Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 26th February 2019:
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00:42:17  <Happpy> Gn
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11:11:52  <Happpy> @logs
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15:22:45  <Happpy> !date
15:22:45  <coopserver> Not connected!!
15:28:26  <Happpy> Plannetmaker  can i do a test on this server  ?
15:34:07  <planetmaker> what do you want to test?
15:35:48  <Happpy> The test  will be if i swich this server on if the #openttdcoop nighty sever  gets a error a gen
15:48:01  <planetmaker> well. If the server says "I quite because there was not enough memory", and there was *one* other thing running, this server, the answer is quite clear
15:48:10  <planetmaker> It might not happen immediately. But it will again
15:48:57  <Happpy> Ok
15:50:05  <planetmaker> it also heavily depends on the maps... their size, their newgrfs, their state of being build-up, amount of vehicles...
15:50:39  <Happpy> Hmm
15:50:49  <Happpy> Ok
15:51:31  <Happpy> Will when it's all good to port this back on let me no
15:53:29  <planetmaker> Well, just download 1.9.0-beta3 and play on the other server :|
15:53:48  <planetmaker> that's as good as stable with extra features :)
15:53:48  <Happpy> Ok
15:56:42  <Happpy> I can not dowload that Becours i am admin on the reddit server so
15:57:03  <Happpy> I need the openttd ther got
15:58:07  <planetmaker> hu? You can run as many different OpenTTD as you like
15:58:27  <planetmaker> just download the zip file, extract in a dir of your choice and start it
15:58:34  <Happpy> Ok
15:59:25  <planetmaker> just don't use the installer... as "installed" can only one...
15:59:49  <planetmaker> though the only difference is to where / which version the icon in the start menu points
16:08:11  <Happpy> Ok
16:08:18  <Happpy> I try it
16:08:23  <Happpy> Later
16:23:05  <planetmaker> please do :) I would not know how to live the many versions I have in parallel
16:23:21  <planetmaker> without...
16:23:52  <Happpy> Ok i can try it tonight but onley 1 hour
16:24:11  <Happpy> I got to be up at 5 am
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