Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 8th February 2013:
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15:31:12  <George> Hi
15:31:45  <George> [19:28:09] <George> what channel should I join?
15:31:45  <George> [19:30:47] <George> % hg --repository F:\GAMES\TTD-WIN\!Development\DevZone\xussrset push https://George:***
15:31:45  <George> [19:30:47] <George> pushing to https://George:***
15:31:45  <George> [19:30:47] <George> searching for changes
15:31:45  <George> [19:30:47] <George> прервано: authorization failed
15:31:46  <George> [19:30:47] <George> [команда вернула код 255 Fri Feb 08 19:28:05 2013]
15:31:46  <George> [19:30:47] <George> xussrset%
15:31:49  <planetmaker> Ammler, with "request entity too large" (error 413) - is the rhodecode interface a solution? If so... do we have there already an interface which allows using DevZone credentials?
15:31:53  <planetmaker> Hi George :-)
15:32:31  <George> If admin is required
15:32:32  <George> [19:13:42] <George> currently uploading the link is
15:32:55  <George> I've uploaded a zip with my repo - so some admin could upload it
15:34:26  <planetmaker> George, remove that file. It contains your password
15:34:42  <planetmaker> (and re-upload with .hg/hgrc removed)
15:35:59  <George> I've already send you password, so it is not a secret
15:36:33  <planetmaker> anyway, I push your zip now via ssh
15:36:47  <George> I'm a r/o in that repo, so a person with password would not do much
15:37:20  <George> If you have already downloaded it - it can be deletetd to save space
15:37:33  <planetmaker> I did
15:37:38  <George> Ok
15:37:45  <planetmaker> otherwise I couldn't know it contains your PW :D
15:38:20  <George> Deleted
15:38:21  <planetmaker> hm, the repo contains the grf itself. that's bad.
15:38:32  <planetmaker> I wonder whether my upload will fail
15:38:32  <George> you can remove it
15:39:01  <George> You can remove any part you need from the root
15:39:45  <planetmaker> I can't easily edit history :-) Usually devzone is configured to disallow pushing any grf file - as it's a common mistake made to add it by accident
15:40:06  <planetmaker> anyway... waiting for transaction to finish
15:40:10  <planetmaker> with whatever result
15:40:12  <George> any suggestions on improving are welcome
15:40:35  <planetmaker> general guide is: don't add files which you generate (by batch script or other)
15:41:18  <planetmaker> other than that: it's mostly personal style...
15:42:00  <George> files xussr* in the root are generated
15:42:27  <George> BTW, devzone can generate grfs?
15:42:39  <planetmaker> yes... if you tell it how to generate them
15:42:46  <George> If yes, how should it be configured to generate it?
15:43:07  <George> as you can see there are bat files for that
15:43:40  <George> I start compile.bat to get the GRF
15:43:41  <planetmaker> that only works for windows. It needs to run on linux. Thus you want a makefile similar to the ones in most grf projects
15:43:56  <planetmaker> but that makefile basically is the same for linux
15:44:04  <George> I have no linux
15:44:11  <planetmaker> you don't need it
15:44:24  <planetmaker> set uploaded to devzone
15:44:26  <George> could you make the make file from my bat file?
15:44:39  <planetmaker> yes, can be done
15:45:12  <planetmaker> you want it to build like when there are changes? Or daily? Or only when you release something (tags)?
15:45:22  <planetmaker> (or any combination thereof)
15:46:27  <George> I do not know. What whould you suggest?
15:47:02  <George> How do firs for example does?
15:50:23  <George> BTW, have you upload it with ssl? and what url do I need to use now?
15:50:26  <George> % hg --repository F:\GAMES\TTD-WIN\!Development\DevZone\xussrset incoming --quiet --bundle c:\docume~1\george\locals~1\temp\thg.goizwd\https__George@rhodecode.openttdcoop.org_xussrset_m9smsj.hg https://George:***
15:50:26  <George> прервано: repository is unrelated
15:50:26  <George> [команда вернула код 255 Fri Feb 08 19:50:20 2013]
15:50:26  <George> xussrset%
15:51:40  <planetmaker> I uploaded via ssh, yes. But as the single changes are MUCH smaller than the 900 revisions at once, it should be usually no problem to push like i initially suggested:
15:51:54  <planetmaker> default-push =
15:52:26  <Brot6> xUSSR Set - Revision 847:8a149eb91487: Добавлен тепловоз ТЭРА1 XGeorgeX @
15:52:48  <planetmaker> also change: default =
15:53:01  <planetmaker> so that you pull updates from the "right" place
15:53:27  <George> where should I specify 2 URLs?
15:53:57  <planetmaker> in the .hg/hgrc file in your repository
15:54:11  <planetmaker> surely tortoise has a nice UI for that, too
15:54:44  <George> it says
15:55:01  <George> [paths]
15:55:01  <George> default = https://George:***
15:55:15  <planetmaker> default-push = https://George:***
15:55:28  <planetmaker> default =
15:55:29  <George> where it should have the other URL?
15:55:40  <planetmaker> and you miss the repository trailing the URL
15:55:46  <planetmaker> two lines, beneath eachother
15:56:12  <planetmaker> default-push = https://George:***
15:56:19  <planetmaker> default =
16:01:23  <planetmaker> in tortoise: right click on project -> web server -> edit file (on top right)
16:01:54  <planetmaker> right click on project -> settings -> ...
