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06:15:33  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #26 (Closed): cariage capacity of TGV duplex (planetmaker) -
06:27:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #65: Alignment of flags (planetmaker) -
06:30:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #66: alignment of the text "Tender" off (planetmaker) -
07:09:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #66: alignment of the text "Tender" off (DJNekkid) -
07:39:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 58: Fix #66: One stringID got left out, thus naming of subsequent IDs we... (planetmaker) -
07:39:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #66 (Closed): alignment of the text "Tender" off (planetmaker) -
07:39:20  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #43 (Feedback): Tourist coach cargo types (DJNekkid) -
07:42:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #43: Tourist coach cargo types (planetmaker) -
07:48:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #40 (Resolved): string \wxd033 defined twice (DJNekkid) -
07:48:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #48: rename lifestock wagons (DJNekkid) -
07:51:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #40 (Closed): string \wxd033 defined twice (planetmaker) -
07:54:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #55: refit policy accessible via parameter (DJNekkid) -
08:06:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 59: fixed issue #65 (DJNekkid) -
08:06:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 60: merge heads (DJNekkid) -
08:06:20  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #65 (Closed): Alignment of flags (DJNekkid) -
08:09:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #43: Tourist coach cargo types (DJNekkid) -
08:12:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #43: Tourist coach cargo types (planetmaker) -
11:33:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 61: fixed bug #46 (DJNekkid) -
11:33:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 62: Feature: add support for Portuguese translations (planetmaker) -
11:36:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #46 (Closed): Offset of refrigerated car in depot view (planetmaker) -
11:44:54  <Ammler> nice work planetmaker
11:46:17  <Ammler> maybe adding another setting to be able to skip the translation
11:50:57  <planetmaker> setting to the shell script / bat file?
11:55:20  <Ammler> no
11:55:25  <Ammler> grf parameter
11:55:49  <Ammler> i.e. I play with german but don't like your translation
11:56:04  <Ammler> (just an example :P
11:56:14  <planetmaker> sorry, that's silly
11:56:26  <Ammler> ok
11:56:45  <planetmaker> why should I want a German game, but English strings for the GRFs?
11:56:58  <planetmaker> like Kaufe Lokomotiven: Railbus M65
11:56:59  <planetmaker> ?
11:57:01  <planetmaker> nah
11:57:15  <Ammler> because the translator made a "bad" job
11:57:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #67: action 02 of wrong lenght (planetmaker) -
11:59:05  <planetmaker> Ammler, then it's a good incentive to fix the translation and report it
11:59:13  <Ammler> :-)
11:59:30  <Ammler> sometimes, such things are individual thoughs
11:59:40  <planetmaker> yes, I know :)
11:59:47  <planetmaker> like "fahre zu" or "fahre nach"
12:00:03  <planetmaker> in the orders. Which I reverted back to "fahre zu"
12:00:33  <planetmaker> both has benefits. And depending upon usage I would chose one or the other. But I only can use one...
12:00:53  <Ammler> ich hätte ja liber nach :P
12:01:00  <Ammler> e
12:01:05  <planetmaker> :)
12:01:15  <planetmaker> ja, aber :)
12:01:19  <Ammler> :-)
12:01:26  <planetmaker> Fahre nach Zugdepot Berlin?
12:01:32  <Ammler> ins
12:01:37  <planetmaker> zum
12:01:40  <planetmaker> wie jetzt
12:01:50  <planetmaker> Fahre nach Berlin Hauptbahnhof?
12:01:55  <planetmaker> Fahre zu Berlin Hauptbahnhof?
12:02:10  <Ammler> hmm, man kann ja auch openttd patchen
12:02:19  <Ammler> es ist opensouce, übrigens
12:02:20  <planetmaker> ja. Viel Spaß...
12:02:31  <Ammler> :-)
12:02:46  <planetmaker> diese String-Details öffenen die Tore zu einer ganz speziellen Hölle, glaube ich...
12:02:53  <Ammler> :-D
12:03:11  <planetmaker> Sprachen und allgemeine Regeln dazu vertragen sich nicht immer gut mit programmierbaren Regeln...
12:03:29  <Ammler> nach ist doch aber öfter
12:03:42  <planetmaker> ich kann "zu" aber auch sprachlich begründen:
12:03:56  <planetmaker> ich fahre nach Berlin
12:04:10  <planetmaker> aber: ich fahre zum Hauptbahnhof Berlin
12:04:21  <planetmaker> und letzteres ist, was die Züge tun.
12:04:41  <planetmaker> ich gehe ja auch zu Aldi und nicht nach Aldi
12:04:53  <planetmaker> und zu Dir und nicht nach Dir.
12:05:25  <planetmaker> nach bezieht sich auf allgemeine Ort, zu auf spezielle, genau definierte.
12:05:27  <Ammler> hoffentlich :P
12:05:37  <planetmaker> :D
12:06:29  <Ammler> wieso nich "zum"?
12:08:12  <planetmaker> zu, zum, zur - das ist das Gleiche, nur mit bzw. ohne bestimmten Artikel
12:08:50  <planetmaker> und damit ich eben "zur Werft" "zum nächsten Depot", "zu Berlin Hauptbahnhof" machen kann, habe ich "zu" gewählt
12:09:00  <planetmaker> mit "nach" klingen die ersten beiden richtig komisch
12:14:06  <Ammler> did you talk with Truebrain about newgrf support in WT3?
12:14:48  <Ammler> is it already in use, btw?
12:17:47  <planetmaker> it's not in use, no
12:18:16  <planetmaker> and wt3... is only an interface to the language files. It doesn't have to do anything with how openttd handles strings.
12:22:43  <Ammler> hmm. alain doesn't use dots and commas, still :-(
12:29:58  <planetmaker> of course not :P
12:30:49  <planetmaker> I think he's somewhat dyslexic or so.
12:31:31  <planetmaker> at least I hope that's the excuse. Or it'd be really bad behaviour ;)
12:31:50  <planetmaker> wow. Japanese grfs are uploaded :)
12:31:59  <planetmaker> trainset, landscape, stations and buildings
12:32:18  <Ammler> hmm
12:32:24  <planetmaker> mäh... they're cc-nd :(
12:32:45  <Ammler> hmm, shouldn't they be gpl?
12:32:54  <planetmaker> dunno. should they?
12:33:07  <Ammler> I thought, I read that somewhere in the thread
12:33:27  <Ammler> but cc-nd is the only license I would use, too.
