Log for #coopetition on 4th July 2010:
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17:19:14  *** Mucht has quit IRC
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17:21:31  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mucht
17:24:16  <planetmaker> hm
17:24:31  <Mucht> what?
17:24:36  <Mucht> planetmaker
17:24:40  <planetmaker> :-)
17:24:43  <Mucht> :-P
17:25:08  <planetmaker> hey ho Mucht
17:25:12  <Mucht> yo
17:25:17  <planetmaker> I just thought... I should get this server running
17:25:35  <Mucht> you definitely should ;-)
17:28:59  <planetmaker> so... would you join tonight a small competition game?
17:29:22  <Mucht> hey I would have time tonight :-P
17:29:25  <planetmaker> <-- prepare a map, get the binaries there
17:29:25  <Mucht> my gf is away
17:29:37  <Mucht> who is my partner then?
17:29:43  <planetmaker> I'll play
17:29:51  <Mucht> ok 1v1 ?
17:30:12  <planetmaker> welshdragon: needs to prove that he can do better by preferentially using subsidies
17:30:19  <planetmaker> We have an outstanding bet
17:30:52  <Mucht> heh
17:30:57  <planetmaker> but h2h can support more combatants :-)
17:31:02  <planetmaker> So it'd be nice
17:31:28  <planetmaker> but first... I need this server to run
17:31:37  <Mucht> and I need to get my client configured
17:31:48  <planetmaker> just download from what I gave you
17:31:50  <Mucht> didn't play openttd for months as you may have noticed :-P
17:31:59  <planetmaker> I did :-P
17:32:44  <planetmaker> hm... I'm compiling the wrong binary :S
17:32:52  <planetmaker> on the server
17:33:19  <welshdragon> haha
17:33:53  <Mucht> nah
17:35:03  <planetmaker> found the server's hg repo
17:35:24  <planetmaker> compiling again :-)
17:35:45  <planetmaker> so... you have (still) the time, welshdragon ?
17:36:56  <welshdragon> no. as I've now got to find alternative accommodation
17:37:06  <planetmaker> woot?
17:37:08  <welshdragon> for a trip in 3 weeks
17:37:20  <planetmaker> so no h2h today?
17:37:27  <planetmaker> Hey...! I won. Without fight :-)
17:40:01  <welshdragon> I'll challenge you another time planetmaker
17:41:13  <planetmaker> dully noted
17:42:45  *** CooPeter has joined #coopetition
17:42:46  <CooPeter> Autopilot engaged
17:42:46  <CooPeter> Starting new game: '{#coopetition} ('
17:42:46  <CooPeter> Landscape: temperate
17:42:46  <CooPeter> Dimensions: 128x1024
17:42:46  <CooPeter> Starting year: 1985
17:42:46  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v CooPeter
17:42:47  <CooPeter> Server is running revision h6a5fad9c
17:43:55  <CooPeter> Server closed down by admin
17:44:03  <CooPeter> Server has exited
17:44:03  *** CooPeter has quit IRC
17:44:18  <planetmaker> I looked in the wrong channel :-P
17:44:23  <planetmaker> everything working, Ammler :-)
17:44:28  *** CooPeter has joined #coopetition
17:44:28  <CooPeter> Autopilot engaged
17:44:29  <CooPeter> Starting new game: '{#coopetition} ('
17:44:29  <CooPeter> Landscape: temperate
17:44:29  <CooPeter> Dimensions: 128x1024
17:44:29  <CooPeter> Starting year: 1985
17:44:29  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v CooPeter
17:44:30  <CooPeter> Server is running revision h6a5fad9c
17:44:54  <Ammler> oh, you have a competition tournament this night?
17:45:26  <Ammler> ha, welshdragon gave up ;-)
17:45:28  <CooPeter> *** planetm4ker joined the game
17:45:45  <welshdragon> Ammler: no, i've got more pressing issues
17:45:57  <CooPeter> <Mucht> hah
17:45:57  <CooPeter> *** Mucht joined the game
17:46:05  <CooPeter> <Mucht> let me get some orientation
17:46:05  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> ha :-)
17:46:33  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> you have exactly 128x1024 for you and you alone
17:46:39  <CooPeter> <Mucht> its great
17:46:52  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> all identical :-)
17:46:56  <CooPeter> <Mucht> you can enter the number of splits, right?
