mint?
12:53:34  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop
12:53:59  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i  dont nno  whont that is
12:54:27  <Anson> version of ubuntu
12:54:56  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop  i  dont    have that
13:05:00  <Anson> just installed it and already succeeded in wiping my fresh windows install by selecting "use linux alongside other os / multiboot"... and also crashed the display of the clock :-)
13:05:38  <happy> k
13:09:15  <coopserver> *** nik[AFK] has left the game (general timeout)
13:20:37  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
13:20:44  <coopserver> *** 3298 has joined
13:20:44  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
13:21:08  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi
13:51:42  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
13:51:42  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
14:00:42  <coopserver> *** 3298 has left the game (Leaving)
14:15:02  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
14:15:05  <coopserver> *** Berkel has joined
14:15:05  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
14:18:18  <coopserver> *** Berkel has started a new company #6
14:18:18  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
14:28:21  *** Maraxus has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:28:21  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Maraxus
14:38:47  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
14:38:53  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined
14:38:53  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
14:42:31  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
14:42:36  <coopserver> <Berkel> Hi happy
14:42:46  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi  Berkel
14:42:57  <coopserver> <Berkel> founded the "happy bauxite company" lol :D
14:43:12  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> looks  nice
14:43:26  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
14:43:29  <coopserver> <Berkel> oO
14:43:31  <coopserver> <Berkel> Thanks :D
14:43:34  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
14:44:33  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> u dont   have to  pay me back i get it back from my oil  trains
14:44:42  <coopserver> <Berkel> I see
14:53:02  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
14:53:08  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has joined
14:53:08  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
14:53:15  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi  [FR]Syl59
14:53:20  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how things
14:53:25  <coopserver> <[FR]Syl59> o|
14:53:31  <coopserver> <[FR]Syl59> Hey Happy :) good, you ?
14:53:37  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> good
14:54:00  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> fill  free  to join  my  oil    company  at eney time
14:54:09  <coopserver> <[FR]Syl59> No rpoblem Happy :)
14:54:26  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
14:54:36  <coopserver> *** Berkel has left the game (Leaving)
14:54:36  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
14:55:03  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> it  just  need   sume  slh  or  sume thin like thst
14:55:21  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> but no train q  yet
15:00:10  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
15:00:10  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:01:34  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:07:07  *** Brumi has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:15:13  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:15:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
15:21:17  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
15:21:18  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:25:53  <coopserver> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (Leaving)
15:36:29  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
15:53:17  *** KrunchyAl has joined #openttdcoop.stable
15:54:22  *** KrunchyAl has quit IRC
15:57:14  *** Brumi has quit IRC
16:33:50  *** Guest9755 is now known as Jam35
16:35:25  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Jam35
16:35:41  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
16:35:55  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined
16:35:55  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
16:35:55  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:36:06  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hey  jam
16:36:10  <coopserver> <Jam35> hi
16:36:10  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how  things
16:36:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> good u
16:36:25  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> good
16:37:34  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> jam    i   try to   mad a slh   at my sign  slh  or  sume thin at this
16:38:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> yes
16:39:30  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i no  its  not the best  slh u see  but  i not shor   whont slh will werk
16:40:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> all the connections are there
16:40:37  <coopserver> <Jam35> it works
16:40:47  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
16:41:00  <coopserver> <Jam35> so everything is not perfect but works
16:41:10  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> yep
16:41:55  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> and i  try to  doo a bbh at my sin say happy  bbh  /01
16:42:54  <coopserver> <Jam35> same
16:43:00  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
16:43:31  <coopserver> <Jam35> you give choice and stuff
16:43:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> is good
16:43:49  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> thats  good
16:45:56  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> can help  me whive won  thin  i need  to  chang  the supplies train  to  transfer  and  i need to doo  a train  to  take it
16:47:05  <coopserver> <Jam35> don't know what you mean
16:47:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> you have supplies trains
16:47:21  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> yes
16:47:29  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> but  see  train  140
16:48:26  <coopserver> <Jam35> ok
16:48:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> well the capacity is 24
16:48:51  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how  doo  u doo  the train    orders
16:48:55  <coopserver> <Jam35> the industry wants 21 in 3 months for double
16:49:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> or 84 for x4
16:49:13  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
16:49:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> so make the capacity greater than 84? (TL2) or not
16:49:47  <coopserver> <Jam35> and timetable it
16:50:03  <coopserver> <Jam35> wait say 80 or 85 days
16:50:14  <coopserver> <Jam35> wait at pick 80 days
16:50:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> go to drop
16:50:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> easy
16:50:31  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
16:50:42  <coopserver> <Jam35> 80 days being within 3 month period
16:50:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> 3 months = maybe 90 days
16:51:10  <coopserver> <Jam35> so less than that is guaranteed to have delivered
16:51:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> sort of
16:51:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> :)
16:51:33  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> like that
16:51:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> no you have travel for 80 days
16:52:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> click the Flunnway Heights
16:52:14  <coopserver> <Jam35> change time
16:52:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> 80
16:52:30  <coopserver> <Jam35> yep
16:52:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> got it?
