Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 27th June 2016:
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02:11:41  *** BiG_MEECH has joined #openttdcoop.stable
02:11:52  <BiG_MEECH> OYOY
02:48:29  <be8f07c4> BiG_YOOOO
02:55:25  <BiG_MEECH> haha hiya
02:58:58  <Mazur> Olla.
03:00:19  <BiG_MEECH> Hola PACO
03:01:22  <Mazur> PACO?
03:01:43  <BiG_MEECH> Just a name
03:02:43  <Mazur> Ah.  k.
03:03:16  <BiG_MEECH> this is sped up but last segment
03:03:16  <BiG_MEECH>
03:04:04  <BiG_MEECH> a bit around by minute 14
03:06:59  <Mazur> Ah, the "generic Mexican name' was not your choice.
03:07:27  <BiG_MEECH> yup
03:07:42  <BiG_MEECH> It's all the spanish I know lol
03:07:58  <BiG_MEECH> loved garfield and friends as a kid
03:08:20  <BiG_MEECH> jon was listening to subliminal tape to get him to quit biting his nails before odie broke the record
03:08:35  <Mazur> There's still some hope for the UK, by the way: with Cameron leaving the art. 50 filing to his successor (likely Brexit Boris),  it may be that the whole thing gets deep-sixed somewhere along the way as the terrible thing it is.
03:09:03  <BiG_MEECH> heh
03:09:10  <BiG_MEECH> It might ignite civil war since Scotland wants to leave
03:09:16  <Mazur> Garfield and Friends is not a show that made it across the pond, but Garfield is.
03:09:19  <BiG_MEECH> was thinking about things yesterday
03:09:32  <BiG_MEECH> oh yes, did you guys have marsupialami there?
03:10:02  <Mazur> Marsipulami's werre _born- jsuit south of here, of course.  Not on Dutch TV, though, initially,.'
03:10:10  <Mazur> just*
03:10:37  <BiG_MEECH> ah yes I knew that show was more eurpoean
03:10:42  <Mazur> They are a Belgian creation.
03:10:45  <BiG_MEECH> it was out in the states for a year then it dropped off I think
03:10:53  <BiG_MEECH> but I know it had at least 3 seasons overseas
03:11:29  <BiG_MEECH> miss those early 90's cartoons
03:11:33  <Mazur> Never seen it.  TV show was past my childhood.
03:11:58  <Mazur> And it's not made it to Dutch TV at moments I'd catch it.
03:12:25  <BiG_MEECH> ah really? You enjoy some of thsoe toons too?
03:12:47  <BiG_MEECH> That show was just an oddity, b/c you'd think that iwoud be an aussie cartoon
03:14:40  <Mazur> I liked Angry Beavers,  Pinky and the Brain, some Ren and Stimpy, ....
03:15:12  <BiG_MEECH> hmm, I don't remember angry beavers
03:15:15  <BiG_MEECH> giyf :)
03:15:59  <BiG_MEECH> ah, cable only
03:16:45  <Mazur> Look for KissCartoon in ZGoogle.
03:17:33  <BiG_MEECH> ah yes :)
03:19:10  <BiG_MEECH> used to watch hulu / veoh / veehd crap like that
03:19:37  <BiG_MEECH> Anymore I lok for oddball cartoons ive never seen before
03:19:46  <BiG_MEECH> mostly 80's
03:22:00  <Mazur> I dislike the modern catoons where everything seems to devolve to piss, poop and vomit and similar .
03:22:14  <BiG_MEECH> Spongebob is rediculous
03:22:19  <BiG_MEECH> all they do in the show is yell
03:22:39  <Mazur> Indeed, I hate that aspect, too.
03:22:46  <BiG_MEECH> One of my favorite OG toons is Felix the cat, the 50's one
03:22:58  <Mazur> Ah yes, seen it in the 60s.
03:23:05  <Mazur> And betty Boop.
03:23:24  <BiG_MEECH> not much of a betty boop fan when i was a kid but I might need to give it another look
03:23:37  <Mazur> Terribly dated, now, but back then we had no better, except for Merry melodies and Tom & Jerry.
03:23:52  <BiG_MEECH> its tough as a child when you see color toons and have to go back in time, you see black and white as a kid and you're just like ' yuck '
03:24:04  <BiG_MEECH> Merry Melodies = good shite
03:24:25  <Mazur> Yeah, I grew up in the transition, first TV was B&W.
