Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 16th April 2012:
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00:01:58  <Mazur> English!
00:03:03  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
00:05:18  <Mazur> And only login one time!
00:05:33  <Mazur> !rcon clients
00:05:33  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #1  name: 'Stablean'  company: 255  IP: server
00:05:34  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #246  name: 'Petr CZ'  company: 255  IP:
00:05:34  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #252  name: 'Mazur'  company: 255  IP:
00:05:34  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #178  name: 'Big Meech'  company: 255  IP:
00:05:34  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #149  name: 'Speedy'  company: 7  IP:
00:05:34  <Stablean> Mazur: you have one more message
00:05:37  <Mazur> !more
00:05:37  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #215  name: 'Petr_CZE;;;'  company: 12  IP:
00:06:57  <Mazur> !kick 246
00:07:02  <Mazur> !rcon kick 246
00:07:02  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Petr CZ has left the game (kicked by server)
00:07:02  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Petr CZ has left the game (connection lost)
00:07:30  <Stablean> *** Petr CZ joined the game
00:07:34  <Mazur> And now reply to me or your other client gets kicks, too.
00:07:53  <Mazur> !rcon clients
00:07:53  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #1  name: 'Stablean'  company: 255  IP: server
00:07:53  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #255  name: 'Petr CZ'  company: 255  IP:
00:07:53  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #252  name: 'Mazur'  company: 255  IP:
00:07:53  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #178  name: 'Big Meech'  company: 255  IP:
00:07:53  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #149  name: 'Speedy'  company: 7  IP:
00:07:54  <Stablean> Mazur: you have one more message
00:07:57  <Mazur> !more
00:07:57  <Stablean> Mazur: Client #215  name: 'Petr_CZE;;;'  company: 12  IP:
00:08:08  <Mazur> 10
00:08:10  <Mazur> 9
00:08:12  <Mazur> 8
00:08:13  <Mazur> 7
00:08:15  <Mazur> 6
00:08:16  <Mazur> 5
00:08:18  <Mazur> 4
00:08:19  <Mazur> 3
00:08:21  <Mazur> 2
00:08:29  <Mazur> !rcon ban 255
00:08:29  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Petr CZ has left the game (kicked by server)
00:08:29  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Petr CZ has left the game (connection lost)
00:08:29  <Stablean> Mazur: Banned 1 client(s)
00:08:32  <Stablean> <Speedy> §
00:08:32  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> Mazur: wheres problem with Petr CZ ?
00:09:10  <Mazur> Yes, that's you, too, no doubt, and you are only allowed in once.
00:10:09  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> sorry, thats misunderstanding. Petr CZ was another player
00:10:31  <Mazur> With the same nickname by accident?  I do not belive it.
00:10:35  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> we talk over PM
00:11:40  <Mazur> Why would you both use the same nick, apart from minor details?
00:12:47  <XeryusTC> Mazur: ip is different though :o
00:13:07  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> i dont know .. I play here over x hours and a while ago Petr CZ join, so we talking (over PM ofcourse)
00:13:13  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> yeah :D
00:14:07  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> He  looking V43000 ..
00:14:27  <Mazur> V453000 is asleep by now.
00:14:39  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> yes, I talk it
00:15:21  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> Petr CZ just come tomorrow, if is  important
00:16:28  <Mazur> I still find it hard to believe, that if there are so many Petrs in Czech, that you both use the same nickname solution.  Very unimaginative.
00:16:42  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> :D
00:17:21  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> We are big nation :D:D
00:17:22  <Mazur> For instance, when I started on IRC, there were quite a few people with my first name, so I use something entirely different.
00:18:49  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> I this nick have too long (5 yr?)
00:19:17  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> this it was really big coincidence :D
00:19:32  <planetmaker> ! maybe, just maybe we give the benefit of doubt
00:19:51  <Mazur> I already unbanned him.
00:19:52  <planetmaker> ! after all "our" Mark is not a unique nickname either... but that's a simpler nick...
00:20:10  <planetmaker> ! and the co-incidence is QUITE remarkable
00:20:21  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> I think, he just go sleep :D ..
00:20:25  <Mazur> Yes, capitals and all.
00:20:52  <planetmaker> ! but I wonder about the different IPs. Usually people would try that without such measures
00:21:12  <planetmaker> ! and the postfix CZ seems quite common
00:21:31  <planetmaker> ! mind the leading !. It makes it not show ingame ;-)
00:22:10  <Mazur> I've known people who'd use different IPs, but the rest of the behavious does not fit that pattern, so far.
00:22:47  <planetmaker> ! well. strange co-incidence :-)
00:23:09  <Mazur> ! Sure, lets go with that.
00:23:17  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> :)
00:27:46  <Stablean> *** Petr CZ joined the game
00:33:29  <XeryusTC> ! loads of people from the czech republick use CZ as a prefix
00:33:35  <XeryusTC> ! no matter where you run into them on the internet
00:45:32  <Stablean> *** Petr CZ has joined company #12
00:50:01  <Stablean> <Petr CZ> jj
00:54:15  <Stablean> <Petr CZ> pps 1
01:04:26  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (connection lost)
01:15:02  <Stablean> <Petr CZ> jejich maglev nemusí brzdit
01:17:31  <planetmaker> please. English only in public chat
01:18:18  <Mazur> Read the !rules, too.
