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00:01:18  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd updated pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
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00:18:45  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd commented on pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
00:34:56  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd updated pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
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06:26:40  <andythenorth> Timberwolf the problem is calling it on station visit in combination with changing length
06:26:46  <andythenorth> tends to have unwanted results
06:27:09  <andythenorth> it was specifically banned because I specifically did that
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07:07:09  <Timberwolf> Heh, quite.
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07:40:01  <_dp_> is there a way to do eyecandy powerlines and skilifts with newgrf?
07:40:07  <_dp_> that can actually go over roads and stuff
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07:52:06  <_dp_> wonder if I can make them road types...
07:56:17  <nielsm> can't you at least make an object that can be placed on a tile southeast/southwest of the road and just overlap it visually?
07:56:37  <nielsm> although it's more work to build
07:56:48  <nielsm> maybe it breaks the sprite sorter, not sure
08:07:24  <_dp_> nielsm, that still means I need a pole every other tile
08:08:18  <_dp_> and, yeah, it's questionable for sprite sorter
08:09:03  <_dp_> though there are power lines that seem to work that way
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08:09:47  <_dp_> but poles are an issue, I want it to still be playable
08:11:25  <nielsm> hence also frosch's comment yesterday that objects need a way to be drag-buildable and such
08:11:57  <_dp_> nielsm, well, yeah, but I don't particularly care about that
08:12:07  <_dp_> they need to be useful in a first place :p
08:13:38  <_dp_> so far their only use is to allow openttd to be used as a graphics editor :p
08:18:28  <andythenorth> I used them once or twice
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08:18:37  <andythenorth> I use them because station tiles can't build on corner slopes
08:22:04  <_dp_> how does nrt handle crossroads? does it store both types of road on a tile?
08:24:17  <nielsm> I think it can just store one roadtype and one tramtype per tile
08:24:28  <nielsm> so if it's a tramway crossing a road then it works
08:24:42  <nielsm> if it's two incompatible roads with incompatible tramtypes then it can't work
08:25:10  <_dp_> nielsm, yeah, I'm already thinking of doing power lines as a tram type...
08:25:25  <_dp_> will probably work if there are no real trams...
08:26:18  <_dp_> haha, make both tram and road type power lines and add some server shenanigans to switch on a fly xD
08:26:20  * andythenorth just invented a stupid economy
08:26:24  <andythenorth> railroad economy
08:26:35  <andythenorth> train factory -> new trains -> train depot
08:26:42  <andythenorth> train depot -> old trains -> scrapyard
08:27:01  <andythenorth> quarry -> ballast -> engineering depot
08:27:02  <Wolf01> Money -> trains, you deliver train parts and get paid in trains
08:27:13  <andythenorth> engineering depot -> scrap rails -> scrapyard
08:27:14  <andythenorth> oof
08:27:46  <andythenorth> has anyone made Train Whack 2 yet?
08:28:46  <Wolf01> What is the highscore?
08:29:04  <Wolf01> I just got: You scored 883760!     Snowplough bonus: 2 = 4x score multiplier
08:29:28  <andythenorth> I scored over 1m yesterday, 3 snowploughs
08:29:33  <andythenorth> frosch got over 1m also
08:29:35  <Wolf01> Wow
08:29:44  <andythenorth> snowploughs are OP, someone should nerf them
08:29:54  <Wolf01> With random or same type? Same type has sensible lower scores
08:30:14  <andythenorth> I didn't do maths, but I think same type has more chance of 3 snowploughs
08:30:36  <andythenorth> also boring mode should get more snowploughs
08:30:51  <andythenorth> hmm maybe trains need more details in the gameplay
08:31:20  <andythenorth> IRL in UK there is: air brake vs vacuum brake, steam heat vs. electric heat, axle load, brake force
08:31:29  <andythenorth> all of which affect engine choice
08:31:44  <andythenorth> this is important for 32px trains?
08:31:55  <andythenorth> maybe Train Whack should use those things :P
08:32:01  <Wolf01> I'm getting a lot of 6 metro engines in the same consist
08:32:26  <andythenorth> that happens
08:33:21  <Wolf01> Like 5 on 6 refreshes
08:34:10  <Wolf01> You should make a clicker game
08:35:23  <andythenorth> Flappy Train
08:35:39  <andythenorth> one of my kids plays Crossy Road
08:35:51  <andythenorth> which is like a voxel version of the 1984 edition
08:37:14  <andythenorth> I never played Frogger, we had Hog! on the BBC which was a hedgehog not a frog and trains not logs
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08:49:56  <Wolf01> Will my touch-screen-with-windows finish to install the updates instead of doing 60%, 15%, 20%, 90%, 35%, 100%, 20%?
