Log for #openttdcoop on 2nd June 2009:
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00:01:31  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
00:01:45  <mensi> !password
00:01:45  <PublicServer> mensi: pinion
00:01:53  <PublicServer> *** mensi joined the game
00:11:31  <mensi> anybody building anything?
00:11:55  *** Progman has quit IRC
00:11:59  <theholyduck_> mensi, not atm no :P
00:12:04  <theholyduck_> i'm just in it to let other people build
00:12:08  <theholyduck_> + make money to build with
00:12:24  <mensi> there's enough money to build something ;)
00:12:53  <mensi> but as I don't really get the whole hub thing I guess I'll disconnect
00:13:02  <mensi> can't build anything else right now
00:13:43  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (leaving)
00:13:43  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
00:14:03  <theholyduck_> mensi, take a look at the blog?
00:14:08  <theholyduck_> its  very easy concept
00:14:09  <theholyduck_> really
00:14:14  <mensi> yeah that doesn't help ;)
00:14:21  <mensi> yeah the concept isn't that hard
00:14:34  <mensi> but I don't quite get how to implement this on this map
00:14:43  <mensi> perhaps I had too much beer already
00:23:33  *** mensi has quit IRC
00:27:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> nice outbound merger
00:27:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> who finished that outbound for the station?
00:37:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Duck, what are you working on?
00:38:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and that exit needs to be shifted S some...
00:45:12  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian joined the game
00:45:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> WB thrax
00:45:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> thanks
00:45:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> nearly 1/4 of the loop cnstructed
00:45:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> upgrading planes to concordes
00:45:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> :P
00:45:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> :D
00:45:44  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> because fastar == bettar
00:46:44  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm, too many planes i guess
00:46:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> they st in the depot for ages wasting cash
00:49:23  <KenjiE20> um, they don't have running costs in depot iirc
00:49:43  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> well yeha, but passengers pay for speed dont they?
00:49:45  <KenjiE20> also 15-17 seems to be about right, it's just getting them even
00:50:04  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and sitting in the depots before unloading
00:50:29  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> well now that we got 2k km/h concordes
00:50:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> 7-8 seems to be what we need
00:51:07  <KenjiE20> why concords? they carry pitiful amounts
00:51:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> only half as much as the best plane we have aviable after it
00:51:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and they are over twice as fast :P
00:51:45  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> for now atleast they seem to be making more money
00:51:54  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm
00:51:56  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or maybe not :P
00:52:02  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i guess i do fail
00:52:09  *** themroc- has quit IRC
00:52:29  <KenjiE20> bigger cap is better over the speed for making decent cash flow
00:52:35  <PublicServer> * theholyduck puts the old switcharoot
00:52:51  *** Zulan has quit IRC
01:04:06  *** KenjiE20|LT has joined #openttdcoop
01:04:06  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20|LT
01:04:33  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
01:06:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> south spoke split is done
01:06:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> N spoke is almost done
01:07:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> man, this terrain is killing me
01:07:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> not the hills, but the checkers
01:07:16  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> :D
01:07:18  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> yeah
01:07:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol.. i've jus ignored it, or i'd go nearly insane
01:07:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> don't forget about the hub bypass for the westbound traffic
01:07:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll do that, but for E i just built it without the shortcut
01:08:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> b/c i wasn't thinking and the lake was in the way
01:08:10  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> we should add what sort of mergers are neaded at each end
01:08:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it is connected though
01:08:21  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i marked the 10->2
01:08:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> haha, lulz and profit?
01:08:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> surrreeeeee
01:09:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but N city drop is now connected, with some help from mensi
01:09:16  <theholyduck_> thraxian you're a FE beta guy aswell right?
01:09:19  <theholyduck_> or was it that other guy?
01:09:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and N spoke out is finished, the rest of the spoke just has to be laid
01:11:44  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> marked all the mergers
01:11:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> :P
01:12:02  <theholyduck_> as in, what they SHOULD be
01:12:43  <theholyduck_> the lines that needs to exit in a location, is the same as the lines entering in all the other locations :P
01:12:51  <theholyduck_> nice and simple :D
01:12:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait, thrax, wouldn't it be easier to manage the downmixers if it all came from the same place instead of the shortcut and inner ring?
01:16:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> possibly - doesn't matter much to me which way we go
01:16:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I thought the hub bypass was a good idea, though
01:16:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I built one without, but either way
01:16:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> but you're right - the merger would be a bit more tricky
01:16:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I think it's situational
01:16:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I began a east->north bypass, but I see that it's already in the hub
01:16:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll build the bypass for this
01:16:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> whichever....
01:17:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, that one i put in b/c i wasn't really thinking or paying attention
01:17:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i was in robot slave mindset
01:17:25  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but no, I'll build the bypass, and we'll see which one works better
01:17:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> watch your bridge sync, btw
01:17:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> did i miss one/
01:17:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> fixed one at east, but I see one in north also...
01:17:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thought i had synced them
01:17:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> show me
01:18:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah
01:18:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i see
01:18:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> simple enough fix
01:18:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> also, the ends of the split are kinda weird
01:18:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> nope - same problem there
01:18:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ah - nvm
01:18:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait.. no, it does still look like it'll desync
01:19:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> the northern track has more diagonal than the lower, but the lower has more straight track
01:19:25  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> it balances, but it is weird....
01:19:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> no, it's 40 vs 41
01:19:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> because of the diagnoal between the entrances
01:19:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> true
01:19:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *diagonal
01:20:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hm
01:20:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> basically- you want this....
01:20:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> there
01:21:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thanks.. this is why we have coop :P
01:21:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> also - quick question about the other bridge ends
01:21:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> for those nasty desyncs we wouldn't catch until it jammed
01:21:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> why not those?
01:21:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I likeed the other ones better
01:21:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just because
01:21:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> no real diference
01:21:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ok - I thought it looked funny
01:21:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> either would work
01:22:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'm so used to the simple
01:22:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> like that...
01:22:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm usually simple, but like i said, i was robotslave mode
01:22:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
01:22:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> or in your case
01:22:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i was just building...
01:22:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hehe
01:22:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah.. no, i know what you mean
01:22:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I just didn't care enough
01:23:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> to think whih i did
01:23:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *which
01:24:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just checking my corner
01:25:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hahahah, you definitely are the master of signs..
01:25:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> just making sure everyone knows what's going on
01:25:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> or at least, what's intended
01:25:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
01:25:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> everyone should
01:25:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i think a lot of people, myself included are jkust lazy
01:26:29  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i'm the master of naming things :P
01:26:33  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i named all the hubs in the last game
01:26:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> for lulz and profit
01:29:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> now it gets more complex..
01:29:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 16 tracks wide coming out
01:29:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or squares
01:30:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> gaps for doubling for the spoke...
01:30:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> 16?
01:30:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 8*2
01:30:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> remember, 3 will exit immediately
01:30:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> from the south
01:30:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, right.. so then for 5 of them.. so 13 minimum
01:31:02  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
01:31:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'm going to play with something back here for a sec...
01:31:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> back where?
01:31:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I really don't want to have to bridge 8 diagonal lines for the town drop exit
01:32:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> that's 11 bridge length
01:32:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, it needs to be bumped out
01:32:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 11 isn't horrible though
01:32:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> instead, I'm going to try to use this squiggle
01:32:33  <Zarenor> !tunnels 5 11
01:32:33  <PublicServer> Zarenor: You need 2 tunnels/bridges for trainlength 5 and gap 11.
01:32:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 11 is still just 2.. though the signal gap is large
01:32:52  *** pinedours has joined #openttdcoop
01:32:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> is it still 2?
01:33:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> which squiggle?
01:33:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i just !tunnels'd it
01:33:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> the one just east of "Thrax's playground"
01:33:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ahh, with the plastic?
01:33:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> was going to build some bridges, and give town drop tracks an escape from loop
01:34:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> right there
01:34:07  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> go for whatever awesome solution you like
01:34:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol, if you like, however you like
01:34:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> we'll see if it is "awesome" or not :)
01:34:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but according to !tunnels you could just double, no need for tripling
01:34:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> haha, okay
01:34:39  *** pinedour1 has quit IRC
01:35:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hmmm...not sure if I have the space, unforunately
01:35:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> too short?
01:35:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> too narrow
01:36:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> those industries are annoying aren't they? :P
01:37:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ewll, thats the most obvious TF ive done all day
01:37:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *well
01:38:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait, i lied, the flattening at east spoke was worse...
01:38:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> think I can make this work?
01:39:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> idk.. hmmm
01:39:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> trying to get doubling for the other 5 is the problem
01:39:25  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> that battery farm will be problematic
01:39:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> buite
01:39:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *quite
01:39:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if it dies, you've got it
01:39:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but otherwise, it looks tricky
01:41:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hmmm - new plan
01:41:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what plan is that?
01:42:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> grrr...once again, that battery farm will be the problem
01:42:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, it's been on my "I wish it was dead" list since i ran the loop there :P
01:46:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> how about that solution?
01:46:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that looks like it works to me
01:46:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> as long as that battery farm die
01:46:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> s
01:47:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> if I shift the whole thing over one to the south,  I can tunnel the farm
01:48:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I think one south would do it
01:48:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you could do that
01:48:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you'd be able to tunnel it, yes
01:48:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> or I could just bridge the ML here
01:48:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and you cna trim whatever off the curve
01:48:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you could
01:48:50  *** theholyduck__ has joined #openttdcoop
01:48:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but it's less creative abd more ugly
01:49:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *and
01:49:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> to me it just ruins my valley, but either way :P
01:49:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's definitely less complicated
01:49:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> how does that ruin your valley?
01:49:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the bridges
01:50:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> oh gosh, glad i have them off so i hadnt seen what i was building earlier
01:50:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> turned them on and alomst gave myself a headache
01:55:19  *** theholyduck_ has quit IRC
01:57:28  <theholyduck__> !password
01:57:28  <PublicServer> theholyduck__: warred
01:58:10  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck joined the game
02:00:18  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hey thrax
02:00:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hey duck
02:00:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i'm going to have to terraform a bit at the 10-2 merger area
02:00:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> to make ROOM for the 10 lines
02:00:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> do what you gotta do - but you don't have to take it THAT low, do you?
02:00:58  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm well i might not
02:01:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> keep in mind where the loop is coming from
02:01:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> over by the DIE sign
02:01:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> probably going to turn lkeside if i design it
02:01:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and the merge won't likely be THAT close, will it?
02:01:38  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> true
02:01:42  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i just marked the general area
02:01:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 3 will be coming from the lake
02:01:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> now i'm marking up how much space it will take
02:02:00  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> ah yeah
02:02:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and the oher 7 from the ring
02:02:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> recommend possibly tunneling the ML there....
02:02:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> maybe
02:02:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> tunneling under the merge?
02:02:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> as opposed to bridging you ean?
02:02:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *mean
02:02:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> if you're hard up for space, we could do a left exit near sillypool
02:03:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and have the exit CROSS the ML near itchybury
02:03:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> want example?
02:03:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll see after I build that
02:04:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I've built general arrows
02:05:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> the 3 innermost eh?
02:06:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> see my signs and arrows?
02:06:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if you do the left exit, thats how i'd do it
02:06:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> may be easiest that way
02:07:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I was thinking something similar
02:07:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thought that was along the lines you were thinking
02:07:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> keep in mind that I already have a bypass from south to east ready
02:07:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wqith the left exit
02:08:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> but the left exit, yes - just a bit further north (north of itchybury)
02:08:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> but the exit's in the right spot
02:08:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'd just bridge it around here
02:08:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Mine was kinda general, i could have killed some of icthybury or gone under.. or moved :P
02:08:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> which is why flattening the mountain might have been premature
02:08:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, i like that, if duck wants to do it
02:09:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm currently working on the N-.W bypass
02:09:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> look at south spoke
02:09:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> see how I have the east spoke hub bypass marked?
02:09:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yes
02:09:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> so we can take that anywhere, really
02:09:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I see
02:10:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I picture picturesques journey along two lakesides
02:10:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> we can have the town drop and hub bypass lanes bridge (tunnel) the hub loop
02:10:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> lakeside works also
02:10:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *picturesque
02:10:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> nice-looking
02:10:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> That's why i like it
02:11:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> If we'e doing an eye-cany TF game, i like to do it right :P
02:11:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> also remember that 3 of those 7 lines MUST EXIT east
02:11:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *candy
02:11:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> right?
02:11:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
02:11:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hence the lakeside 3 this way
02:11:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hmmm...
02:11:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that 3 this way left exit becomes unnecessary
02:11:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or
02:11:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> becomes 4
02:11:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and we just brideg the ML
02:11:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *bridge
02:12:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> rered the signs
02:12:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *read
02:12:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> who's building there now?
02:12:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i just updated
02:12:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> duck
02:12:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm just overviewing
02:13:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> cool
02:13:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and we'll have 3 more also....
02:13:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> total of 6
02:13:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> climbing that hillside
02:14:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> yeah...something like that
02:14:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that'll be a fun turn to route
02:14:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i intend to do it next, so i can eyecandy it and be proud
02:15:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> if we separate tracks by one at turn, that might help
02:15:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I probably will
02:15:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it may need it
02:19:38  <Zarenor> !tunnels 5 18
02:19:38  <PublicServer> Zarenor: You need 3 tunnels/bridges for trainlength 5 and gap 18.
02:21:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so thrax
02:21:34  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> at what i made so far
02:21:38  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> what do you think?
