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01:50:29  <supermop> yo`
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04:33:52  <solatis> is the performance impact of CargoDist something I should be worrying about? will it scale with large networks on my moderate laptop?
04:49:53  <kamnet> I've never had a problem with CargoDist, been playing it for years.
04:50:44  <solatis> ok great to hear
04:51:49  <kamnet> I think the main issue people run into is not quite knowing how to handle the passenger and mail generation. They're so used to being able to shift it wherever they want and have trouble adapting to the idea that your networks are now going to be more greaetly shaped by where the cargo wants to go.
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05:10:49  <Flygon> kamnet: It's also a nightmare for eGTVRS Tram/Buses before 1950 :P
05:11:18  <kamnet> In what way? I didn't have a problem with them in my "Birth of an Empire" scenario.
05:11:27  * Supercheese gets some more playtime in
05:11:35  * Supercheese starts thinking of cool new newgrf features
05:11:47  * Supercheese ends up spending more time developing them
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05:12:05  <Supercheese> there's a fellow who knows how I feel
05:16:18  <solatis> kamnet: thats only with the sync setting eh, async doesn't behave like that ?
05:18:03  <kamnet> I'm with you there Supercheese. I've got a half-dozen projects in various states because I keep getting distracted. I've not played a good round in months now!
05:19:06  <kamnet> solatis: I don't know, I've never ran pax/mail on asynchronous.
05:19:29  <solatis> yeah it doesn't really make sense to run them async
05:20:40  <solatis> ok, this might sound like a silly question, but i'm a little bit new about the terminology that is being used wrt openttd
05:20:52  <solatis>
05:20:57  <solatis> that talks about "supply order"
05:21:22  <solatis> what is a supply order, an order that brings from mine/farm to feeder station ?
05:26:38  <Flygon> kamnet: Different playstyles?
05:26:39  <Flygon> In the end
05:26:45  <Flygon> I found it easier to just use railcars as Trams xD
05:32:32  <andythenorth> o/
05:32:35  <kamnet> solatis: supplies are production amplifiers to industries. If you only bring base cargoes to an industry (for example, livestock to the stock yard) you will get so much cargo in return. If you also supply manufacturing supplies, then it will increase the cargo production as long as you keep supplying at least a certain amount of supplies.
05:32:47  <andythenorth> urgh, that wiki page
05:32:54  <andythenorth> one day, someone will fix it
05:32:58  <andythenorth> maybe even me :(
05:33:42  <andythenorth> FIRS was created to be fun
05:33:46  <andythenorth> but somehow it failed
05:33:47  <andythenorth> badly
05:33:55  <kamnet> I have fun with FIRS.
05:34:00  <solatis> kamnet: right, but in this context 'supply order' means something to describe a mechanism that spreads the delivery
05:34:09  <solatis> ECS doesn't seem to work properly for me
05:34:23  <solatis> i don't have any place that accepts Food for some reason
05:34:39  <solatis> it's supposed to be houses, but no city accepts food
05:34:52  <solatis> i think i have some conflicting plugins or something..
05:35:03  <solatis> anyway, i'm having fun with FIRS
05:36:00  <andythenorth> are you playing the ‘Full FIRS’ economy?
05:36:02  <kamnet> solatis: That's a case where the page is badly out of date. As Andy has explained before, the supply chain works differently now and nobody's updated the OpenTTD wiki to update it. You can still set up a distribution chain if you wish, but really if you're playing with CargoDist on then it's not going to matter much. You deliver whatever cargo to wherever it needs to go.
05:36:31  <solatis> yeah that's exactly the reason i was looking into CargoDist
05:36:33  <andythenorth> well kind of
05:36:42  <andythenorth> CargoDist has no idea where the cargo needs to go
05:36:47  <andythenorth> it goes wherever you deliver it
05:37:09  <andythenorth> and it can stumble with supplies
05:37:10  <solatis> you still need to set up delivery destinations, CargoDist just distributes it correctly ?
05:37:48  <andythenorth> ‘mostly correctly’ would be more accurate :)
05:37:55  <solatis> :)
05:37:57  <solatis> got it
05:38:18  <solatis> what do you mean with 'Full FIRS' economy btw? are there any additional plugins i'm unaware of?
