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17:25:04  <Zuu> planetmaker: I think I've missed something or don't have enough privilegies (possible for good reason) to set up a respority for the newly created TutotrialAI project at DevZone
17:26:03  <planetmaker> yes, but you should join #openttdcoop.devzone and not the patched server test channel :-)
17:26:10  <Zuu> Oh
17:26:11  <Zuu> sorry
17:26:15  <planetmaker> no problem
17:41:25  * planetmaker tests tb's old AI tournament code now
18:00:12  <Zuu> planetmaker: You've managed to turn of transport modes the other way than my AI checks. The error message that shows up if you *disable* a transport mode apparently does not show up when a user set max RVs := 0
18:03:01  <planetmaker> is there another way to disable a transport mode than to set the allowed vehicle count to 0?
18:03:15  <Zuu> Maybe AIGameSettings::IsDisabledVehicleType(vt) should return false if max number is equal to zero.
18:03:37  <Zuu> You can disable transport modes only to the AIs but not humas in the advanced settings.
18:04:03  <planetmaker> oh. I did not know that
18:04:22  <Zuu> The API has first claass methods to check those settings, while all other game settings rely on the names that they have in eg. openttd.cfg.
18:04:59  <planetmaker> max_trains, max_roadveh, max_aircraft, max_ships ;-)
18:05:08  <Zuu> Thanks
18:06:34  <Zuu> Although a better fix would be to introduce more transport modes ;-)
18:06:39  <planetmaker> :-D
18:06:58  <planetmaker> Probably requires more than 5 lines of code, though ;-)
18:07:08  <Zuu> hehe yep
18:07:25  <planetmaker> do you actually check from time to time whether that setting changes?
18:08:38  <Zuu> yes, all it does is to print a warning at AI startup. Then the regular code that checks for enough resources etc. to be able to build take care of checking from time to time if any conditions change.
18:08:49  <planetmaker> hm... the old tournament thing still doesn't work... :S
18:09:29  <planetmaker> it claims to, but doesn't
18:11:50  <Zuu> Does it fails to compile?
18:14:53  <planetmaker> it compiles fine. And the tournament script also works. But the result is continued failure
18:15:05  <planetmaker> but... maybe it just doesn't find the AIs...
18:16:12  <planetmaker> If I get that working again... Maybe an installation of sorts on the DevZone could work
18:16:23  <Zuu> That part can have changed since the old tournaments. IIRC the old tournaments were run when you still had to use the -a flag to specify which AI to run.
18:16:54  <planetmaker> it writes the AIs to test in the on_game_start script, so that should work
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18:17:43  <planetmaker> hm.... *something*s happening now... the CPU fan spins up ;-)
18:18:15  <Zuu> :-)
18:18:16  <planetmaker> ha, sweet
18:18:31  <planetmaker> seems to get some results now. Symlinking my content_download to that dir helped
18:18:52  <Zuu> sounds nice if you get the automated tournaments to run again.
18:19:38  <Zuu> I figured out I could use the break on string GUI to make OpenTTD stop at 1960 for AIs that print the current date to the log.
18:19:42  <planetmaker> yes, I think some somewhat regular competition or so which also could give a guide to both authors and players would be very helpful
18:20:08  <planetmaker> it's a slightly modified openttd version which prints extra stats to the console
18:20:18  <planetmaker> and which runs without GUI
18:20:48  <Zuu> It also gives AI athors extra motivation although it tends to focus AI development on AI to AI performance rather than on AIs that are nice for humans.
18:21:46  <planetmaker> if you're interested. The tournament repo is and seems to work out-of-box
18:21:57  <Zuu> But having this thing with a large bonus for each additional transport mode that an AI supports is nice and should be nice also to humans.
18:22:46  <planetmaker> well, the re-use of infrastructure possibly can be tested with insanely configured base cost mod and some prepared scenario
18:22:57  <planetmaker> at least for road
18:23:42  <planetmaker> for train possibly with STEEP terraform and track costs as well
18:24:38  <Zuu> Not many AIs use terraforming anyway. I think I only use it in PAXLink for making flat land for airports.
18:33:25  <planetmaker> well, it's good they don't do it excessively :-)
18:36:11  <planetmaker> hm... makes for quite some games  as it's run in 3-ai matches...
18:41:35  <planetmaker> <-- results for 1-year game only
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