02:22:00  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm wait, i dont have the right amount of lines comming in :P
02:22:10  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> ah
02:22:16  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> those 3 go direcltly out
02:22:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you have the right 4
02:22:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and will get 6 more from S
02:23:13  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> the 4 i just hooked up goes directly to the candy factory right?
02:23:27  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> then the 3 outside them comes from  north
02:23:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and the 3 inside them south
02:23:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> comes from, yes
02:24:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> don't worry too horribly much about huge jams there, we're expecting low traffic out there, it's a short and deserted line
02:24:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and merge wherever you like
02:24:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> worry about the SLHs later
02:24:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i'm not starting the merger yet :P
02:40:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> you still need
02:40:18  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> ah
02:40:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so bypass the s to e entirely?
02:40:33  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> for simplicity?
02:40:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 3 will come out from the turn
02:40:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> plus 3 bypass
02:41:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you can still have the turn like that around the cities
02:41:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> at least until the toy shop  dies
02:41:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but we'll have those 3 and the 3 exiting from the other side
02:41:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and now it's almost pretty'
02:42:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but I'll brb
02:42:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> have to go do some housework
02:47:43  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
02:53:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> back
02:53:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thrax, what're you up to?
02:54:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> check out south spoke
02:54:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Ahhh, I see
03:01:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> this is starting to come together quite nicely
03:01:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> quite
03:01:55  *** theholyduck has joined #openttdcoop
03:03:24  *** PenKnight has joined #openttdcoop
03:06:24  <Zarenor> !tunnels 5 12
03:06:24  <PublicServer> Zarenor: You need 3 tunnels/bridges for trainlength 5 and gap 12.
03:06:28  <Zarenor> argh
03:06:38  *** KenjiE20|LT has quit IRC
03:06:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> okay, south spoke is totally connected now
03:06:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> think i can get away with doubling instead of tripling these tunnels on the N->W bypass?
03:06:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> except for hub access to south spoke, of course
03:07:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> not a chance...
03:07:19  *** theholyduck__ has quit IRC
03:07:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> okay.. yay more tree farming
03:07:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> what's the deal?
03:07:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> a town is in my way
03:07:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> oh - fairy bridge?
03:08:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> just bridge those lines
03:08:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mhmm
03:08:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> don't tunnel them
03:08:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> uglier.. but alright
03:08:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> it's not as ugly as destorying a town....
03:08:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> even level is fine....
03:09:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> in fact - those lines are going to west spoke also
03:09:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> so you can follow them, or redirect them with the bypass
03:09:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm planning on leaving them because ths needs to merge sooner
03:10:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could have a SLH before that merges
03:10:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but not before this bypass
03:10:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> that's fine....
03:10:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> now, for that candy factory :(
03:10:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ... yeah
03:11:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> open to suggestions?
03:11:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sure
03:11:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> there's one
03:11:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> shift the whole thing?
03:11:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> oh, i see
03:11:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> battery farm in the way of the next one
03:12:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> could you bend around the mountain tip
03:12:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that track?
03:12:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> maybe..
03:12:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> all 3 of them...
03:13:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ugh - bad climb
03:13:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah
03:13:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I meant more like this...
03:13:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah
03:13:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hmm
03:13:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hmm
03:13:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and the merger could be more like a station entrance
03:13:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sorry, i'm getting chat latency
03:16:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ooh - what if we moved the merger to that side of the ridge?
03:16:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> would that work?
03:16:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> which side?
03:16:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> how would we route the other 2?
03:17:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, maybe
03:17:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but i have to bump these curves one more out
03:18:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one more S
03:18:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> something like that...
03:23:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> how's that?
03:23:52  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> we could straight things out a bit more....line them up with the western line
03:24:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> keep in mind we have 4 tracks coming in from west to join these....
03:24:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> WE will, yes...
03:24:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sorry about those caps..
03:24:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> no worries....
03:25:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but i think we can bridge them over the loop, just past the cola wells
03:25:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and then them be in the loop
03:25:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and shift it west as need be
03:26:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian>'s an interesting idea
03:27:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> could try
03:27:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> bridging the entire hub doubled over might be tedious, but it could be done
03:27:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> 5 tracks one way, 4 in the other - that's 2 bridges difference....
03:27:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> would be pretty anywhere but toyland
03:27:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> true
03:28:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> want me to try and work on the merger?
03:28:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> while you do that inbound/
03:43:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thrax, think this balancer will work well enough if i signal it correctly/
03:43:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's definitely a wonky one
03:44:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> dunno - looks weird
03:45:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it is.
03:45:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> my only possibl isue is that 2 only can get to 3...
03:45:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> err
03:46:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that 2 only gets to 1 and 2
03:46:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and the same for 1
03:47:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> oh, wait
03:47:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> problem fixed
03:47:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> now i just have to figure how to signal it to make this work...
03:49:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> the circle is complete :)
03:49:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> awesome
03:50:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ooh - we could upgrade to international airports :)
03:50:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol, woot
03:51:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'd like to try and run a few trains through this balancer to see if it works...
03:51:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> sounds fine to me
03:51:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> any ideas on how to do that?
03:52:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i mean, obviously a depot, but getting trains to all 8 trracks rapidly enough...
03:52:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> your signals on 1-5 are too far from the merges....
03:52:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, wait
03:52:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> they need to be right on top of them
03:52:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i see
03:52:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, okay
03:53:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, i getcha
03:53:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I still have but 1 worry..
03:53:25  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so let me reassure myself.. one sec
03:53:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> also, normal signals immediately after junction could cause blockage
03:54:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> any ideas on how to prevent that
03:54:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ?
03:54:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> other than removing the signals whcih could mean slower clearing
03:55:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> remove the signals immediately after the intersection
03:55:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> yeah - like that
03:55:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and the intersection clears as soon as the train leaves it....
03:55:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so we'd have to have a problem further up the line to have blockages now... i see
03:55:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> yeah
03:55:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> now all thats left to do is test it...
03:57:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> need signals on 6-8
04:00:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> alright, you want to watch them go through?
04:04:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> seems to have balanced pretty well
04:12:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> sorry - was building, and didn't see your chat
04:12:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> np,  understand
04:12:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *I
04:12:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> want me to run them through again?
04:12:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> nah, that's ok
04:12:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> check out the west merge to hub
04:12:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thought it went pretty well, but I'm no expert
04:13:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> pretty insane
04:13:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> an dseems like it'll work well
04:13:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *and
04:13:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> we got tunnel bridges now too
04:14:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, i used them to upgrade my balancer.. i had wooden ones simulating heavy congestion XD
04:14:53  <theholyduck> !password
04:14:53  <PublicServer> theholyduck: wipers
04:15:09  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck joined the game
04:15:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wb duck
04:15:25  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> look at the merger at W
04:15:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> yo
04:16:13  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so i was thinking
04:16:23  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> there isnt alot of space on the sides :P
04:16:29  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i think our loop might be a bit TOO huge
04:17:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ok - how about each spoke has a BBH to split to the nearby corners
04:17:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Eh, maybe
04:17:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and then SLHs on those
04:17:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could dothat
04:17:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or just use long Sld
04:17:30  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> naw, i like the design
04:17:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *SLs
04:17:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> oh, bbh on the end?
04:18:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> nah, it'd be heck teying to connect the drops in the Ts
04:18:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and another loop that they could use
04:18:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wouldn't give the davil loop good testing, IMO
04:18:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> look southeast of the original plan
04:18:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> something more like that
04:19:09  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> that was what i ment
04:19:11  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> with bbh's at the end
04:19:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'd rather stick with the original, and built more SLHs or larger-than standard SLs to compensate...
04:19:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if compensation ends up needed
04:19:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it'll depend on how much traffic I guess...
04:20:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ZD: have you seen near plan yet?
04:20:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> What do you think duck?
04:20:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yes
04:20:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> It would work, sure, I just personally don't like it
04:20:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> essentially, same plan with some added "primary station hubs"
04:21:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just because I for some reason don't, don't know for sure why, to be honest, other than the other BBHs that would take up a lot of room
04:21:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I don't think they'd take that much room
04:21:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> candy factory spoke aside :)
04:21:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i was gonna say, LL_RR extras, or what?
04:22:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> for instace, the candy factory (4L4R) would have two 2L2R  lines running north and south, with SLHs on those
04:22:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> the factory itself sits between the in and out lines of the spoke (hence the large separation)
04:23:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Right.. I still prefer the original plan, though I see it's flaws
04:23:25  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> well - the loop got bigger than I expected, but I think it looks rather nice
04:23:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I like it
04:23:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and it will hold TONS of traffic
04:23:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> because merges don't occur until the spokes
04:24:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thought the map felt small to begin with...
04:24:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I mean, i know it isn't especially small
04:24:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but it has a feel like it is, with this many hills
04:25:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> My feeling is still that we stick with the original, but i told you, your plan won, AND i voted for it, you tell me what to do, I build
04:26:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'm very open to suggestions
04:26:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> hence my acceptance of duck's proposal
04:26:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I don't have any, I'd rathjer just have busy, and numerous Sls on the original plan
04:26:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but wait...
04:26:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so yeah
04:26:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> maybe we could try something new
04:26:53  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> take a look at  th east end
04:27:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what about servicing 2 SLs from one hub?
04:27:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> build it similar to a BBH
04:27:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but split them after the hub, sorta in an X, until they're a significant gap apart and service a lot of stations
04:28:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> can you show a small illustration?
04:28:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> got all those line routed then duck?
04:28:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> because I don't follow...
04:28:26  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> all those lines go to the right place yeah
04:28:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> NE of the plans
04:28:35  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> if thraxian did what hes supposed to do
04:28:40  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'm watching....
04:29:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> typical SLH, yes?
04:29:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> you mean like what we have on the west side of the map?
04:29:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> large space between the in and out parts of the spoke?
04:29:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> no, wait
04:29:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> kk
04:30:08  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> is there any san eway to upgrade an airport+
04:30:15  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or msut you delete and make a new one?
04:30:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> not literally like that, but to illustrate direction
04:30:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> yeah - that was my exact idea
04:30:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> works on the east, but the others have primary drops to take into consideration
04:30:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> so that's what I mean by the BBH on each spoke
04:30:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the SLH still won't be that big....
04:30:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> basically, from there you'd do this?
04:31:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
04:31:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> etc.
04:31:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and the same on the other side of the ML
04:31:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> yeah, exactly what I'm talking about
04:31:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> making it, depending on how you read it
04:31:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 2-4 SLHs in one.. basically a BBH
04:32:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah see...
04:32:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> This should be a spoke, where i have labled ML
04:33:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so lots of room to the sides
04:33:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> oh - I thought the ML was the hub, and the spoke was the section between ML and BBH
04:33:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> so this is illustration of the north piece?
04:33:16  *** mixrin has joined #openttdcoop
04:33:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> er...north spoke?
04:33:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> around the middle of it
04:34:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> that was more complex than what I was suggesting
04:34:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it is a bit
04:34:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I just thought instead of doing something typical
04:35:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> try something completely different
04:35:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just as a possibility
04:35:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> not by any mean a be-all-end-all this is what i do or i st around and do nothing
04:35:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> but you just said that BBHs would take a lot of room, and you're proposing adding several to each spoke....
04:35:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just an idea
04:35:49  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> that's what has me confused...
04:36:04  *** Seppel has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** Born_Acorn has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** Cap_J_L_Picard has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** tneo has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** Xeryus|bnc has quit IRC
04:36:04  *** PierreW has quit IRC
04:36:06  *** Cap_J_L_Picard has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:02  *** tneo has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:15  *** Born_Acorn has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:15  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:15  *** PierreW has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:15  *** sets mode: +ov planetmaker planetmaker
04:37:16  *** Born_Acorn has quit IRC
04:37:18  *** Born_Acorn has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:22  *** Xeryus|bnc has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> more like that...
04:37:42  *** planetmas has joined #openttdcoop
04:37:54  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
04:38:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I was thinkimg more like one big BBH on each spoke, creating a ML parallel to the loop
04:38:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and then having the SLHs on that ML
04:38:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Right, thats what i got out of the plan
04:38:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> and on 3 spokes, the BBH would have a primary drop attached to it
04:38:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the proposal
04:38:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> kkk
04:39:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> you just want more BBHs (or bigger ones) on the spoke?
04:39:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> because it may just become situational - some spokes may require it, while others don't
04:39:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> well, different ones, instaed of being real BBHs, make it instantly diverge into SLs
04:39:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
04:39:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ML vs SL is purely semantics
04:39:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> make it a BBh, but instead of...
04:39:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, i know
04:40:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sec for new example
04:41:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> instead of that
04:41:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> this
04:42:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> call the hub on the spoke whatever you want
04:42:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I don't see the hub....
04:42:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> is it just the split?
04:43:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> so basically each spoke would be a giant H with the spoke running between the uprights?
04:44:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right, and with some off the end
04:44:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the hub should be about mid-spoke
04:44:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> like that?
04:44:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> (assuming all lines are actually LR)
04:44:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> like which?
04:44:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> look a bit north
04:44:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sortof, yeah
04:45:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> SL runs like any other, wherever its needed
04:45:52  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> like that?
04:45:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
04:46:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but the SLs could bend wherever needed like...
04:46:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> very similar to what proposed.  the big SLH might be difficult though
04:46:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the cut in
04:46:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if needed
04:46:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> whichever
04:47:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it is.. however you like, i just thought it might be interesting to try something like that as opposed to a BBH
04:47:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I mean, I'm not terribly good at BBHs by any means, but i could build onew
04:47:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and you could probably build most BBhs asleep
04:48:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wheras something new might require a sub-plan and be mighty interesting to try and route
04:48:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I like mine for the interest factor, but in the end, it's your plan
04:49:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> You make the call :P
04:49:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> duck, you have nay preference?