01:21:16  <Stablean> *** dwarf has started a new company (#8)
01:21:18  <Stablean> *** dwarf joined the game
01:38:15  <Stablean> *** dwarf has left the game (leaving)
02:15:17  <Stablean> *** Speedy has joined spectators
02:17:09  <Stablean> *** Speedy has joined company #7
02:18:05  <Stablean> *** Speedy has joined spectators
02:20:56  <Stablean> *** Brad Troika joined the game
02:40:13  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (general timeout)
02:40:13  <Stablean> *** Speedy has left the game (connection lost)
02:49:47  <Stablean> *** Brad Troika has left the game (leaving)
03:32:01  <Stablean> *** nicfer joined the game
03:32:24  <Stablean> *** nicfer has left the game (leaving)
03:44:37  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#13)
03:44:46  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
03:45:00  <Mazur> !rcon move 311 255
03:45:00  <Mazur> "Player", when you play in a company, use a proper nick, you can set one with !name yourname in the textbox
03:45:05  <Stablean> Mazur: ERROR: You cannot move someone to where he/she already is!
03:46:12  <Stablean> <Player> eh
03:46:32  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> to console
03:46:46  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> type it to console
03:47:17  <Stablean> <Player> syas error
03:47:31  <Stablean> <Player> command not found
03:47:56  <Stablean> *** Player has changed his/her name to ÆtherSurfer
03:48:04  <Stablean> <ÆtherSurfer> there thanks
03:48:06  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE;;;> np :)
03:49:56  <Stablean> *** ÆtherSurfer has started a new company (#13)
03:50:04  <Stablean> *** ÆtherSurfer has left the game (leaving)
05:03:46  <Stablean> *** Petr_CZE;;; has left the game (leaving)
05:13:41  <Stablean> *** bbuingbbuing joined the game
05:22:58  <Stablean> *** bbuingbbuing has left the game (leaving)
05:24:24  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
05:24:24  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
05:24:24  <Stablean> *** Petr CZ has left the game (general timeout)
05:24:25  <Stablean> *** Petr CZ has left the game (connection lost)
05:24:25  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
05:44:36  <Stablean> *** Max joined the game
05:45:00  <Stablean> *** Max has left the game (leaving)
06:35:22  <Stablean> *** Lukky CZ joined the game
06:36:05  <Stablean> *** Lukky CZ has left the game (leaving)
06:46:30  *** TWerkhoven[l] has joined #openttdcoop.stable
06:59:49  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
07:39:57  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
07:39:57  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
08:13:51  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (processing map took too long)
08:13:51  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
08:14:11  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
08:38:16  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
08:38:16  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
08:48:54  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
08:49:38  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
08:49:41  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
08:49:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
08:49:46  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
08:55:06  <Stablean> <V453000> want to join Meech?
08:55:12  <Stablean> <V453000> I have some major un-messing going on
08:55:19  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
08:55:33  <Stablean> <Big Meech> is the spaghetti edible?
08:55:39  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ;)
08:55:41  <Stablean> <V453000> you decide
08:55:43  <Stablean> <Big Meech> and yes, ican join if yo uwant
08:55:58  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i will need to get a drink though soon
08:56:25  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
08:56:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ty
08:56:59  <Stablean> <V453000> I have currently sort of set up a 2 line ring around the island
08:57:13  <Stablean> <V453000> now I am just making the connections from primaries proper with choices
08:57:19  <Stablean> <V453000> so I could expand it systematically later
08:57:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
08:57:35  <Stablean> <V453000> CL is "1.5"
08:57:49  <Stablean> <V453000> see the sign
08:58:00  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
08:58:06  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yep
08:58:12  <Stablean> <V453000> just one tile straight, 1.5 on diagonal
08:58:22  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yep
08:58:56  <Stablean> <V453000> hm
08:59:03  <Stablean> <V453000> thinking about taking the bottom 2 lines to the coast
09:02:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you got a train going down that one line
09:02:40  <Stablean> <V453000> sure
09:03:04  <Stablean> *** Zalma joined the game
09:03:24  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi zalma
09:03:30  <Stablean> <Zalma> o/
09:03:44  <Stablean> <V453000> ello
09:03:50  <Stablean> <Zalma> just waiting for BTPro servers to come back with 1.2.0 :)
09:04:32  <Stablean> <V453000> Pro servers ^^^
09:04:46  <Stablean> <Big Meech> V, is there a list of the hotkeys somewhere on the wiki?
09:04:49  <Stablean> <Zalma> heh, it's just the name - the players aren't amazing by any means, but the goal servers are fun
09:04:55  <Stablean> <V453000> dunno
09:05:26  <Stablean> <V453000> I personally hate goal servers :)
09:06:00  <Stablean> <Zalma> Some people do! I just like it when there's a set start and end
09:06:34  <Stablean> <V453000> well sure but everyone can set their goal for themselves
09:06:37  <Stablean> <V453000> which is far more creative
09:07:15  <Stablean> <V453000> and since those goals are usually related to something stupid like profit or income, it doesnt even make people try to improve their network, just connect some more stuff somewhere else
09:08:01  <Stablean> <Zalma> that's true, it often promotes mass building instead - but the good people still know how to build fast and efficient networks
09:08:35  <Stablean> <Big Meech> id think beginning players wouldnt learn much there
09:08:48  <Stablean> <V453000> quite so
09:08:53  <Stablean> <V453000> good people wont be interested in goals anyway
09:09:01  <Stablean> <Zalma> heh...