05:38:31  <andythenorth> it’s a parameter option when you add the newgrf at game start
05:38:54  <andythenorth>
05:39:19  <solatis> i'm playing with Economy: FIRS
05:39:44  <andythenorth> yeah that’s the big one
05:41:21  <solatis> yeah, and map size 2048x2048 and a lot of spare time :)
05:41:31  * kamnet is distraccted by eurovision replay
05:42:47  <andythenorth> kamnet: you could improve that FIRS wiki page o_O
05:42:53  <andythenorth> select-al
05:42:55  <andythenorth> all *
05:42:57  <andythenorth> delete
05:42:59  <andythenorth> :P
05:43:11  <kamnet> Someody would be mad at me for defacement
05:47:06  <andythenorth> removing bad information is defacement?
05:47:15  <andythenorth> we should apply wikipedia rules
05:47:20  <andythenorth> everything must be cited
05:47:25  <kamnet> Without replacing it with better information, yes.
05:48:52  <kamnet> Well hell then noobody would update the wiki and it would be useless altogether
05:49:20  <andythenorth> cargo flow for 0.5.3 :P
05:49:42  <andythenorth> those were the days :P
05:50:29  <V453000> FIRS Is Royally Screwed
05:50:30  <V453000> ?:P
05:50:36  <andythenorth> moin V453000
05:50:39  <V453000> hy
05:50:40  <andythenorth> also greetings
05:50:54  <V453000> is it dying?
05:51:25  <kamnet> FIRS Industries Really Suck.
05:51:36  <V453000> :D much better
05:52:02  * andythenorth has an unprintable de-acronym
05:52:13  <V453000> print it =D
05:52:47  <andythenorth> better if you imagine it
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06:18:21  * kamnet imagines FIRS as one gaping, seeping hole one must fill time and time again.
06:22:45  <Flygon> FIRS can go yiff in hell? :B
06:33:03  <kamnet> So I went 7/10 in my Eurovision picks. Not bad for my rookie go, I'd say.
06:33:24  <Flygon> Not bad
06:43:04  <andythenorth> Pikka bob o/
06:43:19  <Pikka> si
06:43:27  <andythenorth> it is the hour of day when I speak to Brisbane
06:43:37  <Pikka> lucky you
06:43:44  <andythenorth> it is odd that of all the places in all the world
06:43:52  <Pikka> be sure to remark on how foggy it was this morning
06:44:04  <andythenorth> Brisbane is the one where I might be talking to 2 or 3 different people
06:44:10  <andythenorth> none of who know each other
06:44:33  <andythenorth> also first 4 letters are same as Bristol
06:44:41  * andythenorth numerological
06:44:52  * andythenorth rambling
06:45:18  <andythenorth> Pikka how are you going to use 128 industries then? o_O
06:45:46  <Pikka> I'm going to make 100 different coal mine industries, probably.
06:45:51  <andythenorth> anthracite
06:45:54  <andythenorth> open pit
06:45:57  <andythenorth> deep mine
06:45:58  <andythenorth> drift
06:46:08  <andythenorth> cooperative
06:46:25  <andythenorth> red
06:46:26  <andythenorth> pink
06:46:27  <andythenorth> blue
06:46:29  <Pikka> voxel
06:46:36  <andythenorth> winner
06:46:46  <andythenorth> frosch might be considering increasing cargo limit also
06:46:57  <andythenorth> then you can have more GEAR cargos
06:47:01  <andythenorth> 1st gear
06:47:03  <andythenorth> 2nd gear
06:47:15  <andythenorth> 3rd gear
06:47:18  <andythenorth> dunno after that
06:49:41  <kamnet> Top gear? No, that's a scratch now, huh?
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07:04:15  * Supercheese is watching Top Gear right now
07:17:13  <V453000> =(
07:17:19  <V453000> halp
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07:45:15  <supermop> hows it goin
07:51:29  <kamnet> It goes okay Supermop. How about yourself?
07:51:39  <supermop> chilly
07:53:31  <supermop> went walking around town, found an NZ shop selling neoprene hooded sweatshirts
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07:53:45  <supermop> gould go for one of those about now
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08:42:44  <kamnet> I've never been high on hoodies.
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09:27:36  <Eddi|zuHause> i
09:27:45  <Eddi|zuHause> 've never been high on anything
09:27:48  <Eddi|zuHause> don't do drugs.
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10:52:40  <kamnet> I was high on pot once
10:53:05  <kamnet> I had to change the lightbulb in the bathroom and didn't have a ladder.
