Log for #openttd on 18th January 2007:
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00:00:16  <Brianetta> It's the same as the number of trains that the signal is protecting
00:00:30  <Sacro> hmm, ive always thought of it is isClear
00:01:00  <Brianetta> You set a signal by running a train past it
00:01:17  <Brianetta> although, with most logic, inputs float high
00:01:21  <Brianetta> and a train could be shorting to 0
00:01:35  <Brianetta> so it's really arbitrary
00:02:28  <Sacro> hmm, could use isOccupied i suppose
00:05:26  * Brianetta shrugs
00:05:44  <Brianetta> As long as people make it clear when they say things like "I want NAND gates"
00:06:17  <Sacro> yeah, true
00:06:22  <Digitalfox> I know it must be a lot of work.. But just an ideia if not given already, why not create a news manager.. With sections of new vehicles, closure, etc.. Witch could be sorted by month or year..
00:06:35  <Sacro> well... if we have NAND or NOR we can create anything
00:06:39  <Sacro> actually... i HAVE nor
00:06:52  <Digitalfox> I in a map of 1024 / 1024 new are just crazy..
00:06:56  <Brianetta> I don't want to make a counter, thanks
00:07:11  <Frostregen> actually someone coded NAND..don't you remember?
00:07:21  <Brianetta> and I don't like faffing about with rails like those priority lanes
00:07:39  <Digitalfox> Most of them i can't read, because when i finish reading news from month january i'm already in februarary
00:07:45  <Sacro> Brianetta: would home/distant solve that?
00:07:46  <Digitalfox> +february
00:08:32  <Sacro> if the branch line has the distant further away than the mainline does, then it will get a yellow signal, and hence slow down
00:09:41  <Brianetta> Sacro: I don't hold with line priority, personally
00:09:50  <Brianetta> Train priority is important
00:10:01  <Sacro> actually, RichKs patch looks quite impressive
00:10:12  <Brianetta> That's for train priority
00:10:15  <Sacro> yes
00:10:22  <Sacro> id love to seperate goods/pax/other
00:10:40  <Brianetta> Well, Rich's patch will probably have to wait fo the new signalling scheme
00:11:01  <Sacro> well...we have a load of plans, just no devs :(
00:11:26  <Brianetta> which will lead to proper default-red signalling (aka guaranteed green), block-triggered crossings and PBS.
00:11:55  <Brianetta> It's all tied to YAPF, that
00:12:03  <Sacro> indeed it would
00:12:12  <Sacro> id like to see moveable block signalling
00:12:17  <Sacro> for later on in the game
00:12:19  <Brianetta> Boring
00:12:20  <Brianetta> Roads have that
00:12:33  <Sacro> yeah true
00:12:45  <Sacro> id like shunting signals, so trains can only reverse in certain set places
00:13:19  <Brianetta> That's not what shunting signals do
00:13:28  <Brianetta> Trains can reverse anywhere
00:13:40  <Brianetta> shunting signals allow trains to enter occupied blocks
00:13:47  <Sacro> ah...
00:13:49  <Brianetta> which is essential for marshalling a consist
00:14:36  <Sacro> yes
00:14:56  <Sacro> are shunting ones the little ones on the ground, triangualr
00:15:07  <Brianetta> red and white, yes
00:16:13  <Sacro> hmmm
00:17:01  <Sacro> well maybe a type of signal that a train can pass through, for reversing
00:17:16  <Brianetta>
00:17:20  <Sacro> 1 way, with its back facing the driver
00:17:26  <Sacro> and then it can reverse back through it
00:17:26  <Brianetta> Sacro: It's called a two-way signal
00:17:38  <Sacro> Brianetta: yes, i know 2 ways could do it
00:17:46  <Brianetta> What we need is trains that can't spin end for end
00:18:28  <Sacro> definatly
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00:18:50  <Brianetta> anyway, read that page - it's informative
00:18:50  <Sacro> hmm... do they have seperate signals for going the wrong way along a line?
00:18:53  <Sacro> yes it is
00:18:58  <Sacro> some nice signal images too
00:19:22  <Brianetta> the images are foreiggn, alas
00:19:45  <Sacro> are they?
00:19:49  <Brianetta> no
00:19:51  <Sacro> they seem to be LWS and GWR
00:19:53  <Brianetta> just really old
00:19:57  <Brianetta> GER
00:20:07  <Brianetta> LB&SCR
00:20:18  <Brianetta> LNWR
00:20:23  <Brianetta> a whole mix
00:20:27  <Brianetta> might as well be foreign
00:20:27  <Sacro> page 3 has the position light ones
00:20:31  <Brianetta> I can't see a modern one
00:20:38  <Brianetta> ah roght
00:20:41  <Sacro>
00:22:40  <Sacro> nice site this
00:22:53  <Sacro> i might use it for doing some nice new signals grfs
00:23:34  <Bjarni> <-- here are a nice site with the Danish signals (in this case the shunting signals)
00:23:55  <Bjarni> you can even click on the buttons and they will change lights to tell the signal you click on
00:24:05  <Sacro> it took em ages to change the colour of the distant
00:24:07  <Bjarni> knowing Danish might help understand what they mean though
00:24:27  <Sacro> yes
00:24:34  <Sacro> the only danish i know is that they make good bacon
00:25:28  <Rubidium> KUDr: ping!
00:25:56  <Sacro> Rubidium: you pong!
00:26:01  <Sacro> teeheee
00:27:53  <Eddi|zuHause> you can derive a little from german
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00:28:34  <Eddi|zuHause> for example "vorsichtig" (= "carefully")
00:29:09  <Sacro> but im NOT GERMAN
00:29:15  <Sacro> ><
00:29:17  <Eddi|zuHause> that is your fault ;)
00:29:18  <Bjarni> no
00:29:27  <Bjarni> Germany is lucky not to have Hull
00:29:43  <Brianetta> Sacro: Page 4 has the modern shunt signals
00:29:44  <Sacro> Arrochar and Terbet end :|?
00:29:47  <Eddi|zuHause> but we have Kreuzberg instead
00:29:50  <Sacro> Brianetta: indeed it has
00:30:31  <Eddi|zuHause> (the largest turkish city outside of turkey)
00:30:57  <Bjarni> here are what they mean: "no passing", "passing allowed", "careful passing allowed", "act as the signal is not there (aka you will likely have manual control of the station and switches, so be careful with the switches)"
00:31:10  <Sacro> Bjarni: no, but the did bomb huge holes in it
00:31:13  <Sacro> *they
00:31:27  <Bjarni> Hull is a hole, right
00:31:37  <Sacro> its a collection of holes
00:31:53  <Sacro> "What do you think of Hull as a hole"  "Accurate"
00:32:32  <Rubidium> KUDr: you broke multiplayer by calling Random in the constructor of Station (r8125). That constructor seems to be called when loading a savegame (cause 1). Furthermore it is called to check whether a station can be build, which happens only on the client that performs the action (cause 2).
00:32:51  <Sacro> hehe... "electric trains must not stop in a neutral section, unless in an emergancy"
00:32:52  <Rubidium> (it's also in FS#558)
00:33:08  <Bjarni> <-- nice... a whole station with various signals
00:33:28  <Rubidium> and now it's time to sleep :)
00:33:36  <Sacro> whooo, i got em all green
00:34:28  <Bjarni> what does it mean?
00:34:28  <Bjarni> do you know that?
00:34:30  <Brianetta> Position Light Hump Signal showing 'Stop Humping'
00:34:30  <Brianetta>
00:34:40  <Brianetta> Signal showing 'Hump Slow'
00:34:44  <Brianetta> Signal showing 'Hump Normal'
00:34:46  <Brianetta> wow
00:35:23  <Bjarni> Sacro: when they are all green, how soon will the driver know that?
00:35:45  <Sacro> Bjarni: not sure
00:35:54  * Bjarni wonders if Sacro can figure that one out
00:36:01  <Sacro> humping?
00:36:07  <Sacro> Bjarni: i dont speak danish
00:36:28  <Darkvater> oh great
00:36:29  <Bjarni> you can click the buttons, detect the system and use your logical sense
00:36:32  <Darkvater> flyspray sucks
00:36:39  <Bjarni> forget the last part
00:36:40  <Darkvater> I can't do mass action to a group of reports
00:36:45  <Bjarni> it would indicate that you got one
00:36:55  <Sacro> Brianetta: hump shunting seems to be gravity powered
00:37:47  <Sacro> they use a loco, static engine and rope, or horse to move it to the top of the hill
00:37:53  <Sacro> put it on its own brakes
00:37:58  <Sacro> set the bottom points, and let it go
00:38:20  <Brianetta>
00:38:23  <Brianetta> We need these
00:38:27  <Eddi|zuHause> Bjarni: is it meant to be that "Ud sp [12] til statsionsgraensen" show exactly the same thing?
00:38:31  <Brianetta> We need to be able to whistle on demand
00:38:33  <Brianetta> in fact
00:38:40  <Brianetta> trains should have a whistle button
00:38:41  <Sacro> heh 15.7
00:38:49  <Brianetta> so the player can make 'em whistle
00:38:55  <Bjarni> We got 3 types of shunting (only one in use today for safety reasons though). One is normal operation, one is to use the locomotive to pull the cars uphill and then let go of them and gravity will take them to the right track (there is something to stop them there) and the last is on even ground. The shunter push the cars and then brakes. Because they aren't connected, the cars will continue in the same way as if there was a hill
00:39:10  <Sacro> Bjarni: nice
00:39:31  <Bjarni> guess which one that is allowed today and which two are banned for safety reasons
00:39:34  <Sacro> lol
00:39:40  <Brianetta> I like the idea of drop trains
00:39:43  <Sacro> im guessing the ones involving letting em loose are banned
00:39:46  <Sacro> Brianetta: drop trains?
00:39:51  <Brianetta> where a train drops a coach or two at speed
00:39:57  <Brianetta> and they are braked at a station
00:40:03  *** gass [~any@] has joined #openttd
00:40:05  <Brianetta> while the train flies away
00:40:14  <Brianetta> to be picked up by a local loco for branch line
00:40:22  <Sacro> it beats parking up
00:40:30  <Brianetta> You have to get into the right coach
00:40:45  <Sacro> yes
00:40:53  <Sacro> and presumably not stand in the bit between the coaches
00:40:54  <Bjarni> <Eddi|zuHause>	Bjarni: is it meant to be that "Ud sp [12] til statsionsgraensen" show exactly the same thing? <-- no. Sometimes the signals gets stuckt and then you got to press "Nødopløsning" (not next to any other buttons)
00:40:55  <Brianetta> It does mean that an express train can make an extra stop, and smoe passengers are saved a change
00:41:00  <Bjarni> I think it's a bug in the script
00:41:09  <Brianetta> Sacro: When this was UK practise, coaches were discrete
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00:41:18  <Sacro> Brianetta: yes, i guessed
00:42:49  <Eddi|zuHause> ah, that works, yes ;)
00:43:21  <Bjarni> in early railroad history in Denmark, the first train from a certain station was pulled by a horse uphill until next station. Then they let the horse rest and they pushed the train (a single wagon) downhill and a guy was sitting on it and controlled the brakes. He then stopped it at the next station and they pushed it to move again after loading passengers. At the next station again (further downhill), they stopped and they got a lo
00:43:21  <Bjarni> comotive
00:43:41  <Bjarni> it was not uncommon that the poor brakes on the car failed to stop it though
00:43:47  <Bjarni> specially when the tracks were wet
00:44:20  <Bjarni> imagine what it must have been like for the passengers.... the train failed to stop because the brakeman was unable to stop
00:44:33  <Sacro> just dont tell them
00:44:40  <Bjarni> they knew
00:44:46  <Bjarni> at least we presume so
00:44:53  <Sacro> its their fault for not living at the bottom of the hill
00:44:54  <Bjarni> nobody wrote it down
00:45:09  <Bjarni> and it got banned in 18... something
00:46:42  <Sacro> lol
00:48:57  <Brianetta> The North Eastern Railway had electrified some railways around Tyneside in 1904. Drivers of electric trains were required to shut off the power after reaching full speed and allow the train to coast as much as possible.
00:49:01  <Brianetta> Cool.
00:49:11  <Sacro> saves power
00:49:22  <Sacro> though im curious as to how far it could coast
00:49:25  <Darkvater> ..
00:49:39  <Darkvater> this pre-commit-style hook is fucking annoying
00:49:40  <Bjarni> much farther than you can imagine
00:49:51  <Bjarni> drivers still do that with some EMUs here
00:50:21  <Sacro> i think the dmus round here coast into Hull
00:50:36  <Sacro> theres a huge left hand curve to swing you round
00:50:40  <Bjarni> they don't cut off power entirely, only traction. They still got operational power for stuff like compressors for brakes, lights for the passengers and so on
00:50:45  <Sacro> yeah...
00:50:53  <Sacro> they get it going at a decent speed and then kill the traction
00:51:04  <Brianetta> I think all trains can coast
00:51:12  <Bjarni> yeah
00:51:13  <Bjarni> easily
00:51:24  <Bjarni> well
00:51:29  <Sacro> dunno about stream
00:51:29  <Bjarni> some are better at it than others
00:51:33  <Darkvater> ..
00:51:40  <CIA-1> Darkvater * r8227 /branches/0.5/ (7 files in 3 dirs):
00:51:40  <CIA-1> [0.5] -Fix:?
00:51:40  <CIA-1> - Prepare 0.5 branch for release. Update readme's, bugs, installers, changelog, etc. to 0.5.0-RC4
00:51:55  <Bjarni> steam locomotives got no problem whatsoever as long as they got steam in the boiler
00:52:13  <Sacro> Bjarni: but they dont have a ... clutch or whatever its called on a train
00:52:15  <Bjarni> if they lack steam, they lack pressure to activate the oiling device and that's bad
00:52:56  <CIA-1> Darkvater * r8228 /branches/0.5/win32.c: [0.5] -Revert win32 changes
00:53:01  <Bjarni> <Sacro>	Bjarni: but they dont have a ... clutch or whatever its called on a train <-- so? They just cut off steam supply to the pistons and the pistons keep moving without delivering any energy
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00:53:09  <Brianetta> Sacro: A steamer coasts with its pistons open to the atmosphere on both sides.
00:53:17  <Sacro> ahhh...
