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00:26:23  <drac_boy> hi to anyone still around on sunday (or monday early morning whatever your time zone is) :-) heh
00:38:41  <drac_boy> either way am I correct in assuming that action7 could let you specify one grf that (just for a random example here) has just 10 industries when running in patch but all 14 if in ottd otherwise?
00:39:03  * drac_boy is kinda thinking thats the wrong one but had to ask
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01:44:33  <Flygon> drac_boy: Don't s'pose you have Telegram.
01:48:40  <drac_boy> the russia messenger?
01:49:59  <drac_boy> if so then no sorry :)
01:58:32  <drac_boy> you using it or something flygon?
02:02:12  * drac_boy wonders if flygon is lost in chatland now
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02:11:05  <Flygon> drac_boy: You'd avoid using it because the developers are Russian?
02:11:10  <Flygon> A shame.
02:11:21  <Flygon> You're missing out on an active American rail group.
02:11:27  <drac_boy> flygon no.. 'telegram' also means other things too silly .. so thats why I wondered if it was that one
02:11:28  <Flygon> Quite large.
02:11:42  <drac_boy> rail group? got a link
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02:13:02  <Flygon> Tsk tsk. Too bad. You don't use Telegram. :3
02:15:10  * drac_boy wonders about poking flygon for the lack of answer :)
02:15:14  <drac_boy> heh
02:16:40  <Flygon> You said you don't use Telegram!
02:18:11  <drac_boy> I don't use the messenger
02:19:55  <Flygon> ...
02:19:59  <Flygon> For cripes sake mate.
02:20:19  <Flygon> Do you want to foam in a chatroom with another American Red Dwarf fan or not?
02:27:03  <drac_boy> what're you up to tonight anyhow flygon?
02:28:35  <Flygon> :V It's 1:28PM.
02:28:38  <Flygon> Not sure yet.
02:29:33  <drac_boy> ah, had good lunch then I hope?
02:33:21  <Flygon> Can't afford lunch.
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02:36:32  <drac_boy> mm well its 21:36 here and just hammering at keyboard with this pre-nfo track list (aside to that I finished two emails earlier on)
02:36:39  <drac_boy> might go off soon eventually for bed
02:36:57  <Flygon> Aye.
02:47:06  <drac_boy> anyway bye now :)
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09:29:33  <joeri> Hey guys, I'm new to the inner-workings of openttd, is the framerate tied to the simulation speed?
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11:32:37  <RafiX> hello
11:33:59  <planetmaker> o/
11:34:21  <planetmaker> joeri, yes, OpenTTD runs at a fixed frame rate: 30ms per frame
11:35:02  <planetmaker> it is tied to simulation speed as that's the speed at which things progress
11:35:11  <RafiX> tfw it's first time I managed not to bankrupt or something in OpenTTD
11:42:47  <planetmaker> :)
11:42:55  <planetmaker> it's actually not too hard
11:43:23  <planetmaker> Once you have one profitable railway line, you have a money press and can start building henceforth basically whatever you want
11:43:52  <planetmaker> just pay attention to not alienate the local authorities too much. Thus give them a small bus service or so prior to large-scale landscaping in their vicinity
11:44:26  <planetmaker> The bus service will make them happy faster after you destroyed their woods :)
11:44:36  <RafiX> well I have like 10 trains and a bus service for like 4 cities
11:44:51  <planetmaker> distance makes money :)
11:45:04  <RafiX> idk if playing with PKP set makes it easier or harder
11:45:10  <planetmaker> I usually start with a coal rail service from one mine over 100 tiles to a powerplant
11:45:16  <planetmaker> or iron ore to a steel mill
11:45:37  <planetmaker> dunno either. But they should also have reasonable vehicles to ship whatever cargo
11:45:53  <planetmaker> Just make sure that the first rail line is of moderate length... not only 10 or 20 tiles
11:45:58  <RafiX> I started with rail service from woods to sawmill
11:46:04  <RafiX> like 50 or 60 tiles
11:46:10  <planetmaker> that sounds good :)
11:46:45  <planetmaker> add more woods to that network and ship it to the same sawmill
11:54:56  <RafiX> damn it, I wanted to connect another wood to the my network but it disappeared :c
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15:05:06  <Samu> windows updated today
15:05:15  <Samu> falls creator
15:07:17  <Samu> windows 10 pro v1709
15:07:28  <Samu> does that mean rip 1.7.1?
15:08:00  <Samu> yep
15:08:02  <ST2>;a=commitdiff;h=5116bb5ad1609d77ca88bde70e61220d26d20331  <<-- this fixes it (thx michi_cc :)
15:08:04  <Samu> can't scroll
15:08:22  <ST2> <<-- compatible with Vanilla 1.7.1
15:08:54  <RafiX> tfw 1.6.1 in debian repos
15:09:17  <ST2> debian knoes it :P
15:09:22  <ST2> knows*
15:11:38  <Samu> crazy behaviour
15:11:50  <Samu> moving like stutterfest
15:12:00  <Samu> tilting the screen when trying to scroll
15:13:02  <LordAro> Samu: stop typing and apply the patch ST2 linked
15:13:11  <peter1138> Yeah, just use git head ;p
15:14:37  <Samu> testing r27935
15:14:52  <Samu> yes, it works
15:15:53  <Samu> i forgot how to make 1.7.1 compatible with a patch :(
15:20:25  <RafiX> tfw made 8 millions of GBP
15:20:28  <RafiX> neat
15:33:11  <Samu> i had an idea, probably pointless
15:33:22  <Samu> clear grass density
15:33:54  <Samu> goes from 0-3, why not make it from 3-0, as a mean to reduce save game size
15:34:18  <Samu> i wonder if it would help
15:38:12  <Samu> perhaps the same for snow
15:44:22  <LordAro> fairly sure that would do precisely nothing
15:44:34  <LordAro> integers aren't usually stored as variable width integers
15:45:20  <LordAro> things get messy if you make them variable sized depending on the content
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15:52:44  <peter1138>
15:52:46  <peter1138> hurr
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16:03:53  <Samu> but the savegames are compressed
16:04:05  <Samu> compressing 0's is better than compressing 3's
16:05:17  <Samu> I think, dunno for sure
16:05:34  <RafiX> idk if it makes any difference
16:11:18  <Rubidium> make no difference
16:11:59  <Rubidium> when talking about only 0s or only 3s
16:13:31  <Rubidium> in other situations it could make a difference, but that depends on the remaining data. However, if you replace all 3s with 0s and vice versa I would expect the file size to remain the same
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16:26:56  <Alberth> o/
16:27:50  <andythenorth> o/
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16:45:41  <Samu> testing desnsity stuff, i think i failed at snow
16:46:36  <Samu> actually, i failed at more things than just snow :p
16:48:33  <Samu> it's drawing bare land everywhere :(
16:48:52  <RafiX> lmao
16:49:05  <Alberth> all water evaporated!
