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02:33:56  <Brot6> Nutracks - Feature #2404 (New): Support for ngrails.grf (Nagyzee) @
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10:10:28  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 212:1ed8dcf287f2: Fix #2366: Bulk wagon couldn't carry cement (planetmaker) @
10:10:28  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #2366 (Closed): No cement with ECS construction vector (planetmaker) @
10:53:46  <Ammler> Rubidium or planetmaker, could you please update (and close) FS#3375 and update the spec in the source, it has a very ugly versrion from me
10:53:59  <Ammler> else please revert my changes there
10:55:06  <Ammler> I wouldn't wonder if the current spec in the vcs doesn't work ;-)
10:59:44  <Rubidium> really... you need to mention newgrf_developer_tools to change NewGRF settings?
10:59:53  * Rubidium really starts to ponder
11:00:04  <Rubidium> ... disabling network when that setting is enabled
11:01:14  <Ammler> Rubidium: that is the whole point about, isn't?
11:02:02  <Ammler> users don't read that changelog usually
11:02:32  <Rubidium> no, the developer tools do many many more things than just enable stuff. I'm pretty sure some might actually have a possibility to desync
11:02:46  <Rubidium> Ammler: if users don't read it, why mention it?
11:03:07  <Rubidium> and why mention the big hammer with lots of side effects?
11:03:10  <Ammler> those who read it, you don't need to fear :-P
11:03:28  <Rubidium> instead of e.g. scenario_developer
11:03:59  <Ammler> Rubidium: I remove that, if that is a blocker for applying the patch :-)
11:04:19  <Ammler> I do not care, I just hate current version in the vcs
11:04:32  <Rubidium> nah, you just reminded me that I should implement that "blocker"
11:05:09  <Ammler> Rubidium: hmm, couldn't you first wait for a bugreport about that?
11:05:37  <Ammler> sometimes you make too much prevention ;-)
11:07:18  <Ammler> it isn't possible to make a serious map without that setting, is it?
11:07:53  <Ammler> I thought, you did that just for the dummies
11:08:36  <Rubidium> *why* do you need a sprite aligner, or debugger for NewGRF "state" to make a map?
11:08:52  <Rubidium> *what* do you need beyond whatever *scenario_developer* provides you?
11:08:59  <Ammler> hmm, which setting do I need to change newgrf settings?
11:09:16  <Ammler> maybe I confused that :-)
11:12:54  <Ammler> scenario_developer is false here
11:13:49  <Rubidium> set that, and disable newgrf developer tools
11:13:55  <Rubidium> and see if you really miss something
11:14:44  <Ammler> no, seems fine too
11:15:15  <Ammler> so the issue is that the newgrf_develper_tools do inherit scenario_developer
11:15:48  <Ammler> I just grepped developer and took the setting which was true :-)
11:16:49  <Ammler> well, I change that, but if you block mp usuage with newgrf_developer_tools, you only hurt us, not the usual player
11:17:55  <Ammler> it would really suck, if I need different config for playing and developing
11:23:14  <Ammler> changed it on the diff for trunk
11:29:52  <Rubidium> maybe add a note: savegames made or modified with this setting enabled are not supported? :)
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11:55:07  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 617:1c9e25408ec8: Change: minor tweak to psd file (export settings) (andythenorth) @
11:55:10  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 579:b0144a8c2325: Fix: set TE for Kander Foundry Transporter (andythenorth) @
11:55:10  <Brot6> HEQS "Heavy Equipment" Set - Revision 580:3113ad76952c: Fix: set TE for Grindelwald Foundry Tra... (andythenorth) @
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12:44:42  <Brot6> UKRS 2 Add-ons - Revision 21:15da976395f4: Change: shaded cartic 4 (andythenorth) @
12:44:42  <Brot6> UKRS 2 Add-ons - Revision 22:c49ee5a1bf6b: Add: png for pca cement tank (andythenorth) @
12:44:42  <Brot6> UKRS 2 Add-ons - Revision 23:b1a7337ceda7: Add: source file for PCA cement tank (andythenorth) @
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14:53:33  <andythenorth_> evenings
14:54:08  <andythenorth_> slow times in TTD land
14:54:19  <andythenorth_> but the grf download counts keep going up :)
14:54:24  <andythenorth_> so presumably people are playing
14:59:39  <frosch123> how should they when they are downloading all the time?
15:00:42  <andythenorth_> heh
15:00:47  <andythenorth_> can I have a new cb
15:00:48  <andythenorth_> ?
15:01:01  <andythenorth_> ping when a HEQS vehicle is used
15:01:16  <andythenorth_> might be slightly intrusive on privacy :P
15:09:49  <frosch123> can i offer you some kenia or sudan scam instead?