04:49:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *any
04:49:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> naw
04:49:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i'm off to eat some food and prepare for exams soon
04:49:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ooo, good luck
04:50:03  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and scrounge up enough cash for a couple of caffine and sugar hits
04:50:25  *** elmz has joined #openttdcoop
04:50:27  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so yeah, i'm off
04:50:31  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has joined spectators
04:50:51  <elmz> lol, been up all night? ^^
04:52:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I've got to get to bed soon - 1am here
04:52:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Ah.. It's the same here, but I'm a teenager on summer break :P
04:52:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> But no worries..
04:52:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> I'm a 9-5er who doesn't have tomorrow off
04:53:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I could use the sleep whether I want it or not
04:53:01  <elmz> hehe, 7 am here, just got up ^^
04:54:08  <elmz> so if theholyduck has been here a while it means he stayed up all night ^^
04:54:16  <elmz> and I thought he had an exam today ^^
04:55:55  *** mixrin has quit IRC
05:00:06  <elmz> !help
05:00:06  <PublicServer> elmz:
05:01:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> ZD: finish up what you're working on, because I need to run :)
05:01:16  <elmz> !ip
05:01:16  <PublicServer> elmz:
05:01:24  <elmz> !pass
05:01:33  <elmz> !password
05:01:34  <PublicServer> elmz: magpie
05:01:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I was just signalling because my brain is running down to, go enjoy your sleep, and I'll see you tmo hopefully
05:01:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *too
05:02:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian> k, I'm out - and the game's a-pausin :)
05:02:19  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian has left the game (leaving)
05:02:20  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian has left the game (connection lost)
05:02:21  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
05:02:26  <elmz> version mismatch :/
05:02:36  <Zarenor> !dl win32
05:02:37  <PublicServer> Zarenor:
05:02:37  <Zarenor> ?
05:02:42  <Zarenor> or 64?
05:02:45  <Zarenor> or linux?
05:02:51  <elmz> 64 ^^
05:02:56  <Zarenor> !dl win64
05:02:57  <PublicServer> Zarenor:
05:02:59  <Zarenor> me too :D
05:03:05  <elmz> but I shouldn't be playing anyways ^^
05:03:14  <Zarenor> running 32 on this when i have winvista 64 causes problems
05:03:22  <Zarenor> it uses so much CPU as a 32-bit
05:03:35  <Zarenor> but run it 64-bit, and suddenly I can see again
05:03:45  <elmz> everything running on vista 64 bit causes problems ^^
05:03:51  <Zarenor> lol
05:03:57  <Zarenor> it's not that bad anymore
05:04:05  <Zarenor> and I cheart
05:04:06  <elmz> nah I know ^^
05:04:08  <Zarenor> *cheat
05:04:26  <Zarenor> i prioritize whatever I want over windows system stuff
05:04:54  <Zarenor> the only things that have priority over what I'm running are process explorer and dwm
05:05:14  <Zarenor> and mIRC sually has equal priority when I'm running openTTD
05:05:16  <elmz> still a bit irritated that I still can't seem to find all drivers and programs for it
05:05:24  <Zarenor> for vista 64?
05:05:34  <elmz> yep
05:05:37  <Zarenor> it's horrible the way people don't have 64-bit drivers
05:07:23  <elmz> and that a company like cisco doesn't release their vpn client in 64 bit...and their 32 bit version won't run on vista 64
05:07:47  <Zarenor> Cisco's 64-bit VPN client isn't public?
05:07:54  <Zarenor> thats crap
05:08:00  <elmz> not to my knowledge
05:08:03  <Zarenor> there's no way they don't have one...
05:08:21  <elmz> last I checked there was no 64 bit client
05:09:04  <Zarenor> I'm sure they have one, but it may not be publically available.. which is stupid
05:09:52  <elmz> "The Cisco VPN client supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista (x86/32-bit only) ..."
05:10:13  <Zarenor> yeah... hmmm.. that's really stupid
05:10:33  <elmz> "For x64 (64-bit) Windows support, you must utilize Cisco's next-generation Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client."
05:10:58  <elmz> but I don't have a license for that one ^^
05:11:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ahhh
05:22:22  *** Razaekal has joined #openttdcoop
05:22:22  *** Razaekel is now known as Guest219
05:22:22  *** Razaekal is now known as Razaekel
05:25:28  *** PierreW_ has joined #openttdcoop
05:25:28  *** PierreW has quit IRC
05:26:02  *** Guest219 has quit IRC
05:33:57  *** Razaekal has joined #openttdcoop
05:33:57  *** Razaekel is now known as Guest220
05:33:57  *** Razaekal is now known as Razaekel
05:34:32  *** Guest220 has quit IRC
05:37:19  *** Ridayah has quit IRC
05:41:43  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (leaving)
05:41:43  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (connection lost)
05:47:33  *** Ridayah has joined #openttdcoop
05:53:08  *** Xeryus|bnc is now known as XeryusTC
06:06:21  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
06:06:21  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
06:11:54  <ODM> !password
06:11:55  <PublicServer> ODM: fleshy
06:12:00  <PublicServer> *** 0DM joined the game
06:14:56  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (leaving)
06:14:56  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (connection lost)
06:29:42  *** DR_Jekyll has quit IRC
06:58:19  *** planetmas is now known as planetmaker
06:58:50  *** planetmaker is now known as Guest232
06:59:39  *** Guest232 is now known as planetmaker
07:00:41  *** dihedral has joined #openttdcoop
07:00:51  <dihedral> i think i'd like to update the bouncer some time soon again
07:01:06  <dihedral> feedback by anyone using it?
07:01:39  <SmatZ> no problem for me
07:02:01  <dihedral> k
07:03:28  <SmatZ> the homepage of the bouncer looks dead :-x
07:06:23  <dihedral> yes :-(
07:06:31  <dihedral> i think that has something to do with the redirect
07:07:35  <dihedral> but that does not mean that they are not developing anymore :-P
07:07:41  <dihedral> just had a release on the 23rd
07:12:09  <ODM> ey dih:)
07:13:20  <dihedral> ey ODM
07:20:07  <SmatZ> oh hello ODM :)
07:20:30  <ODM> smatzie:)
07:22:25  <SmatZ> :^)
07:24:51  <dihedral> hihi
07:25:04  * dihedral pats SmatZ on the head :-P
07:25:48  <ODM> lol
07:37:24  <SmatZ> :o)
07:39:21  <ODM> SmatZ my mother was in czech couple of weeks ago:P
07:39:44  <SmatZ> nice :)
07:50:00  <De_Ghosty> you mother russian?
07:51:21  <ODM> no
07:56:43  <SmatZ> De_Ghosty: everything east of germany is russia, eh?
07:57:30  <dihedral> i knew it!!
07:57:34  <SmatZ> :(
07:57:36  <dihedral> hihihi
07:57:37  <dihedral> :-P
07:57:40  * dihedral hugs SmatZ 
07:57:44  <SmatZ> :)
07:59:23  <ODM> cute:D
07:59:35  *** themroc has joined #openttdcoop
07:59:37  <dihedral> man hugs - yeah
07:59:48  <SmatZ> it's not his fault...
07:59:49  <Webster> Title: View topic - American world (at
08:00:28  <SmatZ> it could be worse ;)
08:01:38  <dihedral> hehe
08:03:29  <dihedral> eclipse is a pain up my fuzzy rear end
08:04:06  <hylje> java
08:04:47  <dihedral> java itself has it's uses ^^
08:05:04  <dihedral> there are only a few languages i think are totally useless
08:05:09  <dihedral> such as whitespace or brainfuck
08:06:08  <hylje> they're both turing complete
08:06:12  <SmatZ> they can have use in understanding turing machine (or whatever they are simulating)... though there are better ways to learn it :)
08:06:55  *** TinoM has joined #openttdcoop
08:11:28  <dihedral> i actually do like java to certain extents ^^
08:11:41  *** themroc has quit IRC
08:13:16  <ODM> hm you dont like eclipse? im kinda fond of it
08:15:48  *** damalix has joined #openttdcoop
08:16:06  <damalix> !password
08:16:06  <PublicServer> damalix: rosary
08:16:21  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
08:21:19  <PublicServer> <Damalix> wow, wth, that's a bigger hub than the gigantic junction of doom O__o
08:22:39  <hylje> .. OF DOOM
08:24:52  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (leaving)
08:24:53  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
08:27:38  *** themroc has joined #openttdcoop
08:29:38  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ joined the game
08:30:39  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ has left the game (leaving)
08:30:39  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ has left the game (connection lost)
08:34:45  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
08:40:26  *** Wurzel49 has joined #openttdcoop
08:46:32  *** georg- has joined #openttdcoop
08:50:20  *** themroc- has joined #openttdcoop
08:53:49  *** georg- is now known as georg
08:56:06  *** themroc has quit IRC
08:59:40  *** Wurzel49 has quit IRC
09:00:42  <georg> !password
09:00:42  <PublicServer> georg: gobble
09:00:49  <PublicServer> *** georg joined the game
09:12:11  <PublicServer> *** georg has left the game (leaving)
09:12:12  <PublicServer> *** georg has left the game (connection lost)
09:16:09  <Xaroth> har har, downloading datafiles work.. added md5 verification as well
09:16:37  <dihedral> pffft
09:16:44  <Xaroth> what pffffft
09:17:03  <dihedral> you are helping to illegally spread copyright protected files?
09:17:08  <Xaroth> no
09:17:09  <dihedral> :-P
09:17:13  <Xaroth> ottd datafiles
09:17:15  <Xaroth> not ttd datafiles
09:17:21  <dihedral> :-D
09:17:29  <Xaroth> with funkay progress bar
09:17:39  <dihedral> chilly :-P
09:18:21  <Xaroth> autottd starting to get better and better :)
09:18:28  <Xaroth> needs more cowbell tho
09:21:59  <dihedral> ding ding ding ding
09:22:01  <dihedral> mooooooo
09:22:15  <Xaroth> something like that yes
09:25:15  *** Polygon has joined #openttdcoop
09:33:52  *** Booth has joined #openttdcoop
09:34:08  <Booth> !password
09:34:08  <PublicServer> Booth: thresh
09:34:25  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth joined the game
09:35:25  *** FooBar_ has joined #openttdcoop
09:38:03  *** Wurzel49 has joined #openttdcoop
09:42:58  <Xaroth> out of total uselessness i added an option to decide what hashing method to use to verify.. md5/sha1/sha256 ..
09:43:17  <theholyduck> lol
09:43:22  <theholyduck> md5 is enough for everybody!
09:43:48  <Xaroth> meh, it's only 4 more lines of code anyhow
09:44:11  <theholyduck> also
09:44:15  <theholyduck> im back from my english exam
09:44:20  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has joined company #1
09:44:21  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
09:44:24  <Xaroth> i hope so
09:45:43  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> hi
09:46:50  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> i am not sure about this central loop
09:46:58  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> a 10 -> 2 merge will never work
09:48:08  <theholyduck> well it will eventually proball ybe a 10->3
09:48:14  <theholyduck> or 10->4 :P
09:48:18  <theholyduck> itsa  davil hub
09:48:21  <theholyduck> not a central loop :P
09:48:39  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> well 2 game i dont want to play in a row
09:48:43  <theholyduck> :P
09:48:55  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
09:48:56  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
09:48:56  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
09:52:30  <Mark> morning
09:53:14  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
09:53:29  <Mark> !password
09:53:29  <PublicServer> Mark: rifled
09:53:36  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
09:54:45  *** Wurzel49 has quit IRC
09:55:13  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
09:55:13  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
09:55:13  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
09:57:31  <Mark> how could lightning strike a plane?
09:57:40  <Mark> doesnt that require ground?
10:00:00  *** Wurzel49 has joined #openttdcoop
10:00:33  <hylje> it requires a difference in potential
10:01:24  <hylje> planes are rarely excused by lightning due to being faraday cages
10:07:05  *** damalix has quit IRC
10:07:48  <Ammler> you should jump, before the lightning hits you
10:08:00  <Ammler> so you won't be hurted ;-)
10:14:58  <dihedral> you yourself will not be hurt (immediately) when lightning hits a plane :-P
10:15:15  <dihedral> you will be hurt when the plane then hits the ground :-D
10:25:29  *** Wurzel49 has quit IRC
10:26:33  <ODM> in the sense that speed itself doesn't kill, but suddenly going stationary is what gets you?