16:49:15  <Samu> no, water is still there
16:49:27  <Rubidium> snow is imaginary
16:52:09  <Samu> I forgot about MakeClear, grr
16:57:15  <Samu> hmm
16:57:25  <Samu> have to change treedensity as well :(
17:04:43  <Samu> it draws bareland, but it calls it grass... where did I fail?
17:06:02  <Samu> anyway, this is enough for my testing
17:07:14  <Samu> saving a 4kx4k map with 0: 29,0 KB (29.740 bytes)
17:08:49  <Samu> saving a 4kx4k map with 3: 29,1 KB (29.852 bytes)
17:08:58  <Samu> I am disappointed
17:09:17  <Samu> looks like it's not worth it
17:09:49  <LordAro> @calc 29740/29852
17:09:49  <DorpsGek> LordAro: 0.996248157577
17:09:57  <LordAro> 0.4% reduction
17:10:01  <LordAro> probably not worth it, no :p
17:10:21  <LordAro> probably depends on compression used as well
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17:12:58  <andythenorth> work in progress
17:12:58  <drac_boy> hi
17:13:48  <drac_boy> andy that looks nice..and hmm at a guessing..since you're not pikka I take it you're the FIRS owner right? (don't mind if my memory hasn't been used for quite a while so I kinda sorta forget who is who)
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17:14:37  <Alberth> I expected a big hole in the ground with a grinder :)
17:15:45  * drac_boy points alberth to toyland where such thing could likely be found? :-p
17:15:46  <drac_boy> heh
17:16:15  <Alberth> nope, no grinding there
17:16:36  <Alberth> toffee extraction is the closest you'd get
17:17:02  <drac_boy> so anyway am I right that andy = firs?
17:17:32  <Alberth> andy is so much more than just equal to firs :p
17:18:04  <Alberth> but yeah, he is coder and artist for some part of it (not sure what parts)
17:18:15  <drac_boy> nice to know I still remember things anyhow :-)
17:19:11  <drac_boy> mb to newstat,newship,dbset .. danmack to canset .. wile to serbset .. and probably several more I wouldn't bore you with :-p
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17:19:56  <drac_boy> I still wonder whatever happened to that site (unless I never figured out its url the whole time) that had a bunch of various station grfs .. someone by the name agir-something
17:21:56  <Alberth> people leave, and then the site is abandoned or closed down
17:22:37  <andythenorth> RL slag grinder
17:22:41  <andythenorth> somewhat
17:22:50  <Alberth> unless they take precautions, and put it at a site that doesn't close down, and add a license such that others can extend and continue the set
17:22:52  <andythenorth> I'm not aiming for 100% accuracy though
17:23:18  <Alberth> bit slow from the other side of earth :)
17:23:47  <drac_boy> alberth maybe but there were so many nice stations .. just wish I could recall the grf author's name there .. oh well
17:23:52  <drac_boy> newstat is a nice starter anyhow
17:24:28  <Alberth> newstat is quite doomed in the long run
17:24:40  * drac_boy is still a little annoyed that the czech tycoon portal isn't around so well :-s
17:25:15  <Alberth> andythenorth: hmm, but there are so many industries that are just a bunch of boring boxes
17:25:27  <andythenorth> in FIRS, or IRL?
17:25:42  <drac_boy> alberth mind if I ask why you say that?
17:25:48  <Alberth> firs mostly
17:26:04  <andythenorth> let's have a look
17:26:25  <andythenorth> my preference is things like
17:26:28  <Alberth> newstat is by mb, who takes "old" grfs out of circulation, and forbids others to take and extend the set
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17:26:41  <Alberth> so if mb leaves, it's all very dead
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17:27:10  <andythenorth> this is one of my least favourite
17:27:11  <Alberth> not to mention he doesn't use bananas, so it's not generally available
17:27:17  <drac_boy> as for "bunch of boring boxes" probably don't want certain modern houses then either .. flat room and all cube/brick shaped .. theres nothing to look at really!
17:28:00  <drac_boy> alberth I don't care tbh .. its a nice not-100-station-at-once fat grf that works in both games nicely .. and beside ttdpatch hosts it just as well (re the 'new' site still being under construction for some semi-infinite date yet)
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17:28:06  <drac_boy> to our own preferences anyway :-)
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17:28:33  * drac_boy has been following the dbsetxl 0.9 thread on and off on the other forum too
17:31:21  <drac_boy> andy hmm I dunno about the chemical plant's dense appearance but wouldn't mind looking at it occassionally nevertheless
17:31:22  <Alberth> andy, chemical plant means to me high processing towers and lots of tubes, ie oil refinery-like things, but yeah, looks chemical-ish
17:31:59  <Alberth> plastic plant is indeed quite empty
17:32:27  <Alberth> wouldn't it need a huge warehouse for all the plastics that need space for storage?
17:33:26  <drac_boy> btw about chemical plants I kinda prefer more exposed pipes with slight less density but thats just me tho
17:34:10  <drac_boy> the top-middle one (with these two small orange tanks on it yeah) is a chemical plant I could like :-)
17:34:18  <drac_boy> and look at that substation as well heh
17:34:41  <drac_boy> at least the oil refinery admittly is similar to what ttd/firs have
17:35:42  <andythenorth> drac_boy: pixel graphics are quite different to rendered
17:35:57  <andythenorth> and TTD style is unconnected tiles, mostly
17:36:12  <drac_boy> as for plastic warehouse .. well it depends on if you want to stockpile a lot of things or are one of these "zero-stock" modern company always depending on trucks/trains all the times
17:36:32  <andythenorth> the problem is it has a single sprite covering 4 tiles
17:36:36  <andythenorth> it's bland
17:36:37  <Alberth> we pick what works best for the game
17:37:04  <drac_boy> alberth yeah..keep in mind that industry station usually can provide their own warehouse just as well :-)
17:37:26  * andythenorth bbl
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17:37:26  * drac_boy has indeed used non-rail tiles a lot at times especially for major cranes at busy goods-related platforms
17:39:08  <drac_boy> anyway alberth if you don't mind me asking, do you like or not quite like stockpiling option?
17:39:18  <drac_boy> (yes I'm talking about non-unlimited industry feed)
17:40:19  <Alberth> I don't dress-up my stations, I play for building a network and transport industry cargoes
17:40:55  <Alberth> hard limit is somewhat silly, imho
17:41:37  <Alberth> in the few ECS games I did, you constantly have to balance your transports
17:41:50  <Alberth> with cargodist this really sucks
17:42:07  <drac_boy> who said anything about dress-up to be precise? when was the last time you saw 100 tonnes of rubber being left on the eurostar platform at london :-)  but anyway a game is a game so whatever to our own naturally :-p
17:42:41  <drac_boy> yeah I never was too fond of pbi/ecs at times for this reason .. I mean I sometimes can manage just fine with simple things like coal>powerplant in ecs but other things seem to eventually trip up for me :-|
17:42:54  <Alberth> stock-piling in creating a delayed response from input to output is fine to me, even wanted by me, but so far, firs doesn't support it :)
17:44:47  <drac_boy> on the other hand I can't recall if a released grf actually did this or its one of these "hmm the newgrf looks like it can be who'll code it" thoughts-only thing but I mean I wouldn't mind if eg a factory didn't turn all wood into goods right away but rather gradually process X amount each few days so if I end up with a bumper harvest I don't have to worry about full trains suddenly being turned away from unloading
17:44:55  <drac_boy> ughh sorry if that was a very long line ^
17:44:58  <Alberth> what I meant is I don't use non-track station tiles, I only do what you functionally need to get a working station
17:45:31  <drac_boy> btw my last words was "turned away from unloading" .. did that still show up or my line got trunced?