08:50:57  * _dp_ remembers some printer drivers where progress bar went to 99% then smoothly back to 0 before failing with an error
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16:13:31  <andythenorth> so did reddit find TW yet?
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16:50:43  <andythenorth> yo
16:51:16  <andythenorth> do we know if what var 43 does with train-type colours, vehicle group colours?
16:52:35  <andythenorth> 				v->grf_cache.company_information = GetCompanyInfo(v->owner, LiveryHelper(v->engine_type, v));
16:55:19  <nielsm> hm wait, can you make a vehicle that drives faster if you paint it red?
16:55:40  <frosch123> andythenorth: the train can only read its own colour
16:56:16  <frosch123> nielsm: yes
16:56:35  <frosch123> it specifically ignores client settings for drawing company colours, to not desync
16:57:02  <andythenorth> great
16:57:10  <frosch123> nielsm: also, pineapple trains use the company colour to select different sprites
16:57:11  <andythenorth> that means I can do a few silly livery tricks
16:57:16  <andythenorth> yes I'm going to do that
16:57:31  <frosch123> somehow pikka drew colored 32bpp trains, doing the recoloring in the sprite
16:57:39  <andythenorth> pikka is madder than me even
16:57:47  <andythenorth> although none as mad as V4530000
16:57:49  <andythenorth> also I love features that don't require newgrf spec change :)
16:58:08  <nielsm> have only one engine per generation, the color you paint it determines the stats
16:58:25  <andythenorth> nielsm I *almost* adopted that idea
16:58:49  <andythenorth> with vehicle group liveries, colours really could be 'liveries' :P
16:58:51  <andythenorth> also
16:58:59  <andythenorth> BIAB
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16:59:14  <nielsm> that would be wonderfully opaque gameplay mechanics
17:08:51  <nielsm> more ideas for opaque mechanics when andy comes back: one industry does everything, but only one thing at a time, it resets which cargo it produces and consumes on the monthly production change depending on which cargo is delivered next
17:10:13  <nielsm> and changing production takes a while to ramp up
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17:14:21  <andythenorth> hmm
17:14:30  <andythenorth> will I break the 'No Garratt' rule for Horse?
17:21:05  <frosch123> there was an ancient latinamerican train set
17:21:27  <frosch123> articulated vehicles didn't quite work, so you were supposed to build and arrange them manually
17:21:42  <frosch123> but i did not know that, and wondered what those weird vehicles were
17:24:02  <b_jonas_> can I show some screenshots? this FIRS steel mill is the central hub of my steel network. it used to have a sane arrangement of stations, but then I reworked it to this mad science station jumble. it is probably less effective than what I could have by fixing that sane arrangement in minor ways.
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17:25:22  <Wolf01> Aahahh boring mode is fantastic
17:25:42  <b_jonas> I should make it even more mad sciencey by having tunnels of tracks coming out of a station go under another station
17:25:45  <frosch123> i tried boring mode, to check whether i can get more snowploughs
17:25:57  <frosch123> but only got one, three times in 100 games
17:26:31  <frosch123> hmm, no, 200 games, 100 with same rail, 100 with mixed
17:27:35  <Wolf01> I just got 2 snopwploughs and a bunch of hoppers, no engine XD
17:27:37  <frosch123> i was hoping for 8 snowploughs or so :p
17:28:03  <frosch123> so, 1M points is still pretty hard to get
17:28:05  <frosch123> only got it once
17:30:22  <frosch123> 300k with 1 snowplough, i guess that's terrible :p
17:30:40  <b_jonas> if it's too bad, I might built it back to the original layout though
17:30:47  <b_jonas> we'll see
17:30:57  <Wolf01> aahah
17:31:14  * _dp_ seen 2mil once
17:31:23  <frosch123> wow, you got 1M in boring mode
17:31:27  <frosch123> i thought that's impossible
17:31:33  <_dp_> boring seems better actually
17:32:46  <frosch123> i had the impression < 200k is normal in boring mode
17:33:36  <frosch123> hmm, ok, it's diferent now
17:33:49  <frosch123> maybe i also had boring tracks on
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17:34:35  <frosch123> the torpedo car is pretty long
17:34:38  <frosch123> i got a line wrap :p
17:36:11  <b_jonas> "can you make a vehicle that drives faster if you paint it red?" lol
17:36:29  <frosch123> b_jonas: you never played with nuts, did you?