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10:59:29  <andythenorth> eh
10:59:39  <andythenorth> anyone understand industry animation?
10:59:44  * andythenorth has questions
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11:12:24  <solatis> hmm
11:12:45  <solatis> CargoDist can be used to automagically transport supply cargo to mines from a feeder station ?
11:13:50  <solatis> as in, i have several coal mines next to each other, feeding a station using several trucks
11:15:06  <solatis> if i add a few trucks to load engineering supplies from this feeder station and travel via the coal mines, will CargoDist automatically transfer some ES to this eeder station ?
11:16:06  <Eddi|zuHause> yes, if you have also a vehicle that brings supplies there
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11:16:37  <solatis> do i have to manually set a vehicle to 'transfer' there ?
11:16:45  <Eddi|zuHause> mind you, that the distribution of supplies might not be very even
11:16:52  <solatis> that's ok
11:16:53  <Eddi|zuHause> no, you don't have to use "transfer"
11:16:57  <solatis> awesome
11:17:00  <solatis> that answers my question
11:17:52  <solatis> i guess it can take a while before the graph with all the links is built
11:18:01  <Eddi|zuHause> yes
11:18:01  <andythenorth> solatis: at the drop-off stations, always set ‘unload and leave empty’
11:18:12  <andythenorth> otherwise you can accidentally bridge linkgraphs
11:18:33  <andythenorth> also cdist copes very badly if you try to distribute to more than about 4 destinations from one supply source
11:20:14  * andythenorth wonders if cdist in trunk tries to measure capacity or not
11:20:26  <andythenorth> can’t remember where fonso got to with some patches
11:22:14  <Eddi|zuHause> afaik, cargodist drops station rating at the source station, if cargo piles up at intermediate stations
11:22:36  <Eddi|zuHause> otherwise, i'm not sure what you mean when saying "capacity"
11:28:29  <andythenorth> (iirc) fonso had a set of patches that attempted to measure actual capacity (throughput) empirically
11:28:50  <andythenorth> and assign cargo in proportion to that
11:28:56  <andythenorth> unless that’s just vanilla cdist
11:29:35  * andythenorth doesn’t understand the implementation
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11:42:39  <Eddi|zuHause> afair such concepts never quite worked out
11:50:22  <andythenorth> the patches I tested ‘worked’, but didn’t make much difference to gameplay
11:50:29  <andythenorth> fonso didn’t merge them
11:51:16  <andythenorth> in recent games, I find cdist can distribute FIRS supplies ok from one source node directly to 3 or 4 destination nodes
11:51:44  <andythenorth> beyond that the behaviour degrades rapidly
11:52:13  <Eddi|zuHause> i'd suggest making 2 stations at the source, one for close by destinations, and one for far away destinations
11:52:32  <andythenorth> plausible solution
11:52:48  <andythenorth> pre-split
11:52:49  <supermop> thats what i do
11:52:51  <Eddi|zuHause> and make sure that the two networks never connect
11:53:30  <Eddi|zuHause> that way, you reduce the impact of distance on demand
11:53:49  <andythenorth> I tend to have that turned down anyway
11:54:12  <Eddi|zuHause> the problem with that setting is that it's global for all cargos
11:54:20  <andythenorth> yes
11:54:24  <Eddi|zuHause> where you might want to have different settings for passengers, mail and goods
11:54:29  <andythenorth> we have previously discussed options for ‘solving’ that
11:54:37  <andythenorth> dunno if we agreed what we were solving yet :)
11:55:04  <Eddi|zuHause> i think we only ever agreed that it's impossible to have one setting per cargo :p
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11:59:18  <andythenorth> and there was some reason we didn’t want to delegate it to newgrf? (frosch iirc suggested that)
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12:07:00  <solatis> andythenorth: when you say "from one supply source to multiple others", you mean, for example, one source of engineering supplies to 4 end destinations, or do you mean 4 'hubs' (that might in fact distribute the cargo to multiple smaller destinations, by truck for example)
12:08:16  <solatis> i assume that you mean that cdist isn't able to distribute evenly amongst a lot of destinations ?
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12:09:32  <solatis> (as in, it isn't as smooth as one would hope for)
12:10:42  <andythenorth> I find that one source to > 4 end destinations works poorly
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12:14:07  <Eddi|zuHause> solatis: it's meant as 4 industries that accept the cargo, not hub stations.