17:47:08  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> it's paused anyway :-)
17:47:12  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> yes
17:47:16  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> it's a config setting
17:47:21  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> it just needs to be 2**n
17:47:33  <CooPeter> <Mucht> yes
17:47:57  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> hm. The map is not bad
17:48:09  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> I actually like it :-)
17:48:21  <CooPeter> <Mucht> it definitely is...
17:48:41  <planetmaker> !content
17:48:56  <planetmaker> for just firing up ap+ it's actually great :-)
17:49:13  <planetmaker> considering I did absolutely NO configuration
17:50:11  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> well... usually I want my games now with SwedishRails, of course ;-)
17:50:26  <CooPeter> <Mucht> I wonder how they look
17:50:30  <CooPeter> <Mucht> snowy?
17:50:36  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> in snowy terrain: absolutely
17:50:41  <CooPeter> <Mucht> :-P
17:50:45  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> including snowy depots and bridge tracks
17:50:57  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> and level crossings
17:51:09  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> no fences in snow, though
17:51:21  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> even though I do have the graphics and draw them. OpenTTD refuses ;-)
17:51:35  *** fmauNeko has joined #coopetition
17:53:42  <CooPeter> <Mucht> do we still use teamspeak?
17:54:34  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> I haven't used it for LOOONG
17:54:40  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> we should use skype :-)
17:54:44  <Mucht> true
17:54:54  <Mucht> and then, I gotta search for a microphone -.-
17:55:04  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> In-built into my laptop
17:55:08  <Mucht> and again, I hope it works with my linux, havent tried in ages...
17:55:24  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> what's your skype account?
17:55:35  <Mucht> nussbama
17:56:32  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko joined the game
17:57:28  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> I sent a contact request via Skype
17:57:42  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> mine is just like my nick in IRC
17:58:45  <planetmaker> Yexo: fancy to join maybe? :-)
18:00:06  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er joined the game
18:00:10  <Yexo> !revision
18:00:10  <CooPeter> Game version is h6a5fad9c
18:00:14  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> Amm1er: hast Du auch Skype?
18:00:34  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> hab kein mikro
18:00:39  <planetmaker> ah, a pity
18:00:44  <Ammler> :-)
18:00:52  <planetmaker> still not, eh?
18:01:09  <planetmaker> we had the issue already last time we did this via teamspeak
18:01:26  <Ammler> no
18:01:35  <Ammler> the competition with yexo, I had one
18:01:43  <planetmaker> ok :-)
18:01:56  <Ammler> but I needed it for one of my last "customers"
18:02:05  <Ammler> and forgot bot buy a new one
18:02:14  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> :-)
18:02:22  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> hey :-)
18:02:22  <CooPeter> *** Yex0 joined the game
18:02:34  <planetmaker> Folks, I do wonder: do we want to form teams?
18:02:43  <planetmaker> To give this channel name true credit?
18:03:11  <Ammler> oh, you like to make a game now?
18:03:23  <planetmaker> well, why not? :-)
18:03:35  <planetmaker> It's up and running and we're 5 people
18:03:41  <planetmaker> !clients
18:04:30  <Ammler> !players
18:04:35  <CooPeter> Client 3 (Yellow) is planetm4ker, in company 1 (planetm4ker Transport)
18:04:35  <CooPeter> Client 11 is Yex0, a spectator
18:04:35  <CooPeter> Client 5 (Green) is Mucht, in company 2 (Mucht Transport)
18:04:35  <CooPeter> Client 7 is fmauNeko, a spectator
18:04:35  <CooPeter> Client 9 is Amm1er, a spectator
18:04:36  <CooPeter> Client 11 is Yex0, a spectator
18:04:36  <CooPeter> Client 3 (Yellow) is planetm4ker, in company 1 (planetm4ker Transport)
18:04:38  <CooPeter> Client 5 (Green) is Mucht, in company 2 (Mucht Transport)
18:04:38  <CooPeter> Client 7 is fmauNeko, a spectator
18:04:40  <CooPeter> Client 9 is Amm1er, a spectator
18:05:03  <CooPeter> <Mucht> ammler: are you also on skype?
18:05:23  <Ammler> no :-)
18:06:07  <Mucht> ok, who is up for a game now?
18:06:28  <Yexo> I'd like to play, don't care about teams or not
18:07:00  <Mucht> Ammler: ?
18:09:28  <CooPeter> <fmauNeko> Just spectating, I can't stay for long
18:09:43  <Ammler> when start, how long?
18:09:54  <Mucht> hmm how long
18:10:01  <Mucht> We are ready to start right now, I assume?