17:36:43  <andythenorth> b_jonas which FIRS economy is that? :)
17:36:45  <b_jonas> you could probably make a fake "red paint" engine that is displayed as the normal engine and carriages painted red and makes the train faster
17:36:52  <frosch123> nuts has a category of vehicles, where the engines have moods
17:37:00  <andythenorth> frosch123 I should store a game counter in a cookie
17:37:00  <frosch123> and change their stats when they are in good or bad mood
17:37:21  <andythenorth> if it's a session cookie, you don't need to consent \o/
17:37:41  <andythenorth> wow did V actually do that?
17:37:49  <andythenorth> I have considered troll engines before, with changeable stats
17:37:57  <andythenorth> but V actually did it
17:38:10  <b_jonas> andythenorth: FIRS temperate basic
17:38:26  <andythenorth> Wolf01 you won!
17:38:51  <b_jonas> can you make anisotropic trains, which are faster when going north than south?
17:39:16  <frosch123> andythenorth: <- see "mentally disturbed class"
17:39:38  <Wolf01> <andythenorth> Wolf01 you won! <- no, NOW I won:
17:40:13  <frosch123> it would be a terrible score without the snowplughs
17:40:24  <frosch123> 3 snowploughs should be 2M
17:40:38  <Wolf01> Or even more
17:41:11  <andythenorth> Wolf01 I think that beat me
17:41:19  <frosch123> andythenorth: the MEOW class is more useful gameplay-wise though
17:41:30  <andythenorth> b_jonas FIRS Steeltown :)
17:42:10  <andythenorth> "Rainbow SLUG is just a visual upgrade of the normal SLUGs, causing them to be much more awesome."
17:42:48  <_dp_>  :p
17:42:51  <andythenorth> how does V have the ships eat the cargo?
17:43:06  <andythenorth> _dp_ web developer tools? o_O
17:44:03  <_dp_> andythenorth, huh? why would I wdt just a 2mil :P
17:44:04  <b_jonas> andythenorth: this is the first train I play with FIRS, so I wanted basic. and I think my second and third games will be basic too. steeltown is crazy.
17:44:17  <andythenorth> _dp_ cheating is better when more plausible :)
17:44:45  <andythenorth> b_jonas fair, Steeltown is even more crazy in v4 (in development)
17:44:54  <andythenorth> it takes me about 60 years to connect the chains
17:45:05  <frosch123> andythenorth: i have no idea how V made vehicles eat cargo
17:45:39  <andythenorth>  cannot think of any way to do that, except in depot
17:45:51  <b_jonas> this one still only has a steel network, and the steel line still doesn't work well, I'm trying to see what I have to change after it goes to equilibrium after this reconstruction, I might need the stronger engine or two engines
17:46:25  <Timberwolf> 60? My Trains test game is in 1961 and I only just got to the point of vehicle bodies.
17:47:07  <andythenorth> it's almost not fun :P
17:47:09  <andythenorth> bit like work
17:47:11  <andythenorth> but eh
17:47:12  <b_jonas> does FIRS steeltown give some kind of bonus to your vehicles as the prize at the end?
17:47:27  <andythenorth> unfortunately no
17:47:30  <b_jonas> like, if you make the industries construct vehicles, you get better vehicles or something
17:47:45  <andythenorth> all you get is a slight sense of 'wtf did I do all that for?' :)
17:48:00  <andythenorth> currently vehicles do nothing, I don't even bother transporting them
17:48:23  <Timberwolf> "to test that I didn't fuck up the sprites for the advanced cargo types"
17:48:25  <b_jonas> better rail type if they build railway tracks
17:49:00  <b_jonas> Timberwolf: in what year did you start the game that's in 1961?
17:49:04  <b_jonas> I started this one in 1950
17:49:05  <andythenorth> I might just deliver them to scrap yards :P
17:49:27  <Timberwolf> 1900.
17:49:53  <frosch123> andythenorth: <- plausible?
17:50:46  <andythenorth> frosch123 submit a patch :)
17:51:26  <Timberwolf> I'd have started earlier but the lazy idiot who authored tge train set I'm using didn't include any locos before about 1899 or so.
17:51:31  <andythenorth> oof
17:51:41  <Wolf01> OK, I stop there now
17:51:46  <andythenorth> I just rejected moving the Iron Horse start date to 1900
17:51:55  <andythenorth> but I considered it, 1860 is silly
17:52:19  <andythenorth> how is the train set going?