16:53:10  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> and  80  days  at the  pick up
16:53:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> no
16:53:22  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
16:53:25  <coopserver> <Jam35> just go back and load again
16:53:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> 80 at pick up
16:53:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> drop
16:53:45  <coopserver> <Jam35> go straight back
17:02:23  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k  i think  thats  all  ov  the  supplies  trains  dun
17:02:51  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:02:59  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has joined
17:02:59  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:03:03  <coopserver> <Jam35> good
17:03:10  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hey  AlphaSC
17:03:17  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> hi
17:03:21  <coopserver> <Jam35> hi
17:03:40  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how  things  AlphaSC
17:04:15  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> happy, 2 bridges at bbh and 1 tunnel at slh are not sync
17:04:25  <V453000> !dl win64
17:04:25  <coopserver> V453000:
17:04:29  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> both tunnel at slh actually
17:04:36  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
17:04:56  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i  redoing the  orders  on the  supplies
17:08:17  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
17:08:22  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
17:08:22  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
17:08:26  <coopserver> <V453000> yeti ambush
17:08:28  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi v
17:09:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> yeti's smell
17:09:39  <coopserver> <V453000> noway
17:09:59  <coopserver> <Jam35> noway they could ambush anyone
17:10:21  <coopserver> <V453000> :D
17:10:23  <coopserver> <V453000> point
17:13:09  <V453000> :)
17:13:33  <happy> nice  v
17:13:34  <V453000> atm a factory which just sends cars over a belt :D
17:13:42  <V453000> without doing anything to them :D
17:13:56  <V453000> ... which will change soon but yeah :) got the beginning and end of the animation now
17:15:38  <V453000> the vehicle skeleton is at the beginning and wheels/steering wheel, bumpers, lights, engine, trunk, seats and the ID plate is being added on :)
17:18:58  <V453000> &me iz off
17:18:59  <V453000> cyaz
17:19:09  <coopserver> <Jam35> bbb
17:20:01  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> AlphaSC:   wich  brige  was u loking at
17:20:38  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> there are only 2 bridges at bbh01
17:20:46  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> the one which crosses the ml
17:21:06  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> and only 2 tunnels at slh supplies, they also not sync
17:21:19  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> yes
17:21:23  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> this won
17:21:30  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> and the one next to it
17:21:31  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k
17:21:44  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (Leaving)
17:22:35  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has started a new company #7
17:23:50  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> ar
17:23:52  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> woops
17:24:04  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> hehe
17:24:09  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> need  mor
17:24:47  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> need  mor muney  AlphaSC
17:25:03  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> i ve 800.000
17:25:12  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> guess more dont hurt :P
17:25:27  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> thx, that works
17:25:32  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> have  fun
17:25:39  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> no need to pay me back
17:25:57  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> ok, thx
17:26:16  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i get  it  back by my  oil  trains#
17:28:55  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
17:29:19  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> k  i am going wate  for  a bit then i  am going to  fund mor  oil  wells
17:40:08  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i for  u was going doo  a drop of  at     pruing  well  ridge  port  AlphaSC
17:41:45  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> chek yourt  train  cargo  AlphaSC
17:41:51  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> oh shit
17:41:56  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> be  back   later
17:41:56  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> i always forget haha
17:41:58  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> thc
17:42:01  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
18:02:04  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:02:06  <coopserver> *** Berkel has joined
18:02:06  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:09:45  *** Maraxus_ has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:10:04  *** Maraxus_ has quit IRC
18:16:51  <Anson> hallo
18:16:53  <coopserver> <Berkel> hi
18:16:53  <Anson> happy & jam: you probably need shorter intervals
18:17:16  *** Maraxus has quit IRC
18:17:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> I don;t have any
18:18:37  <Anson> i read that for "deliver xx in 3 months" the calculation uses the current month and the two previous months
18:18:54  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> 80 days is prefect
18:19:14  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> he just need trains that can load the amount the production eeds
18:19:43  <Anson> if you deliver every80 days, what will happen during the first 20 days of the third month?