18:10:02  <planetmaker> about 2h?
18:10:17  <Ammler> that's 10 years
18:11:32  <Yexo> ok
18:11:49  <CooPeter> *** Yex0 has started a new company (#3)
18:11:53  <planetmaker> well. I don't care about teams...
18:12:05  <planetmaker> I'd play jointly with Mucht then... we can talk
18:12:09  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has started a new company (#4)
18:12:12  <planetmaker> anyone wants to join our Skype session?
18:12:57  <CooPeter> <Mucht> everyone for himself?
18:14:00  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> seems so :-)
18:14:04  <CooPeter> * Yex0 reminds himself to fix the industry list, it's completely unusable
18:15:48  <CooPeter> <Mucht> ready?
18:15:58  <planetmaker> so... !rcon unpause? The aim is company value?
18:16:05  <planetmaker> till... 22h?
18:16:08  <planetmaker> or 22:15h?
18:16:16  <Yexo> no aircraft?
18:16:20  <Yexo> it's currently set to 1
18:16:20  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> or 1995
18:16:25  <CooPeter> <Mucht> wait
18:16:28  <planetmaker> ok, 1995
18:16:29  <CooPeter> <Mucht> rules are clear?
18:16:29  <Yexo> 1 jan 1995 is clearer
18:16:33  <CooPeter> <Mucht> no stationwalk
18:16:33  <planetmaker> yep
18:16:42  <Yexo> yep
18:16:43  <planetmaker> well... there's distant+join
18:16:45  <planetmaker> ;-)
18:16:46  <CooPeter> <Mucht> and no planes?
18:18:13  <Ammler> hmm, station spread is 12
18:18:19  <Ammler> you like to make that smaller?
18:18:23  <planetmaker> uh :-) dann ist das kein Problem
18:18:34  <Ammler> or what you mean with no station walk?
18:18:49  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> nope. I thought it was 64
18:18:55  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> with 12 everything goes IMHO
18:19:47  <CooPeter> <Mucht> Yexo you ready?
18:19:51  <CooPeter> <Yex0> yes
18:19:57  <CooPeter> <Mucht> kk
18:20:33  <CooPeter> <Mucht> Amm1er: ready?
18:20:45  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> I'm ready
18:21:21  <CooPeter> <Mucht> zZz ;)
18:21:35  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> hehe
18:21:41  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> seems noone else will join
18:21:43  <planetmaker> ready, steady, go
18:21:45  <CooPeter> <Mucht> gogogo
18:21:46  <planetmaker> !rcon unpause
18:21:57  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko has left the game (connection lost)
18:23:16  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko joined the game
18:23:22  <fmauNeko> Damn iPhone save, it made openttd freeze -_-
18:23:28  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> go, start your company, fmauNeko
18:23:52  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko has left the game (desync error)
18:24:29  <fmauNeko> I think I won't start a company, this computer sucks a little, I must wait for iTunes to finish
18:27:10  <Yexo> desync :(
18:27:57  <CooPeter> <Mucht> zZz ;)
18:27:57  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko joined the game
18:28:16  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> hmm
18:28:20  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> no money
18:28:25  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> wrong tactic
18:28:47  <CooPeter> <Mucht> heh me as well
18:28:51  <CooPeter> <Mucht> Amm1er: broke?
18:29:39  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> did something change on prices?
18:29:46  <CooPeter> <Mucht> nah :-P
18:29:50  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko has left the game (desync error)
18:29:54  <CooPeter> <Mucht> you gotta take care
18:30:20  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> no, I lost
18:30:20  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko joined the game
18:30:24  <CooPeter> <Mucht> Amm1er: busses?
18:30:36  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> TGV
18:30:40  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> :-)
18:30:47  <CooPeter> <Mucht> yeah but that obviously didnt work out :-P
18:31:08  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko has left the game (leaving)
18:32:13  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> so what shall I do, new company?
18:32:19  <CooPeter> <Mucht> yeah Amm1er
18:32:24  <CooPeter> <Mucht> you have 4 chances left
18:32:30  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> :-D
18:33:01  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has joined spectators
18:34:11  <Ammler> hmm, openttd is using already 100%?