12:14:54  <Eddi|zuHause> solatis: but i'd say that you can have safely more destinations, when the destinations are all about the same distance from the source
12:16:07  <Eddi|zuHause> the larger the difference of these distances, the more uneven the distribution gets
12:18:35  <solatis> i understand
12:18:55  <solatis> so it's better to keep the graphs separated
12:19:11  <solatis> e.g. when you have mulitple sources, build multiple graphs with source / endpoints
12:19:25  <solatis> (one source and mulitple destinations)
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12:20:31  <Eddi|zuHause> yes
12:20:42  <Eddi|zuHause> one industry can have up to two separate source stations
12:21:28  <Eddi|zuHause> that was meant to be you and a competitor, but you can also have two stations by yourself
12:25:54  <solatis> ah that is good to know
12:26:27  <Eddi|zuHause> if you have 3 stations, the 3rd one (ordered by station rating) will get no cargo at all
12:26:31  <solatis> so multiple source <-> destination graphs can even share the same tracks, as long as they don't share stations
12:26:40  <Eddi|zuHause> yes
12:26:51  <solatis> interesting hack :)
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13:19:46  <andythenorth> if FIRS uses spriteset(animation_frame) everywhere
13:20:31  <andythenorth> that would explain why my attempts at animation control fail
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15:37:01  <Alberth> moin
15:37:55  <andythenorth> lo Alberth
15:40:30  <Alberth> time to look for dinner
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17:28:18  <andythenorth> quak
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17:29:59  <frosch123> :p
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17:56:17  <frosch123> lolwut
17:56:36  <frosch123> ah, nvm
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17:57:06  <andythenorth> o/
17:57:26  <frosch123> i found a reason to not support more than 32 cargos :)
17:57:35  <frosch123> it prevents a full full firs
18:00:41  <Eddi|zuHause> :p
18:01:01  <Eddi|zuHause>
18:01:22  <andythenorth> frosch123: I am +1
18:01:35  <andythenorth> although I still like the idea of 32 per newgrf :P
18:02:22  <peter1138> I think I had a patch for more than 32...
18:02:29  <peter1138> Who knows though...
18:03:22  <andythenorth> :)
18:05:14  * andythenorth boggles at animation
18:05:14  <frosch123> anyone changed anything wrt. engine previews lately?
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18:07:39  <andythenorth> when using sprite numbers I can do things like this
18:07:40  <andythenorth> 2174 + (((animation_frame % 11) < 6) ? (animation_frame % 11) : 10 - (animation_frame % 11))
18:07:45  <andythenorth> but with spritesets, not so much
18:07:55  <andythenorth> afaict
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18:10:08  <frosch123> you can do that with sprites within a spriteset
18:10:38  *** TheDude [] has joined #openttd
18:10:55  <andythenorth> yair
18:11:55  <andythenorth> so currently, for ~every spriteset, FIRS has something like
18:11:56  <andythenorth>                 sprite: coal_mine_spriteset_1a_0(1* animation_frame);
18:12:02  <andythenorth> where 1 might vary
18:12:06  <andythenorth> this is templated
18:12:32  * andythenorth needs to change that
18:13:34  * andythenorth doesn’t really understand animation
18:13:49  <andythenorth> if I stop the animation with anim_control cb, the animation_frame stops incrementing?
18:19:37  <V453000> help help :(
18:20:03  <V453000> it happens all the time to all clients :(
18:20:40  <V453000> quite honestly I am also very curious wtf is the cause :D
18:21:50  <frosch123> ah, found my mistake
18:22:34  <andythenorth> \o/
18:22:56  <frosch123> i have to rediscover desync log replaying every time :)
18:23:13  <V453000> :)
18:23:54  <frosch123> i failed to inject the commands, so i compared the saved replay with one noone playing :)
18:24:29  <V453000> (:
18:26:46  <frosch123> ah, i even compared it with a paused one
18:26:54  <frosch123> i always wondered why replay was wo fast :p
18:27:54  <V453000> what is replay? a series of savegames?
