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14:37:04  <lispmacs> hi, I'm playing version 12.2. I was wondering if towns have a limit to the number of goods they will take, or how that works? Like, if I have a factory and four cities in a railroad circuit, is there some advantage to having the goods train stop at all the cities?
14:38:35  <lispmacs> and if I'm able to produce twice as many goods, should I have the goods train stop at twice as many towns in the circuit?
14:39:37  <lispmacs> I couldn't find in the Wiki and explanation of how goods consumption works. I think there is some supply/demand forces at work as well on the number of goods produced, but was unclear on that
14:50:31  <FLHerne> lispmacs: With the stock industries at least, there's no limit to (nor benefit from) goods acceptance
14:50:48  <FLHerne> oh, and if there isn't a GameScript
14:51:44  <glx> first city will take all it it accepts goods
14:51:55  <FLHerne> Certain buildings, that mostly appear in larger towns, accept n/8 goods - if there are at least 8/8 in a station catchment the station will accept goods
14:52:23  <FLHerne> [the same way passenger and mail production/acceptance works]
14:53:17  <glx> of course it's a little different if cargodist is enabled
14:53:30  <FLHerne> goods production depends only on the amount of input cargo to the factory, but the amount reaching the pickup station depends on the station rating
14:53:57  <glx> the question was about the delivery, not pick up :)
14:54:11  <FLHerne> and more-frequent trains raise the station rating all other things being equal, so that acts as a "demand force" to an extent
14:54:59  <FLHerne> glx: there's a part about production in the last line
14:56:12  <lispmacs> I think I read somewhere that items sell for more money if you transport them farther...? so I might as well send the goods to whatever city is furthest away on my loop...?
14:56:32  <lispmacs> does selling goods at a city help it grow faster or something?
14:56:53  <FLHerne> no, that's a weirdly-enduring myth
14:57:29  <glx> depends on distance and time
14:57:37  <FLHerne> [with stock mechanics; there are GameScripts that make city growth reliant on or influenced by goods supply]
14:58:59  <lispmacs> so, all else being equal, if I've got 100 crates of goods, theres no difference between dropping them of at a town with population 100 versus population 2000?
14:59:30  <lispmacs> and no reason to visit both?
14:59:47  <FLHerne> right
15:00:05  <FLHerne> furthest away is generally better
15:00:14  <FLHerne> obviously your costs increase too
15:00:38  <lispmacs> further away is better, balanced against the fact that it takes longer to get there and back
15:00:47  <FLHerne> but not proportionally because of stations and stuff, and the average speed tends to be higher so you get paid more per tile travelled
15:01:24  <glx> then you have the cost for travelling empty on the way back
15:01:42  <FLHerne> well, that's true regardless of distance
15:01:53  <glx> usually way lower than the income
15:02:06  <FLHerne> unless you're feeling too clever for your own good, and build a very long mainline that carries the same cargo in both directions
15:02:29  <FLHerne> (with a short link between dropoff and then pickup at a different industry at each end)
15:02:35  <lispmacs> does the train consume more maintenance/fuel expenses while traveling, like a real train?
15:02:43  <FLHerne> very profitable, but it tends to get unbalanced and go wrong :p
15:03:20  <glx> I think some newgrfs implement that
15:03:27  <FLHerne> I know most train grfs do, but can't remember if the default vehicles do
15:03:31  <FLHerne> probably not
15:03:51  <FLHerne> oh, no running costs while waiting at a station IIRC
15:04:06  <FLHerne> or is that only while manually stopped?
15:05:09  <lispmacs> I got the impression that train expenses were the same no matter how many times you rushed around the track
15:05:21  <lispmacs> so that partial loads weren't so big a deal
15:05:45  <lispmacs> but that was just an impression
15:06:12  <lispmacs> say, vs having the train wait at the station until full
15:06:25  <glx> partial loads are never interesting for cargoes
15:06:52  <glx> it's different for passengers/mail
15:08:50  <lispmacs> I've had pretty good success so far doing circles of one way tracks that connect to different cities, factories, and resources. But I was kind of confused about how to handle the goods distribution. I think I understand it better now
15:09:51  <lispmacs> For an area, I'll have one big circle that connects to the main towns and resources, with a few loops that branch off and then merge back in to reach the outlier stuff
15:11:11  <lispmacs> I spent an hour trying to comprehend all the information on the wiki about block signals and presignal and path signals, but I think I'm my version only path signals are available
15:11:18  <lispmacs> in my version, I meant
15:11:50  <lispmacs> seems to work fine anyway, so long as I stick to simple one way, looping routes
15:13:04  <FLHerne> lispmacs: the other signal types are still available, just hidden by default, there's a setting
15:15:37  <lispmacs> path signals seem to work great if I stick to one-way tracks, though things got really confusing quick if I tried to mix in two way
15:19:43  <FLHerne> yeah, there are very limited cases where two-way tracks help
15:20:20  <glx> last resort choice if there's no space for 2 tracks
15:20:56  <FLHerne> or if you're doing scenic stuff :p
15:22:35  <FLHerne> I made a demo of some basic things a while ago
15:23:38  <FLHerne> tbh there's no benefit to a single track with passing loops except (a) very early game, first line, so you can get the most distance for your money and (b) playing model trains
15:24:13  <lispmacs> "passing loops"...?
15:24:59  <glx> if it's the first line you usually have only 1 train on it, so passing loops are not really needed
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18:59:55  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
18:59:56  <DorpsGek>   - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
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21:17:19  <lispmacs> another question: are there different music tracks to select somewhere in the settings? (Version 12.2) I looked around but only saw an option for turning the music on and off
21:21:41  <LordAro> lispmacs: music sets can be downloaded via content download
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