00:53:32  <Bjarni> electric engines keep rotating as well, but if you cut power to them, they will not deliver any energy
00:53:43  <Sacro> i was curious as to how it could coast without the pistons providing power
00:53:53  * Sacro wonders how the sunflower works
00:54:49  <Bjarni> there is actually a special handle to open up both sides of the pistons into the great outside. It's intended to get rid of condensed water though
00:54:49  <Brianetta> OK, bed time
00:54:54  <Brianetta> later (:
00:55:02  <Sacro> night Brianetta
00:55:04  <Eddi|zuHause> Sacro: the wheels provide power to the pistons
00:55:14  <Sacro> Eddi|zuHause: eh?
00:56:07  <Bjarni> I bet you have seen them in action, at least on TV. Whenever a steam locomotive starts, it needs to get rid of condensed water in the pistons and opens up the cocks here. They then apply steam pressure to blow out the water and it looks like the pistons disappears in steam clouds
00:56:10  <Eddi|zuHause> well, as long as the wheels are moving, they provide power to move the pistons, instead of the other way round, while the pistons are driven from the steam, and provide power to the wheels
00:56:41  <Sacro> ah yes, ive done that on MS train sim
00:57:05  * Bjarni have been standing next to a piston when that took place
00:57:11  <Bjarni> free steam bath :D
00:57:17  <Sacro> Eddi|zuHause: i just presumed the pistons would slow it down a fair bit
00:57:19  <Sacro> Bjarni: haha
00:57:23  <Sacro> and you'll smell nicely of coal
00:57:43  <Eddi|zuHause> the steam never comes in contact with coal
00:57:47  <Bjarni> I guess that mixed well with the smell of the diesel locomotive I just left
00:57:57  <Bjarni> and that as well
00:58:09  <Bjarni> coal doesn't actually smell that bad
00:58:29  <Bjarni> it's not nice to the throat though
00:58:54  <Bjarni> actually my concern were more the risk of getting lube oil into the steam
00:59:31  <Bjarni> heh
00:59:37  <Bjarni> this channel is great
00:59:50  <Sacro> indeed... steamy and lube oil
01:00:02  <Bjarni> I say that I have been next to a starting steam locomotive and the channel goes on about the smell of coal, not why I was there or anything
01:00:05  <Sacro> all we need now is for someone to join
01:00:10  <Sacro> Bjarni: you drive trains :p
01:00:15  <Darkvater> my GOD
01:00:21  <Sacro> Darkvater: yes?
01:00:29  <Bjarni> that would not tell why I was on the OUTSIDE of one
01:00:37  <Bjarni> Darkvater: you called?
01:00:39  <Sacro> Bjarni: errr... removing the lock?
01:00:44  <Darkvater> totally fucking idiot commit style crap
01:00:55  <Darkvater> This commit message does not conform to the commit message style.
01:00:55  <Darkvater> You forgot '-<tag>:'
01:00:58  <Darkvater> svn commit -m "-Release: 0.5.0-RC4"
01:01:00  <Darkvater> ?
01:01:11  <Bjarni> Sacro: changing the switch
01:01:35  <Darkvater> 984hyju aq]we98tfhyqae
01:01:52  <Bjarni> for once I agree with Darkvater
01:01:54  * Darkvater gives up
01:02:00  <Darkvater> no RC4 tonight
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01:02:25  <Darkvater> gn all
01:02:29  <Bjarni> night Darkvater
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02:33:39  <CIA-1> belugas * r8229 /branches/newhouses/docs/landscape_grid.html:
02:33:39  <CIA-1> [newhouses] -Codechange: add description for bit usages of newhouses in landscape_grid.html
02:33:39  <CIA-1> A more detailed explanation will be done in landscape.html soon.
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02:46:08  <CIA-1> belugas * r8230 /branches/newhouses/docs/landscape_grid.html: [newhouses] -Fix(r8229): A bit overzealous on the "abuse" tag...
03:19:04  <roboboy> the two airport limit is starting to get realy annoying (:
03:19:12  *** DaleStan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
03:19:28  <roboboy> im trying to freight good out by plane and theres two paxx airports in the same city
03:25:58  *** nairan [] has joined #openttd
03:32:31  <Triffid_Hunter> roboboy: realistic though.. airports are excellent for trade and tourism but terrible for pollution and noise, so cities have to strike a fine balance
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07:40:29  <peter1138> morning
07:54:25  <Smoovious> greetz, peter1138
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08:19:37  <peter1138> bah, my system keeps trying to load the i82365 driver
08:19:45  <peter1138> which fails, cos it's not a laptop with pcmcia...
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08:52:02  <KUDr> gm
09:09:17  <Rubidium> KUDr: have you read what I've said about 8.5 hours ago?
09:09:40  <KUDr> yes, i am working on it just now
09:09:42  <KUDr> thanks
09:09:58  <KUDr> stupid overlook
09:15:11  <Celestar> expected windspeed for this afternoon now up to 130km/h
09:20:34  <MiHaMiX> Celestar: uhh
09:20:47  <Celestar> currently up to 75km/h
09:20:56  <peter1138> it's pretty gusty here today
09:21:51  <Celestar> planes appear to have a tough time
09:22:02  <Celestar> 3 failed landings in 60 minutes
09:22:10  <Celestar> that's more than you usually get a whole day
09:22:50  <peter1138> hmm
09:22:59  <peter1138> that's what i always do in flightsims :D
09:23:10  <peter1138> i haven't mastered coming in at the right angle yet :P
09:23:15  <Celestar> local authority issued an official warning to stay inside over the afternoon
09:23:20  <Celestar> peter1138: 3.0°
09:23:33  <peter1138> i can't even line up with the runway
09:23:43  <Celestar> peter1138: check the VASI/PAPI on the (usually) left side of the runway
09:23:55  <Celestar> red and white lights
09:24:00  <peter1138> that's height
09:24:15  <Celestar> slope, not height :P
09:24:15  <peter1138> i think, i dunno :)
09:24:24  <peter1138> well, ok
09:24:33  <Celestar> "Red over red, you'll lose your head"
09:24:42  <Celestar> "White over white, you'll be out of sight"
09:25:20  <Celestar> peter1138: what I found out in real simulators is that one mostly uses controls for the wrong things.
09:25:30  <Celestar> elevators and NOT for adjusting altitude
09:25:38  <Celestar> and throttles are not for adjusting velocity
09:25:57  <peter1138> hmm
09:26:27  <Celestar> use the elevators (trim) to adjust your velocity and the throttle to adjust altitude/attitude
09:26:56  <Celestar> a well configured plane at 8nm out of the threshold will touch down at the right point without any input (in case of constant non-crosswind)
09:28:16  <Celestar> I've learnt that usually I'm wiggling the stick too much
09:31:08  <peter1138> Celestar: re zooming sprites
09:31:16  <peter1138> iirc the 32bpp branch actually precaches different sprite sizes
09:31:25  <Celestar> ok
09:31:27  <peter1138> so yes, even more memory used...
09:31:35  <Celestar> but you cannot un-cache the zoomed in ones
09:31:41  <Celestar> you need the all the time in-memory
09:32:45  <Celestar> I'm still wondering how to do proper approaches to larger airports
09:34:51  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8231 /trunk/src/ (station.cpp station.h station_cmd.cpp):
09:34:51  <CIA-1> -Fix (r8125): MP desync caused by calling Random() from station constructor.
09:34:51  <CIA-1> This was wrong because station constructor is called also when loading savegame
09:34:51  <CIA-1> and when player tries to build station when it is not sure that it will succeed
09:34:51  <CIA-1> (thanks Rubidium)
09:35:07  <KUDr> I hope that it will be OK now ;)
09:36:56  <peter1138> tut
09:40:42  <peter1138> Celestar: move the runway entrance further away?
09:40:44  <peter1138> hmm
09:40:55  <peter1138> does it allow non-airport tiles as FTA (heh) locations?
09:44:19  <Celestar> peter1138: yes it would
09:44:35  <Celestar> peter1138: however, one needs to make sure that the ruway will be free when landing
09:44:41  <Celestar> or make the plane go-around :P
09:44:48  <peter1138> hmm
09:45:00  <peter1138> with my units patch there is a problem with slowing down
09:45:10  <peter1138> there's not enough time for it, heh
09:45:24  <Celestar> I'll need that units patch before starting the economy branch
09:45:33  <Celestar> why? slow it down for the holding pattern
09:45:42  <peter1138> hmm
09:45:43  <Celestar> (to 410km/h for jets)
09:45:57  <Celestar> less if the max speed is lower of course
09:46:06  <Celestar> but 220kt is a not untypical holding speed
09:47:51  *** Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Bye Bye...]
09:47:53  <peter1138> hmm
09:48:05  <peter1138> well the units are changed to km/h, to be consistent with trains
09:48:47  <peter1138> hmm, 220kt = 410km/h, approx
09:48:48  <peter1138> ok :)
09:48:51  <Celestar> 1kt = 1.852km/h
09:48:56  <Celestar> !calc 220 * 1.852
09:48:59  <_42_> Celestar: 407.440;
09:49:10  <peter1138> You have: knots
09:49:10  <peter1138> You want: kilometres/hour * 1.852 / 0.5399568
09:49:15  <peter1138> :D
09:49:28  <peter1138> hmm, the * and / lines are joined
09:49:45  <Celestar> er what?
09:50:00  <peter1138> they're on separate lines where i copied from
09:51:02  <peter1138> do we want {AIR_VELOCITY} so that kts can be shown? heh
09:51:27  <peter1138> hmm, and for ships...
09:51:36  <Celestar> er ... that should be a simple option right?
09:51:48  <Celestar> m/s would be good too :P
09:51:52  <peter1138> we have m/s
09:52:06  <Celestar> we do? :o
09:52:17  <peter1138> but with kts,... well, road/rail speeds are not measured in kts
09:52:23  <peter1138> yes, have done for ages :)
09:52:42  <peter1138> i turned the mph / kmh options setting into a game units setting
09:52:52  <Celestar> peter1138: roads and rails would be mph if ships and planes are in kt
09:53:01  <peter1138> now it supports imperial (sort of, it's like the original), metric and SI
09:53:10  <peter1138> yes
09:53:33  <peter1138> to do that i need to add another {VELOCITY} string command
09:53:59  <peter1138> the idea being all conversions are handled in one place
09:54:18  <peter1138> see src/strings.cpp:550
09:54:48  <Celestar> yeah
09:55:01  * peter1138 ponders moving that to table/units.h or something
09:55:29  <Celestar> Imperial (Original, mph, hp, metric ton, litre, kN)
09:55:31  <peter1138> :)
09:55:35  <peter1138> not really imperial
09:55:42  <peter1138> mishmash
09:55:47  <Celestar> it should be lbs/short or long tonnes/
09:55:49  <Celestar> gallons
09:55:50  <peter1138> well
09:55:52  <Celestar> and lbf
09:55:58  <peter1138> best is to rename it to "original"
09:56:05  <peter1138> and then add us and british imperial options
09:56:09  <Celestar> yes :)
09:56:15  <Celestar> it should be all easy anyway, right?
09:56:24  <peter1138> it's very easy
09:56:50  <peter1138> src/settings.cpp:1248 needs altering
09:57:16  <peter1138> and there's another table for the list of unit strings
09:57:28  <peter1138> src/settings_gui.cpp:30
09:58:39  <Celestar> 3 tables?
09:59:13  <peter1138> 2 tables, 1 struct
09:59:27  <peter1138> the settings stuff is just for the gui/config changes
09:59:31  <peter1138> which is rather required
09:59:42  <Celestar> kind of yeah
10:01:03  <peter1138> hmm, what would the velocity be called? to differentiate it from normal...
10:02:15  <Celestar> "indigenous"
10:02:17  <Celestar> :P
10:04:59  *** setrodox [] has joined #openttd
10:07:20  <peter1138> o_O
10:07:24  <peter1138> currently we have {VELOCITY}
10:07:29  <peter1138> {VELOCITY2} would be silly ;p
10:08:28  *** Purno [] has joined #openttd
10:11:32  *** GoneWacko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:14:20  <Celestar> NAVAL_VELOCITY maybe?
10:14:56  <Celestar> NAVAL and GROUND might do it
10:17:28  <Celestar> peter1138: should imperial use lbs, long ton or short ton for masses?
10:18:48  <Celestar> you guys have a brankdead system.
10:18:54  <Celestar> braindead*
10:19:54  <Celestar> 12 inch = one foot. three feet = 1 yard, 5.5 yard = 1 pole, 4 poles = 1 chain, 10 chains = 1 furlong, 8 furlongs = 1 mile, 3 miles = 1 league
10:20:50  <Celestar> then
10:20:58  <Celestar> one acre is one forlong x one chain
10:21:15  <Brianetta> furlong
10:21:20  <Celestar> yeah surry
10:21:24  <Celestar> :P
10:21:40  <Celestar> then you have ounces gills pints, quearts and gallons.
10:21:50  <Brianetta> quarts
10:21:50  <Celestar> which are of course different in UK than in US
10:22:02  <peter1138> heh
10:22:04  <Brianetta> q-:
10:22:12  <Brianetta> peter1138: Did you see about the canal?
10:22:16  <peter1138> yes
10:22:18  <peter1138> fun :D
10:22:32  <Brianetta> Should probably revert to town ownership, the way tunnels do
10:22:37  <Brianetta> as they're shared infrastructure
10:22:45  <Celestar> peter1138: are "link", "pole", "chain", "furlong", "leagues" used anyway?
10:23:07  <Celestar> Brianetta: no, because there'll be water at higher than sea-level at some point anyway?
10:23:09  <peter1138> no
10:23:14  <Brianetta> Celestar: Leagues are used for water depth where they aren't using SI yet
10:23:19  <peter1138> except for 20,000 leagues under the sea
10:23:26  <Celestar> peter1138: lol yeah
10:23:36  <Celestar> peter1138: which is btw more than the planet's diameter
10:23:40  <Brianetta> and a cricket pitch is one chain long
10:23:55  <Brianetta> Celestar: Was that a question, or what?
10:24:05  <Celestar> Brianetta: er .. s/?//
10:24:19  <Brianetta> well, until that some point
10:24:28  <Celestar> wtf is a square rod?
10:24:29  <Brianetta> I'm thinking, fix the canal bug in 0.5
10:25:03  <Celestar> maybe we should use hogsheads in openttd :P
10:25:14  <Celestar> Brianetta: how much of the UK is metric today?