17:45:53  <Alberth> showed up, but I was still reading a previous line :)
17:46:39  <Alberth> I tend to build complicated cargo networks, delivering loads of different cargoes across the map
17:47:09  <Alberth> can't have ecs making a mess in not accepting stuff :p
17:47:32  <Alberth> upper limit on it would be useful though, to make it more distributed
17:47:59  <Alberth> perhaps with something reducing increase of additional cargo
17:48:32  <Alberth> ie it always accepts, but you don't always get twice as much output if you add twice as much at the input
17:49:14  <drac_boy> yeah, still I mean I do like the idea of non-instant processing (eg dump 100 tonnes of coal and have to wait a while to get the full steel amount back that is) .. just not the actual concept behind a stockpile cap .. but your idea of a 'soft' cutoff does sound much more plausible to me
17:49:23  <Alberth> the higher it is, the more additional cargo you have to provide to get some additional output X
17:49:31  <planetmaker> hm... that sounds feasible with industries in principle
17:49:35  <planetmaker> sounds good :)
17:49:59  <planetmaker> y = sqrt(x)
17:50:09  <Alberth> non-instant processing is trivial, just don't process all input, but take 1/x-th of it
17:50:20  <drac_boy> btw as for complex cargo network alberth .. I can see where that would make sense with someone who plays firs .. theres a lot of miniature cargos there especially the "* supplies" ones
17:50:36  <Alberth> oh, I hardly do supplies :p
17:50:42  <Alberth> hihi planetmaker
17:52:07  <planetmaker> hoho :)
17:52:36  <planetmaker> hm, sqrt or any float like would not work. But like you say, a fraction of the stockpile, that would
17:53:01  <drac_boy> alberth btw mind you its not the same cargo path concept that firs uses it for but in railroad tycoon 2 you have a dedicated fertilizer-producing industry that can boost the output of all primary food industries .. or even feed grain to the animal farms (instead of using grain to make food cargo)
17:53:15  * drac_boy is still an occassional RT2 player yes
17:53:16  <planetmaker> like, "always use max(1, N/10)" of the stockpile and produce 1 output
17:53:54  <drac_boy> planetmaker sounds like an interesting concept..maybe a little over my head tho as I'm not into that kind of math thinking :-p
17:54:40  <planetmaker> not much math in "always take your share of the cake. Unless it's only a few pieces left, then take one, no matter if it's unfair"
17:54:41  <Alberth> sqrt can be aproximated with a 2nd or 3rd degree polynomial I think
17:55:35  <planetmaker> yeah... but no need really. Taking a fraction of the existing pile... that's probably much nicer feasible
17:56:02  <Alberth> some exponential expression (e^x something) would work too
17:56:27  <drac_boy> planetmaker mind you I know they're being silly but in cartoon stripes its sometimes like boy2 asks mother if he could have a piece of pizza and mother says supper will be soon so just one slice .. in the last box we see boy2 walking past boy1 with basically almost the entire pizza except one slice and boy1 is like "uhhh?" :)
17:56:36  <Alberth> fraction is just delaying, it doesn't do reduction of output if you have high throughput ?
17:56:46  <drac_boy> not exactly the kind of 'slice' the mother had in mind but its still a 'slice' technically :p
17:58:14  <Alberth> ie max(1, N/10) empties the stockpile in 10-ish turns (actually more, as N decreases each time :) )
17:58:27  *** RafiX2 has joined #openttd
17:58:29  <Alberth> but I do get all output
17:58:39  <planetmaker> Alberth, if you produce constant output for a constant fraction of the stockpile?
17:58:50  *** RafiX has quit IRC
17:59:18  <Alberth> hmm, that could work
17:59:30  <drac_boy> alberth and planetmaker btw there is one thing I do appericate from the non-original industries tho...its that in the original one if you want to provide grain and steel to a brewery then it'll happily output food with just steel alone .. but in a newgrf industry it can be coded such that theres zero output unless you do provide grain
17:59:31  <planetmaker> that's how I understood you :D
17:59:43  <drac_boy> (sorry if I sound a little jumbled in writing that)
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18:01:31  <Alberth> there are 2 ideas here, one is to slowly release output, second is to make pushing more cargo to the same factory increasingly less profitable (based on how much you already push)
18:01:55  *** Wolf01 has joined #openttd
18:02:13  <Wolf01> o/
18:02:19  <planetmaker> yeah... in a way using stockpiling with fractions does both things actually
18:02:20  <Alberth> slow release is the max(1, N/10) if N >= 1 in the indsutry processing CB
18:02:27  <planetmaker> but mostly the reduced efficiency
18:02:34  <drac_boy> alberth the latter idea would probably have to be voted in by the engine+newgrf coders but otherwise yeah I might had liked it...
18:03:05  <Alberth> planetmaker: hmm, perhaps you have other ideas on what input you remove?
18:03:26  <Alberth> ie I would move that 'max' amount from input to output
18:03:48  <Alberth> so if I wait long enough, I do get all input processed, always
18:03:49  <drac_boy> and btw railroad tycoon 2 (and I think railroad tycoon before it too but I can't recall) has such thing where a station has small icon of wagons to represent demand .. so say the station has 6 grain cars then that means any delivery you make gets high price but try feed five coal cars to a station with only 1 or 1/2 coal car icon and you get a small pittance for your trip trouble
18:03:59  <Alberth> it just takes more than one processing CB
18:04:09  <planetmaker> hm... I'd use the periodic production callback and produce X ressource everytime, if there is >0 cargo waiting. And I'd consume N/10 in order to do so
18:04:35  <Alberth> ah, there's the difference :)
18:04:41  <drac_boy> btw heres a screenshot
18:04:50  <drac_boy> you see the icons at bottom .. thats the "pricing" you get
18:05:10  <planetmaker> maybe that doesn't work with secondary industries... not sure
18:05:16  <Alberth> payment handling is not in newgrf
18:05:39  <planetmaker> Maybe it would make it a primary one
18:05:44  <drac_boy> alberth yeah I know .. just that it sounds a bit similar to the profitable-vs-capacity tho
18:06:50  * drac_boy leaves you two to keep talking about math :P
18:07:06  <Alberth> you think this is math?  :p
18:07:14  * planetmaker didn't :)
18:07:26  * drac_boy gives alberth two apples and asks to subtract one :-p
18:07:27  <drac_boy> heheheh
18:07:27  <Alberth> we haven't started using greek syumbols yet
18:07:32  <drac_boy> oh lol
18:12:23  <drac_boy> anyway alberth sorry yeah thanks for being someone who doesn't keep using the default glass-covered platform all over the place on map :)
18:13:15  <Alberth> unfortunately, there is no bridge set that doesn't hide the tracks
18:15:30  <Alberth> at some time you always get these insanely high bridges that hide everything
18:16:04  <drac_boy> insanely high?