10:45:36  <Xaroth> Lightning hitting a plane shouldn't be an issue by itself, planes get hit by lightning quite frequently
10:45:53  <Xaroth> it's when the outter shielding fails to compensate, when you start to have issues
10:46:16  <Xaroth> aka, when the current from the lightning strike manages to contact the standard current from the plane itself
10:47:27  <Xaroth> if that manages the fry the engines, they be pretty much fooked
10:47:52  <Xaroth> most internal systems are installed in 2 independant pairs, so if one gets destroyed the second might survive whatever caused it
10:48:04  <Xaroth> but engines are a bit tricky like that.. they can't really pack 4 extra engines.. just in case
10:49:15  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop
10:49:15  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
10:51:37  <ODM> airplane mechanic?:P
10:52:45  *** ^Spike^ has joined #openttdcoop
10:53:15  <^Spike^> !password
10:53:15  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: hoards
10:53:30  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
10:55:43  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
11:03:41  <Xaroth> ODM: too much discovery, and friends in the aviation industry :)
11:04:31  *** dihedral has left #openttdcoop
11:06:18  <Xaroth> plus we had chat about what happened
11:13:03  <ODM> heh
11:16:08  *** SineDeviance has joined #openttdcoop
11:39:33  *** [1]Booth has joined #openttdcoop
11:45:54  *** Booth has quit IRC
11:45:54  *** [1]Booth is now known as Booth
11:47:52  *** Booth has quit IRC
11:49:57  *** Thraxian|Work has joined #openttdcoop
11:49:57  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Thraxian|Work
11:50:10  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
11:50:18  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
11:50:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> morning, ducky
11:52:15  *** Seppel has joined #openttdcoop
11:54:43  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (leaving)
11:54:43  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
11:54:44  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
12:01:24  *** dr_gonzo has joined #openttdcoop
12:17:36  *** FooBar_ has quit IRC
12:17:46  *** FooBar_ has joined #openttdcoop
12:37:02  <Xaroth> woop, extractor works again, and better than before \o/
12:37:25  <Xaroth> added 'support' for a possible future usage of bzip/tar/gzip formats rather than just zip
12:37:34  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
12:38:07  <Ammler> !content
12:38:17  <PublicServer> *** Ammler has updated content from BaNaNaS.
12:42:09  <Mark> wootwoot
12:42:16  <Mark> new job starting tuesday
12:42:27  <Mark> about time, too
12:42:32  <ODM> nice
12:42:33  <ODM> what job?
12:42:44  <Mark> at a flower "groothandel"
12:42:47  <ODM> nice
12:42:49  <ODM> aalsmeer enzo?
12:42:58  <Mark> they buf flowers from auctions and sell te retaillers
12:43:05  <Mark> roelofarendsveen
12:43:10  <Mark> close to aalsmeer
12:43:51  <Mark> we're inbetween aalsmeer in the east and rijnsburg in the west
12:44:43  <Xaroth> nice, grats
12:44:51  <Mark> thank you :)
12:45:12  <Mark> was getting pretty tired of just sitting here for weeks, with an exam every now and then
12:45:34  <ODM> okey
12:45:36  <ODM> nice
12:45:47  <Mark> going to make some long hours
12:46:03  <Mark> from 06.00 to 17.00
12:46:09  <Mark> where the 17.00 is early :P
12:46:23  <Xaroth> O_O
12:46:29  <Xaroth> << 9.00-18.00 :P
12:46:41  <Xaroth> sitting behind a pc all day tho
12:47:11  <Mark> i'll mainly be loading and unloading trucks probably
12:49:47  <Xaroth> !password
12:49:47  <PublicServer> Xaroth: royals
12:49:54  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
12:50:01  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
12:50:02  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
12:50:06  <Xaroth> autottd \o/
12:50:09  <Mark> !password
12:50:09  <PublicServer> Mark: royals
12:50:38  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
12:51:00  <PublicServer> <Mark> hmmmm
12:51:07  <PublicServer> <Mark> is that hq4 or 5)
12:54:53  <Xaroth> time for the big test
12:54:57  *** mensi has joined #openttdcoop
12:54:59  <Xaroth> !password
12:54:59  <PublicServer> Xaroth: royals
12:55:07  <mensi> !players
12:55:08  <PublicServer> mensi: Client 1031 (Orange) is Mark, in company 1 (OTTDC)
12:55:40  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
12:55:42  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
12:55:42  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
12:55:47  <mensi> !password
12:55:47  <PublicServer> mensi: raster
12:55:54  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
12:56:00  <PublicServer> *** mensi joined the game
12:56:12  <PublicServer> *** georg joined the game
12:56:26  <PublicServer> *** georg has left the game (connection lost)
12:59:51  <PublicServer> *** Mark has joined spectators
12:59:51  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:01:04  <Xaroth> !password
13:01:04  <PublicServer> Xaroth: raster
13:01:09  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:01:10  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
13:01:11  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
13:01:11  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
13:08:45  <Xaroth> hrnf
13:09:07  <Xaroth> started the game, worked fine, logged in, worked fine.. suddenly auttottd crashes, taking ottd with it o_O
13:09:11  <Xaroth> oddness
13:09:34  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
13:10:35  <Xaroth> right, last try
13:10:44  <Xaroth> !password
13:10:44  <PublicServer> Xaroth: maggot
13:10:49  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:10:51  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
13:11:08  <Xaroth> hm
13:12:10  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
13:12:10  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
13:12:42  <PublicServer> *** Kenji joined the game
13:14:18  <PublicServer> <Kenji> Mark, I think that's 3
13:16:51  *** seandasheep has joined #openttdcoop
13:16:57  <seandasheep> !players
13:16:59  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 1031 is Mark, a spectator
13:16:59  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 1035 (Orange) is mensi, in company 1 (OTTDC)
13:16:59  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 1042 is Kenji, a spectator
13:20:34  *** Venxir has joined #openttdcoop
13:24:36  <mensi> so the hub is pretty much done right?
13:25:07  <theholyduck> well almost
13:25:09  <theholyduck> but not really
13:25:16  <seandasheep> !password
13:25:16  <PublicServer> seandasheep: teased
13:25:21  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
13:25:27  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep joined the game
13:28:28  *** Wurzel49 has joined #openttdcoop
13:34:01  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has joined spectators
13:34:02  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:34:10  <mensi> mh
13:34:23  <seandasheep> were you building?
13:34:25  <mensi> I was just building something ;)
13:34:31  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has joined company #1
13:34:31  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
13:34:39  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> ok ;)
13:34:49  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> I'm going afk
13:37:23  *** georg has left #openttdcoop
13:38:02  *** Ben_Totterdell has joined #openttdcoop
13:38:40  <Ben_Totterdell> !password
13:38:40  <PublicServer> Ben_Totterdell: teased
13:38:47  <PublicServer> *** Ben Totterdell joined the game
13:38:54  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has joined spectators
13:40:13  <Seppel> !password
13:40:13  <PublicServer> Seppel: muffed
13:40:20  <PublicServer> *** Sepp joined the game
13:41:48  <PublicServer> *** Sepp has left the game (leaving)
13:41:48  <PublicServer> *** Sepp has left the game (connection lost)
13:42:21  <mensi> R&ZR%UZWE*&Z
13:42:24  <mensi> fucking crashes
13:42:28  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
13:42:28  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
13:42:47  <planetmaker> mensi, disable your messages about industries.
13:42:59  <mensi> planetmaker, I have all messages disabled
13:43:03  <planetmaker> e.g. set them to non. Not ticker or news.
13:43:18  <planetmaker> if it's something else: find out what crashes it :)
13:43:19  <PublicServer> <Ben Totterdell> come on!! i wanna build!
13:43:19  <mensi> !password
13:43:20  <PublicServer> mensi: muffed
13:43:26  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
13:43:32  <PublicServer> *** mensi joined the game
13:43:59  <mensi> ok set everything to off I could find
13:44:36  <PublicServer> *** Kenji has left the game (connection lost)
13:47:35  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has left the game (leaving)
13:47:35  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has left the game (connection lost)
13:51:09  *** V453000 has joined #openttdcoop
13:51:23  <V453000> !password
13:51:23  <PublicServer> V453000: muffed
13:51:37  <PublicServer> *** V453000 joined the game
13:51:45  <PublicServer> <V453000> hi guys
13:51:48  <PublicServer> <Ben Totterdell> hey
13:52:56  <PublicServer> <V453000> well ... I havent seen a Toyland without any grf in ages :D
13:52:59  <Xaroth> it's alive, ALIVE i tells you :o
13:53:11  <Xaroth> Ammler: AutoTTD lives once again :P
13:53:12  <PublicServer> <V453000> :D
13:53:19  <Xaroth> not tested it on unix tho
13:53:33  <Xaroth> and i need to set a metric cowube of config settings
13:54:34  <mensi> I finished the toy factory stuff
13:54:51  <Xaroth> IS2 supported, revisions supported, releases supported, what else does one need :)
13:54:57  <Xaroth> maybe h2h...
13:55:11  <PublicServer> <Ben Totterdell> for some reason i decided to build a 6>2 merger as the first thing i have built in several months lol...
13:55:22  <mensi> hehe
14:02:44  <PublicServer> <Ben Totterdell> ok the merger is done :)
14:04:51  *** theholyduck has quit IRC
14:10:10  *** seandasheep has quit IRC
14:17:30  <PublicServer> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (leaving)
14:17:30  <PublicServer> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (connection lost)
14:17:52  <PenKnight> !password
14:17:52  <PublicServer> PenKnight: hedges
14:17:56  *** damalix has joined #openttdcoop
14:17:58  <PublicServer> *** Ben Totterdell has left the game (connection lost)
14:18:14  <PublicServer> *** PenKnight joined the game
14:18:34  <damalix> !password
14:18:34  <PublicServer> damalix: hedges
14:18:47  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
14:27:05  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (leaving)
14:27:05  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
14:35:08  <mensi> hmm
14:35:22  <mensi> can it be that all the mergers are done? so that leaves stations and sidelines now?
14:36:34  *** V453000 has quit IRC
14:36:36  <mensi> !players
14:36:37  <PublicServer> mensi: Client 1031 is Mark, a spectator
14:36:37  <PublicServer> mensi: Client 1050 (Orange) is mensi, in company 1 (OTTDC)
14:36:37  <PublicServer> mensi: Client 1052 (Orange) is V453000, in company 1 (OTTDC)
14:36:37  <PublicServer> mensi: Client 1054 is PenKnight, a spectator
14:36:58  <mensi> V453000, are you building anything?
14:37:02  <PublicServer> <V453000> no
14:37:07  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined spectators
14:37:08  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
14:37:12  <PublicServer> <V453000> just lookin at the  mergers
14:37:31  <PublicServer> <V453000> nvm, seeya
14:37:35  *** Phoenix_the_II has joined #openttdcoop
14:37:40  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
14:37:40  <PublicServer> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
14:38:35  <PublicServer> *** PenKnight has left the game (leaving)
14:38:35  <PublicServer> *** PenKnight has left the game (connection lost)
14:52:20  <elmz> aaah, summer vacation :D
14:52:29  <elmz> !dl 64
14:52:29  <PublicServer> elmz: unknown option "64"
14:52:36  <elmz> !dl w64
14:52:36  <PublicServer> elmz: unknown option "w64"
14:52:51  <elmz> !dl win64
14:52:52  <PublicServer> elmz:
14:54:07  *** Ben_Totterdell has quit IRC
14:56:16  *** `Fuco`` has joined #openttdcoop
14:56:27  *** Fuco has quit IRC
14:59:19  *** Wurzel49 has quit IRC
15:00:58  *** Suisse` has quit IRC
15:10:01  *** Venxir` has joined #openttdcoop
15:15:26  *** Venxir has quit IRC
15:17:39  <damalix> !password
15:17:39  <PublicServer> damalix: wavier
15:17:50  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
15:20:55  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined company #1
15:20:55  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:21:36  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined spectators
15:21:36  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
15:24:19  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (leaving)
15:24:19  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
15:24:22  *** damalix has quit IRC
15:24:29  <elmz> hm
15:25:03  <elmz> how do I install from a .zip? just extract into my openttd archive?
15:25:28  <mensi> I usually just unzip everxthing in a folder and copy over the data files
15:25:48  *** mixrin has joined #openttdcoop
15:26:08  <ODM> you can keep the data in your my documents
15:26:17  <ODM> and youll just have to extract:)
15:30:04  <elmz> !password
15:30:04  <PublicServer> elmz: pastry
15:30:34  <elmz> wow, have you guys played 73 years already?
15:31:00  <elmz> didn't ypu start this game last night?
15:31:22  <PublicServer> *** elmz joined the game
15:32:52  <Xaroth> elmz: you can always use AutoTTD to do that for you :)
15:33:02  <PublicServer> <elmz> oh, this is why I never play toyland....
15:33:54  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (connection lost)
15:34:23  <elmz> !password
15:34:24  <PublicServer> elmz: pastry
15:34:42  <PublicServer> *** elmz joined the game
15:35:51  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined company #1
15:35:51  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:56:44  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined spectators
15:56:44  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
16:04:40  *** Suisse` has joined #openttdcoop
16:07:23  *** Misza has quit IRC
16:07:38  <Zarenor> !password
16:07:38  <PublicServer> Zarenor: bestow
16:07:45  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
16:07:53  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker joined the game
16:08:12  <PublicServer> <elmz> Is there something simple I can do? ^^
16:08:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> let me see
16:08:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you cuold merge the west town drops with the mainline
16:08:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *could
16:09:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it might need to be prio'd, but that'd be the most complicated part of it, it won't need to be lalanced
16:09:50  <elmz> hm, brb, my microwave wil probebly kill my wifi ^^
16:09:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> k
16:09:58  <elmz> *will probably
16:10:43  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (connection lost)
16:10:44  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
16:11:26  *** StarLite has joined #openttdcoop
16:11:26  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o StarLite
16:17:40  <elmz> my ottd thinks I'm still connected ^^
16:17:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
16:18:07  <elmz> !password
16:18:07  <PublicServer> elmz: probed
16:18:10  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
16:18:30  <PublicServer> *** elmz joined the game
16:19:39  <PublicServer> <elmz> are we talking the ones near hippogate?
16:19:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeas
16:19:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *yes
16:22:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> your other breat fun option is to go through and replace all the bridges :P
16:22:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *great
16:25:25  *** Misza has joined #openttdcoop
16:34:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> So what are you working on atm elmz?