10:25:35  <Brianetta> Celestar: With the exception of road sign distances and speed limits on road and rail, 100%
10:25:47  <Celestar> I see
10:25:53  <Brianetta> except for the odd pocket of resistance
10:26:01  <Brianetta> which we shall crush
10:26:01  <Celestar> like where? :P
10:26:05  *** Wolfy [] has quit [Quit: I'm gone, bye bye :)]
10:26:15  <peter1138> grocers were forced to use metric
10:26:20  <Brianetta> well, at sea they use nautical miles, but that's OK because it's a second of arc on a great circle
10:26:36  <Celestar> the US is still mostly imperial, or rather US. apart from academia and engineering
10:26:39  <Celestar> Brianetta: it'S a minute of arc...
10:26:40  <peter1138> and most produce is still in imperial quantities
10:26:43  <peter1138> 454g
10:26:44  <Brianetta> is it?
10:26:45  <Brianetta> oh
10:26:46  <peter1138> 568ml
10:26:50  <Brianetta> that's a long way
10:26:55  <Brianetta> anyway, it has a physical basis
10:26:59  <Celestar> a nm is 1852m
10:27:02  <Brianetta> which is more than can be said for most imperial measures
10:27:06  <Celestar> lol
10:27:21  <Celestar> planes use: knots for velocity, feet for altitude and metric for everything else
10:27:38  <peter1138> that's true
10:27:41  <Celestar> afaik the 777 can be switched at pilot's decision
10:27:42  <Brianetta> planes have to
10:27:45  <peter1138> we use feet for altitude
10:27:48  <Celestar> Brianetta: don't say so
10:27:53  <Brianetta> because if they want to fly near the US they'd fall out of the sky
10:27:57  <peter1138> our mountain ranges are measured in feet
10:27:57  <Celestar> Russia has all altitudes in meters.
10:28:04  <Celestar> and it is the only country to do so
10:28:10  <Brianetta> peter1138: Not so
10:28:15  <Brianetta> OS releases all heights in metres now
10:28:26  <Triffid_Hunter> altitudes here in aus are expressed in meters
10:28:27  <Celestar> then again, you use feet only below TA. at higher altitudes, you use FL
10:28:33  <Brianetta> My last mountain (Helvellyn) is 984m
10:28:45  <Celestar> that's not a mountain, that's a hill
10:28:52  <Brianetta> Celestar: It's  amountain
10:29:02  <Celestar> my home is 600m MSL
10:29:08  <Brianetta> a mountain is defined as any hill that exceeds 2000 feet from the surrounding land
10:29:13  <Celestar> ah!
10:29:20  <Brianetta> an old definition, sure
10:29:25  <peter1138> 2000 ft?
10:29:25  <Brianetta> but mountains are old
10:29:31  <Brianetta> peter1138: Yes
10:29:33  <peter1138> hmm
10:29:37  <Celestar> Temperatures are °F or °C over there?
10:29:40  <Brianetta> C
10:29:55  <Brianetta> F is meaningless to anybody under 25
10:30:08  <Brianetta> in fact, I'm 31 and it's meaningless to me
10:30:11  <Celestar> he
10:30:14  <Brianetta> pressure is in millibars
10:30:20  <Brianetta> rather than pascals
10:30:25  <Celestar> if only everyone would use Kelvin
10:30:29  <Brianetta> but definitely not inches, like in the US
10:30:33  <Celestar> 1 millibar = 1 hectopascal
10:30:46  <Celestar> so that's easy
10:30:50  <Brianetta> oh, car power
10:30:53  <Brianetta> measured in HP
10:30:57  <Celestar> here too
10:31:00  <Brianetta> that's a last bastion of imperial here
10:31:06  <Brianetta> Europe uses KW
10:31:11  <Celestar> I mean not officially, but no one talks about kW in real life
10:31:16  <Celestar> it's all HP
10:31:17  *** TrueBrain [] has joined #openttd
10:31:26  <Brianetta> Jeremy CLarkson describe torque in foot-pounds, which makes no sense to me at all
10:31:31  <Brianetta> distance times mass?
10:31:37  <Celestar> distance times force
10:31:40  <Celestar> like Nm
10:31:47  <Brianetta> ah
10:31:54  <Celestar> pound can be force or mass
10:31:58  <Brianetta> ew
10:32:17  <Celestar> like the old Kilopond which is the gravitational force a mass of 1kg would experience
10:32:20  <peter1138> and ounces can be volume or weight, in the US
10:32:43  <Celestar> all we need now is a proper definition of a kg :S
10:32:54  <Brianetta> Celestar: Ther eis one - a standard mass
10:33:00  <Celestar> Brianetta: I said "proper" :P
10:33:11  <Celestar> Brianetta: because the standard mass is not constant
10:33:17  <Brianetta> The mass of a litre of water at 4°C
10:33:18  <Celestar> Brianetta: cuz of all the polishing they do
10:33:21  <Celestar> Brianetta: no.
10:33:28  <Celestar> Brianetta: that's not the definition unfortunately
10:33:31  <Brianetta> It'll do
10:33:44  *** TrueBrain [] has left #openttd [So long and tnx for all the fish]
10:33:51  <Brianetta> Most metric is water based
10:34:05  <Celestar>
10:34:10  <Celestar> this is one kg
10:34:14  <Brianetta> Who polishes the standard mass, and why aren't they sacked fo rit?
10:34:24  <Celestar> the 6 other base units are easy
10:34:33  <Celestar> meter
10:34:35  <Celestar> The unit of length is equal to the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum during the time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second.
10:34:45  <Celestar> second
10:34:47  <Celestar> he unit of time is the duration of exactly 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom at a temperature of 0 K.
10:34:56  <Celestar> Ampere
10:34:59  <Celestar> The unit of electrical current is the constant current which, if maintained in two straight parallel conductors, of infinite length and negligible cross-section, placed 1 metre apart in a vacuum, would produce a force between these conductors equal to 2×10 -7 newtons per metre of length.
10:35:08  <Celestar> Kelvin
10:35:10  <Celestar> The unit of thermodynamic temperature (or absolute temperature) is the fraction 1/273.16 (exactly) of the thermodynamic temperature at the triple point of water.
10:35:15  <Celestar> :P
10:35:17  <Brianetta> You have the metre wrong
10:35:25  <Brianetta> You made an equivalent
10:35:35  <Brianetta> it's an integer number of cycles of yellow light
10:35:37  <Celestar> it'S the official definition since 1972 afaik
10:36:31  <Celestar> then there's the mole and the candela
10:38:05  <Brianetta> no, 1983
10:38:14  <Brianetta>
10:38:28  <Brianetta> I remember what I was told at school in 1980
10:38:52  <Brianetta> which was badly timed, I suppose
10:40:31  <Brianetta> The name "kilogram": a historical quirk
10:40:37  <Brianetta> I always wondered about that
10:40:56  <Brianetta> It makes using words like "megagramme" faile
10:42:11  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8232 /tags/0.5.0-RC4/ (6 files): -Release: 0.5.0-RC4
10:43:49  *** Wolfy [] has joined #openttd
10:44:31  <Darkvater> \o/ finally
10:44:44  <Darkvater> now to get some luncheon
10:44:56  * Brianetta updates
10:45:38  *** Vikthor [] has joined #openttd
10:45:40  *** Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
10:45:42  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
10:46:20  <Bjarni> Darkvater: didn't rev 8231 need backporting?
10:46:30  <Darkvater> !openttd commit 8231
10:46:32  <_42_> Commit by KUDr :: r8231 /trunk/src/ (station.cpp station.h station_cmd.cpp) (2007-01-18 09:34:44 UTC)
10:46:34  <_42_> -Fix (r8125): MP desync caused by calling Random() from station constructor. This was wrong because station constructor is called also when loading savegame and when player tries to build station when it is not sure that it will succeed (thanks Rubidium)
10:46:43  <Darkvater> Bjarni: why would it?
10:46:45  <peter1138> no
10:47:31  <Darkvater> Bjarni: firstly 0.5 is not C++ so all C++ code added does not affect it. If you look at 8125 you'll see it's caused by station-classifying
10:47:40  <Bjarni> ahh
10:47:46  <Bjarni> then it's ok
10:49:18  <Brianetta> Has the current-version on servers.php been changed?
10:50:26  <peter1138> not yet
10:50:42  * Brianetta is compiling
10:50:47  <Brianetta> On-the-ball Brianetta
10:51:00  <Brianetta> I'm even going to restore the passwords
10:51:07  <Brianetta> where set
10:51:20  *** Purno [] has quit [Quit: Life is a game of pick-up-sticks, played by fucking lunatics.]
10:52:04  <Brianetta> OH DARKVATER
10:52:27  <Brianetta> You broke RC4's help output
10:52:27  <Brianetta> YOU BANANA
10:52:41  <Brianetta> Don't output help to stderr, bcause you can't (easily) pipe it to more
11:00:00  <valhallasw> do some hacking!
11:00:19  <valhallasw> but I would expect Expect to read stderr
11:00:57  <valhallasw> 'I would expect Expect to expect' *grin*
11:01:31  <Brianetta> It can
11:01:39  <Brianetta> but it shouldn't have to
11:01:44  <Brianetta> openttd's behaviour is broken
11:01:50  <Brianetta> as of RC4
11:05:01  <KUDr_wrk> peter1138: i have one question about stations (branch 0.5.0)
11:05:12  <KUDr_wrk> 		/* Check if the station size is permitted */
11:05:12  <KUDr_wrk> 		if (HASBIT(statspec->disallowed_platforms, numtracks - 1) || HASBIT(statspec->disallowed_lengths, plat_len - 1)) {
11:05:12  <KUDr_wrk> 			return CMD_ERROR;
11:05:12  <KUDr_wrk> 		}
11:05:22  <KUDr_wrk> can it happen in MP?
11:06:03  <peter1138> yes
11:06:28  <KUDr_wrk> but it happens also when DC_EXEC is not set i guess, so it should be ok
11:06:35  <KUDr_wrk> correct?
11:07:26  <peter1138> yes, it's checked either way
11:07:33  *** Belugas_Gone is now known as Belugas
11:07:38  <KUDr_wrk> ok
11:13:59  <Brianetta> Server upgraded to RC4
11:14:03  <Brianetta> company passwords restored
11:17:18  * peter1138 follows like a sheep
11:22:34  <caladan> Brianetta: Where can I get that RC4?
11:22:42  <Brianetta> svn server
11:22:45  <caladan> ok
11:22:47  <caladan> thx
11:22:48  <Brianetta> and soon, the downloads page
11:23:04  <caladan> Damn, it was a sign from The God, i must do my DSP filter:-)
11:23:23  <caladan> i can give my company to somebody but cannot log onto to server
11:23:23  <Brianetta> The latest release candidate is 0.5.0-RC3.
11:23:35  <Brianetta> I'm at a higher release than has been made public (:
11:23:52  <caladan> True, a little problem :D
11:24:02  <Brianetta> It'll be OK by tonight
11:24:07  <Brianetta> Your company is passworded
11:24:31  <Brianetta> Not a strong password, but slightly stronger than others on the server...
11:24:32  <caladan> yeah, but i have to do something else, and im that addicted i just cant stop playin... :D
11:24:43  <Brianetta> Well, that's serendipitous.
11:25:31  <caladan> So change give my company to someone who wants to have some fun or something...
11:25:39  <caladan> cause i wont be back, got to work ;(
11:25:48  <Brianetta> wait
11:25:55  <Brianetta> RC4 might not be out for several hours
11:26:04  <Brianetta> You might find time then
11:26:04  *** Sacro [~Ben@] has joined #openttd
11:26:08  <Brianetta> Hey Sacro
11:26:21  <Brianetta> Sacro, your company wasn't passworded
11:26:37  <Sacro> Brianetta: yeah i know, i wasnt that keen on the m ap
11:26:50  <caladan> That map IS strange...
11:27:08  <Brianetta> It's very rough, moutainous, with high water
11:27:18  <Sacro> its too small for the amount of companies
11:27:22  <caladan> Brianetta: that's good thing to know admins see passwords ;-)
11:27:30  <Brianetta> caladan: They don't
11:27:36  <Brianetta> I do
11:27:40  <Sacro> Brianetta knows my password, he issued me it
11:28:01  <Sacro> i think i can see passwords by de-assembling the save
11:28:09  <Brianetta> I might recruit a second admin soon
11:28:27  <Brianetta> Sacro: No, passwords aren't saved
11:28:34  <Brianetta> that's why they're lost on a reload
11:28:42  <Sacro> ah yes, good point
11:28:57  <Sacro> i think i might do some signal grfs
11:31:51  <Brianetta> Si units are cool - it's possible to have a mole of cricket balls
11:31:59  <Sacro> heh
11:32:15  <Sacro> the point being?
11:32:17  <Brianetta> if you calla  cricket ball a specified elementary entity
11:33:08  <caladan> that speed in m/s sux, and production in kgs
11:35:07  <Brianetta> Platinum freezes at 2045K
11:35:08  <Brianetta> brrrr
11:35:34  <Sacro> 2045K is hot
11:35:37  <caladan> whats wrong with it? :D
11:35:39  <Brianetta> like I said
11:35:40  <Brianetta> brrrr
11:35:48  <Sacro> brrr = cold
11:36:00  <Brianetta> tell that to somebody who's brrrrning in the flames
11:36:03  <caladan> hmm, 2kK isnt cold :D
11:38:17  <peter1138> yay, 2 RC4 servers :D
11:39:15  <Sacro> oooh RC4 is out
11:39:21  <Sacro> Brianetta: you upgraded yet?
11:39:27  <peter1138> caladan: heh, m/s loses a lot of resolution
11:39:33  <peter1138> mainly cos the system works with ints, heh
11:39:45  <Brianetta> Sacro: Of course
11:39:56  * Sacro realises why the server has a red dot
11:40:01  <Brianetta> I was first
11:40:11  <caladan> so 1km/h == 4m/s? :>
11:40:14  <Brianetta> I was svn switching the moment the commit message came to IRC
11:40:25  <Sacro> hmm, 370kbps
11:40:26  <Sacro> not bad
11:40:34  <Sacro> kBps even
11:40:43  <peter1138> 3.6 km/h == 1 m/s
11:40:52  <caladan> right :D
11:41:02  <caladan> so it should lose that much precision
11:41:18  <Brianetta> 0.27. m/s is 1km/h
11:41:19  <caladan> i would store speed times 10
11:41:30  <caladan> then there would be no problems with scaling
11:41:36  <Sacro> 3.6km/h = 1 Hz/dpt
11:41:44  <peter1138> well, km/h is convenient for the game units
11:42:05  <Brianetta> Sacro: That's obfuscation
11:42:08  <peter1138> so any acceleration function should really be using km/h
11:42:11  <peter1138> not mph as currently
11:42:16  <Sacro> Brianetta: indeed it is
11:42:55  <Brianetta> peter1138: It would save on magic numbers in formulae
11:43:39  <caladan> OTTD is now partially written in C++, so why not to make speed class?? :D
11:43:47  <caladan> that would handle converting? :D
11:43:54  <peter1138> why convert? heh
11:43:55  <Brianetta> performance
11:44:07  <peter1138> a simple integer value is, er, simpler...
