Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 29th May 2015:
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16:48:22  <DevZone> Project 2cc Bus Set build #47-push: STILL FAILING in 15 sec:
16:51:21  <DevZone> Project 2ccts build #481-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 46 sec:
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18:18:15  <DevZone> Project World Airliner Set build #1053-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 45 sec:
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20:14:17  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #675-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 22 sec:
20:19:29  <Alberth> frosch123:   reading language files wasn't that difficult, ideas how to initialize the meta-data?
20:20:17  <DevZone> Project FIRS Industry Replacement Set build #676-push: SUCCESS in 3 min 7 sec:
20:22:13  <frosch123> what do you mean?
20:22:24  <frosch123> like, when to call "init"? on start of eints?
20:22:44  <Alberth> it needs a path, a directory with files, a call to init
20:23:05  <frosch123> i thought about putting something into "scripts", which fetches a snapshot of ottd lang files, and stores the 20 first lines of them
20:23:28  <frosch123> i.e. eints repo could contain a copy of the language file headers, which are updated via calling some script + commit
20:24:53  <Alberth> fair enough
20:25:57  <frosch123> not sure whether to fetch via "svn export" or "hg clone" or even "wget"
20:28:00  <frosch123> "svn export" could be the easiest option
20:32:17  <Alberth> probably, as you can export a sub-directory
20:32:27  <frosch123> yup :)
20:33:06  <Alberth> sed -e '20, $ d'  -i *.txt */*.txt      :p
20:33:08  <frosch123> btw. do you have a good idea for the "unfinished" directory?
20:33:25  <frosch123> languages in there should be supported for the openttd project, but not for the others
20:33:51  <Alberth> why not?
20:34:42  <frosch123> i am not sure about the current state, but we considered not assignnig newgrf languaged ids to unfinished languages
20:34:53  <frosch123> because many of them are temporal flukes
20:35:12  <frosch123> and assigning language ids causes so much annoying updates to so many projects
20:35:49  <frosch123> also, there is no point in translating a newgrf or gs, if that translations is not available in ottd
20:36:58  <Alberth> you make a 'only_stable_languages' flag in the project type to express the language restrictions
20:37:31  <Alberth> perhaps my paste should be changed to read a single directory
20:37:44  <Alberth> and have 2 paths
20:37:47  <Alberth> ?
20:38:32  <Alberth> languages should be annotated whether they come from the stable path or unfinished path
20:38:39  <frosch123> sounds good
20:39:23  <Alberth> yep, but not today :)
20:39:26  <Alberth> gn
20:39:33  <frosch123> on start we can check the config whether any of the enabled project types allow unfinished languages, and disable them right away, so they do not show on the languages page etc
20:39:38  <frosch123> night
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