18:20:13  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> 3 month 90 days?
18:21:35  <Anson> assume one delivery at the end of one month. that is good for the current and the next two. but the third month will have some days with too little supplies
18:22:01  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> you can join the actual prozonegame
18:22:12  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> works prefectly with 80 days ;)
18:22:17  <coopserver> <Jam35> one delivery in a 3 month period is fine
18:22:41  <coopserver> *** Berkel has left the game (Leaving)
18:22:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> excess daysjust move it along a bit each quarter
18:22:52  <coopserver> <Jam35> no need for such precision
18:23:07  <Anson> the calculation is NOT "every 90 days" but it looks at the sum of deliveries in the current and the previous two months
18:23:30  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> we set 80 days and it works :)
18:23:39  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> dont know what your point is
18:23:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> I do
18:24:00  <Anson> and that is 59-92 days
18:24:02  <coopserver> <Jam35> but
18:24:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> it can't be done that precisely
18:24:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> without a lot of logic
18:24:46  <coopserver> <Jam35> approx days is fine
18:25:42  <coopserver> <Jam35> yeah, make some february logic counter
18:26:17  <Anson> watch the start of the month when you deliver... production will drop between the first day of the month and the delivery
18:28:35  <Anson> if you have enough supplies, try 60 days to reduce that decrease in production to 0 or at most very few days instead of up to 30 days when you deliver every 90
18:30:40  <Anson> you also can deliver 42 every 45 days instead of 84 every 90... thus you never(!) drop to normal production but stay at least at double
18:31:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> happy probably needs 3 trips per quarter
18:31:22  <coopserver> <Jam35> with 24 capacity
18:31:35  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> that what i said 20 minutes ago
18:31:45  <coopserver> <Jam35> or make his trains TL2
18:31:50  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> in prozone game
18:31:54  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> with 80 days timer
18:31:57  <coopserver> <Jam35> I told him before you joined
18:32:06  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> we almost never drop under quadra
18:32:09  <coopserver> <Jam35> and
18:32:13  *** Djanxy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
18:32:19  <coopserver> <Jam35> as Anson says is does drop for a few days
18:32:22  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> if we unlucky we drop to double for like some days
18:32:27  <coopserver> <Jam35> but
18:32:36  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> no not awalys
18:32:45  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> i checked it all the time
18:32:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> just sat here and watched it happen
18:32:52  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> like 2 out 20
18:32:56  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> drop to double
18:33:25  <coopserver> <Jam35> idc it's happy network anyway
18:33:30  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> y
18:33:32  <coopserver> <Jam35> you get hime to sort it
18:33:44  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> in proizoneg ame, as i said, works prefectly
18:34:08  <Anson> depending on the day of the month when you deliver a full 90day load, you can have a drop between 1 and 30 days
18:34:30  <coopserver> <Jam35> A
18:34:42  <coopserver> <Jam35> he's right but it is pretty minor
18:35:34  <coopserver> <Jam35> I ain;t fixing it
18:36:51  <Anson> worst case would be 2 months quad and almost 1 month single... average of 9/12=75%
18:37:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> idc
18:42:59  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has left the game (Leaving)
18:50:41  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
18:50:46  <coopserver> *** RexConnors has joined
18:50:46  <coopserver> *** RexConnors has started a new company #8
18:50:47  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
18:51:13  <coopserver> <RexConnors> these maps dont have enough islands
18:51:37  <coopserver> <RexConnors> happy's company takes up half the map
18:51:57  <coopserver> <RexConnors> Jam
18:52:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> you are spoilt too often
18:52:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> you make a map like that
18:52:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> it's a lot of work ;)
18:52:50  <coopserver> <RexConnors> i did make a map
18:53:02  <coopserver> <RexConnors> but it didnt have the right grf file, i had double nuts
18:53:05  <coopserver> <RexConnors> lol
18:53:18  <coopserver> <Jam35> easily fixed :)
18:53:21  <coopserver> <RexConnors> and i made sure there was enough islands for 15 companys
18:53:32  <coopserver> <RexConnors> but here there is only like 6 islands
18:53:55  <coopserver> <RexConnors> and since only one company per island
18:53:58  <coopserver> <RexConnors> i cant build
18:54:02  <Anson> and happy networks are often built by 4 or more people... who don't use a company or island for each
18:54:10  <coopserver> <RexConnors> true
18:54:32  <coopserver> <RexConnors> but thats not the problem xD the problem is there is not enough islands for everycompany to have one
18:54:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> we rarely have 15 companies
18:54:56  <coopserver> <Jam35> and if there are 10 or more
18:55:11  <coopserver> <Jam35> a few will have a single line
18:55:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> then never build again
18:55:22  <coopserver> <RexConnors> exactly
18:55:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> build on this island if you like
18:55:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> actually coop?