12:33:32  <Ammler> (if not gpl)
12:33:38  <planetmaker> why that?
12:33:42  <planetmaker> nvm
12:33:47  <Ammler> :-)
12:34:20  <planetmaker> because of the "will not get source" argument which I don't share a bit. Because ND makes things lost to the community. All other CC licenses not
12:34:40  <planetmaker> ND licensed things die with the author. All other CC licenses not.
12:35:23  <Ammler> gpl is the license to take, sorry.
12:35:45  <planetmaker> well. and 2nd best is any CC license *except* ND
12:35:51  <Ammler> I really have troubles to think, why someone should use cc
12:36:30  <Ammler> if you use cc, you use it to protect your graphics, but then you HAVE to use ND
12:36:45  <planetmaker> no?
12:37:02  <Ammler> then why not use gpl?
12:37:14  <planetmaker> GPL talks about NFO
12:37:19  <planetmaker> CC talks about the PCX
12:37:23  <planetmaker> both is equally valid
12:37:38  <Ammler> you can very easy license the pcs in GPL too
12:37:44  <Ammler> opengfx does that
12:37:49  <Ammler> or firs will
12:38:00  <planetmaker> and vice versa.
12:38:10  <planetmaker> The question whether you can doesn't make it suitable
12:38:12  <Ammler> it just doesn't make sence
12:38:39  <Ammler> if you like to share your graphics, you can as easy make gpl
12:38:47  <planetmaker> I don't think so.
12:39:07  <Ammler> else the only license is cc-nd for those.
12:39:18  <planetmaker> what's the advantage for a piece of graphics to chose gpl over cc-by?
12:39:28  <planetmaker> I see not a single one, honestly.
12:39:46  <Ammler> if I change parts of it, I have to publish my work too.
12:39:53  <planetmaker> no
12:40:03  <planetmaker> for neither
12:40:16  <Ammler> well, then I am sorry.
12:40:40  <planetmaker> If I modify it and publish it. Then I have in both cases give credit to the original author.
12:40:43  <planetmaker> and that's it.
12:40:44  <Ammler> if you release something with gpl, you have to give the source, with cc, it isn't needed.
12:40:55  <planetmaker> the source of an image is the image and nothing more
12:41:03  <Ammler> yep
12:41:10  <planetmaker> which makes all the "preferred format" stuff in GPL basically void.
12:41:14  <planetmaker> And CC is just as good.
12:41:24  <Ammler> for the pcx
12:41:29  <Ammler> but not for the grf
12:41:50  <planetmaker> <planetmaker> GPL talks about NFO
12:41:50  <planetmaker> <planetmaker> CC talks about the PCX
12:42:04  * Ammler talkes about GRF
12:43:11  <Ammler> I still don't think, they are allowed to publish it with cc
12:43:31  <Ammler> maybe, I will sometime look for the text about.
12:43:33  <planetmaker> even so. Any CC license is good for a grf, except CC-ND. You can easily obtain the nfo. Though without comments.
12:44:07  <Ammler> no, you can't
12:44:09  <planetmaker> What you advocate is a black or white policy with any kind of gray in between
12:44:11  <Ammler> that is the point
12:44:23  <planetmaker> of course you can. grfcodec -d works nicely on any grf.
12:44:26  <Ammler> sorry, you have now the source of the 2cc
12:44:40  <planetmaker> Yes. And I modified it before. I know what grfcodec -d does.
12:44:41  <Ammler> do you really think, it is possible to get that from a grf?
12:44:53  <planetmaker> No. BUT!
12:45:06  <planetmaker> you say: either have commented code or forbid anyone to change it at all.
12:45:08  <Ammler> :-)
12:45:11  <planetmaker> That is really stupid!
12:45:17  <Ammler> NO
12:45:26  <Ammler> I say, every grf should be GPL
12:45:45  <planetmaker> yes. And then say: they all are stupid because they chose to not agree with you. And that is stupid of you.
12:45:46  <planetmaker> sorry
12:45:46  <Ammler> bananas should only allow GPL grfs
12:45:54  <planetmaker> no
12:46:11  <planetmaker> why should it?
12:46:33  <Ammler> because, I like opensource :-)
12:46:55  <planetmaker> yes. But it is highly unfair and unadequate to say anyone who choses to disagree is at wrong
12:47:07  <Ammler> did I do that?
12:47:43  <planetmaker> well. Anytime the discussion comes to licenses you say that there should be eihter GPL or completely forbidden to change a newgrf.
12:47:46  <Ammler> I just said, we shouldn't actively support non-opensource.
12:47:47  <planetmaker> That doesn't make sense
12:48:08  <Ammler> you don't get me wrong
12:48:13  <Ammler> -'t
12:48:36  <planetmaker> <Ammler> if you use cc, you use it to protect your graphics, but then you HAVE to use ND
12:48:47  <Ammler> I just can't understand, why someone does license something with CC and not GPL
12:49:02  <Ammler> yes, that is my understanding
12:49:21  <planetmaker> well. Maybe they want to protect the source but don't care about the images being re-used?
12:49:21  <Ammler> that is the only cc license, which makes sense to me. :-)
12:49:46  <planetmaker> Or they have ugly source code, just as nicely as grfcodec produces it? Then it doesn't matter whether GPL or CC
12:50:23  <Ammler> now, you confuse me
12:50:29  <Ammler> do you speak about cc and nfo?
12:50:41  <planetmaker> yes.
12:50:48  <Ammler> :-)
12:50:59  <planetmaker> I can write nfo just the way that the source looks exactly like grfcodec -d
12:51:05  <Ammler> well, nvm.
12:51:17  <planetmaker> why chose gpl then with the 100s of pages of paragraphs instead of a 5 sentence license?
12:51:22  <planetmaker> which everyone understands?
12:51:38  <Ammler> just important, we should be sure, that all nfo on our devzone will be kept on GPL
12:52:09  <Ammler> as it seems, we can't do that for the pcx)
12:52:10  <Ammler> :-(
12:52:12  <planetmaker> uhm... I disagree :) Anything except ND works
12:52:52  <planetmaker> and the dev zone offers the code obviously in the preferred form.
12:53:01  <planetmaker> That said: _I_ would chose GPL, too.
12:53:05  <planetmaker> But I make no religion out of it.
12:53:12  <Ammler> 2cc nfo is GPL
12:53:20  <Ammler> djn agreed to that, afaik
12:53:25  <planetmaker> yes.