03:24:42  <BiG_MEECH> ah sure
03:25:08  <BiG_MEECH> I like some of tex avery toons, but those are more americanized
03:25:09  <Mazur> Silly Symphonies was mostly shite, just simple drawings and not story.
03:25:45  <BiG_MEECH> lol
03:25:57  <BiG_MEECH> prefer more o the bugs bunny / main character skits
03:25:58  <Mazur> merry melodies brought us Bugs Bunny, Dafffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yo Samite Sam, ...
03:26:05  <BiG_MEECH> yup
03:26:20  <BiG_MEECH> road runner was one of my faves
03:26:20  <Mazur> And Porky Pig.
03:27:02  <Mazur> You could tell the best cartoons from the lesser Merry melodies by watching for the Director.
03:27:26  <BiG_MEECH> They had some amazing people in their studios
03:27:48  <Mazur> Tex Avery was the weirdest, Chuck Joner the master.
03:28:07  <Mazur> yeah, saw a documentory on them once.
03:28:19  <BiG_MEECH> Tex had soem funny crap
03:28:38  <BiG_MEECH> A lot of warner brothers toon directors and such came from the lesser known toon companies
03:29:06  *** Clockworker_ has joined #openttdcoop.stable
03:29:15  <Mazur> And they were originally started to promote the Classical Music back catalog of Warners.
03:31:08  <BiG_MEECH> I think it's great actually
03:31:24  <BiG_MEECH> only way some children would get to know classical music
03:32:14  <Mazur> There's one piece that was used both by Warner/merry melodies and by Tom & Jerry.
03:32:45  <Mazur> I think it's a Rachmaninov Piano-Concert.
03:35:01  <Mazur> Ah, no, it's Liszt.
03:35:22  <BiG_MEECH>
03:35:42  <BiG_MEECH> ^ one of my favorite episodes
03:35:48  <BiG_MEECH> only like 7 misn
03:36:16  <Mazur> Yup, that was the theme tune.
03:36:47  *** Clockworker__ has quit IRC
03:49:35  <BiG_MEECH> Enjoy that clip?
03:51:26  <Mazur> Yeah, well, never really enjoyed FtC, prcisely because Felix hardly ever does anything, and the drawing is so much more primitive compared with MM and T&J.
03:51:38  <Mazur> Same with Woody Woodpecker.
03:52:20  <BiG_MEECH> Sounds like you enjoy rodent features lol
03:52:40  <Mazur> ?
03:52:57  * Mazur does not quietefollow you.
03:52:59  <BiG_MEECH> Mice related
03:53:20  <Mazur> That I know, I just don;t follow the logic.
03:53:23  <BiG_MEECH> pinky and the brain, T&J, Mighty mouse :)
03:53:38  <Mazur> Mighty Mouse was rather crap, too.
03:53:41  <BiG_MEECH> rodent related flicks?
03:53:49  <BiG_MEECH> oh, maybe you meant mickey
03:54:02  <Mazur> Mickey is utter dreg,.
03:54:28  <Mazur> Oh, Merry melodies.
03:55:07  <BiG_MEECH> Oh, duh lol
03:55:08  <BiG_MEECH> xD
03:55:13  <BiG_MEECH> Sorry :)
03:56:27  <BiG_MEECH> Felix just makes me feel good and some of the jokes are pretty decent
03:57:03  <Mazur> I know what you mean, just don't have it with Felix.
03:57:15  <BiG_MEECH> Sure thing
04:01:46  <Mazur> Ah, it seems the Trump has blown out a bit.
04:02:41  <BiG_MEECH> media distorts everything anymore
04:03:29  <Mazur> They are certainly complicit in his Primary wins by always reporting on him.
04:05:54  <Mazur> Going back to catch up on TV, now.  See ya tomorrow.
04:06:48  <BiG_MEECH> Mmhmm
04:06:49  <BiG_MEECH> seeya
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09:25:17  <happpy> !players
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09:25:23  <happpy> !date
09:25:23  <coopserver> Nov 29 2025
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20:36:35  <coopserver> *** Kejhic has joined
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20:36:37  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:36:43  <happpy> hi
20:36:53  <coopserver> <Kejhic> hi
20:37:11  <happpy> how  thing's
20:37:57  <coopserver> <Kejhic> as usual
20:45:01  <BiG_MEECH> YO
20:58:52  <coopserver> *** Kejhic has left the game (Leaving)
20:58:53  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
21:15:10  *** StarLite has quit IRC
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