11:44:17  <Brianetta> conversion happens all the time
11:44:18  <caladan> ok, ok, just jokin..
11:44:29  <caladan> lookup table?
11:44:32  *** GoneWacko [] has joined #openttd
11:44:36  <peter1138> heh
11:45:12  <Bjarni> 	<caladan>	so 1km/h == 4m/s? :> <-- actually 1 m/s = 3,6 km/h
11:45:26  <caladan> Yep, already been corrected
11:45:28  <Sacro> brb, off fixing internets
11:45:58  <caladan> was wondering about rounding values, as it was said, that m/s are innacurate
11:46:08  <Bjarni> or an easier way to calculate 10 km/h = 3 m/s (it's actually 2,89 or something, but close enough)
11:46:19  <caladan> it's easies to use google :D
11:46:28  <Bjarni> not when you are offline
11:47:05  <caladan> you know google calculator? :D
11:50:49  *** gass [~any@] has joined #openttd
11:57:46  <Brianetta> Bjarni: 2.777...
11:58:26  <caladan> 1 (km per hour) = 0.277777778 meters per second
11:58:36  <Brianetta> 2+7/9
11:58:40  <Brianetta> there
11:58:44  <Brianetta> no rounding error like you
11:58:46  <Brianetta> or GOogle
11:59:04  <Brianetta> It's a rational number
11:59:11  <caladan> i know, i know :D
11:59:12  <Bjarni> whatever
11:59:17  *** gass [~any@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:59:37  <Brianetta> 25/9
11:59:44  <Bjarni> it's 1/3,6 (or 10/36)
12:00:36  <valhallasw> 100/36 in this case ;)
12:00:46  <Brianetta> like I said, 25/9
12:01:01  <valhallasw> 13:00 25/9=2
12:01:02  <valhallasw> ;P
12:01:20  <Brianetta> valhallasw?
12:01:24  <valhallasw> irssi /calc
12:01:28  <Brianetta> ah
12:01:31  <Brianetta> integer cal
12:01:35  <valhallasw> aye
12:01:39  <Brianetta> 25%9
12:01:47  <Brianetta> always do the rest of the maths (:
12:01:50  <valhallasw> 7 ;)
12:01:59  <Brianetta> 2+7/9
12:02:02  <valhallasw> yeah
12:03:14  <peter1138> hmmz
12:03:19  <peter1138> what was the problem again?
12:05:34  <Brianetta> metric-si speed conversion
12:05:58  <peter1138> we do * 284 / 1024, heh
12:05:59  <Brianetta> /msg sarah_pilot revision
12:06:01  <Brianetta> hee hee
12:06:57  <valhallasw> at least it's better than imperial/si conversion ;)
12:07:12  <Brianetta> Annoying thing about this stderr brokenness
12:07:36  <Brianetta> is that to read the game's version from the command line, one must attempt to read both stdout *and* stderr
12:08:58  <valhallasw> poor Brianetta
12:09:02  <valhallasw> cat version.c?
12:09:07  <peter1138> heh
12:09:19  <Brianetta> valhallasw: Doesn't work unless you have the source
12:09:20  <peter1138> how about a version console command? ;p
12:09:28  <Brianetta> peter1138: Doesn't work on older versions
12:09:58  <Brianetta> If the devs don't fix it (and it *is* broken) I'll have to implement the UDP thing
12:10:14  *** Wolfy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:10:27  *** Wolfy [] has joined #openttd
12:14:25  <Brianetta> It's doubly broken, because ./openttd -h returns 1
12:14:32  <Brianetta> when it should return 0
12:14:57  <peter1138> heh
12:17:47  <Brianetta> actually, it returns 0
12:17:54  <Brianetta> That was me mis-interpreting the caller
12:18:01  <Brianetta> which assumed 1 because of writing to stderr
12:18:21  <Brianetta> Why s it writing to stderr?  What's wrong with printf?
12:18:42  <Brianetta> Out putting help or verion information isn't an error state
12:21:57  *** ufoun [] has joined #openttd
12:22:40  *** Zahl [] has joined #openttd
12:32:18  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
12:42:22  *** Osai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:45:13  *** raimar2 [] has joined #openttd
12:49:27  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r8236 /branches/MiniIN/ (102 files in 8 dirs): [MiniIN] -Sync: with branches/0.5 r7585:r8228, i.e. MiniIN is against 0.5.0-RC4.
12:52:20  *** raimar3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:00:26  <Darkvater> 11:52 < Brianetta> You broke RC4's help output << did I now?
13:00:35  <Brianetta> well, you committed the break
13:00:51  <Brianetta> trunk has been broken for a while
13:12:25  <roboboy> yeah I got tolded to run openttd with -h and kept getting a blank window and complaining it didnt work on here
13:13:06  <Darkvater> I ain't brake it, but showInfo is used to show errors
13:14:58  <Brianetta> and
13:15:06  <Brianetta> you think the version or help info is an error?
13:15:08  <Brianetta> why is that?
13:15:15  <Brianetta> it's requiested with a command line switch
13:15:18  <Darkvater> I don't think that openttd thinks that
13:15:27  <Brianetta> well, it outputs it to stderr
13:15:50  <caladan> openttd doesnt think, that's what developers do :-) it should bes sent to stdout
13:16:47  *** gass [~any@] has joined #openttd
13:17:24  <Darkvater> roboboy: what do you mean you get an empty window?
13:17:55  <Brianetta> openttd for Windows doesn't use std*anything*
13:18:05  <Sacro> anyone any idea why vnc server keeps getting deleted fro this system
13:18:17  <Sacro> ive tired real and tight, and both keep vanishing
13:18:18  <roboboy> ok
13:18:30  <Brianetta> Sacro: Is it your system?
13:18:58  <Sacro> Brianetta: no, its the server at work
13:19:07  <roboboy> i got a blank windows window that should contain the help. its worked in the past on windows
13:19:09  <Brianetta> There's your answer.
13:19:14  <Brianetta> You have other people with access?
13:19:41  <Sacro> indeed we do
13:22:16  <Brianetta> There's the problem
13:23:03  <stillunknown> Sacro: maybe put a note on the monitor saying not remove the vns server :-)
13:23:09  <roboboy> i can run openttd from the command line but i ant get the list of arguements that -h would display
13:23:33  <stillunknown> *vnc server
13:24:52  *** valhalla1w [] has joined #openttd
13:26:40  <Darkvater> roboboy: can you give me a screenshot of the situation?
13:26:57  <roboboy> ok
13:27:45  <Darkvater> o_O
13:27:54  <Darkvater> roboboy: I get the same, so no screenshot needed
13:28:08  <roboboy> ok
13:31:50  *** valhallasw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:40:48  *** glx [] has joined #openttd
13:40:51  *** mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
13:52:02  *** glx|away [] has joined #openttd
13:52:31  *** Progman [] has joined #openttd
13:54:51  *** gass [~any@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:59:40  *** glx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:59:54  <Brianetta> Darkvater: I told you it was broken...
14:00:09  *** glx|away is now known as glx
14:01:29  <Darkvater> Brianetta: it had nothing to do with your problem though :)
14:04:54  <Brianetta> hmm
14:05:17  <Brianetta> So, are you fixing openttd's help-on-stderr bug?
14:05:29  <Brianetta> I have a workaround for autopilot, either way
14:05:35  <Brianetta> but it is broken
14:06:34  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8239 /trunk/src/win32.cpp: -Regression (r7278): Help window was empty for UNICODE builds
14:07:08  <Brianetta> so... RC4 update, or wait for RC5?
14:07:08  <Darkvater> hmm would it be a fix or codechange
14:07:13  <Darkvater> RC5
14:07:16  * Brianetta nods
14:07:21  <Brianetta> So soon... )-:
14:07:25  <Brianetta> NaRC4
14:07:57  <Bjarni> Darkvater: I got a tricky question... you tagged RC4, but the newest version is still RC3, so... should we make binaries or something?
14:09:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8240 /trunk/src/openttd.cpp: -Fix (r8013): Put the output of -h to stdout and not to stderr (through ShowInfo)
14:09:12  <Darkvater> Bjarni: nah, they can make their own binaries ;p
14:09:17  <Bjarni> ok
14:09:32  <Darkvater> I'm making windows binaries now, so we can start putting them onlnie
14:09:49  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
14:11:07  *** GoneWacko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:11:10  <SpComb> Logs:
14:11:10  <Digitalfox> !logs
14:15:18  <Bjarni> Darkvater: MD5 (openttd-0.5.0-RC4-osx.dmg) = 488fde72b9ad068a4e05367d3f342d34
14:16:20  <Darkvater> 15:15 <@Bjarni> Darkvater: MD5 (openttd-0.5.0-RC4-osx.dmg) = 488fde72b9ad068a4e05367d3f342d34
14:16:23  <Darkvater> eek
14:17:17  <Bjarni> something wrong?
14:17:39  <Darkvater> I pasted
14:20:59  <Celestar> is utf8 in 0.5.0 btw?
14:21:30  *** ChrisM87 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:21:40  <Digitalfox> Celestar: i think so
14:21:51  *** ChrisM87 [] has joined #openttd
14:24:33  <Digitalfox> This must have been discussed before but why no support from Trams in openttd?? Developers option or not yet coded?
14:24:57  <Celestar> "not yet coded"
14:26:10  <Bjarni> <Celestar>	is utf8 in 0.5.0 btw? <-- yes
14:26:52  <Bjarni> Darkvater: upload completed
14:26:57  <Celestar> nice nice
14:27:06  * Celestar kind of hopes RC4 will be released as-is
14:27:34  <Digitalfox> And how would it be implemented?? It's newgrf that supports it and adds it.. But how would openttd manage it.. With a new track feature or just build like buses?
14:28:03  <Digitalfox> This maynot had been discussed, so sorry if this is a no answer question :)
14:28:18  <Bjarni> Digitalfox: being "not yet coded", this is a subject to change, but likely tram lines will be needed to be build
14:28:18  <Celestar> a new railtype
14:28:31  <Digitalfox> ok
14:28:48  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
14:28:51  <Wolf01> ello
14:28:51  <Digitalfox> any developer thinking of working in this feature?
14:28:54  <Bjarni> would make little sense to drive trams on the roads without tram tracks
14:28:57  <Celestar> Digitalfox: yes, multiple
14:29:12  <Celestar> Digitalfox: but it requires other things to be finished first
14:29:24  <Digitalfox> new map, etc...
14:30:12  <Darkvater> no
14:30:18  <Darkvater> linked road-vehicles
14:30:24  <Darkvater> eg articulated
14:30:35  <Darkvater> then we'll not only can have trams, but also big trailer-trucks
14:30:42  <Digitalfox> very cool
14:30:43  *** Tron__ [] has joined #openttd
14:30:45  <Darkvater> and get rid of those ugly longbusses, etc. that really don't fit
14:30:46  <Darkvater> hi Tron__
14:30:54  *** Tron_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:31:06  <peter1138> heh
14:31:10  <Darkvater> bye Tron_
14:31:16  <Digitalfox> lol
14:33:46  <Darkvater> blathijs: can we have a debian file?
14:33:54  <peter1138> gah
14:34:00  <Wolf01> [15:30:47] <Darkvater> and get rid of those ugly longbusses, etc. that really don't fit
14:34:00  <Wolf01> articulated vehicles don't fit too, we need bigger stations
14:34:02  <peter1138> this sata tape drive isn't detected :(
14:34:20  <Darkvater> Wolf01: at least they fit better
14:34:30  <Eddi|zuHause2> whah... wind speeds up to 180km/h are not particularly funny...
14:34:31  <Darkvater> and with multistop and some gfx magic they'll fit
14:34:47  <peter1138> heh
14:49:39  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has joined #openttd
14:54:25  <Rubidium> hmm, why does RC4 without openttd.cfg start in Russian?
14:55:03  <Darkvater> he
14:55:05  <Darkvater> indeed
14:55:37  <peter1138> do the other RCs?
14:55:52  <Bjarni> because we like to see question marks
14:55:57  <Bjarni> it's  an easter egg
14:56:34  <Rubidium> RC3 did work OK
14:57:24  <Bjarni> *	Celestar kind of hopes RC4 will be released as-is <-- I don't :P
14:57:24  <peter1138> Brianetta: have you got the newest av8 yet?
14:59:54  * Darkvater checks trunk
15:00:52  *** Tron__ is now known as Tron_
15:01:07  <Darkvater> hi Tron_
15:01:47  <Darkvater> :O
15:01:51  <Darkvater> trunk does russian as well
15:02:48  <Tron_> hi
15:03:33  <Darkvater> o_O
15:03:41  <Darkvater> russian does not have an isocode
15:03:47  <Darkvater> that's why it defaults to russian
15:03:48  <Digitalfox> So if doenload RC4 and make a fresh install, it will be in Russian??
15:03:49  <peter1138> ahh
15:03:55  <Digitalfox> +download
15:03:59  * Darkvater kicks whoever allowed changing that
15:04:02  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX:
15:04:12  <peter1138> hi tron
15:04:15  * Digitalfox smels russian hacker
15:05:29  <Digitalfox> maybe a RC4.1 ? :\
15:07:29  <Darkvater> if no isocode = isocode is en_GB.UTF-8
15:07:31  <Darkvater> :()
15:08:39  <Darkvater> !openttd commit 8204
15:08:42  <_42_> Commit by miham :: r8204 /trunk/src/lang/russian.txt (2007-01-17 20:37:25 UTC)
15:08:44  <_42_> -Fix: reverted r8202, since it did not solve all the problems, since ALL language changes done today are garbage due to a quick bugfix in WT2 which introduced another, much more serious bug: put an utf8_to_htmlcode() call to a wrong place
15:08:46  <_42_> I will fix the affected language files soon (20-30 minutes)
15:08:48  <_42_> Please excuse me for this whole problem :-(
15:08:55  <Darkvater> bah
15:13:21  <Darkvater> hmm
15:13:38  <Darkvater> we should modify strgen so it gives back error if #isocode is not present?