18:55:58  <coopserver> <Jam35> pw is same as happy's
18:56:05  <coopserver> <RexConnors> idk happy's
18:56:06  <coopserver> <Jam35> that is samsung1
18:57:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> you can help me correct my trains
18:57:24  <coopserver> <RexConnors> whats wrong with them
18:57:28  <coopserver> <Jam35> TL 3.5 :)
18:57:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> should be 4
18:58:09  <coopserver> <Jam35> just catching the petrol ones now
19:05:36  <coopserver> <Jam35> right
19:05:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> afk for a bit
19:05:42  <coopserver> <RexConnors> k
19:05:45  <coopserver> <Jam35> join if u like
19:05:50  <coopserver> <Jam35> don;t be scared :)
19:05:53  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
19:05:55  <coopserver> <RexConnors> imma try to make a small pass company
19:06:00  <coopserver> <RexConnors> that makes big
19:06:03  <coopserver> <RexConnors> moola
19:06:57  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> het
19:07:00  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hey
19:07:02  <coopserver> <RexConnors> hey
19:08:07  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how  things going
19:08:15  <coopserver> <RexConnors> good, just turned 18 today
19:08:38  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nice
19:08:52  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> like  my  oil  drop
19:09:14  <coopserver> <RexConnors> pretty big
19:09:19  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> yep
19:09:33  <coopserver> <RexConnors> dont oil wells die off
19:09:45  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i  am  going to  ade  mor oil  wells
19:09:47  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop#
19:10:01  <coopserver> <RexConnors> hey happy
19:10:05  <coopserver> <RexConnors> at dranwell south
19:10:08  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> if  u doo  supplies  then oil  wells  we stay
19:10:17  <coopserver> <RexConnors> what is the point of train 149
19:10:40  <coopserver> <RexConnors> you have a train like that at every station
19:10:48  <coopserver> <RexConnors> what do they do
19:11:39  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> ther  was  lot  ov  oil  when i dun the  supplies
19:11:58  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> so  i ade mor  trains
19:12:11  <coopserver> <RexConnors> but the train just goes back and forth
19:12:20  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
19:13:14  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> train  149    is  to  kepp the suplies  going in the oil  well
19:15:30  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> woops
19:16:01  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> i  had  my  petol  trains on transfer
19:16:03  <Anson> delivering exactly the needed amount of supplies is difficult when you have a long distance... one method to do it is to TRANSFER supplies with long trains and then do delivery with timetables
19:16:27  <coopserver> <RexConnors> ah
19:16:27  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hey  anson
19:16:59  <Anson> thus the small train which mostly sits and waits
19:17:28  <Anson> and happy birthday rex
19:17:47  <coopserver> <RexConnors> thanks man
19:18:20  <happy> yer  happy birthday
19:19:34  <Anson> quite strange that you already are allowed to drive for 2 years but it will take 3 more years until you are allowed to have some beer. or a glass of something else to drink on your celebration....
19:20:00  <coopserver> <RexConnors> All i need is Dr. Pepper son
19:21:21  <Anson> over here, you would be allowed to drink beer for 2 years already. and from today on als drive and drink stronger things.... although not at the same time :-)
19:21:39  <coopserver> <RexConnors> so you can drink before you can drive?