18:16:59  <planetmaker> hm, what do you mean with "hide the tracks"? Bridges have track painted on them, iirc?
18:18:08  <Alberth> cantilever is high in the original set, 2-3 times a train
18:18:53  <Alberth> wrt hide the tracks, they all get these boxes around the tracks, eg cantilever
18:19:05  <planetmaker> ah, ok, that you mean
18:19:17  *** HerzogDeXtEr has joined #openttd
18:19:19  <Alberth>
18:19:29  <planetmaker> I wouldn't want a 100m-high bridge with no guard rails :D
18:20:10  <Alberth> so you think a guard rail will prevent a train from falling?? :p
18:21:05  <Alberth> but sure, RL has this people evacuation problem :)
18:21:05  <planetmaker> definitely :P
18:21:15  <planetmaker> ^^
18:21:36  *** smoke_fumus has joined #openttd
18:24:51  <Alberth> drac_boy:
18:28:57  *** drac_boy has quit IRC
18:31:08  *** frosch123 has joined #openttd
18:33:12  <Alberth> o/
18:34:36  <frosch123> mo
18:34:48  <Wolf01> Quak
18:36:48  <planetmaker> miau
18:38:46  *** drac_boy has joined #openttd
18:39:41  <drac_boy> sorry oftc cut off mid-typing .. but anyhow as I was saying: you're complaining about THAT? now how about this?
18:40:25  <planetmaker> Wolf01, I had to think of you and andy when I built it: ;)
18:41:02  <Wolf01> :)
18:46:46  <drac_boy> planetmaker that your own creation? I don't ever recall lego issuing an extra-large shuttle
18:47:02  <drac_boy> I recognize some of these round pieces you used toward the top anyhow
18:47:33  <Wolf01>
18:47:56  <drac_boy> oh ah :)
18:48:22  <planetmaker> it's half a year old or so
18:48:27  <planetmaker> with 1969 pieces :D
18:48:40  <drac_boy> hmm CUUSOO .. thats why I never saw it
18:49:53  <Wolf01> Still sold by lego and on the site store, you never saw it because we purchased even the stockpile for the retail in 4 days after launch for vips
18:49:58  <V453000> reminds me of ... someone took my factorio savegame and made a 1500 pieces puzzle out of it :)
18:50:02  <V453000>
18:50:15  <drac_boy> only 1969? hmm umm planetmaker I hope you are not planning to try make this unless you really got the table space ;-)$main$
18:50:29  <Wolf01> V, that is insane
18:50:36  <planetmaker> he @ V :)
18:51:07  <planetmaker> drac_boy, not likely... that's a bit too pricey :)
18:51:07  <V453000> it's our wiki admin, he's not exactly normal either :P
18:51:19  <drac_boy> planetmaker heh well did you see how many pieces it quoted tho? crazy
18:51:31  <planetmaker> I do, yes. Awesome :)
18:51:36  <drac_boy> just as much as that one single 32000-pieces puzzle ravensburger makes now .. its HUGE .. I'll stick to 500-2000 sized boxes thank you
18:51:41  <planetmaker> I would love to build it. But not shell-out 800€ for it
18:51:46  <Wolf01> It's one of the most difficult puzzles I've seen after the one with a blank picture
18:52:26  <V453000> 800 euros for lego sounds just about right :D
18:53:05  <Wolf01> Not even the millennium falcon price is right, that should be like 500€, 550€ if you really want, not 800€ :|
18:53:19  <drac_boy> wolf01 actually you remind me of a puzzle I saw for a while (they finally sold it and didn't reorder it I suspect) ... it was a strange one .. it was literally all light blue .. the only helpful thing is that instead of square pieces it had a vortex that started from one corner and eventually worked its way to the last tiny irregular piece in the middle
18:53:29  <drac_boy> (and yes most pieces had unusual angles on them)
18:53:36  <Wolf01>
18:54:04  <drac_boy> haha that does look similar but isn't a vortex .. geeze I dunno if I want to try do THAT one either :-p
18:55:04  <Wolf01> I found this one at the store, I was about to purchase it
18:55:25  <drac_boy> wolf01 btw just to prove my point:
18:55:46  <drac_boy> and look at the fourth photo..shows a lady on top of puzzle for size comparison
18:56:12  <drac_boy> freaks me out that there could be someone buying these
18:56:14  <Wolf01> Heh
18:57:25  <V453000> :D
18:57:51  <drac_boy> hi v-the-nuts-nutty-person ;-)
18:57:59  <drac_boy> (don't ask me why I so too remember your nick heh)
18:58:03  <V453000> hihi
18:58:07  <V453000> why?
18:58:23  <V453000> [that's like ordering me to sak :P]]
18:58:26  <drac_boy> oh its been quite a while but we used to be silly re talking about nutty things and I always called you a nut
18:58:26  <V453000> ask
18:58:35  <Wolf01> I just remember "V"
18:58:39  <V453000> oh, well you weren't alone :P
18:58:39  <drac_boy> still working on nuts grf anyway are you?
18:58:49  <V453000> no nuts is pretty much finished
18:58:54  <V453000> I released BRIX about 2 months ago
18:59:14  <V453000> I am trying to find time for a new train set, have a piece of a prototype but it's hard to find time
18:59:29  <V453000> I'm getting an ipad to draw in subway, let's see if I can get something done
18:59:47  <V453000> it would be trains drawn on a train
18:59:53  <V453000> with self-recursive name
18:59:55  <V453000> the irony
19:00:30  <drac_boy> brix? hm think I forgot (or never saw) what that is...
19:00:32  * drac_boy goes look
19:01:46  <V453000>
19:04:04  <drac_boy> heh looks like you've gone to mars and transport-ized it .. sounds like fun after nuts anyway :-)
19:06:32  <V453000> it's been a trip through hell and back
19:06:50  <V453000> I really miss inventing innovative gameplay, so I want to make a train set now
19:06:51  <Alberth> drac_boy: you missed a few other experiments :)
19:08:50  <drac_boy> :-p
19:09:06  <drac_boy> anyway wish I could talk more but already need to afk now sorry .. talk more a few hours later or at least tomorrow :-)
19:09:12  *** drac_boy has left #openttd
19:15:00  *** andythenorth has joined #openttd
19:15:51  <Wolf01> o/
19:20:56  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: Commit by frosch :: r27939 /branches/1.7 (7 files in 2 dirs) (2017-12-11 20:20:44 +0100 )
19:20:57  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: [1.7] -Backport from trunk:
19:20:58  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Fix: 'unban' console command was not handling IPv6 adresses properly (r27914, r27913)
19:20:59  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Fix: Keep the 'link' between industry chain and smallmap windows whenever possible [FS#6585] (r27905)
19:21:00  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Fix: When the last vehicle is removed from a shared orders group, hide the 'Stop sharing' button in the vehicle orders window [FS#6593] (r27904)
19:21:01  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: (...)