16:41:37  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
16:41:37  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
16:41:51  <Thraxian|Work> ZD: still at it, I see?
16:42:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm back at it.. :P
16:42:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I went and slept whe you did, and got back about 45 mins ago
16:42:23  <Mark> beware maglev is only 482km/h
16:42:32  <Mark> so you dont need the fastest bridge
16:42:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 482 on this map?
16:42:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> okay
16:42:41  *** KenjiE20|SSH has joined #openttdcoop
16:42:41  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20|SSH
16:43:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but we do need faster then the steel girder, which may be a problem
16:43:56  *** Brianetta has joined #openttdcoop
16:43:56  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Brianetta
16:44:07  <Thraxian|Work> yeah - my bridges at the west town drop aren't long enough to support better bridges
16:44:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> exactly
16:44:14  <PublicServer> *** Plimmer has left the game (connection lost)
16:44:15  <Thraxian|Work> perhaps the bridge should span two lines?
16:44:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm thinking through solutions
16:44:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> maybe
16:44:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we can do all of them for the 3 hat do
16:44:47  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
16:44:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *that
16:45:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's only 11, which it the max for 2 bridges at TL5
16:45:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *is
16:45:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the terrain level would have to be alterd for that....
16:45:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or maybe not
16:45:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just barely works
16:46:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'd still leave the tunnels for the thers
16:46:10  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (connection lost)
16:46:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *others
16:46:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> still a short bridge at the beginning though
16:46:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> even if 11 is sufficient fot standard doubling, it is a bit border line
16:46:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> make that span two, and then do tunnels
16:46:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> these are tripled
16:46:58  <elmz> crap, disconnected again ^^
16:47:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> could do the same for that last set
16:47:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> either all bridge all 3, or bridge two tunnel 1
16:47:21  *** KenjiE20|SSH has quit IRC
16:47:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> bridge 2 tunnel 1 is my vote, personally
16:47:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I think it looks better, and if feels better to have more signals
16:48:43  *** kenji has joined #openttdcoop
16:48:56  *** Plimmer has joined #openttdcoop
16:49:24  <Plimmer> !password
16:49:25  <PublicServer> Plimmer: feuded
16:49:44  <PublicServer> *** elmz joined the game
16:49:47  <PublicServer> *** Plimmer joined the game
16:50:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> south spoke is not done correctly
16:50:11  *** kenji has quit IRC
16:50:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the 3 north spoke ring tracks don't exit
16:50:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one sec and I'll hve a look, fixing a couple more short bridges
16:53:51  *** kenji has joined #openttdcoop
16:54:32  <KenjiE20> !password
16:54:32  <PublicServer> KenjiE20: feuded
16:54:44  *** kenji has quit IRC
16:55:19  <PublicServer> *** Plimmer has left the game (connection lost)
16:57:06  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (leaving)
16:57:06  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
16:57:22  <PublicServer> *** Plimmer has left the game (connection lost)
17:01:55  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (connection lost)
17:01:55  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
17:02:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll bbs, getting breakfast
17:02:27  *** seandasheep has joined #openttdcoop
17:03:17  <seandasheep> !players
17:03:19  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 1050 is mensi, a spectator
17:03:19  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 1065 (Orange) is ZarenorDarkstalker, in company 1 (OTTDC)
17:04:32  *** KenjiE20|SSH has joined #openttdcoop
17:04:32  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20|SSH
17:05:17  *** seandasheep has quit IRC
17:07:16  *** elmz has quit IRC
17:07:31  *** KenjiE20|SSH has quit IRC
17:08:47  *** Booth has joined #openttdcoop
17:10:00  *** Thraxian|Work has left #openttdcoop
17:11:30  *** [1]Booth has joined #openttdcoop
17:17:49  *** Booth has quit IRC
17:17:49  *** [1]Booth is now known as Booth
17:23:18  <XeryusTC> !password
17:23:18  <PublicServer> XeryusTC: perish
17:23:23  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
17:23:28  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC joined the game
17:25:41  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> central hub is big
17:26:04  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> like, barely space for slhs :o
17:26:07  <Mark> that it is
17:26:34  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> not a very good implementation imo
17:27:01  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> the southern part could be shifted north by almost 40 tiles imo :P
17:27:24  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> and the same fot the west and east
17:27:31  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> could also come way clower to the central drop
17:28:09  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> but that's just my expert opinion that you're all going to neglect anyway :P
17:28:29  <Mark> it was a good idea to build the central drop first, though i don't understad why the loop was built 50 tiles away from it
17:28:35  <Mark> !password
17:28:36  <PublicServer> Mark: upbeat
17:28:45  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
17:28:48  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> prolly because people wanted space for all the hubs
17:28:53  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> which are mighty small actually
17:28:56  *** Booth has quit IRC
17:28:59  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> only the joiners are big
17:29:37  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> i think my hub which had kind of the same idea of handling traffic is way more space effecient :P
17:30:19  <PublicServer> <Mark> tracks could merge much sooner
17:30:31  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> mark: see psg #16
17:30:40  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> basicly the same idea for the hub
17:30:55  <Mark> 16?
17:30:58  <Mark> thats old :P
17:30:59  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> but the incomming MLs split in 3 ways when they join the turbo roundabout
17:31:12  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> about 2 or 3 years old i guess :P
17:31:32  <Mark> psg58 also had the same idea
17:32:13  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> *downloads*
17:32:20  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC #1 has left the game (connection lost)
17:33:20  <Mark> 58 was my very first plan :P
17:33:51  <XeryusTC> lol :P
17:34:27  <XeryusTC> but this hub is very space ineffecient imo :P
17:34:46  <XeryusTC> although i guess that it doesnt matter in comparison to my design
17:37:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm back
17:37:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> And  Thrax and I have decided the loop became bigger than he really wanted...
17:38:53  <XeryusTC> heh, no shit, it's like 100x200 tiles xD
17:39:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> haha, yeah
17:39:25  <PublicServer> <Mark> more like 250*350 if you involve all merges
17:39:27  <XeryusTC> this is a clear case of destroy and try again xD
17:39:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the map felt cramped to me in the first place, but the loop is definitelyt huge
17:39:50  <PublicServer> <Mark> the map is standard size
17:39:50  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> this is default coop size, your loop is just way too big
17:40:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I know it is standard size, mark.. it just *feels* cramped
17:40:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I've been trying to figure out why it does
17:40:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> to me
17:40:47  <XeryusTC> maybe this will teach our american friend (thraxian) that bigger isnt always better
17:41:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I feel maybe I should take offense to that....
17:42:08  <XeryusTC> please do, in the meantime im taking a leak
17:42:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
17:42:58  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
17:42:58  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
17:43:56  <XeryusTC> back
17:44:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wb
17:47:57  <XeryusTC> ty
17:48:15  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
17:48:15  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
17:52:50  <Mark> lol game 70
17:52:52  <Mark> good times
17:53:26  <XeryusTC> hmm, i dont think i played in that :P
17:53:44  <Mark> 60 is also a classic
17:53:56  <XeryusTC> 34 is a classic :P
17:54:17  <XeryusTC> we dont have 59 btw
17:54:56  <Mark> indeed we don't
17:55:08  <Mark> was a monorail game with a huge central mainline
17:55:10  <Mark> kinda nice
17:59:29  <Mark> we're also missing game 78
17:59:56  <Mark> i made two 4-ways in that one before it crashed :P
18:30:30  *** Webster has joined #openttdcoop
18:30:30  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Webster
18:33:41  <De_Ghosty> it died before it start
18:33:42  <De_Ghosty> :o
18:34:10  *** Brianetta has quit IRC
18:35:46  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
18:35:53  <Razaekel> !password
18:35:54  <PublicServer> Razaekel: glades
18:35:59  <XeryusTC> Ammler: why isnt it possible to properly browse the image thing btw?
18:36:03  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel joined the game
18:36:22  <Ammler> how?
18:36:30  <Razaekel> that loop is HUGE
18:36:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> quite
18:36:44  <XeryusTC> Ammler: it isnt
18:36:48  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (leaving)
18:36:48  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
18:36:50  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel has left the game (leaving)
18:36:50  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel has left the game (connection lost)
18:36:50  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
18:37:01  <XeryusTC> that loop is a perfect example of go back and try again :P
18:38:29  <Ammler> oh, you mean, you would like to browse though other images?
18:38:47  <XeryusTC> yeah
18:39:05  <XeryusTC> i kind of expect that to be possible in an online album xD
18:39:25  <Ammler> that isn't a album, it is just nopaste for images ;-)
18:39:44  <Ammler> a bit faster than the official ones.
18:41:29  <XeryusTC> oh ok :P
18:41:47  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (leaving)
18:41:47  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (connection lost)
18:52:07  *** [com]buster has joined #openttdcoop
18:52:07  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
19:01:47  *** mixrin has quit IRC
19:03:02  <Mark> @stage Building
19:03:02  *** Webster changes topic to "Welcome to #openttdcoop, the Cooperative OpenTTD | PSG #144 (r16381) | STAGE: Building | | Use !help for IRC-commands | InfrastructureSharing at | Client record: 24 | looking for latest save of PSG #135 - please make it available to us, if you played | Screenshots:"
19:04:44  <Mark> !password
19:04:45  <PublicServer> Mark: stater
19:04:54  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
19:05:53  <Zarenor> Mark, you want me to join so we can build, or are you just looking around?
19:06:01  <PublicServer> <Mark> so does anyone plan on putting some effort in this?
19:06:11  <PublicServer> <Mark> i'm not going to build
19:06:42  <Mark> though feel free to join and build some yourself
19:06:51  <Zarenor> I'll put effort into it when I have someone else putting some effort into it
19:07:08  <Zarenor> I'd rather not build without someone else actually doing tomething and chacking my work well
19:07:25  <Zarenor> I don't trust myself well enough
19:07:57  <PublicServer> <Mark> if it's really bad someone will rebuild it sooner or later
19:08:00  <PublicServer> <Mark> so don't worry
19:08:20  <Zarenor> !password
19:08:21  <PublicServer> Zarenor: stater
19:08:32  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
19:08:43  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker joined the game
19:10:45  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (connection lost)
19:10:45  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
19:13:20  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
19:13:23  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (connection lost)
19:13:24  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
19:13:30  <Zarenor> !password
19:13:30  <PublicServer> Zarenor: tomcat
19:13:37  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
19:13:47  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker joined the game
19:22:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Mark, do the prios at the SLH being built on N spoke look alright?
19:23:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> idc about the rest of the SLH, I didn't build it, and it's unsigned
19:24:24  <PublicServer> <Mark> you dont need the twoway combo
19:24:27  <PublicServer> <Mark> fine otherwise
19:24:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so like that?
19:24:55  <PublicServer> <Mark> you dont need a presignal at all there
19:25:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> alright, thanks
19:25:44  <PublicServer> <Mark> though the signal gap on the ML is rather large
19:26:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I could add another combo for it
19:26:05  <PublicServer> <Mark> yeah
19:26:24  <PublicServer> <Mark> should be twoway
19:26:34  <PublicServer> <Mark> prios make sense if you think about them :P
19:26:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, I'm just slow...
19:27:07  <PublicServer> <Mark> also, the combo at the end of your prio is useless
19:27:13  <PublicServer> <Mark> though it won'n hurt
19:27:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wan't sure if it'd be needed given the inline exit or not
19:27:34  <PublicServer> <Mark> and as is the exit signal there :P
19:31:12  <mensi> !password
19:31:12  <PublicServer> mensi: ankles
19:31:23  <PublicServer> *** mensi joined the game
19:34:36  <mensi> wtf
19:34:44  <mensi> the toy factory I bought closed again
19:34:56  *** pinedour1 has joined #openttdcoop
19:35:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it happens when there's lack of suply
19:35:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *supply
19:35:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could route some lastic to it
19:35:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *plastic
19:36:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> with this SLH done we'll be able to run the toy vector completely if we connect plastic and batteries
19:36:07  <PublicServer> <Mark> just don't build them before there are trains
19:36:26  <mensi> hmm
19:36:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we'll be able to run trains soon if we can do that
19:36:36  <mensi> plastic on that sideline will have to go around the hub
19:36:39  <PublicServer> <Mark> that SLH should also be connected to the toy factory
19:36:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if you can find plastic and batteries on this SL
19:36:41  *** pinedours has quit IRC
19:36:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll see about that
19:37:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> about fixing that, that is
19:37:19  <mensi> btw i started the sideline, don't know it even makes sense to have it 2 lanes
19:37:23  <PublicServer> <Mark> since when are SLs two tracks wide?
19:37:30  <mensi> we could also use one lane for the other side
19:37:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> good question
19:37:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could do that
19:38:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one set heads NE and the other SE maybe?
19:38:44  <XeryusTC> hmm, did you people shrink that loop yet?
19:38:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> No.
19:39:01  <XeryusTC> :o
19:39:16  <XeryusTC> i might just join just to build a slh on it :P
19:40:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi, I'll conest the toyfactory to the SL, if you couldd work on the reverse
19:40:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *connect
19:40:50  <XeryusTC> factory on slh?
19:40:57  <mensi> let's split it up into 2 1track SLs first
19:41:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> no, but the SL
19:41:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> is in the middle of a spoke, and is incomplete
19:41:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> okay
19:41:51  <PublicServer> *** Plimmer has left the game (connection lost)
19:42:05  <PublicServer> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
19:42:58  <PublicServer> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
19:45:18  <mensi> hmm
19:45:24  <mensi> is it ok if the SL is a loop?
19:45:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hm?