19:21:50  <Anson> yes
19:21:53  <coopserver> <RexConnors> someone should give me some money
19:22:00  <coopserver> <RexConnors> cuz i dont like loans
19:22:29  <coopserver> <RexConnors> yay
19:22:31  <Anson> everything allowed at 18. and week alcoholic drinks like beer at 16
19:22:37  <coopserver> <RexConnors> ty
19:22:39  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
19:23:00  <coopserver> <RexConnors> do you need a permit there?
19:23:05  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> u dont have to pay me backi get it back by  my oil  trains
19:23:20  <coopserver> <RexConnors> "i dont like loans"
19:23:33  <coopserver> <RexConnors> wasnt going to pay anyone back xD lol thanks for the gift happs
19:23:44  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
19:23:44  <Anson> maybe that is why most people here handle alcohol better than those springbreakers
19:24:04  <coopserver> <RexConnors> ok springbreakers are stressed college kids idk
19:24:09  <coopserver> <RexConnors> those people are dumb
19:24:42  <coopserver> <RexConnors> lol
19:24:58  <coopserver> <RexConnors> u want to buy airplane? ok 30000000 a year for running cost
19:25:36  <Anson> they never can drink and learn to drink with limits... and when the are away from home they drink in one week what they missed in th entire year
19:26:07  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:26:10  <coopserver> *** nik[AFK] has joined
19:26:10  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:26:14  <coopserver> <RexConnors> lol well actually they drink the entire year probs
19:26:19  <coopserver> *** nik[AFK] has changed his/her name to nik
19:26:22  <coopserver> <RexConnors> and just drink a lot when they are there
19:26:34  <coopserver> <RexConnors> idk i am not in college
19:27:43  <coopserver> <RexConnors> dont judge the many by the actions of a few
19:27:49  <coopserver> <RexConnors> thats communism xD
19:27:56  <coopserver> <RexConnors> well
19:28:07  <coopserver> <RexConnors> atleast the nkorean version
19:30:58  <Anson> how do you call that age when you are allowed to sign contracts etc?
19:31:06  <coopserver> <RexConnors> 18
19:31:14  <coopserver> <RexConnors> minor to adult
19:31:27  <coopserver> <RexConnors> when you become your own legal guardian
19:31:33  <coopserver> <RexConnors> which for me is today
19:31:37  <Anson> in germany it is Volljährigkeit
19:31:49  <coopserver> <RexConnors> thats a mouth full
19:32:30  <Anson> for me it was when i alread was 18 for several months
19:32:49  <Anson> it was on 1 jan :-)
19:33:18  <coopserver> <RexConnors> they just update every year on jan 1st?
19:33:27  <Anson> now you have all data to calculate how old i am :-)
19:33:29  <coopserver> <RexConnors> even if youre 18 in like nov
19:33:50  <Anson> no. the law changed on1 jan
19:33:56  <coopserver> <RexConnors> oh
19:34:04  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:34:11  <Anson> when i became 18. that age was21
19:34:11  <coopserver> *** Sylf has joined
19:34:12  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:34:20  <coopserver> <RexConnors> now it's 18?
19:34:53  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hey  Sylf
19:34:53  <coopserver> *** Sylf has joined company #3
19:34:58  <coopserver> <Sylf> hi
19:34:59  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi  nik
19:35:06  <coopserver> <nik> hi:)
19:35:21  <Anson> at that time it was beer at 16. whiskey and driving at 18. and signing contracts at 21
19:35:37  <coopserver> <RexConnors> ah
19:36:09  <Jam35> 65?
19:37:00  <Anson> flip the digits
19:37:18  <Jam35> ooh so close
19:37:29  <Jam35> still a nipper
19:37:33  <Jam35> as they say here
19:38:01  <coopserver> <RexConnors> You guys are old
19:38:08  <Taede> :p
19:38:10  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> jam  u got   a train jam
19:38:15  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
19:38:17  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #2
19:38:22  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #2
19:38:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> okay...
