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01:12:57  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Redmine - Revision 2725: (svn r2885) CHANGELOG update @ (by jplang)
01:33:54  <Brot6> Backup done! (Usage: 98M)
01:33:54  <Brot6> Let's send the Russians defective lifestyle accessories!
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02:12:31  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Redmine - Revision 2727: (svn r2888) Russian update (#3859) @ (by winterheart)
02:12:31  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Redmine - Revision 2728: update tags @ (by convert-repo)
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14:47:13  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: #openttdcoop - Wiki edit: New_location (#1) @ (by Ammler)
14:47:13  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FISH - Revision 104: Change: added graphics for loaded state to Large Coaster @ (by andythenorth)
14:47:13  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: FISH - Revision 105: Change: (experimental) added a wake to one angle of the large coaster using ... @ (by andythenorth)
14:47:45  <Ammler> ?
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15:23:37  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Redmine - Revision 2726: (svn r2887) Upgraded to Rails 2.3.4 (#3597) @ (by edavis10)
15:23:37  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Redmine - Revision 2727: (svn r2888) Russian update (#3859) @ (by winterheart)
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16:18:01  <Brot6> 2cctrainset: nightly compile not needed. (r267)
16:18:01  <Brot6> firs: nightly compile not needed. (r217)
16:18:02  <Brot6> fish: update from r103 to r111, starting nightly compile
16:18:27  <Brot6> fish: compile done (1 errors) -
16:18:27  <Brot6> heqs: nightly compile not needed. (r169)
16:18:28  <Brot6> nmts: update from r12 to r14, starting nightly compile
16:18:42  <Brot6> nmts: compile done (40 errors) -
16:18:42  <Brot6> opengfx: nightly compile not needed. (r200)
16:18:43  <Brot6> opensfx: nightly compile not needed. (r41)
16:18:43  <Brot6> worldairlineset: nightly compile not needed. (r538)
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16:43:35  <planetmaker> [18:30]	<Ammler>	[23:35:51] possible make bundle_zip does create another grf than make bananas? <-- it should not. As it should call the same make routines and then only creates a tar from it.
16:43:42  <planetmaker> there's no duplication of those code lines
16:43:51  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: New Monorail & Maglev TrainSet - Bug #572: General compile issues @ (by Ammler)
16:43:54  <planetmaker> which actually make the grf
16:59:18  <Ammler> planetmaker: it is a bit strange, but I can't reproduce it.
17:02:35  <planetmaker> hm
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17:09:16  <Doorslammer> Hello?  Quick q
17:09:43  <Doorslammer> What GPL version number are we up to?
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17:11:22  <welshdragon> GPL v3 i think
17:12:41  <Doorslammer> Cheers
17:12:45  <Doorslammer> Hey, welsh
17:12:53  <Doorslammer> Going ahead with the breakaway
17:13:12  <Doorslammer> British Rail OpenTTD Set, or to be known as, BROS
17:13:25  <Doorslammer> Is now in progress
17:20:47  <planetmaker> he
17:20:57  <planetmaker> what repo will be the one I created? :-)
17:21:09  <planetmaker> well... it could be all at once...
17:21:12  <planetmaker> with a bit of planning
17:21:50  <Doorslammer> Just taking the time to do a proper updatable spreadsheet
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18:30:31  <Frankr> Doorslammer: Have you removed you sprites from the BRSet?
18:30:50  <Doorslammer> Yes
18:31:19  <Frankr> What you gunna do with them?
18:32:15  <Frankr> Doorslammer: Could you go on Msn please
18:32:20  <Frankr> Alex wants to talk
18:33:14  <Frankr> More commonly known as ExtSpotter
18:33:22  <Frankr> and Beardie
18:33:36  <Doorslammer> I haven't got MSN on my laptop
18:33:40  <Doorslammer> Can they come here?
18:33:53  <Frankr> yh i'll get them here
18:34:25  <Doorslammer> Cheers
18:34:33  <Frankr> they'll be on in a min
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18:34:54  <Beardie> Hey
18:35:20  <Doorslammer> Evening
18:35:26  <Beardie> Hey Dave
18:35:28  <Doorslammer> EXT on his way?
18:35:37  <Beardie> i heard about all the BR set commotion
18:35:44  <Doorslammer> Yeah, well...
18:36:19  <Beardie> and why extaclly
18:36:40  <Frankr> may as well wait for Ext
18:36:44  <Beardie> lol
18:36:53  <Frankr> no point repeatin things
18:37:36  <Doorslammer> True
18:40:09  *** extspotter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
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18:40:17  <extspotter> hmm
18:40:22  <Chris_Booth> extspotter: this one?
18:40:33  <extspotter> I thought so
18:40:48  <extspotter> I might be wrong tho lol
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18:41:00  <Doorslammer> This one
18:41:01  <Chris_Booth> what do you want to do?
18:41:04  <Doorslammer> Oh for
18:41:13  <Doorslammer> ?
18:41:26  <Chris_Booth> he asked me for the devzone IRC address
18:41:30  <Chris_Booth> so i gave it to him
18:41:40  <Doorslammer> Wonder where he went then
18:41:44  *** extspotter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
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18:41:56  <extspotter> humz
18:42:02  <Frankr> wb
18:42:03  <Doorslammer> Stay there
18:42:04  <extspotter> doorslammeh!
18:42:06  <Frankr> this one
18:42:11  <Doorslammer> Right, we got him
18:42:13  <extspotter> noone spoke apart from chris...
18:42:19  <Frankr> sorry
18:42:21  <Doorslammer> OK, the story is this
18:42:23  <Frankr> we were here
18:42:30  <Frankr> type our name to get our attention
18:42:36  <Frankr> flashes up
18:42:40  <Doorslammer> Since the BRSet has literally fell apart
18:42:42  <extspotter> frankr smells
18:42:47  <Frankr> haha
18:42:51  <Doorslammer> I have withdrawn my support to them
18:42:56  <extspotter> I agree with that
18:42:59  <Frankr> Lol
18:43:00  <Beardie> humm
18:43:04  <Doorslammer> And will start up an OTTD only set called BROS
18:43:04  <Beardie> well Doorslammer
18:43:09  <Frankr> we were thinking of making a new one
18:43:10  <Beardie> BROS?
18:43:12  <Doorslammer> British Rail OpenTTD Set
18:43:15  <extspotter> I think beardie should too then we can make the DMU domination set :D
18:43:23  <Doorslammer> But...
18:43:24  <Beardie> Doorslammer
18:43:39  <Doorslammer> I do need your permission, considering most of your work is still visible on the forum
18:43:44  <Beardie> i give u permission to use my repaints of your sprties
18:43:48  <Beardie> :)
18:43:51  <Doorslammer> Thank you
18:43:52  <extspotter> I give you permission also
18:43:54  <Doorslammer> EXT?
18:43:58  <Frankr> well that waseasy
18:43:58  <Beardie> its not like they are going to use them
18:43:58  <Doorslammer> Thank you also
18:44:02  <extspotter> so you have lots of 1st gen and 2 153s :D
18:44:02  <Frankr> lol
18:44:04  <Doorslammer> No
18:44:06  <Doorslammer> True
18:44:09  <Frankr> they have no set now
18:44:15  <Beardie> true Frank
18:44:32  <extspotter> they should have started coding before I got bored lol
18:44:44  <extspotter> thats why WAS rules
18:44:46  <Doorslammer> Yep
18:44:47  <Frankr> well all that is left is nothing
18:44:58  <Frankr> Only old paints and Audigex
18:45:06  <Doorslammer> So now I need to gather those sprites as well
18:45:06  <extspotter> what about him?
18:45:15  <Beardie> what has audigex said about this>
18:45:20  <Doorslammer> Best post your withdrawals in public too
18:45:21  <extspotter> do you think he will support?
18:45:29  <Doorslammer> He won't
18:45:31  <Beardie> i also reapainted som Class 47s
18:45:35  <Doorslammer> But I don't know
18:45:37  <extspotter> why?
18:45:37  <Beardie> and you did the 37s no?
18:45:41  <Doorslammer> 47s are dead
18:45:47  *** andythenorth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:45:49  <Doorslammer> Ronstar left and they can't use anything he had
18:45:52  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v andythenorth
18:45:55  <Doorslammer> I did the 37s
18:45:57  <Doorslammer> They are safe
18:46:10  <Frankr> Start a new and it will be finished first
18:46:16  <Frankr> 6 years of nothing
18:46:26  <Beardie> rofl
18:46:29  <extspotter> ok
18:46:37  <extspotter> what types do we have?
18:46:37  <Frankr> Doorslammer
18:46:39  <Doorslammer> I know
18:46:45  <Frankr> best create a new forum
18:46:45  <Doorslammer> Types?
18:46:49  <Doorslammer> No
18:46:50  <welshdragon> *sigh*
18:46:54  <Doorslammer> First rule, no new forums
18:46:56  <welshdragon> can i get involved?
18:47:02  <Doorslammer> TTF subforum if need be
18:47:07  <Doorslammer> Please do
18:47:08  <welshdragon> i know i support the BRSet
18:47:12  <extspotter> 108, 109, 114, 116, 117, 118, 121, 122, 124, 130, 131
18:47:13  <welshdragon> but it's dead
18:47:27  <extspotter> its not BRset its BROS
18:47:33  <Beardie> welshdragon we are thinking of remaking it and making a GRF!