18:34:20  <Ammler> wtf
18:40:17  <Yexo> don't take over Ammler's company if you get the question
18:40:28  <Yexo> you won't be able to do anything with it, not even sell the vehicles
18:40:31  <CooPeter> <Mucht> good point :-P
18:40:46  <Ammler> !companies
18:40:51  <CooPeter> Company 1 (Yellow): planetm4ker Transport
18:40:51  <CooPeter> Company 2 (Green): Mucht Transport
18:40:51  <CooPeter> Company 3 (Red): Yex0 Transport
18:41:04  <Ammler> gone :-(
18:41:13  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> try again, Amm1er:-)
18:42:06  *** Phoenix_the_II has joined #coopetition
18:42:19  *** Phoenix_the_II has left #coopetition
18:48:10  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has started a new company (#4)
18:49:10  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has joined spectators
18:49:14  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has started a new company (#5)
18:49:35  <CooPeter> <Mucht> Amm1er: if you win now, I'll quit my coopetition career
18:50:17  *** fmauNeko has quit IRC
18:53:57  <CooPeter> <Mucht> MONEY GNAAAA
18:58:24  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> mäh
18:58:36  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has joined spectators
18:58:40  <Ammler> !companies
18:58:44  <CooPeter> Company 1 (Yellow): planetm4ker Transport
18:58:44  <CooPeter> Company 2 (Green): Mucht Transport
18:58:44  <CooPeter> Company 3 (Red): Yex0 Transport
18:58:44  <CooPeter> Company 4 (Blue): Amm1er Transport
18:58:45  <CooPeter> Company 5 (Pink): Tricklegate Transport
18:58:49  <Ammler> !rcon reset_company 4
18:58:49  <CooPeter> Company deleted.
18:58:52  <Ammler> !rcon reset_company 5
18:58:52  <CooPeter> Company deleted.
18:59:07  <Ammler> !rcon companies
18:59:07  <CooPeter> #:1(Yellow) Company Name: 'planetm4ker Transport'  Year Founded: 1985  Money: 39154  Loan: 290000  Value: 1  (T:2, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
18:59:07  <CooPeter> #:2(Green) Company Name: 'Mucht Transport'  Year Founded: 1985  Money: 61517  Loan: 300000  Value: 55684  (T:5, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
18:59:07  <CooPeter> #:3(Red) Company Name: 'Yex0 Transport'  Year Founded: 1985  Money: 51408  Loan: 300000  Value: 577140  (T:13, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
18:59:08  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko joined the game
19:00:13  <CooPeter> *** fmauNeko has left the game (desync error)
19:02:47  <Ammler> I didn't know, erail is such much more expensive
19:02:54  <Ammler> so*
19:03:23  <CooPeter> <Yex0> 190 vs 134 for a single tile
19:03:27  <CooPeter> <Yex0> not that much imo
19:04:22  <Ammler> well, a single line should be possible, at least it was
19:13:26  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> Mucht: is using pbs?
19:13:33  <CooPeter> <Mucht> not allowed?
19:13:45  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> no, I just wonder :-D
19:13:49  <CooPeter> <Mucht> pft
19:14:01  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> last time you played, there might be no pbs
19:14:06  <CooPeter> <Mucht> that is highly correct
19:14:11  <CooPeter> <Amm1er> :-)
19:14:15  <CooPeter> <Mucht> I asked planetmaker for further details
19:14:22  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> I keep telling him how they work :-P
19:48:07  <CooPeter> *** Amm1er has left the game (connection lost)
20:02:29  <CooPeter> <Yex0> why do I have oil wagons at a coal mine? :s
20:02:40  <CooPeter> <Mucht> to give us some breath
20:02:46  <CooPeter> <Mucht> say which drugs are you on?
20:02:52  <CooPeter> <Mucht> and where to buy them?
20:03:44  <CooPeter> <Yex0> :p
20:08:58  <Ammler> Mucht: he is too big for you :-P
20:37:59  <CooPeter> <Yex0> oops
20:38:03  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> :-P
20:39:18  <tneo> !download
20:39:18  <CooPeter> !download autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
20:39:33  <Yexo>
20:40:06  <CooPeter> <Yex0> how long does it take for a crashed train to disappear?
20:40:14  <CooPeter> <Yex0> oh, nvm
20:40:18  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> a month
20:40:22  <tneo> 3 months
20:40:34  <CooPeter> <Yex0> bye station ratings :(
20:44:42  <Yexo> !pause
20:44:43  <CooPeter> *** Yexo has paused the server.