12:53:44  <Ammler> so the nfo is GPL, the grf is cc-nd
12:53:59  <planetmaker> we'll remove the ND there somewhen, too :P
12:54:03  <Ammler> but we should talk to Purno to change that
12:54:05  <planetmaker> ND is evil ;)
12:54:30  <Ammler> as I said the only alternative for me is GPL :-)
12:55:03  <Ammler> at least for the code
12:55:14  <Ammler> (the grf can be what you guys like)
12:55:30  <Ammler> well, I am forced to
12:55:41  <Ammler> but PLEASE, try first to make it GPL
12:57:42  <Ammler> I can life with hosting non gpl, but I won't participate with work and time to such projects.
13:00:09  <planetmaker> <-- that's the Japan set license you look for (in the bottom)
13:00:45  <planetmaker> This set is licensed under the GNU Public Licence. As such, it may be freely distributed and modified as long as it remains under this license.
13:00:45  <planetmaker> If you wish to use any part of this set in another set, you may of course do so, but we would be very grateful if you asked the artist concerned for permission, which will probably be granted. However, the individual elements remain the property of their respective artists, and they have the final word in this regard.<-- though they contradict it in the same paragraph
13:02:40  <Ammler> he, that isn't possible :-)
13:02:52  <Ammler> either GPL or not
13:03:16  <planetmaker> yeah. exactly.
13:03:21  <Ammler> but then, I would make it cc-nd too
13:03:34  <planetmaker> well. I would make it GPL :P
13:03:47  <Ammler> or you just make it GPL and don't care about some artists :-)
13:04:04  <planetmaker> ND disallows you to fix ANY graphical bug which is not an alignment issue
13:04:26  <Ammler> will you report it on the thread?
13:04:45  <planetmaker> yes
13:05:02  <Ammler> but do not speak about other CC licneses ;-)
13:05:05  <Ammler> just GPL
13:05:24  <Ammler> else you might bring those to bad ideas :-)
13:08:13  <Ammler> hmm, I GET YOU
13:08:25  <Ammler> you speak about work of others.
13:08:38  <planetmaker> yes.
13:08:47  <planetmaker> I would license my OWN work under GPL.
13:08:49  <Ammler> yes, I don't care, if they license it with cc
13:09:03  <Ammler> and yes, it is bad, if they license it cc-nd
13:09:40  <Ammler> ok, we agree, sorry :-)
13:09:42  <planetmaker> probably I'd do that: I license the grf such that the NFO is GPL-license and the graphics CC-BY.
13:09:55  <planetmaker> And call it a custom license :)
13:10:01  <Ammler> and you also agree, that the devzone doesn't host something non-gpl?
13:10:20  <Ammler> (except member private work)
13:10:24  <planetmaker> well. I wouldn't mind BSD style licenses :P
13:11:02  <Ammler> hmm, I disagree :P
13:11:15  <Ammler> that is like public domain, isn't?
13:11:15  <planetmaker> you know the BSD style license?
13:11:20  <planetmaker> not quite
13:11:24  <Ammler> just keep credit
13:11:33  <planetmaker> roughly, yes
13:11:46  <planetmaker> but yeah. gpl is nicer.
13:11:52  <Ammler> cc licenses are like that
13:16:54  <planetmaker>
13:17:03  <planetmaker> Do I sound too... rough?
13:20:53  <Ammler> hmm
13:21:30  <Ammler> I wouldn't "urge" them ;-) , but you are right
13:22:45  <Ammler> I won't comment it, don't want to make another license talk
13:23:10  <planetmaker> ok, I'll not urge but ask them :P
13:23:31  <Ammler> IMO, as soon, as there is more then one author, coder involved, you can't license it with ND anymore.
13:23:42  <planetmaker> of course you can.
13:23:57  <Ammler> mäh, you can everything, of course.
13:24:24  <planetmaker> you can grant your co-workers to do anything with it as long as it stays part of the project
13:24:59  <Ammler> but then you have to give permissions, before you leave you have to be sure you got permisson, if you join.
13:25:15  <planetmaker> yes.
13:25:24  <Ammler> that doesn't work in that community, sorry :P
13:25:27  <planetmaker> e.g. transfer all rights to the remaining authors.
13:25:36  <planetmaker> yes, it doesn't work. I agree.
13:25:40  <Ammler> so, you can't
13:25:49  <planetmaker> I may not work on the 2cc set either :P
13:26:11  <Ammler> did already change a pcx?
13:26:15  <Ammler> you*
13:26:29  <planetmaker> no. And it's unlikely I will :P
13:26:42  <Ammler> so you didn't break the law :P
13:27:16  <Ammler> you should get a "skp prison" card from Purno.
13:37:07  <planetmaker> hehe :)
14:55:18  <Brot> [DevZone] Coopetition ladder - Development: How to decide who wins (XeryusTC) -
14:55:48  <XeryusTC> oh shush
14:58:43  <Ammler> hehe, I guess, thraxian posted for osqc
14:59:13  <XeryusTC> heh, ok :P
15:00:19  <XeryusTC> I should really make the switch to jQuery after I'm done with adding games
15:00:27  <XeryusTC> as this is becomming quite a pain :P
15:00:57  <XeryusTC> i am currently writing code to manually serialize a 15 parameter form into json to send to the server :P
15:01:05  <XeryusTC> and jquery can do that for me :o
15:01:17  <Brot> [DevZone] Coopetition ladder - Development: RE: How to decide who wins (XeryusTC) -
15:08:34  <Ammler> well, I would never again develp a app from scratch
15:08:47  <Ammler> there are so many nice frameworks around.
15:13:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #67: action 02 of wrong lenght (DJNekkid) -
15:31:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 65: Fix #67: silence an NFO warning concerning action2 in bm65 (planetmaker) -
15:31:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #67 (Closed): action 02 of wrong lenght (planetmaker) -
15:36:23  <Ammler> hmm, sorry
15:36:52  <Ammler> just pushed a change on the make_grf script
15:37:18  <planetmaker> :D
15:37:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 66: Empty file needed? (Ammler) -
15:37:53  <planetmaker> So, go ahead for the 3rd "merge heads" commit ;)
15:39:16  <planetmaker> as you've certainly seen, I silenced all "too large ID" errors of nforenum. All others are fine IMO
15:39:45  <planetmaker> and should be silenced somewhen, too :)
15:39:55  * planetmaker likes compiles without warnings and errors.
15:40:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - 2ccdj.grf (Ammler) -
15:42:11  <planetmaker> eh... Ammler ? you reverted my -k to nforenum? why?