19:23:20  <Wolf01> Do you need another release message for the blog? Or we stopped doing it since 1.7.1?
19:24:30  <frosch123> blog :p
19:24:57  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: Commit by frosch :: r27940 /branches/1.7 (13 files in 5 dirs) (2017-12-11 20:24:46 +0100 )
19:24:58  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: [1.7] -Backport from trunk:
19:24:59  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Change: When train depots have a horizontal scrollbar, allow scrolling 1 tile beyond the longest train, so you can actually attach a wagon at the end (r27937)
19:25:00  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Fix: When moving wagons in the depot, the drag highlight did not exactly match the length of the dragged wagon chain (r27936)
19:25:01  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: - Fix: [Win32] Right mouse scrolling didn't work properly with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update [FS#6629] (r27935)
19:25:02  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: (...)
19:26:10  <Wolf01> We could crowfund the announcement, 1 word per user, like those game-topics in the forums
19:26:37  <Wolf01> I'll start: "The"
19:26:51  <ST2> "OpenTTD"
19:27:34  <frosch123> "1.7.2-RC1"
19:27:42  <ST2> Wolf01: ask Samu; he'll give you text for the next 10 releases ;)
19:27:55  <Samu> hi
19:28:02  <planetmaker> :D
19:28:03  <ST2> **ping**
19:28:04  <ST2> xD
19:28:07  <Wolf01> XD
19:28:43  <Samu> hmm 1.7.2 coming
19:28:46  <Samu> cool
19:29:00  <Wolf01> Just the RC1
19:29:01  <RafiX2> tfw still on 1.6.1 (thanks debian repos)
19:29:28  <Wolf01> I think that's because of dependencies
19:29:40  <planetmaker> RafiX2, grab the latest OpenTTD from the website.
19:30:04  <planetmaker> it might have a .deb for your version. Or just grab the generic linux one and unpack in a directory of your choice
19:30:29  <RafiX2> well I could but my great connection won't allow me
19:31:11  <planetmaker> it allowed you to install debian, didn't it?
19:31:16  <planetmaker> it's not a big download either
19:31:27  <RafiX2> it was better when I installed debian
19:31:35  <RafiX2> it got so shit lately
19:31:44  <RafiX2> planetmaker: well with 3kB/s download
19:31:47  <planetmaker> 12MByte...
19:31:58  <planetmaker> so it's 1 hour :)
19:32:41  <RafiX2> add some time when download goes to 0B/s and some timeouts
19:35:01  <Wolf01> frosch123
19:35:39  <planetmaker> :D
19:35:50  <planetmaker> I like it
19:36:13  <Wolf01> There is nothing else to like... this or nothing :P
19:36:21  <RafiX2> I heard that openttdcoop is hard af
19:36:33  <planetmaker> is what?
19:36:36  <Wolf01> Nah, only if you play with V
19:36:42  <RafiX2> is hard as fuck
19:37:07  <planetmaker> nah.
19:37:19  <RafiX2> well I never tried
19:37:21  <planetmaker> We only bite when threatened with bad track layouts
19:37:26  <RafiX2> oh
19:37:31  <RafiX2> then I would be probably bitten
19:37:32  <planetmaker> :D
19:38:12  <RafiX2> I will stay in singleplayer for some time
19:38:32  *** RafiX2 is now known as RafiX
19:38:49  <planetmaker> honestly there's nothing to be afraid about. There's always the option to just look around
19:39:01  <planetmaker> I wonder how populated the coop servers are nowadays
19:39:16  <RafiX> well I will play some multiplayer when my connection will get better
19:39:45  <ST2> <<-- on a graph (thx CityMania)
19:43:37  <andythenorth> planetmaker: coop can be brutal too if wrong TL is used in a game :D
19:44:00  <planetmaker> jo, of course
19:44:12  <planetmaker> but then, the TL is usually decided before building and well-stated :)
19:44:28  <planetmaker> unless it's specifically a game with various TL
19:49:20  <planetmaker> interesting link @ ST2
19:49:31  *** sla_ro|master has joined #openttd
19:50:14  <andythenorth> is there a rolling average?
19:50:21  * andythenorth interested in how much it's going down
19:50:36  <DorpsGek> Commit by frosch :: r27941 /branches/1.7/src/lang (25 files) (2017-12-11 20:50:30 +0100 )
19:50:37  <DorpsGek> [1.7] -Backport from trunk: translation updates
19:51:38  <andythenorth> eyeballing the 'average per week' graph, it looks level
19:51:48  <andythenorth> but charts can be misleading :)
19:52:50  <ST2> I think it parses - but no clue, it's dP's work, not mine :)
19:53:09  <_dp_> true
19:53:17  <ST2> wb :)
19:53:45  <andythenorth> so around 100 players per week, average?
19:53:48  <Wolf01> hehe
19:54:21  <andythenorth> pls send me the codez
19:54:29  <ST2> online servers - players on SP aren't counted - like RafiX, for example :P
19:54:44  <andythenorth> obvs :D
19:57:02  <planetmaker> hehehe @ wolf
19:59:45  <frosch123> andythenorth: the players starts likely correlate with the nicks in this channel
19:59:57  <frosch123> there is a 24/7 baseline of 100 people idling
20:01:34  <ST2> that's like saying that when sea level rises it's because land it's sinking :D
20:01:52  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
20:02:04  <andythenorth> maybe I should tidy FS again
20:02:13  <andythenorth> the tank obsession is wearing off now
20:02:36  <Wolf01> There are like 3 new tasks
20:02:39  <planetmaker> tank obsession? I thought you were obsessed with lego and trains? :D
20:02:41  <frosch123> ST2: i thought sea level is rising because antarctica is rising due to less ice-weight on top
20:02:58  <Wolf01> planetmaker: that was like months ago
20:03:40  <ST2> and all that because a molecule of Oxygen if doing nasty things with 2 Hydrogen partners ^^
20:03:45  <andythenorth> lego is over
20:03:54  <andythenorth> trains I am selling some on ebay
20:03:57  <andythenorth>
20:04:07  <frosch123> anyway, anything left for rc1? were there complains about the mouse fix?