15:15:03  <Rubidium> yes
15:20:00  <Belugas> multidevchaindrive
15:20:06  <Belugas> grrrr
15:20:40  *** Tuzlo [] has joined #openttd
15:20:56  <Darkvater> hmm, tricky...
15:21:33  <Tuzlo> I have a game goin that has trains on a track, they are all capable of doing 224 MAX speed but After I have bought one they are now only capable of 96 km/h? Whats wroing with that?
15:21:39  <Darkvater> perhpas not
15:21:55  <peter1138> Tuzlo: wagon speed limits?
15:22:05  <peter1138> assuming you're using a newgrf set
15:22:19  <Tuzlo> hmmm, didnt think of that
15:22:23  <nairan> eddi where in gerany ya live?
15:22:42  <Darkvater> ha got it
15:22:47  <nairan> *germany
15:23:34  *** Vikthor [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:23:36  <Tuzlo> so I have to send every train back and manually change them?
15:24:04  <caladan> hmmm, what do you mean change?
15:24:10  <Belugas>  multidevchaindrive
15:24:10  <Tuzlo> nm, I just found out how to9 change them
15:25:14  <Eddi|zuHause2> nairan: why do you want to know?
15:25:31  <nairan> because im also im germany far south
15:25:35  <Darkvater> kk done :)
15:25:36  <Tuzlo> seems like you cant change a Tanker wagon for an oil tanker
15:25:55  <nairan> and here the storm is just getting windspeed here
15:25:57  <Eddi|zuHause2> i live near Halle (Saale)
15:26:05  <Eddi|zuHause2> that is not exactly south ;)
15:26:10  <nairan> münchen here
15:26:34  <Tuzlo> what storm?
15:26:55  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8252 /trunk/src/lang/russian.txt:
15:26:55  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: -Regression(r8204): WT2 commit removed ##isocode from Russian, resulting in a clean
15:26:55  <CIA-1> OpenTTD:  start of openttd being in russian instead of in english.
15:26:57  <Eddi|zuHause2> it's stormy since yesterday evening
15:28:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8253 /trunk/src/strgen/strgen.cpp: -Codechange: Be more strict about language generation and fail any languages not having the mandatory ##name, ##ownname and ##isocode pragma's.
15:28:36  <Eddi|zuHause2> smells like an improper use of '
15:30:06  <Brianetta> Eddi: Your sense of smell serves you well
15:33:47  <DaleStan> It's the look-out-here-come's-an-s character!
15:40:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8254 /trunk/ (6 files in 4 dirs): -Merge: Release changes from the 0.5 branch back to trunk. This ensures an updated changelog, readme, et.
15:41:42  <blathijs> Darkvater: RC4? (topic isn't updated ;-)
15:41:54  <blathijs> Darkvater: I'll fix it up tonight, busy now
15:42:25  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Darkvater * r8255 /website/includes/ [Website] -Update: Latest official version to 0.5.0-RC4
15:42:40  <Darkvater> blathijs: I'm working down the todo list
15:43:05  *** Darkvater changed the topic of #openttd to: 0.5.0-RC4 | Website: * (Translator: translator2, Gameservers: servers, Nightly-builds: nightly, WIKI: wiki, SVN mailinglist: maillist, Dev-docs: docs, Bug-reports: bugs)
15:43:30  <Bjarni> Darkvater: should I make a new dmg file with the new Russian lang file?
15:43:47  <blathijs> Darkvater: Is there a source tgz yet? I need that for the debian file :-)
15:43:52  <Darkvater> Bjarni: nah
15:43:59  <Darkvater> blathijs: tar.gz and tar.bz2
15:44:12  <Darkvater> Bjarni: that's why it's a RC
15:44:52  <blathijs> Darkvater: k
15:44:54  <peter1138> RC5 later? ;p
15:45:09  <Darkvater> today ;p
15:46:09  <Darkvater> peter1138: nice list of grf's you've got running there :)
15:46:44  <peter1138> similar to brianetta's, isn't it?
15:47:09  <Darkvater> you've got more :)
15:47:14  *** Vikthor [] has joined #openttd
15:48:58  <Darkvater> :O
15:48:59  <Darkvater> peter1138: The airships in av8 make appropriate engine noises (piston, turboprop and jet for the Airship, NT and Skylift respectively) in TTDP, and helicopter noises in OTTD. The planeset airships also make helicopter noises in OTTD, as apparently the newsounds for helicopters do not work correctly.
15:49:02  *** Dextro [~dextro@] has joined #openttd
15:49:05  <Darkvater> fix0rz
15:49:24  <peter1138> have been looking
15:49:34  <peter1138> can't test at the moment though cos my ottd box (hehe) has no sound
15:49:50  <Darkvater> imagine it ^_^
15:50:21  <Bjarni> we got a "deaf" sound coder o_O
15:50:28  <Bjarni> imagine that ^_^
15:52:16  <Wolf01> bye
15:52:18  *** Wolf01 [] has quit []
15:56:23  *** d3x7r0 [~dextro@] has joined #openttd
15:57:07  <raimar2> there is a heavy storm in germany now
15:57:21  <Brianetta> raimar2: It was in the UK this morning
15:57:30  <Brianetta> heavy rain, wind squalls, hail, snow
15:58:14  <raimar2> no snow and hail but heavy winds
16:00:00  *** Dextro [~dextro@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:01:06  <Eddi|zuHause2> you can see the clouds travelling at insane speeds
16:01:14  <Frostregen> hmm, here is just slight wind... but it will arrive in 1 hour
16:02:43  *** green-devil [] has joined #openttd
16:02:56  *** tokai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:03:20  *** d3x7r0 is now known as Dextro
16:07:02  <Brianetta> Eddi: We still have the wind and fast clouds
16:07:06  *** davis__ [] has joined #openttd
16:07:16  <davis__> hello everybody
16:07:17  <Brianetta> They're going south south east
16:07:22  <Brianetta> which is your direction (:
16:07:43  <Eddi|zuHause2> it's pretty straight east here
16:09:03  <Eddi|zuHause2> i'm actually surprised that the power is still up ;)
16:09:09  <Brianetta> Sounds like a low over the Nordsee or the Baltic
16:09:15  <Eddi|zuHause2> damn, i should not have said that
16:10:50  <davis__> where to get RC4 alrdy?
16:11:07  <Brianetta> 16:10 <sarah_pilot> Brianetta has joined the game
16:11:08  <Brianetta> 16:10 <sarah_pilot> Saved game.
16:11:08  <Brianetta> 16:10 <sarah_pilot> Brianetta has left the game (desync error)
16:11:09  <Brianetta> )-:
16:11:20  <davis__> hey ;d
16:11:56  <Darkvater> :(
16:12:00  *** ChrisM87 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:12:26  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
16:13:59  <Brianetta> Darkvater: We have a buglet on the server
16:14:06  <Brianetta> ship refits
16:14:09  <Brianetta> and autoreplace
16:14:16  <Darkvater> peter1138: 'modified building costs'?
16:14:19  <Darkvater> Brianetta: yes?
16:14:25  <davis__> so?
16:14:33  <Brianetta> a bunch of ships infinitely attempting to autoreplace to a ship that can't be refitted to the goods they carry
16:14:34  <Darkvater> davis__:
16:14:37  <Brianetta> They aren't giving up
16:14:43  <Brianetta> They're just in and out of the depot, all the time
16:14:46  <davis__> hm thanks
16:14:53  <davis__> *stupid*
16:14:55  <Darkvater> yes
16:15:00  <davis__> just looked at this page 4 hrs ago
16:15:00  <davis__> :i
16:15:22  <Darkvater> Bjarni: ^
16:15:34  * Darkvater doesn't think this autoreplace is ever going to be bugfree
16:15:53  <Brianetta> I didn't desync this time (:
16:15:57  <Brianetta> Don't know what that was
16:16:05  <Brianetta> I guess there's always a desync lurking
16:17:03  <KUDr_wrk> Brianetta: some of us are working hard to hide some desyncs there
16:17:16  <KUDr_wrk> i.e. me
16:18:06  <Brianetta> KUDr: I appreciate that, and don't envy the task
16:18:14  <Brianetta> I know why they are so hard to find
16:18:32  <peter1138> hide? :)
16:18:52  <KUDr_wrk> but still we have some saboteurs here that are hunting such desyncs
16:18:57  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Saved game for Bjarni is on
16:18:58  <davis__> neos
16:19:00  <davis__> noes...
16:19:05  <davis__> i got the scrole bug again
16:19:05  <davis__> .-.
16:19:07  <Brianetta> scrolled to the vehicles in question
16:19:42  <davis__> how to fix it?
16:19:48  <Darkvater> peter1138: what city stations are you using? I can't find them
16:19:55  <davis__> my game just scrolls over the map
16:19:59  <davis__> iam not doing anything
16:20:33  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Was the news/vehicle bug fixed by just removing the offending news article?
16:20:55  *** ProfFrink [] has joined #openttd
16:21:04  *** Prof_Frink [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:21:06  *** ProfFrink is now known as Prof_Frink
16:21:54  <Bjarni> what now?
16:21:55  <Brianetta> Make an intersting map with varied terrain
16:21:56  <Brianetta> Stick one city on a sea-level flood risk
16:21:56  <Brianetta> and *everybody* wants to operate staions there.
16:22:08  <Bjarni> I look away for a moment and then hell breaks loose in here :(
16:22:11  <Brianetta> Bjarni: autoreplace issue
16:22:14  <davis__> totaly bugged
16:22:14  <davis__> ...
16:22:23  <Bjarni> autoreplace works
16:22:28  <Bjarni> it's just user input errors
16:22:30  <Bjarni> :P
16:22:43  <Brianetta> Bjarni: It isn't, therefore, idiot-proof
16:22:43  * Bjarni is unaware of any autoreplace bugs
16:22:47  <Bjarni> hence, they aren't there
16:22:57  <Brianetta> I said issue (:
16:22:58  <Brianetta> not bug
16:23:09  <Bjarni> I only fix bugs, not issues
16:23:18  <peter1138> Darkvater: pass
16:23:25  <Bjarni> if I should fix all issues for all people in here, I would never be done
16:23:40  <Bjarni> it's IRC... a magnet for people with issues
16:23:47  <davis__>
16:23:50  <davis__> great xd
16:24:14  <Brianetta> Well, whatever
16:24:22  <Brianetta> People will just *think* your code is buggy
16:25:02  <Bjarni> people complains about error in the distributions because is missing
16:26:27  <davis__> ill download rc3 again
16:26:29  <davis__> such a crap xd
16:26:36  <Bjarni> <Brianetta>	a bunch of ships infinitely attempting to autoreplace to a ship that can't be refitted to the goods they carry <-- post a bug report or I will forget to take a look
16:26:53  <Bjarni> davis__: just remove russian.lng
16:26:59  <Bjarni> that should do it (I think)
16:27:17  <Bjarni> and remove openttd.cfg as well
16:27:19  <davis__> yes
16:27:21  <davis__> thanks
16:27:23  <Rubidium> or copying your old openttd.cfg
16:27:47  <Rubidium> Bjarni: that 'everything' is in Russian bug only happens when openttd.cfg does not exist
16:28:05  <Bjarni> I don't know
16:28:30  <Bjarni> I think it picks Russian when no cfg is found and it have to pick one on it's own
16:28:42  <Bjarni> when I tested it, I got my test cfg and I got the right language
16:29:09  <Rubidium> Bjarni: yes, and it's already fixed
16:29:24  <Rubidium> but not in 0.5.0-RC4
16:29:52  <Darkvater> peter1138: pass? it's your server :)
16:30:07  <davis__> so i have another problem
16:30:13  <davis__> the game scrolls about the map
16:30:15  <davis__> and i cant stop it
16:30:21  <Darkvater> Brianetta: if the vehicle no long exists, the news is removed and has been for ages just not always
16:31:19  <davis__> ?
16:32:37  *** Purno [] has joined #openttd
16:33:50  <peter1138> Darkvater: they've been there so long...
16:34:26  <peter1138>
16:36:42  <Darkvater> hmm
16:36:42  <Darkvater> I just dl'd them again from aegir and it still says not found
16:36:42  <Darkvater> weird
16:38:14  <peter1138> probably old versions then
16:38:15  <peter1138> hm
16:38:44  <davis__> Brianetta , why you dont let run 1024
16:38:50  <davis__> x 104
16:38:54  <davis__> 1024*
16:38:57  <davis__> maps on your server?
16:39:11  <caladan> cause it needs more memory and power?
16:39:34  <davis__> hm
16:39:38  <davis__> probably
16:39:50  <Darkvater> peter1138: yes
16:40:18  <Darkvater> but that 'increase building costs...'
16:51:07  *** Zaviori [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )]
16:54:14  *** xera [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:54:19  *** xera [] has joined #openttd
16:54:49  *** xera is now known as Xera
16:56:03  *** Zaviori [] has joined #openttd
16:57:50  <Brianetta> davis__: CPU requirements.  Running a large map requires more CPU, and the progression is arithmetic.
17:00:05  *** Tron__ [] has joined #openttd
17:00:05  *** Tron_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:01:27  <peter1138> Darkvater: oh, pbbuild
17:01:29  <peter1138> ?
17:02:00  <davis__> k
17:02:13  <Darkvater> donnu
17:02:32  * peter1138 gets url
17:02:43  <peter1138>
17:02:48  <peter1138> bottom of that page
17:04:22  <davis__> damn , wind blew away the roof again
17:04:23  <davis__> afk
17:04:31  <peter1138> hmm
17:04:38  <peter1138> 7 dead in the UK, so far
17:05:36  <peter1138> "A man died after being blown into a metal shutter at an industrial estate"
17:05:39  <peter1138> that's a bit weird...
17:06:38  *** ufoun [] has left #openttd []
17:07:05  *** coaster [] has joined #openttd
17:07:23  *** Xera [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:07:29  *** Xera [] has joined #openttd
17:17:45  <Bjarni> [18:04:22] 	<davis__>	damn , wind blew away the roof again
17:17:45  <Bjarni> [18:04:23] 	<davis__>	afk
17:17:48  <Bjarni> again....