18:28:40  <frosch123> you gave me a start-savegame and a log of player actions
18:28:44  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
18:28:48  <Wolf01> o/
18:28:50  <frosch123> you also gave me a series of savegames from the original server
18:28:58  <V453000> :>
18:29:07  <V453000> idk what the files include :P
18:29:14  <frosch123> i replay the player actions on the start-savegame, and check whether it result sin the same as the original savegames
18:29:21  <frosch123> V453000: all the chat :p
18:29:33  <V453000> :D
18:31:37  <V453000> do you have any clues where could it be coming from?
18:31:56  <V453000> the desync not stupid shit I say :Pš
18:32:20  <frosch123> i first have to make sure that i am debugging it correctly :p
18:32:30  <V453000> :)
18:32:34  <V453000> good idea
18:40:51  <andythenorth> Epic WIN videos on YT are so much better than Epic FAIL :P
18:41:47  <V453000> havent ever seen such a thing
18:41:53  <V453000> who want to see someone succeed!
18:42:15  <frosch123> succeed with super hexagon?
18:42:26  <V453000> succeed with anything
18:42:32  <V453000> we humans want to see others fail
18:42:46  <frosch123> yup, that's why we add desyncs
18:43:00  <V453000> :D
18:43:17  <andythenorth> V453000: you are humans? :o
18:43:24  <andythenorth> news to andythenorth
18:43:27  <andythenorth>
18:43:28  <V453000> xd
18:43:46  <andythenorth> my compile is FAIL :(
18:43:52  <andythenorth> but I didn’t notice, busy watching YT
18:43:56  * andythenorth should get two screens
18:44:38  <V453000> laym
18:47:59  <frosch123> yay, triggered
18:49:38  <frosch123> industry builder data differs
18:49:49  <frosch123> likely something i broke with more industries :)
18:50:06  <V453000> I thought that could have caused some wtf :D
18:50:09  <Eddi|zuHause> did it pop out a stick with a flag that says "bang!" when triggered?
18:50:28  <V453000> can we blame andythenorth for that?
18:50:48  <V453000> err, s/can/will
18:51:05  <andythenorth> you will
18:51:08  <andythenorth> but you can't
18:51:11  <frosch123> Eddi|zuHause: killing does not create core dumps
18:51:15  <frosch123> you need to abort stuff
18:51:56  <Eddi|zuHause> how is a dead body not a cor(ps)e dump?
18:51:59  <frosch123> ah, i misread albert's code
18:55:18  *** FLHerne [] has joined #openttd
18:55:25  <frosch123> V453000: fixed :)
18:56:12  <V453000> no way =D
18:56:18  <V453000> awesome :) I love you
18:59:15  <DorpsGek> Commit by frosch :: r27291 trunk/src/saveload/industry_sl.cpp (2015-05-21 20:59:11 +0200 )
18:59:16  <DorpsGek> -Fix (r27278) [FS#6303]: Some savegame data was discarded again during loading.
19:00:03  <V453000> =D
19:00:13  <V453000> I assume it will be available tomorrow evening?
19:00:34  <frosch123> if tb does not break the farm till then :)
19:00:44  <V453000> :DDDD
19:01:02  *** shirish [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:01:06  <V453000> TrueBrain: please do not break the farm till then :P
19:02:56  <andythenorth> the tile animation control, is it actually designed?
19:03:00  <andythenorth> or did it just grow? o_O
19:03:08  * andythenorth is unclear how it is intended to be used
19:03:22  <frosch123> why?
19:03:42  <frosch123> it's just a decision what frame to display next
19:03:56  <frosch123> either triggered periodically or by some event
19:04:01  <andythenorth> are start and stop just convenience methods?
19:04:24  <frosch123> they save cpu time
19:04:36  <frosch123> i start/stop the periodic trigger
19:04:47  <frosch123> *they
19:04:53  <frosch123> not me
19:05:11  <andythenorth> so e.g. FIRS coal mine has 3 sprites which loop
19:05:17  <andythenorth> for the winding wheel animation
19:05:34  <andythenorth> it needs to last n frames, then stop, then restart
19:05:44  <frosch123> what causes it to restart?
19:06:04  <andythenorth> haven’t decided yet
19:06:18  <andythenorth> either a trigger, or it just gets to the end of the loop
19:06:28  <andythenorth> not sure what is best
19:06:57  <andythenorth> probably just gets to the end of the loop
19:07:03  <frosch123> well, if it stops then animation control triggers STOP at frame N
19:07:20  <frosch123> if it never stops then animation control continues with frame 0 after frame N
19:07:47  <frosch123> if it stops, and some event start it, that event trigger checks whether it is already running, and if not, starts it from frame 0
19:08:01  *** FLHerne [] has quit [Quit: There's a real world out here!]