09:09:08  <Stablean> <Zalma> why wouldn't good people enjoy competition?
09:09:14  <Stablean> <Zalma> how arrognt :p
09:09:32  <Stablean> <V453000> because we compete against ourselves
09:09:38  <Stablean> <V453000> you cant find a harder competitor
09:10:32  <Stablean> <Zalma> shrug, if you say so ;p
09:10:34  <Stablean> *** Absolutis joined the game
09:10:36  <Stablean> <Absolutis> hey
09:10:38  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
09:10:40  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
09:10:46  <Stablean> <V453000> well try to build a network with 1000 or more trains
09:11:32  <Stablean> <Absolutis> cool
09:11:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> can i remove unused V ?
09:11:44  <Stablean> <V453000> no
09:11:48  <Stablean> <V453000> going to be used soon
09:11:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
09:12:40  <Stablean> <Absolutis> may i join in?
09:12:43  <Stablean> <V453000> sure
09:12:49  <Stablean> <V453000> gold mines will be connected differently btw
09:13:03  <Stablean> <V453000> dont bother with them atm
09:13:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> aaah alright
09:15:04  <Stablean> *** Absolutis has left the game (leaving)
09:15:20  <Stablean> <V453000> works well
09:16:54  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure joined the game
09:16:57  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hello Troy
09:17:00  <Stablean> <V453000> hi there
09:20:34  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hi
09:21:49  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok back
09:22:56  <Stablean> <V453000> ok now the mess in the left end of the island
09:23:09  <Stablean> <V453000> hm, works for now
09:24:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you have slow trains, they interfere with flow
09:24:10  <Stablean> <V453000> hm?
09:24:12  <Stablean> <V453000> ah
09:24:14  <Stablean> <V453000> yes I know
09:28:52  <Stablean> <Big Meech> how aer you Troy ?
09:28:59  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> fine, thanks
09:29:10  <Stablean> <Big Meech> good to hear
09:29:41  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> how are you?
09:29:47  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> got any sleep?
09:29:49  <Stablean> <Big Meech> not too bad, waking up here
09:29:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yes
09:30:10  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> feel rested?
09:30:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> umm, actually yes, feel pretty good there
09:30:32  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> good to hear :)
09:31:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> add oil at !here?
09:31:45  <Stablean> <V453000> sure
09:31:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> errm
09:32:02  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you need a signal at Prenfingburg East
09:32:33  <Stablean> <V453000> :)
09:33:11  <Stablean> *** Zalma has left the game (leaving)
09:35:53  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you've got trains building up at some stations
09:36:04  <Stablean> <V453000> know, dont worry
09:36:15  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and more platforms is just moving the problem to the station
09:36:31  <Stablean> <V453000> hm?
09:37:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> instead of waiting before the station, they're now waiting in the station
09:37:08  <Stablean> <V453000> so?
09:37:31  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> errm, I can cite financial reasons
09:37:38  <Stablean> <V453000> yes go ahead
09:37:44  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> instead, let me appeal to Little's Law
09:39:23  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> more "inventory" (trains) / Cycle time (time to take to get back and forth to drop) means more throughput you don't actually need
09:39:44  <Stablean> <V453000> wtf?
09:39:51  <Stablean> <V453000> since when do empty trains cycle all the way around
09:40:13  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> those extra waiting trains don't generate more money is the financial reason
09:40:19  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> but they're also detrimental to flow
09:40:37  <Stablean> <V453000> how are they detrimental to flow if they are just waiting at the station?
09:40:44  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> well
09:40:47  <Stablean> <V453000> and since when do I care about income
09:41:09  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> example: split before Prenfinburg Coal mine/Munningbury Heights/Munningbury Woods
09:41:13  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I know you don't
09:41:29  <Stablean> <V453000> yes not enough platforms
09:41:36  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, too many trains
09:41:44  <Stablean> <V453000> why
09:41:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> why would you need those extra trains at all?
09:42:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> 3/4 at the coal mine arent loading at all
09:42:08  <Stablean> <V453000> future production increase?
09:42:18  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> just add more trains then
09:42:21  <Stablean> <V453000> why not now
09:42:52  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> because there's  a lot of clogging because of it
09:42:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> btw, Gundinghead Valley
09:43:12  <Stablean> <Big Meech> if yo uwant to see clogging, see me toilet
09:43:38  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> one way to get rid of trains :)
09:43:38  <Stablean> <Big Meech> haha
09:43:41  <Stablean> <Big Meech> LOL
09:44:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i cloned the trains ok ?
09:44:15  <Stablean> <V453000> sure
09:44:49  <Stablean> <Big Meech> youd think a wood or coal crash would cause more fire
09:48:15  <Stablean> *** Dannifail has started a new company (#13)
09:48:17  <Stablean> *** Dannifail joined the game
09:50:17  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> only one platform in use at Prenfingburg
09:52:06  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hmm, okay, I'll get working on that blog entry of mine which involves these situations
09:52:20  <Stablean> <V453000> ooh, idiocy in text form?