15:42:21  <Ammler> -k?
15:42:22  <planetmaker> sorry. my -w 141?
15:42:34  <Ammler> I already excused
15:42:44  <Ammler> [17:36] <Ammler> hmm, sorry
15:42:45  <Ammler> [17:36] <Ammler> just pushed a change on the make_grf script
15:43:03  <Ammler> I just wanted to commit the deleting
15:43:03  <planetmaker> uhm, yes. I thought, you did also some other change ;)
15:43:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - 2ccdj.nfo (Ammler) -
15:43:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #44: matching grf, if you use windows or linux (Ammler) -
15:43:21  <planetmaker> which deleting?
15:44:22  <Ammler> of the empty metrotrack
15:45:24  <planetmaker> well. go ahead, I say, and commit that. :)
15:45:55  <planetmaker> and revert the make_2cc commit ;) w141 is really not needed until nforenum gets a --allow-highID switch or alike
15:46:12  <planetmaker> :)
15:48:47  <planetmaker> our grfs are identical
15:49:04  <planetmaker> which is good
15:49:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - 2ccdj.grf (planetmaker) -
15:50:52  <planetmaker> ah, ok, sorry. Now I only understand your commit, Ammler :P
15:51:01  <planetmaker> you actually did delete that file there...
16:01:33  <Ammler> did you use the -w?
16:01:39  <Ammler> planetmaker: ^
16:01:54  <Ammler> just wondering, if it has influence to the grf
16:07:31  <Ammler> planetmaker: which os did you use for your grf?
16:18:20  <Ammler> marcel@inspiron:~/hg/2cctrainset/sprites/nfo/strings> wc -l *
16:18:21  <Ammler>   482 02_german.nfo
16:18:23  <Ammler>   482 36_portuguese.nfo
16:18:24  <Ammler>   482 7F_english.nfo
16:18:26  <Ammler>  1446 insgesamt
16:30:53  <planetmaker> I didn't use -w
16:31:55  <planetmaker> but indeed it might have influence. Not sure though
16:44:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Support #57: Skipping version 2.03 (DJNekkid) -
16:59:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Support #57: Skipping version 2.03 (Ammler) -
17:11:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #48 (Resolved): rename lifestock wagons (DJNekkid) -
17:20:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 68: Fix #48: rename also the German lifestock wagons to what they now re... (planetmaker) -
17:20:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #48 (Closed): rename lifestock wagons (planetmaker) -
17:21:56  <Ammler> planetmaker: ?
17:22:01  <Ammler> this bug with UTF-8
17:22:09  <Ammler> how does that work?
17:22:18  <Ammler> or even not work?
17:22:36  <planetmaker> the portuguese ordinal character is interpreted wrongly.
17:22:48  <planetmaker> it is interpreted as the down arrow of the scroll bars.
17:23:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 69: Fix r66: re-introduce the silencing of the high-ID nforenum errors/w... (planetmaker) -
17:23:19  <planetmaker> it should be interpreted as the first, if in a string. The latter, if explicitly coded so as a non-utf-8 thing
17:23:23  <Ammler> that is a bug of openttd?
17:23:29  <planetmaker> yes
17:23:30  <Ammler> or just a missing feature?
17:23:53  <planetmaker> it's buggy implementation of the specs - as far as I understood petern
17:24:11  <planetmaker> I'm not sure I understand his answer to my flyspray entry, though
17:24:54  <planetmaker> any case the character seems to be taken explicitly out of the character set and replaced by the arrow.
17:24:56  <planetmaker> which is imo bad
17:25:14  <Ammler> I make a tiny push
17:25:34  <planetmaker> k
17:26:22  <planetmaker> btw, I asked foobar for the source of OpenGFX.
17:26:33  <planetmaker> Might be that I want to add it to our server :)
17:26:48  <planetmaker> it's not publicly available right now which is bad IMO
17:29:37  <Ammler> something is on his server
17:29:44  <Ammler> around 40 MB
17:30:00  <Ammler> same location as bzr
17:30:04  <Ammler> firs*
17:30:16  <Ammler> menno
17:30:28  <Ammler> I pulled
17:30:33  <Ammler> then commited
17:30:39  <Ammler> then pushed
17:30:45  <planetmaker> and then... merged :P
17:30:51  <Ammler> yeah
17:30:59  <planetmaker> wasn't me, though.
17:31:03  <Ammler> in this short time :-)
17:31:22  <Ammler> now, I would like to make it wihout merge
17:31:31  <Ammler> I could commit it again
17:31:45  <Ammler> how to revert my commit?
17:31:46  <planetmaker> not possible. Except you make a new repository
17:31:51  <Ammler> is tha rollback?
17:31:55  <planetmaker> hg allows only to rollback last one
17:32:08  <planetmaker> there's pull out. But ...
17:32:28  <planetmaker> ... you don't get it removed.
17:33:10  <Ammler> I don't want to remove something
17:33:15  <Ammler> just my commit
17:33:16  <planetmaker> Don't worry about the merges. That's a _distributed_ VCS. Unlike svn :)
17:33:47  <Ammler> well, it is fine, if I had more then one commit, but ;-)
17:34:03  <planetmaker> well, it's also fine like this
17:34:08  <Ammler> well, 2 commits
17:36:22  <planetmaker> he. you commited before you said that you'd commit
17:36:34  <planetmaker> the last commit to the repo is still mine :)
17:37:05  <planetmaker> I usually edit first. Then hg pull, then hg commit within 1 minute and then hg push
17:37:58  <Ammler> yep
17:38:04  <Ammler> then my hg pull
17:38:13  <Ammler> might gone wrong
17:44:20  <planetmaker> you use hg pull -u
17:44:22  <planetmaker> ?
17:44:29  <planetmaker> e.g. you update after each pull?
17:44:42  <planetmaker> if you don't you have the new info, but still work with the old version
17:45:09  <planetmaker> pull doesn't update unless specifically told so
17:45:36  <Ammler> might be, I forgot to update
17:45:56  <planetmaker> therefor I always use "hg pull -u" :)
17:46:38  <planetmaker> ok, if you're busy finding out how to get rid of your changes, I commit a fix of my fix of your deletion :P
17:47:21  <Ammler> you shouldn't commit customized things, imo
17:47:40  <planetmaker> what's customized then?