17:20:19  <Eddi|zuHause2> sounds like the guy who says "this sounds like the firealarm"
17:20:49  <Sacro> has anyone seen win32 RC4 binaries?
17:21:21  <Frostregen> download page?
17:21:32  *** Xera [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:21:38  *** Xera [] has joined #openttd
17:22:26  <peter1138> wtf
17:22:43  <peter1138>
17:22:50  <peter1138> ^^ silly foreign languages
17:26:49  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
17:27:58  <Bjarni> silly English... not having genders for words
17:28:02  <Vikthor> Sily English that does not use cases
17:28:05  <Bjarni> it's so unnatural
17:28:20  <Bjarni> it's mandatory to have at least two genders :D
17:28:40  <Vikthor> three is better
17:28:48  * Bjarni wonders how English can survive without genders
17:29:47  * Bjarni wonders about davis__
17:30:10  <Bjarni> if he lost his roof, it's storming and possibly raining, then why is he still online?
17:32:23  <Belugas> #The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind
17:32:27  <Belugas> #The answer is blowing in the wind
17:38:08  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
17:38:29  <Wolf01> ello
17:42:05  <nairan> yay
17:42:34  <nairan> train traffic has been stopped or drastically reduces here in germany. trucks and cars been blown off road
17:43:22  <nairan> or off bridges also trees hitting el. lines and so and just the weather cast ppls said the wind may rise more =/
17:43:40  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@] has joined #openttd
17:43:44  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@] has quit []
17:45:18  *** Xera [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:45:24  *** Xera [] has joined #openttd
17:48:27  *** tokai [] has joined #openttd
17:48:28  *** mode/#openttd [+v tokai] by ChanServ
17:52:06  <Brianetta> Bjarni: We have the three Germanic genders.  It's just that almost all of our words are neutral.
17:52:43  <glx> hmm r8240 doesn't fix autopilot problem for windows
17:52:57  <Brianetta> what problem is that?
17:53:33  <glx> openttd -h on stderr
17:53:41  <Brianetta> no, it doesn't
17:53:50  <Brianetta> it hasn't actually been fixed yet; it's a planned fix.
17:54:08  <Tuzlo> is there any setting that when youn tell vehicles to replace (not auto renew) they dont do it?
17:54:13  <Brianetta> Speaking of which, autopilot will work around this problem, but I cna't work on it here, or I lose copyright
17:54:17  <Brianetta> so I'm off home
17:54:25  <Brianetta> back later (:
17:58:24  <Bjarni> Tuzlo: autoreplace should do just that
17:58:54  <Bjarni> set one type to replace to another type and then they will do it when they are in depots anyway
17:59:55  <Wolf01> for what release are planned the gui enhancements?
18:00:56  <Bjarni> what gui enhancements?
18:00:57  <Tuzlo> Autorenew or Autoreplace?
18:01:07  *** Dextro [~dextro@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:01:14  <Tuzlo> oh, youre talkin about itn the vehicles window
18:01:15  <Wolf01> i have a fix for the place trees button
18:01:19  <Tuzlo> well thats not working
18:01:46  <Bjarni> it should work
18:02:09  <peter1138> Bjarni: clearly our crystal balls aren't working
18:02:13  <Wolf01> which unset the other widgets, is only a line added but is nice
18:03:30  <Bjarni> Tuzlo: if you consider it to fail, then write a bug report (with savegame and stuff)
18:04:03  <Tuzlo> no, its probably the way the person set up this scenario, Ive sseen it work b4, I was just wondering if you can turn it off in th4e patches
18:04:04  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Quit: Whoopsy]
18:04:05  <peter1138> Darkvater: hehe, ttdp's spritecache appears to be 4MB :D
18:04:08  *** DaleStan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:04:46  <Bjarni> Tuzlo: you can't turn off autoreplace anywhere
18:04:58  <Bjarni> and it's something each company can set up
18:05:40  <Bjarni> if one company sets something to be replaced, then it will be replaced for that company and only that company
18:05:45  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
18:06:05  *** ufoun [] has joined #openttd
18:06:20  *** DaleStan [] has joined #openttd
18:12:57  *** Tron__ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:13:01  <peter1138> hm
18:14:02  <Tuzlo> wierd, all of a sudden the vechiles started replacing
18:15:23  <peter1138> didn't have enough money?
18:15:37  <Bjarni> maybe they needed service so they started to visits depots
18:16:01  <Bjarni> or it could be the money issue (you should get a message about lack of money though, but you can disable that)
18:16:02  <Darkvater> peter1138: should we increase? :)
18:16:15  <Bjarni> 8 mb
18:16:20  <Bjarni> we are bigger and better :D
18:16:58  <Darkvater> hmm,forums down?
18:17:08  <Bjarni> actually I presume that it would be best to actually test how much will be needed instead of just allocating memory
18:17:44  <Tuzlo> I removed the $$$ issue, and sent them to the depot, didnt replace them
18:17:47  <Tuzlo> oh well
18:22:27  *** GoneWacko [] has joined #openttd
18:22:58  *** coaster [] has quit []
18:27:51  <Darkvater> bbl
18:32:26  <Eddi|zuHause2> i love this... yast is failing on me, telling me "RPM failed" and giving an error message "-?-"
18:35:21  *** pecisk [] has joined #openttd
18:40:51  *** BJH2 [] has joined #openttd
18:41:47  *** KritiK [] has joined #openttd
18:42:58  *** Wolf01 is now known as Wolf01|AWAY
18:43:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: miham * r8266 /trunk/src/lang/ (6 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)
18:43:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2007-01-18 19:42:06
18:43:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: afrikaans - 26 fixed, 63 changed by TrueTenacity (89)
18:43:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: dutch - 1 fixed by habell (1)
18:43:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: esperanto - 1 fixed by LaPingvino (1)
18:43:06  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: russian - 26 changed by DarkFenX (26)
18:43:06  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: turkish - 1 fixed by jnmbk (1)
18:45:15  <SpComb> argh bold spam!
18:45:37  <Tron> WTF?
18:45:40  <blathijs> why did they change that
18:45:42  <blathijs> CIA-1: die
18:45:49  * blathijs kills CIA-1
18:45:49  * CIA-1 dies
18:47:11  <peter1138> MiHaMiX...
18:47:19  <peter1138> --- russian.txt (revision 8265)
18:47:19  <peter1138> +++ russian.txt (revision 8266)
18:47:19  <peter1138> @@ -1,6 +1,5 @@ ##name Russian
18:47:19  <peter1138> -##ownname ???????
18:47:19  <peter1138> -##isocode ru_RU.UTF-8
18:47:21  <peter1138> +##ownname Russian
18:47:24  <peter1138> ##id 0x0000 STR_NULL                                                        :
18:47:26  <peter1138> can you stop that please?
18:56:52  *** Xera is now known as xera
18:57:40  <davis__> back
18:57:44  <davis__> for a whil
18:57:45  <davis__> e
18:57:53  *** Wolf01|AWAY is now known as Wolf01
18:58:29  *** scia [] has joined #openttd
18:58:30  <blathijs> so
18:58:36  <blathijs> let's build some debs :-)
18:58:43  <Bjarni> davis__: replaced the roof?
18:58:48  <davis__> parts of it
18:58:56  <Bjarni> and what did you mean by "again"? :)
18:58:57  <davis__> my father and grandfather , still working on it
18:58:57  <davis__> :d
18:59:05  <davis__> well iam replacing it
18:59:13  <davis__> and the wind comes , again , and bam ^^
18:59:30  <Bjarni> yeah
18:59:34  <davis__> such a crap
18:59:42  <Bjarni> I like to play that kind of tricks on people :P
18:59:46  <davis__> ^^
18:59:53  *** Purno [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:00:58  *** ufoun [] has left #openttd []
19:02:41  <Brianetta> r16 | brian | 2007-01-18 19:02:16 +0000 (Thu, 18 Jan 2007) | 2 lines
19:02:41  <Brianetta> Fixed problem where some revisions of OpenTTD write their -h output to stderr,
19:02:41  <Brianetta> causing autopilot to crash ungracefully.
19:04:04  <MiHaMiX> peter1138: hmm
19:04:10  <Bjarni> bbl
19:05:14  *** prakti [] has joined #openttd
19:05:18  <peter1138> yes, hmm
19:06:27  <prakti> I'm experiencing segfaults when generating a new temperate map while using the UK-Bus-grf with 0.5-RC3. Has someone further information on this issue?
19:06:36  <peter1138> yes, use RC4
19:07:19  <MiHaMiX> peter1138: I'll handle it
19:07:21  <peter1138> !openttd commit 8252
19:07:24  <_42_> Commit by Darkvater :: r8252 /trunk/src/lang/russian.txt (2007-01-18 15:26:52 UTC)
19:07:26  <_42_> -Regression(r8204): WT2 commit removed ##isocode from Russian, resulting in a clean
19:07:28  <_42_>  start of openttd being in russian instead of in english.
19:08:47  <Tron> peter1138: svn merge -c 8252 .
19:11:38  <peter1138> -c is that new one... heh
19:12:09  <peter1138> hmm
19:12:33  <Tron> -c X == -r X-1:X
19:12:45  <Tron> -c -X == -r X:X-1
19:12:52  *** Neonox [] has joined #openttd
19:15:29  <davis__> mow
19:20:15  <prakti> RC4 is out? Weee !
19:21:03  <davis__> :p
19:27:02  * peter1138 -> home
19:27:17  <Sacro> peter1138: () ?
19:28:01  <davis__> (-.(-.(-.-).-).-)
19:28:25  <Brianetta> glx: Revison 21 of autopilot is 2.0.4
19:28:33  <Brianetta> Just about to post to the forum
19:29:10  *** dfox [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:31:32  *** xera is now known as Xera
19:36:34  <Eddi|zuHause2> i see, the bavarians finally got rid of their "leader"
19:39:02  <Bjarni> I missed a public hanging?
19:39:10  <Bjarni> damn
19:44:47  <peter1138> hmm
19:45:06  * peter1138 -> in bed
19:46:20  *** helb [~helb@] has quit [Quit: Logout]
19:47:20  <Xera> for some reason my friends openttd installer isn't picking up his ttd installation, and fails. why?
19:50:07  <Xera> is there anyway to stop the check for ttd?
19:50:20  <Smoovious> use the zip file?
19:51:03  *** Rens2Sea is now known as Rens2Oblivion
19:51:20  <Eddi|zuHause2> you can choose wether to check for the files during installation
19:52:33  <Xera> ok one more question
19:52:47  <Xera> is it possible to upgrade my installation, instead of uninstalling/reinstalling
19:53:01  <Brianetta> dbg: [NET][UDP] Received invalid packet type 15
19:53:05  <Brianetta> Getting a lot of them
19:53:05  <davis__>
19:53:09  <Smoovious> install on top of the oldone
19:53:10  <Brianetta> Any idea what's sending them?
19:53:19  <Xera> Smoovious: linux.
19:53:25  <Eddi|zuHause2> you can just copy the new files over the old
19:53:26  <Smoovious> ahh
19:53:36  <Smoovious> well, then it should still be the same, regardless of OS
19:53:53  <Xera> Eddi|zuHause2: i installed from .deb
19:53:54  <Xera> XD
19:54:08  <Xera> --upgrade or something?
19:54:09  <Xera> :S
19:54:16  <Eddi|zuHause2> i have no idea how .debs work
19:54:20  <Xera> lol
19:55:06  <Eddi|zuHause2> davis__: that better be a video of your roof ;)
19:55:21  *** Xera is now known as xera
19:55:47  <davis__> ^^
19:56:05  <Brianetta> blathijs:
19:56:20  <Rubidium> Brianetta: strange but that is (most likely) not from an OpenTTD client
19:56:43  <Brianetta> Rubidium: I guess I'm being kiddied.
19:56:57  <Brianetta> Shame the debug doesn't print the IP address
19:58:29  <Brianetta>
19:58:43  <glx> Brianetta: still fails on win32
19:58:51  <Brianetta> glx: Fails how?
19:59:09  <glx>     while executing
19:59:09  <glx> "exec ./openttd -d -h"
19:59:09  <glx>     ("eval" body line 1)
19:59:09  <glx>     invoked from within
19:59:09  <glx> "eval "exec $command -d -h""
19:59:10  <glx>     (procedure "ottd_version" line 3)
19:59:10  <glx>     invoked from within
19:59:12  <glx> "ottd_version $openttd"
19:59:12  <glx>     invoked from within
19:59:14  <glx> "set ottd_version [ottd_version $openttd]"
19:59:14  <glx>     (file "autopilot.tcl" line 103)
19:59:24  <Brianetta> hmm
19:59:41  <glx> because openttd -h is still on stderr for win32
19:59:42  <Brianetta> that means autopilot can't get the version from either stdout or stderr
20:00:09  <Brianetta> That bug is down to a variable being left unset because there was no output
20:00:15  <Brianetta> the variable in question is initialised now
20:00:21  <Brianetta> so that shouldn't happen, put simply
20:00:28  <blathijs> Brianetta: thanks
20:02:46  <Rubidium> Brianetta: <- should give you the IP
20:02:57  *** xera is now known as Xera
20:04:03  <Tron> Rubidium: the order of the parameters is wrong in the first DEBUG
20:04:54  <Rubidium> ah, you're right. Updated the diff
20:05:14  *** GoneWack1 [] has joined #openttd
20:10:20  *** GoneWacko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:10:20  *** GoneWack1 is now known as GoneWacko
20:13:50  *** Zahl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:15:53  <Eddi|zuHause2> hm... nothing better than hot chicken soup in a cold stormy winter night
20:15:58  *** MUcht [] has joined #openttd
20:18:06  <Brianetta> Rubidium: Cheers.  It's an AOL address, according to my snifferoony.