09:52:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and you have lost trains going through Prenfingburg Forest, I think the problem is solved
09:52:36  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes, V, idiocy in text form
09:52:39  <Stablean> <V453000> yes, lost when autoreplacing
09:52:51  <Stablean> *** Dannifail has left the game (leaving)
09:52:59  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> there's a whole industry based on Lean manufacturing, reducing inventory and you call it idiocy
09:53:18  <Stablean> <V453000> that isnt somehow related to openttd I guess
09:53:25  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> oh, but it is
09:54:36  <Stablean> <V453000> well at least we will have a good laugh
09:55:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure>
09:55:01  <Webster> Title: Lean manufacturing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
09:55:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> Lean manufacturing is a variation on the theme of efficiency based on optimizing flow
09:55:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> citation, which is what is one of the key things you'll want to do wit the coop style
09:55:48  <Stablean> <V453000> which means reducing amount of waiting trains
09:55:54  <Stablean> <V453000> brilliant
09:56:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes, and moving them to a station won't help
09:56:12  <Stablean> <V453000> thing it it doesnt hurt anything either
09:56:36  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> dude, I just pointed out an error you made with waiting trains
09:56:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and you crashed them
09:56:48  <Stablean> <V453000> and bought 2 new?
09:57:06  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes, seperated the tracks before the station even further
09:57:27  <Stablean> <V453000> how is that a problem
09:57:28  <Stablean> <V453000> tell me
09:57:28  <Stablean> <V453000> what is the problem
09:57:28  <Stablean> <V453000> there are trains waiting. ok
09:57:34  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> increasing capacity of your network, without de-bottlenecking is stupid
09:57:45  <Stablean> <V453000> what bottleneck?
09:58:15  <Stablean> <V453000> is the ML capacity reduced because I have few waiting trains at a primary?
09:58:15  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it's the same thing as randomly adding stations to your ML and then saying: oh, too little flow, lets just add another track
09:58:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> in both cases, you're not using your network optimally
09:58:47  <Stablean> <V453000> what have you smoked Troy
09:58:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> why are you so hostile?
09:59:16  <Stablean> <V453000> they are using the network exactly the same as if there were 3 trains waiting as if there are 30 trains waiting
09:59:30  <Stablean> <V453000> they could also be in an overflow so there could be 9000 trains waiting
09:59:36  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, you're creating extra network to support those trains you don't need
09:59:46  <Stablean> <V453000> what extra network?
09:59:48  <Stablean> <V453000> the few platforms?
09:59:54  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
09:59:54  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
09:59:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> rails and platforms
09:59:58  <Stablean> <V453000> how are few platforms on a primary linked to the ML
10:00:09  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> via rails
10:00:19  <Stablean> <V453000> I mean logically
10:00:33  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I know
10:00:39  <Stablean> <V453000> yes it isnt
10:00:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> my point being: your network isnt just your ML, it's your SL, it
10:00:49  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it's your stations
10:00:57  <Stablean> <V453000> really?
10:01:26  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> another example
10:01:27  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
10:01:34  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you Coal drop, the terminus ones
10:01:38  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> *one
10:01:44  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
10:01:46  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> has three platforms
10:02:02  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> only 2 are ever used, the third one can't be reached "in time"
10:02:12  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it is totally and utterly useless
10:02:18  <Stablean> <V453000> riight
10:02:28  <Stablean> <V453000> with more trains it would
10:02:35  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no
10:02:39  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> try it
10:02:46  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> send all trains to the left track
10:02:50  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and have them unload there
10:03:04  <Stablean> <V453000> hm perhaps
10:03:11  <Stablean> <V453000> but that is just a poor PBS station, how is it related to the network
10:03:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it's related to -apparently- your way of thinking
10:03:45  <Stablean> <V453000> the station works?
10:03:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> adding another platform *should* increase capacity of you track, but does it?
10:04:01  <Stablean> <V453000> since when did I say that
10:04:03  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> oh, so no there's a train waiting to get out...
10:05:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I thought you'd recognize ineffeciency where-ever it happened, but when you're doing it
10:05:49  <Stablean> <V453000> why would I fix a nonexistent problem?
10:05:52  <Stablean> <V453000> it doesnt jam so ?
10:06:00  <Stablean> <V453000> besides the whole network is a major mess, so ...
10:06:06  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you're not even fixing the problems that are there
10:06:10  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has started a new company (#13)
10:06:16  <Stablean> <V453000> there are problems?
10:07:32  <Stablean> <V453000> seriously
10:07:35  <Stablean> <V453000> what the fuck is your problem
10:08:01  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> nothing
10:08:04  <Stablean> <V453000> wouldnt say so
10:08:14  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I would think you'd appreciate some criticism
10:08:26  <Stablean> <V453000> how is this criticism
10:08:40  <Stablean> <V453000> few forgotten issues on the network and you relate it to your problem solving logic
10:08:42  <Stablean> <V453000> which makes no sense at all
10:08:48  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you're doing something wrong,  which can be better
10:08:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, you say there aren't any problems
10:09:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> there are
10:09:02  <Stablean> <V453000> and at the same time these problems do not affect the network anyhow too badly
10:09:14  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> that you don't see them isnt my fault, so I'll point them out
10:09:17  <Stablean> <V453000> of course you could also point at every single bridge and anything
10:09:31  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> that you are unwilling to accept you *might* make mistakes...