17:47:40  <Ammler> just keep that change locally
17:47:47  <Ammler> the -w141
17:47:51  <Ammler> well, the same to me
17:47:53  <planetmaker> the -w 141
17:48:07  <planetmaker> it's for this grf basically required
17:48:21  <planetmaker> it silences only the ID errors. The pointless ones
17:48:27  <Ammler> yeah, well, the fault was more my commit, I know ;-)
17:48:48  <planetmaker> eh?
17:49:01  <Ammler> I shouln't push my removing of that -w
17:49:36  <planetmaker> well. If you want it customized, then change the script such that it accepts command line parameters to both, grfcodec and renum
17:49:58  <planetmaker> but -w141 is IMO nevertheless a result of renum as it is.
17:50:16  <Ammler> maybe adding a $debug
17:50:23  <Ammler> or a -v
17:51:13  <planetmaker> the problem is: who gets parameters: renum or grfcodec?
17:51:39  <planetmaker> btw. compiling with and without warnings doesn't change md5sum here
17:52:13  <Ammler> he?
17:52:18  <Ammler> both
17:52:27  <Ammler> good
17:54:42  <Ammler> > mäh
17:54:44  <Ammler> bash: mäh: command not found
17:54:47  <Ammler> :-)
17:54:51  <planetmaker> :P
17:55:10  <Ammler> another alias :-)
17:55:23  <planetmaker> probably for muh
17:55:29  <Ammler> lol
17:55:30  <Ammler> indeed
17:55:40  <Ammler> just thought the same, well
17:55:47  <Ammler> not that hard to get it.
17:56:19  <planetmaker> :)
18:06:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 71: fix #43 - changed action0 prop 1D on the tourist wagons, and they sh... (DJNekkid) -
18:06:17  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 74: Merge again pm :-P (Ammler) -
18:06:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #43 (Closed): Tourist coach cargo types (DJNekkid) -
18:07:13  <Ammler> planetmaker: check r72 and 73
18:07:14  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
18:07:17  <DJNekkid> hi all
18:07:26  <Ammler> hello DJNekkid
18:07:31  <Ammler> busy day?
18:07:36  <DJNekkid> hehe, how so?
18:07:56  <Ammler> just
18:08:02  <DJNekkid> fixed a few bugs?
18:08:16  <Ammler> I meant you :P
18:08:35  <Ammler> well, already rev 74
18:08:38  <DJNekkid> i ment me as well :)
18:08:44  <DJNekkid> i've fixed a few today
18:09:32  <DJNekkid> im just not looking forward to nudgeing all \ / sprites up a couple of pixels
18:10:15  <planetmaker> hey DJNekkid :)
18:10:22  <DJNekkid> hi planetmaker :)
18:10:31  <DJNekkid> just so you all know, im about to leave agian ...
18:10:36  <DJNekkid> gonna attend a party soon
18:10:48  <Ammler> :-(
18:10:49  <planetmaker> sounds more promising than moving pixels
18:11:03  <Ammler> well, tomorrow free day?
18:11:06  <DJNekkid> its gonna be done codewise tho :)
18:11:13  <Ammler> is that everywhere the case?
18:11:15  <DJNekkid> it's ... i dunno ... christ jumping day ... tomorrow?
18:11:34  <Ammler> hehe
18:11:37  <planetmaker> ascencion day. yes
18:11:37  <Ammler> nice translation
18:11:51  <planetmaker> Himmelfahrt. heaven ride ;)
18:12:04  <DJNekkid> seriuously?
18:12:09  <planetmaker> or rather Christ's heaven ride :P
18:12:14  <Ammler> DJNekkid: so you are a christ?
18:12:21  <DJNekkid> in norwegian: "kristi (christ) himmelfarts dag(day)
18:12:38  <planetmaker> yes. Christi Himmelfahrt
18:12:43  <DJNekkid> rofl!
18:12:48  <DJNekkid> no, im an atheist btw
18:12:57  <DJNekkid> but the day is a "red day" at work none the less
18:13:03  <planetmaker> :) very much alike, eh?
18:13:07  <Ammler> or just "Uffahrt"
18:13:16  <DJNekkid> i.e. day free from work, with pay
18:13:21  <planetmaker> Ammler: but only in a small country in the Alps :P
18:14:17  <planetmaker> btw, DJNekkid I just checked the KZA2. It's fine here, too. Except the alignment on a track from upper left to lower right
18:14:32  <planetmaker> there it's fine wrt wagons, too. But wrt tracks it looks a bit off.
18:14:50  <planetmaker> I guess I'll close the old one and make a new bug report about that :)
18:14:52  <DJNekkid> what is wrt a acronym for?
18:14:57  <planetmaker> with respect to
18:15:39  <planetmaker> sorry for using it so much. :)
18:15:59  <Ammler> I read "wtf"
18:17:03  <Ammler> planetmaker: is the useful?
18:20:32  <planetmaker> hm. More useful would IMO be a script which replaces 04 00 7F with 04 00 $ID and 04 00 FF with 04 00 <$ID+0x80>
18:21:13  <planetmaker> I guess, though, that we'll have to check each language file personally nevertheless.
18:21:18  <planetmaker> no matter what we do
18:21:36  <planetmaker> and then that replacement I said is easily done in the editor.
18:22:04  <DJNekkid> but guys
18:22:14  <DJNekkid> hmm
18:22:16  <DJNekkid> no, nvm
18:22:21  <planetmaker> no, please :)
18:22:27  <DJNekkid> i were just thinking
18:22:31  <DJNekkid> lets say i add another text
18:22:46  <DJNekkid> in english
18:22:47  <planetmaker> then there's no replacement and the default English one is used
18:23:04  <DJNekkid> but:
18:23:14  <DJNekkid> if its already a blank one ..
18:23:23  <planetmaker> yes?
18:23:25  <DJNekkid> then we might have a problem
18:23:30  <planetmaker> oh
18:23:39  <planetmaker> you're right
18:23:47  <planetmaker> I'll change that
18:23:53  <planetmaker> darn
18:24:34  <DJNekkid> but if you just remove the "" and just put 00 there
18:24:35  <planetmaker> or: you have to add the English text in the language files, too.
18:24:45  <planetmaker> that works?
18:24:52  <DJNekkid> i would think so
18:24:57  <planetmaker> I'll try
18:27:54  <Ammler> he?
18:28:14  <Ammler> if you don't want to translate a string, just don't add it
18:29:00  <Ammler> and if you add a new string to 7F, it will also be used in german or where ever.
