Log for #openttd on 10th August 2019:
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05:39:13  <Afdal> woo
05:39:27  <Afdal> love that new behavior that doesn't open a new window every time you clone a vehicle
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07:11:02  <andythenorth> moin
07:11:21  <Arveen> moni
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08:11:51  <andythenorth> is cat?
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08:22:08  <Wolf01> Bleurgh, it's impossible to go outside, it's damp and hot
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09:24:01  <argoneus> moin
09:24:54  <Markk> Moinmoin
09:25:42  <Samu> moan
09:25:46  <Arveen> MROW
09:26:04  <Markk> Wroom, wroom
09:26:12  <Markk> Says the diesel locomotive.
09:33:37  * andythenorth codes visual effects
10:09:43  * Wolf01 misread again
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10:39:36  <michi_cc> TrueBrain: IPv6 died again :(
10:46:25  <andythenorth> no more MrNiceGuy :(
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11:50:06  <Samu> I notice my ai wastes too much money initiating advertising campaigns
11:50:29  <Samu> it could have used that money on statues first
11:50:50  <Samu> must recheck code, see how I have this done
12:06:47  <TrueBrain> michi_cc: should be fixed again
12:07:30  <andythenorth> hi TB
12:10:47  <Samu> eh, it'll eventually build all needed statues
12:11:10  <Samu> but i should prioritize statue first
12:11:18  <Samu> advertising campaigns second
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12:11:42  <Samu> will have to see how I can do this
12:11:47  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] fsimonis commented on pull request #7270: Introduce CMake (and removing all other project-related code)
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12:52:14  <andythenorth> hmm
12:52:20  <andythenorth> I think Iron Horse sprites all need redrawn
12:52:38  <andythenorth> it seems that the \ / angles are all the wrong size
12:52:47  <Arveen> wasnt it just finished ?
12:53:04  <andythenorth> 2.0.0 beta
12:53:27  <andythenorth> I can't make steam engine smoke line up with the chimneys for all angles
12:53:35  <andythenorth> I need to redraw them to where OpenTTD puts the smoke
12:59:59  <Arveen> hmmm
13:36:28  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DerDakon commented on pull request #7270: Introduce CMake (and removing all other project-related code)
13:47:38  <arikover> andythenorth: Wouldn't it be possible to position the steam exactly where you want it with CB160?
13:47:55  <andythenorth> if I use an 80+ var yes
13:48:00  <andythenorth> to read the vehicles angle
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13:49:33  <Eddi|zuHause> that should exist
13:52:46  <andythenorth> it does I believe
13:59:59  <TrueBrain> hi andythenorth; sorry, I am a bit slow :P
14:00:21  * andythenorth watches weather
14:00:26  <andythenorth> very windy
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14:26:03  <Samu> hmm, maybe the way I had was fine, I'm not sure
14:26:21  <Samu> need to make a side by side comparison
14:52:06  <Eddi|zuHause> tell that to luxemburg?
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17:28:04  * andythenorth smoke
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18:15:55  <Eddi|zuHause> don't smoke, it's unhealthy and expensive
18:33:41  <andythenorth> that too
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19:10:48  <argoneus> thanks eddi
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19:20:30  <Eddi|zuHause> ?
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20:55:24  <Samu> this is a difficult comparison
20:56:48  <Samu> statues in all towns first, only then, when all towns have statues, advertising campaigns on stations with low ratings
20:57:00  <Samu> versus
20:57:51  <Samu> statues first for towns with stations with low ratings
20:58:00  <Samu> or advertising campains
20:58:05  <Samu> if statue already exists
20:59:36  <Samu> these advertising campaigns only really make sense in a competing environment
21:00:01  <Samu> but so do statues
21:00:05  <Samu> hmm
21:06:04  <nielsm> there probably is no perfect strategy, you can't know ahead of time what the best use of money will be
21:08:07  <Samu> it seems that my previous implementation wasn't too bad, it seems to be doing better short term
21:08:08  <nielsm> and consider the cost of advertising versus the potential increase in income, most of the time it might not be worth it
21:08:26  <Samu> i'm unsure about the long term
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21:09:45  <nielsm> advertise if the rating is terrible and needs a boost, or if ytou
21:09:57  <nielsm> or if you're in a rating war with a comptetitor
21:10:25  <Samu> I'm in a rating war mostly vs AIAI
21:10:27  <nielsm> build a statue if your ratings are already at or near the ceiling of where they can naturally reach
21:10:45  <Samu> clueless not so much, he covers many little towns
21:15:19  <Samu> I really need time, which is something I don't have now
21:16:16  <Samu> at least not today
21:17:35  <Samu> to make proper tests
21:20:23  <Samu> got a weird feeling that the previous implementation was the better approach
21:21:57  <Samu> for towns with stations with low ratings, statues, or advertising campaigns if it already exists
21:22:21  <Samu> it was a for looping stations
21:23:59  <Samu> the just edited approach is a for looping towns checking for missing statues, and until every serviced town has a statue, no advertising campaigns occur
21:25:46  <Samu> this system is so slow, I can't possibly run 2 openttd instances without youtube lagging like hell
21:26:05  <Samu> and youtube must be working
21:26:11  <nielsm> you could lower the process priority of ottd
21:26:41  <Samu> not for me, but for these folk here, they want to listen to music
21:26:47  <Samu> sometimes view it
21:27:05  <Samu> it's a shared system
21:30:20  <FLHerne> Afdal: It already didn't when using Ctrl+clone?
21:30:35  <FLHerne> (which is usually the one you want, because shared orders are useful)
21:32:44  <Samu> alright, i'm off to bed
21:32:54  <Samu> take care
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22:51:28  <Afdal> Yeah sorry that's what I mean
22:51:39  <Afdal> behavior used to be to open a new window every time you share-cloned
22:51:45  <Afdal> this is an excellent change, bravo
22:51:59  <Afdal> Now OpenTTD just needs a "start all vehicles in depot" button
22:58:38  <FLHerne> Er, that exists too
22:59:23  <FLHerne> It's the little green dot, bottom-right
23:00:06  <FLHerne> I just about remember new windows when share-cloning, but it was fixed several releases ago
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23:08:57  <Eddi|zuHause> Afdal: strangely, we had complaints in the opposite direction recently
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23:46:07  <Afdal> o rly
23:46:48  <Afdal> Has that little green flag in the bottom right always been there
23:46:54  <Afdal> and I just forgot
23:47:21  <Afdal> What do you mean complaints in the opposite direction
23:47:32  <Afdal> PEople actually enjoy filling their screen with windows when they make a lot of new vehicles?
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23:56:15  <Eddi|zuHause> Afdal: not always, but for a really long time

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