20:44:47  <CooPeter> <Mucht> grrr
20:45:18  <CooPeter> <planetm4ker> congratulations, Yexo :-)
20:45:22  <CooPeter> <Mucht> :-P
20:45:28  <Yexo> thanks :)
20:46:13  * tneo = compiling
20:46:31  <CooPeter> <Mucht> You started with the correct type of cargo ;-)
20:47:03  <Yexo> that was most of the difference I think, you're income graphic looks like mine, only one year behind
20:47:22  <planetmaker> :-)
20:47:30  <Yexo> I like those mixed grain/livestock trains, want to try those myself another time
20:47:40  <Yexo> saves a lot of time with building only 1 station
20:47:50  <planetmaker> Yexo: we unfortunately cannot let non-members win
20:48:03  <planetmaker> :-P
20:48:06  <CooPeter> <Mucht> didnt you read the rules?
20:48:20  <Yexo> I'm sure you can find another way of judgement so Mucht has won :p
20:48:23  <planetmaker> you signed a contract without reading ;-)
20:48:41  <planetmaker> well... I was thinking of another way to mend that :-)
20:48:51  <tneo> delete company :-P
20:48:59  <CooPeter> <Mucht> the performance should be divided by the time spent with openttd the past months :-P
20:49:18  <CooPeter> *** Mucht has left the game (connection lost)
20:49:29  <tneo> !ip
20:49:29  <CooPeter>
20:49:34  <Yexo> make that "time spent playing with openttd" and I agree ;)
20:49:47  <planetmaker> :-) hehe
20:49:58  <Mucht> what
20:50:11  <tneo> tss version mismatch :-(
20:50:28  <Mucht> hey tneo, how are you?
20:50:31  <Ammler> who won?
20:50:35  <Mucht> erm
20:50:38  <Mucht> next question :-P
20:50:41  <Ammler> hehe
20:50:48  <Ammler> the 2m man?
20:50:51  <tneo> hey Mucht quite busy
20:51:08  <CooPeter> *** Yex0 has left the game (leaving)
20:51:29  *** ^Spike^ has joined #coopetition
20:51:29  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ^Spike^
20:51:36  <tneo> Yexo, I compiled the source, though I get a version mismatch
20:51:41  <tneo> how to fix thatL
20:51:47  <Mucht> grr where does openttd store the screenshots by default?
20:51:55  <planetmaker> Mucht: in your data dir
20:52:11  <Mucht> there is no screenshot I've just taken :(
20:52:13  <tneo> @op
20:52:30  <Yexo> tneo: what is the output of "hg parents"
20:52:54  <Yexo> or rather, "hg id" ?
20:53:08  <tneo> hg? I downloaded the source from
20:53:14  <tneo> and compiled that
20:53:46  <Yexo> oh, then you'll need to do "./configure --revision=h6a5fad9c" or something like that
20:54:06  <Mucht> what a crap, the screenshot isnt in my data dir :-/
20:54:18  <Mucht> someone else made a screenie with all graphs and finances?
20:54:28  <Yexo> nope, I only made a savegame
20:54:45  <planetmaker> I made a screenshot
20:54:46  <Yexo> screenshot should be in "My documents/OpenTTD" (for windows at least)
20:55:05  <CooPeter> *** tneo joined the game
20:55:07  <planetmaker> but is there a way to get rid of all the chat?
20:55:30  <Yexo> save game, load in singleplayer ?
20:55:46  <CooPeter> *** tneo has left the game (leaving)
20:55:55  *** ODM has joined #coopetition
20:56:18  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o tneo
20:57:37  <Mucht> thats ridiculous
20:57:44  <Mucht> where does it store the screenie :-P
20:57:46  <tneo> Ammler, what do I need again for HG in OS?
20:58:07  <Ammler> zypper in mercurial
20:58:22  <tneo> Mucht, in the program root ./openttd
20:58:28  <Mucht> yes I just found out
20:58:32  <Mucht> ./openttd
20:58:34  <Mucht> funny :-P
20:58:50  <Mucht> ok thats pretty linuxish
20:59:14  <tneo> hey you're running a real OS or not ;-)
20:59:32  <Mucht> ya, SUSE ;-)
21:00:01  <Mucht> but I must admit that since work consumes me almost all day now, I loose the grip on that OS ;-)
21:01:28  <tneo> winblows your mind ;-)
21:01:33  <Ammler> well, you should get your influence to use such software also at work ;-)
21:02:22  <Mucht> nah I'm pretty much maxed out to understand the software we are producing
21:02:34  <Mucht> and even more difficult to describe it to the clients :-P
21:11:57  <CooPeter> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
21:16:52  *** ODM has quit IRC
23:03:15  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC

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