17:52:23  <frosch123> Wolf01: waiting for the next dlc?
17:52:29  <Timberwolf> Playtesting, mainly.
17:52:58  <Timberwolf> I didn't screw too much up but I did enough silly things a full test game was a good idea.
17:53:43  <Timberwolf> "oh yes, this is why everyone else includes mail versions of their passenger carriages" type stuff.
17:53:56  <Wolf01> <frosch123> Wolf01: waiting for the next dlc? <- yes
17:54:10  <andythenorth> there are so many things in Horse like that
17:54:17  <andythenorth> "I know better than other authors"
17:54:25  <andythenorth> then I play-test and end up making similar decisions
17:54:48  <andythenorth> the way refits work drives a lot of set design choice
17:56:33  <Timberwolf> The hardest thing about going back to 1800s is the 1800-start people are really vocal :p
17:57:50  <Timberwolf> Pretty sure it'd be quicker to get the right stats for a pre-1850 set by just releasing with random stats and waiting for everyone to correct you.
18:00:55  <b_jonas> ok, these definitely don't have enough power. I'll replace the engines.
18:01:01  <Timberwolf> Different play styles I know, but with Road Vehicles there was a fair bit of, "I want vehicles it's impossible to make a profit with, because realistic stats". (I think the one time I played a 1700s start, ships are so OP compared to other vehicles your boats subsidise everything)
18:02:38  <andythenorth> I tried the early play stuff, DanMacK was very encouraging about including it in Horse and Hog
18:02:43  <andythenorth> but I just can't get on with it
18:03:06  <andythenorth> I think it needs boxing off with a specific industry grf designed for it
18:03:16  <b_jonas> I'll need two engines
18:03:21  <andythenorth> hmm
18:03:24  <Timberwolf> My biggest problem is I play smaller maps, so I've connected everything by 1870.
18:03:47  <andythenorth> frosch123 how plausible is a link from each vehicle to a 'details' web page?  Were you trolling me when you suggested it? :)
18:04:06  <Timberwolf> Then it's like, "so I guess I'll just upgrade engines for the next 180 years?"
18:04:24  <andythenorth> GS :P
18:05:47  <frosch123> andythenorth: no, we already discussed that 10 years ago, when george wanted to include historical photos in the purchase list's extra info
18:06:12  <andythenorth> we're not worried about link rot, domain parking scams etc?
18:06:21  <frosch123> the realism freaks always wanted to add backstories, assuming that anyone would read them
18:06:25  <andythenorth> or we could file it under "don't care"
18:06:42  <andythenorth> I really like the pikka wiki stuff, I found it added to the game fun for me
18:06:46  <frosch123> there's already an url in the grf description
18:06:51  <andythenorth> and V's docs are good
18:07:07  <_dp_> just embed the web browser already :p
18:07:13  <frosch123> the idea to add a short-url service to bananas, is new though
18:07:27  <frosch123> _dp_: yes, we should switch to qt based gui
18:07:30  <andythenorth> I have the pages already
18:07:40  <andythenorth> they're not really designed yet, but eh
18:07:53  <andythenorth> this isn't a big spec change, just a static property?
18:08:14  <andythenorth> or do we abstract it all and have bananas sort it out on upload?
18:08:20  <_dp_> qt or not but I'm really missing images and stuff in gs messages
18:08:38  * andythenorth BIAB, time for dinner \o/
18:08:40  <andythenorth> hurrah
18:08:41  <andythenorth> dinner
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18:13:13  <b_jonas> heh, back stories
18:13:26  <b_jonas> I don't care about realism for this game, except in as much as it helps understand the game mechanics
18:14:00  <b_jonas> and yes, I want strong fast trains, not horses, and I want diagonal bridges and diagonal tunnels, <s>and a pony</s> :)
18:16:02  <b_jonas> I'm replacing all the engines on these 26 trains, but I'll want to upgrade it to maglev 4 in-game years from now anyway
18:19:30  <b_jonas> and I'm not even sure if the two engines actually helps
18:20:48  <b_jonas> hmm, I'll have to improve this station exit too
18:21:00  <b_jonas> I think I'll look up how I did the station exit in my previous game, because that worked well
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20:04:47  <andythenorth> @seen FLHerne
20:04:47  <DorpsGek> andythenorth: FLHerne was last seen in #openttd 2 weeks, 6 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes, and 48 seconds ago: <FLHerne> I'm not sure that's true
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