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14:17:36  <planetmaker> is that a sensible change? We seem frequently to get questions where people seem to not understand these options
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14:29:19  <Alberth> didn't frosch suggest "private" instead of "hidden" yesterday?
14:29:37  <Alberth> seems a good change to me
14:30:12  <Alberth> string names are wrong too?
14:30:56  <Rubidium> sounds like we should introduce a "simplified English" translation ;)
14:31:12  <Rubidium> with the wrong words/meaning, but understandable by the noob
14:33:04  <Alberth> mentioning LAN and Internet together gives no real hint that the setting is, imho
14:33:41  <Rubidium> where are the times of the LAN parties ;)
14:34:38  <planetmaker> well, the difference is only the advertising in that setting. So that difference should be made clear
14:34:59  <planetmaker> It's not simplified imho. It's made clear what it does in the first place
14:35:55  <Alberth> LAN (not advertised)   vs  Internet (advertised)   ?
14:36:19  <planetmaker> yes-ish. but the "not advertised" server is also reachable from the internet
14:36:23  <planetmaker> thus imho that doesn't cut it
14:37:28  <Alberth> depends on your router settings, but I see the point
14:38:55  <Alberth> Instead of "Connection"  "Advertising", with values "Off" and "On" ?
14:39:15  <planetmaker> Good suggestion
14:40:26  <Alberth>  the window
14:44:42  <Alberth> time to look into dinner options
14:44:47  <planetmaker> :-)
14:45:19  <planetmaker> updated
15:19:09  <planetmaker> mind if I commit the changes to bin/baseset ?
15:20:16  <planetmaker> Scotish Gaelic is missing and leaves... modified state after compilation
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15:59:12  <planetmaker> Let's make it two-part: and then (plus all the renaming in lang files, not shown to make this diff readable)
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16:04:52  <Alberth> while you are at it, you may want to add some doxygen comments to the dropdown arrays
16:05:02  <planetmaker> true
16:05:40  <Alberth> I am not sure rename is a good idea; the strings are really new
16:05:55  <Alberth> perhaps it is better to add new ones and delete the old ones?
16:06:57  <planetmaker> It doesn't really change... they only become clearer. And translators will see the need to revise it
16:07:06  <planetmaker> But I don't really mind either
16:07:16  <planetmaker> As easy to delete them as to sed ;-)
16:07:19  <planetmaker> or ... easier
16:07:49  <Alberth> hmm, lots of "Yes" / "No" strings, but no generic ones :)
16:08:24  <planetmaker> You think we should fallback to generic yes/no? Generally I think separate strings are better usually
16:08:33  <planetmaker> allows for more individual interpretation
16:08:41  <planetmaker> especially to translators
16:09:14  <Alberth> no, I was just thinking perhaps we have generic strings for that purpose
16:09:35  <planetmaker> what purpose? yes/no?
16:10:08  <Alberth> purpose of answering a yes/no question :)
16:10:29  <Alberth> interestingly, the order of both dropdowns is reversed :)
16:11:28  <planetmaker> it's order of defaults: you want usually to search for public servers. But you usually don't want to create one
16:12:05  <Alberth> yeah, it looks correct
16:13:26  <Alberth> looking fine otherwise, imho
16:14:13  <planetmaker> hm, maybe server list should read 'advertised' instead of 'advertise'
16:16:31  <Alberth> Advertisement  <-- that one?
16:16:51  <Alberth> I'd write "Advertising"
16:17:22  <planetmaker> I meant rather the naming of the strings than their text. But yes, that maybe, too
16:17:23  <Alberth> and perhaps s/shall/will/
16:18:21  <Alberth> {BLACK}Choose whether the server shall be advertised (recommended for an internet game) or not advertised (r.. <-- it says "advertised" already here
16:19:12  <Alberth> aka,  I don't understand what you mean :p
16:20:08  <planetmaker> and {BLACK}Advertisement -> {BLACK}Advertised
16:20:10  <Alberth> oh!
16:20:36  <planetmaker> of course keeping TOOLTIP
16:21:06  <Alberth> _ADVERTISED_  in the string name seems better indeed
16:21:17  <planetmaker> as that's the list (which shows whether those which are (not). And the other is the future of what you're going to do
16:22:40  <Alberth> (06:23:04 PM) planetmaker: and {BLACK}Advertisement -> {BLACK}Advertised    <-- seems ok to me
16:23:48  <Alberth> the 2nd "advertised" in the tooltip seems a bit too much perhaps
16:24:12  <Alberth> ie "Choose whether ... advertised ( .. ) or not ( ..)"
16:25:08  <planetmaker> I had that first without th 2nd. Due to the long (...) I found it hard to follow what the 'not' referred to
16:26:25  <Alberth> ok, then leave it in
16:30:37  <planetmaker> thanks Alberth :-)
16:31:57  <Alberth> this patch didn't explode much in size :)
16:32:58  <planetmaker> if you add all translation files: then it became 10-fold ;-)
16:33:17  <planetmaker> you're still for removal of strings, right?
16:38:49  <Alberth> it feels a bit more safe that way, but either way is acceptable to me
16:48:11  <planetmaker> seems like the last polishing is for tomorrow. Gotta leave in a few minutes.
16:49:10  <Alberth> bye, have a nice evenink :)
16:49:49  <planetmaker> thank you. And I wish the same to you :-)
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