18:47:37  <welshdragon> i know
18:47:38  <Beardie> finally
18:47:43  <welshdragon> but
18:47:47  <Doorslammer> Good grief, guys, he has followed this
18:47:51  <welshdragon> there is to be no one leader
18:47:52  <Beardie> lopl
18:47:55  <Beardie> sorry
18:47:56  <Frankr> i can help out with some coding if necessary
18:48:00  <extspotter> frank
18:48:03  <extspotter> dont go near them
18:48:05  <Frankr> yh
18:48:06  <extspotter> I want you lol
18:48:08  <Frankr> lol
18:48:16  * extspotter throws himself at frank
18:48:32  <Beardie> the no leader thing is a good idea
18:48:38  <Doorslammer> I'm open to the no new leader
18:48:42  <welshdragon> it just causes ego trips
18:48:50  <welshdragon> and is a royal PITA
18:48:51  <Doorslammer> I just want something everyone can control
18:48:51  <Frankr> I think that is how WAS has worked
18:49:00  <Doorslammer> csuke is too controlling still
18:49:00  <Beardie> well with WAS we really don;t have a leader, we just decide as a group
18:49:10  <Doorslammer> Your group is best
18:49:32  <Frankr> We all input and decisions are made by majority
18:49:41  <Frankr> fair system
18:49:45  <Beardie> though i do make some decisions without asking anyone
18:49:47  <Beardie> lol
18:49:57  <Frankr> well that is ocassionally needed
18:50:03  <welshdragon> yes
18:50:06  <Frankr> but u don't do them often beardie
18:50:15  <Beardie> no true
18:50:21  <Beardie> and i do ask if its a good idea
18:50:32  <Beardie> like the 5 reapints pre plane idea
18:50:40  <Beardie> repaints per*
18:50:41  <welshdragon> how would you feel calling it the UK Rail Set
18:50:42  <extspotter> dave
18:50:46  <Doorslammer> Well, I have the table ready, I just need to detail it with the stuff already done
18:50:49  <welshdragon> and we combine the UK Bus set
18:50:55  <Beardie> humm
18:51:02  <extspotter> my repository on this comp is fucked
18:51:10  <Doorslammer> Ermmm... I did like my cool acronym
18:51:23  <extspotter> we dont want to touch bus set, their stuff is poorly made and headed by leanden
18:51:24  <Doorslammer> But a name is not important
18:51:24  <Beardie> BROS and WAS
18:51:36  <welshdragon> extspotter: it's headed by me actually
18:51:41  <Doorslammer> lol
18:51:43  <Beardie> lol
18:51:44  <Doorslammer> Foot in mouth
18:51:54  <extspotter> I still say that the sprites arent up to much...
18:52:00  <welshdragon> and everything we had is now in the bin
18:52:03  <Doorslammer> Mine was ok, ish
18:52:04  <Beardie> Doorslammer: Are we going for a Repo? etc
18:52:07  <extspotter> yes
18:52:12  <extspotter> get dev one
18:52:13  <Doorslammer> Yes
18:52:16  <Beardie> good
18:52:17  <welshdragon> as we are using a slightly bigger scale
18:52:24  <extspotter> dave, can you take all my work over there
18:52:30  <Doorslammer> Why dont we just rename the one that's already here?
18:52:33  <extspotter> and get the table with all the 1st egn stuff
18:52:42  <Doorslammer>
18:52:44  <Webster> Title: BROS (at
18:52:45  <Doorslammer> Full table
18:52:58  <welshdragon> hmm
18:53:32  <welshdragon> Doorslammer: you are missing a load of stuff
18:53:43  <Doorslammer> I haven't actually got wagons in there I realise
18:53:45  <extspotter> yeah
18:53:47  <welshdragon> your table seems to end abruptly at 127
18:53:55  <Doorslammer> No no no
18:53:58  <extspotter> and it stops at 126, but 1st gen goes up to 131
18:54:00  <Doorslammer> There are page links
18:54:08  <Doorslammer> Up on the top
18:54:14  <Doorslammer> I run out of page
18:54:41  <welshdragon> you can addd more rows
18:55:09  <Doorslammer> Where it says Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3
18:55:13  <Doorslammer> Those are links
18:55:41  <Doorslammer> I still havent got wagons, coaches etc. though
18:55:54  <Beardie> are we recycling this?
18:55:54  <Doorslammer> But the TOPS list is done
18:57:11  <Beardie> any thoughts?
18:57:34  <Doorslammer> Yes, but again, we have no control over the list
18:57:49  <Beardie> over the list?
18:58:00  <Doorslammer> We dont, yes
18:58:21  <Beardie> i do though
18:58:24  <Frankr> Dave Worley replied on TTD forums, my god
18:58:37  <Doorslammer> Ugh, that's not as good as it sounds
18:58:57  <Beardie> Sorry which list are we talking about?
18:58:59  <Frankr> I do beleive when i say this i speak for all, Why the hell do all the retired guys stick their necks in
18:59:10  <Frankr> Why don't they just sod off
18:59:20  <Doorslammer> I know, he didnt want anything to do with us a month ago
18:59:33  <Doorslammer> I want everyone to escape that
18:59:49  <Beardie> where he reply?
19:00:01  <Frankr>
19:00:02  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - BR Set [WIP][EXPERIENCED AND NEW ARTISTS WANTED!] (at
19:00:34  <welshdragon> so
19:01:07  <welshdragon> what now?
19:01:37  <Doorslammer> Well, do we get ourselves set up with a subforum at TTF tonight?
19:01:43  <Doorslammer> 3am here
19:02:24  <Beardie> called?
19:02:25  <extspotter> owen can sort it out
19:02:43  <Doorslammer> Yes, I havent asked as yet
19:02:46  <Beardie> subforum?
19:03:00  <Doorslammer> On OTTD Graphics
19:03:17  <Beardie> ?
19:03:21  <Beardie> Called?
19:03:29  <Doorslammer> Well, I don't know
19:03:38  <Beardie> and what for?
19:03:39  <Doorslammer> Do we want to go with UK Rail Set
19:03:41  <Doorslammer> Or BROS
19:03:48  <Beardie> Sorry
19:03:50  <extspotter> borsct
19:03:55  <Doorslammer> ?
19:03:58  <Beardie> You donlt have a subforum for a set
19:04:05  <Beardie> you have a thread
19:04:10  <Beardie> but not a sub forum
19:04:15  <Doorslammer> Owen said we could if asked
19:04:23  <extspotter> british open rail shit carriage trains
19:04:29  <Beardie> So its going to be like a forum but based inside OTTD
19:04:33  <andythenorth> Evening
19:04:40  <Doorslammer> Sort of, yes
19:04:41  <andythenorth> So the BR set exploded then?
19:04:43  <extspotter> eenin
19:04:44  <Beardie> TT-Forums sorry
19:04:48  <Doorslammer> Still public, but easily sorted
19:04:48  <Beardie> yes andy
19:04:51  <extspotter> yarpppp
19:05:05  <andythenorth> What a load of batshit crazy talk all that is.  Stupid stupid stupid
19:05:15  <Doorslammer> :/
19:05:23  <extspotter> about what in particular
19:05:32  <Doorslammer> I think he refers to me
19:05:33  <andythenorth> I don't know who's right and who's wrong and I don't care.  Three small letters: GPL
19:05:42  <extspotter> as a painter I was unhappy with the way t was run and so were many others
19:05:48  <Doorslammer> Exactly
19:05:51  <Beardie> GPL?
19:06:01  <Doorslammer> GPL v3 to be exact
19:06:05  <Beardie> yes i know its a licens but i don't know it
19:06:09  <extspotter> lol
19:06:10  <extspotter> same
19:06:18  <extspotter> thats global publishing right
19:06:28  <andythenorth> "Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the GPL"
19:06:38  <andythenorth> anyway, carry on
19:06:41  <welshdragon> Right
19:06:48  <welshdragon> I have resigned from the BRSet
19:06:55  <welshdragon> and invited Audigex
19:06:55  <Doorslammer> Yes, we all did
19:06:58  <extspotter> does that mean we can use any graphics which we had from the set?
19:07:00  <Doorslammer> Have we?
19:07:06  <Doorslammer> Yes, we can
19:07:13  <Doorslammer> I'm not redrawing all that again
19:07:22  <andythenorth> One of the things I have enjoyed about #opendttdcoop.devzone is that there has been very little politics....
19:07:26  <andythenorth> ...and a lot of useful work
19:07:37  <welshdragon> I've left anything i've reskinned for their use
19:07:44  <welshdragon> as it doesn't bother me
19:08:01  <Doorslammer> It's not really politics as such, more a privacy issue
19:08:08  <Frankr> BRSet had very bad leaders
19:08:36  *** Audigex has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:08:37  <Frankr> If you can call them leaders
19:08:41  <andythenorth> Ok, let me bang on for a few lines about a few things:
19:08:42  <extspotter> less lead from the front than just bitch and dealue painters
19:08:48  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Audigex
19:08:53  <Frankr> lol
19:08:57  <Doorslammer> Yes
19:08:59  <extspotter> value
19:09:01  <andythenorth> The best open source projects are generally measured by how often they produce something useful
19:09:03  <Doorslammer> That was the second problem
19:09:08  <Audigex> oh jesus, the argument is in here too?
19:09:10  <Audigex> great fun
19:09:18  <Doorslammer> People who had "left" still sticking their oar in
19:09:19  <Audigex> let me know when y'all have gotten over it, i'm going to go draw some trains ¬_¬
19:09:22  <extspotter> evening audigex
19:09:28  <Audigex> hi ext
19:09:28  <Frankr> andy that was the main problem after 7 years nothing useful had been made
19:09:33  <Doorslammer> Ah, but who are you drawing for?