18:29:12  <planetmaker> Doesn't work, DJNekkid
18:29:18  <DJNekkid> oki planetmaker :)
18:29:30  <DJNekkid> then we might want to remove the ""'s
18:29:32  <planetmaker> same as empty
18:29:35  <planetmaker> yes
18:30:27  <DJNekkid> optionally, rework the entire ID's :)
18:30:35  <DJNekkid> but that is _quite_ some work
18:31:50  <Ammler> hmm, you speak about something else, it seems ;-)
18:32:01  <planetmaker> well... Changine engine IDs and wagon IDs is out of question
18:32:09  <planetmaker> *changing
18:32:34  <Ammler> that would need branching
18:32:54  <planetmaker> Ammler: well... currently the translations contain many empty strings. As the IDs are anything but sequential :)
18:33:28  <planetmaker> hm... or can string IDs be seperate of vehicle IDs? I don#t think so, or?
18:33:45  <planetmaker> Ammler: that would need a version 3.0 :P
18:34:04  <planetmaker> And honestly. For a version 3.0 I'd completely change the ID scheme ;)
18:34:25  <Ammler> you could make one Action4 per string
18:34:35  <planetmaker> well. That's what was before.
18:34:42  <planetmaker> One could.
18:35:04  <DJNekkid> what Id's ... string IDs or vehicle IDs?
18:35:10  <Ammler> he, now I get why my test scripts outputs so less ;-)
18:35:36  <planetmaker> DJNekkid: aren't stringIDs tied to vehicle IDs?
18:35:39  <planetmaker> their names?
18:36:07  <DJNekkid> yes they are
18:36:16  <DJNekkid> but the \wxd0xx is not
18:36:21  <DJNekkid> i.e.
18:36:33  <DJNekkid> the F0 + <language ID>
18:36:34  <planetmaker> well, yes
18:36:44  <DJNekkid> but, now am i gonna leave, ttyl :)
18:37:06  <planetmaker> cu
18:39:22  <Ammler> hmm, that is a strang escape
18:42:29  <planetmaker> hm?
18:45:44  <Ammler>
18:45:54  <planetmaker> what do you mean? ... I look
18:46:38  <planetmaker> nice
18:46:41  <Ammler> I commit it, you can alter it do your needs, not sure :-)
18:47:16  <planetmaker> but commit it to the main dir. Not the .../.../strings
18:48:15  <Ammler> hmm
18:48:23  <Ammler> too late :P
18:48:27  <planetmaker> muh
18:51:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 75: initial script to compare the language files. (Ammler) -
18:53:54  <Ammler> if you move them, it mgiht be better to make a script folder
18:54:22  <planetmaker> well... I like to just be in the 2cctrainset folder and be able to run everything from there
18:55:05  <planetmaker> we also could need a doc folder. And moving the xls and html files there
18:55:42  <Ammler> indeed
18:56:33  <planetmaker> ticket created :P
18:56:44  <planetmaker> fixing many tickets makes a good impression :P
18:57:04  <planetmaker> but indeed it serves the purpose that things don'g get forgotten. That's really nice
18:57:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #68: Add a doc folder (planetmaker) -
18:58:19  <Ammler> and such things should be checked by the leader (DJ)
18:58:56  <Ammler> oh, btw, he agreed to skip 2.1
18:59:02  <Ammler> to*
18:59:27  *** XeryusTC has quit IRC
18:59:27  *** tneo has quit IRC
18:59:28  *** DJNekkid has quit IRC
18:59:29  *** Mark has quit IRC
18:59:29  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
18:59:29  *** Brot has quit IRC
18:59:48  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:00:04  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:00:13  *** XeryusTC has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:01:01  *** Brot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:01:13  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:01:20  <Ammler> wb :-)
19:01:30  *** planetmaker is now known as Guest29
19:01:43  <Ammler> you should configure your bouncer
19:02:23  *** tneo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:02:26  *** Guest29 is now known as planetmaker
19:02:48  <Ammler> the bouncer has also a nickserv support
19:03:01  <planetmaker> hm, yes. I somehow cannot log in.
19:03:12  <Ammler> to the bouncer admin panel?
19:03:18  <planetmaker> yes
19:04:43  <Ammler> you should tell dih
19:04:56  <Ammler> he might be not aware of
19:04:56  <planetmaker> hm... wait. the port on a51 is wrong
19:05:15  <Ammler> 8080
19:06:22  <Ammler> now you "verschlimmbessert"
19:06:24  <Ammler> :P
19:06:30  <planetmaker> 6667 I get a login
19:06:34  <planetmaker> query
19:06:43  <planetmaker> 8080 doesn't work
19:06:50  <Ammler> 6667 is hte irc port
19:07:52  <planetmaker> hm... might be. but why do I get a query window for login and pw?
19:08:02  <Ammler> he, I am removed :-)
19:08:12  <Ammler> looks good
19:08:26  <Ammler> are you admin now?
19:08:30  <planetmaker> no
19:08:33  <planetmaker> not that I know
19:08:58  <Ammler> I told him, as he asked, if he can remove me to add a someone else as admin
19:09:03  <Ammler> maybe tneo is then.
19:09:29  <planetmaker> well.... :8080 is in my browser history. So it should be the port, yes
19:10:53  <Ammler> well, 6667 gives me the login, too
19:10:59  <Ammler> so he might have changed that
19:11:04  <Ammler> were you able to login?
19:11:16  <planetmaker> not with any of my logins...
19:11:27  <Ammler> the same you use for the IRC
19:11:38  <Ammler> with /quote ....
19:12:03  *** Brot has quit IRC
19:12:03  *** Mark has quit IRC
19:12:17  <Ammler> I can't access with my irc port to the admin panel
19:12:38  *** tneo has quit IRC
19:12:38  *** planetmaker has quit IRC
19:12:38  *** XeryusTC has quit IRC
19:12:38  *** DJNekkid has quit IRC
19:12:43  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:12:53  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:12:59  *** Brot has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:13:13  *** XeryusTC has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:14:03  *** planetmaker has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:14:11  <Ammler> wb again :P
19:14:13  *** planetmaker is now known as Guest48
19:14:53  *** tneo has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:14:54  *** DJNekkid has quit IRC
19:14:59  <Guest48> hmpf
19:15:08  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop.devzone
19:16:04  *** Guest48 is now known as planetmaker
19:16:15  <planetmaker> grrrr
19:19:05  <Ammler> you can use a bouncer at oftc, but then you would join with ;-)
19:19:15  <Ammler> ottdc*
19:19:16  <planetmaker> eh?
