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10:50:28  <frosch123> <- partial implementation of the newsmoke spec
10:50:44  <frosch123> partial as in "the stuff squid needs"
10:51:15  <frosch123> that is: multiple effect sprites, separate spawning models
10:51:38  <frosch123> but: no custom effect sprites, no custom breakdown smoke effects
11:03:06  <Alberth> 3rd patch the "else" of auto-center, seems to center for a train, which looks weird, but you're way more at home in this code than me :)
11:04:14  <frosch123> it's the same as the code that moves in 10
11:06:15  <Alberth> ah right, missed that
11:06:26  <Alberth> patch seems fine to me
11:14:26  <Alberth> I have been pondering about shortening the train build list so it only contains 'relevant' vehicles. The current ideas were by hiding the non-relevant ones. However, that creates the problem of showing hidden vehicles, in case you want to unhide a vehicle.
11:15:04  <frosch123> i like the company-based hiding
11:15:21  <frosch123> you could add some toggle button to disable the hiding
11:15:56  <Alberth> the patch we have in FS does it by a weird button in the title bar to display all vehicles, and use a difference in background colour to differentiate
11:16:05  <frosch123> also, considering , i wonder about adding three radio buttons "engines", "wagons", "all"
11:16:27  <Alberth> good idea
11:16:30  <frosch123> (i don't like the approach with two lists, too much redundancy)
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11:17:01  <Alberth> although you usually need both an engine and wagons, so you'd switch between engine and wagon all the time
11:17:45  <Alberth> I was thinking to make it optionally like that (2 lists), so you have a list hidden and a list unhidden ones
11:18:10  <Alberth> a bit like the newgrf selection
11:18:20  <frosch123> sounds like a "favorites" list :)
11:18:38  <frosch123> but imo that has the issue that you have to specifically add new vehicles to it
11:18:49  <frosch123> in addition to removing old ones
11:19:25  <Alberth> not sure I understand, the "favorites" change over time?
11:19:26  <frosch123> i think any type of filtering should include new vehicles by default
11:20:12  <frosch123> i understood your idea, as having a list with all vehicles, and another list which is empty by default
11:20:14  <Alberth> and yeah, for every vehicle you have to say at some point, I am not interested any more in this vehicle
11:20:26  <Alberth> I don't see how you get around that
11:21:09  <Alberth> yeah, I have list unhidden and a list hidden vehicles, and you can move vehicles between them
11:21:29  <Alberth> where new ones are in the unhidden list
11:22:38  <Alberth> unless you propose to make a list of favorites per newgrf, so it can automagically move crap engines to the hidden list
11:23:08  <frosch123> alternatively to the forum suggestion one could also use two separate lists for engines/wagons, but still share the details and filters
11:23:54  <Alberth> makes sense, you don't want to have more than one selected vehicle
11:23:56  <frosch123> but no, i think i still do not like multipel lists in the same window :)
11:24:24  <Alberth> I would add a toggle to hide the hidden list
11:24:57  <Alberth> an alternative is to keep one list, and add a text "hidden" or "visible" in an extra column
11:25:11  <Alberth> so you can toggle that
11:25:36  <frosch123> so, 3 buttons at top? "all", "non-hidden engines", "non-hidden wagons". each of them spawning a new list when pressed?
11:27:10  <Alberth> I wouldn't split the engines and wagons
11:28:48  <frosch123> would your "hidden" list contain all vehicles? or just the hidden ones?
11:29:11  <Alberth> if you do have 2 lists, available engines and available wagons make sense to keep each as list as in the forum patch. In "hidden/unhidden" mode, you merge the engines and wagons, and left you have visible and right the hidden
11:29:25  <frosch123> having to search two lists for a specific vehicle does not sound right
11:29:40  <frosch123> so, actually i would stil prefer a single list
11:30:00  <frosch123> show non-hidden by default, press a button to also show hidden ones with grey-ish instead of black text
11:30:06  <frosch123> like implicit orders
11:30:21  <Alberth> hidden is initially empty, new vehicles appear in the available list.  A user can move an available vehicles to the hidden list, or vice versa
11:30:54  <frosch123> yes, but if you do not remember whether to hide a vehicle, you have to search two lists
11:31:07  <Alberth> good point
11:31:34  <Alberth> so we need some way to merge both lists into one, and show the difference
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11:31:54  <frosch123> i would prefer colours, black vs. grey
11:32:16  <Alberth> ok, lets try that
11:32:29  <frosch123> possibly with an additional "(hidden)" at the end
11:32:36  <frosch123> like with implicit orders :)
11:32:36  <Alberth> seems like a good solution, easy to understand for a user
11:33:53  <Alberth> can we recolour the hidden vehicles as well to gray?
11:34:33  <frosch123> also an option
11:34:43  <frosch123> i guess, it would need trying how it looks
11:34:56  <Alberth> works nicely for a grey-coloured vehicle set :p
11:35:35  <frosch123> it would have the advantage that you can still see the hidden-state for the selected row
11:35:49  <frosch123> (though there would also be the "(hidden)")
11:36:06  <Alberth> indeed, more visual clues is better, in general
11:36:16  <Alberth> I'll try something
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