19:09:37  <welshdragon> Audigex: hang on a sec
19:09:39  <Audigex> door - i'm drawing under the GPL
19:09:45  <Audigex> i dont give a shit who uses it
19:09:46  <andythenorth> ^^ Audigex has the right attitude
19:09:48  <Audigex> i'm just finishing this set
19:09:56  <andythenorth> That way things will get done
19:10:12  <Beardie> yes
19:10:20  <Frankr> e.g. WAS
19:10:32  <Beardie> but since worley pulled out and leander is doing nothing
19:10:39  <Audigex> i'd prefer if it's only released in a complete BRset, i'd also prefer it if everyone could stop being a child and put their drawings back
19:10:42  <extspotter> audigex is BR's faddypainter
19:10:43  <Beardie> there is no point carrying on with the current set
19:10:48  <Audigex> faddypainter?
19:10:56  <extspotter> he is uhmazing
19:11:01  <Frankr> best plane painter
19:11:03  <extspotter> look on the was thread
19:11:13  <Frankr> he is the best and nobody shall nick him
19:11:14  <extspotter> in ttdx graphics
19:11:19  <Audigex> i dont play much with planes
19:11:29  <extspotter> he is a planespotter anyway so he is happy where he is
19:11:31  <Frankr> even tho it isn't goin to be a ttdx grpahic
19:11:38  <extspotter> no, but just look at his paint schemes
19:11:46  <andythenorth> aaaaahhhhhhh....noisy in here tonight
19:11:51  <Beardie> lol
19:12:05  <Frankr> audigex we just want to give people the ability to use planes
19:12:09  <andythenorth> So what is the new BR set's *working title*
19:12:12  <Frankr> and many varieties of them
19:12:30  <Audigex> last i checked, the br set's working title was the "brset"
19:12:46  <Frankr> nice comment btw andy
19:12:51  <Frankr> on ttd forums
19:12:53  <andythenorth> Has anybody released code under the title brset?
19:12:57  <Frankr> no
19:13:10  <andythenorth> Use that title then
19:13:14  <Beardie> Well Audigex we are all pulling ouy, not going to use the BR Set Forujm becuase csuke is complaining and putting them all in a repo to get the coding going
19:13:25  <andythenorth> Private forum is batshit crazy
19:13:32  <Beardie> indeed
19:13:37  <Audigex> if thats what you want to do, go for it
19:13:40  <Audigex> as i said, my stuff is gpl
19:13:43  <Audigex> do what you want with it
19:13:46  <Audigex> i'll keep pumping it out
19:13:48  <Frankr> we have a place to store planes and that is it
19:13:48  <Audigex> one note, however
19:13:52  <Audigex> i work far better in a forum environment
19:13:57  <Beardie> ok
19:13:57  <andythenorth> Private forum is crazy for the same reason Dalestan won't answer nfo questions by PM, only on the forum
19:13:59  <Beardie> Well
19:13:59  <Audigex> look at any of my threads, i'm constantly looking for feedback
19:14:07  <Beardie>  we are talking to own about a BR Sert subforum on TT-Forums
19:14:13  <Beardie> owen*
19:14:15  <Audigex> that works for me
19:14:18  <Beardie> or going to should i say
19:14:27  <andythenorth> Is the set so big it can't go in one thread?
19:14:29  <Doorslammer> Im doing that now as we speak
19:14:33  <andythenorth> FIRS only has two threads
19:14:38  <Audigex> if it all goes to shit, however, i'll just put them on my own blog
19:14:42  <andythenorth> NARS is huge and has two threads
19:14:50  <Audigex> andy - each of my sprites runs to about 4 pages
19:14:52  <andythenorth> CanSet is huge and has two threads
19:14:57  <extspotter> to make coding easier subforums are best
19:14:59  <Audigex> and the brset has 200 trains+ already
19:15:13  <andythenorth> No, to make coding easier, a repo is best.  Anything else is batshit crazy
19:15:13  <extspotter>
19:15:21  <Audigex> like i said - i don't care
19:15:28  <Audigex> my stuff is gpl, it's going on csuke's forum
19:15:30  <Frankr> and WAS has 100+ planes already, lol
19:15:32  <welshdragon> If orudge refuses
19:15:38  <Audigex> if anyone wants to keep my work ethic going, keep posting replies to me
19:15:42  <Audigex> if not, do what you like
19:15:44  <welshdragon> the UK Bus Set forums welcome the BROS coders and artists
19:15:48  <Audigex> anyway, i'm going to draw
19:15:52  <Audigex> let me know if anyone grows up
19:15:56  <Beardie> ok Audi
19:15:58  <andythenorth> Audigex: why can't you just drop your stuff in the ttdf forum and on your blog
19:15:59  <andythenorth> ??
19:16:04  <andythenorth> I'm trying to help us grow up :D
19:16:08  <Audigex> because i dont like the "single thread" idea
19:16:11  <andythenorth> sorry ttd forum
19:16:19  <Audigex> i want a thread which just involves my model, with comments about it
19:16:19  <andythenorth> Start your own "Audigex's cool graphics"
19:16:29  <Audigex> i dont have time to go back through 5/6 pages for replies
19:16:33  <Audigex> i'd rather just have
19:16:37  <Audigex> v1 - comments about v1
19:16:41  <Audigex> v2 - comments about v2 and v1
19:16:44  <Audigex> etc
19:16:46  <Audigex> all in one thread
19:16:50  <Audigex> with no other bullshit in the way
19:16:53  <extspotter> you get that on ttf
19:16:57  <Audigex> so it'll go on my blog, with comments and new versions below
19:17:01  <extspotter> plus you'll get a load more people helping you
19:17:12  <welshdragon> I don't care which set my stuff goes into either
19:17:14  <Audigex> extspotter: only if i make a new thread for each sprite
19:17:15  <extspotter> because the amount of traffic will be much higher
19:17:30  <Audigex> i'll also be converting my drawings into 2cc
19:17:39  <Doorslammer> News!
19:17:50  <Beardie> o Doorslammer?
19:17:51  <extspotter> Muse!
19:17:54  <Doorslammer> It could be a while to set up at the moment
19:17:54  <Beardie> :D
19:18:02  <Beardie> How Come?
19:18:03  <Frankr> :p
19:18:05  <Doorslammer> But we can continue with a new thread
19:18:11  <Doorslammer> It's complex
19:18:15  <Beardie> lol
19:18:15  <Doorslammer> But understandable
19:18:20  <andythenorth> Audigex: I see your point about threads, but in a private forum, you won't get my feedback...or DaleStan's...or planetmakers...or Ammler's...or Pikka's...or Ammler's....or FooBar's....or Belugas....or etc
19:18:23  <extspotter> make a new forumotion forum then
19:18:25  <Beardie> But still Woen says its possible?
19:18:26  <welshdragon> Audigex: i can provide you with your own area if orudge doesn't allow a subforum
19:18:27  <welshdragon> in fact
19:18:54  <welshdragon> i'd do that for every artist :)
19:19:30  <Doorslammer> Its a week away from discussion with the mods involved
19:19:34  <Doorslammer> So its very doable
19:19:34  <welshdragon> and allow them to moderate their own section
19:19:34  <welshdragon> (am i winning any prizes yet?)
19:19:44  <Doorslammer> lol
19:19:49  <Doorslammer> I cant see that being the case
19:20:09  <Audigex> andythenorth: i'm happy for the forum to be public
19:20:12  <Audigex> i just want it grouped
19:20:16  <Audigex> like i said
19:20:17  <Beardie> it will be under moderation via the Gernal TT-Forusm mods
19:20:20  <Audigex> i'll set up a wordpress
19:20:22  <Audigex> throw sprites on there
19:20:34  <Audigex> and put the picture on tt-forums with a "comment here" link
19:20:37  <andythenorth> Audigex: sounds like a win
19:20:41  <Audigex> no registration required
19:20:41  *** extspotter has quit IRC
19:20:54  <Audigex> i'm just officially quitting from the political horse-shit surrounding this
19:21:00  <andythenorth> we love wordpress.  apart from the huge security exploit :D
19:21:08  <Doorslammer> lol
19:21:10  <andythenorth> political shit is no fun
19:21:10  <Audigex> powerplay, tantrums and whingey bastards arent "what i signed up for"
19:21:26  <Doorslammer> Same here
19:21:28  <andythenorth> that's why, in my sets, what I say, goes.  Same for Pikka, Michael Blunck, etc
19:21:30  <Frankr> well then you signed up for the wrong set
19:21:30  <Beardie> Same
19:21:34  <Doorslammer> But things on occasion have to be said
19:21:34  *** extspotter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:21:39  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v extspotter
19:21:43  <welshdragon> right
19:21:45  <extspotter> what just happened?
19:21:47  <Doorslammer> It's natural tendency
19:21:51  <Beardie> you left Extspotter
19:21:52  <welshdragon> I'm in my admin panel on my forums
19:21:56  <extspotter> I dc'd
19:22:01  <welshdragon> i can set up a pros forums in 2 minutes
19:22:03  <extspotter> as I was having a bit of a mosh
19:22:12  <andythenorth> welshdragon: will that require registration?
19:22:13  <Frankr> muse thn
19:22:20  <extspotter> Muse!
19:22:20  <welshdragon> andythenorth: about 2 minutes
19:22:32  <Audigex> one important note, guys
19:22:36  <extspotter> I cant stop listening to ma new album
19:22:36  <andythenorth> welshdragon: you'll get low participation from some interesting people
19:22:37  <Audigex> if you're intending to use my stuff
19:22:47  <extspotter> yes
19:22:53  <Audigex> it's licenced GPL - which means that whatever set it's released in must also be released GPL
19:23:01  <extspotter> fine with me
19:23:02  <welshdragon> andythenorth: the forums are publicly viewable
19:23:10  <extspotter> I dont care about the trains I made
19:23:11  <welshdragon> nothing like the BRSet forums
19:23:12  <andythenorth> welshdragon: and to comment?