10:09:33  <Stablean> <V453000> the network somehow works, it isnt a problem to me
10:09:45  <Stablean> <V453000> these clearly are mistakes and I of course did make them
10:09:54  <Stablean> <V453000> but how is that related to your logic of solving problems
10:10:06  <Stablean> <V453000> I didnt notice the problem yet, so ... it is bad that I made that mistake in the first place?
10:10:09  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> Assumption 3: If it ain’t broke, dont fix it!
10:10:16  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you know where that comes from?
10:10:30  <Stablean> <V453000> and what is written below
10:10:30  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
10:10:51  <Stablean> <V453000> go read it
10:10:52  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it isnt about your interpretation now is it
10:11:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> "the network somehow works, it isn't  a problem to me"
10:11:15  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
10:11:27  <Stablean> <V453000> you want me to have everythign perfectly built even if it isnt needed?
10:11:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I would say that's a classic remark of: "it isnt broke, I shouldn't fix it"
10:11:29  <Stablean> <V453000> good
10:11:35  <Stablean> <V453000> yes it is
10:11:45  <Stablean> <V453000> but the blog article talks about something completely different
10:11:51  <Stablean> <V453000> related to that point
10:12:17  <Stablean> <V453000> I dont know if the point 3 in the article is actually well valid to that point at all but that doesnt matter here and now
10:12:39  <Stablean> <V453000> unsynced tunnel :)
10:12:42  <Stablean> <V453000> right
10:12:44  <Stablean> <V453000> how are those tunnels unsynced
10:13:11  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> my bad, those tunnels are synced
10:13:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> was noticing a flow problem there earlier, but it was due to the FPP drop exit
10:13:32  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> so no problem there
10:13:46  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and no, I don't think I know all the answers
10:13:57  <Stablean> <V453000> sure, the fpp is far from ideal
10:14:19  <Stablean> <V453000> but I totally miss your point
10:14:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, it was due to trains leaving the FPP causing the trains in the tunnel to stop
10:14:33  <Stablean> <V453000> yes
10:14:43  <Stablean> <V453000> which is why the fpp station is bad
10:16:57  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, apparently you don't
10:17:07  <Stablean> <V453000> wonder if there is any
10:17:13  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> well, there is
10:17:19  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you just don't see it
10:17:37  <Stablean> <V453000> sure sure
10:18:39  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> oh, and I don't think it's very curtious to call me an idiot
10:18:57  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> even if it's right...
10:19:33  <Stablean> <V453000> if you apply some logic to the coop style which is completely against the coop style...
10:19:59  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> what is against the coop style?
10:20:10  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> the logic I apply, or logic in general?
10:20:13  <Stablean> <V453000> caring about profit or amount of waiting trains that dont make a problem?
10:20:38  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> the money aspect isnt of concern to you, I know, but that wasnt my main point
10:21:08  <Stablean> <V453000> oh, ML flow reduction with trains that are waiting in the station it was?
10:21:22  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, network flow reduction
10:21:33  <Stablean> <V453000> :-D
10:21:41  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah the flow is completely reduced
10:21:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes
10:21:56  <Stablean> <V453000> getting close to zero actually
10:22:04  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> more trains are waiting, so less trains are flowing
10:22:18  <Stablean> <V453000> how are less trains flowing
10:22:28  <Stablean> <V453000> the same amount of trains is flowing, and a few more are waiting
10:22:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> because more trains are waiting (near staitons)
10:22:48  <Stablean> <V453000> yes those are extra
10:22:54  <Stablean> <V453000> but how does it reduce the amount of other trains
10:23:32  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it reduces the overall speed of the network in general, not of the other trains, and at some point, you will probably see a clogging
10:23:46  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> Murhpy's Law: if something can go wrong, it will
10:24:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> anyways, gtg
10:24:02  <Stablean> <V453000> overall speed of the network?
10:24:04  <Stablean> <V453000> wtf?
10:24:19  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> can't say that I've enjoyed talking to you this time, but take care V ;)
10:24:21  <Stablean> <V453000> you really care about average time that trains spend at SL?
10:24:35  <Stablean> <V453000> see you
10:24:38  <Stablean> <V453000> and think about it
10:24:40  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (leaving)
10:26:01  <Stablean> <V453000> anything jamming meech?
10:26:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> not sure
10:26:28  <Stablean> <V453000> guess not then
10:26:42  <Stablean> <V453000> but the waiting trains are just terrible XD
10:29:07  <Stablean> *** wln joined the game
10:31:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> and fix prefingburg central
10:33:53  <Stablean> <V453000> feel free to use various trains on this network btw
10:34:03  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
10:34:26  <Stablean> <Big Meech> trying to work out a route to fluntfield gold mine
10:35:33  <Stablean> *** wln has left the game (leaving)
10:37:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh
10:37:37  <Stablean> <Big Meech> new prudingbury gold is gone
10:37:43  <Stablean> <V453000> hm :)
10:38:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> haha OMG
10:38:19  <Stablean> <Big Meech> xD
10:38:29  <Stablean> <Big Meech> wtg
10:38:36  <Stablean> <V453000> prospect moar
10:38:42  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I guess haha
10:38:53  <Stablean> <V453000> oh there is another one :)
10:39:19  <Stablean> <Big Meech> funny how those all appreared at once
10:40:10  <Stablean> <V453000> boring to have one engine twice :p
10:40:44  <Stablean> <V453000> the wagons differ too :p
10:40:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> =P
10:45:02  <Stablean> <V453000> no more gold mines eh
10:48:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok back
10:49:12  <Stablean> <Big Meech> anything else need connecting?