19:45:35  <mensi> or should it be just LR
19:45:44  <mensi> right now it's like L___________R
19:45:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it has to be continuous, with on in and one out, but it ends up kinda of a loop anyway
19:46:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's best to be LR, but you could do L++++R
19:46:18  <XeryusTC> LR is prefered
19:46:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> as long as it's connectable
19:46:43  <XeryusTC> trains shouldn't really be able to go to a sl and go back to the ML without having visited a station
19:51:08  <tneo> !password
19:51:08  <PublicServer> tneo: wilded
19:51:20  <PublicServer> *** tneo joined the game
19:51:24  <PublicServer> <tneo> hello
19:51:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hey tneo
19:51:51  <mensi> does it really make sense to have two SLs?
19:52:07  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> why doesn't it
19:52:21  <mensi> 2 SLs on the same side?
19:52:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we can reroute it o we can service wherever, including in the loop
19:52:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and one can service closer to the edge of the map
19:52:47  <mensi> ah hmm ok
19:54:42  <PublicServer> <Mark> you're still missing half of the SLH
19:54:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yes, so far, we are
19:54:54  <PublicServer> <Mark> you might want to consider that before making it a twoway
19:56:46  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (leaving)
19:56:47  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
19:59:09  *** [alt]buster has joined #openttdcoop
20:02:11  *** Kolo has joined #openttdcoop
20:02:51  <PublicServer> *** Kolo joined the game
20:05:11  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
20:05:11  *** [alt]buster is now known as [com]buster
20:14:09  <PublicServer> *** Kolo has left the game (leaving)
20:14:10  <PublicServer> *** Kolo has left the game (connection lost)
20:14:15  *** Kolo has quit IRC
20:15:16  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
20:15:16  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
20:22:40  *** elmz has joined #openttdcoop
20:22:57  <elmz> !password
20:22:57  <PublicServer> elmz: rubble
20:23:07  <PublicServer> *** elmz joined the game
20:23:42  <PublicServer> <elmz> I'll try that merge thing ^^
20:23:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Lol, okay
20:24:06  <PublicServer> <elmz> I'm a n00b, but worst case you'll have to use the dynamite a bit ^^
20:24:14  <mensi> ? thought mergers have been built
20:24:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Np
20:24:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm still pretty noob
20:24:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one of the town drops as a bit left
20:24:40  *** Levi has joined #openttdcoop
20:24:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the west, so west isn't go yet
20:24:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but N and S should be completely complete, last i checked
20:24:59  <PublicServer> <elmz> what direction should I be going?
20:25:22  <PublicServer> <elmz> like just north of hippogate?
20:26:02  <PublicServer> <elmz> kk
20:26:12  <PublicServer> <elmz> turn radius?
20:26:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> either place, bu you just need to merge the town drop lines 1 to 1 wth the ML
20:26:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 5
20:31:04  <PublicServer> <elmz> are we anti land leveling btw? ^^
20:31:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> minimal.. do what needs tobe done, but try nd be gentle, and look good
20:31:24  <PublicServer> <elmz> k
20:31:29  <mensi> oops
20:31:43  <mensi> I usually did lots of TF but hen re-eyecandied it
20:31:59  <PublicServer> <elmz> tell me if I'm overdoing stuff :)
20:32:09  *** TinoM has quit IRC
20:32:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that'll work, as long as it still looks natural, but it's referred that you went with the original as much as possible
20:32:33  <PublicServer> <elmz> I can remake some of that terrain that I made into a valley
20:32:44  <PublicServer> <elmz> at least where the straight track is :)
20:32:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll look at it and let you know when you finish
20:33:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thrax isn't real tchy, especially towards newbies.. everyone has to start somewhere
20:33:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just try not to overdo it
20:34:17  <PublicServer> <elmz> I'm not really a newbie to ottd, but newb to ottdcoop :)
20:36:40  <mensi> I think if we managed to pull the "conceptually" off, the hub is fully connected
20:36:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, and I'm about to pull it off too :P
20:37:06  <mensi> even though one of de SLs on the west end has to go through the ML to get there
20:37:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thanks mensi, I was too lazy to do that part of it
20:37:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just call it a seperate SLH
20:37:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> then we have 3 from this one and 1 from the other
20:38:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if the one on thw W side of tis one is connected properly, I havent cheked it yet
20:38:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *checked
20:38:29  <Xaroth> !password
20:38:29  <PublicServer> Xaroth: fluxes
20:38:36  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
20:39:32  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
20:39:32  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
20:40:36  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
20:40:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi, look at !slow... for me
20:41:39  *** dr_gonzo has quit IRC
20:42:19  <mensi> hmm
20:42:27  <mensi> can we move back everything a bit?
20:42:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> not really
20:42:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's very tightly fit
20:42:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> maybe
20:42:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ...
20:43:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> still slow..
20:44:07  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait, no
20:44:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that works
20:44:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> either way
20:45:03  *** Blinkskij has joined #openttdcoop
20:45:07  <Blinkskij> !password
20:45:07  <PublicServer> Blinkskij: bandit
20:45:27  <PublicServer> *** Blinkskij joined the game
20:46:37  <PublicServer> <Blinkskij> man...this is way over my head :(
20:46:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> It just takes some getting used to
20:46:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we promise
20:47:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's definitely complex until you break it down and focyus on one thing at a time
20:47:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *focus
20:47:31  *** Levi has quit IRC
20:47:57  <mensi> hmm Zarenor, the whole "conceptually thing is missing
20:48:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what do you mean?
20:48:19  <mensi> which would provide the west SLs a way to get the factory
20:48:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, it nees to turnaround as well?
20:48:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i see
20:49:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thats another thing on my list then
20:50:07  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I as conderned with having those IN to allow for the E sides to get traffic FROM the factory
20:50:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *was
20:50:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so let me see what sort of solution i can work
20:51:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so let me see if I have this clear
20:51:22  <mensi> looool
20:51:26  <mensi> same thought ;)
20:51:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> "this" needs to go to "to here"
20:51:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
20:51:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ?
20:52:58  <PublicServer> <Blinkskij> won't that crossing right below "this" be a problem?
20:53:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> nah, it dosn't double s
20:53:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or desync
20:53:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait
20:53:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> don't rais it all.. too flat is too obvious
20:53:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *raise
20:54:01  <PublicServer> <elmz> me?
20:54:12  <Mark> !password
20:54:12  <PublicServer> Mark: bandit
20:54:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi and i are workinf on something
20:54:20  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
20:54:20  <PublicServer> <Mark> 'lo
20:54:25  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> WB mark
20:54:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> let me show you my solution now
20:54:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi
20:54:51  <mensi> k
20:55:27  <PublicServer> <elmz> my not very elegant and not very compact merge is done ^^
20:55:41  <PublicServer> <Mark> where?
20:55:50  <PublicServer> <elmz> please don't hit me ^^
20:55:54  <PublicServer> <elmz> Hippogate
20:56:13  <PublicServer> <Mark> you should double your bridges
20:56:30  <PublicServer> <elmz> oh, right
20:56:37  <PublicServer> <elmz> then I'm fucked ^^
20:56:49  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's much easier without swapping the tracks
20:57:26  <PublicServer> <elmz> swapping? you mean like merging far left with far left?
20:57:49  <PublicServer> <Mark> your inner track becomes an outer track and vice versa
20:57:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi, i got to go eat, but I'll see if i can come up with anything better when i get back
20:58:04  <PublicServer> *** Blinkskij has joined company #1
20:58:08  <PublicServer> <elmz> yea, I know, I usually do it the other way around
20:58:08  <mensi> k, good appetite
20:58:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> unless you want to mess around with it :P
20:58:17  *** Levi has joined #openttdcoop
20:58:23  <PublicServer> <Mark> you'll want to let the inner stay the inner
20:58:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thanks, good designs
20:58:35  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's not too bad, but considered ugly :P
20:58:43  <PublicServer> <elmz> ^^
20:59:15  <PublicServer> <elmz> noooo, Hippogate
20:59:20  <PublicServer> <elmz> ^^
20:59:29  <PublicServer> <Mark> gained you a few tiles
21:00:21  <PublicServer> <Mark> that will desyvc
21:00:27  <PublicServer> <Mark> you know that term?
21:00:43  <PublicServer> <elmz> what will desync?
21:00:54  <PublicServer> <Mark> the bridge, you fixed it though
21:00:57  <mensi> one path will be longer
21:00:59  *** [alt]buster has joined #openttdcoop
21:01:09  <mensi> so the pathfinder will dislike it
21:01:20  <PublicServer> <Mark> that's not the reason
21:01:45  <PublicServer> <Mark> if trains are densely packed it could happen that they hit each other when merging
21:01:57  <PublicServer> <Mark> well, they won't crash, but stop
21:03:22  <Mark>
21:04:12  <PublicServer> <Mark> woot landslide
21:04:42  <PublicServer> <Mark> yeah much better
21:04:47  <PublicServer> <Mark> now balance it :P
21:04:59  <PublicServer> <elmz> I'ts balanced :P
21:05:06  <PublicServer> <Mark> says who?
21:05:13  <PublicServer> <Mark> they're dead one-to-one joins
21:05:16  <PublicServer> <elmz> ZarenorD
21:05:26  <PublicServer> <Mark> dont listen to him
21:05:38  <PublicServer> <Mark> he thinks balancing means spreading
21:05:51  <PublicServer> <Mark> while it means joining trains without stopping them
21:06:00  <PublicServer> <Mark> i admit the term is vague :P
21:07:00  <PublicServer> <elmz> well, I'm at a loss ^^
21:07:12  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's good enough for now
21:07:12  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
21:07:12  *** [alt]buster is now known as [com]buster
21:07:17  <PublicServer> <elmz> first time I even dare touching the network ^^
21:07:19  <PublicServer> <Mark> and could be until the end
21:07:40  <PublicServer> <Mark> you can gain a tile from the bridges
21:07:48  <PublicServer> <Mark> like that
21:08:13  <PublicServer> <elmz> thats balancing??
21:08:16  <PublicServer> <Mark> no
21:08:23  <PublicServer> <elmz> didn't think so ^^
21:08:28  <PublicServer> <Mark> read up
21:09:13  <elmz> !wiki
21:09:13  <PublicServer> elmz:
21:09:44  <PublicServer> <Mark> ZarenorDarkstalker: balancing does NOT mean spreading trains over the tracks equally
21:10:59  <PublicServer> <elmz> but its just about building some kind of balancer?
21:11:18  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's about allowing trains to join all tracks
21:12:26  <PublicServer> <elmz> hm, so we like pink bridges...noted :P
21:12:38  <PublicServer> <Mark> yeah :P
21:12:44  <PublicServer> <Mark> at least i do
21:13:01  <PublicServer> <elmz> ah well, I've to to go anyways
21:13:04  <PublicServer> <Mark> we also like purple tracks
21:13:09  <PublicServer> <Mark> but they're not here yet
21:13:49  <PublicServer> <elmz> and wizzowow rocketeers ^^
21:13:57  <PublicServer> <Mark> :D
21:14:14  <PublicServer> <elmz> well, c ya
21:14:17  <PublicServer> <Mark> i'm one of the few toyland fans
21:14:18  <PublicServer> <Mark> cya
21:14:24  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (leaving)
21:14:25  <PublicServer> *** elmz has left the game (connection lost)
21:15:20  <SmatZ> !password
21:15:20  <PublicServer> SmatZ: incest
21:16:31  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
21:16:31  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
21:16:43  <mensi> incest?!? ;)
21:16:55  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:17:00  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined spectators
21:17:22  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ joined the game
21:17:23  <SmatZ> yeah!
21:17:36  <PublicServer> <SmatZ> good evening
21:17:54  <Mark> hiya SmatZ
21:18:00  <PublicServer> <SmatZ> hello Mark :)
21:18:09  <PublicServer> <SmatZ> how comes you are not playing :)
21:18:45  <Mark> nothing fun to bulit :P
21:18:53  <PublicServer> <SmatZ> :(
21:18:54  <Mark> and i'm going te bed in a second
21:18:58  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ has left the game (leaving)
21:18:58  <PublicServer> *** SmatZ has left the game (connection lost)
21:19:12  <SmatZ> have nice dreams, Mark :)
21:19:18  <Mark> thank you :)
21:19:29  <Mark> ima dreaming about wizzowos and choochoos
21:19:42  <SmatZ> :-D
21:21:19  *** elmz has quit IRC
21:23:02  *** Brianetta has joined #openttdcoop
21:23:02  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Brianetta
21:24:28  <PublicServer> *** Blinkskij has left the game (leaving)
21:24:29  <PublicServer> *** Blinkskij has left the game (connection lost)
21:24:29  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
21:24:38  *** Blinkskij has quit IRC
21:27:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> back
21:28:09  <Xaroth> !password
21:28:09  <PublicServer> Xaroth: shunts
21:28:26  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
21:29:02  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has joined company #1
21:29:02  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
21:29:06  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hmm, my client is still paused
21:29:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, there we go
21:29:54  <PublicServer> *** mensi has joined company #1
21:30:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hm
21:30:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> still *could* double 45...
21:30:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one sec
21:31:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> okay.. back
21:32:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> there
21:33:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Hmm, I like the looks of that a lot
21:34:14  <mensi> hhe until you see the west side
21:37:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Mensi, you ready to signal all this and see if we can get a train or 2 running for the heck of it?
21:38:23  *** Thraxian|Work has joined #openttdcoop
21:38:24  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Thraxian|Work
21:38:39  <mensi> btw the plan mentions maglev, is it ever going to be available?