19:23:12  <Beardie> Welshdragon, lets roll with the tt-forum sub forum, if not allowed we can go for yours if nessary
19:23:24  <Beardie> :)
19:23:24  <welshdragon> Beardie: it'll take time
19:23:32  <welshdragon> i'm in my admin panel now
19:23:45  <welshdragon> andythenorth: to comment is a quick job
19:23:45  <andythenorth> Audigex: that's the beauty of GPL :)
19:23:56  <welshdragon> *quick registration job
19:24:02  <andythenorth> welshdragon: but lots of us just won't bother
19:24:08  <andythenorth> your call, but you'll miss out on feedback
19:24:10  <Doorslammer> We plan GPL v3 anyway
19:24:13  <andythenorth> and encouragement
19:24:18  <Beardie> Welshdragon i can wait
19:24:18  <welshdragon> but as a guest you'll be able to see everyhing
19:24:32  <andythenorth> welshdragon: just my 2p.
19:24:40  <extspotter> traffic is huge on tt-f in comparason
19:24:42  <Doorslammer> welsh, its a grand scheme
19:24:44  <Doorslammer> But...
19:24:53  <extspotter> just need somewhere to host in categories
19:24:54  <Doorslammer> Owen says his forums can easily handle the traffic
19:25:05  <andythenorth> welshdragon: although at my day rate, that would have been about £400 worth of social media consultancy ;)
19:25:07  <Doorslammer> And his is well established for everyone to see no fuss
19:25:20  <Frankr> lol andy
19:25:25  <Doorslammer> So we give the formal location of sprites a rest for this week
19:25:27  <extspotter> andy - why are you so fantastic at everything?
19:25:32  <andythenorth> practice
19:25:36  <andythenorth> and I hide my mistakes
19:25:37  <andythenorth> in public
19:25:54  <Beardie> rofl
19:25:56  <andythenorth> Hide your fuck ups in plain sight, nobody notices
19:26:02  <andythenorth> Same with Pikka
19:26:06  <Frankr> lol
19:26:08  <Doorslammer> :P
19:26:11  <Doorslammer> Subtle
19:26:44  <Beardie> rofl
19:26:50  <extspotter> FIRS + FISH = Orgasmique
19:27:00  <Beardie> rofl
19:27:09  <andythenorth> FIRS + FISH = not done
19:27:13  <Frankr> lol
19:27:14  <extspotter> we are trying to code our cargo planes to carry FIRS cargo and passenger aircraft to carry tourists
19:27:24  <Beardie> You can tell this is a tense caht when not a lot on emoticons are used... :)
19:27:33  <Doorslammer> So guys, I propose waiting for word on the subforum before deciding on the location
19:27:34  <extspotter> :p
19:27:37  <Doorslammer> Agreed?
19:27:41  <extspotter> sure
19:27:44  <Beardie> sure
19:27:46  <extspotter> knock yourself out
19:27:54  <extspotter> start making a different unstarted train
19:27:57  <Doorslammer> I almost have
19:28:02  <Doorslammer> Its 3:30am now
19:28:06  <Beardie> rofl
19:28:06  <extspotter> how about something for a new beginning, 14XX?
19:28:08  <Beardie> Class 31?
19:28:13  <Doorslammer> I have a 31 in the works
19:28:23  <extspotter> I want shteam
19:28:29  <Doorslammer> Ah, yes
19:28:29  <extspotter> GWR tanks
19:28:33  <Doorslammer> The age old problem
19:28:38  <Beardie> anyone want to take Pikkas Steam?
19:28:39  <Doorslammer> Who draws steam?
19:28:41  <Audigex> doorslammer - my stuff is GPLv2 and that's how it's staying
19:28:49  <Audigex> but thats not GPL2+
19:28:54  <Audigex> v2+ *
19:28:59  <Doorslammer> I think the only difference is Tivoisation
19:29:03  <Audigex> use it under GPLv2 or don't use it
19:29:20  <Doorslammer> Whats the difference between v2 and v3?
19:29:26  <Audigex> as someone (ammler maybe) said to me yesterday
19:29:32  <Audigex> who needs the anti-tivoisation part?
19:29:37  <Doorslammer> True
19:29:40  <andythenorth> You can release things under multiple licenses
19:29:45  <Audigex> last i checked, nobody is going to lock my sprites into a hardware setup
19:29:50  <Audigex> andy, but i'm not going to
19:30:07  <Audigex> gplv2 is the same as openttd, and most openttdcoop grfpack sprites
19:30:18  <Doorslammer> OK, I can roll with that
19:30:26  <Frankr> ours is gplv2
19:30:27  <Audigex> tivoisation = releasing software GPL, but not allowing it to be used on a proprietary hardware setup
19:30:38  <Audigex> eg you can modify the tivo software under the GPL, but not run it on your tivo box
19:30:43  <Audigex> that's not applicable to this anyway
19:30:50  <Doorslammer> No
19:30:54  <Doorslammer> v2 it is then
19:31:03  <Audigex> and i dont see any other changes in GPLv3 that would be worth moving it away from openttd's license
19:31:14  <welshdragon> right
19:31:14  <welshdragon> sorry
19:31:18  <welshdragon> internet's being throttled
19:31:18  <Audigex> which also means that, if they wanted to, the devs could release my sprites as part of the openttd release
19:31:29  <Audigex> i doubt they'd want to, but i like the fact they could :)
19:31:30  <Doorslammer> Good point
19:31:35  <Beardie> rofl
19:31:47  <Audigex> right, that's my position made pretty damn clear
19:31:56  <Doorslammer> Good good
19:32:12  <Doorslammer> If Worley asks, hes not invited
19:32:12  <Beardie> Humm WAS might look into that becuase we have planes that both AV8, Planeset and OpenTTD doesn't have
19:32:17  <Audigex> if anyone wants me, highlight me (jon/audigex works)
19:32:45  <Audigex> also
19:32:47  <Audigex> comment on this
19:32:49  <Audigex>
19:32:50  <Audigex> kthx
19:32:52  <Webster> Title: BRSet :: Log in (at
19:33:07  <Audigex> (and yes, i know it's on a private forum, i couldnt give two shits)
19:33:52  <Doorslammer> Wow
19:34:15  <Doorslammer> I actually like that better than that one that bloke who did a runner had
19:34:33  <Beardie> Ronstar
19:34:41  <Frankr> Ronstar by any chance
19:34:43  <Doorslammer> AAAGHHHH!
19:34:43  <Frankr> lol
19:34:51  <Doorslammer> Dont do that
19:35:02  <Doorslammer> His name is now censored in my presence
19:35:12  <Doorslammer> R******
19:35:25  <welshdragon> Redneck
19:35:55  <Frankr> lol
19:36:02  <Beardie> rofl
19:36:08  <Audigex> i dont think ron did an a3
19:36:17  <Doorslammer> A4
19:36:20  <Doorslammer> Sorry
19:36:23  <welshdragon> goodbye BRSet link on my Forums
19:36:24  <Audigex> although from my 32 seconds of research, they're practically the same thing
19:36:30  <welshdragon> hello BROS Forums :D
19:36:36  <Doorslammer> :D
19:36:38  <andythenorth> A3...I thought we were talking Toyota for a minute
19:36:38  <Doorslammer> Wait...
19:36:41  <Beardie> D
19:36:45  <Beardie> :
19:36:46  <Audigex> aha
19:36:50  <Audigex> solved the "fat" problem on that
19:36:59  <Audigex> andy - i'll draw a citreon c3 if that helps? :)
19:37:09  <Audigex> a4 is the streamlined bad boy
19:37:10  <Beardie> Car Set
19:37:12  <Beardie> sounds good?
19:37:23  <Audigex> haha surely it would just be 5 silver pixels
19:37:24  <Beardie> Lets make a bugetti Veyron
19:37:32  <Beardie> carries 4 passengers
19:37:32  <Audigex> and that would just be 4, darker and in a line
19:37:37  <Beardie> goes at 250mph
19:37:41  <Doorslammer> Sir Nige knew how to build a train
19:37:55  <Doorslammer> 4 passengers is a stretch
19:38:07  <Beardie> 3, 2 in the seats one in the boot
19:38:12  <Frankr> lol
19:38:18  <Beardie> if ti has a boot
19:38:20  <Audigex> aston martin db9
19:38:23  <Frankr> one on the roof
19:38:26  <Audigex> for the record, if anyone wins the lottery
19:38:27  <Beardie> at 2 passengers 1 dog
19:38:28  <Audigex> thats what i'm having
19:38:30  <Doorslammer> Someone want to gather the sprites left on you know where?
19:38:39  <Frankr> lol
19:38:39  <Audigex> door - be careful with your licensing
19:38:41  <Beardie> i wil
19:38:42  <Frankr> BRSet
19:38:43  <Doorslammer> ?
19:38:54  <Audigex> only mine, welsh's and ameecher's stuff is gpl on there
19:38:55  <Audigex> and your own
19:38:57  <Beardie> I will get them i actually have them on my pc anyway i think
19:38:58  <Frankr> or is that censored as well
19:39:03  <andythenorth>
19:39:05  <Webster> Title: A3 reporting: the tool that drives Toyota | Improvement and Innovation (at
19:39:09  <Doorslammer> Erm...
19:39:13  <planetmaker> heya :-)
19:39:23  <andythenorth> ah the cavalry arrives
19:39:24  <Doorslammer> EXT and Beardy also accepted GPL too
19:39:25  <Beardie> can i take Ammlers?
19:39:28  <planetmaker> andythenorth: just curious: did it work for you with the new grfcodec and nforenum?
19:39:35  <Frankr> hello planetmaker
19:39:41  <andythenorth> haven't tried work work makes jack a dull boy etc
19:39:49  <andythenorth> then all this ^^^^^^^ started
19:39:54  <andythenorth> *and* I'm hungry
19:39:55  <planetmaker> ok. Please let me know when you try :-)
19:40:06  <andythenorth> but there's nothing like a good drama on the internets
19:40:07  <Audigex> how big is a fucking steam tender?