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16:14:03  <George> I've did my first commit
16:14:35  <George> but I can't upload it
16:14:37  <George> % hg --repository F:\GAMES\TTD-WIN\!Development\DevZone\xussrset push https://George:***
16:14:37  <George> pushing to https://George:***
16:14:37  <George> прервано: authorization failed
16:14:37  <George> [команда вернула код 255 Fri Feb 08 20:15:49 2013]
16:14:37  <George> xussrset%
16:15:08  <planetmaker> yes. your URL is too short. you miss "xussrset" attached to the servername
16:15:18  <planetmaker> you try to push to the server's root
16:15:45  <planetmaker> default-push = https://George:***
16:16:00  <George> Done
16:16:12  <George> Please check if I did it right now
16:16:15  <Brot6> xUSSR Set - Revision 848:9d6e0cbb3d9c: Платформа 13-хх обновлена XGeorgeX @
16:16:37  <George> Also I've got some problem with HG
16:16:58  <George> It does not want  to make a list of chaged fies - reports error 6
16:17:14  <George> The commit I did is a commit for a single file
16:18:36  <planetmaker> you miss like "hg add"?
16:18:39  <planetmaker> for new files?
16:19:06  <planetmaker> it won't automagically add new files. You explicitly need to tell hg about them that they should become part of history
16:19:31  <George> there is a blue bottom for that in the UI
16:19:44  <George> but it reports error 6 now
16:20:16  <planetmaker> in tortoise's file list you can ctrl+select the new files which you want to add (they have an empty square left of it, if not tracked yet) and then right-click choose "add"
16:21:00  <George> Yes, but it does not want to make a list
16:21:15  <planetmaker> I don't exactly understand the problem yet :-)
16:21:30  <George> I have to go now, let us continue tomorrow
16:21:45  <planetmaker> I'm back on Tuesday only :-)
16:21:52  <planetmaker> offline till then
16:22:14  <planetmaker> but tortoise / hg is something many people use here (or in #openttd)
16:22:58  <George> Hope someone would help me
16:23:14  <George> May be Ammler
16:23:50  <planetmaker> as said... many people here use hg
16:27:15  <George> How can I add project members?
16:27:32  <George> How can I specify their permissions?
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16:28:53  <planetmaker> you can as manager. I made you manager of this project. Go to settings -> members on
16:31:56  <George> thank you
16:33:17  <George> is there any help on roles ( Manager Developer Contributor Reporter Watcher Editor Inactive)
16:33:30  <George> who does what?
16:36:56  <Brot6> xUSSR Set - Feature #789 (Closed): Хоппер-зерновоз модели 11-739 / Grain Hopper ... XGeorgeX @
16:37:25  <Brot6> xUSSR Set - Feature #787 (Closed): Локомотивы серии "Ермак" / "Ermak" series. XGeorgeX @
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17:50:39  <planetmaker> George, managers can change users, developers can commit, contributors can change issues. (and the 'higher' level of course all other tasks 'below' their level
17:53:13  <Alberth> "changing users", sounds dangerous :p
17:56:17  <planetmaker> :-)
17:56:29  <planetmaker> s/users/permissions/ might be more accurate :-)
17:56:29  <Brot6> planetmaker: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"
17:58:12  <Alberth> brot6 help help
17:58:12  <Brot6> Alberth: basics: quit, restart, join, part, hide, save, say, action, topic, quiet, talk, ping, mode
17:58:52  <planetmaker> hm :-) would be interesting if everyone could use all those :D
17:59:32  <Alberth> 'help' is clearly not a basic command :)
18:00:20  <Alberth> and several of the basic commands mean nothing to me :p
18:00:54  <Alberth> time for some xml saving code instead, I guess :)
18:01:32  <Alberth> which could be useful to save your uploaded language file :p
18:02:28  <planetmaker> :-)
18:03:05  <planetmaker> I really still have to get used to commit messages which I can read 50% at most ;-)
18:03:20  <planetmaker> (not in relation to xml and lang files though :D )
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18:03:49  <Alberth> enough if you are also in the project, and useless otherwise :)
18:03:51  <Alberth> quak
18:04:18  <planetmaker> quaak :-)
18:05:09  <frosch123> moin
18:05:13  <planetmaker> George, one thing which need be made sure, if devzone shall build the xussr set: that the filename capitalization matches exactly the filename spelling in the source code. I did not check for it; but usually that's never the case for projects from windows users :-)
18:10:45  <Ammler> [19:10] <George> [17:33:17] is there any help on roles ( Manager Developer Contributor Reporter Watcher Editor Inactive) <--
18:13:07  <Ammler> you should find about every topic a wiki page there
18:13:26  <Ammler> might not be updated always, but well...
18:14:24  <planetmaker> :-)
18:17:02  <Alberth> Everything on all project, but only on request  <-- s/,/s,/
18:18:14  <Ammler> planetmaker: I don't read everything back, something I need to answer?
18:18:37  <planetmaker> the question where I highlighted you :D
18:19:01  <planetmaker> i.e. what state is rhodecode page in wrt user commit access?
18:19:25  <Ammler> oh, didn't work with push.o.o?
18:19:47  <Ammler> entitiy too high is nginx issue
18:20:07  <Ammler> and yes, you would need to create a account on rhodecode
18:23:40  <planetmaker> ok. So things are (still) like I thought I knew :-)
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18:38:48  <Ammler> yes, but entitiy too small is fixeablew
18:38:58  <Ammler> just need to know, how you get it
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23:52:46  <Brot6> FIRS Industry Replacement Set - Feature #4904 (New): Capitaliztion and US_english update XSupercheeseX @
23:55:59  <Brot6> FISH - deletey.png XandythenorthX @
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