19:09:05  <andythenorth> and in all cases I need a switch to choose which actual sprite to play from the spriteset
19:09:16  <andythenorth> no
19:09:23  * andythenorth thinking out loud, sorry :P
19:09:57  <andythenorth> how do I loop over 3 frames for say, 250 frames?
19:10:00  <andythenorth> can’t
19:10:20  <andythenorth> could use permanent register I suppose
19:10:44  <andythenorth> increment a counter
19:10:48  <frosch123> you likely want to make it devideable by 3 :p
19:10:59  <frosch123> *divideable
19:11:12  <frosch123> 249 frames :)
19:11:14  <andythenorth> easier
19:11:48  <andythenorth> but when I tried this, I get 3 frames of sprite, then a question mark
19:11:57  <andythenorth> I know why it didn’t work
19:12:03  <andythenorth> I just don’t know which is the intended route
19:12:08  <andythenorth> I suspect there isn’t one
19:12:40  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: LOAD(blah)%3 for 3-loops
19:12:57  <andythenorth> the spriteset has 3 sprites
19:13:20  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: this cycles the numbers 0,1,2
19:13:38  <Eddi|zuHause> as long as blah increases by 1 in each step
19:13:55  <andythenorth> so the correct route is to do that in a switch
19:15:04  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: how would that stop animating after n frames?
19:15:12  <andythenorth> the animation for coal mine is intermittent
19:15:37  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: you stop when you stop incrementing blah
19:16:07  <frosch123> just call "blah" "animation_frame"
19:16:15  <andythenorth> yes
19:16:20  *** liq3 [] has quit []
19:16:37  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: the code that reads blah doesn't need to know whether blah is currently in stopped or incrementing mode
19:16:55  <Eddi|zuHause> it works either way
19:17:27  <andythenorth> so for an intermittent animation with a regular cycle, start / stop is irrelevant
19:17:35  <andythenorth> just control which sprite to show per frame
19:19:01  <andythenorth> simple eh?
19:21:47  <Eddi|zuHause> you start/stop in a different piece of code
19:22:54  <andythenorth> yup
19:22:54  *** Myhorta [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:22:55  *** Bhoren [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:22:56  *** Bhoren [] has joined #openttd
19:23:42  *** Myhorta [] has joined #openttd
19:31:08  <andythenorth> ok, so with max length 253, I see the point of start / stop :P
19:34:57  <andythenorth> ha ha there’s ‘anim_next_frame’ as well
19:35:01  <andythenorth> that’s what confuses me :D
19:35:09  <andythenorth> multiple ways to achieve same result
19:35:15  <andythenorth> that’s relatively uncommon for newgrf spec
19:37:21  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: i think anim_next_frame is for when you want to do weird loops like "loop 3-9 this month, loop 10-30 next month"
19:37:39  <frosch123> it's the periodic trigger
19:37:39  <andythenorth> yes
19:37:52  <andythenorth> nah anim_control is the periodic trigger isn’t it?
19:37:56  <frosch123> you use it to stop the animation after 246 frames
19:38:02  <frosch123> instead of making it loop
19:38:05  <andythenorth> anim_next_frame is the ‘every frame’ check
19:38:39  <andythenorth> anim_next_frame seems nearly totally redundant to me
19:38:41  <andythenorth> but eh
19:38:53  <andythenorth> I guess it saves CPU time
19:39:09  <frosch123> it's the most important one for you 3 frames animation :p
19:39:16  <andythenorth> I don’t use it
19:39:18  <Eddi|zuHause> yes, so for a 3-9 loop you do "if n==9: n=3; else: n=n+1"
19:39:37  <andythenorth> that’s silly :)
19:39:44  <andythenorth> just do it in the graphics chain
19:39:45  <Eddi|zuHause> and to stop the animation you do "n=n"
19:40:17  <Eddi|zuHause> or "n=3"
19:40:38  <andythenorth> STORE_TEMP((animation_frame > 63 ? 1 : (animation_frame % 3))
19:40:41  <Eddi|zuHause> or whatever
19:40:54  <andythenorth> ^^ just do that in the graphics block
19:41:08  <andythenorth> or do I miss something?