19:38:43  <coopserver> <Jam35> ty
19:38:45  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
19:38:46  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
19:38:52  <coopserver> <RexConnors> are you old too happy
19:38:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> missing signal
19:39:06  <coopserver> <Jam35> you are old now rex
19:39:12  <coopserver> <Jam35> one day closer to death
19:39:23  <coopserver> <RexConnors> every day i am older
19:39:25  <coopserver> <RexConnors> son
19:39:34  <coopserver> <Jam35> you dont say :p
19:39:35  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> sorry  rex  thats my  rule  i am not say it
19:39:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> say it
19:39:44  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> np
19:39:48  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop[
19:40:08  <Taede> !dl lin64
19:40:08  <coopserver> Taede:
19:40:09  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> soory  i have  rule  i mad up
19:40:28  <Anson> hallo. taede
19:40:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> no one can use that info
19:40:35  <Taede> evenink
19:40:35  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined company #1
19:40:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> who cares
19:40:53  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> rue
19:40:56  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> true
19:41:04  <coopserver> <Jam35> unless happy tran sport is your real name
19:41:32  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop   this  is not my  real  name
19:41:50  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:41:56  <coopserver> *** Taede[L] has joined
19:41:56  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:42:03  <coopserver> <RexConnors> I bet his real name is
19:42:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> when is your birthday?
19:42:08  <coopserver> <RexConnors> Transport Happy
19:42:09  <Anson> murphy had a few strikes at me... copying/backup took a while.  in the end it was 4 tb
19:42:22  <Taede> sounds fun
19:42:25  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop    rex  u ar rone
19:42:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> John?
19:42:38  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> tnop
19:42:40  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop
19:42:45  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> not saying
19:42:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> Susan?
19:42:57  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> nop
19:43:01  <Taede> lol
19:43:08  <Anson> finished friday and then found that my dvd drive didn't work.... how to install windows and linux without it
19:43:21  <Taede> usb drive?
19:43:50  * Taede doesnt burn install cd's anymore, unless the item in question cannot boot from usb
19:43:55  *** AlphaSC has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:44:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
19:44:19  <Anson> an original windows dvd needs a drive
19:44:22  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has joined
19:44:22  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
19:44:50  <happy> anson   u can   dowload  windows and linux   whive out   it
19:44:52  <Anson> there are utilities to create a stick from it but that also needs a drive
19:44:55  <Taede> as long as you have a working windows machine, you can create a usb windows install disk
19:45:02  <Taede> just a bit more work than for linux
19:45:02  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> wb  AlphaSC
19:45:14  <Taede> image + virtual drive
19:45:46  <Anson> i ruined my windows while doing backuup
19:45:51  <Taede> ouch
19:46:03  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> yep
19:46:27  <Anson> i still had an old vista on some drive and deleted it
19:47:03  <coopserver> *** Sylf has left the game (Leaving)
19:47:08  <Taede> and it took your working setup with it?
19:47:16  <Anson> and since windows uses some hardlinks, i deleted part of my win7 instead
19:49:54  <Anson> did you know that windows uses such hardlinks to systemfiles on drive c?
19:50:49  <Taede> i know you shouldnt mess with the system partition, but i've never had windows installed on d: so i wouldn;t know
19:51:41  <Anson> today i installed win7... 30 min only. but will take a while to configure it and instaal other software
19:52:32  <Anson> then mint... 10 min only. but needs configuration too. and it modified my windows.....
19:52:50  <Taede> it should leave windows alone, apart maybe from the bootloader
19:54:10  <Anson> first question on install "do you want multiboot" and after saying yes it asks me how much space for files and how much for mint...
19:55:18  <Anson> no option to select a disk (i had three available: the windows and two empty)
19:55:24  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> be back  later  got  a war game to play
19:55:32  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined spectators
19:55:38  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has left the game (Leaving)
19:55:40  <Taede> weird
19:55:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> war huh?
19:56:05  <Taede> take it they were all connected directly, no raid controllers or anything
19:56:33  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
19:56:34  <coopserver> <RexConnors> jam
19:56:35  *** ODM has quit IRC
19:56:41  <coopserver> <Jam35> y
19:56:48  <coopserver> <RexConnors> pls explain to me how i raise the production of my Port
19:56:51  <coopserver> <Jam35> or where?
19:56:52  <coopserver> <RexConnors> what cargo do i bring
19:56:58  <coopserver> <Jam35> it tells you
19:57:04  <Anson> i have to check it. but i think that mint shrank the windows partition (thats what was called files) and installed mint in the new free space
19:57:09  <coopserver> <RexConnors> just says 56 units of cargo
19:57:10  <happy> yer  jam  a  war game     k  woch  out be cours i  am  cuming to  get u
19:57:13  *** happy has left #openttdcoop.stable
19:57:15  <coopserver> <RexConnors> doesnt say which cargo
19:57:25  <coopserver> <Jam35> which?