20:04:12  <andythenorth> not sure that stats site is accurate but eh ^^ :P
20:04:20  <andythenorth> frosch123: NRT? o_O
20:04:24  <andythenorth> praps not
20:04:48  <ST2> I'm testing the michi_cc's fix on couple computers and a 3rd one with W7 - to see retro compatibility
20:04:48  <planetmaker> woo, you sell your lego? Times change indeed
20:04:55  <ST2> no issues
20:05:01  <frosch123> andythenorth: your winrate is better if you play less
20:05:16  <andythenorth> I play more when I die faster
20:05:19  <andythenorth> :P
20:05:28  <andythenorth> dead in 2 minutes, play again
20:05:32  <andythenorth> games last 7 minutes usually
20:05:45  <Wolf01> You should limit your games, like 5 at day
20:05:48  <andythenorth> pah
20:05:55  <andythenorth> more like 25 / day
20:05:57  <andythenorth> or 50
20:06:07  <andythenorth> hmm no
20:06:08  <Wolf01> That's really bad
20:06:23  <andythenorth> about 15 is max time I have
20:06:32  <Wolf01> How much does last a game?
20:06:42  <andythenorth> 7 minutes max
20:06:55  <andythenorth> planetmaker: there is lego in 5 rooms of the house, it's quite enough ;)
20:07:01  <andythenorth> 1 room would be enough frankly
20:07:25  <frosch123> andythenorth: does that page say you played 2322 games?
20:07:37  <andythenorth> yes
20:07:54  <frosch123> @calc 2322*7/60
20:07:54  <DorpsGek> frosch123: 270.9
20:08:11  <frosch123> i thought you only started recently
20:08:12  <planetmaker> :-O
20:08:19  <andythenorth> I played about 4 weeks
20:08:32  <planetmaker> that's only 11 days straight w/o sleep ;)
20:08:57  <andythenorth> I died early in about 1000 of those games
20:09:40  <andythenorth> total battle time 4d 13h 43m
20:09:52  <frosch123> ST2: thanks for testing :)
20:10:11  <ST2> well, doing my part :P
20:10:18  <ST2> the hard work wasn't mine ^^
20:10:50  <frosch123> neither mine :p
20:11:18  <andythenorth> tanks is quite different to openttd
20:11:24  <planetmaker> quite
20:11:27  <andythenorth> for a start, I don't have to fix any of it :P
20:13:25  <Wolf01> Ever thought of starting a webcomic?
20:14:02  *** Gja has quit IRC
20:15:00  <DorpsGek> Commit by frosch :: r27942 /branches/1.7 (7 files in 4 dirs) (2017-12-11 21:14:55 +0100 )
20:15:01  <DorpsGek> [1.7] -Update: Documentation
20:16:38  <DorpsGek> Commit by frosch :: r27943 /tags/1.7.2-RC1 (3 files in 3 dirs) (2017-12-11 21:16:32 +0100 )
20:16:39  <DorpsGek> -Release: 1.7.2-RC1
20:18:32  <Wolf01> \o/
20:19:02  *** Gustavo6046_ has joined #openttd
20:22:18  <planetmaker> yay :)
20:23:50  <andythenorth> $someone writing release announcement?
20:24:00  <frosch123> the crowd did
20:24:07  <Wolf01> nice tram
20:24:24  <frosch123> andythenorth:
20:24:53  <frosch123> or do you want something serious which mentions "mouse"?
20:25:26  *** Gja has joined #openttd
20:25:30  *** Gustavo6046 has quit IRC
20:25:35  <andythenorth> I prefer the one that is already done :P
20:25:37  <frosch123> Wolf01: i do not recall trams in 5th element
20:25:51  <V453000> 2322 games? :D how :D
20:26:33  <V453000> well I've got about 1000 hours on factorio so I shouldn't speak
20:26:42  <andythenorth> V453000: I just worked hard on it
20:26:51  <V453000> haha
20:27:06  <frosch123> V453000: i expected more from you than 1000
20:27:10  <andythenorth> for context, I spent about 10 hours this weekend drawing this
20:27:14  <andythenorth> and it's not even good yet
20:27:51  <andythenorth> and it's just cut-paste of existing sprites
20:28:12  <ST2> well, 2322 games, even with an average of 5 minutes each... that's 1 game in Factorio xD
20:28:16  <V453000> frosch123: it was a guess :P but it's probably roughly correct, maybe even overestimation, I didn't really play that much
20:28:33  <frosch123> i would think i played about 1000 f hours
20:28:39  <V453000> dam
20:28:47  <frosch123> something like 8 real games, 130 hours each
20:29:03  <frosch123> probably i play too slow :p
20:29:23  <frosch123> i am not sure whether it counts hours with game paused
20:29:23  <andythenorth> @calc 1000 / 24
20:29:23  <DorpsGek> andythenorth: 41.6666666667
20:29:45  <andythenorth> wonder what I have on OpenTTD
20:29:48  <andythenorth> no way to ever know
20:30:24  <Wolf01> I'm just playing idle clicker games lately :D
20:33:43  <frosch123> V453000: ok, i probably was factor 3 off
20:33:54  <V453000> 3000 games? :P
20:33:55  <frosch123> games only last 50-70 hours, not 130
20:33:58  <V453000> ah andy
20:33:59  <V453000> :D
20:34:04  <V453000> nvm
20:34:14  *** Pegster has joined #openttd
20:35:24  <frosch123> 200 hours with 0.15
20:37:43  *** Pegster has quit IRC
20:37:43  <andythenorth> I have attention span for 7 minutes of tanks
20:37:58  <andythenorth> I feel bad in OpenTTD these days, I only get 30 years max
20:38:01  *** Pegster has joined #openttd
20:38:12  <andythenorth> I liked SV and NCG for short games, but I wore them out
20:39:26  <glx> andythenorth: <-- I have a better winrate ;)
20:40:08  <frosch123> 200h with 0.15, 15h with 0.14, 18h with 0.13, 110h with 0.12, 35h with 0.11, a bit with 0.9
20:40:33  <V453000> I almost asked you why didn't you play 0.16 ._.
20:40:48  <frosch123> you did not give me any secret copy
20:40:50  <ST2> hehe
20:40:51  <frosch123> all your fault
20:40:57  <ST2> spoiler alert :P
20:41:08  <V453000> G_G
20:41:14  <Wolf01> :D
20:41:25  <frosch123> at least i am ahead of Wolf01 by owning a shirt :p
20:41:36  <V453000> :D
20:41:49  <V453000> you did well, they are going pretty well
20:41:54  <V453000> like 25% already sold
20:42:20  <Wolf01> Heh, I'll order that as soon as I get a real pay... like on March
20:42:21  <frosch123> oh, i thought you were still in planning stage
20:42:28  <V453000> ah
20:42:36  <V453000> nah the shop opened today afternoon
20:42:53  <frosch123> haha, 25% in a few hours :)
20:43:02  <V453000> yeah
20:43:08  <ST2> shirts should come with a counter of the time used - to share later, like time played xD
20:43:20  <andythenorth> glx: 70 battles? o_O
20:43:27  <andythenorth> did you start a new account?
20:43:53  <glx> played only 7h
20:45:07  <glx> a year ago
20:48:22  <andythenorth> good WR :P
20:50:37  <frosch123> i probably get run over by a train in f every 25 hours
20:50:47  <frosch123> what winrate does that result in?
20:57:57  <V453000> 100% still
20:58:02  <V453000> one does not simply lose factorio
20:58:05  <V453000> well you can...
