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09:02:17  <planetmaker> V453000, I've a patch here for YETI which makes it so that the version reported to OpenTTD is automatically adjusted with each build (so that players will get the newest version usually when they configure their game). But it then requires use of the cpp preprocessor in order to build yeti. I'm not sure that's actually wanted...
09:02:26  <planetmaker> -       version: 6;
09:02:26  <planetmaker> +       version: REPO_REVISION
09:02:58  <planetmaker> the displayed version is already updated during build by means of a changed custom_tags.txt as you had noticed
09:03:42  <planetmaker> Additionally the patch could be a 1st tiny step to maybe reduce build time a bit. But the largest and most steps need to be made outside yeti repo on the CF itself
09:07:23  <V453000> like it would not get a new revision daily but with each update?
09:07:23  <V453000> or?
09:07:27  <V453000> I am not sure I understand :D
09:09:31  <V453000> I got to go for lunch, back soonz :)
09:16:37  <planetmaker> currently it doesn't get a new internal version at all. Unless you update it manually during a commit
09:17:00  <planetmaker> my change would make it so, that the internal version reported to openttd is updated automatically with each commit. Or at least each day
09:17:26  <planetmaker> (commits on the same day would have the same version reported)
09:17:33  <planetmaker> but that usually is no issue
10:01:43  <V453000> back (:
10:02:04  <V453000> aha that
10:02:08  <V453000> hm
10:02:24  <V453000> why not I suppose
10:02:33  <V453000> I was used to having 0.0.6 correspond to version 6 with NUTS
10:02:42  <V453000> but I understand that with revisions it is different
10:02:46  <V453000> so yeah why not
11:12:29  <planetmaker> well, ok, so I will commit that. If you want to continue later without, just commit the inverse. Thus rename yeti.pnml again to yeti.nml and add a manual version again into the nml (but larger than the last automatically used one, thus > 5xxx whatever)
11:13:01  <V453000> righto
11:13:09  <V453000> probably wont do that anyway :) will just use the pnml
11:19:22  <planetmaker> I'll split it into two commits. The last one introducing the constant into the pnml file. The one which then needs replacing by a script to an actual number. Thus if you want it manual, it's only this one change which needs undoing.
11:19:33  <planetmaker> whether the source file is called nml or pnml is actually irrelevant :)
11:19:39  <planetmaker> for manual compilation
11:19:39  <V453000> :)
11:20:14  <V453000> with how the things currently seem to move, I hope I could stay behind the sprites only
11:20:18  <V453000> which would be great
11:20:24  <V453000> so no need to compile for me :P
11:20:38  <planetmaker> :)
11:23:36  <planetmaker> there we go
11:23:43  <planetmaker> now wait two hours :P
11:24:17  <V453000> :)
11:24:29  <V453000> am animating, 2 hours is like seconds :P
11:26:13  <^Spike^> .... :)
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11:49:00  <DevZone> Project 2ccts build #316-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 40 sec:
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14:30:28  <DevZone> Project yeti build #43-push: SUCCESS in 3 hr 6 min:
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