19:57:40  <coopserver> <RexConnors> what cargo do i bring to it
19:57:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> which port says 56 whatever?
19:58:11  <coopserver> <RexConnors> Henborough Bay Port
19:58:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> mine says food,bauxite,fruit
19:58:19  <coopserver> <RexConnors> oh
19:58:24  <coopserver> <Jam35> 224 units in 3 months
19:58:25  <coopserver> <RexConnors> so i have to bring those
19:58:38  <coopserver> <RexConnors> never played with this grf before
19:58:44  <Anson> all 3 plus the dvd are sata on the mainboard
19:59:13  <coopserver> <Jam35> ah you have additional info
19:59:21  <coopserver> <Jam35> cos mine is already 'gung ho'
19:59:28  *** happy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:59:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> 56 units for double production of any of above
19:59:43  <coopserver> <RexConnors> So do i just need 56 cargo of food or do i need food, buxite and fruit?
19:59:46  <coopserver> <RexConnors> oh ok
19:59:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> or 224 for 4x
20:00:07  <coopserver> <Jam35> any combination or just one
20:00:13  <coopserver> <Jam35> yeah that got me too at forst
20:00:16  <coopserver> <Jam35> *first
20:00:17  <coopserver> *** Taede[L] has left the game (Leaving)
20:00:31  <Anson> now i have mint. but problems to find windows... and it seems boot sequence was messed up too... maybe i did that myself
20:01:45  <Anson> biggest problem. i have no idea how many partitions i have now. where they are and for what they are used
20:02:23  <coopserver> <RexConnors> #firstworldprobs
20:03:00  <Anson> will have to install again now... win7. then mint. then configure everything
20:03:05  <Taede> Anson, install gparted, then run it sudo
20:03:11  <Taede> that will tell you want mint sees
20:04:06  <Anson> already installed ottd for mint. but default was only 1.3.1
20:04:46  <Taede> i generally only do that to get the dependencies
20:05:04  <Taede> then download newer versions and extract them somewhere in my homedir
20:05:13  <Anson> n00b question: who is sudo? the brother of a rapper? :-)
20:05:25  <Taede> sudo: do as superuser (aka, root)
20:05:39  <Taede> akin to 'run as administrator'
20:05:47  <Anson> ah
20:06:46  <Anson> i found two freeware games too which i played 20+ years ago :-)
20:07:00  <coopserver> <RexConnors> lol
20:07:05  <coopserver> <RexConnors> before i was born
20:07:19  <Anson> lemmings. called pingus under mint
20:07:29  <Taede> ah, that brings back memories
20:07:39  <coopserver> <RexConnors> lol
20:07:48  <coopserver> <Jam35> Amiga version only
20:07:54  <coopserver> <Jam35> emulated is fine
20:07:59  <Anson> and logical. now called pathological
20:08:45  <Anson> those marbles drive you crazy...
20:10:14  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #2
20:11:22  <Anson> is it possible to install config of ottd and also downlods, grf files etc to a data partition that can be used by both windows and mint?
20:12:50  <Taede> yes, you'd have to make it an ntfs partition though, or install an extension to enable windows to read ext#
20:13:08  <Anson> so that i only need the program for win. the prog for mint. and ONE set of config+grf for both?
20:14:20  <Taede> having said that, it might be easiest to just set it all up the way you want, then copy over the linux ~/.openttd/ to windows
20:16:18  <Anson> lol.... 10 seconds to install gparted :-)
20:16:33  <Taede> most individual programs aren't very big
20:16:42  <Taede> compared to windows counterparts
20:18:20  <Anson> is anybody else interested in this? else i'll use /msg....
20:18:33  <coopserver> <RexConnors> i have no idea what you are talking about
20:18:53  <coopserver> <Jam35> I'm ignoring you
20:21:28  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined spectators
20:21:29  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has started a new company #9
20:21:37  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has joined company #2
20:39:52  *** Brumi has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:41:30  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:41:34  <coopserver> *** Niko has joined
20:41:34  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:44:54  <happy> hi  niko
20:44:58  <coopserver> <Niko> hi
21:02:55  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> yo wtf
21:03:02  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> jam
21:03:15  <coopserver> <Jam35> helo
21:03:22  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> my trains
21:03:27  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> keep driving in pf traps
21:03:32  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> one time
21:03:36  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> the drive in station
21:03:41  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> next time in station
21:03:44  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> i dont get it
21:03:51  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> and it seems to be with all pfs...