19:20:22  <planetmaker> why would an oftc bouncer give me a host mask of
19:20:33  <Ammler> ottdc
19:20:55  <planetmaker> ah at the mz server?
19:21:01  <Ammler> yes
19:21:01  <planetmaker> e.g. yours?
19:21:09  <planetmaker> hm... might be an idea :)
19:21:19  <planetmaker> there I know what's going on :)
19:21:45  <planetmaker> an the owner is... more responsive to user requests :)
19:21:55  <Ammler> I might need to setup a list with things I should check after a reboot
19:22:09  <planetmaker> he. always a good idea.
19:22:18  <planetmaker> also to have the same after a re-isntall :P
19:23:06  <Ammler> I started a bit:
19:24:48  <tneo> port for bouncer = 9999 on a https url
19:27:10  <planetmaker> that's the same login screen. Hm... or I lost my login & pw there...
19:27:56  <planetmaker> tneo: you might want to add that to a51 :)
19:28:30  <tneo> will do
19:29:02  <Ammler> tneo: are you admin now?
19:29:14  <tneo> where ?
19:29:20  <Ammler> bouncer
19:30:29  <Ammler> pm, it is also possible to configure with irc
19:30:38  <Ammler>  /query *status
19:31:15  <tneo> not to my knowledge...
19:31:21  <planetmaker> hm... for some reason I'm logged in now...
19:31:37  <planetmaker> I can swear to have used the same login and pw before
19:32:02  <tneo> be back in  a bit
19:32:02  <Ammler> or in your case /query *nickserv
19:32:37  <Ammler> and then help
19:35:11  <planetmaker> hm... I always wondered what "keep buffer" as good for if I can set a buffer count in any channel...
19:35:51  <Ammler> default setting for new channels, maybe
19:44:20  <Ammler> planetmaker:  /msg *status Version
19:44:26  <Ammler> what do you get?
19:46:14  <planetmaker> ZNC 0.067 -
19:51:16  <tneo> back
19:51:23  <Ammler> oh, never then my
19:53:59  <tneo> -*status- *                     LAST UPGRADE                    *
19:54:01  <tneo> -*status- *         16.Mar.2009 to version 0.067 (r1419)        *
19:55:50  <planetmaker> wb
20:00:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 76: Fix: don't declare unused strings in the English original (planetmaker) -
20:27:45  <Ammler> ha
20:42:16  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 77: Feature: UTF-8 support for languages (planetmaker) -
20:43:05  <Ammler> / Engines from region 2 <-- don't like numbers ;-)
20:44:11  <Ammler> tneo: there is no note on the status about the port change?
20:44:36  <planetmaker> hm?
20:44:44  <planetmaker> you mean the comments are... bad?
20:45:03  <Ammler> no
20:45:10  <planetmaker> e.g. it should state "Engines from South Europe (region 2)"?
20:45:16  <Ammler> yeah :-)
20:45:27  <planetmaker> :) yes, I think so, too
20:45:49  <planetmaker> wait with fixing a few minutes, though
20:45:57  <Ammler> what abou ta excel table for translation
20:46:26  <planetmaker> what purpose would it serve?
20:46:46  <Ammler> you would see on one view what is missing
20:47:13  <Ammler> the excel could be a google doc where translators would have access
20:48:04  <Ammler> I mean, if you know run, you see, it has errors, but where?
20:48:10  <Ammler> now*
20:49:45  <planetmaker> well.  I know what translation is broken.
20:50:21  <planetmaker> or I'd need to make the script more intelligent and parse the stringIDs and compare them whether they have the same amount of strings
20:50:35  <planetmaker> the order should be the same - or at least that can be assumed
20:51:04  <planetmaker> e.g 04 00 02 \b1 5D "string1" 00
20:51:13  <planetmaker> e.g 04 00 02 \b1 5D
20:51:23  <planetmaker> ^^rather that will be identical in all languages.
20:51:33  <planetmaker> if English differs there - you got an additional string
20:51:34  <Ammler> renum could make such check
20:51:59  <planetmaker> not generally useful. Not all strings need translation.
20:52:07  <planetmaker> "432" could as well be skipped
20:52:22  <planetmaker> we just do it despite
20:52:35  <planetmaker> for simplicity's reason
20:54:22  <Ammler> those leading spaces should be replaced by a VAR and replaced on generating
21:00:12  <Ammler> oh, btw. one of us uses a different/wrong/uncommon amount of spaces for tabs
21:00:36  <Ammler>
21:07:35  <planetmaker> he. and who?
21:09:51  <planetmaker> well, it looks ugly, I agree.
21:13:58  <Ammler> it looks the same locally
21:14:15  <Ammler> it seems you use 4 spaces and me is using 8
21:25:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Revision 78: Codechange: remove unused strings also from other languages (planetmaker) -
21:46:18  <Brot> [DevZone] Mercurial Templates - Revision 2: -> (marcel@localhost.localdomain) -
21:50:49  <planetmaker> :P
21:50:56  <planetmaker> Ammler: .hg/hgrc?
21:51:26  <Ammler> :-)
21:51:47  <Ammler> I need to make a ~/.hgrc
21:56:11  <planetmaker> hm... good idea
21:56:19  <planetmaker> will that be used?
22:04:40  <Ammler> yes
22:04:42  <Ammler> it should
22:04:52  <planetmaker> I'll give it a try :)
22:04:57  <planetmaker> but now good night :)
22:05:11  <Ammler> :-)
22:05:25  <Ammler> I have again tried rollback
22:05:49  <Ammler> it even works on the server after a push
22:06:02  <Ammler> but redmine doesn't remove it again
22:06:29  <planetmaker> :D
22:09:04  <Ammler> let me see, what happen, if I push again
22:22:18  <Brot> [DevZone] Mercurial Templates - Revision 2: -> (2nd try) (Ammler) -
23:25:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #68: Add a doc folder (DJNekkid) -
23:27:03  <Ammler> wb DJNekkid ;-)
23:28:19  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #49: automatically warn, if translations are not up2date (Ammler) -
23:28:19  <DJNekkid> ty
23:28:20  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Feature #49 (Assigned): automatically warn, if translations are not up2date (Ammler) -
23:29:16  <Ammler> I will remove version 2.03
23:29:23  <DJNekkid> please do
23:30:00  * Ammler is wondering, what happens to issues assigned to
23:30:30  <DJNekkid> witch one?