10:50:07  <Stablean> <Big Meech> we have 202 trains =D
10:50:17  <Stablean> <Big Meech> and no jams
10:51:16  <Stablean> <V453000> need more production :)
10:51:19  <Stablean> <V453000> lets prospect some more
10:51:26  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
10:51:36  <Stablean> <V453000> oh
10:51:36  <Stablean> <V453000> $
10:52:02  <Stablean> <V453000> and not a single mine at our end
10:52:05  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i think there is room for small items
10:52:07  <Stablean> <Big Meech> like il
10:52:09  <Stablean> <V453000> no space I guess
10:52:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oil
10:52:37  <Stablean> <Big Meech> we have coal at ~~~
10:52:47  <Stablean> <V453000> well now that our network is servicing our stations well, we should have productions increase well now
10:52:58  <Stablean> <V453000> oh nice, at least some
10:53:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> just one
10:53:39  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you are in PS ?
10:55:58  <Stablean> <V453000> we should try to find all visible depots
10:56:06  <Stablean> <V453000> autoreplacing in 5 years
10:56:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
10:56:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yo uwant the visibles removed?
10:56:36  <Stablean> <V453000> depends
10:56:42  <Stablean> <V453000> overflows need to have hidden depots
10:59:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> only one other one i saw at !not hidden
10:59:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> all others are after station exit
11:00:02  <Stablean> <V453000> after reverser or terminus?
11:00:08  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yes, looks like
11:00:12  <Stablean> <V453000> alright
11:00:18  <Stablean> <V453000> we need to make sure that every station gets one then
11:00:36  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh my
11:01:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> only after the picks or after drops as well?
11:01:43  <Stablean> <V453000> can be both if drop is terminus
11:01:46  <Stablean> <V453000> but pickups are the best place
11:01:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ok
11:01:56  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oil drop is roro
11:02:02  <Stablean> <V453000> yes I know
11:04:19  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
11:04:21  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
11:04:44  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
11:05:04  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
11:07:04  <Stablean> <V453000> omg havent seen transmitter
11:07:14  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol, theyre there
11:07:46  <Stablean> <Big Meech> they transmit evil powers to our network xD
11:07:57  <Stablean> <V453000> I think the coal mine benefits a lot from it
11:08:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> it does, it brainwashes the workers in the mine
11:08:21  <Stablean> <Big Meech> and if they dont comply
11:08:23  <Stablean> <V453000> lol
11:08:23  <Stablean> <Big Meech> their heads explode
11:11:28  <Stablean> *** pfc has started a new company (#13)
11:11:28  <Stablean> *** pfc joined the game
11:11:32  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi pfc
11:13:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> ha, my sign made them increase production xD
11:13:49  <Stablean> <V453000> the trains always waiting did
11:13:59  <Stablean> <Big Meech> aaah ^_^
11:14:07  <Stablean> <V453000> overflow is great for making industries explode on production
11:16:27  <Stablean> *** pfc has left the game (leaving)
11:16:39  <Stablean> <V453000> wtf :)
11:20:18  <Stablean> *** Lolli joined the game
11:20:23  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi lolli
11:23:04  <Stablean> *** Lolli has started a new company (#13)
11:23:28  <Stablean> <V453000> the Gundinghead will need some adjusting :d
11:23:59  <Stablean> <Big Meech> yep
11:25:50  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i thin k pretty much all other staions have hidden depot
11:26:01  <Stablean> <Big Meech> only place i didnt add one was !this line
11:26:27  <Stablean> <V453000> hm
11:26:33  <Stablean> <V453000> it isnt terminus
11:26:35  <Stablean> <V453000> visible depots
11:26:43  <Stablean> <V453000> cant be there
11:26:43  <Stablean> <Big Meech> could move it 1 more tile
11:26:43  <Stablean> <Big Meech> oh
11:26:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> right!
11:40:21  <Stablean> <V453000> ok there goes Gundinghead
11:40:47  <Stablean> <Big Meech> it goez
11:44:26  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
11:44:26  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
11:45:34  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
11:52:11  <Stablean> <V453000> these primaries are lazy
11:57:13  <Stablean> *** sciencegey has started a new company (#14)
11:57:13  <Stablean> *** sciencegey has left the game (received invalid or unexpected packet)
11:57:13  <Stablean> *** sciencegey has left the game (connection lost)
11:57:16  <Stablean> *** sciencegey joined the game
11:58:07  <Stablean> *** sciencegey has started a new company (#15)
11:58:10  <Stablean> *** sciencegey joined the game
11:59:27  *** tycoondemon has quit IRC
12:00:05  <Stablean> <V453000> ok all stations ready for autoreplace
12:10:40  <Stablean> <Big Meech> my connection is lazy
12:15:58  <Stablean> <Big Meech> I will bb
12:18:13  <Stablean> <V453000> there we go
12:26:38  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#14)
12:26:48  <Stablean> *** Player has joined spectators
12:27:08  <Mazur> !rcon move 464 255
12:27:08  <Mazur> "Player", when you play in a company, use a proper nick, you can set one with !name yourname in the textbox
12:27:12  <Stablean> Mazur: ERROR: You cannot move someone to where he/she already is!