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16:00:45  <Lakie> You around planetmaker, got a few queries over the newgrf makefile project?
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17:13:49  <DanMacK> Hey all
17:18:57  <Brot6> heqs: update from r578 to r580 done -
17:19:33  <Brot6> ogfx-trains: update from r211 to r212 done (39 errors) -
17:20:43  <Brot6> opengfx: update from r616 to r617 done -
17:20:51  <Brot6> Following repos didn't need a nightlies update: 2cctrainset (r743), 32bpp-extra (r39), ai-admiralai (r75), ai-aroai (r11), ailib-common (r21), ailib-direction (r17), ailib-list (r32), ailib-string (r29), ailib-tile (r16), airportsplus (r73), basecosts (r22), belarusiantowns (r8), bros (r51), comic-houses (r71), firs (r1844), fish (r613), frenchtowns (r6), grfcodec (r821), indonesiantowns (r41), manindu (r7), metrotrackset (r56), narvs
17:20:51  <Brot6> (r29), newgrf_makefile (r260), nml (r1284), nutracks (r179), ogfx-industries (r11), ogfx-landscape (r54), ogfx-rv (r80), ogfx-trees (r42), openmsx (r97), opensfx (r97), smts (r19), snowlinemod (r49), spanishtowns (r10), swedishrails (r198), swisstowns (r22), transrapidtrackset (r15), ttdviewer (r26), ttrs (r36), worldairlinersset (r671)
18:05:25  <planetmaker> Hi Lakie
18:06:08  <planetmaker> <Lakie> mynewgrf.pnfo <- header.pnfo <- action8.pnfo, will cause an error on action8.pnfo. :( <-- you need to write this in a makefile as two separate rules:
18:06:17  <planetmaker> mynewgrf.pnfo: header.pnfo
18:06:26  <planetmaker>   (rules)
18:06:35  <planetmaker> header.pnfo: action8.pnfo
18:06:36  <planetmaker>   (rules)
18:07:52  <planetmaker> the  # 1 <source> tags cannot be easily avoided, they're part of the gcc preprocessor output - and in my eyes are also quite useful to see from which file which lines originated and in which order they were included
18:11:29  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Feature #2007: Complete Rework of Freight rolling stock (Voyager1) @
18:55:51  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Code Review #2405 (New): CS2400-Arctic Sprites (DanMacK) @
19:03:14  <Brot6> 32bpp-ez-patches: compile of h074f38d7 still failed (#2343) -
19:06:31  <Brot6> clientpatches: update from r to r done (10 errors) -
19:09:42  <Brot6> serverpatches: update from r22204 to r22221 done (5 errors) -
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19:25:04  <Brot6> British Rail OpenTTD Set - Revision 52:15605e5cdad7: Fix: MU's now can load to 100% (DJNekkid) @
19:26:47  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Feature #2007: Complete Rework of Freight rolling stock (Voyager1) @
19:26:47  <Brot6> 2cc train set - Feature #2007: Complete Rework of Freight rolling stock (Voyager1) @
19:37:27  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Bug #2406 (New): CS4000 - Arctic Sprites (DanMacK) @
20:04:45  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Bug #2407 (New): Alpine climate - buggy snow (V453000) @
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20:49:54  <Lakie> planetmaker: I figured those sort of dependancies would have been resolved at the dependancy checking stage? Seems I'm wrong though
20:50:50  <planetmaker> it can't check obviously the dependency of a not existing file
20:52:26  <planetmaker> if they all exist... like a includes b includes c, then the proper rule would be
20:52:32  <planetmaker> a: b c
20:52:34  <planetmaker>   (rules)
20:53:05  <Lakie> Ok
20:54:04  <planetmaker> hm... or they all could be a direct dependency of what a actually is used for
20:56:01  <Lakie> I'm not sure, one would have thought it'd check dependancies of all pnfo files, using the various rules to generate ones missing (if said rules exist), but 'tis hard to know how this stuff should truely function, just seems a it silly to have to alter the makefile directly to achieve such results.
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20:56:56  <Lakie> Also more of a bug, make clean doesn't remove .nfo and .cnfo files for me.
20:57:23  <planetmaker> what it does is: It scans through all pnfo files and will generate the grf, if any pnfo file the grf depends on directly or indirectly changed
20:57:58  <planetmaker> But it has no rule how to *create* a non-existing file. Unless you teach it how to create a file. That may be via a general rule, or by a particular one only suitable for that single file
20:58:36  <planetmaker> it's after all a dep _check_ - not a dep _gen(erator)_
20:59:00  <Lakie> I figured the %.cnfo : %.pnfo would handle if for exammple I referenced a .cnfo file
20:59:52  <planetmaker> if you reference in that example a cnfo file, it'd expect to find a pnfo file. And abort, if not found
21:00:05  <planetmaker> unless you (also) have %.pnfo:
21:00:18  <planetmaker> with an empty dependency which then tells how to generate the pnfo file
21:00:38  <Lakie> I see
21:00:53  <planetmaker> but... I'd recommend to not mess with cnfo
21:01:24  <planetmaker> stick to pnfo, the other stages are... somewhat fragile...