23:30:44  <Ammler> to 2.03
23:30:55  <DJNekkid> ahh
23:31:02  <DJNekkid> we are currently at 100% on 2.03
23:31:03  <Ammler> no open
23:31:06  <DJNekkid> atleast we were earlier
23:31:07  <DJNekkid> :)
23:31:08  <Ammler> yes :-)
23:31:19  <DJNekkid> at 91% now
23:31:23  <DJNekkid> no
23:31:25  <DJNekkid> thats 2.1
23:31:41  <Ammler> but you won't release 2.03?
23:31:45  <DJNekkid> nah
23:31:48  <DJNekkid> not much point
23:31:53  <Ammler> yep
23:31:59  <DJNekkid> imho:
23:32:06  <DJNekkid> we work out the current bugs
23:32:10  <DJNekkid> not add any new features
23:32:13  <DJNekkid> and release a 2.1
23:32:33  <DJNekkid> then we work out a roadmap with possible new featues, stuff and stash
23:32:39  <DJNekkid> and then begin work on that
23:33:18  <Ammler> well, the translation is a new feature, which is already included
23:33:36  <Ammler> that is my main reason to skip 2.03
23:33:49  <Ammler> oh, btw., why is it already version 2?
23:34:04  <Ammler> :-)
23:34:25  <DJNekkid> because ... *point at something, wave, and point at something else*
23:34:34  <DJNekkid> well, it's beta2
23:34:39  <DJNekkid> not version 2!
23:34:44  <Ammler> hmm
23:34:58  <Ammler> hehe
23:35:01  <Ammler> so I am confused
23:35:16  <Ammler> it is version 1beta2, right?
23:35:31  <DJNekkid> ok :)
23:35:34  <DJNekkid> :p
23:35:36  <Ammler> hehe
23:35:50  <DJNekkid> or RC1
23:35:52  <Ammler> nvm
23:35:53  <DJNekkid> or RC5 or so
23:36:00  <Ammler> :-D
23:36:03  <DJNekkid> or about compilation around nr1000
23:36:07  <DJNekkid> i dunno mister
23:36:18  <DJNekkid> it's my first thing i've ever made computerwise
23:36:26  <Ammler> we just remove "beta"
23:36:33  <Ammler> and it will become 2.1
23:37:03  <DJNekkid> _I_ think ... we should fix the current bugs, not many left btw, add some translations, and release a version 1.0
23:37:35  <DJNekkid> then we branch of the version 1.0
23:37:44  <DJNekkid> fix any bugs if found, and release 1.01 etc
23:37:53  <DJNekkid> or 1.0.1
23:37:58  <Ammler> yep
23:37:59  <DJNekkid> or whatever suits someones needs
23:38:04  <Ammler> 1.01 is bad
23:38:07  <DJNekkid> and then work on a 2.0
23:38:16  <DJNekkid> with whatever we figure out we want
23:38:30  <DJNekkid> reworked regions, a "realistic" switch
23:38:31  <DJNekkid> etc
23:38:39  <Ammler> :-)
23:38:48  <DJNekkid> how does that sound to you?
23:38:52  <Ammler> yeah, parameter would accept more then 8 bits
23:39:01  <DJNekkid> 32bits iirc
23:39:02  <Ammler> sounds fine too
23:39:33  <Ammler> don't you think, you confuse people, if you go from "Beta 2.02" to "1.0" ?
23:39:51  <Ammler> hmm, it is fine with me
23:39:58  <DJNekkid> i can only speak for myself, but i would not think so ...
23:40:07  <Ammler> version 2 would need a new GRFID
23:40:07  <DJNekkid> when stuff is in beta, it is in beta
23:40:17  <Ammler> like when you change Veh IDs
23:40:46  <DJNekkid> and when things gets an "official" release, it's version 1.0 :)
23:40:49  <DJNekkid> atleast in my head
23:40:56  <Ammler> as long as the GRF is compatible to earlier versions, it should stay with 1
23:41:08  <DJNekkid> 1.5 then
23:41:16  <DJNekkid> or ... something
23:41:18  <DJNekkid> u get my drift
23:41:22  <Ammler> hehe
23:41:27  <Ammler> 1.0 is fine, really.
23:41:45  <DJNekkid> point is, it is in beta now ... the 2.02 from the beginning of april
23:41:51  <DJNekkid> _with_ bugs
23:43:56  <DJNekkid> when the final bugs are fixed, a "release version" 1.0 is released
23:44:10  <DJNekkid> then, the development continues
23:45:33  <Ammler> ok
23:45:58  <DJNekkid> am i total stupid here, or do i make sense? :)
23:46:08  <Ammler> but another point is, with the changes now, it could have new bugs
23:46:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #69: Alignments of just about everything (DJNekkid) -
23:46:27  <Ammler> hehe
23:46:40  <Ammler> that is nice bug title
23:46:56  <DJNekkid> hehe...
23:47:01  <DJNekkid> im just beeing honest here!
23:47:33  <Ammler> omg
23:47:43  <Ammler> I just recognized a nice feature
23:47:56  <Ammler> the devzone has right mouse support
23:49:06  <Ammler> I was able to mark all bugs and move them to version 1 at once
23:50:52  <DJNekkid> yey :)
23:52:18  <Brot> [DevZone] 2cc train set - Bug #69: Alignments of just about everything (Ammler) -
23:52:19  <DJNekkid> wanna give a few of us op, so it's not lost?
23:53:35  <Ammler> you are on the chanop list
23:53:56  <Ammler> you could run "/cs op #openttdcoop.devzone"
23:54:13  *** Ammler sets mode: +o Webster
23:54:23  <Ammler> or "@op"
23:55:22  <DJNekkid> @op
23:55:40  <DJNekkid> @op
23:55:43  <Ammler> well, Webster might not know you
23:55:49  <Ammler> @whoami
23:55:49  <Webster> Ammler: Ammler
23:55:51  <DJNekkid> [01:55:38] -Webster- Error: You don't have the #openttdcoop.devzone,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
23:55:55  <DJNekkid> @whoami
23:55:55  <Webster> DJNekkid: I don't recognize you.
23:56:04  <Ammler> :-)
23:56:42  <Ammler> @op DJNekkid
23:56:42  *** Webster sets mode: +o DJNekkid
23:57:01  <Ammler> but you can always op with chanserv
23:57:08  <Ammler> like the first command I gave
23:57:32  <Ammler> <-- better?
23:57:46  <Ammler> you can edit those things btw.
23:58:02  <Ammler> right top is edit button or with settings
23:58:41  <DJNekkid> we are probably on to something here :)

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