12:28:29  <Stablean> *** Player has started a new company (#14)
12:28:58  <Mazur> !rcon move 464 255
12:28:58  <Mazur> "Player", when you play in a company, use a proper nick, you can set one with !name yourname in the textbox
12:29:02  <Stablean> Mazur: ‎*** Player has joined spectators
12:29:13  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
12:32:11  <Meechtastic> lol
12:32:37  <Stablean> <V453000> lol our 1400 mine dropped to 800 :(
12:36:00  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (general timeout)
12:36:00  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (connection lost)
12:53:06  <Stablean> *** Big Meech joined the game
13:20:16  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
13:21:48  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (leaving)
13:22:28  <Stablean> *** Mazur joined the game
13:22:35  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi
13:23:13  <Stablean> <V453000> hy
13:23:16  <Stablean> <V453000> our primaries are totally boring
13:23:30  <Stablean> <Mazur> lo
13:23:34  <Stablean> <Big Meech> youre a very boring person, thats why =P
13:23:44  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah
13:24:12  <Stablean> <V453000> the slow ass trains just dont reach high enough station ratings
13:24:26  <Stablean> <Mazur> If he says one more boring thing, I may have to shoot myself.
13:24:26  <Stablean> <V453000> lets try to cheat that
13:24:44  <Stablean> <Big Meech> you already put statues everywhere
13:28:01  <Stablean> *** Mazur has left the game (leaving)
13:28:17  <Stablean> *** sciencegey has left the game (leaving)
13:32:15  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
13:35:51  <Stablean> <Big Meech> V, darling? xD
13:37:47  <Stablean> <V453000> I am not, it refuses to accept my will
13:43:02  <Stablean> <Big Meech> lol
13:43:12  <Stablean> <Big Meech> use the force
13:45:18  <Stablean> <Big Meech> is there a 453 000 V superstrong engine?
13:45:42  <Stablean> <V453000> no
13:45:46  <Stablean> <Big Meech> =[
13:46:28  <Mazur> There is one running on 453000 V of electrickery.,
13:47:02  <Stablean> <Big Meech> were yo ugoing to redraw the zombie autopilot or thunderkiss?
13:48:09  <Stablean> <Big Meech> i think even if you change the color o the engine, it would be beneficial
13:48:24  <Stablean> <Big Meech> not sure what is on your to do pole
13:48:30  <Stablean> <Big Meech> *pile
13:51:04  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
13:51:06  <Stablean> <Big Meech> bb
13:56:08  <Stablean> *** ROM5419 has left the game (processing map took too long)
13:56:09  <Stablean> *** ROM5419 has left the game (connection lost)
14:41:14  *** tycoondemon has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:41:15  <Stablean> *** Lolli has left the game (leaving)
14:44:11  <Stablean> *** Petr_CZE joined the game
15:04:11  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
15:04:27  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (processing map took too long)
15:04:27  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (connection lost)
15:14:17  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
15:14:45  <Stablean> *** Niko has joined company #7
15:18:25  <Stablean> <Big Meech> 79% is a c+
15:18:30  <Stablean> *** mrtguy joined the game
15:19:43  <Stablean> *** mrtguy has started a new company (#9)
15:19:51  <Stablean> *** mrtguy has left the game (leaving)
15:24:42  <Stablean> <Niko> hi
15:24:48  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> hi
15:29:11  <Stablean> <Big Meech> 80% ;)
15:29:40  <Stablean> *** Zalma joined the game
15:29:47  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi zalma
15:34:15  <Stablean> <Big Meech> hi Niko and Petr
15:34:20  <Stablean> <Big Meech> =D
15:34:24  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> hi
15:49:19  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined company #1
15:50:03  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has joined spectators
15:50:52  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (general timeout)
15:50:52  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (connection lost)
15:54:38  <Stablean> *** Zalma has left the game (leaving)
16:20:52  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
16:33:25  <Stablean> *** Big Meech has left the game (leaving)
16:36:16  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
16:44:33  <Stablean> *** Arexander joined the game
16:45:29  <Stablean> <Arexander> What happened to my company?
16:45:57  <Stablean> *** Marco joined the game
16:46:02  <Stablean> <Marco> hi
16:46:08  <Stablean> <Arexander> hey
16:46:12  <Stablean> <Arexander> what happened t my company?
16:46:27  <Stablean> <Marco> dunno?
16:46:49  <Stablean> <Arexander> It's under PTR_CZE's company now
16:46:55  <Stablean> <Arexander> but how did it happen?
16:47:26  <Stablean> <Marco> maybe your company got bankrupted and he bought your company?
16:47:29  <Stablean> <Arexander> no way
16:47:37  <Stablean> <Arexander> it made money the last time I was in
16:47:48  <Stablean> <Arexander> and that was yesterday at this same time
16:48:10  <Stablean> <Marco> MAybe your line got jammed.