21:38:42  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
21:38:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yup
21:38:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i think it's 2045 though
21:38:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and nice timing thrax
21:39:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> look at SLH 01
21:39:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and let us know what you thing
21:39:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *think
21:39:25  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> still signalling to be done
21:41:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> there's a lot of things messed up with it, to be honest
21:41:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Sign me some problems
21:41:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I know there are a few likely ones
21:42:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hmm, 'm not sure how i missed that one
21:42:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> still reviewing...
21:43:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> still too short
21:43:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker>  i know, i have some more mods to d there
21:43:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ah - ok
21:43:26  <XeryusTC> !password
21:43:26  <PublicServer> XeryusTC: paddle
21:43:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> have to move the diagonal line out 1
21:43:40  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC joined the game
21:44:09  *** Venxir` has quit IRC
21:44:31  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> Thraxian|Work: you did notice that hte loop is way to big didnt you?
21:44:50  *** tmunkj has joined #openttdcoop
21:45:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> if you want to rework some of the loop to make it smaller, go for it - I was attempting to presrve the towns
21:45:23  *** Zulan has quit IRC
21:46:35  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> sounds fair enough
21:46:54  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> but then again, imo having space to build something is more important than preserving towns
21:47:27  <PublicServer> <XeryusTC> although that may be because i cooped most in the time that towns had to make way for our ml instead of the other way around
21:49:46  *** StarLite has quit IRC
21:50:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> mensi: yes
21:51:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Thrax, you have any ideas fr that junction?
21:51:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *for
21:51:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> which one?
21:51:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> where the signals were backwards
21:51:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> which i just fixed
21:51:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but I couldn't htink of a way to fix the junction
21:51:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *think
21:52:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> well....
21:52:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> And I'll see if I can prio that.. prob have to be over the bridge
21:53:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> SL1E should connect to that loop near bad junction, I think
21:53:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that would eliminate the junction...
21:55:38  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
21:55:50  <Xaroth> !password
21:55:51  <PublicServer> Xaroth: fogged
21:55:57  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
21:56:06  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has joined company #1
21:56:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> show me how you mean?
21:56:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and sorry, my mom called me for a min
21:58:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> something like that, perhaps?
21:58:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> just make sure you doing merge before split :)
21:58:30  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hm
21:58:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I hope I'm not being too brutal....
21:59:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> just providing some feedback on areas of improvement, as requested
21:59:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> plus, it helps you learn what to look for....
21:59:46  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> how hard would it be to create a round robin loadbalancer
22:00:26  <Xaroth> !wiki
22:00:26  <PublicServer> Xaroth:
22:00:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> not sure what you mean by that...
22:00:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sorry
22:01:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> my mom called me again.. she's doing some stuff on facebook..
22:01:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and my dad and i are the highly-computerliterate people
22:01:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no worries
22:01:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so i actually missed all of that
22:01:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and don't worry about being brutal, i can mostly take it
22:01:42  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> er
22:01:47  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> you take one(or multiple) entry points
22:01:53  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> and 2 (or more) exit points
22:02:02  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> and trains are divided equally among those exit points
22:02:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it's when someone just tears somethng apart you're proud of without saying anything, or asking.. that's when it ticks me off
22:02:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm on the other end - I won't fix the problem (unless it's a big network-affecting one)
22:02:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'll just dump signs up and hope the builder comes back to look and make corrections
22:03:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> The way I see it, pointing it out (and offering suggestions at times) is the only way they will learn not to make the same error in the future.
22:03:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I've seen tha about you.. and I'll only make very minor corrections without saying anything, and hten sign it.. otherwise, i try to leave it
22:03:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> exactly
22:03:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> someone just nuking it and starting ver doesn't teach them anything
22:03:40  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> which problem do you want to tackle first at SLH01
22:03:44  *** SineDeviance2 has joined #openttdcoop
22:03:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> because I've pointed out several big areas for improvement
22:03:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the junction
22:03:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> make sure you understand them all, in case I have to go
22:04:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the looparound from SL1E
22:04:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the Bad Junction should probably be a made into a balancer of sorts
22:04:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you have two inputs going to three outputs, so make it kinda like a station exit
22:04:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> why is that?
22:04:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> also note the large signal gaps
22:04:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah
22:05:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, currently there are bad gaps
22:05:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if we put it all on the loop it loses the gaps
22:05:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but then distributing it to the two exits
22:05:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ...
22:05:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's basically an oblique evil X
22:06:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> if you look east, you'll see an alternate route for SL 1E
22:06:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the X was the better solution for the way it was, it prevented trains goin 2x45.. but it's still evil
22:06:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right, I'm constructing along that
22:06:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> then we can get rid of the bad junction, and just move it back to the loop
22:06:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> simplifies things a bit
22:07:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's kinda why I was thinking one hub, then branching from that
22:07:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> quite a bit
22:07:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but I respect your desire to be more "adventureous"
22:07:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> haha, thanks.. honestly, mensi had build most of this, and i just came in and built on that
22:07:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> to make it a more proper SLH
22:08:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> which somehow became this
22:08:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I built some temp lines to indicate direction
22:08:43  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hrnf, this whole loadbalancing thing is harder than i thought
22:08:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> another thing you might consider is some minor tform to remove squiggles
22:08:49  <mensi> hey feel free to kill it and build something proper
22:08:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> okay, CL issues fixed, you can kill the X
22:09:09  <mensi> I was just bored and did something
22:09:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I like the way it is currently
22:09:16  <mensi> didn't plan on 4 SLs
22:09:20  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC
22:09:21  <mensi> it was jut for one ;)
22:09:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I veel like I've TF'd enough
22:09:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> * feel
22:09:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> for instance, that curve you just fixed...
22:09:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> one tf
22:10:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> problem solved :)
22:10:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I already TF'd  some to fix it
22:10:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but if you like it better that way :P
22:10:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's a lot easier to work with if it's clean
22:10:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it does still look mostly natural
22:10:58  *** SineDeviance has quit IRC
22:11:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so now, no more bad junction
22:11:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you think that will balance well enough on its own?
22:11:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thin it'll depend on the traaffic
22:11:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *traffic
22:11:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we'll see
22:11:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> now we still have a small merge before split, but that could be fixed with a real merger
22:12:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and you will need to go back and resignal EVERYTHING around here
22:12:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it does definitely merge before split
22:12:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that way, you don't miss any of the gaps
22:12:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but you can fix the merge before split easily enough....
22:12:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm not bad at spotting gap like..
22:12:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's why you auto signal remove everything, then autosignal replace
22:13:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> just like that
22:13:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> cleans up the entire line from junction to junction
22:13:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you'll need to do that throughout this entire hub
22:13:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but first, other problems to solve
22:13:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what about the gaps utosignl occasionally leaves?
22:14:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> utosignl?
22:14:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *autosignal
22:14:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> autosignal rarely leaves a gap, but you can always add one just before the split
22:14:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, and one other thing
22:14:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> note the "you mean like here?" sign
22:15:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could make it a 3 to 3 mixer, if that's simpler?
22:15:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> do you see that sign?
22:15:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i mean more like the junction W of that
22:15:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> well, watch this
22:16:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> did you see that?
22:16:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I almost always check that - I start at one junction, autosignal, then see where it ended
22:16:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that way, if I accidentally put a junction in the middle somewhere, I can catch it and finish the signalling
22:16:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
22:17:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, i see
22:18:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 3, 2, 3, 1...
22:18:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm just talking about the 3-1 wiggle
22:18:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
22:18:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's why reducing wiggles is so important
22:18:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I was talking in general, let me see if i can fix that
22:18:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> for instance....
22:18:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> bridging there might be better
22:19:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> still 4...
22:19:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> maybe
22:19:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no
22:19:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thats too short
22:19:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> what's too short?
22:19:51  *** Booth has joined #openttdcoop
22:19:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> there we go
22:20:07  <Booth> is this still toyland?
22:20:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yup
22:20:11  <Booth> with that stupid plan
22:20:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yup - still toys :)
22:20:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and thanks Booth - I like you too
22:20:25  <Booth> i wanted toy
22:20:31  <Booth> lol
22:20:34  <Booth> i dont like the plan
22:20:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
22:20:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I didn't see yours....
22:21:04  <Booth> i was on holiday
22:21:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> use autosignalling....
22:21:22  <Booth> and its not directly the plan
22:21:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i autosignaled most of it
22:21:26  <Booth> 1 part of the plan
22:21:30  <Booth> the davil hub
22:21:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what about the davil don't you like?
22:22:00  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just out of curiosity
22:22:14  <Booth> the 10 -> 2 mergers
22:22:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ahhh
22:22:20  <Booth> !password
22:22:20  <PublicServer> Booth: toying
22:22:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> well we don't have to deal with that anymore, ben took care of it :P
22:22:37  <Booth> and how it take up way more space than needed
22:22:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> everything else was more simple
22:22:57  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth joined the game
22:23:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah - don't have the heart to tell Ben he missed some signals....
22:23:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I see what you're saying about that signal thrax...
22:23:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> actually - quite a large number of them
22:23:32  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> and its way over sized
22:23:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> heh, really?
22:23:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yup...wanna see?
22:23:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> let me see if i can catch them first
22:23:59  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
22:24:03  <Xaroth> hm
22:24:04  <Xaroth> desync heaven
22:24:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> on those diagonals...
22:24:17  <Xaroth> !password
22:24:17  <PublicServer> Xaroth: toying
22:24:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> those are some of them....
22:24:24  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
22:24:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> might have forgotten and not had his bridges invisible
22:24:33  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has joined company #1
22:24:40  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> autosignal would have caught them
22:24:41  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> i can see 7
22:24:48  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> 1 at the entrance to a tunnel
22:24:58  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> and lots under the long bridges
22:25:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I count at least 10-11
22:25:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one before a bridge
22:25:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm not trying to keep cont, I'd go insane
22:25:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *count
22:26:04  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> i have found 8
22:26:19  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> cant see any more
22:26:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> a few were added
22:26:37  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> i added all the ones i saw
22:26:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> want some signs?
22:27:18  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> go on then
22:27:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sure
22:27:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's one of them
22:27:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> whoever did that
22:27:34  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> me
22:27:57  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> so 9 so far
22:28:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you all got most fo them already
22:28:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I wouldn't double before the bridge, to be honest
22:28:47  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> personaly i wouldnt place 2 at bridge or tunnel entrance
22:28:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I added a couple more to reduce the gap caused by tunnels and bridges
22:28:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'd probably even use entry/exit signals
22:29:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that way, a train doesn't sit and block unnecessarily
22:29:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Booth: why not?
22:29:19  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> fools pathfinder
22:29:26  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> into think bridge is clear
22:29:29  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> when it isnt
22:29:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and there's always something to be said about consistency....
22:29:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I do it so there's less of a gap, though  I suppose it's personal preference
22:29:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> depends how far the lookahead is
22:30:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that looks better
22:30:23  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> if it is busy
22:30:26  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> 1 block
22:30:45  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> just to try and find a free block
22:31:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I think it will clear fast enough
22:31:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> unless
22:31:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> this becomes very crowded
22:31:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ZD: ready to get back to SLH01?
22:31:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> in which case the spoke will need to be expanded
22:31:57  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I may need to tkae a break to apease my mother
22:32:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> prior to finishing SLH01
22:32:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> quickly look at some of the remaining issues?
22:32:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sure
22:32:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> not fixing - just looking
22:32:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> east side, merge before split
22:32:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 2 of them
22:33:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> then missing prios..
22:33:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> northbound lanes can't get to SLW2
22:33:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> (also need to make your SL names more consistent)
22:33:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> SL1E vs SLW2
22:33:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it was mixed between me and mensi
22:33:48  <mensi> ;)
22:33:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah - just pick something and go with it :)
22:33:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and there are actually 4 merges before splits left
22:33:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> they should have been consistient... but he names two and I named two
22:34:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> one is a rather big issue
22:34:35  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> why is it 4 SL in 1 SLH?
22:34:45  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> we only ever have 1 or 2 SL in a SLH
22:34:46  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> because we were being adventurous
22:34:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> by "we", he means him and mensi
22:35:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> well
22:35:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mensi had just had one
22:35:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and I built upon it
22:35:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that wasn't in my suggestion ;)
22:35:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and he helped :P
22:35:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> no, it wasn't
22:35:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if you want to nuke it and go to your and ducks idea, you still certainly can
22:35:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> nothing wrong with a little adventure - as long as it works and it's done right
22:35:53  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> well the SLH could almost cover the entier map
22:35:59  <mensi> hey there's like 3 more to build
22:36:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we have 3 other spokes we can do that on
22:36:13  <mensi> so I suggest doing those first, then optimizing our adventure
22:36:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we'll let this one be your baby - unless it breaks, of course
22:36:16  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
22:36:26  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> the 3 tunnels in the centre of SLH1 need fixing
22:36:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> some aren't optimizations - some are plain omissions
22:36:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Booth, there's a world of changes required for that to happen
22:36:54  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> thrax
22:37:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Xaroth
22:37:05  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> check !this
22:37:12  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> but its mixing full and empty trains
22:37:22  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> could cause a complete deadlock
22:37:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you mean "!THIS"?
22:37:30  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> yes
22:37:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> by the way - nice terraforming... :(
22:37:41  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> bit, bloated
22:37:42  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> but effective
22:37:46  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC has left the game (leaving)
22:37:47  <PublicServer> *** XeryusTC has left the game (connection lost)
22:37:47  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> most of it was flat
22:37:57  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> and will be restored when done
22:38:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> kk - cool
22:38:04  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> << has savegame :)
22:38:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> what's the point of !THIS?