19:40:09  <Audigex> 16px?
19:40:21  <planetmaker> drama is the right word. Two dramas there are actually.
19:40:29  <planetmaker> brset and moderation
19:40:45  <Doorslammer> lol, wish I had BRSet in moderation too
19:41:00  <planetmaker> or... not moderation but the pretty girls issue
19:41:00  <andythenorth> planetmaker: for the record, we've had a nice signal/noise ratio around here.  I'd hope it stays that way...or I'm off :D
19:41:09  <planetmaker> :-)
19:41:43  <Doorslammer> What was the pretty girls thing about
19:41:53  <andythenorth> I've spent my last few weeks teaching junior developers when to *shut up* and write some code...
19:41:56  <planetmaker> read tt-forums
19:41:56  <Doorslammer> I never followed it
19:42:06  <andythenorth> ...and when to *stop writing code* and ask some questions dammit
19:42:07  <Doorslammer> Where do I start though?
19:42:24  <planetmaker> Doorslammer: dunno. Just saw the noise.
19:42:29  <Doorslammer> lol
19:42:30  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
19:42:46  <Doorslammer> The thread I read didn't make things very explicitly clear
19:43:36  <Beardie> Doorslammer what about my Class 31?
19:43:46  <welshdragon> ok
19:44:00  <welshdragon> i'm just finishing up the BROS test forum
19:44:20  <Doorslammer> I slightly modded that one
19:44:25  <Beardie> cool
19:44:27  <Beardie> lol
19:44:29  <Beardie> :D
19:44:54  <Beardie> Doorslammer
19:44:56  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:44:58  <Beardie> i have some info on some trains
19:45:03  <Beardie> like Daves Tracking Table
19:45:06  <Beardie> but made by me
19:45:08  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
19:45:12  <Beardie> got a list of Class 37s
19:45:17  <Beardie> that need making
19:45:24  <Beardie> with ones that are made
19:45:29  <Beardie> do you want it?
19:45:50  <Beardie> you know keep it for now?
19:46:21  <Doorslammer> Sure
19:46:33  <Doorslammer> is my sending address
19:46:37  <extspotter> ere
19:46:52  <Beardie> ok
19:47:15  <Doorslammer> God I hate the women who cry in infomercials
19:47:17  <extspotter> brb lol
19:47:27  <Doorslammer> Ab twister changed my life!  BLUB!
19:47:28  *** extspotter has quit IRC
19:47:39  <Audigex> andy, who do you work for?
19:48:21  <Doorslammer> OK, bedtime now
19:48:30  <Doorslammer> Nighty night, fellow BROS fans
19:48:34  <Frankr> cya
19:48:43  <Doorslammer> Oh when, will I, will I be famous....?
19:48:44  <welshdragon> Doorslammer: WAIT
19:48:48  <Doorslammer> Oh?
19:49:08  <Doorslammer> I can't answer!  I can't answer that!
19:49:12  <andythenorth> Audigex: I run my own company
19:49:19  <welshdragon> Doorslammer: check
19:49:22  <Webster> Title: NWLUG & UK Bus Set Forums Index page (at
19:49:22  <Audigex> mint, give me a job
19:49:26  <Audigex> well, in 2 years
19:49:35  <andythenorth> do you write python?
19:49:41  <Audigex> hssssss
19:49:44  <welshdragon> you may be suprised to see a name in there who is a moderator of his own area
19:49:45  <Audigex> yeah, seems easy enough ;)
19:49:55  <Audigex> i could easily write python though
19:49:58  <Doorslammer> Write Python, I adore Python!
19:50:03  <Doorslammer> No no, not the comfy chair
19:50:07  <Audigex> it's just c without the braces
19:50:12  <Audigex> yummy whitespace
19:50:18  <Doorslammer> Well, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
19:50:31  <welshdragon> ok
19:50:35  <Doorslammer> And now for something completely different
19:50:36  <Beardie> Doorslammer: Can i use my Class 47s
19:50:43  <welshdragon> what does everybody think?
19:50:44  <Audigex> give me 2 weeks to get the hang of the syntax and api and i'd be away
19:50:48  <Doorslammer> All 47s are off limits
19:50:54  <Beardie> even mine?
19:50:57  <Beardie> the ones i made?
19:51:14  <Beardie> its because i used Csukes outline?
19:51:26  <Doorslammer> Because it was a R****** body shell to start with
19:51:39  <Beardie> was it?
19:51:43  <Audigex> yup
19:51:43  <Beardie> ok i delete them..
19:51:46  <Frankr> lol
19:51:47  <Beardie> from my comp
19:51:50  <welshdragon> ok
19:51:54  <Frankr> can't u ask Ronstar
19:52:17  <Doorslammer> R****** is a tit and told Dave his stuff is no more
19:52:19  <Audigex> Key:
19:52:20  <Doorslammer> Anywhere
19:52:20  <Audigex> ! Ron's contribution gone (ie he's the only contributor, or was the most recent poster)
19:52:22  <Audigex> * Base model credit (ie he made it, others modified it - newer versions still exist)
19:52:23  <Audigex> & Major work/liveries credit (liveries can be re-drawn, work is a problem)
19:52:25  <Audigex> $ minor work (less of a problem)
19:52:26  <Audigex> STEAM
19:52:28  <welshdragon> if anybody on BROS wants an artists section on my forums, register and then tell me you've done so :P
19:52:28  <Audigex> GWR 3400 "city" class !
19:52:30  <Audigex> LNER A1 !
19:52:31  <Audigex> Diesel
19:52:33  <Audigex> 43/HST *&
19:52:34  <Audigex> 47 */&
19:52:36  <Audigex> Electric
19:52:37  <Audigex> 91 *
19:52:39  <Audigex> DMU
19:52:40  <Audigex> 220/221 voyager family *&
19:52:42  <Audigex> 222 meridian &
19:52:43  <Audigex> 180 Adelante $
19:52:45  <Audigex> EMU
19:52:47  <Audigex> 370 APT *&
19:52:48  <Audigex> Rolling Stock
19:52:50  <Audigex> "Old Wagons" *&
19:52:52  <Audigex> Mk 3 &/$
19:52:53  <Audigex> LNER Teak !
19:52:55  <Audigex> Mk I $/!
19:52:57  <Audigex> scuse me
19:52:58  <Audigex> what the fuck is bros?
19:53:00  <Audigex> british rail open set?
19:53:04  <Doorslammer> Old wagons was a hard loss for me
19:53:10  <Doorslammer> BROS
19:53:21  <Audigex> old wagons, 222, 91 and hst
19:53:24  <Audigex> biggest losses by far
19:53:24  <Doorslammer> Open
19:53:29  <Doorslammer> Oops
19:53:32  <Audigex> 220-1-2 even
19:53:34  <Doorslammer> OpenTTD Set
19:53:43  <Frankr> If people have done re-paints he can't disagree with that
19:53:50  <Audigex> frankr - he can
19:53:52  <Frankr> Most of it is their work
19:53:57  <Audigex> if he made the base model, it's a derivative work
19:54:07  <Frankr> Yh but he allowed it
19:54:16  <Audigex> that doesnt mean he can't withdraw it
19:54:17  <Doorslammer> Oh hang on
19:54:27  <Doorslammer> What licence was R****** on?
19:54:28  <Audigex> he didn't release it under a non-retrievable license
19:54:30  <Frankr> He should have said that any other paints are technically his
19:54:35  <Audigex> he wasnt on any license
19:54:40  <welshdragon> ^
19:54:41  <Audigex> which means he retains standard copyright
19:54:45  <Frankr> if he didn't have a license it doesn't matter
19:54:48  <Doorslammer> What a tit
19:54:48  <Audigex> inclusive of derivative works
19:54:52  <Audigex> frankr - it does
19:54:58  <Audigex> copyright is automatic, you dont have to claim it
19:55:06  <Doorslammer> True
19:55:09  <Doorslammer> Same with photos
19:55:13  <Audigex> a license is about giving away some rights while retaining others
19:55:20  <welshdragon> Frankr: breach of copyright is illegal in the UK
19:55:33  <Frankr> If it has a copyright sign on it
19:55:34  <welshdragon> we could be taken to court if we use the stuff
19:55:40  <Audigex> frankr - listen
19:55:43  <Audigex> COPYRIGHT IS AUTOMATIC
19:55:44  <Frankr> And he would go that far
19:55:50  <Audigex> you dont have to put a (c) sign on it
19:55:57  <Audigex> if i make something, it's copyrighted
19:56:11  <Audigex> its only when i state it's released under the GPL that I give away some of those rights
19:56:25  <welshdragon> so, anyway
19:56:28  <Frankr> And so therefore if i change it is technically not your work
19:56:29  <Audigex> you're thinking patents
19:56:34  <welshdragon> nobody taking up my offer?
19:56:36  <Audigex> if you change it, it's a derivative work
19:56:36  <Doorslammer> But isnt there a percentage of what can be changed from the original that can negate copyright?
19:56:38  <Audigex> and still covered
19:56:49  <Frankr> I would agree dorr
19:56:50  <Frankr> door
19:56:51  <Doorslammer> Ah
19:56:51  <Audigex> doorslammer, there's fair use - but that's a very small percentage
19:57:02  <Audigex> as in  you can photocopy 5% of a book
19:57:03  <Beardie> Class 221/1/2? Yours Audigex?