21:01:45  <planetmaker> write separate rules for the pnfo files which you want to generate.
21:01:56  <planetmaker> is actually meant to contain these special rules
21:02:13  <planetmaker> (when speaking of the newgrf_makefile framework)
21:02:40  <Lakie> Ok, I'll have a little look through
21:04:10  <planetmaker> look at FIRS. It defines a few extra rules for some pnfo files which need generation
21:04:33  <planetmaker> Basically they're also generated via a script each
21:04:47  <planetmaker> which is called in the corresponding rules as found in
21:09:51  <Lakie> Okies
21:18:38  <Lakie> Any ideas about .cnfo and .nfo not being deleted on clean?
21:19:45  <planetmaker> they should be....
21:20:03  <planetmaker> can you paste the output of 'make test' ?
21:20:13  <Lakie> sure
21:20:36  <planetmaker> alternatively call 'make clean _V=' and paste that output
21:22:54  <Lakie> and
21:23:09  <Lakie> The core nfo files in in the top folder though
21:24:13  <planetmaker> he. That suspiciously looks like a bug in the target clean
21:24:34  <planetmaker> Edit Makefile.common (there it should be defined, IIRC)
21:24:52  <planetmaker> sprites/*.nfo and sprites/*.cnfo should not have the sprites/ path
21:25:20  <planetmaker> Just *.nfo and *.cnfo can be cleaned
21:25:38  <planetmaker> or better ...
21:26:53  <Lakie> Drop the $(SRC_DIR)/ parts right in from of *.[c]nfo
21:27:00  <planetmaker> $(FILENAME_STUB).nfo and $(FILENAME_STUB).cnfo
21:27:04  <planetmaker> yes
21:27:28  <planetmaker> you might not want to clean *.nfo but only that which belongs to the grf
21:27:54  <Lakie> Maybe, generally everything will be pnfo's
21:28:06  <Lakie> So it should be safe enough for my purposes?
21:28:30  <planetmaker> yes
21:28:47  <planetmaker> it will also only clean them in the main dir (where Makefile is) - not in subdirs
21:29:43  <Lakie> okies
21:30:13  <V453000> pm:
21:30:16  <V453000> at stable atm
21:30:48  <planetmaker> the yellow dots?
21:31:04  <V453000> zea
21:31:05  <V453000> yea
21:31:31  <V453000> they keep disappearing and reappearing
21:31:39  <V453000> could say glowing or flickering or idk how to call it :)
21:32:00  <Brot6> Example NewGRF Project - Revision 261:90795f3dbb1b: Fix: Clean the nfo and cnfo files related to ... (planetmaker) @
21:32:11  <planetmaker> meh. I thought I squashed all of them. Obviously some slipped through
21:32:48  <V453000> and second thing ... opengfx+ trains seem not to replace monorail and maglev cars for gold
21:33:05  <planetmaker> in what way 'replace'?
21:33:18  <planetmaker> you mean no new graphics or no wagon?
21:33:21  <V453000> they stay original baseset
21:33:26  <V453000> the wagon is there
21:33:32  <V453000> but it looks like the original one
21:33:37  <V453000> for rail it is replaced
21:33:41  <planetmaker> hm, yes, might be. I should add graphics there, too, I guess
21:33:51  <planetmaker> is there an issue about that?
21:34:11  <V453000> not yet
21:34:26  <V453000> I will add it :)
21:34:50  <planetmaker> thanks :-)
21:35:09  <planetmaker> Basically it didn't need any modifications. And here it didn't show as different style ;-)
21:35:38  <V453000> I know, the vagons do not change in carriages, but it just looks ... different :) does not even look that bad (havent checked maglev though)
21:36:00  <planetmaker> it's the same sprite probably.
21:36:07  <planetmaker> monorail / maglev share them
21:36:14  <planetmaker> IIRC
21:38:16  <V453000> I think maglev has a yellow line in the bottom
21:38:33  <V453000> hm, they look the same indeed
21:38:34  <planetmaker> yes. But I thought monorail, too? Maybe I err.
21:42:56  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Bug #2408 (New): Armoured Wagons (V453000) @
21:43:05  <V453000> there you go ^
21:43:20  <planetmaker> ty :-)
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23:06:25  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Feature #2401: 4458-4461 sprites renewal (athanasios) @

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