20:18:12  *** Zahl [] has joined #openttd
20:21:50  *** Mucht_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:21:51  <peter1138> grr @ pocketputty
20:22:47  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
20:24:35  *** TinoM| [] has joined #openttd
20:25:29  <glx> Brianetta: autopilot-lib.tcl:40 <-- that line fails
20:25:49  <Brianetta> hmm
20:25:54  * Brianetta looks at the code
20:26:08  *** Mucht_ [] has joined #openttd
20:26:19  <Brianetta> That line? Bah
20:26:22  <Brianetta> It chould be fine
20:26:40  <Brianetta> unless the Windows one really does put out an error error
20:28:13  *** dfox [] has joined #openttd
20:29:08  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Quit:]
20:29:24  *** PandaMojo [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]]
20:29:33  *** turkeyboys [~turkeyboy@] has joined #openttd
20:30:00  *** Tino|Home [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:30:10  <Brianetta> turkeyboys: Chat in public, please
20:30:40  *** turkeyboys [~turkeyboy@] has left #openttd []
20:30:57  <blathijs> Brianetta: He queried you or something?
20:31:01  *** TinoM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:31:01  <Brianetta> yeah
20:32:02  <Xera> would someone be so kind as to upload their "gm" files? my cd doesn't have them O_O
20:32:15  *** MUcht [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:32:54  <Eddi|zuHause2> you mix us up with #emule or something?
20:33:35  <Xera> no?
20:33:36  <Xera> XD
20:33:53  <Xera> i want the classic jazz
20:33:54  <Xera> >:
20:33:58  <Xera> stupid dos cd
20:34:03  <Xera> >>>>>:
20:35:18  <Belugas> Please, be aware that those gm files are copyright material...
20:35:29  <Xera> i own a legal copy ffs
20:35:30  <Xera> >:
20:35:36  <Xera> my disc doesn't have the gm files
20:35:39  <Xera> only a GM.DAT
20:35:46  <Xera> can i use that?
20:36:04  <Eddi|zuHause2> that's the right point where you could provide us with a decoder for that file ;)
20:36:16  <Xera> >:
20:37:01  <Eddi|zuHause2> gah... why is there never anything interesting on tv...
20:37:25  <Xera> hmm
20:37:29  <Xera> i got the .mid files
20:37:32  <Xera> can i use them? :S
20:37:50  <Eddi|zuHause2> yeah, probably, if you rename them to .gm
20:37:54  <Xera> k
20:39:27  <Xera> nap
20:39:28  <Xera> D:
20:39:35  <Xera> unless timidity ain't working
20:40:53  <Xera> what should i put in the flag?
20:40:55  <Xera> -m timidity?
20:42:54  <blathijs> think so
20:43:08  <Xera> hmm
20:43:10  <Xera> doesn't work
20:43:19  *** mikl [] has quit [Quit: In the end, all that matters is your relation with God...]
20:43:21  <Xera> Error: No such music driver: timidity
20:43:24  <Xera> O_o
20:43:46  <Sacro> which timidity
20:43:55  <Xera> TiMidity++ version 2.13.2 -- MIDI to WAVE converter and player
20:44:10  <Sacro> no... "which timidity"
20:44:19  <Xera> uh?
20:44:31  <Sacro> its a linux command
20:44:33  <Xera> oh
20:44:46  <Xera> /usr/bin/timidity
20:44:57  <Sacro> hmm, its installed and in your path then
20:45:27  <blathijs> Xera: it's -m extmidi
20:45:47  <Xera> doesn't work
20:45:55  <blathijs> same error?
20:45:56  <Xera> still no jukebox
20:45:56  <Xera> >:
20:46:42  <Xera> in the config file it has extmidi = /usr/bin/timidity
20:46:43  <Xera> ;s
20:47:10  *** Xera [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:47:50  *** Xera [] has joined #openttd
20:48:00  <Xera> uh...
20:48:01  <Xera> lol
20:48:08  <Xera> weird, blank screen
20:48:10  <Xera> ;s
20:50:19  <Xera> jamie@jamie:~$ timidity -iAD -Os
20:50:19  <Xera> Requested buffer size 32768, fragment size 8192
20:50:19  <Xera> ALSA pcm 'default' set buffer size 60208, period size 3760 bytes
20:50:19  <Xera> TiMidity starting in ALSA server mode
20:50:19  <Xera> ALSA lib seq_hw.c:456:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory
20:50:20  <Xera> error in snd_seq_open
20:50:23  <Xera> ah.. XD
20:51:41  <Sacro> you fool
20:51:42  <Sacro> :p
20:52:03  <Xera> how to fixx0r?
20:52:03  <Xera> XD
20:52:12  <Sacro> err...
20:52:53  * Xera needs teh jukebox!!!
20:53:45  <Bjarni> look, the fool tells the other fool that he is a fool
20:53:55  <Xera> XDDDD
20:54:03  <Bjarni> I will not take part in this foolish discussion
20:54:07  <Sacro> Bjarni: hush
20:54:07  <Bjarni> bbl
20:54:19  <Xera> XDDDDDDDDD
20:54:22  <Xera> laff
20:54:23  <Xera> x?D
20:54:24  <Xera> xD
20:54:30  <Sacro> Bjarni: whose the bigger fool, the fool, or the fool that asks the other fool for help
20:54:42  <Xera> >:o?
20:54:55  <Xera> i pity the fool who calls me a fool
20:55:04  <Sacro> Xera: me and Bjarni like to fight, but he loves me really
20:55:05  <Bjarni> you pity Sacro?
20:55:13  <Xera> Sacro: lol
20:55:16  <Bjarni> no I don't
20:55:19  <Xera> Bjarni: XD
20:56:14  <Bjarni> you got a history of fucking people and then get them committed..... I don't want to use the word "love" anywhere near you
20:56:28  <Wolf01> Sacro, ping
20:56:42  <Sacro> Wolf01: *asplode*
20:56:46  <Bjarni> Xera: Sacro once fucked a girl and a week later, she was in a mental hospital
20:56:52  <Xera> lol
20:56:54  <Bjarni> so now you know who you are dealing with
20:56:57  <Sacro> Bjarni: ONCE, thats hardly a history
20:57:00  *** BFM [] has joined #openttd
20:57:02  <Xera> xD?
20:57:08  <Bjarni> IT HAPPENED!
20:57:39  <Wolf01> give me another idea to code for ottd, but simple to code, you know my abilities
20:58:16  <Bjarni> hmm
20:58:22  *** scia [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
20:58:32  <Bjarni> the fact that it should fit your abilities more or less took away all my ideas
20:59:17  <Xera> Wolf01: favourites list in multiplayer
20:59:23  <Xera> and search
20:59:25  <Xera> k?
20:59:25  <Xera> :P
20:59:40  <Bjarni> I scheduled modifying the multiplayer window for next week
21:00:15  <davis__> I'm opped in (9/12) channels on (2) networks. I have the power over (221/370) users.
21:00:23  <davis__> hm
21:00:27  <davis__> sry wrong alias
21:00:38  <davis__>  .
21:00:46  <Sacro> im opped in 2 channels
21:01:00  <Bjarni> #lesbians and ?
21:01:01  <blathijs> Xera: what happens when you run timidity without options?
21:01:07  <Sacro> Bjarni: not in there
21:01:09  <blathijs> ie, timidity
21:01:13  <Xera> sec
21:01:14  <Sacro> and i have the power over 1 person :D
21:01:33  <Xera> oh shi-
21:01:35  <Xera> it plays
21:01:35  <Xera> :O
21:01:37  <Bjarni> I outrank you guys
21:01:44  <Bjarni> I got op in THIS channel
21:01:44  <davis__> not bad Bjarni ;p
21:01:55  <blathijs> Xera: in that case, openttd should be able to use timidity for playing as well...
21:02:00  <blathijs> Xera: Any error message?
21:02:00  <davis__> quakenet!
21:02:01  <Xera> >:
21:02:03  <Xera> nop
21:02:04  <Xera> ;s
21:02:06  <Bjarni> which means way more than the ones Sacro just made on his own to impress us
21:02:06  <Xera> davis__: pwns xD
21:02:11  <davis__> thanks
21:02:21  <Xera> why not move this chan to quakenet?
21:02:28  <Xera> then i'll get less lagg outs
21:02:31  <davis__> hm , why they should?
21:02:33  <Xera> and 1 less server window
21:02:34  <Xera> _._
21:02:45  <davis__> sharp tycoon at quakenet
21:02:47  <Bjarni> davis__: do you still have a house or did it blow away?
21:02:50  <Xera> qnet > all.
21:02:54  <davis__> hm
21:02:57  <peter1138> too close to #tycoon :D
21:02:58  <davis__> its still standing
21:03:20  <Bjarni> <-- standing as well as this one?
21:03:35  <Xera> rofl
21:03:36  <Xera> XD
21:03:56  <Bjarni> I don't think rofl is the reaction from the people living there
21:04:01  <Xera> XDDD
21:04:27  * Sacro goes to #Bjarni
21:04:36  <Sacro> mwahahaha, im an op too
21:05:39  <Bjarni> hah, now I got OP in yet another channel
21:06:20  <peter1138> this phone is dumb
21:06:39  <davis__> lol ;P
21:06:39  <peter1138> 50% volume is louder tahn 60%
21:06:51  <Sacro> :o
21:06:57  <Sacro> he's in #Sacro ><
21:07:01  <Bjarni> Sacro designed that one?
21:07:09  <davis__> nah
21:07:15  <davis__> we just replaced the roof
21:07:17  <Sacro> peter1138: are you sure its not using db?
21:07:19  <Bjarni> right
21:07:22  <davis__> hopefully it wont fly away this night
21:07:44  <Bjarni> if Sacro designs a phone, then it will have no display, no actions when pressing the keys and no sound at all
21:08:31  <Sacro> :o
21:08:36  <Sacro> its got to have a screen
21:08:42  <Sacro> mobile breast viewing
21:09:09  <davis__> ok
21:09:11  <Bjarni> ok, then it would have an inactive screen
21:09:15  <davis__> iam away
21:09:17  <davis__> school tommorow
21:09:19  *** davis__ is now known as Davis
21:09:23  *** Davis is now known as Davis_
21:09:26  *** Davis_ is now known as Davis__
21:09:27  <Davis__> ffs
21:09:30  <Xera> lol
21:09:31  <Xera> XDDD
21:09:32  <Davis__> fucking nickserv
21:09:42  <Bjarni> Sacro: mobile breast viewing.... get a girlfriend
21:09:55  *** Davis__ is now known as L
21:09:57  *** L is now known as Q
21:10:00  <Bjarni> hi L
21:10:02  <Sacro> Bjarni: but with the phone you can see a different pair every night
21:10:03  <Bjarni> hi Q
21:10:07  *** Q is now known as Q__
21:10:14  <Bjarni> hi Q__
21:10:23  *** Q__ is now known as Z
21:10:25  *** Z is now known as Z_
21:10:29  <Z_> fucking nickserv
21:11:27  <glx> Brianetta:
21:11:54  *** Z_ is now known as iamaway
21:11:59  <iamaway> yay
21:12:01  <iamaway> n8
21:14:28  <glx> Brianetta: hmm I think it's wrong :)
21:15:39  <Brianetta> glx: update svn
21:15:48  <michi_cc> Darkvater: d043584e3751fafdb1baba0777a1f34b
21:16:29  <Sacro> hmmm... i should work on the rpm
21:16:34  *** Xera is now known as xera
21:16:34  <Brianetta> glx: Your patch is half right
21:16:45  <glx> yes I know :)
21:16:52  <Brianetta> in that it works on non-RC4 builds
21:17:07  <Brianetta> anyway, r22 seems to work
21:17:14  <Brianetta> Just not tested on Windows
21:18:45  <Brianetta> catch is a funny bugger, since it doesn't necessarily run in the same namespace
21:18:56  <Brianetta> That's kind of how it works
21:19:39  <glx> works with trunk
21:21:36  <glx> it's ok for 0.5.0-RC4 too
21:22:31  <Brianetta> 21:22 <Brianetta> !revision
21:22:31  <Brianetta> 21:22 <sarah_pilot> Game version is broken by the devs
21:22:31  <Brianetta> 21:22 <rachel> Game version is 0.5.0-RC4
21:22:31  <Brianetta> 21:22 <Brianetta> Well, isn't that nice
21:22:52  <glx> but for both I needed to comment Randomize map location stuff
21:25:16  <glx> autopilot.tcl:262  missing close parenthesis at end of function call <-- but I don't see any missing parenthesis
21:25:43  *** Bjarni [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:27:53  <Eddi|zuHause2> you know there's something wrong when you get seasick in your own bed
21:28:09  <Brianetta> glx: I see the problem
21:28:45  <Brianetta> comitted fix
21:28:47  <Brianetta> a missing +
21:28:51  <Brianetta> bah
21:30:06  <glx> it's ok now :)
21:31:32  *** helb [~helb@] has joined #openttd
21:32:00  <Brianetta> (:
21:37:18  <glx> funny thing: I can run many servers on the same port :)
21:37:35  *** FloSoft [] has joined #openttd
21:38:27  <caladan> glx: on the same IP?
21:38:40  <FloSoft> hi all
21:39:00  <FloSoft> one question: why is the latest miniin-nightly from 31.12.06? ;)
21:40:45  <Smoovious> cuz they don't get compiled all the time
21:40:49  <Smoovious> just occasionally
21:41:07  <glx> and only if there are changes in the code
21:41:24  <Smoovious> and the main focus lately has been the RC# releases for the upcoming 0.5.0 stable
21:41:31  <FloSoft> glx: hmm nothing's done there for nearly 3 weeks then?
21:41:51  <glx> not for miniin
21:42:39  *** KUDr [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:42:42  <FloSoft> the yapf - when will it support pbs? thats a feature that would be perfekt for big junctions -.-
21:43:38  <Smoovious> when? when it is done...
21:45:47  <Darkvater> back
21:45:57  *** BJH2_ [] has joined #openttd
21:47:08  <FloSoft> what are currently you working on then - ttd was one of my favorite games, openttd is already very good - but some features are missing currently - but i know, a project with that size costs very much time
21:47:45  *** BJH2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:48:49  <Darkvater> Rubidium: should give you the IP << might be interesting for trunk
21:49:03  <Brianetta> More RC4 bugs
21:49:25  <Brianetta> One of our players has baid negative Property Maintenance
21:49:33  <Brianetta> one year was -60 million
21:49:55  <Brianetta> adjacent years are a couple of thousand
21:50:21  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
21:51:28  <Rubidium> Darkvater: what, showing IPs of computers sending invalid/illegal UDP packets?
21:51:44  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: r8266!! please don't break russian *AGAIN*
21:52:04  <Darkvater> it's not funny, and I can't compile openttd unless I magic it
21:52:09  <Darkvater> Rubidium: yeah
21:52:11  <Darkvater> no?