20:58:14  <V453000> but you respawn forever :)
20:58:57  <frosch123> the most annoying part about dieing in f is that you end up with an additional pistol, which i do not know where to put it
20:59:16  <frosch123> well, except the logistics trash slot
21:00:03  <V453000> :D
21:00:42  <V453000> I'm generally too lazy to walk back to my corpse so I just reload autosave
21:00:57  <V453000> plus robots start refeeding me all the things so even if I go there to recover stuff I can't get all of it
21:01:27  <V453000> only way I keep the resurrect is when I am out building outposts and I have a lot of miners etc in my inventory :D I just bring more
21:02:23  *** Gustavo6046_ has quit IRC
21:02:52  <frosch123> you also restock with construction robot ports?
21:03:41  *** Gustavo6046 has joined #openttd
21:07:15  *** JacobD88 has joined #openttd
21:11:07  <V453000> well yeah but point is when I respawn my inventory is empty so they dump all of the requested stuff in there suddenly
21:12:17  <frosch123> @topic set 1 1.7.2-RC1, 1.7.1
21:12:17  *** DorpsGek changes topic to "1.7.2-RC1, 1.7.1 | Website: * (translator: translator, server list: servers, wiki: wiki, patches & bug-reports: bugs, revision log: hg, release info: finger) | Don't ask to ask, just ask | 'Latest' is not a valid version, 'Most recent' neither | English only | Logs: @logs | if this channel is really spammy"
21:12:32  <V453000> :0
21:13:01  <V453000> where iz it? :D
21:13:24  <ST2> same box of .16 :P
21:14:03  <frosch123> <- looks legit?
21:14:13  <V453000>  /me goes push the big red button at the office
21:14:36  <frosch123> now i have to find the silly twitter pw
21:14:52  <V453000> oh yeah duh I for some reason only searched for the announcement post :D
21:15:14  <V453000> worked for the last 14 hours ... ;) tired af
21:15:29  <V453000> automation won't do itself ._.
21:16:01  <Wolf01> <frosch123> <- looks legit? <- looks like it's missing the 1.7.1 stable announcement :P
21:16:04  <ST2> looking @
21:16:05  <ST2> "The"
21:16:05  <ST2> "OpenTTD"
21:16:05  <ST2> "1.7.2-RC1"
21:16:14  <ST2> no more words needed, it's all there xD
21:17:42  <andythenorth> done
21:17:48  <andythenorth> V453000: got a bttn?
21:18:05  <V453000> bttn?
21:18:09  <andythenorth> big red thing
21:18:17  <andythenorth>
21:19:23  <V453000> wtf does it do? :D
21:21:32  <frosch123> apparently there is a machinsky talk by the developer at some ottd lan part this wednesday
21:21:43  <frosch123> how many ottd lan parties are there
21:21:57  <V453000> omg scrolling fixed :) thanks so much, people will kiss your legs and any bodyparts you choose for htis
21:22:00  <V453000> this
21:22:09  <V453000> :D
21:22:10  <V453000> what
21:22:14  <V453000> where did you find that frosch?
21:22:36  <Wolf01> Firefox seem to have a lot of problems with 1709
21:22:41  <andythenorth> does not much
21:22:42  <frosch123> whenever i login to the ottd twitter every few months, there are tons of notifcations pending
21:22:57  <V453000> do you have any further details?
21:23:03  <frosch123> <- 2nd and 3rd tweet
21:23:05  <ST2> Wolf01: Firefox Quantum works fine to me
21:23:25  <frosch123> am i supposed to retweet that
21:23:29  <frosch123> i do not even know where it is :p
21:24:00  <V453000> holy shit I should go wreck face :D
21:24:08  <frosch123> oh, it's in czech rep
21:24:11  <V453000> ok Brno
21:24:12  <V453000> hm
21:24:16  <Wolf01> Time to update to FF57 and lose some plugins
21:24:16  <V453000> probably not that dedicated
21:24:24  <frosch123> same place as the photo i retweeted last year
21:24:39  <V453000> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
21:24:43  <V453000> I'll consider it
21:24:54  <frosch123>
21:24:57  <frosch123> last year
21:25:29  <frosch123> so, what's the social agreement here?
21:25:47  <frosch123> would they love or hate a retweet?
21:26:06  <frosch123> well, probably none of the 758 followers is from czech rep anyway
21:26:51  <frosch123> V453000: it has a machinsky talk, so hijack it for a f talk?
21:27:07  <frosch123> sell shirts? i dunno :p
21:28:25  <V453000> OH i just realized
21:28:29  <V453000> I don't have a laptop :D
21:28:31  <V453000> XDDD
21:28:44  <V453000> well I guess that's that :D
21:28:46  <frosch123> you have a tablet?
21:28:56  <V453000> yeah a win10 wacom :D
21:29:14  <frosch123> can you plugin a mouse?
21:29:22  <frosch123> and keyboard?
21:29:25  <V453000> if I get some USB-C one, I guess :D
21:29:37  <V453000> it's fairly exotic but :D
21:29:50  <RafiX> or get USB A hub with USB-C plug
21:29:57  <V453000> unless I steal wife's macbook
21:30:02  <RafiX> but it's probably expensive af
21:31:39  *** Alberth has left #openttd
21:32:24  <andythenorth> macbook probably fine
21:32:31  <andythenorth> is it used for a lot of netflix?
21:34:49  <V453000> no just writing some masters degree and using messenger :D
21:36:04  *** Smedles has quit IRC
21:36:06  *** Smedles has joined #openttd
21:42:06  <frosch123> he, twitter is getting closer
21:42:35  <frosch123> usually it mails "someone from around nuremberg logged in"
21:42:49  <frosch123> this time it said "erlangen"
21:43:01  <frosch123> only 180 km off, instead of 200
21:44:10  <glx> lol
21:45:19  <frosch123> well, it's probably my dodgy isp
21:51:21  *** Stimrol has quit IRC
21:53:38  <Wolf01> Bah, they removed the things I use most and the extensions I use most :|
21:55:39  <peter1138> Who?
21:57:02  <andythenorth> FF?
21:57:09  <andythenorth> but 'faster'
21:58:13  <Wolf01> I don't give a fuck of the "faster"
21:58:20  <frosch123> <- check those photos on nov 24
21:58:29  *** RafiX has quit IRC
21:58:45  <frosch123> maybe we need an ottd coding day in that location? :p
22:01:17  <LordAro> i think i heard about that
22:01:20  <LordAro> bit odd :p
22:05:12  <V453000> hm probably wont be able to go :(
22:09:12  *** Gja has quit IRC
22:12:27  <andythenorth> ok bedtime
22:12:28  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
22:23:29  <planetmaker> hm :) openttd coding day... those were the days :)
22:25:07  <Wolf01> 'night
22:25:13  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
22:26:21  <frosch123> planetmaker: was there ever one?
