Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 18th August 2021:
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12:52:37  <coopdiscord> <not purple> wow
12:52:45  <coopdiscord> <not purple> hi to 2 peopl
13:27:00  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> yah
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19:59:47  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Paintspot:
19:59:48  <coopdiscord> @V453000 hey, i am not sure i understand this 140% faster in curves. The slug still has a max speed of 212 km/h in short curves.
19:59:49  <Webster> HTTP Error 404: Not Found -
20:00:26  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by V453000:
20:00:26  <coopdiscord> @Paintspot what it means is, it can travel through curves 140% faster than a normal rail vehicle
20:03:06  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> You use basecost for more expensive right 🌚🌝
20:03:21  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> ah ok, i see
20:03:44  <golden> Yah
20:04:45  <golden> Right now I want to play another type of game openttd ;-;
20:05:51  <golden> I want grfs type game play to have crisis recovery
20:07:40  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Golden Time:
20:07:40  <coopdiscord> @Paintspot  hey paintspot rainbow rail so cute amazing rainbow slug cat yahori sama
20:08:24  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> ;-;
20:08:28  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> BE GONE
20:14:23  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> huh?
20:14:35  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> I just asked u
20:14:42  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Did u you basecost mod ?
20:15:19  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Omg IRC notification so lound
20:15:27  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> :D
20:15:32  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> this will make some interesting maps. Almost no capacity but crazy fast. Maybe a 5000 train game 😛
20:15:33  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot>
20:15:49  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Hey..
20:16:03  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Did you use basecost for more expensive things
20:16:08  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Paintspot sama
20:16:09  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> sure, money is meaningless anyway
20:16:18  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Ok
20:16:33  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Can I see your map?
20:16:37  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Paintspot sama
20:17:24  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Golden Time:
20:17:24  <coopdiscord> @Paintspot  paintspot sama ✨
20:18:03  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot>
20:18:20  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> that game was fairly recent
20:18:52  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> I will open it tomorrow
20:19:02  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Steelll
20:19:09  <coopdiscord> Command sent from Discord by Golden Time:
20:19:09  <coopdiscord> @Paintspot  hey paintspot sama
20:19:10  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> some fun with stations
20:19:11  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot>
20:19:37  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> You still handsome as much as yesterday
20:19:46  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Paintspotsama!!
20:20:18  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> What the
20:20:22  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> 6.07 MB
20:21:32  <coopdiscord> <Paintspot> big map
20:26:45  <coopdiscord> <Golden Time> Mahaha

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