19:57:16  <Audigex> the new class 220/1/2 is 100% my work
19:57:18  <Audigex> you're clear with that
19:57:24  <Beardie> ok i'll take that
19:57:25  <Doorslammer> Oh well, new 47 it is then
19:57:35  <Frankr> The fact that a single painter can paint 1 train and claim the next 30 as his own is ludicrous
19:57:44  <Audigex> frankr, it's really not
19:57:48  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
19:57:48  <Frankr> the GPL should have been introduced ages ago
19:57:52  <Audigex> it's intellectual property, and it's very clear
19:58:14  <Doorslammer> It's a mess that should have been avoided
19:58:15  <Frankr> No wonder the set hasn't got anywhere with idiots painting greyscales and removing them at will
19:58:18  <Doorslammer> Thats my gripe
19:58:28  <welshdragon> right
19:58:30  <Doorslammer> Especially since said member had done sod all for 3 years before
19:58:31  <welshdragon> please
19:58:32  <Audigex> aand we're back into politics
19:58:38  * Audigex is away
19:58:39  <welshdragon> no politics
19:58:40  <Doorslammer> No Im good
19:58:44  <Beardie> lol
19:58:47  <welshdragon> answer my question
19:58:49  <Beardie> :)
19:58:57  <Doorslammer> Go on
19:59:02  <welshdragon> do you want to use my BROS forums?
19:59:02  <Beardie> Sorry Welshdargon what is your question?
19:59:20  <Doorslammer> Yes, until we hear more about the subforum
19:59:25  <welshdragon> ok
19:59:26  <Beardie> i vote not until we can't use tt-forums
19:59:30  <Beardie> lol
19:59:31  <Beardie> ok
19:59:38  <Beardie> i'll go with Doorslammer
19:59:41  <Doorslammer> It shall be a useful temporary home whilst we regroup
19:59:53  <Beardie> i am getting sprites together now
19:59:55  <welshdragon> we need ext's opinion
20:00:05  <welshdragon> Beardie: i'll set up an area for you to spam
20:00:10  <welshdragon> and the same with Audigex
20:00:17  <Doorslammer> He'll love that
20:00:21  <welshdragon> but you'll need to register
20:00:49  <welshdragon> Doorslammer: can you pop a link to the tracking table on the forums?
20:01:04  <Beardie> Class 170 is that Ammechers?
20:01:05  * welshdragon would, but is in his Admin panel :)
20:01:12  <Beardie> Ameechers*
20:01:22  <Doorslammer> Can do
20:02:00  <Beardie> Class 170?
20:02:11  <welshdragon> umm
20:02:14  <Beardie> wait
20:02:14  <Doorslammer> I think that changed too much to be his
20:02:24  <Audigex> ameecher's stuff is GPL
20:02:31  <Beardie> csuke changed it, i'm out (i feel like i am on dragons den)
20:02:37  <Audigex> i his words "go nuts with it, i dont care"
20:02:42  <Frankr>
20:02:43  <Webster> Title: Intellectual Property Office - Enforcing copyright - Substantial part (at
20:02:50  <Audigex> so if he gpl'd it, the derivative work by csuke is gpl too
20:02:52  <Audigex> by definition
20:02:59  <Beardie> ok i'll take
20:03:23  <Audigex> or i believe so anyway
20:03:29  <Frankr> it is also not being used to financial gain
20:03:40  <Audigex> that said, csuke could have an argument that it wasnt gpl when he made it
20:03:48  <Audigex> frankr - stop trying to get round it
20:04:25  <Audigex> besides the moral issues (it's not right, even if you can) you'll also run into major problems with the community if you play around with copyright
20:04:27  <Frankr> if take for example beardie has painted 20 repaints of Ronstars work that is alot
20:04:45  <Audigex> want to get your set into BaNaNaS or the openttdcoop grfset?
20:04:52  <Audigex> if you do, pay attention to copyright
20:04:57  <Beardie> Ben_K??
20:05:03  <Audigex> because i doubt either will accept disputed work
20:05:05  <Doorslammer> Ben_K?
20:05:09  <Beardie> Can't take his stiff?
20:05:11  <Doorslammer> What has he done?
20:05:15  <Doorslammer> :O
20:05:16  <Beardie> Class 175
20:05:18  <Doorslammer> His stiff?
20:05:22  <welshdragon> Ben_K did the original 175
20:05:25  <Beardie> Stuff*
20:05:29  <Doorslammer> Phew
20:05:58  <welshdragon> but he's no longer active in the community
20:06:02  <Beardie> and so?
20:06:08  <Audigex> get in touch with him...
20:06:08  <Beardie> so....
20:06:17  <Audigex> you can't assume anything
20:06:23  <Beardie> ok i'll add that to the maybe list
20:06:25  <Doorslammer> I dont think anything before 2008 was any good anyway
20:06:29  <Beardie> hence get back to iy
20:06:53  <Audigex> karlneil's should be on that list too
20:06:54  <andythenorth> ask Ben_K
20:06:55  <Audigex> the 185
20:06:56  <Beardie> EXT Gone?
20:06:58  <Doorslammer> Argh, my password didnt work
20:07:01  <Audigex> lovely bit of work, that
20:07:04  <Doorslammer> Can you post it for me?
20:07:05  <Doorslammer>
20:07:07  <Webster> Title: BROS (at
20:07:12  <andythenorth> I got permission on cargo sprites from Ben_K
20:07:12  <welshdragon> Doorslammer: on my forums?
20:07:16  <planetmaker> does BenK still exist?
20:07:19  <Doorslammer> 185 is karlneil
20:07:23  <Doorslammer> It is lovely
20:07:25  <planetmaker> I tried to contact him 1 year ago without success.
20:07:31  <Doorslammer> Yeah
20:08:04  <andythenorth> maybe I imagined Ben_K
20:08:11  <Doorslammer> Must have
20:08:13  <andythenorth> I\ve checked my PMs, nothing there
20:08:25  <planetmaker> mine is still unread in the outbox
20:08:29  <Doorslammer> Anyway, bedtime for me
20:08:38  <Doorslammer> Same bat time, same bat channel
20:08:42  <welshdragon> ok
20:08:44  <Doorslammer> Hopefully
20:08:49  <welshdragon> Forums are set up
20:08:49  <planetmaker> from 5th November last year
20:08:52  <Doorslammer> 4:08am :D
20:09:07  <Doorslammer> Nighty night
20:09:14  <Beardie> Night
20:09:16  <Beardie> Class 185?
20:09:17  <planetmaker> night
20:09:27  <Doorslammer> Class 185?
20:09:30  <Doorslammer> karlneil
20:09:35  <Doorslammer> He left it to BRSet
20:09:44  *** Doorslammer has quit IRC
20:09:45  *** extspotter has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
20:09:50  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v extspotter
20:09:51  <Beardie> i'll take it then
20:09:56  <extspotter> damn
20:10:01  <extspotter> dave just left lol
20:10:13  <Beardie> rofl
20:10:22  <extspotter> what about you all?
20:10:49  <welshdragon>
20:10:51  <Webster> Title: NWLUG & UK Bus Set Forums View topic - Tracking Table (at
20:11:00  <welshdragon> thanks Webster
20:11:00  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
20:11:13  <Beardie> ?
20:11:16  <Beardie> Webster?
20:11:22  <Beardie> Webster
20:11:24  <Frankr> lol beardie
20:11:25  <welshdragon> extspotter: you have an area on my forums to post graphics
20:11:28  <Beardie> wtf
20:11:30  <Frankr> it is a bot
20:11:37  <extspotter> k
20:11:50  <Beardie> thanks Webster
20:11:50  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
20:11:50  <Audigex>
20:11:58  <Audigex> coal-carrying-trucky-thingy added
20:11:58  <Webster> Title: BRSet :: Log in (at
20:12:05  <Audigex> fuck off webster
20:12:08  <extspotter> webster should go home
20:12:13  <Audigex> aha, he doesn't reply if you're rude
20:12:18  <extspotter> Webster - go home
20:12:27  <Audigex> he's not ET...
20:12:27  <welshdragon> Beardie / Audigex /  extspotter: please register on my forums
20:12:34  <Beardie> link..
20:12:43  <extspotter> thank you webster
20:12:44  <welshdragon>
20:12:46  <Webster> Title: NWLUG & UK Bus Set Forums Index page (at
20:12:57  <welshdragon> Webster: shut up
20:13:02  <extspotter> I am guessing its a stupid bot, or aud in disguise :p
20:13:07  <Frankr> it is a bot
20:13:07  <Audigex> :o
20:13:17  <Frankr> Webster is a bot
20:13:17  <Webster> Infrastructure Sharing. See for more details.
20:13:25  <Frankr> if you type thanks Webster
20:13:31  <Audigex> wtf
20:13:36  <Audigex> okay, it's not a very clever bot
20:13:39  <extspotter> go home thanks Webster
20:13:40  <welshdragon> lol
20:13:44  <Audigex> why did it just tell us about IS?