21:04:35  <coopserver> <Jam35> like 43?
21:04:55  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> and 47 and 51
21:05:20  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> the time before train went in station :(
21:05:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> they try to reach the waypoint
21:05:46  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> ysure
21:06:20  <coopserver> <Jam35> will never leave that order
21:06:30  <coopserver> <Jam35> make two paths other route?
21:06:33  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> #dont worry ;)
21:06:39  <coopserver> <Jam35> if you really want
21:06:54  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> just tell me, why they got stuck in some pf
21:07:08  <coopserver> <Jam35> two way is not 100%
21:07:29  <coopserver> <Jam35> hence reverser configuration etc
21:08:33  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> i dont udnerstand it, and see no reason, why 1 pf should work the one time, and the next time it doesnt
21:08:33  <coopserver> <Jam35> different configurations seem to work differently
21:09:01  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> yes
21:09:01  <coopserver> <Jam35> in the case of pre signal stations
21:09:01  <coopserver> <Jam35> e.g
21:09:02  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> all station same signaled
21:09:02  <coopserver> <Jam35> no that was an example
21:09:02  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> and as i said, the first time it worked :D
21:09:02  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> now they went in
21:09:40  <coopserver> <Jam35> probably fed up of being on same order :)
21:09:47  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> lol
21:10:25  <coopserver> <Niko> omg
21:10:25  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> oh fuck :D
21:10:25  <coopserver> <nik> :)
21:10:28  <coopserver> <Niko> 4 died
21:10:28  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> y
21:10:28  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> easy
21:10:40  <coopserver> <Niko> 2 more
21:13:17  <coopserver> *** Jam35 has left the game (Leaving)
21:15:18  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> wtf
21:16:25  <Jam35> bbb
21:16:29  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> bb
21:16:40  <happy> bb jam
21:32:52  <coopserver> *** Niko has left the game (general timeout)
21:38:46  <coopserver> <RexConnors> Hey alpha
21:39:06  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> hey
21:42:42  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> you got gold by now?
21:42:53  <coopserver> <RexConnors> havent played rankd
21:42:58  <coopserver> <RexConnors> if i dont play in 7 days
21:43:02  <coopserver> <RexConnors> i decay D:
21:43:03  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> :D
21:43:28  <coopserver> <RexConnors> not a fan of ranked games
21:43:36  <coopserver> <RexConnors> champion select takes to long
21:43:41  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> lol
21:44:12  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> its more like noobs need to load 5 minutes into the game
21:44:48  <happy> hey all whonts up
21:54:37  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:54:53  <coopserver> *** Speedy has joined
21:54:53  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:54:59  <coopserver> <RexConnors> hey speedy
21:55:05  <coopserver> <Speedy> yoo
21:55:20  <coopserver> <nik> hi
21:55:27  <happy> hi
21:55:35  <coopserver> <Speedy> hmm.. Big Meech's gone somewhere?
21:55:48  <coopserver> <RexConnors> guess so
21:56:08  <happy> yep
22:13:55  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> yo yellow
22:13:59  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> you got big jam
22:14:19  <coopserver> <Speedy> whoa
22:14:32  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> at slunington
22:23:58  <happy> hiw the net werk going alphasc
22:24:30  <AlphaSC> works good
22:25:12  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has left the game (Leaving)
22:35:34  *** happy has left #openttdcoop.stable
22:43:08  *** Brumi has quit IRC
22:44:27  *** happy has joined #openttdcoop.stable
22:44:40  <coopserver> <Speedy> hope I could say same :D
22:45:23  <coopserver> <Speedy> unshared, ungrouped
22:46:21  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
22:46:27  <coopserver> *** happy tran sport has joined
22:46:27  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
23:09:07  <coopserver> *** nik has left the game (Leaving)
23:31:04  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
23:31:11  <coopserver> *** AlphaSC has joined
23:31:11  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
23:31:18  <coopserver> <RexConnors> hey negro
23:31:19  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> wb AlphaSC
23:32:00  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> hi happy
23:32:04  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> hi
23:32:29  <coopserver> <happy tran sport> how  things
23:32:57  <coopserver> <AlphaSC> good thx

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