16:48:12  <Stablean> <Marco> ?
16:48:22  <Stablean> <Marco> just a guess
16:48:36  <Stablean> <Arexander> well, doesn't matter anymore
16:48:38  <Stablean> <Arexander> I'm out
16:48:40  <Stablean> <Arexander> cyas
16:48:46  <Stablean> *** Arexander has left the game (leaving)
16:49:12  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
16:49:12  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
16:59:57  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth joined the game
17:00:13  <Stablean> <Marco> hi
17:00:16  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> hi)
17:00:22  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> WTF
17:00:36  <Stablean> <Marco> ?
17:00:47  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> whats it with people invading the smallest island on the map?
17:02:51  <Stablean> *** V453000 joined the game
17:02:55  <Stablean> <V453000> hi
17:03:01  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> hi
17:03:01  <Stablean> <Marco> hi
17:03:12  <Stablean> <V453000> steamer time
17:10:38  <Stablean> <V453000> you can play with my mess if you want Chris Booth
17:10:48  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> no thanks V453000 I am okay
17:11:10  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> just don't understand why someone would build a full map line to a tiny island
17:12:44  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (leaving)
17:13:52  <Stablean> <V453000> pretty clear, retarded care about profit
17:15:15  <Chris_Booth> next game I am buying all the land on my island
17:17:14  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
17:23:16  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
18:03:54  <Stablean> *** Liuk Sk joined the game
18:03:59  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> HI    ZDAR
18:06:01  <Stablean> *** Liuk Sk has joined company #3
18:15:48  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure joined the game
18:16:12  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> hey Troy McClure
18:16:14  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hi Liuk
18:20:58  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> @V453000: not saying this to piss you off, but you've got a problem here: part of your rail is monorail and trains are stuck behind it
18:21:16  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> how's it going Liuk?
18:22:18  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> quite well but I must also add one disturb
18:22:56  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> add one disturb?
18:24:23  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> 2 disturb+ 4wagon
18:24:30  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> 2 engines?
18:24:36  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> j
18:24:47  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yes, the engines you are using are fast, but not so powerful
18:25:01  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> sorry my english = compiler
18:25:27  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> tried google.translate? Or using your internal dictionary?
18:26:45  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> yes using Google
18:27:16  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> ah, okay, cause disturb is something completely different
18:27:26  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you're slovakian, right?
18:29:48  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #5
18:43:05  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
18:44:03  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined company #5
18:44:03  <Stablean> *** King Peky joined the game
18:44:19  <Stablean> <Liuk Sk> hey King Peky
18:44:26  <Stablean> <King Peky> Hi all
18:49:16  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (processing map took too long)
18:49:16  <Stablean> *** Niko has left the game (connection lost)
18:55:15  <Stablean> *** King Peky has left the game (leaving)
19:06:50  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:07:30  <Stablean> *** Teckers joined the game
19:13:35  <Stablean> *** Teckers has left the game (leaving)
19:21:32  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (leaving)
19:27:37  <Stablean> *** Liuk Sk has left the game (leaving)
19:44:05  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
19:49:35  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:04:50  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
20:06:36  <Stablean> *** Corey joined the game
20:09:43  <Stablean> *** Corey has left the game (leaving)
20:25:16  <Stablean> *** Maxim has started a new company (#9)
20:25:23  <Stablean> *** Maxim joined the game
20:31:48  <Stablean> *** Maxim has left the game (leaving)
20:49:34  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
21:04:49  <Stablean> <Marco> oeps
21:17:40  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:38:05  <Stablean> *** Marco has left the game (leaving)
21:51:18  <Stablean> *** gus666 has started a new company (#9)
21:51:18  <Stablean> *** gus666 joined the game
21:51:32  <Stablean> *** gus666 has changed his/her name to gus
21:51:51  *** TWerkhoven[l] has quit IRC
21:52:42  <Stablean> *** gus has left the game (leaving)
21:56:44  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
22:39:38  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 joined the game
22:39:51  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:39:51  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 has left the game (connection lost)
22:40:20  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 joined the game
22:40:36  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:40:36  <Stablean> *** rookie10276 has left the game (connection lost)
22:59:07  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:59:07  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
22:59:34  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (processing map took too long)
22:59:34  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
23:00:27  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> hi player
23:03:58  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (general timeout)
23:03:58  <Stablean> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
23:40:29  <Stablean> *** Niko joined the game
23:44:30  <Stablean> *** Niko has joined company #7
23:46:15  <Stablean> <Niko> Petr
23:46:17  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> yes?
23:46:52  <Stablean> <Niko> Donwood, do yoy need space for more tracks there
23:46:58  <Stablean> <Niko> *you
23:47:12  <Stablean> <Niko> *Dondwood
23:47:19  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> i see..
23:47:45  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> i have too many train...
23:48:12  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> i work on it...thanks for info
23:49:38  <Stablean> <Niko> does it look ok now
23:50:04  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> ahh you mean near coal mine :D .. i looking on tunnels under town center :D
23:50:18  <Stablean> <Petr_CZE> thanks !
23:50:46  <Stablean> <Niko> yep, you're welcome

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