21:52:26  <Rubidium> it's already in trunk
21:52:36  <Darkvater> ah, ok
21:52:59  <Darkvater> wtf's up with WT2 braking stuff all the time :(
21:53:20  <FloSoft> hmm one thing with those pbs-signals - why do i need them before and after the junction? thats sometimes not very good - combination signals would be nice also
21:53:44  *** Zahl22 [] has joined #openttd
21:53:47  *** Zahl [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Zahl22))]
21:53:48  *** Zahl22 is now known as Zahl
21:53:50  <Darkvater> pbs > miniin > unsupported
21:54:53  <Darkvater> wtf? << how could this break?
21:54:57  <Darkvater> there were no changes in this area
21:55:48  *** FloSoft [] has quit [Quit: Connection reset by Myself, not by the damn peer]
21:56:25  *** nairan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:57:35  *** TinoM| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:58:06  <Brianetta> Darkvater: It's being right weird
21:58:10  <Brianetta> Look at the following post
21:58:19  <Brianetta> There's an overflow lurking int here, I reckon
21:58:44  <Brianetta> #543388
21:58:47  <Brianetta> same thread
21:59:15  <Brianetta> It might be important; the game was loaded form RC3
22:00:11  <Brianetta> Now we have a player who can't build any new railway stations
22:00:22  <Brianetta> but wait
22:00:27  <Brianetta> 22:00 <sarah_pilot> edk256: I am such a fucktard
22:00:34  <Brianetta> there might be more...
22:00:53  <Brianetta> yeah, that was his fault
22:01:25  <Darkvater> lol
22:02:34  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Getting autopilot to work with stderr instead of stdout was no problem.  Getting it to work with both... headache!
22:02:38  <Brianetta> Works now, though
22:03:03  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Quit: Whoopsy]
22:03:12  <Digitalfox> I thoughtRC4  was a stable RC almost ready to be final 0.5, but now RC4 seems people found a lot of problems.. Strange .. :\
22:03:19  <Digitalfox> *RC3
22:03:48  <Darkvater> Brianetta: he :)
22:03:50  <Digitalfox> * I though RC3 was...
22:04:24  <Darkvater> well this ship replacement bug has been there for a while I guess
22:04:38  <Darkvater> I'll have to see about the shares and overflow thing
22:04:47  <Darkvater> but nothing has changed that would imply these bugs
22:05:15  <Brianetta> It was a loaded game
22:05:21  <Brianetta> from a previous RC
22:05:25  *** Belugas is now known as Belugas_Gone
22:05:28  <Digitalfox> Darkvater: With trains overflow is happening to.. :\
22:05:31  <Brianetta> I wouldn't have thought that would matter, though
22:05:42  <Darkvater> Digitalfox: what is?
22:06:03  <Digitalfox> Dbset XL and a couple of other wagon stuff
22:06:19  <Digitalfox> names go out of place like ships
22:06:23  <Darkvater> ?
22:06:31  <Darkvater> I have no idea what you are talking about
22:07:33  <Brianetta> Digitalfox: Are you talking about text?
22:07:40  <Digitalfox> Darkvater: Let's start again.. The names of trains like in the picture of ships are passing the text box
22:07:46  <Digitalfox> Brianetta: yes :))
22:07:51  <Brianetta> Digitalfox: Different kind of overflow entirely
22:07:58  <Digitalfox> Brianetta: Oh sorry
22:08:05  <Eddi|zuHause2> they were talking about integer overflows
22:08:13  <Digitalfox> Darkvater: English sometimes is a bit wierd :)
22:08:21  <Digitalfox> ok sorry :)
22:09:24  *** KUDr [] has joined #openttd
22:09:29  <Digitalfox> Anyway can the test thing be fixed or it's not possible?
22:09:38  <Digitalfox> test = text
22:10:49  <Digitalfox> It would be cool if we could resize windows of vehicles for left and right
22:10:50  <Darkvater> no, not really for some time
22:11:04  <Digitalfox> ok
22:11:06  <prakti> good night
22:11:09  *** prakti [] has quit [Quit: Quitting .... Hackedi...hackedi...weg.]
22:12:41  *** TinoM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:24:13  <Brianetta> 22:22 <sarah_pilot> edk256: Caladan, if you do it, I'll give you 37.
22:24:21  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: miham * r8267 /trunk/src/lang/russian.txt: [Translations] -Fix: (r8266) fixed the ownname and the isocode of the russian language
22:24:25  <Brianetta> 22:23 <sarah_pilot> Caladan: hey, that was not 1337!
22:24:25  <Brianetta> 22:23 <sarah_pilot> edk256: I enter 1337 and it gives you 1336
22:24:26  *** Neonox [] has left #openttd [bin wech....]
22:24:31  <Brianetta> Is that a bug?
22:24:36  <Brianetta> Off by one, perhaps?
22:24:47  <Brianetta> Or just a tax?
22:25:07  *** GoneWacko [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:27:57  *** valhalla1w is now known as valhallasw`gone
22:30:23  <Darkvater> rounding issue, it's all recalculated to pounds
22:33:42  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:36:36  *** BJH2_ [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20050915]]
22:41:07  <Darkvater> he
22:43:48  <Wolf01> 'night
22:43:52  *** Wolf01 [] has quit []
22:45:05  <Darkvater> hmm changing a user is broken in trunk/
22:45:19  <Darkvater> you can cange to a spectator if you press [<] when at player 0
22:45:27  <Darkvater> isn't really supposed to work
22:45:34  <Darkvater> probably cpp merge
22:48:52  *** GoneWacko [] has joined #openttd
22:57:08  *** XeryusTC [] has quit []
23:03:59  <Darkvater> KUDr: ping
23:04:28  <KUDr> at your service, my lord
23:04:46  <Darkvater> this enum-ing I think broke a lot of things
23:04:48  <Darkvater> at least subtly
23:04:56  <KUDr> hmm
23:05:01  <Darkvater> IsValidPlayer() is completely broken now
23:05:18  <KUDr> signed/unsigned problems?
23:05:18  <Darkvater> pi < MAX_PLAYERS; << PlayerID was byte, so pi would be 255 for spectator
23:05:25  *** Frostregen_ [] has joined #openttd
23:05:32  <Darkvater> but now it can be -1
23:05:36  <Darkvater> or GetPlayer
23:05:58  <Darkvater> donnu how well guarded this is everywhere, but there is no check when changing players through the cheat window
23:06:12  <Darkvater> misc_gui.cpp:1707 while (IsValidPlayer((PlayerID)p1)) {
23:06:17  <KUDr> looks like the conversion from byte to int is done in wrong way
23:06:17  <Darkvater>  // p1 player to set to, p2 is -1 or +1 (down/up)
23:06:23  <KUDr> i will check it out
23:06:38  *** Zahl22 [] has joined #openttd
23:06:42  *** Zahl [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Zahl22))]
23:06:42  *** Zahl22 is now known as Zahl
23:06:45  <Darkvater> could be a cheat-issue only; donnu
23:07:58  <Darkvater> very sneaky these signed/unsigned changes
23:08:30  *** Osai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:08:42  <KUDr> if done properly it should be not a problem (looks that it is not done properly)
23:09:19  <KUDr> how to reproduce some issue? Changing player in cheat?
23:09:34  <Darkvater> yes
23:09:44  <Darkvater> new game > cheat window > change player [<]
23:09:46  <KUDr> ok, getting head
23:09:48  <Darkvater> to the left
23:09:56  <Darkvater> getting some shower ;)
23:10:06  <KUDr> :) enjoy
23:10:28  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
23:11:58  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:12:05  *** Frostregen_ is now known as Frostregen
23:13:25  <KUDr> heh, interesting bug..
23:14:58  <Brianetta> Darkvater, peter1138: I'm about to upgrade to Pikka's new AV8.  This will break all my old saved games, won't it?
23:15:15  <Brianetta> assuming people assume that my (updated) zip has all the grfs they need
23:17:13  <michi_cc> Darkvater:   MD5: d043584e3751fafdb1baba0777a1f34b
23:18:49  <KUDr> <Darkvater>  // p1 player to set to, p2 is -1 or +1 (down/up) << p1 == 0xFFFFFFFF - returned by clamp(-1, 0, 11) (misc_gui.cpp:1888)
23:18:55  *** Zahl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:21:23  *** pecisk [] has quit [Quit: J?iet prom]
23:21:38  <KUDr> Darkvater: aha, not returned by clamp :)
23:22:01  <KUDr> clamp returns 0 but the return value is ignored
23:31:31  *** Rens2Oblivion [~Rens2Sea@] has quit []
23:32:26  <Darkvater> Brianetta: it shouldn't neccessarily break
23:32:37  <Darkvater> michi_cc: way ahead of you; unless the previous one is broken
23:33:39  <Darkvater> KUDr: he
23:33:48  <Darkvater> so value= clamp()
23:34:04  <Brianetta> Darkvater: People downloading previous games wil need the older AV8, though, won't they?
23:34:05  <michi_cc> Darkvater: did you make that or was the compile farm upgraded?
23:34:13  <Brianetta> The new one's compatible
23:34:15  <KUDr> yes, and also IsValidPlayer needs repair
23:34:23  <Darkvater> Brianetta: no, it'll give a warning but load the game
23:34:23  <Brianetta> but obviously the checksum changed
23:34:28  <Brianetta> oh right
23:34:28  <Darkvater> dont' know if it crashes or not
23:34:29  <Brianetta> that's cool
23:34:34  <KUDr> but not ignoring clamped value solved the bug
23:34:35  <Darkvater> michi_cc: you posted it some time ago
23:35:01  <Darkvater> KUDr: yes, it should need other test; although if input is all ok then it works
23:35:19  <Darkvater> but same goes for GetPlayer
23:35:22  <michi_cc> Darkvater: oh, yeah :) I wasn't sure you read that
23:35:31  <Darkvater> and who knows where else
23:35:32  <Darkvater> michi_cc: :)
23:36:14  <KUDr> Darkvater: GetPlayer() seems to be ok
23:36:24  <Darkvater> no
23:36:36  <Darkvater> assert(i < (PlayerID)lengthof(_players));
23:36:39  <Darkvater> -1 works
23:36:57  <Darkvater> because PlayerID is now an enum, not a byte
23:37:04  <KUDr> but it shouldn't happen :)
23:37:10  <KUDr> yess you are right
23:37:14  <Darkvater> the current bug shouldn't happen either
23:37:25  <KUDr> it should happen
23:37:36  <KUDr> as there is a bug
23:37:46  <KUDr> ignoring return value
23:37:48  <Darkvater> but there shouldn't :)
23:37:58  <Darkvater> with the same reasoning that you gave for GetPlayer
23:38:08  <KUDr> yes
23:38:35  *** helb [~helb@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:45:22  *** green-devil [] has quit []
23:46:29  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: KUDr * r8272 /trunk/src/player.h: -Fix (r8038): signed/unsigned change - PlayerID is now enum (signed) and was byte so test for PlayerID validity needed to be updated (Darkvater)
23:47:48  <Sacro> "Hi. I'm from Poland. I play OpenTTD and I find this BUG. When do You fix that? "
23:47:58  <Sacro> possibly the best bug report ever
23:48:10  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: KUDr * r8273 /trunk/src/misc_gui.cpp: -Fix: return value from clamp was ignored
23:48:37  <Darkvater> Sacro: no
23:48:43  <Darkvater> Sacro: << best post ever
23:49:15  <Sacro> Darkvater: i cant read mime data :\
23:49:22  <Darkvater> don't have IE?
23:49:35  <Darkvater> save file and open in IE
23:49:36  <Darkvater> or Opera
23:49:43  * Sacro clicks his "Render in IE" button
23:50:20  <Sacro> :o your old avatar, the memories
23:50:50  <Darkvater> yeah
23:50:59  <Sacro> though PHB is amusing
23:52:03  *** nairan [] has joined #openttd
23:52:04  <Darkvater> Brianetta: about the refit problem: it does take some refit into account, but not that the RSV tank is refit to goods and the LNG tanker cannot carry goods
23:52:32  <Brianetta> yes
23:52:32  <Darkvater> nvm, that whole thing is *HORRIBLY* broken
23:52:41  <Darkvater> it shows the LSV tanker for the hovercraft o_O
23:52:44  <Brianetta> There's very many permutations
23:53:08  <Darkvater> best would probably be to show the whole list, and let it be a PEBKAC problem
23:53:10  <Brianetta> Perhaps autoreplace should just switch vehicles, then attmept to refit if possible.
23:53:20  <Darkvater> (and send ship to depot if autoreplace fails)
23:53:34  <Brianetta> Well, the replace can always succeed
23:53:36  <Brianetta> the refit might fail
23:53:53  <Brianetta> but if you're replacing a livestock ship with a grain ship, that might be the intention.
23:53:55  <Darkvater> it's an atomic action, so if refit fails, autoreplace fails
23:54:00  <Brianetta> oh
23:54:08  <Darkvater> at least it's supposed to be
23:54:09  <Brianetta> that's cramping it.
23:54:10  <Darkvater> I think
23:54:43  <Brianetta> Can't you use sell; buy; if(!refit){stop}
23:54:45  <Brianetta> or something
23:54:54  <Darkvater> no idea
23:55:05  <Darkvater> I'm not going into that code; it's horrible
23:55:25  <Brianetta> Of LordOfThePigs had submitted it, would it have got in? (:
23:55:55  <Darkvater> in its current state? or in the state it was in a year ago? or the state it was in when it was first added?
23:56:05  <Brianetta> choose
23:56:21  <Darkvater> perhaps, NO, DEFINITELY NOT
23:56:28  <Brianetta> heh (:
23:56:50  <Brianetta> Well, once you have commit privs...
23:56:52  <Sacro> Patrolman John Meeks, of the Nelsonville Police Department, said the boys used a pipe to pry open a door, opened an overhead door and fired up the 1950s-vintage diesel engine.
23:56:54  <Darkvater> autoreplace is a bugfest and a damn good one that that
23:57:08  *** helb [~helb@] has joined #openttd
23:59:27  *** joey_ [] has joined #openttd
23:59:33  *** joey_ is now known as DJGummikuh
23:59:35  <DJGummikuh> hey is someone awake?
23:59:46  <DJGummikuh> I found a weird bug in the latest RC
23:59:55  *** Osai is now known as Osai^zZz

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