22:27:03  <planetmaker> well, at least a release was done on one of the meetings
22:27:09  <planetmaker> not exactly coding :)
22:27:29  <planetmaker> or 20k and 25k commits
22:28:17  <frosch123> i think the diary item was from the first one, so 20k
22:28:30  <frosch123> the other one had lego
22:29:08  <planetmaker> yeah, right :)
22:31:23  *** DDR has joined #openttd
22:33:42  *** chomwitt has quit IRC
22:39:14  *** synchris has quit IRC
22:42:14  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:46:54  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:47:29  *** mindlesstux has quit IRC
22:47:59  *** mindlesstux has joined #openttd
22:55:40  *** Gja has joined #openttd
22:56:08  *** Gja has quit IRC
22:57:30  *** Wormnest has quit IRC
23:15:08  *** drac_boy has joined #openttd
23:15:14  <drac_boy> hi again :-)
23:15:22  <drac_boy> any interesting topic atm?
23:16:56  <ST2> hey drac_boy :)
23:17:05  <ST2> yup 1.7.2-RC1 ^^
23:17:43  <drac_boy> I meant beside game version releases? :-P
23:17:48  <drac_boy> and hi st2
23:18:30  <ST2> drac_boy: guess you're not on the W10 FCU angry team
23:18:47  <ST2> because 1.7.2-RC2 includes it
23:19:21  <drac_boy> what is fcu?
23:19:42  <ST2> Fall Creators Update (Windows 10 specific)
23:20:48  <ST2> the fix michi_cc made seems to work, and with retro compatibility
23:21:01  <ST2> creating a test server now for it ^^
23:22:12  <drac_boy> oh well st2 I'm not much of a windows person so ty for explaining what that 'w10 fcu' line was
23:22:19  <drac_boy> and angry = angry birds? :P
23:23:55  <ST2> drac_boy: guess you're not many around on biggest OpenTTD communities: ttdcoop, btpro, n-ice, reddit and so on
23:25:26  <drac_boy> I'll have to say that online my biggest place probably is just tt-forums as thats seemingly the only one place for both games to be talked at
23:25:28  <drac_boy> :)
23:25:35  <ST2> I'll assume drac_boy, that you use some linux distro
23:25:47  <drac_boy> (excluding that the forum has several other unrelated games mentioned near bottom too I know)
23:26:02  <ST2> yeah
23:26:06  <drac_boy> st2 part of the time .. pcdos equally as much other times
23:26:12  <ST2> but I'm an OpenTTD guy :P
23:27:10  <drac_boy> (actually yes I had wondered about 'lan' networking the two computers together for a funny 1-with-1 serial gameplay but so far not ever been really in the mood yet
23:27:13  *** quiznilo has joined #openttd
23:27:27  <drac_boy> st2 yeah np..the gameplay is very similar anyway so not too much to nitpick about
23:27:39  <ST2> and I'm part of BTPro team that tested this as it came out:
23:27:56  <ST2> wrong link :(
23:28:16  <ST2>
23:28:16  <drac_boy> interesting site anyhow :)
23:28:19  <ST2> that one
23:28:50  <ST2> and I'll start a test server soon with 1.7.2-RC1
23:29:39  <drac_boy> just asking st2 but this btpro .. is it generic or newgrf gameplay?
23:30:25  <ST2> BTPro have 27 regular servers (some with newgrf's, others dnt use any)
23:30:37  <drac_boy> ah ok just curious
23:30:53  <ST2> 28th server is an admin testing a different server controller
23:31:13  <ST2> the 29th, will come up soon, to test 1.7.2-RC1 ^^
23:31:19  <drac_boy> and umm st2 just asking but let me take a wild guess..these 'some with' probably has these for the trainset? ukrs2/2cc/nars/nuts
23:32:26  <ST2> not on regular ones... now
23:33:07  <drac_boy> oh ok I kinda recall these for some reason were always picked out a lot .. but no comment :)
23:33:16  <ST2> we have some with road hog and night horse
23:33:45  * drac_boy never liked 2cc due to the weird choices (especially as some steam locomotives suddenly had a lot of hp for cheap at early online dates) aside to too-long buy menu etc .. but wouldn't say anything
23:34:04  <drac_boy> night horse? hmm night horse...haven't I heard of that before when it was just a paper idea...
23:34:10  * drac_boy goes to check what that was again
23:34:29  *** HerzogDeXtEr has quit IRC
23:34:39  <ST2> drac_boy: just filter MP list for BTPro
23:34:46  <ST2> that's our servers
23:35:07  <drac_boy> weird I thought there was a grf by that name..or it never progrssed...
23:35:47  <drac_boy> oh well road hog I do know what that is :)
23:36:14  <ST2> and don't know Iron Horse?
23:37:15  <drac_boy> ohhh .. iron not night horse .. meeeh :p
23:37:31  <ST2> cmon drac_boy ^^
23:38:23  <ST2> drac_boy: how frequently you play online?
23:39:35  <drac_boy> not at all for quite a good part of 2017 tbh
23:40:16  <ST2> so, if I may ask, what OS you have/use?
23:43:48  <drac_boy> for quite a long time its been freebsd, macos, pcdos-2001, proteus in their own ratios
23:44:37  <ST2> and, you been playing SP games only or some MP games too?
23:45:09  <ST2> (of OpenTTD, I mean... and which version ^^)
23:45:48  <drac_boy> hm can't recall what openttd wa son but I recall it was usually someone else's computer tho tbh
23:46:34  <ST2> drac_boy: openttd version it's shown on the title
23:46:55  <ST2> it's hard to miss ^^
23:47:04  * peter1138 ponders ... playing...
23:47:30  <ST2> peter1138: I advise you too
23:48:27  <drac_boy> st2 well like I said I haven't ever played for most of 2017 .. so whatever I may still recall from rather early in year isn't good anymore sorry
23:49:19  <ST2> drac_boy: I played 1 OpenTTD game in 2017 - rest was admin working and preparing servers for players
23:49:47  *** Flygon has joined #openttd
23:51:06  <ST2> well, most of the people here can use my words - since are on same grounds ^^
23:52:32  <drac_boy> st2 ah ok well tbh I still play a good amount of ttpatch months-wise tho so thats why I don't mind talking about most of the gameplay things (excluding the ones that aren't 'crossplatform' such as being able to program a signal to refuse to turn green on any trains with steel cargo)
23:52:37  <drac_boy> st2 yeah I believe you annyhow
23:52:42  <drac_boy> and which of hi flygon anything new?
23:54:19  <ST2> drac_boy: because I never seen you on reddit servers, BTPro servers, n-ice servers or CM servers
23:54:34  <ST2> if you ttdcoop only, fine by me
23:54:56  <ST2> but there's a whole new world around xD
23:55:44  <drac_boy> I'm not talking about coop :P
23:56:15  <ST2> so, grab 1.7.1 and explore the online servers
23:56:36  <drac_boy> I doubt it'll ever build but ty still :-p
23:59:56  <ST2> <drac_boy> I doubt it'll ever build  <<-- why?

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