20:13:49  <welshdragon> it's not as bad as babyottd was
20:13:52  <extspotter> he said webster IS
20:14:06  <welshdragon> Webster gay
20:14:06  <Frankr> indeed
20:14:10  <extspotter> lol
20:14:23  <Frankr> Webster WAS
20:14:30  <Frankr> i don't think this works
20:14:39  <Frankr> you have to do worldairlineset
20:14:55  <Frankr> thanks Webster
20:14:55  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
20:15:26  <Frankr> i wonder if ping
20:15:33  <Frankr> damn no pong
20:15:52  <Frankr> Webster ping
20:15:52  <Webster> pong
20:15:55  <Frankr> lol
20:15:58  <Beardie> welshdragon i might feel about making some buses sometime in my local livery of John Fishwicks & Sons, the company has been around 100 years and is based in Leyland where the leyand buses and trucks where made, by no other than my Grandad
20:16:11  <welshdragon> ok, thanks
20:16:21  <extspotter> no wonder thatcher sold them
20:16:25  <Frankr> lol
20:16:25  <welshdragon> i'll add you to the UK Bus Set team
20:16:35  <extspotter> also make country bus from down here
20:16:44  <extspotter> its pointles and stupid bus company
20:17:06  <welshdragon> right
20:17:19  <welshdragon> Beardie: you are moderator of your graphics area
20:17:24  <extspotter>
20:17:26  <Webster> Title: Country Bus (at
20:17:29  <Beardie> o ok thanks :)
20:17:31  <welshdragon> (same as door is with his)
20:17:47  <welshdragon> everybody who is an artist will be a moderator of that area
20:17:52  <welshdragon> same with coders
20:18:06  <welshdragon> (once there is code)
20:18:45  <Beardie> no doubt coders will be me and frank at this rate
20:18:53  <Frankr> again
20:18:56  <Beardie> indeed
20:19:03  <Beardie> course we have a WAS Alpha to finish
20:19:04  <Beardie> LOL
20:19:04  <welshdragon> Audigex: are you sticking to posting in the csuke forums?
20:19:06  <Frankr> so that is 2 sets
20:19:18  <Frankr> djnekkid may be able to help
20:19:20  <Beardie> 2 of the biggest sets on the forums yes LOL
20:19:25  <Beardie> he lieks trains
20:19:27  <Beardie> likes*
20:19:57  <Frankr> well WAS is the biggest set i think
20:20:01  <Frankr> 3mb now
20:20:11  <Beardie> well the most ambitious one
20:20:17  <Beardie> like Top Gear
20:20:22  <Frankr> :)
20:20:24  <Beardie> and please correct me on that spelling lol
20:20:27  <Audigex> welshdragon:  i'm posting on csuke for now
20:20:42  <Audigex> as i said, I'm not jumping ship
20:20:48  <Audigex> if it turns out csuke's forum dies
20:20:49  <Beardie> rofl
20:20:58  <Audigex> i may well move to wherever is making progress
20:20:59  <Frankr> which is looking likely
20:21:11  <Audigex> more likely I'll just post them in my own webspace
20:21:12  <welshdragon> Audigex: my only concern is that we can't see what you have done
20:21:23  <Audigex> then come looking for it
20:21:28  <welshdragon> but its your decision
20:21:31  <Beardie> i am looking for it
20:21:35  <Audigex> it's going to be there
20:21:42  <Beardie> and i will post it on Audigex 's section
20:21:49  <welshdragon> ok
20:22:00  <Audigex> but i'm not going to be messing about with moving to a forum that i dont know what's happening with
20:22:00  <welshdragon> do you agree to that Audigex?
20:22:10  <Audigex> i'm not getting involved with communities and crap until i see some progress
20:22:15  <Audigex> it's GPL, do what you want with it
20:22:23  <Audigex> i certainly have no objection to it being re-posted on your forum
20:22:23  <welshdragon> there will be progress i reckon
20:22:27  <Beardie> indeed
20:22:43  <Audigex> and if it turns out that you get the levels of feedback that I like over there, i may well move
20:22:45  <Beardie> brb
20:22:53  <Beardie> :)
20:22:57  <Beardie> bbl sorry
20:24:00  <welshdragon> ok
20:24:12  <welshdragon> i'm going to bed soon anyway
20:25:55  <welshdragon> < drool :P
20:26:24  <Audigex> i made a shitty effort at reproducing that once
20:26:27  <Audigex> nasty stuff
20:26:31  <Audigex> my 2nd sprite ever
20:26:55  <Audigex> it's hidden away in the hst thread on brforums, if you ever want to embarrass me
20:27:25  <welshdragon> Audigex: i like how i started the GC 180, and you then carried on :)
20:27:40  <welshdragon> after i said it was mine :P
20:27:50  <Audigex> yeah
20:27:54  <Audigex> i got carried away :p
20:28:08  <Audigex> i wanted to compare the two models for it
20:28:10  <Audigex> ie mine and jvassie's
20:28:16  <welshdragon> lol
20:28:21  <Audigex> then i wanted to see it as a full train
20:28:24  <Audigex> that sprite is shite though
20:28:36  <Audigex> you'd be better off re-painting the original model yourself
20:30:02  <welshdragon> hehe
20:34:47  <Audigex> why is the BROS forum on some shitty public host?
20:35:08  <welshdragon> as it's free?
20:35:17  <welshdragon> and i know the administrators
20:35:41  <Audigex> well tell them to change their fucking captcha
20:35:44  <Audigex> i cant read the damn thing
20:35:57  <welshdragon> that'll be me
20:36:00  <welshdragon> 2 secs...
20:36:16  <Audigex> finally
20:36:19  <Audigex> 6 attempts
20:36:33  <Audigex> a captcha is meant to be difficult for a bot
20:36:41  <Audigex> but a human should be able to do it first time
20:36:52  <Audigex> if a human can't do it first time, 99% of times
20:36:54  <Audigex> it's failed
20:36:54  <Frankr> lol
20:37:10  <Frankr> true
20:37:13  <welshdragon> i'll fix the captha
20:37:28  <welshdragon> let me just give you some power
20:38:03  <Audigex> i'm already in now, just make a better one
20:38:09  <Audigex> i made a fantastic captcha once
20:38:16  <Audigex> you just click the shape it tells you to
20:38:21  <Audigex> cant find the thing now
20:38:41  <Audigex> and that tracking table still says GPLv3
20:38:47  <Audigex> which isn't compatible with the GPLv2
20:39:09  <extspotter> hello?
20:39:15  <jonty-comp> hello
20:39:17  <extspotter> audigex, you have msn?
20:39:17  <welshdragon> i'll mention that to doorslammer tomorrow
20:39:39  <extspotter> I already have mark's and downunderdave's
20:39:50  <Audigex>
20:39:51  <welshdragon> yeah
20:39:54  <welshdragon> i'm hiding
20:39:58  <extspotter> k lol
20:40:28  <extspotter> added
20:41:11  <Audigex> accept0rd
20:42:25  <extspotter> wewt
20:42:36  <extspotter> but for some reason I can't msn ayone right now
20:42:42  <extspotter> says recipient doesnt recieve
20:42:47  <extspotter> makes nosense
20:42:59  <welshdragon> lol
20:43:10  <Frankr> wb ext
20:44:11  <extspotter> shmexehfrank :p
20:44:56  <Frankr> :)
20:45:11  <extspotter> lol, going from relative calmness of USoE to Les Wampas was to suprising for my brain
20:45:26  <andythenorth> good night
20:45:27  <extspotter> I am like ARGH!
20:45:31  <extspotter> noightynoight
20:45:46  <Frankr> cya
20:45:47  *** andythenorth has left #openttdcoop.devzone
20:45:52  <Frankr> lol ext
20:47:01  <extspotter> what?
20:47:18  <Frankr> does any1 here know the longvehicles set guy
20:47:27  <Frankr> ext your comment about muse
20:47:44  <extspotter> andythenorth
20:47:53  <extspotter> or was that heavy
20:48:12  <Frankr> heavy
20:49:23  <welshdragon> it's Michael Blunck
20:49:23  <jonty-comp> extspotter: MSN is broken at the moment it seems
20:49:30  <welshdragon> he's a nutcase
20:49:32  <jonty-comp> or, at least, half my friends on Facebook are complaining about it
20:49:40  <extspotter> it is like so heavy man, I was like woah, that is like heavy dude, you get me?
20:49:48  <jonty-comp> long vehicles? that's geogrge
20:50:47  <Frankr> do you know anyway i could contact him
20:51:15  <welshdragon> *cough*
20:51:17  <Webster> Title: NWLUG & UK Bus Set Forums View topic - spam test (at
20:51:20  <welshdragon> i feel; so cruel :P
20:51:36  <welshdragon> i need to ckeck fora permissions
20:52:01  <extspotter> I wish I had more accents on my keyboard
20:52:18  <extspotter> I severely lack them seeing as I speak in foreign languages so much
20:52:23  <Audigex> extspotter:   The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
20:52:25  <Audigex> prod
20:52:28  <Audigex> your msn is buggered
20:52:30  <extspotter> same for me
20:52:35  <extspotter> but for everyone
20:52:40  <extspotter> jonty says its same for everyone
20:52:49  <welshdragon> anybody have Skype?
20:52:57  <welshdragon> (i can do a text skype chat)
20:53:09  <Frankr> yh
20:53:21  <Frankr> beardie and i have skype
20:55:49  <Audigex> i have it but don't use it
20:55:51  <Audigex> easier to get me on here
20:56:10  <Frankr> i only use skype for talkin with beardie and other friends
20:56:17  <extspotter> omg
20:56:20  <extspotter> just happened again
20:56:21  <Frankr> saves typing
20:56:47  <extspotter> resistance going onto Weezer - Buddy Holly
20:56:55  <Frankr> lol
20:56:57  <extspotter> I just jumped out f my seat
20:58:05  <extspotter> tbh
20:58:27  <extspotter> even though some people are saying their new stuff is a departure from their old stuff, but if anything I like it more
20:58:41  <jonty-comp> yes
20:58:45  <jonty-comp> and it's on spotify, woo
20:58:50  <extspotter> already?