19:41:32  <frosch123> you are wasting 3/4 cpu time :) nothing else
19:41:52  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: yes. this makes an animation for 64 ticks, then stops for 196 ticks, then animates for 64 ticks, ...
19:42:52  <andythenorth> yes
19:43:16  <andythenorth> if I wanted ‘play once’ then anim_next_frame would be needed
19:43:28  <andythenorth> or I set no-loop on the animation
19:44:06  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: you probably want to fire a no-loop animation at random points
19:44:19  <andythenorth> periodic tile loop?
19:44:40  <andythenorth> seems most appropriate
19:44:57  <Eddi|zuHause> i would have expected there to be a random animation start callback
19:45:10  <andythenorth> can be done with the tile random bits
19:45:30  <frosch123> the animation callbacks all have random bits
19:45:51  <frosch123> you can randomise every frame :p
19:46:07  <Eddi|zuHause> like in extra_callback_info1?
19:46:23  <frosch123> yes
19:52:34  * andythenorth wonders if ternary op can be stacked
19:52:59  <andythenorth> condition1 ? result1 : (condition2 ? result2 : result3)
19:53:17  <Eddi|zuHause> yes
19:57:09  <andythenorth> ta
19:58:49  <andythenorth> ha ha
19:58:56  * andythenorth has made a boo-boo
19:59:08  <andythenorth> graphics chain is per industry currently, not per tile
19:59:13  <andythenorth> but animation rules are per tile
19:59:29  <andythenorth> doing it in the graphics chain is, in this case, a Terrible Idea
19:59:37  <andythenorth> specifically a FIRS issue :P
20:01:32  <Eddi|zuHause> i don't know what that means
20:03:41  <andythenorth> FIRS defines multiple tiles for some industries
20:03:48  <andythenorth> with different animation rules
20:04:15  <andythenorth> but the graphics chain has no way currently to provide a switch with per-tile rules
20:04:19  <andythenorth> because reasons :P
20:04:46  <frosch123> don't start animation for all tiles
20:04:52  <frosch123> that would be even more cpu waste
20:05:06  <andythenorth> oh FIRS did that ages ago I think :)
20:05:14  * andythenorth should check
20:05:21  <andythenorth> literally for years iirc
20:05:33  <frosch123> i should finnish that callback profiler :p
20:05:36  * andythenorth wonders about the carbon impact of FIRS
20:06:52  * andythenorth back to anim_next_frame then :P
20:09:09  *** Ketsuban [~ketsuban@] has quit [Quit: To robbery, slaughter, plunder they give the lying name of empire; they make a desert and call it peace.]
20:09:37  *** Klanticus [~quassel@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:10:29  <andythenorth> ah
20:11:30  <andythenorth> yes every FIRS industry tile has animation_info set
20:11:56  <andythenorth> and in many cases the value is 1 :P
20:15:04  *** Alberth [] has left #openttd []
20:18:35  *** roidal_ [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.1.1]
20:28:45  <andythenorth> frosch123: you think animation makes much difference? o_O
20:29:48  <frosch123> problem is when it also causes work for unserviced industries
20:29:56  <frosch123> i.e. for douchebags playing on 4kx4k maps
20:30:14  <frosch123> thousands of animated tiles on an empty map
20:31:05  <frosch123> the tileloop only runs every 2.5 seconds
20:31:17  <frosch123> your animation runs every 0.1 seconds?
20:32:07  <andythenorth> probably :P
20:45:15  <frosch123> night
20:45:18  *** frosch123 [] has quit [Quit: be yourself, except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn]
20:55:26  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:04:42  <andythenorth> this doesn’t :D
21:05:35  <andythenorth> never triggers
21:09:20  *** sla_ro|master [slamaster@] has quit []
21:22:50  *** wicope [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:27:26  *** HerzogDeXtEr [~flex@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
21:29:02  *** DarkenMoon [DarkenMoon@2602:100:6028:c90e:bdf6:92b9:da45:f13b] has joined #openttd
21:29:47  <Wolf01> 'night
21:29:54  *** Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
21:30:04  * andythenorth is such a bad programmer :P
22:00:35  *** andythenorth [] has left #openttd []
22:22:14  <Eddi|zuHause> we know.
22:43:20  *** Bhoren [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:22:44  *** DDR [] has joined #openttd
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