22:38:21  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> round robin loadbalancing
22:38:44  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> once it passes right, left opens, once it passes left, right opens
22:39:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmm - seems like both signals are red for a while though
22:39:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the clock trains manage that?
22:39:12  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> needs optimizing
22:39:29  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> signalling rails aren't placed correctly, effect still shows
22:39:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> is it as simple as moving the timer train connections a bit south?
22:39:40  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> think sho
22:40:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll bbs, i have to go do some stuff lest my mother murder me...
22:40:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> round robin is all well and good, but if one line is congested, then the whole thing locks up
22:40:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol..
22:40:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah - that looks better
22:41:06  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> you dont need the bridge
22:41:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> was just about to point that out....
22:41:39  *** FooBar_ has quit IRC
22:41:47  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> or that
22:42:11  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> that works better
22:42:12  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> i think
22:43:03  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> yar
22:43:18  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> but still why?
22:43:31  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> trains like to all clutter up onto 1 rail
22:43:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and it's more of a splitter than a balancer
22:43:57  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it's how loadbalancers work for servers :)
22:44:05  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> round robin loadbalancing, even
22:44:10  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> equal share
22:44:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's not a load balancer - it's a splitter
22:44:40  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> load balancing would require allowing two consecutive trains to use same rail if the other is congested
22:44:48  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> the singal block in the version will cause jams
22:44:55  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> behold
22:45:00  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> train backs up to balance point
22:45:05  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> other track remains green
22:45:22  <mensi> tedst it with like 5 trains?
22:45:23  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> but the entrace is read
22:45:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> other track is green, but both entry signals were red
22:45:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> so it wouldn't matter anyways....
22:45:33  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> use PBS to enter the system
22:46:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> can't
22:46:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> PBS doesn't recognize pre-signals
22:46:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> may I check something?
22:46:45  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> one sec, screenie
22:46:54  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> go ahead
22:47:12  <mensi> I guess you could use this prior to injection into a mainline
22:47:16  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> bed time
22:47:19  <mensi> to kind of spread the trains a bit
22:47:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that works....
22:47:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> as long as the signalling is such that trains don't block the junction
22:47:39  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it just needs careful signal placement i think
22:47:51  <mensi> -> 4 lane ML, 1 lane SL... round robin into 2, then inject 2 into 4 with load balancing prios
22:48:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> done with test
22:48:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's what I wanted to check
22:48:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> so it does load balance, if signalled properly
22:49:10  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> you could extend the detector
22:49:11  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> one less signal after the balancing signals will make it less fragile i think
22:49:16  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> with prior blocks
22:49:25  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it'll fail :P
22:50:07  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hm
22:50:17  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> that actually works
22:50:22  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> i'd not make it that big of a prio tho
22:50:34  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> just an example
22:50:39  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> TL * 1.5
22:50:48  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> ah, see
22:50:50  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it blocks there
22:50:56  <mensi> deadlock
22:51:02  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> a
22:51:09  <mensi> the 2. train could have gone the other way
22:51:29  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> the prio doesn't 'lock' the balancer
22:51:55  *** De_Ghosty has quit IRC
22:53:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> somewhat unrelated question....
22:53:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> do you think the devs would  entertain (or have already) a suggestion for a NOT signal that doesn't require clocking trains?
22:54:02  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> thats better
22:54:03  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> that signaling seems to fix it
22:54:32  <Zarenor> I think they may have already had it suggested.. but I don't know what the coding would look lke, they may want someone else to code it
22:55:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> basically, the signals is green when a train is in the block, and red when not
22:55:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and it interacts with pre/combo signals
22:55:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> need a way to help with that sort of clog
22:55:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> in that illustration in NW corner, if a train is exiting to the SL, then there should be space for a train to merge
22:56:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I want a way to tie signals in a set order...
22:56:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> could you build a working prio for that>
22:56:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> * ?
22:56:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> with something that short
22:56:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ZD: I don't follow....
22:57:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> your NW corner illustration
22:57:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah
22:57:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> what was your question though?
22:57:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> could you make it such that we could have it set up better than a standad split in prio..
22:57:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so that..
22:57:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> let me see
22:57:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> currently, not gates require a clock
22:57:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
22:58:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I want a signal that just reads like a combo signal, but  inverted
22:58:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> to eliminate the need for a clock
22:58:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> only if both aren't lit?
22:58:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> because we have or
22:58:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and and
22:58:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but not not...
22:58:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or NAND
22:58:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> or XOR...
22:58:41  *** phatmatt has joined #openttdcoop
22:58:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> once you introduce not, a clock is required
22:58:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right
22:58:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> NAND and XOR both require a NOT
22:59:02  <phatmatt> !password
22:59:02  <PublicServer> phatmatt: snooty
22:59:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> right, you'd need more and more routing under the current system
22:59:13  <PublicServer> *** numpad joined the game
22:59:19  <PublicServer> *** numpad has changed his/her name to phatmatt
22:59:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> certainly more than i'd care to try and figure out
22:59:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hence my question: would the devs entertain (or have they already) a suggestion for a NOT signal?
22:59:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> a not gat (signal0 would be great
22:59:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *gate (signal)
23:00:01  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> that prio thing sitll doesn't work
23:00:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> you'd want more of a...
23:00:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hm
23:00:40  <Mark> someone actually made a NAND signal
23:01:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah i see
23:01:08  <Mark> or NOT, depending on your definition
23:01:13  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hm, would it be possible yo remove the bridge over itself?
23:01:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just with the current signals and a not
23:01:19  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> or will that break things
23:01:31  <Mark> yeah
23:01:32  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> you can turn a NAND into a not
23:01:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Mark: does the NAND or NOT require clock trains?
23:01:59  <Mark> no
23:02:05  <Mark> i said signal
23:02:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmm...need to see that page....
23:02:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> is it a patch, or part of the current build?
23:02:21  <Mark> patch
23:02:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ah...
23:02:37  <Mark> not sure if it's updated after r9000 or something
23:02:56  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> you got a link?
23:03:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work>
23:03:33  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - NAND Patch (at
23:03:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> just found it in forums, I think
23:04:27  <Mark>
23:04:29  <Webster> Title: Transport Tycoon Forums View topic - NAND Patch (at
23:04:32  *** Progman has quit IRC
23:04:33  <Mark> oh you got it
23:05:26  *** Brianetta has quit IRC
23:05:42  <mensi> you can make anything out of a nand
23:05:44  <mensi> or a nor
23:05:47  <Mark> that patch would be on #1 on my wishlist
23:06:13  <Zarenor> yeah,  A NAND gate would be great
23:06:18  <Zarenor> or a NAND signal
23:06:29  <Zarenor> you can make a simple one with well-done PBS..
23:06:38  <Zarenor> but that's only very simple ones
23:06:45  <Zarenor> not something like...
23:06:51  <Mark> NOT (or NAND) gates are easy to make with a dummy train
23:06:58  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> booth you added those prio signals to the RR lb right
23:07:01  <Mark> !password
23:07:01  <PublicServer> Mark: snooty
23:07:06  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> you think it'll still work without the bridge?
23:07:10  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
23:07:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but programming a NOT signal is so simple.  One line of code to convert a normal signal to a NOT signal...
23:07:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Really?
23:07:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> if the signal would be green, the NOT is red.  and vice-versa
23:07:50  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> erm the bridge loopsi back
23:07:56  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> but should work
23:08:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and if you wanted to make a NOT pre/combo signal, that's a NAND
23:08:35  <Aali> it's very simple to make a NAND signal
23:08:40  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> it works without the bridge
23:08:50  <Aali> it is very difficult to solve all the bugs it creates
23:08:53  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hm, not optimal tho
23:09:19  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it just locked up
23:09:20  <PublicServer> <Mark> with Ammler's logic train it gets a lot faster
23:09:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> true, but it's still a clock train
23:09:42  <PublicServer> <Mark> yes
23:10:01  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> it's prone to blocking now, booth
23:10:02  <PublicServer> <Mark> which is why i said i'd love a NOT-signal
23:10:19  <PublicServer> <Chris Booth> hhm then bridge is needed
23:10:21  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
23:10:22  <PublicServer> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
23:10:29  *** Booth has quit IRC
23:10:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Thrax, you ready to work on SLH01? I'm ready to upconvert to maglev and see if we can get the toy vector running
23:11:09  *** XeryusTC is now known as Xeryus|bnc
23:11:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I've got to head home soon, but if you need me to explain something, let me know
23:11:24  <PublicServer> <Mark> just convert the entire map
23:11:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and south spoke is still broken
23:11:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we'll have to fix that before running trains
23:12:02  <PublicServer> <Mark> shall i convert?
23:12:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> let me see if i cna fix south spoke then
23:12:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *can
23:12:23  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Sure, I'll troubleshoot on maglev
23:12:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> a lot easier to troubleshoot on rail than maglev
23:12:41  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> thanks..
23:13:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> eh, but this way i won't have to go and convert it later
23:13:09  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> heh
23:13:10  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> k
23:13:21  <PublicServer> <Mark> Xaroth: i made a 50/50 splitter like that long ago
23:13:27  <PublicServer> <Mark> using a memory cell
23:13:47  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> with anti-blocking powars?
23:13:57  <PublicServer> <Mark> sure
23:14:02  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> i'd be interested to see that :o
23:17:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> suggestion there?
23:17:22  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sure
23:17:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> split to inside instead
23:18:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> have to split one more line still
23:19:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> needs to go one more E
23:19:25  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (leaving)
23:19:25  <PublicServer> *** mensi has left the game (connection lost)
23:21:11  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> those example lines are what i want
23:21:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and then remwege the town drop later
23:21:59  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *remerge
23:22:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah - notice how I put all these signs up, and it still didn't get built right?
23:22:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yup
23:22:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> between you and duck, I thought it should, but some people misread signs... not to horribly a big deal
23:24:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> like that?
23:24:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> still have to put the other ones where they are
23:24:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yes
23:24:35  <PublicServer> <Mark> see !5050
23:24:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but the others can't be shortended
23:24:40  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *shortened
23:25:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> alright
23:25:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> now i just have to add the twn in again
23:25:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> clean and neat
23:27:30  <PublicServer> <Mark> Xaroth: could add an extra not-gate to reset if both cells are red
23:28:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sounds like you have a NAND in progress if you do that
23:28:08  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> both red?
23:28:17  <PublicServer> <Mark> yeah
23:28:23  <PublicServer> <Mark> = lock
23:28:33  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> like so?
23:28:42  <PublicServer> <Mark> i'm talking about mine
23:28:47  <PublicServer> <Mark> see !5052
23:28:51  <PublicServer> <Mark> uh
23:28:53  <PublicServer> <Mark> 5050
23:29:13  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> interesting concept
23:29:16  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> much more efficient :P
23:29:32  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's pretty straight forward
23:30:53  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> hm, it handles nicely
23:32:16  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> even when overloaded it's somewhat efficient still
23:32:37  <Razaekel> !password
23:32:38  <PublicServer> Razaekel: pities
23:32:40  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> which is an issue with a lot of loadbalancing concept
23:32:41  <PublicServer> <Mark> if that'd happen you got worse problems anyway
23:32:42  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> concepts even
23:32:47  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel joined the game
23:32:59  *** welterde has quit IRC
23:33:26  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> i'd love to see those in action at some point :)
23:33:27  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> anyways, off to bed
23:33:28  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> nn
23:33:33  <PublicServer> <Mark> night
23:33:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> night xaroth
23:33:35  <PublicServer> <Mark> im off too
23:33:40  <PublicServer> <Mark> again
23:33:41  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
23:33:42  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
23:33:45  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
23:33:46  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
23:33:48  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> night.. again.. mark
23:36:07  <PublicServer> <Razaekel> wow
23:36:11  <PublicServer> <Razaekel> that ML
23:36:17  <PublicServer> <Razaekel> the maglev, i mean
23:36:18  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> which?
23:36:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah
23:36:21  <PublicServer> <Razaekel> that's bright
23:36:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> purpleness?
23:36:26  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah
23:36:35  <PublicServer> <Razaekel> my eyes water just looking at it
23:36:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it kinda burnt at first
23:38:13  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel has left the game (leaving)
23:38:14  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel has left the game (connection lost)
23:39:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ZD: look west - think something simple like that would work?
23:40:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm not sure
23:40:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it might
23:40:10  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but that's 3 in 3 out
23:40:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm trying to give a few more options
23:40:28  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> more like mine on west
23:40:42  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah, just rebalance town the n merge?
23:40:43  *** De_Ghosty has joined #openttdcoop
23:40:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I was rebalancing the entire ML
23:41:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you could optionally balance both
23:41:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and then take the outputs and match A-A, B-B, C-C
23:41:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> if it's better to just balance the town then by all means, that's easier
23:41:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> dunno - just asking
23:41:54  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> that's definitely simpler, either way is good with me, it can always be redone
23:42:49  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I've gotta run - see you later :)
23:42:51  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (leaving)
23:42:51  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:43:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Later thrax
23:43:05  *** Thraxian|Work has quit IRC
23:54:21  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (leaving)
23:54:21  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
23:54:21  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
23:54:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> NOOOO :P
23:55:47  <De_Ghosty>
23:55:48  <Webster> Title: YouTube - Boys Turn Into Cute Girls ep6 (Vol.2) (at
23:57:31  <SmatZ> that's the gayest thing I have seen in last month :-p
23:57:47  <De_Ghosty> the second one looks so real :o
23:58:56  <SmatZ> oh noes these videos make me gay :-x

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