20:58:56  <extspotter> I got it this morning off iTunes
20:59:02  <extspotter> preorder
20:59:03  <jonty-comp> well, they put proper releases on the launch day
20:59:13  <jonty-comp> like Know Your Enemy, and The Resistance
20:59:26  <jonty-comp> and Strawberry Swing appeared the other day too
20:59:33  <extspotter> Know Your Enemy is Green day though isnt it
20:59:38  <jonty-comp> yes
21:00:16  <Frankr> :)
21:00:26  <Frankr> well i'll buy the album on Weds
21:00:48  <jonty-comp> I'll just sap it off Spotify :D
21:02:21  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:02:33  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Chris_Booth
21:03:07  <extspotter> trying to see if anything sounds remotely like the resistance
21:03:56  <extspotter> but the closest I can get is Noir Dsir and its not really that similar
21:05:11  <extspotter> wewt
21:05:31  <extspotter> Axis of Awesome - The 4 Chord Song
21:05:33  <extspotter>
21:05:34  <Webster> Title: YouTube - Axis Of Awesome 4 Chords - Amazing, Funny, Comedy, Singing, Just Brilliant (at
21:06:05  <Frankr> thanks Webster
21:06:05  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
21:07:56  <welshdragon> extspotter: ask Eoin in #tycoon
21:08:02  <welshdragon> he's a muse fan
21:08:22  <Beardie> I am a muse fan :D
21:08:37  <Beardie> i own all the albums :D plus HAARP :D
21:08:49  <Beardie> DVD + CD :)
21:09:00  <Frankr> u got HAARP?
21:09:02  <Audigex> brb
21:09:03  <Audigex> starving
21:09:24  <Frankr> not Hubablu tho
21:09:28  <extspotter> axis of awesome is funny
21:09:40  <extspotter> the a-ha bit was genius
21:09:50  <Beardie> no not hbablu buts that not really a album its more compliation
21:10:06  <Beardie> hubablu*
21:10:43  <extspotter>
21:10:44  <Webster> Title: YouTube - Shakira She Wolf Official Music Video Full HD (at
21:10:49  <extspotter> shmexy shakira
21:11:00  <extspotter> shmekier than both robs put together :p
21:11:11  <extspotter> plus its the spanish one
21:11:27  <Audigex> what happened to people updating this BROS forum?
21:11:37  <Audigex> it's been there for a few hours, you're all sat on here
21:11:40  <Audigex> but there's nothing there?
21:11:51  <Beardie>  well i am tired
21:11:55  <Beardie> am i was away
21:12:00  <Beardie> i will do it tomorrow
21:12:03  <extspotter> plus it is much more explicit than the english one lol
21:12:04  <Beardie> no wait i am out
21:12:14  <Beardie> wednesday i am in all day
21:12:21  <Beardie> i'll get some stuff on there
21:12:28  <Beardie> and what not of my own
21:12:37  <Beardie> :)
21:12:41  <welshdragon> i'm filling up the BROS forums with some info
21:12:56  <Beardie> also i am int he mood for making a bus :D
21:13:00  <Beardie> lol
21:13:11  <welshdragon> Beardie: thanks for reminding me...
21:13:16  <Beardie> :)
21:13:37  <Beardie> humm though i am crap at starting from scratch
21:16:11  <Audigex> well, go make a thread about licensing at least
21:16:17  <Audigex> make it clear from the start
21:16:20  <Audigex> and you'll avoid all the other problems
21:16:35  <Beardie> :)
21:16:56  <welshdragon> Audigex: you read mi mind
21:17:00  <welshdragon> *my
21:17:17  <Audigex> i do that occasionally
21:18:05  <Audigex>
21:18:06  <Webster> Title: xkcd - A Webcomic - Psychic (at
21:18:30  <Beardie> welshdragon doo you need someone to have a go at a Optare Solo?
21:18:52  <welshdragon> Beardie: we need anything :P
21:19:00  <welshdragon> watch the scale
21:19:14  <Beardie> humm
21:19:19  <Beardie> so not to big and not too small
21:19:20  <welshdragon> you need to add another 2 pixels in height/length
21:19:27  <Beardie> to?
21:19:32  <Beardie> the other Optare Solo?
21:19:37  <welshdragon> the original ttd scale
21:19:45  <Beardie> how come?
21:19:54  <Audigex> brb - going to get naked and cover myself in soap
21:19:57  <Audigex> ....
21:20:05  <Audigex> brb - going to have a shower
21:20:09  <Beardie> rofl
21:20:22  <Beardie> anyway why add 2 pixels to the ttd scale?
21:21:13  *** Audigex is now known as Audi[away]
21:21:25  <extspotter> audigex, why do you always make things sound so graphic?
21:21:36  <Audi[away]> i'm an artiste, it's in my blood
21:21:47  <Beardie> welshdragon?
21:21:59  <Audi[away]> kk, not here
21:22:04  <Beardie> ok bye
21:22:15  <welshdragon> Beardie: check the uk bus set thread on tt-forums
21:22:26  <welshdragon> there was an argument over scale
21:22:36  <Beardie> rofl ok
21:25:30  <welshdragon>
21:25:32  <Webster> Title: NWLUG & UK Bus Set Forums View topic - Set Licensing (at
21:25:47  <welshdragon> thanks Webster, go suck a cock :P
21:28:00  <Beardie> so this scale thing by the looks of it the Optare Solo needs scaling down
21:28:09  <Beardie> and other work looks the right scale
21:28:09  <welshdragon> hmm
21:28:14  <Beardie> to me
21:28:24  <welshdragon> try it and see
21:28:38  <Beardie> lws1984 has got the right scale
21:28:39  <welshdragon> also
21:28:44  <Beardie> try it?
21:28:46  <welshdragon> if you feel like it
21:28:52  <welshdragon> /join #ukbus
21:33:53  <welshdragon> extspotter: you are breaking the tables on
21:33:54  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - Pretty Vehicles (NO PRIMER) (at
21:34:03  <welshdragon> Webster: fuck orf
21:34:18  <extspotter> its not table breaking quite
21:34:32  <welshdragon> it's still VERY large
21:34:41  <extspotter> its still wihtin the same line as all the other post and theyre all within my (non) wide screeen
21:35:02  <extspotter> 17 inch monitor
21:35:09  <extspotter> thanks webster
21:35:09  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
21:35:21  <extspotter> and a eunic...
21:35:54  <welshdragon> hehe
21:37:05  <Frankr> Webster UKbusset
21:37:15  <Frankr> Webster UK Bus Set
21:37:21  <extspotter> eunuch sorry
21:37:33  <extspotter> Webster World Airliner Set
21:37:41  <Frankr> Webster World Airline Set
21:37:42  <extspotter> Webster Worldairlinerset
21:37:50  <extspotter> Webster Worldairlineset
21:37:56  <welshdragon> Webster: ukbusset
21:37:59  <extspotter> Webster boobs
21:38:09  <extspotter> Webster moobs?
21:38:12  <Frankr> Webster World Airliners Set
21:38:24  <Frankr> Webster Worldairlinersset
21:38:25  <extspotter> thanks a lot, webster
21:38:25  <Webster> Okay, but I'm a bot
21:38:31  <Frankr> lol
21:38:48  <extspotter> and yet you still breathe... what a waste of electricity
21:38:54  <Frankr> Webster FIRS
21:38:54  <Webster> FIRS Industry Replacement Set, see:
21:39:03  <extspotter> webster UKRS
21:39:06  <Frankr> Webster 2cc
21:39:06  <Webster> "2 Company Colour" trainset, see
21:39:09  <extspotter> Webster UKRS
21:39:20  <Beardie> Webster WAS
21:39:20  <extspotter> Webster TBRS
21:39:28  <extspotter> Webster Canset
21:39:28  <Frankr> Webster Opengfx
21:39:34  <Beardie> Webster World Airline Set
21:39:42  <extspotter> Webster HEQS
21:39:45  <Beardie> Webster World Airliner Set
21:39:49  <Beardie> rofl
21:39:51  <Frankr> Webster Dutch station set
21:39:58  <extspotter> Webster DBsetXL
21:39:58  <Webster> extspotter: You've given me 5 invalid commands within the last minute; I'm now ignoring you for 10 minutes.
21:40:03  <extspotter> yay
21:40:06  <extspotter> twat
21:40:07  <Beardie> rofl
21:40:07  <Frankr> lol
21:40:16  <welshdragon> Webster gay:
21:40:27  <Beardie> WAS Webster
21:40:34  <Beardie> WAS, Webster
21:40:36  <Beardie> lol
21:40:47  <Beardie> World Airliners Set, Webster
21:40:49  <Beardie> no
21:40:51  <Beardie> nope
21:40:56  <extspotter> webster shops at topshop, new look and claire's accessories
21:41:07  <extspotter> what a crossdresser
21:41:33  <extspotter> anyway
21:41:34  <extspotter> bedtime
21:41:43  <extspotter> I want to read more of my ruinair book
21:41:48  <extspotter> nigjt
21:41:58  <Beardie> night
21:42:09  <Frankr> cya
21:42:09  *** extspotter has quit IRC
21:43:22  <Frankr> Webster bye
21:50:19  *** Webster has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
21:50:27  *** openttdcoop sets mode: +v Webster
21:50:57  <Beardie> Webster bye
21:51:05  <Beardie> nope lol
21:51:16  <Beardie> Webster Bye
21:51:31  <Beardie> Webster Fish
21:51:48  <Frankr> Web FIRS
21:51:58  <Frankr> Webster FIRS
21:51:58  <Webster> FIRS Industry Replacement Set, see:
21:52:23  <Frankr> Webster Frank
21:52:31  <Frankr> Webster Beardie
21:55:25  <Audi[away]> back
21:55:37  <Frankr> :)
22:08:22  *** Audi[away] is now known as Audigex
22:36:11  *** Beardie has quit IRC
23:03:33  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
23:23:40  <Frankr> Audigex nice work on the flying scotsman
23:28:59  <Audigex> ty
23:30:25  <Audigex> it didnt actually take that long
23:31:25  <Audigex> i need to do some research into steamers though
23:31:28  <Audigex> no idea what others look like :p
23:39:14  *** Audigex has quit IRC
23:50:46  *** Frankr has quit IRC

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